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My Madam And I (part Two) / Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). / Mom's New Boyfriend (2) (3) (4)

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Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 4:50pm On Feb 24

Marie's POV:
Hi! I'm Marie, the only daughter of the Browns.

My parents are business moguls in their own rights (roll my eyes).

I'm a little spoilt, a little lazy but I have a good heart though unlike my mum.

Ever since my parents' divorce, I have always wanted to be with my dad because he was the only one who knew me and cared about how I felt.

My mum on the other hand doesn't see past the money and property she has managed to acquire over the years thanks to the alimony she got from the divorce.

My mother could best be described as a passive and insensitive parent who thought money could solve it all. She's rarely at home and hates it when I go to visit dad in Abuja.
I attended Harvard Business School in Boston. Thanks to my mum who bundled me up and sent me abroad.

I was reflecting on my entire life on my flight back home from Abuja where I had gone to visit my dad.

In a moment, our flight touched down in Lagos. I didn't use the jet because my dad had to travel with it to Ghana. I hated public transport even though it was VIP.

As I got down from the Plane, I could see Lucy(our maid) and Sam (my driver) standing beside a black SUV. Lucy was looking around trying to find me until her eyes landed on me and she ran to where I was and gave me a hug.

I've only been away for two weeks and she misses me like this?

I walked with her to where Sam was standing beside the car and exchanged greetings with him as well.

I got into the backseat of the car with Lucy clinging to me and the long drive home began. Lucy took the time to fill me in on all that had happened while I was away.

As usual, mum had fired a lot of the staff and hired new ones.

Lucy however is the longest surviving staff in our house mainly because she has proven herself to be very trustworthy and reliable over the years that she has been working for us and she's my friend too.

After what seemed like forever, the car finally got to the golden gates that were in front of our house and honked for the gateman to come and open up for us.


Soon, the gates swung open and we drove in. I remembered that Lucy mentioned that mum had fired one of the gatekeepers so I peeped to see who had opened the gates for us only to see the hottest guy I've ever met in my entire life.

I haven't met someone so cute even through out my stay in Boston, Massachusetts.

I was gobsmacked and my eyes widened as my jaw dropped. I only started coming back to my senses when his figure started getting smaller and smaller as the car kept driving slowly along the tarred driveway in between the narrow strip of turf on either side and line up of spindly trees.

There was a water fountain in the middle of the mini roundabout and a large swimming pool in the distance behind the garden.

There were many buildings in the residence; the main building was a three storey building situated in the middle of the other smaller houses.
Potted plants, glass windows, banisters and all that.

The house was perfect and different from the other houses in the estate which according to my mum; 'To have the same look as anyone in the neighbourhood was akin to wearing the same dress to a high society ball.' (So dramatic!)

In summary, the house looked like a cut out from The Architects Today magazine.

We finally got into the large parking space and as I got down from the car, I noticed two new flashy cars with tinted windows and I remembered that Lucy also mentioned that my mum bought them a few days back during the drive.

We got inside and I kept thinking about the cute new gateman I saw a moment ago.

Lucy walked beside me with my backpack which was the only luggage I traveled with as she kept talking about one thing or the other, all I did was nod and smile in response as the gateman was all over my mind.

We both got inside and Lucy introduced me to some of the maids and I didn't remember the name of all of them as they were just too many.

I was still thinking of the gateman but I didn't bring myself to ask Lucy anything about him because I didn't want her to start thinking that I liked him ( which is true) or something.

© A Slayqueen Writes

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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 4:41pm On Feb 27

Francis POV:
I was resting inside my duty post when I heard a knock on my door. I was kinda half asleep since I had stayed up all night thinking about my mum and my little sister.

How were they managing at the moment?

And secondly, I was also expecting the boss to arrive so I can open the gate for her but, she didn't return.

I quickly get out of my seat and open the door to see one of the maids smiling beautifully at me. I could tell she was drooling as she just stood there staring without saying anything.

'What is the matter?' I ask since it seemed like she wouldn't stop drooling anytime soon.

She was instantly brought back to reality as she scratches her head and clears her throat nervously.

'The..uhm.. boss' daughter wants to...uhm.. see you' she says stuttering.

'Ok' was all I could reply as I step outside and follow her closing the door behind me. I didn't even know her name and honestly, I wasn't interested.

She led me to where the boss' daughter was sitting on a swing in the garden operating her phone.

Immediately the maid informed her that she has brought me, she told the maid to excuse us as she urged me to come over and sit on the next swing beside her.

I was a little confused and lost staring at her.

She wore gothic clothes in a rebellious way. She had glossy brown skin, her long natural hair was tied up with a black scarf.

A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently and kind of nervously on her black varnished fingernails.

She had a bouncy personality and a sugary voice, which was really adorable. I felt like heaven when she hits my shoulder playfully with her soft hands Her touch could send you to sleep like a baby listening to a lullaby.

She was the total definition of beauty. From head to toe, was a flawless work of art sitting right next to me. I had to get such thoughts out of my head. I have no chance because as it stands, she is equally my boss.

After greetings, and a long handshake that took forever to end, she asks for my name and some other stuff like I was getting interviewed all over again.

This girl asks more questions than the FBI. So annoying but I answered them all seeing that I had no choice.

The boss' daughter (who introduced herself as Marie) was definitely checking me out. But, I won't accuse her of openly flirting with her gateman.

She calls me Frankie, and constantly has one hand playing with her hair while she uses the other to hit my shoulder when I say something funny.

I like her but she is nothing but trouble. Just as I'm staring and getting lost in her beauty, I hear a loud horn at the gate.

Her mother is home. I quickly excuse myself and run as fast as my legs could carry me to the gate.

It was her mum!! Thankfully, she didn't complain about me keeping them waiting outside. I guess she was in a good mood today.

All night, the sound of her voice, her American accent, the way she played with her long dark hair, how she swayed on the swing, her jokes, the looks she gave me, the feel of her touch on my skin which was like an electric shock flowing through me are all I think about as I lie on the comfy bed in the gateman's room.

