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Chinua Achebe Showing Off His Book 'Things Fall Apart' In 1960 (Throwback Photo) / Achebe's 'things Fall Apart' Makes 12 'greatest Books Ever Written' List / 14 Quotes From 'Things Fall Apart' By Chinua Achebe (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Set Apart by yewande1234(f): 3:57pm On Mar 10
My whole body is literally shaking..... I pray nothing happens to Ejiro oooo
Re: Set Apart by Omeifa: 4:16pm On Mar 10

Oliver Twist **tongue-out* :-)

Am enjoying this your story
Re: Set Apart by nki4christ: 7:51pm On Mar 10
Who said I'm enjoying the story,not any more. I am tensed and terrified. In fact I have developed headache just by reading the last two episodes. Op you are doing great but have mercy on people like me and reduce the suspense biko
Re: Set Apart by Glory4567(f): 9:48pm On Mar 10
My whole body is literally shaking..... I pray nothing happens to Ejiro oooo

Same here, I was like Jesus
Make I no marry mad person oooo
Re: Set Apart by classicladyk(f): 10:56pm On Mar 10
getting scaring..... goosebumps
Re: Set Apart by Omeifa: 11:11pm On Mar 10
I hope ejiro's husband won't kill the whole family abii. The sister self ehhn. As a lady you must study the guy your dating, sometimes try to provoke him and see his reactions or better still if he's family/ friends are lying see ehhn visit him unannounced
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 12:52pm On Mar 11
I am back. Nice one ma'am. Thanks for the update
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 12:54pm On Mar 11
Who said I'm enjoying the story,not any more. I am tensed and terrified. In fact I have developed headache just by reading the last two episodes. Op you are doing great but have mercy on people like me and reduce the suspense biko

Hehehehe... I was equally feeling the tension and horror while writing the story...
Re: Set Apart by YoungBruzzy: 4:40pm On Mar 12
Oh my goodness undecided undecided Chukwuemeka, like wtf is wrong with that nigga... That's gruesome!!! That guy should be taught a very serious lesson that he won't forget for the rest of his miserable life..
Kudos to you my wonderful OP cheesy cheesy
more ink to your pen mama..
I love you mama wink wink
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 6:45pm On Mar 14
Oh my goodness undecided undecided Chukwuemeka, like wtf is wrong with that nigga... That's gruesome!!! That guy should be taught a very serious lesson that he won't forget for the rest of his miserable life..
Kudos to you my wonderful OP cheesy cheesy
more ink to your pen mama..
I love you mama wink wink


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Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 6:46pm On Mar 14
Happy weekend my favorite peeps.
Updates resume this new week **winks*

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Re: Set Apart by gstelly: 7:47pm On Mar 14
Happy weekend my favorite peeps.

Updates resume this new week **winks*
we Don miss you o
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 1:31pm On Mar 15
we Don miss you o
Re: Set Apart by gstelly: 1:28am On Mar 16

mention me in the next update pls
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 9:46am On Mar 17
mention me in the next update pls
All right.
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 10:31am On Mar 17

“Is she still alive?” Ochuko sounded like he had a stump down his throat.

Eru lifted his head and met his terrified gaze. “I don’t know,” came the fear-filled whisper. So many horrific thoughts had ravaged his mind since he opened the sack and saw his sister’s body.

Rukewve regained some of her composure. She stepped into the room and stopped a feet away from her sister’s body. “We need to get her to a hospital.”

Her brothers looked in her direction, then back at the body in the sack.

“Where is Chukwuemeka?! Where is that son of a mad woman? The bastard did this!” Eru got to his feet and stormed out of the bedroom.

They heard a crashing sound, them the slamming of a door.

“We need to get her to a hospital, fast…” Rukewve met Ochuko’s hypnotic stare.

Eru returned, fuming. “The murderer ran off! He fled! He is nowhere to be found. If I lay my hands on him..”

“Why did you let him to escape?” Ochuko went to the doorway and looked left, then right.

“I didn’t,” he started to pace the room. “He saw me and ran!”

