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A Wife For The Prince / Married To The Prince Season 2 / Story Titled: Married To The Prince (2) (3) (4)

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The Prince Of Qalul By Angelsss by Angelsssss(f): 9:38pm On Feb 23
“What are you smiling at?” Halima stared at her best friend and fellow servant, Inna. The young women had been sent out to fetch fodder for the royal ranch amongst other slaves. They had been friends since their entrance into servitude as their parents owed the royal family, and couldn’t clear their debts, so they were sold off to the throne of Qalul as slaves from babyhood. They weren’t related, but they shared a striking resemblance, with Inna’s long hair reaching the middle of her back. It was the soft and fluffy raven hair that made her famous amongst other slaves.
Inna’s dark brown eyes sparkled, so did her skin under the sunlight as she recalled the stranger she’d kissed the previous night at the Slave’s Bar. Although it was a scandalous place for a royal servant to be, Inna’s mother owned the fermented corn drinks that sold there, so she usually sneaked out at midnight to help the woman make sales, and that was when she’d seen him.
“Nothing,” Inna averted Halima’s penetrating gaze.
Halima scoffed, she knew her friend too well. Inna was great at many things, but she couldn’t lie to save her life. She was great at knitting, at braiding hair, at cooking and cleaning, but never at lying.
“What is it?” Halima pressed on.
Inna knew that her friend would judge her for kissing a stranger at the bar, so she’d decided to make that her little secret.
“I am just imagining what our lives would be like when our parents are finally able to clear their debts with the King.” Inna lied. Halima couldn’t sense it this time, she was about to offer her opinion on the matter, when the chief of female servants strolled towards them. At once, both girls cleared their throats and focused on slitting the healthy stems of fresh guinea grass.
The middle aged woman stared suspiciously at the friends before fetching a rusty and old flute from the large furry pouch she carried about. Whenever ever she produced an annoying sound with the object, it symbolized her need for the attention of the slaves.
“Oh not again!” Inna covered her ears as Hauwa began to blow the trumpet incessantly. Once all the servants had quieted, she proceeded to deliver the latest announcement.
“We must return to the palace at once! The Sultan commands it, and we must obey.”
“Why?” They groaned.
Usually, she got pissed off by questions, but she was in a great mood because the one she’d raised all her life was returning home.
“Hussein is coming home,” she whispered.
“Who’s Hussein?” Inna whispered to Halima.
Her friend shrugged, “I don’t know, never heard of him.”
They collected as much as they could and left for the enchanting palace of Qalul; the sacred dwelling of the Sultan and Sultana, and all members of the royal family.
Qalul was a beautiful country. It boasted of cattle and sheep in thousands, birds and pigs in hundreds. Food was plentiful, and clean water wasn’t lacking. Qalul sat proudly upon its surrounding cities like a proud jewel upon a crown. But upon its beauty, it lacked one true thing which every government yearned for; sovereignty. Qalul had been defeated by Yasminat, the reigning world power in those parts, hence it was subject to the superior crown of the Emperor of the golden city, Yasminat.

The carriage rolled in majestically through the gates of the palace walls. Inside of it was Hussein, the prince and heir of Qalul, who’d travelled faraway to study. He had spent most of his time in the prestigious colleges at Yasminat, now that he was finished, he had returned home to find a way to help his people. But he hadn’t come alone.
“How beautiful it is out here!” The fair woman grinned. She’d lived all her life sheltered as a true princess and heiress, she’d thought the palace of Yasminat beautiful, until Qalul. The building was a piece of immaculate magnificence. Precious stones of Jade and Quartz adorned its walls, and they were bound to gleam at night, presenting the palace as a sky of its own with stars and the moon. It had a conical roof design which was painted with a navy blue color which blended perfectly with the white.
“I miss these walls myself,” Hussein peered out of the carriage, smiling and holding his breath. He couldn’t remember the last time that he’d set his eyes on the palace or his family. He’d only sent letters through servants all those years, that was how his family knew that he was alright.
“I can’t wait to be part of it, we’ll explore it together,” she winked.