For a brief moment,she made me forget about all my problems. Just one encounter with an angel has changed my life. (wait did I just call her an angel?)

My boss' daughter was giving me a sleepless night and not my problems as usual.

If only her mum could read minds,to know that I'm awake thinking about her only daughter, she would kill me tonight.

I laugh at the thought and before I know it, I fall asleep with a small smile on my face.
I think I'm falling into her trap already or is it too soon?


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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 1:15pm On Feb 28

Marie’s POV:
I sit and patiently wait for him on the swing playing a game on my phone as Glory; the maid I sent goes to fetch him.


As soon as they arrive, I ask Glory to leave us alone and beckon him to sit beside me which he does without hesitation.


I can tell he’s checking me out with the way he looks at me. He’s so attractive right now.


His pink lips now staring me in the face, his eyes like that of a little puppy and his smile is something to die for as it displays a set of sparkling white teeth.


He just told me his name is Francis, he has the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard and he’s so funny too. He looked hot even in the smug uniform he was wearing.


‘He’s irresistible’ I say to myself as I bite my lips and play with a few strands of my hair and what’s next? I can’t keep my hands off him as I keep hitting him just so I could feel his touch.


I felt like caressing those strong muscular arms of his but that would be a bad idea as it would be totally out of place. I don’t want it to look like I’m throwing myself at him. Some Guys don’t like that.


It feels like a minute ago since we started talking when I could hear repeated honking of horns at the gate where he’s supposed to be at, I also realize that my mum is finally home and he has to go.


He rushes off and leaves me there smiling foolishly. Gosh! This isn’t me!! I get up from the swing to go welcome my mum.


She gives me a hug and starts talking about how stressed out she is. Really?? Can’t believe that my grumpy mother just hugged me and I even went along with it.

Well that’s my mother for you; Never up to anything good and never talks or even thinks about anyone’s problems except hers!!
I scoff and follow her inside while the maids rush out to welcome her.


After a really awful dinner with my mum, I go upstairs to get some sleep but the only thing on my mind right now is Francis. I wish I could see him again tonight but that was not a good idea.


After staring at the ceiling for two hours straight, I finally fall asleep and dream of Francis and I.


In the dream, it appeared that we were already a couple and just as Francis was about to give me a kiss, a knock resounded on my door waking me up immediately.

‘He was just so close’ I thought as I slapped the bed angrily sitting up.


It was morning already and I could hear Lucy’s voice on the other side of the door inviting me down for breakfast.


I got up slowly and walked into the bathroom yawning as I went.


On days like this, being rich doesn’t bother me as I get woken up only when breakfast is ready.


I don’t remember ever washing a plate in my entire life even when I was in Boston.


Just as I got into the shower and the warm water hit my face, I remember Francis.

I might go crazy from thinking about him so much.


Even though my mom is still around, I’m gonna work my way around seeing him and being with him anytime I want to without getting interrupted by my mom.


Deep down, I was praying so hard not to go down there and meet her.


God only knows how much I loathe her questions and having her around in general.




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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:57am On Mar 01

Marie’s POV:

Me and mum had breakfast that morning together for the first time in a long while. It was awful as usual with multiple questions especially about my dad (the man she doesn’t even want to see) making me feel like I was a suspect in FBI investigation.


Breakfast finally ended and I was so relieved when she told me she was going to be gone for two days. What a relief that was as I’ll have some peace of mind and also some time with Francis. I couldn’t wait for her to get going already.


I felt like jumping up for joy when her convoy of three black cars finally drove out of the gate.


This time, someone else was opening the gate for them and not Francis.
(I didn’t even know how many gatemen we had)


“Where the heck is Francis?” I kept thinking as I stood there glued to the floor beneath me.


I opened the front door and walked down the tarred pathway determined to go and find him. I was thinking so much as I kept humming a Marley song that I wasn’t even looking at where I was going to until I bumped into one of the cleaners who was carrying a bucket of water. Oh no! Not again!!


The liquid splashed on the black tailored wide leg trousers I was wearing. What the heck? I shrieked as she screamed in shock and goes down on her knees begging me not to fire her.


I quickly told her to stand up. She was so scared thinking I’d fire her.(She’s mistaking me for my mother)


When she finally got up, apologizing for the hundredth time, even after I told her it was nothing,I noticed that she also had the water soaking her clothes even more than it did mine, I urged her to clean up as I went in to do the same.


When I turned around to go back inside, I remembered why I was outside in the first place and called her back making her flinch a bit.

I can’t believe what I’m about to say!

I just asked her to go and call Francis to the small sitting room upstairs. Oh boy!


I quickly went upstairs to change up as I wouldn’t want Francis to see me looking like I was just drawn up out of a well.
I wonder why this always happens when I try to go and see him.


I got out my room a few minutes later and walked down the hallway straight to where the small sitting room was to see him standing backing me. He was curiously running his eyes around the room.


I stood there with eyes following his body up and down. He wasn’t in his smug uniform today which made me smile inside. He had a t-shirt on making his firm muscles stand out.


As I was still stuck staring at him as if he just came down from the moon, I realized I was drooling as I felt a trail of saliva fall on my t-shirt.

I cussed under my breathe as I tried to get rid of it.


That was when he turned to look at me with a smile on his face. That was when I got the view of his six pack chest through the body fit t-shirt which were killing me.


How can one person have all this qualities?

He walked closer to where I was and pointed to my t-shirt which had Bob Marley’s picture printed on it before he continued:

‘You listen to Marley?’ he asked with surprise evident in his voice.
‘Well, yeah!’ I answered in a duh tone as I gestured him to sit down.

‘Are you also a fan?’ I managed to ask after he sat down.
‘Yeah! A big one!!’ he answered with a little laugh.