“Let’s go after him. I doubt if he has gone far,” Ochuko suggested.

Eru halted and looked in his brother’s direction. “You are right.”

Rukewve began to shake her head in disapproval. She knew going after Chukwuemeka was important, but their sister’s life came first. “There is a hospital down the road, we need to get her there, fast!”

“We will need a cab,” Eru lifted the sack.

“What about Chukwuemeka?” Ochuko hissed.

“What about Ejiro?” she eyed him, then turned to Eru. “I will look for a taxi.”

Both men lifted Ejiro’s bloodied body out of the sack and carried her out of the house, while Rukevwe went in search of a cab.

“Is that not Ejiro?!” one of her neighbours shouted from her balcony.

“What happened to her?” another who was standing by the gate asked.

Eru and Ochuko ignored them. The Security guard opened the gate and helped them to carry her to the roadside. Soon, Rukewve returned with a cab.

“The closest hospital is down the road,” the driver eyed the bloodied body and opened the door to the backseat of the vehicle.

Ochuko and Rukewve sat at the backseat with Ejiro, while Eru joined the driver at the front.

They got to the hospital in less than five minutes. Rukewve jumped out of the vehicle and went in to get the nurses, while her brothers carried Ejiro out of the taxi.

“Nurse! Nurse! We need your help!” she dashed into the reception hall.

“What is it?” one of the nurses left her desk.

“My sister…” she kept pointing at the entrance of the building.

The moment Eru and Ochuko came in with Ejiro, the nurses got into action. They took her straight to the emergency room while one of them interviewed Rukewve and her brothers and jotted down all the information needed about their sister’s condition.

“You need to deposit thirty thousand naira, with the look of things, if she is still alive, she is going to be admitted,” the nurses looked from one to the other.

Rukewve swallowed hard. They were all hoping that their sister was still alive.

“Can I do a transfer?” Eru asked.

“Yes, yes, come with me,” the nurse led Eru away.

Rukewve and Ochuko took a sit on the long bench at the reception. Their weary eyes remained on the door of the emergency room.
About thirty minutes or so later, Eru and Ochuko got up from the bench. Rukewve raised an eyebrow, wondering where they were going to.

“Call us once the doctor has any information,” Eru glanced at his wrist-watch.

“Where are you going?” she looked from one brother to the other.

“We need to make a report at the nearest police station,” Ochuko supplied.

“Oh…” she thought it was a good idea. “What about dad and mum?” she reasoned that their parents were waiting for a feedback. None of them had thought of calling their parents since they found Ejiro.

Her brothers shared a worried glance.

“Don’t call them until the doctor has something good to say,” Eru instructed her.

Rukewve frowned. “What if they call me? What am I supposed to say?”

“Don’t pick their calls,” Ochuko started to walk away. His mind was fixed on catching Chukwuemeka and making him pay for his atrocities.

“Don’t make your parents to panic, ehn Rukky,” Eru added and fell into steps with his brother.

Rukewve watched them leave. She hissed and leaned against the wall. Since their sister was taken into the emergency room, no one had said anything to them. Whenever they asked the nurses, they were advised to pray and keep their fingers crossed. Was Ejiro alive or dead? Simple question, but no one was ready to give them a positive feedback. She bent her head and continued to pray for her sister.

“God please have mercy… save my sister Lord.”

Less than two hours or more later, Eru and Ochuko returned. They were surprised that their sister was still in the emergency room and the medical staff were keeping mum.

“What are they doing inside there?” Eru’s eyes drilled holes in the emergency room door.

“Have you asked those nurses about Ejiro?” Ochuko glanced at the nurses seated at the reception.

Rukewve folded her hands across her chest. “They have stopped answering my questions.”

Eru hissed. He didn’t like being kept in the dark. He wished he knew what was going on. He convinced himself that the medical doctors were doing all they could to save his sister’s life.

“All we need to do is to lay our hands on Chukwuemeka. He must tell us what possessed him, what… what turned him into a mad dog, to the
extent that it is his wife that he decided to reduce to a lifeless log of wood!” Ochuko vented.

