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Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 8:41am On Jan 02

They went back to their table afterwards, but he was no longer there. They both looked at themselves, and would have started the blame game before he showed up.
"Hey girls. Almost thought you guys have forgotten me!" he said and sat down. They both expressed innate delight in seeing that he has not gone.
"We are really sorry about that." Tracy said.
"Its okay." he replied.
"And whatever it is that delayed you guys, i don't want to know, its not my business!" he finished, smiling.

Tracy and Nora looked at each other, with a lot of facial coding and decoding. Then Tracy went first.
"We have something we need to discuss with you about!"
"Really, hope I'm safe?" he asked jokingly.
"You are perfectly safe. But first let me ask you, when are you leaving town?"
"Tomorrow morning!"
"Tomorrow morning?" they both chorused together.
"Yeah!" he replied.
"Like, can you delay your going a little longer?" Nora asked.
"Say, 2 days?" Tracy added.
Steve paused for a while, and looked at the seriousness on their faces.
"Wait, you guys are really serious?"
"Yes!" they answered, in anticipation of a positive answer while nodding their head in affirmation.

"Hmmmm! This is serious!" he said out loud. After thinking about it for a while, he brought out his phone and called his mum, telling her that he is staying a few more days, begging her to let his father know in her usual way. Then he said all the sweet things to make her happy, and she agreed, telling him to be careful.

Again, he made a call to a supplier from Sunderland, England, asking him that he will not make it to England as planned due to a hitch up, but that his supplier should send him the first shipment through the pre-arranged route. He will come there to get the second shipment himself later.
"So, there you have it, my going back has been delayed as requested. What now?"
"You will see!" Tracy uttered!


Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 8:42am On Jan 02


The weather changed with a visible light slowly materializing from the left side of the Buamada's Badisa. Blue clouds formed at a distance in the Badisa not far from the hallowed abode of the Muurdom's seat of power, The Muurian Palace. A brilliant light sparkled and with it Linagu emerged with his Anani in hand. The Buamada's live in the Hills of Amanuri, located in the First Muurdom, Marrialu. They call their houses Badisa.

Linagu has always loved playing with the weather when apparating or disapparating when he is not using the asportation links. This is simply to hide his identity because asportation links register usage details.
Asportation travels are automatically uploaded and downloaded to the UAA Central Database once an asport link is initiated and utilised. Linagu's use of the Muuragi has always been a cause of major concern for Linagus twin and sister, Neerudi. This made her create a protective barrier to shield Linagu's Muuragi usage around the Palace. Everyone knows that magic has consequences. Neerudi is an extremely gifted combatant and has received extensive training in unarmed combat, Pentacles & Mantacles of Muuragi and swordsmanship.

This enabled her to become one of Muur's foremost fighters, strategist and an expert Anani user. She inherited her father's scientific prowess, which continues to elevate her at Riatech where she works sometimes on State sponsored projects.

While trying to set an asport link, Linagu looked straight at a hilly northern front of the Badisa, and saw his sister Neerudi shaking her head in disappointment. The protective barrier also notifies Neerudi whenever Linagu makes his dramatic entry, even though this little fact is unknown to no one else. He smiled and went to meet her instead.

Back with your usual dillydallying I guess! His sister asked rhetorically with a tone of disappointment. Linagu briskly walked up to her, kissed her forehead and held her hand as they walked back into their home.
He is our favourite. Thats all that matters. He whispered into her ears.

Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 10:27am On Jan 02

From 6pm!
Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by Lakesc(m): 9:19pm On Jan 03
Great piece u have here, following jeje....
Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 10:50am On Jan 04


"I promise to tell you all about my latest journey later" Linagu said to her as soon as they entered the Hamad Hall of Flames, and his Anani gave out a small bright light. He meant it, her sister realized. He left the sister and made straight to his quarters afterwards.

"What's with the smiles?" her mum, Nee Buamada and Queen, asked, catching her unawares.
"He is back" she answered categorically.
"Who is back?" the mum asked.
Linagu! Neerudi answered almost immediately.
"Back from where? the mum asked.
Can i get something from my quarters Ma?" Neerudi asked.
"Sure, after you answer me" She retorted.