30 minutes later 

We talked at length about Marley’s life and music. We also talked about Skip, Julian, Ziggy, Damian, Rita, Stephen, Jo Mersa, Rohan and every other Marley out there.


I was surprised that he equally knew so much.

We sang some of their songs and laughed at each other’s voice as both were not the best.

The tension was high when he sang ‘Is this love’ which is my favorite.
I felt like kissing him there and then.


Finally, someone to share my craziness with. We also talked our lives and things we like.

I got to find out that he has a degree in Computer Engineering. This is not a usual Gateman you know.


Suddenly out of nowhere, I asked;
‘Why are you a gateman Francis when you have a degree?’


‘Because I have to earn money you know, not everyone is like you Rie who has everything.’ He says with a little laugh before he continues, ‘plus, I didn’t want to stay out work forever.’


He was right about that, I have never earned a dime in my entire life but I just looked at him with an eye roll which makes him laugh more and snicker.


‘I’m doing it for the meantime though the pay is good, I look forward to getting a better job someday, hopefully.’ He concluded.


As I wanted him to say more, Lucy came in to tell me that lunch was ready. With this, he decided to take his leave but I insisted he stays and take lunch with me!


With this his mouth went wide with shock. I know he wasn’t expecting that.

I looked at Lucy who was equally surprised but quickly dissolved it with a smile.

‘Let’s go’ I say to them as I pull Francis along with me.


I turn to look at Lucy who gives me a wink and I tried not to laugh.



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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by Ann2012(f): 6:27am On Mar 02
Seat claimed
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:33am On Mar 02
Seat claimed
wow! nice to hear from you again smiley

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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:42am On Mar 02


Marie POV:

Lunch with Francis was an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed every bite and mouthful. But my mood changed when he had to return to work.


He had been inside for some hours so, I reluctantly had to let him go. I asked for his phone number only for him to say that he doesn't have a phone. Unbelievable!!


Immediately he left, I dialled Sam's number (Sam's my driver). I went into the Sitting room and sat down waiting for Sam to arrive.


A moment later, there's a knock on the front door and Lucy who was now helping me braid my hair, got up and went to answer the door.


'It's Sam' she announces as she walks back inside with Sam following closely behind her.


I told him to wait for me in the sitting room upstairs while I go to get something from my room.


By the time I returned from my room, Sam had settled down comfortably in one of the sofas and was holding a glass of juice.(Which I'm sure Lucy gave to him)


'I need you to do something for me' I said after settling down in a sofa opposite his own as he dropped the glass and paid attention to what I was about to say.


After I had finished giving him the instructions on what I needed him to do for me, he left and I went back downstairs to the sitting room where I found Lucy dancing and singing along to a song that was being played on YouTube Music on the large Digital TV screen that occupied half of the wall it was plastered on.


It was funny to see her holding the hair brush she was using earlier in brushing my hair as a microphone as she sang along.


It was a song done by Chris Brown and Tory lanez it had a reggae and dancehall vibe to it and as a fan of reggae, I went closer to the screen to see the title. It was a song called 'Lurkin'

�Chris Brown:
Put it in my face
I'll be alright
Make your legs shake
Guess I'm doing it right
Just gimme a kiss
It's a late night
You can see it in my eyes
Baby I'm lurking...


On and on the song kept going.


It was awesome and I joined her in dancing until the song ended and another track started playing.


We finally relaxed amidst loud laughter and giggles as we went back to hair business.


Lucy is the sister I never had. She makes me laugh, knows me better than my own mother and offers such great advice anytime,any day.


She knows almost all of my secrets except the one secret that I've never been able to tell anyone else.


I blabbed a little bit about me and Francis and as usual, she made me see the pros and cons of being friends with him and having anything more to do with him in future.



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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by Ann2012(f): 5:15am On Mar 03
Thanks for the update
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 12:46pm On Mar 03

Marie’s POV

The next afternoon, I was resting on the balcony waiting for Francis to arrive as I had already sent someone to go and get him.


As my eyes kept focusing on the direction of the gateman’s post, I saw him approaching the main building with the maid I had sent to go get him since it always seems like a bad omen to go get him myself.


I smiled as I turned to get down clutching the smart box I had in my hand tightly on to find Lucy standing behind me with a confused expression.


I almost jumped out of my skin.
‘Lulu!! I half yelled and all she did was laugh while I held my chest.


I turned to look down to see if Francis had heard me screaming only to realize that they had already walked inside the house.


‘You like him don’t you?’ she said with a silly giggle and punched my arm playfully.


I smiled and nodded as she held the door open for me to walk through. She was going to figure it out sooner or later anyway so I didn’t even try to deny it.


I got down to find him waiting already in the small sitting room.


After his greetings, I gave him the package I was holding earlier and asked him to only open it when he gets back to the gate post.


I tried to bring up different conversations but it looked like he wasn’t in the mood so I just decided to let him go and sort himself out.


He thanked me for the gift and left.


Now let me tell you about the package:

When he told me he didn’t have a phone, I felt very unhappy and so, I sent Sam my driver to get him a new phone with registered and recharged sim cards and my phone number already saved.


After waiting for some minutes without seeing his call, I decided to try calling him instead.


Francis’ POV

I was feeling very down today as I haven’t heard from my sister in so many days since I started working here.


I had given her the small Nokia phone I had so she could communicate with me when I get a new phone after getting my salary.


It’s just ten days since I started working here and I still have twenty more days left before I can get my salary. I felt bad that I didn’t get to hear from her and mum for so long.


They were the reason I was working here in the first place; being a gateman was the only job available after I got fired from my former job (thanks to women issues).


I had a family to take care of and I couldn’t just let it pass me by.


Though the pay is good, I don’t think I’ll be able to stay here for long as the boss has a way of walking over people like you’re nothing.


As I sat on the small bed thinking, my mind went back to the package Marie gave me and I decided to see what it was.


As I removed the wrapping, I saw the popular Apple logo and my mouth opened wide, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. It’s an iPhone 11 pro max. The best iPhone brand so far.