She directed her gaze at her eldest brother. “What did they say at the police station?”

Eru made a long hiss. “They have set up a man-hunt for the bastard. But, of course, they punctured holes in our pockets first.”

She breathed out loudly. “Dad and mum has been calling.”

Her brothers shared a glance.

“Just keep stalling them, they have been calling us too,” Eru started to tap a feet on the tiled floor.

Rukewve wanted to protest, but she decided to hold her tongue.

“This family, ehn… it is from one problem to the other. Are we cursed?” Ochuko leaned against the wall.

Silence saturated the atmosphere. None of them could answer that question.

“I will be right back, I need to speak with my wife,” Eru got up and strode off.

“I don’t even know when I will get home today. Let me call this woman before she gets hypertensive,” Ochuko pulled out his phone from his pocket and walked away.

Rukewve placed her face in her arms. She closed her eyes and resumed praying for her sister.

The emergency door was pushed open and out came a group of doctors and nurses.

Rukewve opened her eyes and saw them, then she saw her sister lying lifeless on a bed, wheeled away by some nurses. “What’s going on?”

No one stopped to talk to her except a female doctor. “Hi, are you a friend or a relative?”

“That’s my sister!” she pointed at the nurses who were pushing Ejiro down the hall in an elevated bed.

“Okay, okay. We are taking her to the theater. You need to sign some forms and add a sum to the initial deposit you made.”

Rukewve locked gazes with the doctor. “What’s going on?”

“I can’t explain in detail now, but, I can assure you that we are doing everything we can to save your sister’s life,” the doctor patted her on the shoulder and ran after the other doctors.

She placed her hands on her head. “God… God… God… God… God…”

One of the nurses approached her. “You need to sign these forms and pay this amount, so that the doctors can have all they need for the surgery.”

Tears blurred her vision. She couldn’t see anything written on the forms the nurse gave to her.

“I will take you to the theater once you have made these payments,” the nurse continued.

Her confused eyes darted left and right. “I need to find my brothers.”

“Your brothers?”

“Yes… I need to find them.”

“Okay, I will help you,” the nurse led her down the hall.


At midnight, the sound of the opened theater door woke her up. Rukewve opened her eyes and saw a team of doctors gathered around her sister, talking in low tunes. Her heart missed a beat. She turned her head and saw her brothers dozing on the bench.

One of the doctors realized that she was awake. She approached her. “Hello, dear.”

Rukewve blinked and ran her tongue against her dry lips. “Is… is she alive?”

The other doctors stopped talking. They signaled to the nurses and walked away in a group. They resumed their conversation when they were a few feet away from Rukewve.

"Is… is she alive?” she staggered to her feet.

The nurses grabbed the bed and wheeled Ejiro away.

“Where are they taking my sister?!”

Her brothers woke up at the sound of her voice.

“Calm down. Your sister is fine. She fought a long battle, but she is alive,” the female doctor placed a hand on her trembling shoulder.

Rukewve settled back on the bench, overwhelmed with relief.

“Ejiro is alive?” Eru jumped to his feet.

“What did the doctor say?” Ochuko pushed himself up.

“She is alive,” the doctor addressed the young men.

“Hallelujah!” Eru went on his knees and he began to thank God.

“Chukwuemeka! Start to thank your stars or whatever God you serve. Wherever you are, peace of mind will be far from you!” Ochuko ranted.

The female doctor turned back to Rukewve. “Your sister lost a lot of blood from the deep cut on her forehead…”

She looked up at the doctor and nodded. The cut on Ejiro’s head looked like someone’s nasty attempt to split her head in two.

“While we stitched her up, we discovered that she was bleeding internally…” the doctor continued.

Rukewve winced. She had a feeling that it was caused by blows from her husband. The guy literally turned her into a punching bag.

“We caught it in time and that situation has been rectified.”

“Thank God,” she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank God,” her brothers said in unison. They were also listening to the doctor.

“She also has a few broken ribs, a fractured shoulder and knee, and a displaced wrist, which will heal in time. Over all, she is going to survive,” she met the younger men’s stunned gazes.