Hussein leaned forward and kissed the hand of the woman that he’d grown to love. Princess Aisha had fallen in love with Hussein right from the first day that she’d set her eyes on him. He was the prize, and she hoped to seal their relationship legally. It would be a productive union for both Kingdoms.
“Same here darling,” he leaned forward and kissed her pretty forehead.
At this time, the Sultan and everyone else had gathered at the entrance of the palace to receive Hussein.
“Hold yourself, people are watching!” The Sultan cautioned his unduly emotional wife.
But she ignored him and rushed to hold her son.
“You don’t understood what motherhood means until you lose your son to distance,” she called after him. The Sultan was a difficult man; difficult to convince and difficult to please, but he had a soft heart when it came to his children, especially the one that was to take after him.
“Mother!” Hussein clung to her arms while dropping kisses in her hair. The Sultana lost control of herself and sobbed loudly even before her servants. Hussein continued to hold her tightly, until his father stepped forward to receive him. He quickly released his mother into the older man’s arms and bowed.
“Qalul welcomes you my son…” The Sultan patted Hussein on the back.
Just then, princess Aisha stirred in the carriage. The movement got everyone’s attention as he hadn’t come alone.
“I have someone that I’d like you both to meet,” he said.
Eagerly, his parents waited.
The princess was helped to the ground by Hussein. When his parents realized who she was, they quickly bowed as her authority was higher than the entire royals of Qalul put together. She was the daughter of the most powerful man in the world, the Emperor.
“Rise…” Aisha stuck her chin proudly. She didn’t bless them with a greeting or a bow in reciprocation.
“Aisha is one of the best things that happened to me at Yasminat. I shall marry her, and we’ll make children together. You’ll be proud of us.” The prince smiled, leaned forward and kissed her again. The royals stared at their son and his new lover blandly.
“So when did you begin your journey?” The Sultan led the walk into the palace, while Aisha tagged along with the Sultana.
“I began two days ago. Although I entered Qalul at night, I slept over at a lodging because it was too dark to travel.” He explained.
“A lodging is not a befitting place for a prince. It seems you’ve forgotten who you are!” The Sultan scowled.
But this only amused Hussein.
“I assure you father, I haven’t forgotten anything about Qalul, or the memories that my mind captured within the palace.” Once he said this, his mind flashed back to the voice that plagued him all these years. Though he had lost this voice, he had not forgotten, and he wished he could find her again.
When he was a just a boy, Hussein had been fooling around the palace. He had strayed towards the Slave Quarters, and that’s where he found her screaming. She’d been locked in a room as punishment for not carrying out her chores on time, but he had found a spare key and rescued her. A smile danced on his lips as he recalled how beautiful she was. But she had never spoken a word, not even her name. He had left for Yasminat the next day, but her screams for rescue still haunted him.
“Hussein!” The Sultan called forcefully a second time.
“Father…” he blocked the memory and focused in the present. He’d hoped to find her here again, or perhaps she was lost to him forever. Even Aisha’s radiant beauty couldn’t block the voice out. His return to Qalul made his yearning worse.
“Tonight…I’ll throw a party for my son. Send word to all provinces in Qalul. All the chiefs must gather to welcome the prince and heir!” The Sultan bellowed in a loud voice.

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Re: The Prince Of Qalul By Angelsss by Angelsssss(f): 9:41pm On Feb 23
The slave girls were knee deep in kneading the massive bread that would be baked for the prince. It was a traditional rite for the first prince to bite a chunk of bread before the party began, as a symbol of his devotion to his family and remembrance of his culture. This always happened whenever a first prince had lived far away from the land. After the slaves had left the woods where they’d gone to fetch fodder, the chief servant had divided them into groups of twelve, each group had a duty to attain.
“She must really hate us to ask us to be here…” Inna grumbled as she rolled the edge of the extra large and hard dough. The bread would be the centre of the occasion, and if it felt to rise after their hard work, the entire event would be ruined.