Neerudi tried disapparating in front of her mother at this moment, but was blocked from doing so.
"You are grounded Neerie, for two months" she added immediately.
"Go and get me your brother, and submit your Anani to the keeper" she finished.
"This is harsh, Maa" Neerudi said, expressing her disappointment and disdain over her mums pronouncements.

"I'm your mother. Think about that next time before you try your childish ruckus. Go now before i increase your grounding." Neerudi left, totally unhappy.

"Maa wants to see you" Neerudi said to her brother as soon as she asported in to Linagu's favourite room in his quarters.
"Stop doing that Neerie" Linagu retorted almost immediately.
"I could vaporize you thinking you are an enemy one day." he ended.
"I will love to see you try" She chided him.

Puzzled by the sarcastic reply, he immediately took a quick glance at her sister and realized that something was off with her.
"Let me guess, Maa has grounded you again and taken your Anani?"
"Yes!" she replied.
"Neerie! Why do you always do this? Linagu replied.
"Do what exactly? I only tried to disapparate in front of her and she blocked me, then grounded me. And Izinde Anani is coming up in four Izan days" she stated, not remorseful but bothered.
"Don't worry about that, i have something better. But, if you still want to attend, you just have to say the word" Linagu said to uplift her mood.

"Does it have anything to do with him?" she asked.
"Would you be more interested if it involved him?" Linagu asked. At this point, his Anani vibrated heavily and a dark blue circle stood out in his Anani graffiti's. It was the mum.
"Hold that thought, i will be right back" he said, dropped his anani and disappeared from the room.

She picked up his Anani, and double pressed on the square object concurrently with the engrafted tiger at the center. A deeper layer appeared which she manipulated so fast to know what his brother has been up to. Unfortunately, nothing much. She reconfigured it, and as she dropped it back, the tiger notification on the Anani's screen roared like its in pain. She picked up the anani, pressed on the notification on the anani and was immediately asported off to a part of their kingdom she has never seen nor gone to, and saw a man fatally wounded and bleeding badly in the secluded enclose in an old Wine Distillery factory no longer in use.

"I am Neerudi Buamada, and I command you to reveal and explain yourself" she commanded.
"I report only to Añia?" the person replied.
"I will not warn you again" she replied, creating a force field instantly with Linagu's Anani which automatically enveloped her and the person she is speaking to, practically making escape impossible.

"I will only speak to Ania" the person replied, not a bit terrified by her threat.
"So be it" she replied and fired multiple energy blasts from the weapon she drew out immediately. But, it was tactfully deflected by Linagu who appeared immediately.
"What are you doing?" he asked his sister and took the Anani back from her before masterfully dissolving the force field.

"To teach him a lesson" she replied.
"Not today. You do realize you could have killed him" he replied her, walking over to where Eledu, one of his most trusted agent and soldier is.
"Don't mind my sister. She likes showing off in a good way. I'm sure she meant well" he said, trying to pacify Eledu. Neerudi may not know Eledu, but everyone knows her. She is the Princess afterall.

"So, what is it?" Linagu asked.
Eledu looked at him and at his sister, and Linagu reacted by urging him to continue in front of his sister.
"The threat is even bigger than you foresaw!" he said.
Linagu looked at his sister, and relaxed in one of the damaged turbines lying around there.
"There is a bigger player, but we don't know who or what they are yet. I didn't manage to get a full picture of his face, but it's definitely one of us." he concluded.

Neerudi looked at his brother, who didn't seem much concerned with the information much to her surprise.
"You are not saying anything Añia?" she asked.
"You seem to have forgotten my position all of a sudden Neerie!" he replied.
"I know, but..." she didn't finish before he interjected.
"Legs get back!" he said.
Linagu asported them back to his quarters, with a zillion thoughts in his mind.

Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 10:52am On Jan 04

"Didnt know we are now keeping secrets" the sister asked rhetorically immediately they materialized.
"No one is supposed to know about Eledu. And what were you thinking contacting me through my Anani?" he asked Eledu as he gave him a tab-like herb which healed him totally after he swallowed it.
"I figured no one will dare track or hack into the Anani of our most powerful lord" he said.
"Now you know my family can" Linagu replied.
"I need to see mother. Take care of him Neerie, be right back" he added and asported off.

"Did you forget something?" his mother asked as soon as he came back to the Hamad Quarters which had array of beautiful Muurian artistic designs and flowers in the courtyard.
"No mum, we need to talk" he replied with a concerned look.
"About?" she asked, surprised by the expression on her sons face.
"A lot of things have been going on which you have not been privy to. But, you are the Ruler of the Muur, its time you know" Linagu stated.

Unsurprised, Nee Buamada took her son’s arm and teleported them to her inner chamber, a place only she can access in the whole Muur. She got it after her defeat of the previous occupier as the Ultimate Muurian Princess and Mother in the Odena contest. Linagu expressed his surprise at the aesthetics of the place the moment they appeared inside.

"This is the safest place in the whole universe. Nee Buamada said and turned to look at her son who was still perplexed by the magnificence of the chamber.
"Ania?" She called.
"I'm sorry Nee. Why are we here and why is it i never knew of this place till now?" he asked.
"He moves very fast and strikes like a silhouette" she said.
"Who?" Linagu asked, turning sharply to face his mother.
Your father! she replied and continued.

"You were saying something before we came here?" She reminded him.
"The KimaEre is gone" He said, not wanting to interject and ask the mother about the sudden reference to his father. She stopped in her tracks while observing a modified projection of Muur map on a loosely hanged obscure rare element.

"Its him" she simply replied and brought out her magnificent Anani. It has an erabil crusted circular shape with a white Koragon image engrafted at the center of its screen. Koragon's mostly look like Dragons, though most will prefer to tag them as the distant ferocious cousin!

"Didn't know you still used Anani Ma!" Linagu said jokingly.
"For this, i do" She said, smiling casually before configuring and controlling the Anani to demystify the place, and reveal the actual appearance of the place to Linagus surprise. He didn't pick out the camouflage despite being an expert Anani user.

"Was that a sign of surprise I just saw you show Ania?" Nee Buamada inquired.
"I dont know, but its quite impressive. Even at my level, I still didnt perceive the deception" he stated.
"Dont flatter yourself, you are still a child" his mother replied, and engineered a projection from a machine that brought out a keyhole requiring identification. Attaching her Anani to the tip of her thumb finger, she inserted it into the identification request of the machines AI. The current structure of the environment again rearranged and the illumination that shone through revealed a whole new world, a part of the Odena he hasn't been to due to Muurian Laws.

Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 1:10pm On Jan 04
Great piece u have here, following jeje....

Thank you very much bro. I appreciate! cheesy

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Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by Lakesc(m): 8:24pm On Jan 04
Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 10:08am On Jan 06

Though not quite unusual of him, Elvis woke up around 5 a.m. to prepare breakfast for his wife who just put birth to twins a few days ago. He wanted to surprise her as usual in their flat at Old Garden Avenue, Owerri. On her part, Elvis' wife mostly pretends to be asleep whenever he wakes up at that hour to check up on her and the kids.

She barely sleeps herself because of the new responsibility. Working at the elite division of the police special forces has its perks, one of which Elvis was enjoying after he got transferred to the major operations division at the state headquarters, Owerri. It couldn't have been a better moment for him when his leave application got approved and was to start the next day, adding to his joy of fatherhood. In silence, he washed the previous night's dishes and prepared what the doctor ordered. He also prepared the vegetable salad breakfast laced with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, carrots and green cowpea all catered for. He also boiled hot water and poured into the three flasks they bought just in case. After he was done preparing, he took the food and tiptoed to their room where the wife and the twins were lying down calmly and quietly.

