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Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 10:41am On Aug 30, 2018
Lisa hadn't really had the easiest life... Like every other woman she had dreamt of a happily ever after with her high school sweetheart Daniel. She and Daniel had met in school when she was barely 15,he was 17..they lived in the same neighborhood and hence spent a lot of time together. It was love and pure bliss, they planned to go to the same college and live happily ever after which was looking possible until Lisa found out she was pregnant in her senior year in highschool at barely 18 years old... She picked up the phone and dialed Daniel's number with her heart pounding in her chest as she stared at the positive pregnancy test...
"hello Lisa" Daniel said answering the phone
"hello.. Are you there Lisa?"

"ummm... Yeah I am... Sorry"

"are you okay?... You sound weird"

"yeah yeah I'm fine...we need to talk"

"oh boy... What did I do this time"

"I'm pregnant "
"Danny? "

"yeah... I don't understand.. I mean... We... We've been careful... Right?... Are you sure "

"I've peed on 5 sticks... I'm sure"

The conversation was still very fresh in her memory, it had been 18 years since then... She and Daniel had gotten married, she dropped out of school and he worked... They had their beautiful baby girl who they named Jennifer after Daniel's favorite Latina songstress and everything was okay for a while.They both worked double shifts to make ends meet which was hard seeing as they didn't have much of any academic qualification...Jennifer was growing up fast and smart.They werent the happiest couple but they were getting by, then one day when Jennifer was 13 years old everything went south. Daniel got back from his shift as a dish washer in a nearby café. He slumped on the bed and let out a deep sigh

"are you okay" asked Lisa when she walked in with a basket of clothes she was going to place in the closet

"no... I'm tired"

"tired?... Long day at work? "

"no... I'm just.. Tired"

....Lisa stared at him a bit confused, she looked at his face, he was still handsome but the hardship had etched a few lines unto his face

"I can't do this anymore " he said as he suddenly got up from the bed and headed for the closet and started stuffing things into a bag

"wait... What are you doing " asked Lisa as she started to panic

"I need a breather, I'm tired, I hate what my life has become.. " he replied without stopping his impromptu packing

"you're leaving? " Lisa said as the alarms in her head went off


"you can't just leave" Lisa said as her feat bred tears she didn't know were there

"I can... I've lost everything, my dreams, my youth, my life, my sanity.. You've taken it all"..at this point he was standing at the door

"Its just been a long day... Let's go to bed, you'll be fine in the morning" Lisa begged as she was literally on her knees, she'd always known this day would come but now it was actually here

That night Daniel walked out the door and never looked back,that night it became just Lisa and little Jennifer.

Daniel leaving had hurt Lisa so much but somehow she didn't blame him, he loved her..he stayed with her through out her pregnancy even when her parents had kicked her out he never made her feel like a burden until he couldn't take it anymore... She knew he once loved her but she knew he never truly loved Jennifer, he saw Jennifer as the person that ruined everything, he never said it but she could feel the resentment.
As for Jennifer, she was asleep the night her dad left, she woke up the next morning and didn't see him.. Mum had swollen red eyes and seemed to drift through the morning like a ghost... She knew he had left, she knew it was just she and mum... Her father had abandoned her. She didn't go to school that day and her mum didn't object to that, Jennifer spent the day crying in her room quietly while her mom did the same in the other room... That day she felt her first heart break, her dad had left her and mum and she knew it was somehow her fault...

That was almost 5 years ago and they had never talked about it... Jennifer had a ton of unresolved feelings but didn't want to hurt her mum by asking. Things got harder financially for Lisa and Jennifer, they now lived in a run down shack in the bad part of town with Jennifer attending the community high school and Lisa working 3 jobs.. They couldn't afford any luxury at all, not even enough clothing.
Lisa got out of bed on one of those mornings, she reluctantly stood up and walked to the small mirror in her room.. She looked at herself and was greeted by the reflection of a tired woman in her 30s,she was tall and a but chubby with a face you could tell was once very beautiful, she was still a nice looking woman but she looked almost pale at this point... She had a full cleavage and a rather average behind..her eyes were dull and glazed.Today was a day off and was supposed to go to the store and pick up somethings,she had to be there early to claim the clearance sale. It was a Friday and she could hear Jennifer getting ready for school, it was a few days to her birthday.. She would soon be 18...Lisa smiled weakly, her little Jenny had been her strength.. She was the strongest little girl, never complained and always helped all she could but she worried about her growth, Jenny was very petite and yet very beautiful... She had a gorgeous face and big beautiful eyes but her brea.sts were barely big enough and her hips were narrow... Maybe it was because she was into sports...Lisa shrugged and got ready for the store.

