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Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 12:01pm On May 30, 2018
Hi nairalanders, this is my first story and it a fictional story so enjoy.
Oh least i forget criticism is welcome

Episode 1

she kept calling her friends that she has been given admission, the excitement of her admission made her family celebrate by cooking pot of rice and serving of refreshment.
Tracy is from a poor home, she is the first daughter of the family and the second born, the family is made up of two boys and six girls, her family value education so they decided to sponsor their daughter even if they have to starve and tracy being a bookworm had the desire to make her rich one day.
she was admitted into unilag in the faculty of law.

when she was through with the screening and other exercise, on her way to her hostel a splashed water on her but stopped to apologize and what she saw made her speechless......

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 12:43pm On May 30, 2018
Episode 2

She saw a tall dark guy standing in front of her she kept starring at him but came back to her when he shouted at her and the following conversation took place.

dark guy : Hey dummy are you too blind to see or did you purposely allow the water to splash you on purpose

Tracy : are you nuts, you splashed me with ur car and all you can say is am looking for attention, an ugly looking fool can never attract my attention

Dark guy : what did you say bitch

Tracy : your the bitch, mannerless fool

Dark guy was about to slap Tracy but she dodged it and slapped him instead, the crowd which have been watching for a while were shocked.

Tracy is not just a nerd, she is also a fighter who had to learn martial skill when her biological father always torture her mother and siblings being raised the hard way made her stronger, her biological father left them when she was sixteen because he nearly kill her mother while beating her, tracy was the one who intervene and fought her father.
Although she was badly injured but she felt it was worth saving her mother, two years after the incident her mother remarried a caring man.

Back to the mata

Dark guy's friends came down to see the girl who had the guts to slap their friend.......

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 1:06pm On May 30, 2018
Episode 3

They were four guyz including dark guy, dark guy name is micheal and his friends name are david, kelvin and bob, kelvin is the one with the most attitude.

Kelvin : micheal why you allow this cheap bitch to slap you
bob : bro chill she won't slap him without a reason menh
bob : i think she is a fresher, that's why she is acting so tough, if only she knew who you are, she wouldn't dare slap
Tracy: ooooh pls, make if una no sabi talk, una go collect oooo, ur all supporting him because his ur friend what if he had slapped me
kelvin : if he slapped you it because you deserve it
bob : guyz lets get out of here, people re watching and taking pictures we would deal with her later

They all left and drove off with their benz while tracy went to the hostel


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 1:21pm On May 30, 2018
Episode 4

The following day she went for lecture and when she entered the hall, every where was quiet followed by the pairs of eyes starring at her but didn't really give a Bleep so she went and sat dow n before one


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 3:25pm On May 30, 2018

Immediately she sat down she noticed the population of the law students were much and she was admiring the hall when she heard a voice say "hey", when she looked at that direction she saw a tall handsome guy neatly dress and smart looking smiling at her but she quickly recall what happened the other day and rudely asked him,
Tracy : what is it
Handome dude : woa easy girl, i just wanna know if someone is sitting here( and he pointed the empire chair next to her)
Tracy : no it vacant
he then sat down, before then tracy noticed how girls giggled and starred at the nice guy but she understood , a lecturer later came in.

The lecturer gave them a case to solve and group them in threes, he called names according to the attendant to it came as a surprise to everyone when tracy was paired with the nice guy called max and micheal (the guy she slapped the other day) immediately micheal name was called, he walked into the hall smiling at tracy


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 3:26pm On May 30, 2018
I would really appreciate some comments pls

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Nobody: 9:01pm On May 30, 2018
Nice work. Keep it up. God bless.

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 11:06am On Jun 01, 2018

It been a week since they were given the assignment and Tracy hasn't met with her group to do the assignment because michael gave her a condition before the assignment could be done, and his condition was that Tracy would be his slave for a weeks.
Tracy and max has done theirs separately but the assignment really requires team work so Tracy decided to agree to his bidding because she wasn't ready to fail in her first semester.