As he approached her, he realised that it may be a long while again before he could do this for his wife; the wife's mother will be coming anytime. When he entered the room, he stood still with the food in his hands and started admiring his wife's beauty as well as delighted at how peaceful the twins slept next to each other. It gave him so much joy as he smiled loosely, not realising that the wife is now observing and smiling at him too.
"Aren't they cute little angels?" She asked him.
"Of course, more pretty than any angel I know." He replied after realizing himself.
"Nothing I wouldn't do for them" he added, smiling at the wife with the food still in his hands.
"I think this cute little angels will love their dad to set down the breakfast he brought for mum so that mum can eat." She cajoled him, making him set down the food, sheepishly smiling at her poke.
"How was your night?" he said as he went close to give her a peck on the forehead. "Rough!" She replied while stretching herself on the bed.

"Sorry about that."
"Not to worry, I'm not complaining."
" Why do you have to go to work today when your leave is starting tomorrow?" She asked and started helping herself to the meal.

"Nothing to worry about, no field work for me today okay, be rest assured." He reassured her.
"Good. Come back early. I mean very early, like really early early."
"Yes ma'am!" He said saluting in the process which amused her, though she barely held her laughter in because she was eating, pointing at the kids for him. She was signifying that they should reduce their voice to avoid waking them up while also urging Elvis to go and shower. He did so and left for work as soon as he was through at around 8:30am.

"Hey, whats going on?" Elvis asked one of the officers at the major operations divisions as soon as he reached and entered his Unit's building.
"Hello Mr Elvis, good to see you." He replied.
"Thank you." Elvis replied and continued - "What's going on?"
"We have been drafted to do Sweep Duties this night." He casually said as he flipped through some files from his desk drawer.
"What?" Elvis uttered instantly.
"Yeah. Listen man, sorry about that joke the other day, I didn't mean it. You know, us boys will always be boys." He said.
"No hard feelings about that. It's nothing." Elvis replied.
"What squad and which area?" Elvis inquired.
"Third squad. We will be covering the areas bordering along that Hilltop road area especially around Federal One road, Ledding Street, Allen Avenue, Carriage Avenue, Energy Avenue all through the Amanze cross-sections." The officer replied.

"Jesus Christ! Are we the only personnel in this city for God's sake! We're literally doing the whole Sweeping." He said out loud, frustrated and sour.
"My official Leave starts tomorrow and I promised my wife no field operations today." He added.
"Don't worry, it will not take much of our time and we don't start till 10 p.m." the officer informed him.
"It's not helping the situation for me at all." He said resignedly and left to the next room where a lot of people started to congratulate him, hailing him - "Mpa ejima!" which means 'Father of Twins'. Another of his close associates even referred to him as the luckiest bastard in the room as they greeted each other.

Deep down though as normal official duties continued in the Division, he was not really happy. He did bear in mind that he is always subject to structural bureaucracy including sudden bureaucratical changes like the current one he is in. One of the reasons he is considering quitting the Force.

Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 10:10am On Jan 06

Down at the Commissioner's Quarters, the Commissioner of Police, Imo State who also doubles as the Divisional Police Officer of Owerri Municipal Area, sat in his chair visibly angry after the day’s brutal scolding from the State Governor. The last thing anybody needed is insecurity and avoidable tensions, with people scared to go about their normal business in the State Capital. Staring bitterly and mischievously at the snapshots of the murder victims laying on the table, he angrily stormed out of his office and went straight to the conference and control room where a lot of Divisional Police Officers, Unit Heads and other key Security stakeholders in the State were gathered, waiting for him.

Where are we with everything? he asked to no one in particular as soon as he barged in and turned, fixing his look on the Board attached to the wall which is visible to all in the room.
I dont need any sir right now. Tell me exactly where we are with everything. He stated, cutting off Chief Superintendent Robert Ekeanya halfway before hes even began. Mr.Robert is in charge of the newly constituted D-Special Unit responsible for crimes with Diabolic Connotations.
We have the X-Squad, D-Special Task Force, our Special Investigators, Force Intelligence Bureau and Department of Information and Technology all in liaison, working round the clock every second of the day. So far, all intelligent gatherings reveal something big is about to happen around the area we marked X on the board you just viewed, and we have subsequently deployed every resource at our disposal, who are monitoring events viciously Sir. He ended, with everyone taking casual glances at the Commissioner of Police and Mr. Robert simultaneously for reactions.