Jennifer walked to school as always, she hadn't seen mum all morning.. Maybe she was still asleep... She had to walk quite the distance to get to school..She had just a few months of school left then she could try to get a job and help mum out.. Her mind drifted idley as she walked... She thought about her future which seemed bleak, she thought about what she could possibly wear to her graduation, she thought about her birthday, she thought about the boy she had a crush on but who never looked her way probably because she didn't have all those cute outfits or even boo.bs at all... She rolled her eyes and sighed... "oh well" she thought.. "he'd probably just leave me when I need him"...her eyes stung a bit with tears, she remembered her dad,last she heard from him was as via a birthday card on her 15th birthday..She was at the school gate now so she rushed in and began her day.

Mike just found out he was out of milk and grudgingly dragged himself to the store.. He walked around aimlessly for a while, then he found the milk aile and was perusing when he saw her... A beautiful woman standing at the discount aile with some stuff in her basket, intently reading labels.. She was tall and nice looking, she was dressed in what looked like an old maternity gown.. He looked at her move and felt entranced.. She must have seen him staring at her because she quickly moved away towards the counter..

As Lisa struggled to produce the money from her purse she heard a voice from behind her say "allow me get that for you " as a hand reached past her and handed a card to the cashier.. She looked behind her and it was the creep who had been staring at her, he was a giant. She guessed he was at least 6"5 and he had a muscular rugged build, he looked scruffy but had a kind smile on his lips... "thanks" she said almost in a whisper as she turned back to the cashier and picked up her bags and walked out of the store...
"hold up" called Mike behind her
Lisa stopped in her tracks and turned back to see the hulk of a man walking towards her
"I'm Mike"

"Lisa" she said as she extended her hand for a handshake

"nice to meet you Lisa, I know this is weird but would you like to grab lunch with me"

"ummm... I don't know... I'm supposed to get home and all" Lisa mumbled... Was this man asking her out?... This was new to her

" I'll drop you off at home after just 30mins ...please"

"okay then" Lisa responded with a smile

They had been sitting together for well over 30mins talking and laughing like old friends..
Lisa had learnt Mike was 42,owned a small plumbing business and was single... Though she was skeptical about sharing information about herself initially but eventually became more relaxed..
Mike had learnt Lisa was a single mom and was having challenges doing it all by herself... But he liked her, or rather was attracted to her... Her smile, her lips, her pale skin all appealed to him... He felt like a messiah to her, he had always been an upfront kinda guy so after almost an hour he decided to shoot his shot

"I like you Lisa, very much and Id love to assist you in every way I can if you let me"

"umm... You like me?... You just met me"

"doesn't matter, I'm attracted to you and I have no other woman in my life... We're both adults so why bother with the long trial period huh"

"yeah.. I'm just... I haven't really had time for relationships and all"

"now you will.. I could help you and your daughter out... I mean you could move in with me if you want... You wouldn't have to work as much and could stay as long as you like"

"move in with you?... "

"yeah... I have a sizeable apartment all to myself on the other side of town and I like my woman close by"

"this is all so sudden... I mean it sounds great but Jenny and I have been together by ourselves for so long"...Lisa fumbled with her food

"think about it, meet me in the bathroom if your answer is yes... Here is some money, you can leave if you aren't comfortable with it.. No pressure lovely" he smiled and walked into the restroom

Lisa sat there so confused,everything was happening so fast... Now he wanted to have sex with her?... They just met... Isn't that kind of prostitution?... She did like him, she liked the attention and his warm smile... She like the idea of having someone again and being taken care of...she wanted to feel something other than worry.. Like a trance she walked into the bathroom which was a wide space but empty at this time of the day...

Mike was about exiting when he saw her walk in... He smiled at her, he didn't think she'd come...

