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Could This Be Post Of The Decade? by Daprinxy(m): 12:23pm On Jan 23, 2021
First time to create a post on Nigerian politics and I would love everyone to read till the end without sentiments,emotions or self-hurts...............few months ago,I've been contemplating to write something like this buh due to my busy schedule or my negative assumptions towards some kind of beings that parade themselves here as"Nigerians",have been refrained from doing that buh I've decided to drop it here and for people to know the truth and also for them to learn.I've gathered enough informations from my angle before writing it and I've also taken my time to study Nigerian politics to arrive to this my consciousable conclusions.remember that i write not the way others do and I see not the way others see and everything you gonna read here is 95% truth except you wanna keep on deceiving yourself and please,no tribal,religious or ethnic bearings on this post and don't come in here with such mentality.I'm a positive soul buh the truth is that Nigeria will never get better again and I will tell you why....for those of you thinking or clamoring for another party to take over,what makes you think that another party wouldn't be worse than PDP and APC put together?what you have to know is that 98% of Nigerian politicians are the same and once the 2% get to that upper level,they join the 98% instantly because the system is faulty,there's no how anybody can perform any magic there and the corruption is in their DNA.So please,every sane mind should just jettison the issue of bringing in another party because it never worked before and it can never still work and if you're in any doubt,take APC as a case study and before you know it,every other party members will be cross-carpeting to the new formed ruling party and the struggles continues for the masses..................many people have fought here and still fighting for and against some politicians especially those fighting Tinubu and those defending Tinubu buh my question to all of you is this,does Tinubu knows of your existence?i wouldn't be trying to defend,exonerate,shield,pamper,offend,or abuse any of this evil beings called"Nigerian politicians"buh,the truth is that Tinubu has achieved many and for those calling for his head,is he different from any other Nigerian politicians? 98% of those Nigerian politicians have been working hard even still working more harder to attain to Tinubu's level in Nigerian politics today and if given the opportunity, 95% of them will be worse than Tinubu.....if Tinubu wanna be Yoruba greatest for now,he should pull yorubas out of Nigeria,believe me,he will mark his name as the greatest Yoruba man(buh is not possible because he's a Nigerian politician and we know that greed and selfishness wouldn't permit them to think towards that direct especially when the said person is benefitting heavily from the corrupt system)...........the problem with some people is that once they can't get to your level,they started seeing all faults and castigating,damaging your image because they wanna become like you buh they wouldn't and because of that,they must try every means to get you down....another problem with some people is that,they hate the truth and wouldn't condescend their wishful thoughts to accept that 98% of Nigerian politicians careless about you,whether you live or die,is none of their business...........Some of Eastern politicians especially their governors,ex governors,like Orji Uzor Kalu,Rochas Okorocha,Nnia Nwodo,Dave Umahi,Okezie Ikpeazu,Nyesom Wike,Hope Uzodinma etc,would be 70% worse than Tinubu if given the chance buh the problem they got and still having is that Easterners doesn't recognise one politician as supreme and no politician in Eastern side will ever attain to Tinubu's level of politics in Nigerian because the Easterners will never give you the chance and your fellow politicians again,will always try to scuttle your level of influence... Ex governor of Anambra state,Peter Obi ran as a vice to Atiku under PDP buh still the same Igbo man and the same party man in PDP,in the person of David Umahi,tried and scuttled Obi's chances indirectly,because he think that Obi will jeopardize his chances of audio president or audio Vice President in audio 2023.Many Easterners are clamouring for Peter Obi to redeem Nigeria then and also Yorubas calling Peter Obi many names and I shake my head for you guys..the truth is that Peter Obi may wish or even try to perform buh it wouldn't work because they're all the same,what different has he done?He and everyone of them,knows that Nigeria is unworkable and can never work.has he championed any course to change the narrative of Nigerian citizens separately,apart from eyeing another political position?well,the power that be,wouldn't let anything work in Nigeria and the earlier you guys understand this,the better for everyone.they have mesmerized you people,subjugated you people and still impoverishing you people to satisfy their evil,wicked and selfish desires and many people are still here,ranting away their lifes for their oppressors just because of a minor token....The truth about Tinubu is that,he's overly ambitious and he should know when to lay low because what he's aspiring to be,likely wouldn't be that possible and I will tell you why.....Tinubu like any other Nigerian politicians is very demonic and evil and he can sacrifice anything and everything to