I quickly opened the box to see the gold plated and glass covered beauty inside. It had three cameras and the screen and the back of the phone was covered with glass.


I felt like screaming and crying right now.


I kept flipping the phone around in admiration and tried taking a picture. I heard it had the most powerful camera ever.


I picked up the phone with shaking hands as I mumbled some words of thanks to God and my beautiful benefactor.


I pressed the power up button and the screen came alive and immediately, a call came in from ‘Babe’ and that was when I realized that there was already a sim card with contacts inside.


But who is ‘babe?’ I queried myself as I picked up and place the phone on my ear.

I was thinking you were not going to ever open it. The caller said and I recognized the voice. (It was Marie of course)

 Sorry, I just opened the box! I’m really grateful for this, I wasn’t expecting it, thank you and God bless you Rie! I said all in one breathe.

 It’s nothing Francis. I wasn’t happy when you said you didn’t have a phone so I decided to help out. It’s no big deal.

 Thanks Rie. I don’t really know how to thank you enough.

 It’s okay just text me when you log in all your accounts. I’ll send you my social media handles so you can link up.

 Okay thanks!

 Alrighty byeee she says excitedly before ending the call.


If I didn’t know better, I’d say she sounds more excited than I am.


The phone was worth half a million naira as I found out later on Google. This girl is something else!!!


Right now, I’ve followed her on IG already and I’m scrolling through her beautiful photos. Gosh! This girl is so hot. I mean drop dead gorgeous!!


So many admirers, mostly celebrities and blue badges in her comments asking her to text them. She is even snubbing their comments.


She has a whooping 4.9 million followers and a blue badge already.


I sent her a DM and it was as if she has been waiting for me to do so as she replies within a split second.

That’s how we spent all night chatting and I even skipped dinner for this. I wasn’t even able to call my sister.


If I don’t take my time, I might end up falling for her and getting myself into more problems and troubles than I’m already in.


I must make sure that never happens for my own good.



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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by YoungBruzzy: 5:09pm On Mar 05
This is fantabulous..
This looks more like what I've been searching for on NL..
I will be a fan of your art immediately only if you can promise me of a steady updates..
Keep it coming OP, More grease to your elbow.
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by YoungBruzzy: 5:19pm On Mar 05
PrudySara, biko bia neba
Something delicious is available here..

Baby m..

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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 6:13pm On Mar 05

Francis’ POV


I was woken up the next morning by the sound of my new phone ringing.


I picked up immediately I saw the caller ID ‘Babe’. She was the only one who has the number anyway.


Her voice on the other end of the phone sounded like she was still in the bed.

 Good morning Rie

 Morning Frankie, how are you doing?

 I’m good and you?

 I’m okay. I just wanted to hear your voice this morning. I’ll video chat you once I’m done with breakfast byeeee love you…

 Bye. Wait… what?
Before I could say anything else, she had already disconnected the call giggling.

She just said she loves me? Is she even listening to herself?

I lay there in the same position as if I was frozen.


Loud honking of horns outside the gate gets me back to my senses as I rushed out of the room to open the gate knowing fully well that it was my boss returning home.


After opening the gate, the cars started driving in slowly as I waited for them to get in so I can close the gate again.


The glasses unwinds and the boss pops her head and calls me. She doesn’t even know my name.

I ran up to where she was and she gave me a resounding slap for making her wait outside the gate for long.

She wasn’t there for up to a minute.

I felt so bitter as I clenched my jaw in anger, I felt my boiling blood rushing but I dared not move or say anything.


Stuck to the floor, I felt embarassed, broken, insulted and rooted to the ground as the cars started driving into the long driveway.


After they were a bit far off, I was able to walk back slowly to where the gate was still open to close it.


If only I could survive for nineteen more days when my salary will be due, I’ll definitely quit.


Even though the money was not enough to solve my problems, I was just fed up.

It’s not the first time she has done it though.


I kept scratching my head as I walked back inside with my head down. I needed to call my sister. Thank God Marie had recharged my phone with twenty thousand naira worth of airtime, I could stay on phone for the rest of my life.


Marie’s POV:

I just got off the phone with Francis but I wasn’t ready to get out of bed. I can’t believe I just told him that I love him, I hope he didn’t hear that! I thought to myself as I rolled over on my stomach and tried going back to sleep but that was not going to happen as a soft knock landed on my door. It was Lucy as usual.


‘I’ll be out in a moment Lulu’ I answered as I tried getting out of bed but my legs were tangled in the blanket causing me to fall to the floor with a heavy thud.


Thank God for the Asian rugs on the floor. They absorbed most of the pressure or I would have ended up with broken bones.


I was finally able to get up and free myself from the blanket as I walked sorely into the bathroom. I looked at my face in mirror and discovered that I had mild rug burns on my arm, my leg and my face. I looked really roasted. I sighed as I finished brushing my teeth and stepped into the large bathtub for a warm bath.


By the time I got down to the dining, I found my mum already sitting. (When did she even return?)

There was broken glass on the floor and a spill as well. One of the maids was on her knees opposite her crying and begging my mum.


As I finished descending the stairs, the front door opened and two security men rushed in and carried her out of the house as she screamed and begged for mercy.

It all happened so fast!


I didn’t need to ask my mum what just happened, it’s obvious that she dropped the glass and mum fired her. Such a nasty temper.


‘Good morning mum and welcome back’ I greeted as I sat down and started eating without even looking at her or waiting for a response from her.
I wasn’t interested in finding out when she got back.


‘Morning’ she finally responded icily and got up from the dining angrily and walked towards the kitchen probably to fire more people.


She didn’t even notice the rug burns on my face. ‘Mother of the year!’ I scoffed inwardly as I dropped the glass of water I was drinking from and got up from the dining.


I think I’ve just lost my appetite.
I walked back to my room to make the video call I had promised Francis. That’s definitely going to make my mood better.