" I care about you Lisa "
Those were the only words spoken before he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, he felt her resistance weaken as she threw her arms around his neck, standing on her toes and kissing him back... He had always been an aggressive lover but didn't want to scare her away... Then again they didn't have all the time before someone would eventually walk into the bathroom...he lifted her and placed her on the sink as he pushed her gown over her shoulders and was greeted by a full pair of soft, pale looking boo.bs...her brown nipples hard as rocks,her fondled them as he took one nipples into his mouth and lost himself as he sucked hungrily and roughly.. He could hear her wince in pain softly and then pulled up and picked her up positioning her in a bent position over the sink.. He felt her body stiffen as he started the pull up her gown while undoing his belt at the same time... His trouser dropped to the floor as he produced his rigid di.ck and stroked it as he rubbed his hands over her soft exposed a.ss ...he was endowed with an 8inch thick member... It had always been a challenge getting a woman that didn't find him almost painful but he knew Lisa would take it... She needed him... He slid a finger into her hairy pu.ssy and found it slick with her juices, she moaned deeply as he picked up the pace... He felt her walls grip his fingers tightly.. It was hard to believe she had a child... He pulled his finger out and positioned the head of his d.ick at the entrance of her womanliness and whispered

"relax and don't make a sound"

With that he slid into her slowly as her walls tried to accommodate his d.ick...
The pain shot through Lisa as she tried to bear it and be quiet... It had been ages since she had sex... She subconsciously let out a shriek and tried to push him off...
Mike felt her warm womanliness enclose him and he groaned softly then he couldn't control himself as he pushed himself fully into her... Then came her shriek...
" I told you to be quiet" he said as he reached around and placed his palm over her mouth... With that secured, he started thrusting into her... He felt her muffled screams and pleas over his palm.. He grinned to himself.. Then found a good pace and started slamming into her, he felt the pleasure of her soaking cun.t radiate over his body... Her muffled screams only turned him on more as he threw his head back and slammed into her like she was a rag doll... He soon felt the tears stream down her face and this made his blood run hot... He enjoyed dominating Lisa.. He pulled out of her and lifted one of her legs and placed it on the sink leaving her standing on one leg... He stared at her gaping hole as it slowly clenched back up as she panted and let her head lay on the counter.. Then without warning her stuffed his full length di.ck back into her and continued Bleep.ing Lisa till he felt his balls tighten and his orgasm approaching... This made him pound into her faster as she wailed into his palm... Then he moaned as he shot his c.um deep into her,he kept pumping this his di.ck was too sensitive.. Then he pulled out and let go of her mouth as she panted and sobbed softly... He saw his cu.m run down her legs from her abused cu.nt..then he dragged her by her hair and pushed her to her knees in front of him...
" clean it up" he said as he pushed his drenched di.ck into her mouth... Her face was tear stained but she licked and sucked of the cum covered di.ck slowly... He held his grip on her hair and watched her... Then he pulled out from her mouth...
"clean up and meet me in my car" he said and walked out of the bathroom

Lisa sat on the bathroom floor in a daze.. She didn't know how to feel... She felt dirty and yet alive... Daniel had been a soft delicate lover... Mike was not... She tried standing and felt the pain from her pu.ssy ...she reached down and touched it... It was drenched with his cu.m...she suddenly started panicking... She didn't use protection... She got up to her feet on weak legs and washed her face and pu.ssy hurriedly... She stared at her reflection for a while and considered what was happening... She wanted this... She wanted to be with Mike... She wanted the good life... She deserved it
She decided she was going to do it... She'd talk to Jenny when she got home.... With that she walked out of the restroom as the few eyes present followed her with murmurs... She walked to the car as Mike was already in it... She sat next to him a bit embarrassed

"are you okay? " asked Mike

"yeah.. Just sore"...

"you'll be fine... "

"I know.."

"lemme take you home... I'll come around on Sunday to pick you and your kid up"

"okay" said Lisa
She actually wanted to say that wasn't enough time, that she had to talk to Jenny... But she didn't want Mike to be upset... She'd make it work... She smiled.. Maybe things were going her way finally...

