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My Life As A Secondary School Teacher Season 1»(18+)by Abayomi Oluwafaith / Mad In Love / 14 Quotes From 'Things Fall Apart' By Chinua Achebe (2) (3) (4)

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I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by Pedrovibez777: 7:27am On Jan 03
Episode 1 I was sitting down in class trying to solve some questions from my MAN mathematics ss2. Suddenly my classmate and best friend in school suddenly rushed from outside to meet me, his name was Joshua Josh for short. Before I continue you should know my name is Okeke Pure, popularly known as presh, the only child of Mr and mrs okeke the creme day la creme of the community, my father was a business morgue and a b millionaire. I’m sixteen approaching seventeen, but perhaps taller than my age. I’m fair in complexion courtesy of my fair mother, and also with pink lips girls die for (wink), plus my curly dark hairs. Back to the present. Josh :Presh, come, come Nkechi in SS1 and Peace your gf dey quarrel seriously for cafeteria. I quickly rushed to him and held his mouth before other people mostly girls who refused to go out for break should hear. Me :Guy sofri talk na, you know say I dey eye that girl Deborah wey dey for back seat. Josh :But that one too mature for you na. Me:Forget that one, so tell me what do you mean by Nkechi and Peace quarreling. Josh :Na serious tin o dey fit start exchange blow self, the only thing I know be say na because of you they dey quarrel. Me:Because of me? Josh :Jamb question, you better follow me before e pass like this. I quickly stood up and we ran towards the cafeteria. Tbc
Re: I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by Pedrovibez777: 7:52am On Jan 06
Episode 2 When we got to the cafeteria, the two girls were still at it, quarreling seriously with other people watching thank God no teacher was in site. It got to the point where Peace wanted to give her a hot slap, I had to step in and held her hand. She started ranting that I was siding against her because of that small girl(mind you she is not small in any way, her front yard be like a well cultivated farmland that brings out bountiful harvest, don’t mind me Jo). Me:Josh abeg lead Peace out Pear;Lead me where, leave me let me finish this b---h. (You know normal women ranting, but even at that my macho friend use him strength drag am commit. Then I finally faced the so called girl called Nkechi. Me :What’s the problem? (omo this girl no answer she only hissed and tried walking out, I just reason the kind shame wey go wash me if she just waka commot like that, so dragged her back by her right hand) Josh :Answer my question? ( The next thing she did shocked me, she suddenly burst into tears, I was perplexed but as a gentleman I took out my white handkerchief from my pocket and tried wiping her face with it. she took the handkerchief from me and ran away. Hope she no won steal am that thing na 1000 naira o.) Finally I made my way back to class and met my gf still fuming. as soon as she saw me, she ran towards me and asked me a question I considered stupid. Peace :What’s going on between you and that b---h called Nkechi. (all the people in class at time now focused on us, with stupid friend sitting and laughing. Before I answered I looked around to see whether Deborah was in class, cause I don’t want to disgrace myself before. coast is clear she wasn’t in class). Me:Nothing (well, it was the truth I don’t even know this Nkechi until that day) Peace :You are lying, I have proof that guys have something going on. I was now beginning to lose my patience. Me:What proof?. (she started bringing out something from the side pocket of her skirt, it was——- Tbc what was it?
Re: I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by JOACHINpedro: 1:02pm On Jan 06
I'm with you on this grin
Re: I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by Pedrovibez777: 8:08am On Jan 13
Episode 3 She brought out a piece of paper and gave it to me, I quickly glanced through it. It was a love letter which nkechi wrote to me, but how did it get to peace hand. me:Where did you get this? Peace :From your bag, you cheater. (ok,I may have cheated before with other girls , but this time she was accusing me falsely and am not going to take it) me:You were going through my bag right? ok, for your information I’m not a cheater and I’ve never seen this letter in my life before. Peace :I don’t believe you. Me:If you don’t believe me then am going to prove you wrong after school closes, and after proving you wrong this relationship is over cause I can’t have a gf who doesn’t trust me. (Immediately I said that I walked to my seat, took my headphone and started playing music with it. It was the only thing that calms me down whenever am upset or angry. Peace just stood there and stared at me, i knew my last words pained her cause I could sense fear and guilt in her eyes. Finally the closing bell was rang, I didn’t even pay attention to Josh who was trying to tell me something. I took my bag and went over to Peace seat and told her to follow me. Peace :What for? Me:To prove you wrong Peace :Let’s just forget about it and move on ( hell no I wasn’t going to allow that, is not as if I can’t forgive but the truth is have actually gotten tired of Peace. I need more fresh pussies and she seems like a barrier to that dream, now an opportunity has presented itself and I shouldn’t take it) me: we are not forgetting anything o(I forcefully dragged her by the hand and went to school small field where one can see any student going to the school gate.Finally nkechi was passing she seems dull) me:Peace I want you to wait at the back of the school hall. Peace:what am I going to do there. Me:You won’t do anything but just wait there (with that she went over to the school hall and I started moving towards nkechi). TBC what is my plan.