Rukewve swallowed hard. She couldn’t imagine the pain her sister had gone through.

“He literally broke every part of her body! Chukwuemeka is a maniac. What possessed him for Pete’s sake! I am calling that detective that gave us his number at the station,” Ochuko stormed down the hallway.

“Ejiro has been taken to the female ward, and you cannot see her now.”

“Why not?” Eru frowned.

“She is being through hell and back. Let her sleep-in tonight, by morning, she should be conscious enough to talk,” the female doctor patted him on the shoulder.

“Thank you, doctor.”

The doctor smiled at Rukewve, “You are welcome. Go home and get some sleep, all of you,” she stepped away and left.

Eru sat beside his sister. “Thank God ooooo…”

She placed her face in her palms and started to sob. She thanked God for answering her prayers.


“Where is Chukwuemeka Obi?!”

The couple in their sixties stared back at the uniformed officers, too scared to speak. About half a dozen men burst into their living room, wielding weapons, while they had their breakfast.

“Where is your son?” Oghenekaro came in with his sons.

Chukwuemeka’s father relaxed a bit when he saw familiar faces. “What is going on? Are you the one who brought these men?” he pointed at the officers.

“Your son attempted to murder our sister. We are here for him,” Ochuko stood by the doorway. He swore to himself that no one would be able to get past him and leave the house.

Mr. Obi eyed the younger man. “Were they having troubles?”

Oghenekaro hissed. “We are not here for chit-chat. Where is your son?”

The man looked at his wife and she stared back at him. “We haven’t seen Emeka in a long while. We… we were planning to visit this weekend.”

“Yes, yes we were,” his wife confirmed.

Eru got upset. He could tell that they were lying. “Mr. Man, nothing in this whole wide world will stop Chukwuemeka from getting what he deserves. Be it today or tomorrow, he will reap what he has sown.”

“No need to beat about the bush. We will search the house,” the officer in charge stepped forward.

Mr. Obi got up. “Search where? My house? For what exactly?”

Oghenekaro and the Police Officer in charge shared a knowing glance.

“It is obvious that you are both hiding your son in this house. You are accomplices to the attempted murder of Ejiro,” the officer waved a gun at them.

“That is a lie from the pit of hell!” Mrs. Obi got to her feet. “Do you have a search warrant? You cannot search this house. You will have to go through me first!” her eyes flashed red.

Ochuko heard a noise. He left the doorway and looked around the fenced compound. Suddenly, he saw Chukwuemeka sneaking out through the gate. “There he is! He is running away!”

The police men, Eru and his father ran out.

“Where is he?” Oghenekaro looked around.

“He just ran out!” Ochuko headed for the gate.

The policemen and Eru followed.

“I am highly disappointed at you two,” Oghenekaro returned to the house and faced his in-laws.

“Shut up! You would have done worse if you were in my shoes,” Mr. Obi spat at him.

“You are just a kettle calling the pot black,” Mrs. Obi hissed and took a seat.

He looked from one to the other, then shook his head in pity. “Your son tried to kill my daughter…”

“Were you there?!” she lashed out at him. “Did you know what transpired between them?”

Oghenekaro’s brows came together in a frown. “Whatever happened, he had no right on this side of the planet to… to try to take her life!”

Mrs. Obi hissed and folded her arms across her chest.

“Maybe he was acting in self-defense…” Mr. Obi mumbled.

Oghenekaro felt like giving the man a slap. “Hear yourself talk!”

Eru and Ochuko returned, looking worn out and angry.

“Where is Chukwuemeka?” he turned to the boys and took a look outside the house. He didn’t see any of the police officers.

The Obis looked at the younger men anxiously.

“The bastard escaped. The officers are combing the neighbourhood,” Ochuko leaned against the wall.

Mrs. Obi sighed with relief. “Thank God.”

Oghenekaro and Eru shot her an angry look.

“Until proven guilty, my son is innocent,” Mr. Obi started to laugh.

Eru approached the older man, but his father drew him back.

“If you are not careful, you will join him in hell,” he waved a hand at the man.