To be continued

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Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Nobody: 11:10am On Aug 30, 2018
well done nice story

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Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Oscilo1(m): 2:50pm On Aug 30, 2018
Following....... Keenly

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Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 11:28pm On Aug 30, 2018
Following....... Keenly
Thanks dear�
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 10:50am On Aug 31, 2018
Mike drove silently and stared occasionally at the woman sitting next to him, she had a very puzzled look and seemed lost in thought...he just kept driving to the address she had given him, the streets just got worse as he drove on till he got to an apartment that could barely be classified as housing.He brought the car to a halt

"we're here" he announced

"oh yeah" Lisa said almost startled

"I know it's a lot to process and you have the weekend to think about it, but I really do mean well... You're a beautiful woman, you deserve a beautiful life" Mike said as he held her hand gently in his rough palms

"thanks for everything, I'll see you Sunday then" Lisa said with a weathered smile..

"okay babe"

With that Lisa got down from the car and got her stuff and walked into the house... As she did, she heard his car drive off.
She got into the apartment and went straight to the kitchen where she off loaded her purchase. She sighed deeply and started crying.. She wasn't sure why she was crying but she wasn't sad, maybe she was relieved, maybe she was excited... In between her sobs she started laughing,she realised this and only laughed harder.
She suddenly stood to her feet and wiped her face hurriedly when she remembered she hadn't gotten the contraceptive she was supposed to get... With that she hurried out of the apartment to get to the pharmacy...

Jenny walked back from school lazily, it had been a typical day... She was tired after running track this afternoon, she loved running though.. It made her feel special, it was one thing she was really good at and no one could take it from her. She exhaled deeply as she entered her house.

"mom...im home" she called out...
Heading into the kitchen she was surprised at the amount of groceries on the counter... "wow" she thought... She went into her room and got out of her school clothes and started preparing dinner for her and her mom.. She had just set down the pot and was serving out the food when her mom walked in.

"hey baby..how was school"

"it was good, where have you been ?"

"oh I went to take a walk.. Umm.. Was feeling clausterphobic" Lisa said

"okay... Well Sit down, dinner is ready"

They ate in silence for a while.
"mom are you okay? " asked Jenny as she eyed her mom suspiciously

"yeah... Just tired... Jenny I need to talk to you"

"okay.. Shoot"

"I met someone today and.. "

"a guy?" Jenny interrupted

"yes.. How'd you guess"

"well because you are blushing and you came back with so much stuff" Jenny shrugged

"I am not blushing young lady" retorted Lisa

"sure" said Jenny as she rolled her eyes stifling a laugh

"anyways I really like him... A lot"

"are you sure mom?...didnt you just meet him? "

"I know.. But yes I'm sure"

"well good for you I guess.. I do want you to be happy,
I just hope you know what you're doing. You aren't the
luckiest with your taste in men" said Jenny looking down at her plate
As soon as the realisation of what she said hit her she looked up at her mom and saw how much her words had hurt her

"I'm so sorry mom, I didn't mean.. I'm sorry"

"it's fine... You are right.."

"I'm not... It was a terrible thing to say.. I'm actually happy for you I swear"

"happy for us you mean"

"huh?" said a puzzled Jenny

"Mike wants us to move in with him"

"what?!" yelled Jenny almost knocking her plate over

"hear me out... He is a nice guy, he has a nice apartment... Much better than this dump"

"didn't you just meet this guy.....we are doing fine her
mom.. You barely know him.. What is wrong with you? "

"I'll tell you what is wrong with me... We are behind on rent and a few weeks away from being thrown out, we don't have running water, we don't have anything... I am exhausted Jenny.. I need help... We need help" Lisa calmly said almost tears

" I know... I will get a job if you want me to "

"that's not the point... Listen to me.. We can move in with him and I'll keep working till I save enough to get a good place... We could put the extra money from not paying rent into a college fund for you... This is a good opportunity Jenny... Sleep over it" Lisa said as she got up from the table and went into her room

Jenny sat there mulling over what her mom had just said... How could she want them to move in with a stranger?...just like that?... That was definitely not going to happen.. Then she suddenly felt selfish, her mom had given up so much for her, maybe it was her turn to be selfless... She sighed deeply..she wished she was a regular girl that worried about outfits and boyfriends instead of deep heavy stuff like this. She stood up and cleared the table. There was something about mom today though, she seemed lighter.. Almost happy even. If Mike made her happy then she would be an awful person to ruin that.