Silence fell on the room as soon as he finished with all eyes faced up and focused on the Commissioner who takes a serious look at everyone in the room, turns and takes a glance at the board before making a u-turn to face his subordinates.
This is not what i want. He stated in a calm manner.
This is not what I want. This is not what the people want. This is not what the Governor wants. I need results, I want the people responsible for that act rounded up and brought to me. Those two girls could have been your daughters, sisters, cousins, nephew, and relations. I want results. He reiterated before leaving the room while motioning at four top officials to follow him to his office.

He sat down in his chair as soon as he entered his office with them and motioned for them to take their seats. Then he faced Mr. Nwuka, the Divisional Police Officer of Okigwe Local Government Area.
A lot of negative reports are coming from your division. High incidences of corruption and bribery, neglect, carefreeness and cultism is on the rise, despite all your promises that you will curb this things with immediate force. He ended.
Sir and they all took a quick glance at him.
We are doing our best, and within the next two weeks, all the reports coming from my division will be good news only.” He stated.
This may be the last promise you are making. A lot of powerful groups and civil organizations are worried, and writing petitions to the Inspector-General about this. I have tried protecting you the best I can, and the rest is up to you. You may go. He finished, and Mr. Nwuka took his leave.

I want you three to mobilize special officers and Special Ops on need to know basis only. I have solid information that those kids are planning an initiation ceremony simultaneously somewhere near Abia State University, beyond those mountains. He ended.
On no account should he know about this operation, and anybody who has jurisdictional issues should clear it directly with me. He said, referring to the Divisional Police Officer of Okigwe that just left. They all left the room soon afterwards after canvassing on some other security issues and Force office procedures.

Activities spiked immediately in the Headquarters; the Commissioner is not happy, and he is rarely that angry. Over at the adjoining building, just behind the Criminal Investigations Department, the D-Squad can be seen preparing heavily with special gears and gadgets, while some were probably getting the other liaison departments up to date. They have marked out the Hilltop Road area and its surroundings, especially Energy Avenue and Amanze Area. The CPs demeanor earlier means that more resources should be committed, including Elvis.

Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 10:15am On Jan 06

Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 12:53pm On Jan 07


"Where are you Steve?" Tracy asked immediately he picked the call.
"In my room, at the hotel I lodged" He said jokingly.
"We are coming there now!" she said.
"What should I keep for you guys?" he inquired.
"Whatever makes you happy" she said, laughing out while Nora cackled in the background.
"That, you will get in abundance I assure you!" he said and ended the call.

Steve had forgotten he had scheduled the visit the next day. As soon as he ended the call, he rushed down immediately, met one of the hotel attendants and requested drinks, food and a whole lot of edibles.

Few minutes later, Nora and Tracy arrived. Tracy wore a simple red top with blue jeans trouser and Nike canvass while Nora wore her usual killer navy jumpsuit, blue Nike canvass and a light blue muffler.
Wow! Steve proclaimed on seeing them.
"Guess i should nominate you guys for the Grammies" he jovially chided while they hugged him. He ushered them in soon afterwards.
"The Grammies are for music by the way Steve, but thanks" Tracy stated while entering the room.
"Don't mind her, her head is already swelling. Check her nipples now, you will see how erect they are at the moment. Words like yours turn her to high heavens" Nora said, joking around.
" Its not fair Nora. But, why are you still smiling?" Tracy asked.
"Look?" she said. Tracy turned to the direction Nora was pointing, and saw what is being brought for them as the door was not closed yet.

"For us?" Tracy asked.
"And more!" Steve retorted.
"I didnt actually know exactly what menu to put on the table, so i decided to put a lot of menu's" he ended and directed the hotel attendant on where to put the various food varieties in the well-spaced and decorated suite. He turned and saw them looking at him, smiling.
"What?" he asked immediately.
"You are just awesome" Tracy couldn't help but utter.