Mr. Obi glared at him. “Back to sender!”

“Like father, like son,” Eru looked him up and down.

Mrs. Obi got up again. “You better put a leash on your dog, or else, we will do it for you.”

Oghenekaro eyed the woman. “I can see that this madness runs in the family.”

Mr. Obi marched to the opened doorway. “You have overstayed your welcome. You all need to leave now.”

“And if we don’t, what can you do?” Ochuko stood toe to toe with the man.

Mr. Obi stepped away. “Oghenekaro, you better leave with these your rabies infested dogs.”

“It is your generation unborn that are rabies infested dogs. You, your wife, children and grandchildren, all of you combined, rabies!” Eru pointed a finger in his eye.

“We will not stand here and be insulted by these two who haven’t finished sucking from their mother’s breasts…” the woman started to look around the room, “Where is that cutlass?”

“It is under that shelf,” her husband pointed at a dark corner.

Oghenekaro signaled to his children. They obeyed and marched out of the house.


Re: Set Apart by yewande1234(f): 11:07am On Mar 17
Which kind family be emeka family like this
Re: Set Apart by izaray(f): 11:18am On Mar 17
Emeka will surely pay for this, thank for the update ma'am
Re: Set Apart by girlhaley(f): 1:26pm On Mar 17
What sort of distorted family is this?
The k God for Ejiro o
Thanks for the update ma'am
Please when will it be available on Okada books, not sure I can wait anymore
Re: Set Apart by Kaycee9242(m): 3:12pm On Mar 17
This is y its good to ask questions about a family very well b4 getting into marriage with them. Its obvious there is madness in this Chukwuemeka family
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 9:18pm On Mar 17
What sort of distorted family is this?

The k God for Ejiro o

Thanks for the update ma'am

Please when will it be available on Okada books, not sure I can wait anymore

Hopefully by month ending or first week of April, it will be available on bambooks and okadabooks wink
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 9:43pm On Mar 17


“Rukewve, please do not delay me. Ordinary yam and scrambled eggs, you are still cooking. Do you want your sister to be hungry this afternoon?” Itoro stood by the doorway.

Oghenekaro raised his head, directed his gaze towards the kitchen, then back at her. His wife should have left for the hospital long before now, but he decided to remain quiet so she doesn’t transfer aggression to him. He shook his head and returned his attention to the news he was reading on his mobile phone.

“Here it is,” Rukewve dashed out of the kitchen, carrying a food flask.

Itoro hissed and hissed again. “I am warning you,” she pointed a finger at the young girl.

She paled. “What did I do now?”

Itoro yanked the food flask from her hands and headed for the gate, but the sight of the Obis and three other people she didn’t recognize made her halt.

Rukewve frowned when she saw them too. The police were still combing the streets of Lagos in search of Chukwuemeka, but she was sure that his family knew exactly where he was. “Daddy…”

“Hmmm…” Oghenekaro scrolled through his phone.

“Ejiro’s in-laws are here.”

His brows came together in a frown. “The Obis?”

“Yes, sir.”

His angry eyes drifted to the doorway. He could still remember the last time he saw them. He got up quickly and joined his wife outside the apartment.

“It is good that you are both home,” Mr. Obi addressed the irritated couple.

“We will not waste your time, we are here to collect the bride price we paid,” Mrs. Obi stood beside her husband.

Oghenekaro and Itoro turned to look at each other, then back at the Obis.

“These are elders from our family,” Mr. Obi pointed at the men that came with them.

“They are here as witnesses,” Mrs. Obi added.

Rukewve stood by the door. She could hear them from where she was standing. She came to a conclusion that whatever was disturbing Chukwuemeka had also infected his parents. They were talking nonsense as far as she was concerned.

“Instead of you,” he pointed at Mr. Obi, “And you,” he waved a finger at his wife. “Instead of you people to produce Chukwuemeka and allow him to face the wrath of the law, you are here asking for the bride price.”

Mrs. Obi spat on the bare floor. “We are no longer interested in marrying your daughter. Our son doesn’t want her anymore. We are simply obeying his wish.”