It was a Saturday morning and Jenny woke up much earlier than she'd appreciate... She grumbled and stared at the ceiling, a little weird insect stared back.. "eww" she thought and rolled over to her side... Maybe getting a new place wasn't so bad. She thought about her mom and knew she owed it to her. With that she jumped out of bed and went to her mom's room, she found her at her mirror weirdly examining herself naked

"what are you doing?"

"oh my God... You startled me" screamed Lisa as she
scrambled for her nightie and put it on quickly

"haha... Sorry about that... Umm.. Mum I think we should move in with Mike"

"really?...oh thank you for being so understanding baby" said Lisa as she hugged her daughter tightly

"sure mom... " said Jenny untangling herself from her mom

"well I'll call him to come over and officially meet you before we move tomorrow"

"wait... What..tomorrow... We're moving tomorrow? "

"oh yeah... I forgot to mention that... What difference does it even make right? "

"yeah I guess..." Jenny said not wanting to ruin her mother's excitement who was already calling the "Mike"

At around noon Mike pulled up in front of the apartment he had been at earlier... He had received a call from Lisa about coming over and meeting her kid, he wasn't a fan of all this but he wanted Lisa so here he was.. He knocked on the door and it was opened by a petite teen girl who was dressed in sport shorts and a big t shirt, she was very beautiful..this must be the daughter, he looked her over and couldn't help but be excited, he liked her petite nature... She looked flexible too...

"umm... You must be Mike "

"oh yeah and you must be Jenny"

"yeah... Come on inside"

He entered the dingy living room and sat on the sofa...

"I'll get my mom" Jenny said as she retreated into the inner rooms leaving Mike alone

"he's huge" blurted Jenny as she entered her moms room... Her mom was at the mirror in her favorite pastel pink dress as she ran her fingers through her hair and touched up her face...

"haha... He is isn't he... Now how do I look?.. And why are you not dressed? " inquired Lisa as she turned and saw Jenny

"firstly you look great... Secondly why do I need to be dressed, he's not here for me" Jenny shrugged

"oh my.. Just follow me so I can introduce you" Lisa rolled her eyes

In the living room Mike was awkwardly sitting down, looking like an out of place giant.
Then they walked in, Lisa looking so good and beautiful that he felt the blood rush below his belt..her b.reasts looked pert and perfect in that dress compared to the one she had on yesterday, his minded flooded with images of her bent over in that bathroom...behind her was Jenny and Mike consciously tried not to acknowledge the weird thoughts she gave him..

They spent the afternoon getting acquainted, especially he and Jenny... He learnt he was right,she was flexible seeing as she's into sports at school.. He felt her skeptism on her small beautiful face, this was a girl who wasn't keen on males.. Probably lacked a father figure and definitely lacked male attention... He would definitely have to do his best to be there for both of them... By the end of the afternoon they were properly acquainted and he bid them goodbye after they had agreed on a time for him to pick them up the next day

"lemme walk you to your car" offered Lisa

He and Lisa walked in silence to his car as he got in his car..

"get inside the car" said Mike
A confused Lisa obeyed and sat next to him in the passenger seat... After 2 mins silence Lisa spoke

"I think she likes you... "

"yeah yeah... What's there not to like" interrupted Mike

"umm... Yeah"

"you look beautiful in that dress" said Mike as he smiled at her... He could see her blush


"take out my d.ick and suck it"

"what? " said a shocked Lisa
Mike looked at her intensely and placed his hand at the back of her head pushing her towards his crotch.

"please Mike someone might see"

"fine, I'll drive to a lonelier part,suck it while I drive"
He started the engine and reversed the car, Lisa fumbled with his belt till she had his d.ick out... It was hard and she stroked it softly with it close to her face, the car came to a halt and Mike one again spoke

"suck my d.ick Lisa"
Lisa slowly took his di.ck in her mouth and started sucking, she licked the cap as her ips pressed against his shaft, moving her head up and down she took more of his member in her mouth as her jaws opened wider and her saliva dribbled down his di.ck...Mike watched her keenly for a minute and then tilted his head back to enjoy her mouth... Her mouth felt warm and wet and her tongue flicked repeatedly over his di.ck making him twitch in pleasure