"So, I'm taking it you guys came here to start discussions on how awesome you feel I am?" he asked, looking at Nora.
Nora looked at Tracy before replying him "maybe or with more even" They all laughed casually. "More? Now i am interested. Please tell me more" he said, walking slowly to sit at the seat near the bed where Nora and Tracy lay.
"Why are you sitting there? Are you shy of staying in the same bed with us?" Tracy asked teasingly. Steve sat just opposite them, but not on the bed.

"Nah. Have not taken my bath yet, don't want to, you know.." he retorted, describing the rest with his hands and facial expressions.
"You know what, why don't you guys make yourself at home and eat while i take my bath so that I will join you in the bed" he finished, imitating Tracy while they smiled. He made his way to the bathroom just as soon as he finished the last word.

"Be fast and out okay? Don't go and do those stuffs you guys do with your hands and soap or something" Nora chided.
"Nora!!!" Tracy shouted in a teasing funny way, and they could both hear Steve laugh uncontrollably inside the bathroom.
"You are a spoilt child. Chai!!!" he bellowed out amidst uncontrollable laughter.
"You and this your mouth!" Tracy teased, brushing Nora's lips with his index finger.
"What's wrong with it? You want to Uhmmmm, kiss it?" she asked, drawing closer to her, and keeping Tracy's hands stuck on her lips.
"I heard that!" he shouted from the bathroom.

"Not for you!” Nora retorted back at him, and Tracy smiled.
"How is this guy having this effect on us?" Tracy whispered into Nora's right ear as she drew closer to her on the bed.
"I don't really think it that way. Nora replied.
"You have connected it all already?" Tracy asked.
"I wont deny though, something has lightened up in me, and I feel elated and in happy mood around him. Like something new in me was unleashed when we met him. It seems our spark suddenly improved dramatically overnight" She poured out.
"Oh! So he is having a strong effect on us?" Tracy replied mockingly, but in a stop-doubting-it-manner.
"You win!" Nora replied immediately.
"Come here, climb over" Tracy ordered, running her hands through Nora's left breast and hair.
"Yes Ma'am" Nora replied, and obeyed.

"Guess you guys are not hungry" Steve voiced out, catching them unawares.
"So fast?" they both chorused.
"What can I say, I have two beautiful young girls waiting for me in my hotel room bed" He retorted, smiling lightly with both lovers exhibiting some indescribable facial gestures that shows love at what they heard from him.
"We were actually waiting for you Steve" Nora said, still smiling.
"Okay, if you say so!" Steve stated.
"Can we eat now?" Steve asked to no one in particular.
"Sure. Hope you will not feel shy eating with us too?" Tracy asked in a teasing manner.
"I doubt that."

"Do you talk while eating?" Nora asked as they all walked over to where the various meals were placed and sat down to eat.
"Its bad manners" he replied, casually smiling and looking at them.
"So, we are all going to be mute while having this meal I suppose?” Nora said.
"Unless you have food in your mouth. You don't want us viewing how you masticate food now, do you?" he asked. They all laughed.

They ate the meal in silence afterwards, talked only when necessary, throwing casual jabs and steadily observing each other through a corner of their eyes respectively. It wasnt long before they were through.

Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 1:04pm On Jan 07

"So, whats next?" Steve asked as everyone walked about cleaning their hands, rinsing their mouth and placing the used dishes for immediate disposal by the hotel attendants.
"You tell us dear!" Tracy replied, diving right back to the bed ecstatically. He smiled and walked to the intercom in the room, dialed it and signaled the hotel attendants who quickly came to discard the leftovers, tray and every other item on the menu not consumed by them.

The discussion that followed next espoused a lot of details, bonding their ongoing familiarity. They all shared memories, their history and their worries, and discussed on a variety of subjects as they all lay down together on the bed, Steve lying down in-between the two lovers on the bed.