Michael made her fill a taste of hell, he would order her to cook various food when she was done cooking he will tell throw away the food.
On the final day he decided to prank her hard so He made his a mess room by throwing things in the bed and told her to arrange it when she was almost through, he took a selfie while standing and tracy sitting on the bed on the bed and he wrote in his status "This bitch came to my house to seduce me for my cash but i don't Bleep cheap bitch", while he posted the picture and he paid to make sure it was all over the internet.

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Nobody: 11:38am On Jun 01, 2018
Michael revenge too much oo, chai i dey pity tracy sha. Thanks for the Update. God bless. Happy New Month to you all.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 12:39pm On Jun 01, 2018

Tracy left for her hostel by 6:45pm, when she was closed to her hostel she noticed how people were starring and pointing at her but due to the fact that she was exhausted she didn't bother asking what was wrong so she went into the hostel to take a long nap but some of the girls caught her attention by their word

girl 1: no be that girl wey go offer micheal her body for money be that (pointing at tracy)
Girl 2: after she go dey form jagaban
Girl 3: you dey mind her, she is a cheap bitch (they all laughed)
Girl1: when she came new she slapped him and now she is begging him to sleep with her, pretenders do the worse
Girl 2: abegi, the day she go enter my trap ahh i go spell my name for her face with slap.

In that hostel there was a girl name nikky, rumors have it that she was a cultist because whoever offended her was dealt with but there was another rumor that she was crushing on micheal, this was the reason why many girls were scared to approach michael, although nikki has slept with michael before he made it clear to her that he doesn't need a girlfriend.

Tracy approached the girls talking and pointing at her and they stood up like it time for war.

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 12:40pm On Jun 01, 2018
Michael revenge too much oo, chai i dey pity tracy sha. Thanks for the Update. God bless. Happy New Month to you all.

The update above is dedicated to you
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Nobody: 10:17am On Jun 02, 2018

The update above is dedicated to you
Thanks a lot. I appreciate. More wisdom and knowlegde. More grace. God bless.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 9:56pm On Jun 02, 2018

Tracy approached the girls pointing at her and following conversation took place

Tracy: Hi ladies i couldn't help but noticed you girl pointing at (before she could finish one of the girls shouted at her)
Girl 1: madam notice who the hell do you think you are to walk up and interrupt our conversation
Girl 2: she is a shameless slut using her body to get money ( the three girls laughed and walked out on her)

Tracy was confused and angry but she was too tired to comprehend what was going on and she wasn't ready to start a fight so she went to her room and went straight to the bed to sleep.

The next day she woke up earlier and prepared for lecture while dressing naomi stormed into room.


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Nobody: 10:11pm On Jun 02, 2018
Thanks for the update. God bless. Keep it rolling.

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 9:07pm On Jun 03, 2018

Naomi stormed into tracy's room and startled tracy and her roomies, tracy lives with three girls in the room namely Ella, Amaka and Betty.

Naomi is a girl tracy met during screening, she is from a rich home and a very nice girl,she is studying mass com, even though tracy has made it clear that doesn't need a friend naomi still kept coming closer to her, naomi just like tracy's gentle nature but haven't seen her in action.

Even when tracy live in a room with three girls, she hardly chats with them because she has vowed not to have a friend after her past experience which almost ruined her and her family.
When naomi entered tracy's room and startled her and her roomies the following conversation took place.

Ella : Babe you dey fear to knock ni, i thought something bad had happened.
Betty : seriously if i was naked what would you had said,
Amaka : Girls chill this is girls hostel, if them see ur ass no be new thing na, ur bobo dey see anytime he wish to see it ( laughs)
Betty : Amaka will you pls mind ur biz, beside this ass is a virgin ass ni
Amaka : virgin call virginia ni ( they all laughed, naomi apologized and to them before heading to meet tracy)

Tracy : Hi sweedy, aren't you gonna attend lecture today
Naomi : i will but i came to check on you after i saw the post
Tracy : what post
Naomi : The post micheal posted (she showed tracy and she freezed.


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 9:59pm On Jun 03, 2018

Tracy freezed for a min but was brought back to reality when Naomi used her handkerchief to clean her tears to avoid her rooomies from asking question.