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Re: I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by Pedrovibez777: 8:05pm On Jan 14
Episode 4 me: Nkechi!, Nkechi!! (I called out to her as I got close to her, but she pretended not to hear me. Anyway sha nothing spoil, I ran over, overtook her and stood at her front, this forced her to stop as well) Nkechi :What do you want? me :for us to talk? Nkechi :why?, so that you can now insult me as your gf already did. me:Not at all. Nkechi :Then what do you want to say? me:I think here is a bit crowded. Nkechi :Whatever you want to tell me, say it here. (this girl won prove difficult, but I get way to bend her) Me :If you ever had any feelings for me I think you should grant me this one favor. (as I said that she became weak) Nkechi :ok where do you want us to go? me:Follow me. (I led her to the school hall, getting close to it I sighted Peace spying us from the left hand side windows at the back of the hall. l led Nkechi inside the hall and we walked to the end part of the hall precisely at the left hand side windows where I know peace can hear us. well now my plan or interrogation shall begin) TBC sorry for the short episode, battery’s low

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Re: I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by JOACHINpedro: 8:39pm On Jan 14
Fire on bro wink
Re: I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by Pedrovibez777: 6:37am On Jan 15
Episode 5 Me:Whatever I ask you promise me that you are going to tell me the truth. Nkechi:ok, no problem. Me :You wrote that letter to me right? Nkechi :yes. me:How did you put it inside my bag without me noticing. Nkechi :It was during the morning assembly, when everyone one has gone to the hall. I came into your class and fortunately I saw your bag and I seized the opportunity to put it inside. But the problem is that instead of you seeing it your gf saw it inside and she came to confront at the cafeteria. Me :Wow, at least the air has being cleared (I stylish said it to Peace who was standing outside and listening) Nkechi :I want you to know that I genuinely have feelings for you (she came closer and held my two hands, I would have loved to move forward, but that would be a bad move considering who was eavesdropping outside) Me :Well, we talk later. You can go now. Nkechi :Ok, but that is a promise (I simply smiled and she went out going towards the gate, it didn’t take long before Peace ran inside the hall) Peace :Please forgive me for doubting you (she said as soon as she got to me) Me :No need cause is over between us. (I walked away from her towards the school gate, but she didn’t relent she continued following me still begging. I felt like the most important person in the world having such a beautiful girl begging me. Mehn no be small thing, The thing is Peace is pretty with nice ass and boobs, she was simply a black beauty, but as I earlier said I’m tired of her p---y and I need fresh ones. She was simply a barrier to that dream because of her overprotective attitude. I got to a black Jeep packed outside by my driver, I got inside the passenger seat and settled down. Peace was still pleading and crying but I formed Jason bourne but the thing they touch me sha. By now the school environment was deserted so she got limited disgrace. my driver kept looking at me as, maybe he was thinking, wetin they go on between this two) me:can we go(I said getting tired of the stare. Immediately started the car and we entered the road leaving a crying ex gf to me behind) TBC is this really the end between Peace and I? maybe not.

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Re: I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by Pedrovibez777: 8:02am On Jan 17
Episode 6 The next day after me and Peace broke up was Saturday, meaning no school. No one was home except for me, gateman, house maid (she just started last month and looks young though my senior. I’m presently looking for the right time to try and log in) and the driver. My Parents were out tending to their businesses, I guess there not too looking out for me led me to get spoilt quickly at a young age by a formal housegirl. Well that’s a story for another day. Around twelve the housegirl knocked at my room. Me:Yes! Housegirl :Someone is looking for you downstairs. me:ok, I’m coming. ( I could hear her footsteps going and also could vision her ass bouncing. Our house is a three storey building, my room is at the second storey. I walked down the stairs towards the parlor at the ground floor. Getting there I saw Peace sitting on one of the chairs. I must confess she looked nice on the ash gown she was putting on. I had to still form na so immediately our eyes met I turned direction and ran upward towards the stairs. She followed suite also and pursued me, I got to my room and ran inside but I didn’t have the time to lock the door before she also ran inside the room. After she entered she then bolted the door from the inside, I guess in her mind she was saying ;Today na me and you.) Me:What’s the meaning of this? when I said is over between us I meant it. kpatakpata is over go. Peace :What can do so that you will forgive me. Me:Nothing o, just leave. Peace :I know what you can not resist and I’m going to give it to you in full. (She started catwalking sexily towards me. she then started romancing me. My guy down there started to rise, I guess she felt it because she giggled and used her hand to start petting it through my combat. Then she started kissing me, but I didn’t respond, but the gods of Egypt, Greeks and Norses know that my will was crumbling) TBC Did I give in? Did we later settle? we will all find out together.