"good girl" purred Mike as he stroked her hair...
Lisa picked up the pace and bobbed her head faster,then she felt his hand push her head deeper as his di.ck pushed roughly into her throat blocking her airways...she heard him moan and whisper "Bleep" under his breath... She struggled to raise her head as she gagged and was breathless but his strong hand held her head in place as he thrusts his hips upwards, shoving his d.ick into her throat as he rhythmically fuc.ked her face..
Mike felt the back of Lisa's throat massage his d.ick as he pushed into her face, it felt amazing... He barely noticed her weak struggle but let her head go when he noticed she was running out of air... Lisa lifted her head as she inhaled deeply and coughed with her face smothered with thick strings of saliva from her throat... She panted and looked at Mike who was stroking his d.ick with the saliva her choking throat had glazed his d.ick with..

"mmm... Take a deep breath and get back here, I'm close" moaned Mike

" I can't... It hurts. I can't breathe " whined Lisa who suddenly felt the soreness of her throat

"come here" Mike repeated as he grabbed her roughly by her hair and pushed her over his stiff d.ick
With her mouth over his d.ick once again, he started thrusting into her throat, as she gagged and her throat tightened he pushed against the resistance and felt his di.ck bury into her throat as she struggled against his grip... He continued pounding into her throat as he felt his balls tighten and the cum start building

"f.uck yes...just a little more baby... Ugh... I'm cumming" moaned Mike as he pushed her head deeper and thrusted his hip harder as he shot his cum into her throat... Rope after rope of hot cum flooded Lisa's throat. At this point she was barely struggling anymore as her body ran out of air... She was suffocating... He pulled her head up and she took a deep breath, coughing, and choking on his cum which shot out of her nose... Her eyes were blood read and the face covered in slime with cum dripping from her nose and mouth as she struggled to catch her breath...
Without a word Mike started the engine and drove to the front of her house again...
When parked he looked at her she had caught her breathe but continued coughing and wheezing slightly... He reached out and touched her reddened face...
"it'll get easier... See you tomorrow baby"

"yeah" mumbled Lisa as she got out of the car and into her house.
Jenny had seen them drive away and saw her mom walk back in 30mins later... She was quiet and her voice was hoarse when she spoke... they both went ahead packing up their little belongings for their move the next day.
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Oscilo1(m): 11:04am On Aug 31, 2018
Hmmmmmn Still following though
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Enny2013(f): 12:22pm On Aug 31, 2018
I am seriously following... But, what's ds Mike of a man up to gan?

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Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 4:02pm On Aug 31, 2018
There's that weird feeling you get when you sleep for the first time in a new house...
It was Sunday night and Jenny tossed and turned in her new room...
They had arrived here earlier in the day, the house was beautiful, definitely better than their old house. It had 4 rooms with a bathroom in each, a kitchen,laundry room and living room.
Mike had asked them to feel at home, Jenny had been in her new room all day... Unpacking and rearranging... At least that's what she told her mom when she was asked to come out for dinner, in reality she just laid on her huge bed, she bounced on it, rolled around in the excitement of having such a big bed all to herself... Now she laid there unable to properly fall asleep.She knew tomorrow was a Monday, she had school and needed sleep.She shut her eyes once more to coarse herself to sleep.

In the other room Lisa had just walked in from taking a shower,she tied a towel across her chest as she walked into the room where Mike was busy on his laptop.She was about to change into her pjs when Mike spoke
"don't "

"what? " asked a confused Lisa

"dont get dressed" said Mike as he closed his laptop and placed it on the bedside table

Lisa slowly put her clothes back in the closet they both now shared and walked shyly to the bed na.ked ,she got under the covers quickly as his eyes roamed her body. Once in bed, he pulled close to her and kissed her neck.. She moaned softly, she liked how tender his kiss was especially since she was still shaken from yesterday afternoon in the car. Maybe they were going to 'make love' this time, something slow and loving...he gently laid in between her legs and over her, proping himself on his elbows he was looking her in the eye and smiling... She smiled back and kissed him softly, she felt his hard co.ck probing in between her legs,he reached down with one hand and guided his now fully erect c.ock to her womanliness and began pushing in... Lisa twitched..
"easy" she said almost pleadingly