Everyone felt relaxed, throwing in casual jabs, making teasing caricature of some situations and playing as prompted with a lot of intimate dramas in-between. Steve knew he can at least feel relaxed and be himself while with them, seeing as they are somehow without his making, consumed in him anyway.

As they canvassed, his mind started wandering all of a sudden. He couldn't quite picture the sudden alteration to his thought pattern which he already believed was having a good time with the two pretty damsels before him with the numerous discourse and playful act undertaken by all of them. Then the wandering magnified, like there is an event drawing him, attracting him forcibly and creating a lot of distractions visibly noticed by Nora who quizzed him.

"What do you say?"
"What do I say to?" he asked carelessly, his unsettled mind betraying him.
"Are you sure you are still with us here?" Tracy asked jokingly.
"Uhmmmm, just had a momentary slip of mind. That's all" He replied.
"And your mind slipped into?" Tracy asked, expecting him to complete the sentence.

"Just remembered something I forgot to do. That's all" He replied.
"You are lying Steve. You don't even know how to lie" Nora replied him.
"And you know this how?" Steve replied with a smile on his face.
"You are bad at it!" She said, making him to laugh.

"You are wrong anyway. I have a delivery that is supposed to enter today. My mind just involuntarily shifted my focus to it. But, you know, I'm with two pretty girls who I am having good times with, and who came to be with me" He clarified calmly.

"Awwwww!" Tracy chipped in, ecstatic.
'Now you know!" he said.
"Must really be an important stuff?" Nora asked.
"Yes. Some books and gadgets i ordered from somewhere in Sunderland"
"England?" Nora asked.
"You are a big boy then" Tracy retorted.
"Because I ordered something from England?"
"Yeah" she replied.
"Maybe we should tell him about our plans, dont you think? He may be of help somehow!" Nora whispered to Tracy.

"Whisperings!" Steve said half-mindedly and rhetorically even though he heard exactly what Nora whispered. She was lying with her back on his feet when she whispered to Tracy.
"It’s girls stuff!" Nora replied.
"You want to know?" Tracy added stylishly, to increase his curiosity.
"Its girls stuff!" Steve replied, imitating Nora and throwing everybody into uncontrollable bouts of laughter.
"On a more serious note though, there is something we would like to discuss with you. Don't know if the right time is now anyway" Tracy stated.
"Well, whenever you decide is the right time, you let me know" Steve replied.

Nora looked at Tracy repeatedly. He didn't know what they did, but he knew they communicated in facial codes.
"We will tell you next time" Tracy finally stated.
" That's cool" he replied immediately.

At this point, his mind slipped momentarily, like he is being drawn to something which he cannot yet fathom. He looked at them and realized they have been staring at him again.
"I'm sorry. Cant help it" he said.
"What's really bothering you?" Tracy asked this time.
"Honestly, a lot!" he replied.
"And I'm guessing you don't want to share your burden with two strangers right?" Tracy quipped.
"Strangers? Nah, we are no longer strangers. We have passed that stage" He replied.
"Or, are you waiting for her, and we are still here?" Nora quizzed teasingly, making him burst into laughter.
" Nah, my girlfriend is not from here" He replied.

"You just said girlfriend. What happened to the 's' part of it?" Nora quizzed again, to make fun of him.
"That will be the two of you then I guess" he said, smiling.
"Two of us?" they chorused, to which he nodded positively in reply.
"You two act like twins, you know?" He quizzed.
"Really?" Tracy asked.
"Yes" He replied.
"People keep saying that about us" Nora stated.
"Well, they are absolutely right" He replied. They continued to discuss about a whole lot of things, about their aspirations, hobbies and needs, their aversions and social media.
"Let me go downstairs and get something for us all since you guys prefer staying here for today than going out. As they say, talk is energy sapping, and it is evening already.”
"You are a darling" Tracy quipped.
"Nah, he just wants us to miss him small!" Nora replied, and they all laughed.
"You are not serious" Steve retorted, laughing as he closed the door to the room. They heard his footsteps receding down the hallway afterwards.