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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 6:15pm On Mar 05
This is fantabulous..
This looks more like what I've been searching for on NL..
I will be a fan of your art immediately only if you can promise me of a steady updates..
Keep it coming OP, More grease to your elbow.

Sure thing boss. I'm trying my best to be consistent. I post almost every day except on days when I'm extremely busy.
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by PrudySara(f): 9:04pm On Mar 05
thanks for.the mention dear.. lemme quickly grab a drink
PrudySara, biko bia neba
Something delicious is available here..

Baby m..
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by YoungBruzzy: 1:42am On Mar 06

Sure thing boss. I'm trying my best to be consistent. I post almost every day except on days when I'm extremely busy.

Nothing do you OP..
I don enter sidon gidigba, make you pilot us on this journey na im remain.
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by YoungBruzzy: 1:42am On Mar 06
thanks for.the mention dear.. lemme quickly grab a drink
You welcome hun

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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by muxyray(m): 8:38am On Mar 06
plz continue with the story
cant wait any longer.[color=#000099][/color]
nice one though
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 6:49pm On Mar 06

Marie’s POV

I got into my room and locked the door behind me.
My phone was on my bed. I jumped on the bed and carried it up only to find out that I had a missed call from my dad about a minute back. I decided to return his call.

When I was done with the call, I opened my Facebook messenger app and placed the video call to Francis. He picked up almost immediately and I could see his smiling face on the other side as he kept waving at me.

He had a cut on his lip which made it swell slightly.

‘Whats wrong with your lip?’
‘I uhm… I don’t know. Maybe bad sleeping position’ He said with a shrug while scratching his head nervously trying to conceal the fact that he was lying before he stopped to take a look at my own face.

‘Its just rug burns’ I said before he could even ask.

We talked for a while but he seemed like he was pissed off about something. I had to end the call when he heard horns outside.

Looks like my mum is having guests.

A knock sounded on my door and I got up to see who it was. It was my mum asking me to come down and greet her guests. I rolled my eyes as I closed the door behind me and followed her downstairs.

It was the wife of the one of the commissioner for agriculture and her son Jude.(he looked more like Judas to me)

I finished with the greetings and was about to head back to my room when my mum urged me to spend some time with him. I tried to refuse but she furrowed her brows and glared at me.

He stood up and walked towards the front door and held the door open for me to walk through. I sighed and walked reluctantly outside as he closed the door and followed beside me.

We kept walking quietly until he decided to break the silence by starting a conversation.


I responded passively to all his questions. He reached out and held my hand as we kept walking. I didn’t want to stop him so I don’t seem rude.

Maybe my mum is trying to play nice and get a contract from their family or something, I didn’t want to spoil things for her.

As he kept blabbing about one thing or the other, I saw Francis.


He was helping Mr Okon mow the lawn. Immediately he saw me, he looked up and gave me a small smile but immediately, his expression changed to a sad one when he saw that Judas’ (I mean Jude) was holding my hand.

I tried to wriggle my hand free from his hold immediately but by then, Francis had already looked away so he didn’t see any of that.

I felt like slapping someone but I also felt like crying. I just succeeded in hurting the guy I love.

I turned and ran to the back of the house to cry somewhere and left Jude standing there speechless.




Marie’s POV

I finally sneaked into the house through the back door when Lucy told me that Jude and his mother just left. I didn’t want my mum to ask me why I left Jude outside.


As I walked slowly up the stairs, I heard my mum clearing her throat behind me and I knew I had to face the music. I didn’t know she was sitting down on one of the sofas.


‘I want you to have dinner with him on Friday’ she said as she adjusted herself in the sofa without even looking at me.


‘What if I don’t want to go?’ I fired back angrily.


‘Your dad baby girl ,You wouldn’t wouldn’t want to lose him’ she answered coldly and picked up the remote control and turned on the TV signalling the end of the conversation.


I continued climbing up the stairs holding back my tears until I got to my room and burst into the bitter tears that I’ve been holding back now.


My mum has been blackmailing my dad for the past fourteen years ever since she got hold of evidence that my dad had been involved with drug dealers in the past and he had actually started his business using drug money.


After the divorce, he had given her fifty million naira as compensation for her to keep her mouth shut and she promised not to ever bring it up.


She even handed over the evidence to him but had made other copies which she has been using to manipulate me to do whatever she wanted.


The love I have for my dad is the only reason I have to go through all that she is putting me through. That’s why I’d do anything to keep him out of jail.


I cried so much that it felt my eyes would pop out of my head.


Not long after, a knock was heard on my door and I got up wiping my eyes to see who it was.


It was Lucy. She doesn’t know about the issue with my dad and mum.


She gave me a hug and patted my back consoling me. I’m sure she thought I was still upset the whole Jude issue.

However, she had something important to tell me.


She told me about how my mum slapped Francis in the morning because he delayed in opening the gate for her. (That explains the cut on his lips. It was definitely caused by her diamonds hitting him)
I felt so mad at her and equally sorry for Francis and embarrassed about my mum’s behavior.


I need to apologise for this before he starts to think that I’m like her.


I’m nothing like that woman. I wonder what my dad saw in her.



Read Episode 10>>>>>>>>>>>

Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 6:50pm On Mar 06
plz continue with the story cant wait any longer.[color=#000099][/color] nice one though
sure thingsmiley
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 6:52pm On Mar 06

Nothing do you OP..
I don enter sidon gidigba, make you pilot us on this journey na im remain.

Sure sure smiley
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:17am On Mar 07

Francis' POV
The next morning, I returned into the room from closing the gate. The boss has just left. What a relief!

I decided to call my sister and know how she and my mum are doing at present.

She picked up at the last ring.
She sounded very worried on the phone.

I've just been informed that my mum's health was deteriorating and she needed surgery in the shortest possible time and the house rent was almost due and she was running short on her meds.

After I got off the phone with my sister, I felt very upset and sad.

My family is suffering and I couldn't do much to remedy that as I was still waiting for my salary. I'm grateful my little sister is very hard-working. She was also doing her best to help out.