Halima laughed at the accusation. Albeit Hauwa was a chief servant, it didn’t change her status as a servant. She had no title or rank in the society.
“She’s simply like us Inna. I doubt she would hold a grudge against us. At the end, she’s still a servant…” Halima advised. She’d still not forgotten the forlorn look she’d caught in Inna’s eyes.
“Tell me really…what are you dreaming about?” Halima stopped kneading and focused on her friend.
If Inna was fair skinned, her cheeks would’ve crimsoned a few times as she remembered the passionate kiss she’d shared with the terribly handsome stranger. Though the kiss had taken place at night, and under the dim shade of the moonlight, she had seen the beauty of his face. He was a tall man, lean and hard. His fingers were tender upon her neck, and he had the kindest smile. He’d walked into the bar with such steps of confidence that she couldn’t ignore his presence. Their eyes had met in that instance, and she’d showed her mother her desire to serve that night.
“What is it Inna? You never like to serve our guests!” The woman had chuckled.
“I’ll do so tonight,” Inna had grabbed a jar of fermented corn drink and hurried towards the stranger. Now she thought about it, she knew that the kiss had badly affected her because she couldn’t stop thinking about him! There was no way she could hide it from Halima forever. She may as well say it then!
Inna peeled off the hard flour that had clogged her chubby fingers. She looked around to be sure that the other servants weren’t looking at them. As expected, they were busy rolling the hard dough until it got soft.
“I kissed someone last night…a stranger. He was simply the most handsome man that I have ever seen. I can’t stop thinking about it.” Inna smiled.
Although culture demanded women to be chaste, it didn’t stop Halima from being a hopeless romantic. She quickly placed her hands against her chest as she thought of the arduous kiss her friend had shared.
“Tell me more about this man…” Halima leaned closer.
“I don’t know much about him. But from the way he was dressed, he isn’t from these paths and he seemed like a merchant because of the golden ring he wore. I wish I could see him again.” Inna smiled dreamily.
“Is he more handsome than Prince Muzid?” Halima asked huskily. She was in love with the third prince of Qalul; the warrior prince who spent most of his time in the battle field. Muzid was the lady’s man because of his attractiveness. But there were rumors about him, rumors that Halima didn’t care about. Some say that he was a nahjita, men who loved other men in a forbidden way.
“Yes! Much more handsome,” Inna replied in all honesty.
Just in time, Hauwa walked towards them and found them talking.
“Aha! I knew you two would be at it. Come, I have a special duty for you Inna. Separating both of you is the best thing that will happen now that the prince’s visitor is here.”
Inna felt bad that she was being separated from her friend; she waved sadly as she walked away with Hauwa. But Halima felt she was being dramatic, no matter how busy they were, there was still time to meet and discuss.
“I’ll see you later Inna, I must focus on the bread now!” Halima waved joyously, but Inna didn’t return it. She simply sulked as she followed Hauwa towards a hallway of the palace that evoked a memory that had escaped her mind for a long time.
This hallway was dimly lit, and it held a dusty scent. Inna paused at a particular door with wild bronze designs and beautiful handwriting. Tears stung her eyes as she remembered the terror that lay behind those walls. She had been so brutalized that her mind had reflexively blocked that painful memory out. Tears rushed down her cheeks as she remembered what had happened behind that door.
“Master Yawal…” Hauwa had stopped hearing Inna’s footsteps. When she’d turn around, she found the young lady crying before the door. Yawal had been in charge of the slaves before her. He’d been extremely wicked and self centered even to the child slaves. He’d chosen Inna for his cruel ways of punishment, and locked her in the room.
“I could never forgive him even in death.” Inna cursed.
Hauwa shrugged, “You’re lucky that someone found you. Some of us were not lucky.” Hauwa’s voice cracked as she remembered her own experience.
Inna’s heart skipped as she recalled a young boy running into the room to raise her from the box which she’d been locked within. She’d thought he was handsome. His eyes had carried about a deep worry for her. She smiled as the memory faded. It always baffled her that she’d never set her eyes on the boy after that. The important thing was that Yawal had been sentenced to death for gross acts of maltreatment, a week after she was rescued.