Naomi: what happened why did you beg him for sleep with you for money, you know i could have helped you if only you asked...(tracy got angry by her words)
Tracy: I thought you knew me by now to know my capability i would never beg him for money even if i was dying
Naomi: then what happened
Tracy told her everything that happened while naomi listened
Naomi: so you had no idea when he took the picture
Tracy: no i didn't but he will pay dearly
Naomi : come on girl let it go to avoid more trouble, his dad is a senator (tracy didn't listen to her, she quickly got dressed and left to the lecture hall while naomi followed her.)
Immediately tracy entered the hall....

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Nobody: 10:19pm On Jun 03, 2018
Action time!!! Tracy, make sure you finish him off. Lol. Thanks for the update. God bless. An enjoying it.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 11:56pm On Jun 03, 2018

Tracy walked into lecture hall with naomi calling unto her, when the students saw her some girls who value gossip than their books started talking about her.

Girl 1: woa look it tracy
Girl 2: she dare show her face in class after the incident, she is such a shameless girl
Girl 1: if i was in her i would leave the sch for a month
Girl 3: what do you expect from a girl desperate for money i ain't surprise
While their conversation was going on, max, the nice guy who sat beside tracy and who was grouped with her and micheal got so uncomfortable with the girls discussion in his back and he replied them

Max: Hey ladies would you zip it pls you girls wouldn't wanna get urself in trouble (smiles)
Girl 1: oh my gosh max was talking to us, i can't believe it
Girl 2: my long time crush finally noticed me
Girl 1: oh pls shut up he was obviously talking to me
Girl 3: shut up girls he was siding that slut obviously
Max : call her a slut one more time and i will terminate ur existence ( when the girls heard him they kept shut and watched the action tracy was about to display).

Tracy saw micheal and a lady sitting and she went in front of micheal and slapped hard which made the whole class to look in that direction, micheal got up angrily and attempted to slap tracy but she held his and slap him another one this time the students got it on camera while tracy was talking to him

Tracy: How dare you, (slaped him again while he fell down, the girl with him tried to help him up but he pushed her) who do you think you are, just because i agreed to be ur slave for a week so you could contribute to the group assignment that was why you disgraced me (crying) why will i beg an ugly looking gorilla like you to sleep with me ( students laughs) you wouldn't attract the ugliest girl.
While tracy was still talking micheal friends came from their various department.


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Nobody: 8:24am On Jun 04, 2018
Nice slap, nice update. Thanks for this.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by aprilwise(m): 6:50pm On Jun 04, 2018
abeg come continue i dey enjoy the slap section . nice one.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 7:41am On Jun 05, 2018

while tracy was still talking micheal friends came to his rescue and when they came they couldn't believe their eyes they just stood in the hall of the hall watching the scene, kelvin wanted to go help michael but the guys told him to wait, they wanna see what tracy would do.

Back to her
Tracy : why will i need ur money or body, you just went online to say trash about me huh, you called me a cheap bitch who wanted to sleep with you for ur money but i have never kissed or make out with a guy you fool. get up (tracy dragged him up while his friends watched the scene, she slaps him again and said
Tracy : this is for making me go through hell while i was ur slave (slaps me and this time his dark face was red) this is for posting nonsense news about me and finally (she blows him so hard that he fell down and was wounded while everyone else starred with their mouths open except for max then suddenly everyone heard kelvin said "that does it i will make her pay.


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by aprilwise(m): 10:32pm On Jun 05, 2018
your updates are to short, pls make it lenghty,

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Nobody: 12:25am On Jun 06, 2018
Tracy is a man in woman's clothing oo. Thanks for the update. Make it longer. God bless.

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 9:41am On Jun 06, 2018

kelvin said "that's it she will pay" in a loud voice, when he said it everyone turned to look who said it including tracy, he came face to face with kelvin and when he raised his hand to slap tracy max came to her rescue and held kelvin's hand, when max held his hand michael's friends who have been watching the scene came to attack max when someone the security men re coming, the guys (michael friends) carried micheal and left the lecture hall, the security men were not coming, naomi only said it to end what could have been called clash of titans.
about an hour after the incident, the lecturer came in and asked that each group present the case which he asked them to solve, when it was tracy group time to present their case the lecturer asked about micheal and told them he wouldn't score them if tracy group wasn't complete but then the lecturer's phone rang, when he was through with the call he called on tracy and micheal to present the case and when they were through they were scored the highest which got all the students talking, some kept asking their course mate who called the lecturer that made him change his mind and scored tracy's group.
After lecture tracy called max aside and thank him for coming to her rescue.