attain to any desire he wants in Nigeria politics and what's happening in yorubaland is a call for a sane minds to ask some questions buh nobody will ask especially those that use to defend him always.they wouldn't ask why he never condemn any attack by Fulani herdsmen in Yorubaland,all because he wanna become Nigerian president in audio 2023.Tinubu pressed his ambition ahead of well-being of his region and people are too blind to see it,the man has committed many atrocities and still committing many atrocities for his ambitious position buh people are also too blind to see it.you're always here,defending somebody that never know that you exist,taking all kind of curses from people,just because of a little token you do get and their children are living large abroad,living their best lifes.well,you guys need to come over here just to see some of the children of those people you always defend,you always take curses on their behalf(your oppressors)then you will pity your life..........Whether Easterner or Westerner or anybody become Nigerian president tomorrow, believe me you,nothing will ever change because the system is doomed already............About Lekki killings,that people talked and still talk about here,Tinubu masterminded all the attacks with the Federal Government with the help of that white British commissioner in Nigeria..Governor of Lagos state,Sanwo Olu,wouldn't have done anything because the power that be,are superior to him and he can't question Tinubu's motive or else(you know the rest)all the killings was done just because of the same Tinubu's ambition of becoming the Nigerian president..... Many people always here to defend Federal government, to defend Tinubu and even making jest of the dead ones and I ask you this,where's your conscience or don't you know the problem you're causing to your children and your generation unborn?because karma must certainly take his course.....soldiers killed and took many away,the Federal government threatened many people not to come out and say things the way they are or that they lost their loved ones buh some apes,that breath,still have the temerity to be making jokes about all these nonsense and devilish acts because of some little token you do collect from them,forgotten that the injustice and the killings spares no one and it might be your turn or the turn of your loved ones tomorrow, then people will laugh at you and also make jokes of you,just like you're doing with people's lifes now,thinking that you're having fun(example is the viral pictures of the one that campaigned 4+4 for the"presidency" in 2019,he's now in boko haram camp and one of his friend is pleading with their so called"presidency"to act and rescue him.....buh then,if you tell him to slow things down,that the"presidency" is not capable or criticise the so called"presidency",he may likely fight or even stab you.so,see what has become of him now.......)the same thing is applicable to those who see evil,hear evil buh always defend evil because the evil is *YET* to get to them..........I tell you nothing buh the truth and also from the right source and again, I'm not telling you to believe me buh just for you to know and you can keep this for a reference purposes.............Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have been warning about Fulani herdsmen,invading south for some years back buh what I read here,baffles me so very much especially from many Yoruba people.I've seen many posts and comments,castigating and destroying Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's name and image and I just want you guys to read very well,think about this and also ask yourself some questions from this write-up here buh you need to be very sincere with your conscience.do you think the Nigeria government have anything for you masses?you know the answer already....why is Federal government fighting Mazi Nnamdi Kanu?think!think!!think!!!...do you think that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will liberate only Biafra alone?the game many of you people failed and still failing to understand is this,federal government knows that once Biafra is free,automatically, every other Nations in Nigeria eg Oduduwa,Middle belt,will seek for their own freedom and is a game over for them................The politicians and elites knows that once the masses unite,is over for them,hence the reason they did everything possible and scuttled the endsars movement because that should have bring a positive change or even revolution in Nigeria and when that's achieved,they are doom forever and the masses will start having a good life...politicians don't do tribe or religion buh only use such to divide you the masses more,watch how they marry each other,dine and wine with each other and the hungry masses are always on the internet,abusing themselves even their parents too,just for a very demonic,selfish and evil ape that doesn't know of your existence buh that's what they want and they'd been getting it and will still be getting it,until the masses think and rise up to say enough is enough.......keep on fighting yourselves while they keep on ruling over you,sending their children abroad and their children taking over from them....many people especially yorubas were calling Eastern governors cowards and lil-livered being because they allowed their people to be killed without saying anything and some of Yoruba governors are been proactive by establishment of Amotekun security network(very proud of