“You do not know how important your freedom was to other slaves. The prince had told the Sultan about your torture, being the favorite son, his request was granted…” Hauwa trailed off as they walked into another hallway filled with guards. Inna was eager to know more. What prince? How was the Sultan related to the death of Yawal? But servants weren’t allowed to talk once they stepped into the most royal quarters. This was her first time of nearing this hallway. Hauwa walked briskly until they reached a door which was coated in pure gold. The candle lit hallway did justice to the fine golden color. Inna wished she could lean closer and touch the door.
“Tell the highness that I brought the request,” Hauwa bellowed to the guards. Just then, the door flew wide open and a laughing woman in the arms of a smiling man both stepped out. Without casting a glance at them, Inna lowered her knees to the ground in reverence, Hauwa did same.

The princess of Yasminat had deliberately refused to travel with her personal servants even though Hussein had insisted. However, after their arrival at the palace, she saw the need to have a personal servant for the period she would spend here. Her laugther ceased when she saw Inna and the older woman.
“Rise…” Aisha comported herself. Hussein didn’t let her leave his arms. They would both access this servant together to see if she was fit to be around the princess. Hauwa was the first to rise, but Inna was still on her knees.
“What is wrong with her? Is she deaf?” Aisha smirked, wondering why Inna was still on the ground.
Hauwa smiled, “It is a sign of respect your highness.” But Aisha didn’t return her smile.
“You can stand up Inna,” Hauwa wondered why the princess seemed appalled by the worship of her. When Inna straightened, the lovers held their breath. Inna’s eyes sharply interjected with that of the prince, quickly he released the princess and walked away. Inna’s heart raced as she noticed this. He was the first prince! He was the stranger that she’d kissed the night before!
Aisha eyed Inna jealousy as she’d caught a flicker of admiration in Hussein’s eyes before he’d suddenly walked away. This servant girl was extremely beautiful. Her eyes were round and large; a golden stream of tranquility. The princess noticed the length of Inna’s beautiful black hair, and compared it to her coarse and kinky hair. Though Inna’s chubby body was decently covered in a long tunic and loose skirt, she could tell that she had a nice figure. She was insecure, even though her beauty was beyond Inna’s by far. One of the reasons she’d followed Hussein to his home was this; she didn’t want any woman to steal him from her.
Inna averted the princess’ penetrating gaze which made her uncomfortable. It seemed Aisha didn’t like her. But how could that be possible? They’d only just met!
“Do you not want her?” Hauwa sensed the anger from the princess.
Aisha forced a smile, it was clear that she hated Inna.
“I do. I would keep her. She resumes by morning, but first, she must unpack my boxes and get me ready for the party!”
Hauwa tapped Inna twice on the shoulder, which in the slave word was symbolic. Hauwa simply related to her that she would be careful with the princess, because it was clear that Aisha wasn’t welcoming.
“Come in slave…” Aisha parted the door to the guest room where she would be staying. Inna followed her to an array of three chests which she would unpack. Truthfully, she preferred kneading the hard dough than to work for a royal who resented her. Inna’s mind was far away from the room. She couldn’t stop thinking of the prince! It would make her job with the princess more difficult…she wished she could run away.
“Get me tea!” Aisha yelled at Inna, who hadn’t responded at her call the first time.
“I am sorry your highness, please what did you say?” Inna swallowed.
“Tea! Fool!”
Inna nodded and quickly scurried out. Her next journey would take her to the kitchen and through another hallway. She felt horrible that the princess would use such harsh words on her. Perhaps she could trade places with her friend Halima. As she marched towards the kitchen, she released the ribbon that kept her lengthy hair in place, so that it swayed from side to side.
She hadn’t walked far when she heard someone call her name.
“Inna!” When she looked around, she found the stranger that’d been haunting her mind. She froze when she realized how lonely this hallway was. He covered the distance between them in a short moment. Hussein hadn’t been the same since he’d set his eyes on the woman he’d secretly kissed at the bar. What had bothered him after the event was that he hadn’t felt guilty for cheating on the princess. The kiss had been so enthralling, so consuming that he kept thinking about it all night even after returning to the lodge where he stayed with the princess.