Itoro dropped the food flask and her hand bag on the ground. “Oh-oooh. Now that your bastard son has beaten the living daylight out of the girl, he is no longer interested, ba? After he left her in a sack, on his roof! Hoping that she would die a slow death, he is now no longer interested,” she faced the woman.

Mrs. Obi backed away from her. “We… we do not know exactly what happened between them. But, we cannot force him to remain married to her.”

“You lie!” Itoro stood toe to toe with the woman. “He came here himself to ask for her hand in marriage. If he is no longer interested, he must come here and tell us himself.”

Mr. Obi and the other three men began to shake their heads and murmur.

“We were also here when he came to ask for her hand in marriage. We are standing in for him right now. We want the bride price. This marriage is over!” Mr. Obi looked Oghenekaro in the eye.

“God will punish you!” he pushed the man. “God will punish your children and your children’s children,” he removed the cap on the man’s head and threw it on the ground.

Mr. Obi picked up his cap and tapped Oghenekaro on his shoulder. “My friend, we are not leaving this place until you give us back every single penny we paid on your daughter’s head.”

The Etadafes’ neighbours began to come out of their houses. Many of them were curious to know what was going on.

“How much is Five thousand naira? Just give it to us and let us go,” one of the elders spoke to Ejiro’s father.

“You can also call some of the people present at the wedding ceremony, they will also act as witnesses,” another elder said.

It dawned on Oghenekaro that his in-laws were serious about nullifying the marriage between Chukwuemeka and Ejiro.

“Don’t listen to them my husband. We are not returning a kobo until Chukwuemeka pay for his crimes,” Itoro spoke to her husband.

Mrs. Obi eyed her. “My son is innocent!”

“Innocent my foot!” Itoro turned to the woman.

“Your daughter is nothing but a witch and she deserved whatever she got from my son!”

“You are the witch!” she charged at the woman and they began to exchange blows.

Rukewve placed her hands on her head. She had never seen her mother fight with anyone physically since she was born.

“Hey! Hey!” Oghenekaro pulled his wife away.

“Leave me alone! Let me teach the dog a lesson she would never forget!” she kept screaming.

Mr. Obi ordered his wife to return to the vehicle they came with. She spat at Itoro and marched out of the compound.

“Can you see? Is everyone seeing what she did?” Itoro tried to get away from her husband, but he tightened his hold on her.

“Biko, let’s go inside,” Oghenekaro dragged her into their apartment.

Mr. Obi and the three elders followed them into the house.

“You people are wicked and ungrateful!” Itoro started to cry. “Your son almost killed my daughter and you are here demanding for nonsense!” she screamed at them. “Instead of you people to apologize and seek forgiveness for the crimes of your son, you are here to create trouble.”

A scowl appeared on Mr. Obi’s face, but he remained quiet.

“It will not be well with you, every single one of you,” she kept on cursing them until she was overwhelmed with sobs.

The three elders shifted in their seats and exchanged glances.

“Rukewve take your mother to her room,” Oghenekaro turned to his youngest child.

“Mummy, let’s go…” Rukevwe led her mother out of the sitting room.

“I need to call the head of our family before we can discuss the return of the bride price,” Oghenekaro eyed Mr. Obi.

He shrugged. “Fine by me,” Mr. Obi leaned against the leather seat.

Oghenekaro scrolled through the numbers on his phone. If it was left to him, he wouldn’t return a single kobo.


Ejiro adjusted her pillow and lay back on the hospital bed. It had been seven weeks since she had been admitted. She hoped she would be able to return home soon. She was tired of staying at the hospital. Her bruises had healed, but the cut on her head was doing same with a slower pace. She hoped she wouldn’t be left with an ugly scar. She was scared of having her facial beauty marred by the cut. Her shoulder, knee and wrist were better. She still wore a sling on her shoulder, but the doctor said it would be removed before she was discharged. And the dislocation on her wrist had been corrected. She could move it at will now. Every time she went to the bathroom, the pain in her chest grew worse. The doctor said her ribs would heal gradually, but the pains might stay with her for a very long time. And with the help of some medications, it would soon be a forgotten episode. Ejiro prayed and hoped that the pains would vanish before the end of the year. She couldn’t imagine herself living with pains for most of her life. That was like a curse from the pit of hell.