"sure baby"
Slowly Mike pushed into her till his full length was inside her, Lisa's back was arched and her bre.asts were pressing into his chest. He kissed her neck as he enjoyed the sensation of her pu.ssy wrapping his d.ick,he thrusted slowly and deeply as Lisa moaned and panted... He liked how her skin smelled of soap and her hair was still wet, he liked her legs wrapped around his waist pulling him in, he loved her sounds as he fu.cked her in controlled tempo..he looked at her face with her mouth hanging open and her eyes closed

"you're mine" he said softly

"yes..yes" moaned Lisa without opening her eyes

"say it..." Mike said more gruffly

"I'm yours... Yes... mess" Lisa said as Mike increased his tempo

"mmm yes... You're my little mess toy" groaned Mike as he started fuc.king her violently... The sound of his balls slapping her ass echoed through the room

"oh sh.it...easy... Oh my goodness... Ahhh... Mi...Mi.. Mike" Lisa started screaming as her eyes snapped open...she held onto him as her whole body shook and she tried to suppress her screams..

Mike was lost, he took her nipple into his mouth and sucked furiously as he slammed into her... She squirmed under him...her puss.y wetter than he thought it could get.. She was whimpering now and begging him to go easy... He felt himself slowly approaching orgas.m,this was quick...he quickly pulled out and stroked his di.ck furiously as he shot his cum all over her breasts and belly. He squeezed the last drop of cum unto her belly and put his di.ck back into her and thrusted a few more times until he went limp,then he pulled out and slumped on the bed panting... Lisa laid there covered in sweat and cum as she regained her breathe.
She walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower, she stood there and let the water run over her.. Then she got out and went to the mirror, she noticed the mark on her neck where he had kissed and sucked,she examined it and decided to worry about it in the morning.. Tomorrow was Monday,She had work and needed sleep... She shuffled back to bed and laid next to Mike who had drifted off to sleep... She closed her eyes and tried to coarse herself to sleep.

It was Monday and the house was alive with activities, Jenny got ready for school, Lisa got ready for work and Mike had to go supervise his workers as they worked on a project on the other side of town...by 7:20am they were all sitted at the small dinning table in the kitchen and ate their breakfast hurriedly.. Jenny kept her head down, she was too embarrassed to look at her mom after hearing her scream and moan Mike's name last night... Lisa ate quickly, and hoped her make up would cover the hickey on her neck well... Mike ate slowly as he read a newspaper, he noticed Jenny's demeanour and suspected she heard them,he chuckled silently to himself at the thought... By 8:00am the house was empty,possibly to be full again by that evening when everyone returned.

This routine continued for the first week...Lisa continued working her 3 jobs and most times worked night shifts.It was a Tuesday and Jenny's birthday, her mom had woken her up to an off key birthday serenade followed by an awkward birthday wish and hug from Mike and a huge breakfast from mom... She was happy, things had started to look good finally.
She had a lucky day at school, her crush had made eye contact for about 3seconds so yeah she was excited as she walked home that day... She opened the door to see Mike sorted in the living room watching TV..

"hey Mike"

"hi... How's the birthday girl"

"haha... I'm fine" said Jenny nervously.. She had never been alone with Mike

"I have something for you " said Mike as he held out a gift box

"really? " said Jenny as she dropped her school bag and took the box,tearing it open excitedly as Mike stared at her smiling

"a phone!" she screamed as she jumped on Mike and hugged him before regaining her composure and getting off him

"glad you like it "

"like?... I love it... Oh thank you so much " she screamed as she ran into her room

Mike smiled to himself and turned back to the TV,.. What a nice girl, a very beautiful girl... She looked good in her school uniform, such small breasts and small round a.ss..she looked like a 14year old really.. He remembered the myth of skinny petite girls having very deep pussy...And she had such full lips too... He shook his head quickly as if trying to get rid of the thoughts which were slowly giving him an erection.

That evening as Lisa walked into the house she saw Mike still in front of the TV, he must be watching his marathon TV show she thought

"hey honey" she called to him as she came and sat next to him

"welcome home baby" he said smiling at her, kissing her softly at first then deeply as he slid his hands into her shirt and fondled her breasts...