Inna’s lips trembled as a tingling sensation started from the base of her neck. No one could see them in the hallway alone. She pressed her lips together, not knowing the next step to take.
On the other hand, the Prince observed a dark scar under her eye. His felt his heart skip a beat. How could she share the same scar as the young slave he’d rescued while he was just a boy? As Inna walked closer, and closer, the picture of her face became clearer. The little girl had been dark of skin, and long of hair, with warm and bright eyes.
“Inna?” He called again.
She submitted her knees to the ground in honor, while wondering how he’d come to know her name, for she hadn’t told him the night before.
“Stand up!” He almost touched her but restrained himself as she seemed afraid of him.
“How long have you lived in this palace?” He asked.
She wondered why he asked that of her.
“I’ve spent my whole life here as a servant, your majesty.” She answered.
“Were you the one that Yawal locked in a box?” He pressed on.
When Inna heard this, she stared directly into his eyes. How could he know that if…
“It was you! It was you all along! I’d never seen you after that…I…I had to leave for Yasminat to study.” The prince was so excited to have rescued her. He’d carried the little girl in his mind all these years. He’d never forgotten her. It thrilled him to realize that she’d grown into such a beautiful young woman.
A tear rolled down her cheek as she called how he’d pulled her fragile hands out of the box. She was forever grateful to that boy, but she’d not know he was the first prince, Hussein Hameed Falta, the one that had become lost for so long.
“You saved me my prince…I owe you my life.” Inna bowed her head.
This time, he covered the distance and carried her face in his hands.
“You don’t owe me anything. I did what I had to do. And if I had another chance, I would do more for the people of Qalul.” He lowered his forehead upon hers. Inna couldn’t resist the nearness of his skin, and the sweet warmth of his breath. She yearned to be kissed by those soft lips another time…but when she realized he was the prince and was possibly engaged to Aisha, she quickly pulled away.
“How did you know my name?” She dared to ask.
He shrugged, “I am the prince. I know what I want to know. But I recognized you as the little girl from the scar underneath your eye.” He answered. The prince had gotten her name from Hauwa. Although they’d shared a kiss at the bar, they’d not spoken to each other at all. It was a amorous act in silence.
Sadness suddenly welled up in her as she realized that she could never have a man this kind and handsome. Nothing could ever come out of this. She bowed slightly and announced that she had to fetch tea for the princess.
“Wait…you don’t seem happy to see me again considering what happened last night,” Hussein whispered.
Inna pulled in a deep breath, “If I had known you were the prince, I would never have kissed you.” She turned and walked away before he could say another word. He felt hurt that she regretted kissing him. But when her words hit deeper, he understood why she regretted it. He was a highborn, and she was simply a slave. It was clear that the princess of Yasminat was his wife to be, and she served Aisha as a maid.
A heavy burden weighed upon his heart. And for the first time since his relationship with the princess, he began to wonder if he truly loved her or had simply clung to the idea of love because she first offered it, and he’d been lonely in a foreign land.
Just when he was about to walk away, one of the guards announced that he was being called by his father.


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Re: The Prince Of Qalul By Angelsss by Angelsssss(f): 10:49am On Feb 24
“You cannot be with that woman. Did you see how she insulted I and your father? She couldn’t bow to greet us, simply because her father reigns over us. What do you think will happen in such a marriage?” The Sultana and her husband had decided to hold a little meeting with their son. It was clear that Hussein had forgotten the history of how Yasminat forcefully conquered his people. The Sultan was seen as oppressive by the inhabitants of Qalul because he’d asked them to pay high taxes. He’d enslaved many to his palace. All this happened because of the taxes Qalul had to pay to the Yasminat Empire.
Hussein felt a little guilty when he saw the bigger picture of things. He’d noticed that Aisha hadn’t greeted his parents, and he’d hoped to correct her later. Now that he sensed his parents wouldn’t support the union, a sick feeling welled up within him.