them especially that Ondo state governor... They are very far above eastern governors)then when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu set up the Eastern security network to tackle the incessant killings,the same people that have been criticising the Eastern governors started calling Mazi Nnamdi Kanu names just because of hatred towards a tribe or someone that never know you or even know that you existed or still existing idiotically..I saw some posts and comments yesterday especially from one Tinubu's die-hard fan and hater of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by moniker"seung" or something like that,warning and cursing Oyo state governor for ordering the arrest of Sunday igboho and somebody asked him,don't you wanna praise him,at least the Oyo state governor is trying to protect your loved ones Fulani herdsmen because you have abused,said many things against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,just because Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have been saying and acting on the same thing,this same Sunday igboho is acting on and the guy never replied that message again and the last thing the other dude said was that,the bitter hatred for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have blocked his"seung"sense of reasoning and have also destroyed his conscience by half buh it's all true and the dude was 100% right.(many yorubas on this forum were laughing at the way the Eaterners were been slaughtered by Fulani herdsmen or Nigeria soldiers or police,forgetting that it will go round if you fail to stand for one another buh today,see what Fulani herdsmen are doing in Yorubaland,even opposing and daring the executive order of a sitting governor and you think all is well?)...the greatest thing God created in every human being is conscience,that's why when you're doing good,you know and when you're doing bad,you also know.....every sane person knows that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is doing the right thing buh the hatred towards his tribe,wouldn't let them see it and i'm not an ipob member before some of the disgusting beings will try to throw their tribal sentiments as usual here...finally,for those that always criticise,abuse the truth and always defend their oppressors, bookmark this post because you will need it in 5years to come and by then,you will look,read all your comments and posts and ask yourself, if those Nigerian politicians really worth your sweat,you will be ashamed of what you've been defending all this while,you will not be proud to tell your children what you did to help the oppressors even more,you will regret ever not to have adhered to some sane advices against oppressors and you will wish if they will take back the hands of time,so that you can be able to correct many mistakes you made while you have the chance,you will look back and marvel that karma never forget......buh all these will happen if you survive the karma of been evil or of supporting evil because the dead you made jokes on,will certainly get to you or your loved ones through the same oppressors and the evil act,demonic tendencies you supported,will hurt you badly.....every sane being here ,please try and bookmark this post and finally,I wouldn't be sentimental or say something with emotions here buh the truth and from the right sources is that,what you guys are passing through in Nigeria,is just a child's play to compare to what's coming soonest and the earlier you understand and act on that,the better for you people.....Heaven only help those that help themselves...just be mindful that a wind those not flow through the forest,without bringing down trees..a word is always enough for the wise.....please,help push this to the front page....thanks everyone and have a nice day...I love you all......bye:::::::
Re: Could This Be Post Of The Decade? by Queenlovely(f): 12:32pm On Jan 23, 2021
I am disappointed in you, how can this be your first post,
brother how old are you,
Re: Could This Be Post Of The Decade? by Queenlovely(f): 12:37pm On Jan 23, 2021
your post is laden with sentiment, I guess you are Yoruba, Dem too dey fear,

my second observation is that you are tribalistic, Nigeria has not experienced a quarter of what is happening in Ethiopia to the tigray people, the Somalian tribal war
Re: Could This Be Post Of The Decade? by Queenlovely(f): 12:39pm On Jan 23, 2021
my third comment is that you have no solution to bring to the table,
anybody can complain but not everyone can think,
do you want to incite us to take up arms against Fulani or what
Re: Could This Be Post Of The Decade? by Kriss216: 12:39pm On Jan 23, 2021
your post is laden with sentiment, I guess you are Yoruba, Dem too dey fear,

my second observation is that you are tribalistic, Nigeria has not experienced a quarter of what is happening in Ethiopia to the tigray people, the Somalian tribal war

You really need a job. So, you read this long and meaningless post?
Re: Could This Be Post Of The Decade? by Queenlovely(f): 12:40pm On Jan 23, 2021
You really need a job. So, you read this long and meaningless post?
I was moved with pity
Re: Could This Be Post Of The Decade? by Kriss216: 12:42pm On Jan 23, 2021

I was moved with pity
Waste of pity. Channel your pity on relevant things.
Re: Could This Be Post Of The Decade? by TrueChristians: 1:00pm On Jan 23, 2021
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.

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