Immediately I got off the phone with my sister, Marie's call came making me remember the incident from yesterday. I'm sure that was her boyfriend and yet here she was telling me she loves me.

After a little hesitation, I finally picked and said hello. She wanted me to come over to the main building.

I stood up reluctantly and took off my gateman's uniform and put on a T-shirt and a pair of jean trousers as she always complained about the stupid oversized uniform.

I was ushered into the house by one of the maids. I saw her in the dining where she was having her lunch.

She invited me to join her at the table and I complied clenching my jaw in frustration. I felt like grabbing her and kissing her right there and then but I shook the thoughts off immediately.

I settled down opposite her to eat the pasta that I had dished out from one of the giant plates on the table only to find her obviously lost looking at me as if it was the first time she set eyes on me.

I scoffed inwardly as I ate the food uncomfortably.

Did she invite me here to engage me in a staring contest of some sort.

Okay, let me take her up on that offer. 'Game on' I yelled inwardly and fixed my eyes on her beautiful face. Those brown eyes matching with her slightly brown hair made my heart skip a beat.

After looking at each other for three minutes straight, with our faces just a few inches apart, we were interrupted by footsteps approaching the direction of the dining. It was one of the maids whom she had told me was her friend coming to clear the table.

I'm sure she saw the weirdness that was going down. I cleared my throat nervously and pushed the plate towards the maid.

I took a glass of water and downed it in a single gulp.

'Come with me' she said breezily and I got up from the dining following her lead.

She opened the front door and walked out with the same breezy attitude as I kept following her.

We got out of the house, after walking for a short distance to the east side of the building, I saw a sign saying: 'Private Area' It suddenly dawned on me that she was taking me to the swimming pool where the only staff allowed were the cleaners.

The pool was a wonderful sight to behold. It was like a smaller version of the Atlantic ocean was before me. I smiled for the first time today. I was only brought back to reality when I heard her voice.

'Its beautiful right?' she said in a whisper with her head rested on my shoulder.

'Ive been informed that my mum did that to you, I mean your lip and I'm very sorry for the unfair treatment' she apologized on behalf of her mother, I'm touched.

'And Im sorry about yesterday, Judas, I mean Jude is a jerk and he's nothing to me.'
'Theres no need to be sorry Rie, first of all, you're not in control of your mum's actions and secondly it's not my place to dictate who you hang out with.

'So you're not mad at me?' she asked with a pout.
'Why would I be mad at you?' I said trying to keep my cool.( I was really jealous about the way that guy was holding her hand. That should have been me doing that)

She gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek squealing like a stuck pig before she quickly disengaged and placed both hands on her mouth apparently shocked or embarrassed by her own actions.

I was not really surprised because I can't blame her. She has been all over me ever since she met me. She even said she loves me.

I quickly turned round to look at her with a smile. My next line of action equally surprised me as well. I opened my arms and invited her for a proper hug.

The next thing she said shocked me:
'Francis, I want you to kiss me!!


READ EPISODE 11>>>>>>>>>>


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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by YoungBruzzy: 5:40am On Mar 08
Keep it coming OP..
I'm beginning to love this Francis n Marie's Love oo

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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by Ann2012(f): 9:38pm On Mar 08
What will happen when mummy finds out

Thanks for the update
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:29am On Mar 09

Marie's POV
So, yesterday I was stupid enough to ask Francis to kiss me but he was too much of a gentleman to do it even though I know he wanted to.

Right now, we're in the car speeding along the highway and when I mean we, I'm talking about Francis and I with Sam driving.

Our first stop is a barbing salon where Francis has to get a proper and nice haircut before we head over to my favorite mall.

He looked super hot in tshirts and I wanted to get him some.

Sam waited in the car while Francis and I walk into the mall with his hands in mine.

I wish we were an item already but too bad as he has already made it clear that he doesn't want to cross that line.

I mean he's kinda right; what if we don't work out, what is going to happen to his job then?

We were already in the boutique (men's section) picking anything that catches my eye ranging from shoes to shirts and hoodies, trousers, shorts, etc.

Jealous eyes kept looking our way as we kept walking hand in hand.

Francis keeps complaining about the prices being too high which is nothing to me.

Whenever I'm in a store, I buy what I like not what is cheap or expensive.

After an hour or so, we were finally done with the shopping and I hand Francis my card to make payment at the counter before we grab some ice cream from the food section and head back to the car.

'These stuff are too expensive' Francis complains again as we get into the car.

'Three hundred and fifty six thousand naira is nothing to me Frankie, just Google my daddy's net worth' I replied with a smile as I kept playing with my ice cream.

He exhaled and raised his hands up in surrender. He looked cute when he did that. Then he took my hands in his. At that moment, his phone started ringing and as soon as he saw the caller ID, his facial expression changed to that of worry. I had quickly checked it too; the caller ID read 'Vic'

From what I heard him say, I gathered that it was his sister and I'm guessing there was something wrong from the way he stayed quiet till we got home.

He doesn't want to talk about it so, I'll just have to find out on my own. It pains me to see him unhappy.

He thanked me for the clothes and shoes as he got down from the car and walked away with the shopping bags in both hands and his head low. Even a child could tell that he was really down.

Friday came, and before I knew it, I was almost running late for dinner tonight with Jude.

I reluctantly got dressed and went downstairs to meet him smiling sheepishly with arms open wide for a hug.

I walked slowly past him and went straight for the front door which I opened and closed with great force.

He came out shortly after looking slightly embarrassed by his action and my reaction.

The drive to the restaurant was a silent one. Soon we were parked outside one of the best restaurants in the city. I would have loved to take a photo or two but I wasn't in the mood.

We got out of the car and walked into the building with numerous security men walking before, beside and behind us.

I kept rolling my eyes, until they felt like they were going to pop out of the sockets any minute, I mean come to think of it, his dad is a mere commissioner and he has so many securities following him about while, my dad is among the top ten richest in Nigeria and I still go out alone most of the time.