To be continued!
Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 7:05pm On Jan 08
Hi Muurians!
Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 6:31am On Jan 09


The smile on his face was expressive, though not of his intent. As he entered the veranda leading to the receptionists office, the force that continued to distract him magnified. It weighed heavily on his mind, and his mood changed to that of insane curiosity.

He has tried to dismiss the thoughts repeatedly, but not this time. As he continued the walk towards the reception, he looked straight at the reception and saw three gentlemen expensively dressed. It didnt appear as anything, just people probably making enquiries to lodge or leaving. Not his business he guessed. He continued forward, and passed them in the walkway. The moment he did, he noticed that something was off about them.

"Not my business" he said to himself again and continued his walk. He went straight to the reception area and discussed with them about what he wants whilst keeping tabs on the three men as they entered the stairs. Though not sure why, something told him they are connected to something he might be involved in.

After dealing with what brought him out, he quietly met with one of the hotel attendants and inquired about those people. Nothing! He left the place, made an arrangement with a worker to keep tabs on them and let him know when they leave. They were still discussing when the three men started to leave the hotel.

He wanted to follow them immediately but remembered Tracy and Nora. His curiosity was overwhelming at this point, but he doesn't want them thinking he bailed on them. This made him to quickly pay the attendant to deliver what he ordered to them and inform them he went to get something special for them from accross the road. He didn't come out with his phone but didn't think it would be necessary.

He followed the three as they left the hotel premises. The only problem though, they were mobile and he is not. Quickly, he rushed out and saw one of the taxi's that come around during evening times and paid him to follow the car he described at a distance. After they settled on the bill, the driver drove off and followed the car just within distance after coming off from Pathway Mark and entering Ama Street.

He could see them from his seat, and as they drove around further prior to joining the F1 Road and taking a turn to their right, his thoughts continuously analyzed the reason behind the sudden act undertaken by him. The flashbacks from Linagu's massive invasion reappeared, causing him to snap back and forward inside his mind.

"Slow down" he commanded all of a sudden. Lying ahead of them was the ever busy F1 Roundabout joining Ledding Street to the right and Carriage Avenue to the left.
"Are we still following them, oga?" the driver asked as the followed car turned anti-clockwise at the Roundabout to join Carriage Avenue to their left.
" No! Take me back to the hotel" he replied.
"Okay sir" the driver replied before making an anti-clockwise u-turn at the Roundabout and returned to the hotel.

"Hope I didnt keep you girls waiting" he announced as he entered back into the room. No, you didnt.
"So, what is it you went to buy for us?" Tracy inquired.
"Just ice cream and chocolate! Hope you guys like it?"
"Yes!" They chorused, rushing up to him to drag it off his arm, almost tripping him in the process.

"Do you guys go clubbing around here?" he asked to no one in particular.
"Nah, we have stopped. We are cool, but we can give you proper directions if you need one" Tracy replied.
"Ouch!" He retorted.
"Yeah. Sorry!" she replied back at him before devouring her ice cream.
"Okay, no problem. Quick question though, how well do you know Energy Avenue as well as that axis near Amanze Road?" He asked, moving to the left side of the room, the one with the sweet view of the hotel and its environs. He opened the curtain a bit before moving to the small lavishly designed wooden drawer with a silver lamp and sat there; he didn't rest his back on the wall.

"Mmmmm. That place is no go area for people like us" Nora answered after being silent for a while.
"Really, why?" He asked.
"The government made it that way" she told him as a matter of fact.
"Okay" he replied.
"You want to go there?" Tracy asked.
"I would have, but I guess I will mind my business and stay off those areas" he stated, but more as a deflation. He knew exactly what he was going to do when they left, and he just needed the confirmation to adequately prepare himself.

Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by Lakesc(m): 6:59am On Jan 13
Interesting... Thanks for the update.
Re: Muur Chronicles (18+) by philfearon(m): 7:49am On Jan 13
Interesting... Thanks for the update.

Thank you brotherly.

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