Tracy : Hi max, i just wanna thank you for coming to my rescue even though i didn't really need it
Max : well i admire ur courage it kinda rare to see a lady beating up a guy
Tracy : He deserve it
Max: i know
Tracy : what do you know
Max : don't worry just relax i got ur back
Tracy : but you hardly know me, why being protective of me
Max : like i said before don't worry
Tracy couldn't understand why she felt excited while talking to him and while their conversation was going on she kept starring at his lips but then she prayed deeply in her heart that she doesn't wanna fall for him because a very cute guy like max would have a lot of girlfriends, cause a lot of his departmental girls were dying for him and micheal but tracy quickly slapped her face and said
Tracy : ooo my gosh why am i thinking of him, tracy stop dreaming he ain't ur type.

While she was going to the hostel she was hit by a car, all of sudden five cars surrounded her and they were all girls.


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Nobody: 10:16pm On Jun 06, 2018
Revenge for the slap is on. Tracy don enter gobe. Thanks for the update. Keep it up.
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by yhungbrowhne(m): 11:07pm On Jun 06, 2018
Nice one
visit www.emperorblog.com.ng for more story

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 11:33pm On Jun 06, 2018

Five car surrounded tracy and they were all girls, the events attracted crowd which stopped to check what is going on, all the girls came down from their cars in twos and approach tracy the last girl who came out was nikki, the girl people believed to be a cultist, when she came down from her car the crowd begin to murmur while a group of people (guys and girls) sat in the restaurant talking about the event which is happening.
Girl 1: O M G, nikki's gang re gonna rip that girl in two but i wonder why
Girl 2: i heard she is a newbie
Guy 1: oh i know her she is from the law dept, she is the girl that slapped micheal


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 12:13am On Jun 07, 2018

Guy 1: oh i know her, she is from the law dept, she is the girl that slapped micheal
Girl 1: which kine joke be that
Girl 2: he isn't joking the slap scene was caught on video
Guy 1: na wa ooo ever since she came to the sch, she has been causing trouble and now she wanna hook up with nikky hmmmm i pity her

While they were watching the scene, nikky came face to face with tracy while her girls surrounded tracy.
tracy had this confuse look on her face about the heck was going on but was brought to reality with a hot slap by one of the girls.

Girl 1: see this fool ooooo na my capon you dey look like that abi ur village people dey reason ur mata.
tracy retaliated and slapped her back which made the other girls to join in beating her except nikky.
Girl 1: so na me this jew girl slap ahhh omo i go treat ur Bleep
Girl 2: wetin we dey wait for na, make we carry her sight iceland, a jouncin must be treated according to her fuckup (rule num 2)
Nikky : wait.........

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Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Nobody: 2:47pm On Jun 07, 2018
I like this tracy girl, she no dey dull at all. Thanks for the updates. Keep it up. God bless you. #TeamTracy
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by yhungbrowhne(m): 11:45am On Jun 08, 2018
waw nice,story
read more cool and interesting story on www.emperorblog.com.ng
Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by tracyberry(f): 4:17pm On Jun 10, 2018

Nikky : wait........
the girls all turned to her while nikky walked to where tracy was standing and looked at her from her head to her toes and laughed

Nikky : so you re girl who had the guts to slap and embarrass my man huh you know i could kill you this moment and the school vc wouldn't give a Bleep about your case but i will let you go ( that moment when nikky told tracy she was gonna let tracy go, the girl whom tracy had slap tried to interrupt nikky)

Girl : but she ........

Nikky : quiet .................... if you dare interrupt me next time i will deal with you.
Now girl get out of here but when next we meet, there will be blood (the girls freed tracy and left with their cars).


Re: Chronicles Of Tracy by Nobody: 7:51pm On Jun 10, 2018
Hmmm, 'There will be blood', watching out for this. Nice one Op, keep it up.

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