Dinner with Jude was worse than I expected. But I'm glad that I got it out of the way. I was only doing it for my mum anyway.

He dropped me off at home and even attempted to kiss me. Can you imagine?

I got into the house to find my mum in the sitting room watching TV. I wasn't expecting her to be home tonight or tomorrow. I wonder why she is home tonight.

She took out time to interrogate me about the dinner for an hour before finally letting me go to bed.

Immediately I got into my room, I called Frankie. I only spoke to him in the morning I really wanted to know how he's doing. I mean, you can't blame me for thinking about him all the time.

I'll have to find a way to get a hold of the reason or reasons behind his moodiness.
I have an idea!!


Read Episode 12>>>>>>>>>>>>
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:30am On Mar 09
What will happen when mummy finds out

Thanks for the update

Keep your fingers crossed smiley

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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 9:10pm On Mar 14

Marie’s POV

I was woken up that morning by a knock on my door. It was Lucy announcing that lunch is ready.


My eyes widened immediately she mentioned lunch! OMG!! I can’t believe that I stayed in bed till the afternoon.


I sat up in bed rubbing my eyes with one hand and running the other through my hair. I looked around the bed for my phone and unlocked the screen to check the time 2:14 in the afternoon.


I was up all night chatting with Francis until I fell asleep in the early hours of the morning.


I jumped out of the bed straight to the shower.


I got down a few minutes later and went downstairs for lunch.


My phone started ringing and I picked up to check the caller ID it was Francis. I quickly invited him over when I learned that my mum has travelled to Dubai and would be back in a week. Nothing but joy!!


After lunch with Francis, we sat down to watch some TV when my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and it was a strange number. It turned out to be Jude.


 How did you get my number? I asked after he introduced himself
 I got it from your mum, he answered with a pleading voice
 What do you want? I asked with a bitter voice
 I want to see your beautiful face again, I spent all night thinking about you and I couldn’t sleep. He said.
 You wish, bye bye. I said with a scoff as I ended the call.


I ended up losing interest in the movie and so, we decided to go and sit by the pool for a while.


I needed to get Francis’ phone so I can get his sister’s phone number. I pretended to be transferring photos to my phone which helped me to copy out the number to my own phone.


Our time at the pool ended with me trying to rescue Francis from drowning after playfully pushing him into the pool. I had no idea that he doesn’t know how to swim.


We both got out of the water looking like drowned rats. We got inside the house through the back door and walked straight to my room.


I needed to get him something to wear. I’m happy that I had a lot of baggy unisex street wear.


He had already taken off the wet t-shirt he was wearing by the time I turned to face him after ransacking the closet for something suitable to give him and I stopped dead in my track.


My jaw dropped immediately and the clothes fell from my hands.


His abs were perfectly sculpted, the definition so perfectly chiseled. I couldn’t help but stare with mouth ajar. His arms, shoulders, chest; they were all so flawless. I was actually drooling.


I swallowed as my throat went dry, I took a step closer to him, without taking my eyes off the work of art like one in a trance.


I gently ran my shaky hands down his bare torso making him flinch a bit taking a step backwards. I was now doing it with my two hands which made him throw his head back and let out a low groan with his eyes closed.


He quickly drew me into a hug and crashed his lips on mine within a split second. Just when the kiss was heading somewhere, he stopped, his hands now on my waist.


I opened my eyes with a bit of disappointment because, I didn’t want him to stop but he had to or we might have done something crazy.


His lips were now swollen, his eyes a burning fire and his voice was thick with lust.


“I’ll change in the bathroom while you change in here” he says and let’s go of me as I do the same and walks towards the bathroom after collecting the clothes I had dropped on the floor.


He holds the door open and turns to look at me as if he just remembered something;
‘I love you too Marie’ he says with a smile and closes the door behind him.


I wanted to scream but I quickly put my hands over my mouth remembering that Lucy might hear me.


So he heard me when I told him that I love him on the phone that day. I jumped up in excitement as I took off my wet clothes and dumped them on the floor.


I better hurry before he comes out.



Read Episode 13>>>>>>


I've been away for a while, been so so busy lately. I'm gonna try and make up for it
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by YoungBruzzy: 10:30pm On Mar 14
Wawuu , this is nice one
Kudos to you OP, more grease to your elbow..

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Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 8:31pm On Mar 16

Marie’s POV

After we got changed into fresh clothes, Francis helped me loosen my hair and dry it with the blow dryer but after that, he refused to stay with me in the bedroom to avoid stories that touches the heart (whatever that means).

All evening, I was awake thinking about the kiss, his well built muscles and the fact that he loves me back all drove me wild.

Suddenly I remembered that I wanted to call his sister and find out from her what is going on with them.

I knew I was being a bit nosy about this but I couldn’t help it at that moment. Francis has something bothering him and I won’t back down until I find out.

The call was now ringing and luckily, she picked up at the last ring.

“Hello, is this Victoria?” I asked calmly.

“Yes and who is this?” She replied with a little hesitation in her voice.

“My name is Marie Davis, your brother works for my family.” I answered calmly.

“Wow, nice to hear from you, he has told me a lot about you.” She replied breezily.

So Francis has told his family about me? That means I also need to tell my dad. I thought to myself.

“He has?” I asked with surprise.

“Yeah, of course he says you’re the best person in the world.”
I was blushing very hard at this point, thank God she couldn’t see me through the phone.

“Francis is blowing the trumpets.” I said with a little giggle which made her laugh on the other end of the phone.

“I know this is very cliche but, is there anything that is bothering Francis that I should know about because it’s affecting his work.”
(I can’t believe I just said that. What a blatant lie.)

“My mum is sick and needs surgery.” She replied slowly after a little hesitation.

“Please don’t be mad at him ma, he’s been thinking about it so much especially now that he is not here with us.” She added with a pleading voice.