“But what if my marriage to her will help us have a better relationship with Yasminat? Have you considered that aspect?” He tried to defend it, even when his heart was crying out for someone else.
“Son, I do not sanction your marriage to the Yasminat princess. There are many women in Qalul. Highborn and lowborn, you can have any that you want. But I cannot bless such union because she would emasculate you like her sister dominated the King of Suror, a nation subject to Yasminat!” The Sultan scowled.
Hussein moved towards the windows of the throne room and stared deeply into the skies. He felt like a fool for what he’d done to Aisha. Aisha was a great person, though she’d been hated massively because of her arrogant nature, but she’d never brought it to him. He hadn’t known Inna for long, but his heart was drawn to her from the first time he’d set eyes on her at the bar. He’d loved her since he was a boy, without knowing her name or anything else. He’d carried her in his mind, and had even told Aisha about her jokingly. Now that his fantasy was real, he didn’t know what to do.
“I know this is a hard decision for you Hussein, but you must let her go. She isn’t good for you.” His mother drew near to his side.
“I’ll let her go if you allow me to marry any woman from Qalul, even a woman that isn’t connected to royalty…” He turned around and faced his parents.
The Sultan raised a brow, “It seems you already found someone…do you have something more to tell us?”
Hussein was about to say more when the door to the throne room flew wide open and the princess walked in with a frown on her face.
“Darling, you left me all alone.” She rushed towards him, ignoring his parents totally.
The Sultana rolled her eyes in disgust.
“I’d rather die than have that spoilt brat as a daughter-in-law,” she mumbled.
“Hmm!” The Sultan cleared his throat. At once, the princess stopped rubbing herself all over Hussein and turned to face his parents. She stared at their faces and scoffed, she’d known from the beginning that they’d never approve of the relationship. This was one of the reasons she’d come to Qalul. They couldn’t even pretend from the time she’d gotten down from the carriage.
With a pleasant smile across her face, she moved first towards the Sultana. She was assured of Hussein’s love. She believed him deeply immersed in the love they shared. She mattered more than his family, more than anything else.
“You judge me because of my father, the emperor of Yasminat. I have only love for your son, and I shall marry him with or without your blessing.”
At first, Hussein felt he hadn’t heard her correctly. She was being rude to his mother. He paused and listened.
“Now don’t be too sure of yourself princess. My son does whatever I tell him,” she replied.
“Really?” She eyed the Sultana disdainfully and moved on to her husband.
“You may be powerful, but you cannot stop your son from marrying me. You know why?”
She paused and looked around, “My father will have your head.”
At this point, Hussein couldn’t hold it anymore.
“Tell her Hussein!” The Sultana yelled.
“Tell her the truth!” She repeated.
Aisha’s face paled as she noticed a frown on Hussein’s face. Her darling had never been angry with her, so this was strange!
“I am sorry Aisha, but my parents do not agree with this union. As the first prince of Qalul, I must marry a woman from this land. I know that you are a wise woman, and you truly understand the arrangement of things.”
She scoffed and staggered a bit, “What are you saying Hussein?”
“I cannot marry you.” He answered and hurried out of the throne room.
Aisha couldn’t believe what had just happened. If someone had told her that the prince would end things with her so abruptly, without any serious reason, she’d never believe them.
“I told you princess…my son always listens to me. Send our greetings to the emperor. I am certain that he’d prefer us as a colony of his, and not as in-laws.” The Sultana grinned.
Aisha felt strongly that Hussein was being manipulated by his parents. She was certain of his love. There was no way that a man could change so suddenly. They had poisoned his mind against her.
“You haven’t heard the last of me. You both will see that no one hurts the throne of Yasminat and goes free.” She eyed them angrily and hurried out of the throne room. She had to leave for Yasminat at first light. Hussein had chosen to betray her, and the loved she’d generously showered on him all these years. She would quench the fire that burned in her for him. She would turn her desire for him to rancor, and she would burn him along with his parents in the fire that she was about to create.