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Re: I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by Pedrovibez777: 7:14am On Jan 19
Episode 7 I started thinking to myself, she thinks that after we have sex I will forget everything, well let’s see about that. I haven’t even ended my thoughts when I rushed her lips,the wet kiss was really intense we both fell on top the big bed with she on top of me. I then started romancing her boobs which well just perfect in my hands. She started moaning into my mouth, I wasn’t really comfortable so I turned her around and started doing more justice to the boobs.FYI I’m a boobs lover. I continued my ministration on her boobs with one hand and then moved the other hand than her p---y. I met no obstruction she wasn’t wearing any pant the place na free island. She was d--n wet down there I started rubbing her p---y lips, she stopped the kiss and started moaning out loud. I inserted one finger in and then a second one, I started finger f-----g her, which increased the volume of her moans. I continued at it until she came, we then uncladed ourselves within seconds.I inserted my superman inside her superwoman and a fight ensued, I started of slowly, before I started flying faster. she started moaning loudly and ordering me to go faster. well if that’s what she wants I will give it to her, my waist Suddenly started activated flash velocity six. She was moaning out loudly and started begging me to slow down, but no cause this may be our last f-- k. She suddenly started vibrating and a hot liquid was felt on my d--k, I knew immediately that she came again. After coming again, she became a little bit weak. I turned her around into the doggy style and started f-----g her hard slapping her ass at intervals. I felt my c- m coming and I quickly removed my d--k and poured on the bed. We both collapsed on each others body exhausted. TBC

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Re: I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by Pedrovibez777: 7:18am On Jan 21
Episode 8 Peace was lying on my body naked when I woke up from our post sex sleep. I quietly left the bed, had a shower and put on my clothes. Then I wrote something on a piece of paper and left it for her on the bed. The note says:I hope you enjoyed yourself, but know my decision still stands we are no longer together. That was too harsh and it will make her feel bad, but surely it will do the magic. I headed down outside the compound planning to go out into the neighborhood and clear my head. As I was leaving the gateman called me, his name was Garuba a Hausa man, he should be in his mid thirties. We relate very well. Garuba :How far guy, you dey comot? Me:Yes o, I won go see front small. Garuba :Wat of the yarinya wey find you come. Me :She go comot very soon, she dey sleep. Garuba :I trust say you service am walla, bad boy!!. Me :I no bad reach you na, abet we go see later. Garuba :OK, find something for your guy if you dey come back. Me :no p. I left the house and went strolling down our street, it wasn’t too busy since almost all the houses in my area was fenced, you know as ajebo people area dey be. I was walking gently down the street, thinking about how to scope girls for school now as Peace don comot kpatakpata. My thought went to Nkechi,my admirer, then to Deborah the big girl in my class. Deborah was far more matured than any of us in my class, One may think it that perhaps she was a dullard that’s why we all were in the same class, but reverse is the case Deborah was kind of intelligent. I was still on this line of thought when I saw a beautiful fair creature coming out from one of the compounds ahead, she was on a red polo and tight white leggings. As soon as I saw her Flavour music :baby your black is beautiful came into my head. I remixed it saying :baby your white is beautiful. Her destination was going my way but she was ahead of me, I could see her ukwu shaking as she was walking. I quickly started walking faster until I was in same pace with her, in fact walking right beside her. I didn’t make any move, I wanted her to first feel my presence and get distracted, I had a glimpse of her breast and it was above average to my own personal estimation. I pretentiously acted as if I hit my leg and bend low groaning, she rushed towards me and asked, her name was amaka an Igbo girl. Amaka :Are you ok? ( heavens, her voice was angelic) Me :Yeah, I guess is worth the pain to walk beside an angel like you (she smiled at my words, Immediately I started floating in an ocean of joy, I feel like shouting to the whole world,:this smile on this beautiful face is because of me.). TBC

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Re: I Want To Fall In Love Season 1 by JOACHINpedro: 1:28pm On Jan 21
Fire on bro

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