“No! I’m not mad at him okay? I care about him and I wanted to know. What type of surgery are we talking about here?” I added feeling better knowing the truth.

“An appendectomy ma.” She answered sadly.

“Just that?” I asked surprised.

“Yes ma.” She answered quickly.

“Okay, here is what we’ll do; I’ll send you an address once I get off the phone. Take your mum there tomorrow and they’ll do something about it okay?”

“Ok Ma.”  She replied with a hopeful voice.

“And do me a favor, keep this from Francis for now because I don’t want him to freak out. I said sounding very serious.
I’ll try ma. Thanks you very much for your help and support.
It’s nothing Victoria, I’ll do anything for Francis. Good night dear.”

“Good night Ma.” She added and I ended the call.

I immediately texted her the address of our family hospital and put a call across to one of the doctors to inform him as well so he could admit Francis’ mum without any delay.


Francis’ POV

I’ve been trying my sister’s number for the past five minutes and it’s still said she was on another call.

How could this girl be talking to for so long?

I dialled it one last time and it got through finally.

She refused to tell me who was on the phone with her but she sounded very happy.

I hope it was not a guy oh
Cuz I’ll beat the life out of him if he tries anything stupid with Victoria.


I dozed off as my mind drifted from my sister to my mum and then to the girl I kissed today.
I love her so much and I’m ready to take the risk. Her mum can fire me for what it’s worth.


Read Episode 14>>>>>>>

Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by LipstickCrib(f): 8:56pm On Mar 18



Marie's POV

I got up the next morning feeling refreshed mainly because I had a good sleep.


As I sat up stretching on my bed, my phone started ringing, I checked the caller ID and discovered that it was Francis calling. I picked up immediately.


When I was done with the call, I hit the shower before getting down to see if breakfast was ready since Lucy didn't come up to call me as usual.


I go down to see the maids still busy setting the table.They all greeted me with small smiles and I replied all of them at once.


Lucy finally walked out from the direction of the kitchen with more plates and also greeted me as she dropped the plates on the table.


I finished breakfast and went back to the sitting room to watch some TV.

The news was showing the Governor and some other government officials at a political event.

He was announcing Jude's father (the commissioner for agriculture) as the next person that would be contesting for the governorship office in the coming elections.

I now know why my mum is pushing me to go out with Jude. So she could still stay relevant in the next administration.

I rolled my eyes and switched to another channel. I have better things to occupy myself with than politics.

In the afternoon...


I was bored of staying in the house so, I called Francis to come over.

I needed to take him somewhere. So I told him to look nice.

He came in a few minutes later looking hotter than ever.


He was wearing one of the t-shirts we bought the other day. It was a black body fitting tee designed by Gucci and a pair of black jean trousers with Adidas sneakers. He was catching up on the Gothic dressing.


I on the other hand was only wearing a blue Balenciaga hoodie and a black sports short plus black Gucci combat boots with my hair tied up with a black bandana.

I smiled immediately Lucy opened the door for him to come in. I quickly got up and ran into his arms. He looked over my shoulder to see if Lucy was still there in the room.

I let out a laugh as I hit him playfully on the the chest nudging him out of the room yelling bye bye to Lucy as we kept walking outside.

We got inside the car and Sam drove out. Thank God we had many gatemen as someone else came to open the gate.


I couldn't imagine what it would have been like if Francis had to step out of the car just to open the gate.

As soon as we were on the road, Sam asked where he should take us and I told him to take us to the strip.

I turned to look at Francis who looked shocked about the location.

'We're going to a strip club?' he asked with a concerned voice.
I couldn't help but laugh at what he just said. He didn't realize I was talking about the airstrip.

We were getting close and I decided that it should be a surprise since he didn't realize.

I took down the bandana from my hair and my hair fell freely and handed it to him.

'Whats this for Rie?' he asked in surprise

'Tie it over your eyes, I have a surprise for you' I answered giggling like a little child.

He complied while I kept laughing at his nervousness. He reached for my hand and held it squeezing it slightly.

In a moment, we pulled into the private air strip and I took Francis' hand as I led him out of the car like a blind man.

We both kept laughing as he was reaching into the air pretending to be a blind man while I led him along.

Sam had already gone ahead of us to speak with the pilot who was always on standby. I had secretly texted Sam the location so he knows what to tell the pilot.

We got into the jet with the blindfold still on Francis. I helped him into a seat before putting the seatbelts on.

I could feel us leaving the ground and as I looked out the window and saw the houses and cars getting smaller.

He finally took off the blindfold when he heard the pilot's voice over the intercom and screamed trying to get up.What was I expecting?


I laughed and held his hand.
He finally came back to his right mind and looked at me then outside the window where the clouds hovering like ice cream glittered in the sun and finally, his eyes scanned the jet in admiration with his mouth wide open.

'What??! I'm on a plane!! I'm on a plane!! He kept screaming and all I could do was laugh.
'Where are we going to?' He asked
still stunned.
'Abuja baybeeee' I yelled as I undid my seatbelt and jumped on his laps.

'Ive never been on a flight before' He confessed looking into my eyes with so much affection.

'That has just changed Frankie' I whispered and kissed him tenderly. He responded immediately and grapped my waist as He placed kisses on my neck squeezing my body with both hands.

After minutes of sucking our faces off, we stopped to catch our breaths as I collapsed on my seat laughing.

I quickly undid his seatbelt and pulled him up to his feet.

'Let me show you around before this thing lands' I said with a smile as I walked with him following behind me. One thing is certain, being rich is a good thing.

I can only imagine what it's like for the people who have to hunger, want and lack.


READ EPISODE 15>>>>>>>

Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by dawno2008(m): 10:15pm On Mar 18
Ghost mode deactivated, coolnice work @LipstickCrib you're doing well,pls keep it flowing
Re: Mummy's Gateman And I (when Mom Finds Out) by Twelvedemon12(m): 11:03am On Mar 19
Mad story line you got here op following

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