She could still remember the morning she opened her eyes and found herself in the hospital. She was so happy because she was alive. She saw death the night Chukwuemeka attacked her and she knew that she was meeting her maker that day. That ugly night, her husband got angry over his damp towel and he concluded that she intentional dropped it on the wet bathroom floor. The next thing she knew, he called her a witch! He told her that he was going to make sure that she vomit whatever her coven had given her to eat.
She had never seen him that angry and she knew that he wasn’t in his right state of mind. He started to hit her, she ran and locked herself up in the bathroom. By morning, the bangs on the door woke her up. He threatened to break down the door and when she refused to opened it, he found the spare key and let himself in. The Chukwuemeka she saw that morning wasn’t the man she married. She met a monster who attacked her, beat her into a pulp and smash her head with a pestle. She should have been dead by now…

Ejiro shook the horrific memories away, then thought of her younger sister. What if God had not revealed her circumstances to the girl? She shuddered and picked up her smartphone. While she browsed, the headline of a famous news app caught her attention. There had been a plane crash that morning. The plane caught fire mid-air and landed far away from the airport. The passengers’ list had been posted so families could come and claim the bodies of their loved ones. She went through the list and her heart stopped when she saw Chukwuemeka Obi’s name! Was she seeing things? She read each name on the list again. Her ex-husband’s name was still there! She dropped the phone and closed her eyes.

“The bastard met his nemesis!”

He had been trying to escape justice for weeks but fate caught up with him. She hoped he got burnt beyond recognition. She opened her eyes and picked up her phone again. She dialed Rukewve’s number and waited while it rang.



“Aren’t you supposed to be asleep?”

“Shaarap dia.”

She heard her sister laughing.

“Abeg check Opera News. Chukwuemeka is dead.”


“Just check the news and tell dad and mum.”

“Okay, okay, I will call you back.”

She ended the call and closed her eyes. Her late husband’s face flashed through her mind’s eye. She thought they were in love. Come to think of it, they had a beautiful relationship, although, she wished she had not given in to his sexual advances. Why didn’t she see the beast in him? She should have noticed, right? But, the guy had never attempted to slap her or get physically violent while they dated. Maybe she had been blinded, seeing only his good sides and neglecting warning signals.

She escaped death narrowly because she married a monster. She doubted if she would be willing to say ‘I do’ ever again. From that day onward, she was saying goodbye to marriage, dating and everything else that came with it. People usually say ‘Once bitten, twice shy’, but in her case, ‘Once bitten, a thousand times shy’.


Re: Set Apart by Adeola25(f): 10:40pm On Mar 17
A great lesson to all, Chukwuemeka is a wolf in sheep's clothing. We should always look before leaping. Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 11:05am On Mar 18
A great lesson to all, Chukwuemeka is a wolf in sheep's clothing. We should always look before leaping. Thanks for the update ma'am

Re: Set Apart by Ann2012(f): 8:11pm On Mar 18
A great lesson to all, Chukwuemeka is a wolf in sheep's clothing. We should always look before leaping. Thanks for the update ma'am

Exactly my dear
Re: Set Apart by Ann2012(f): 8:11pm On Mar 18
Thanks for the update ma’am
Re: Set Apart by gstelly: 9:50pm On Mar 18
The update sweet gon wink
Re: Set Apart by Omeifa: 9:34am On Mar 19
Beautiful update
Re: Set Apart by PrudySara(f): 11:01am On Mar 19
This is a great lesson to all. One don't just rush into marriage like that. "Ajuju di'mkpa"
I'm glad Ejiro survived!

Thanks for the update ma'am!

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Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 11:46am On Mar 19
Thanks for the update ma’am

You're welcome
Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 11:46am On Mar 19
The update sweet gon wink

Re: Set Apart by SheWrites(f): 11:47am On Mar 19
Beautiful update


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