When she returned to the room, she found Inna still arranging her things.
“There’s no need for that. Gather them back. You and I are leaving at first light for Yasminat!” She said. Hussein had given her Inna as her personal maid, this would be the only thing she’d take back to her home.
Inna noticed the princess was upset about something, she could spot some droplets of tears on her cheeks, but she was too afraid to ask. Why would she leave Qalul for Yasminat so quickly? Had something bad happened to the emperor? Why would the princess want her to come along?
“I must fetch your bathwater.” Inna bowed and hurried out. She needed to speak to Halima about the things that bothered her.

As she neared the kitchen area where preparations were still carried out for the party that was to hold later that night, Inna pondered on the words of the princess.
“You and I are leaving at first light for Yasminat!” The more the words rumbled in her ears, the greater her discomfort began. Inna shuddered at the thought of leaving Qalul, or spending the rest of her days in strange land and with an arrogant princess. She would rather risk her life by fleeing the palace, than journey with Aisha to her country.


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Did Okadabooks send you a story via email?

sent the preview. chapter 1-3 I guess. When I click on read it takes me back to buy this book.
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Re: The Prince Of Qalul By Angelsss by Angelsssss(f): 4:49pm On Feb 26
“Watch your steps girl!” One of the servants yelled at her as they almost bumped into each other. Inna paused and inhaled deeply. Her head was spinning from anxiety. So much was happening to her at such a short time, it seemed she was gradually going crazy. She searched the area for the bread which was already sitting still in the oven for Halima, but she found no one there. Disappointedly, Inna turned around and decided to fetch some hot water for the princess’ bath. She guessed Aisha wanted to get ready for the party as well.
Halima had been searching for Inna as well. Therefore joy filled her as she walked into the kitchen with a bowl of cheese, after seeing her friend near the hearths.
“Where have you been?” Halima rushed to Inna’s side. Both young women hugged each other like they’d been separated for a century.
“There’s so much that I have to say and under little time.” Inna sighed.
“Well go ahead before Hauwa finds us again!” Halima was eager. She couldn’t let this one pass her by.
Inna swallowed and looked around, if the other servants found them standing and discussing idly, they could report them to Hauwa. There was only one place in the palace where they had freedom to discuss as they liked; the forsaken royal garden. Indeed, there were many gardens in the palace, but this one had been forsaken by the Sultana because her late mother had died there while taking her afternoon tea. It held too many memories, and it was abandoned for the blue roses to grow wild. Halima and Inna had devised a means to hide or rest whenever they didn’t want to be disturbed by Hauwa or the others.
In a swift move, they trudged into the damp area. A thick fog had settled over the garden. Bees floated over the budding blue petals, and large ants surrounded its roots. It was an unpleasant place to be, but safe enough for hiding especially for servants like themselves.
“Go on, tell me.” Halima threw her hands into the air.
Inna pulled in a deep breath and stared at her friend.
“I…kissed the prince. The man I kissed last night turns out to be Prince Hussein.” Halima was still trying to process this when Inna reminded her of the little boy she always talked about.
“The one that saved me from Yawal? It turns out that it’s the same prince! He was able to recognize me from this scar…” She pointed at the place beneath her left eye. Halima was speechless. This felt like the numerous love stories her grandmother had always shared under the moonlight.
“Say something Halima!” Inna was getting pissed by her silence.
When Halima had recovered, she said most dreamily, “You don’t how lucky that you are. It seems you and the prince is destined for each other, just as I am destined for Muzid.” She smiled.
“Destined?” Inna scoffed. It was a strange thing that she was attracted to the prince already, but talking about a marriage wasn’t part of what she hoped for. She never dreamt of that.
“Yes? Is anything wrong with that?” Halima was taken aback by her question.
“I am a slave girl, and this is the first prince we’re talking about. The other princes may have the liberty of marrying low born women, but the heir to the throne of Qalul doesn’t have such an opportunity. You also forget that he has a woman in his life, a powerful woman- Aisha of Yasminat whom I serve.”
Halima circled her fingers around her chin.
“Tell me about the princess. I hear she is as striking as the sun and beautiful as the stars that adorn the sky. Is this true?”
Inna smiled as she recalled the enchanting beauty of the princess.
“Her skin is as white as the clouds. Her eyes hold a bluish shade and she has the pinkest of lips. She is a jewel.”
“Then why does your face not glow as you talk about her?” Halima wondered.
“She is arrogant. I do not wish to serve her.” Inna confessed. Halima felt sorry for her friend.
“Well if she is this way then the prince cannot love her. Perhaps he was forced into this union by her father who’d always desired a way to enslave Qalul. He cannot love her because of the good things I have heard about him from the servants of Muzid. Prince Muzid describes his brother as the purest and kindest of men. He bears no grudges, and always defends the helpless. How then can he be with a woman with lesser values?” Halima wondered.
Inna shrugged, “I do not understand it myself. Perhaps he seems something in her that we do not. I only hope that she doesn’t take me along to her country with her.”
“Take you along? Why would you say that?” Halima wondered.
“She mentioned it.”
“There is no law against the first prince marrying a low born woman. Besides, we are not natural slaves. We are only slaves because of our parents’ inability to pay up their loans. Even if we were, love would always find a way.”
Just in time, the trumpet blew seven times, signaling the beginning of the party. The friends hurried out of the garden, and back to the kitchen. When Inna returned to the guest room with two large buckets of sizzling water, she met it empty. A frown settled on her face as she stared at the room.
“She’s gone…” A deep and familiar baritone announced.
At once, Inna lowered the buckets to the ground and sighed with relief. But after the relief came a wave of nervousness. She was alone another time with the prince. The scent of his powerful perfume danced into her nostrils, and she felt more relaxed as he strolled towards her.
“What really happened?” Inna bowed.
“I cannot marry a woman that isn’t from Qalul.” He returned.
“I am sorry about that my prince. I must go now.” Inna grabbed the buckets and made to hurry out of the room, but Hussein had already sensed her plan. He moved quickly and grabbed her wrist. Their eyes met at once. It seemed like Aisha had cast a spell on him, because he didn’t miss or think about her as he stared into Inna’s brown eyes. At that point, nothing else mattered to him. No one else mattered. This was his special moment with Inna, and he was going to cherish it.
Inna quickly took her eyes away from him. She felt her body rising to a need, one that reminded her of the passionate moment they’d shared at the bar. Her body tingled, her ears pumped. The world was spinning under her feet as he raised her face to stare into his eyes.
“There’s something about you Inna…I do not understand it.”
In a rapid motion, he covered her mouth with his. At first Inna struggled against him, but when he slipped a wet tongue through the moist walls of her mouth, she surrendered and welcomed the kiss. He released all the emotions he’d built about the girl he’d rescued into the kiss. This was a silent message, a hidden code. He was calling out to her spirit, he was testing if she even desired him in the least manner because he’d desired her first. Inna drowned in this kiss, although she was innocent, she knew that there wasn’t anything pure about the way he kissed her. There was intention, and something stronger. When she remembered that her status as a slave was because her father owed the crown, she pulled herself away from him and was reminded that he was the prince, and she his servant.
“Inna?” He noticed she was upset.
“Have I done something wrong?” He was ready to apologize.
“No.” She bowed and hurriedly left the room.
Hussein felt horrible. Perhaps returning home was a curse. Now he had to wear a straight face for the party.
“Good grief!”


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Re: The Prince Of Qalul By Angelsss by lady25(f): 4:29pm On Feb 28
“Watch your steps girl!” One of the servants yelled atmemories, and it was abandoned for the blue
“Go on, tell me.” Halima threw her hands into the air.
Inna pulled in a deep breath and stared at her friend.
“I…kissed the prince. The man I kissed last night turns out to be Prince Hussein.” Halima was still trying to process this when Inna reminded her of the little boy she always talked about.
“The ***

Beautiful piece. Well done op. I am enjoying this

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