"wish... Somebody missed me... Why are you so Hot ?" said Lisa as she pulled away from him

"because I missed you, come with me to the bedroom" said Mike as he held her hand and led her to the bedroom

"Aww... Im tired, I just got back" protested Lisa but still followed him

In the bedroom Mike bleeped Lisa,he bent her over on the ledge of the bed so he couldn't see her face as he stood behind her... She whimpered and moaned as he Bleep.ed her ballsdeep... He liked that he couldn't see her face so he could picture her as someone else.. He slammed into her and spanked her as.s as he thought of "her"...

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Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 4:02pm On Aug 31, 2018
I am seriously following... But, what's ds Mike of a man up to gan?
Who knows grin
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Oscilo1(m): 9:06pm On Aug 31, 2018
Mike mike mike how many times did I call you?
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 11:27pm On Sep 03, 2018
Jenny enjoyed her new phone a lot, it was her first phone and probably the most expensive thing she owned.... Mike was not so bad after all.. She had noticed his lingering stare now and again but she convinced herself that she was probably over thinking it besides she wasn't "sexy" enough to get attention from boys her age let alone a full grown man...She sighed deeply to herself thinking of how unlucky she was romantically as she laid on her bed on a bright Saturday morning.
She had heard Mike and her mom down in the kitchen, she knew her mom would call her soon and...
"Jennifer" called Lisa from the kitchen,interupting her thoughts.. " come down already"

"coming" said Jenny as she rolled of the bed lazily.

She got down to the kitchen wearing her pink Minnie Mouse night gown.

"Good morning everyone" she said

"morning dear" said Lisa who was half dressed for work and serving Mike his breakfast
Mike grunted a reply without looking up from his newspaper,he didn't look like he was going out anytime soon.

"Honey would you help me wash the dishes before
you settle down for breakfast" said Lisa to Jenny as she sat down and hurriedly ate.

"sure" said Jenny as she went to the sink, backing them and got to work.

"all done, thanks darling" Mike said to Lisa as he stood up from the table,picked his plates and headed to the sink.

He now stood behind Jenny who was still washing the dishes as he stretched his hand over her shoulder, dropping his plates into the sink. Jenny expected him to walk back to the table but he stood there behind her, soon he was pressing lightly against her, pushing her softly further towards the sink... She soon felt the outline of his semi hard c.ock pressing against the small of her back.. She froze and slightly looked over at her mom who was so concentrated on her meal that she didn't seem to notice what was happening... She heard Mike sigh deeply as he moved away from her, grazing her ass lightly as he walked back to the table.
Jenny dutifully continued washing the dishes as she processed what happened.. Did he mean to actually do that or was she over thinking again?... Maybe he was looking out the window... She didn't know what to make of this but she was apprehensive as she finished her chore and took her meal to her room to eat as her mom left for work.

Mike was still at the dining sipping his tea and reading the paper... He hoped Lisa didn't notice what had happened earlier...he had just wanted to keep his plates but couldn't help himself, he had wanted to feel her

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Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 12:30am On Sep 04, 2018
Jenny spent most of the Saturday in her room on her phone.She was trying hard to forget what had happened in the morning... What better way to do that than stalk her crush on social media, she scrolled through his pictures and comments and smiled to herself.. He was perfect... She'd do anything to be called his girlfriend but she didn't look good enough, she stood up and went to her mirror.. She took of her bra and stared at her tit.s,she turned to the side and viewed them.. Why wouldn't they grow bigger... She cupped them and they barely filled her hands.
She took of her shorts and stared at her reflection completely naked, her ass was definitely small..her only sign of maturity was the little tufts of hair on her pussy...
" unbelievable" she said as she threw herself on her bed defeated... She'd probably die single she thought as she rolled her eyes and picked up her phone again.
Mike had come to tell Jenny he was about to step out when he opened the door slightly and had seen her stripping in front of her mirror.. He tried to not look but he couldn't help himself.. His eyes roamed her small soft breas.ts,he was sure he could fit it all into his mouth.. Her small as.s was perfectly curved and her imagined it bent over with him behind.. He thought about how petite she was and how he could toss her around as he fu.cked her, how tight her puss.y must be, he thought about how he could literally wear her like a condom on his di.ck...he didn't notice when he started stroking his Co.ck,as soon as he noticed what he was doing.. He stopped... For heaven's sake, he was a full grown man, it was ridiculous to be peeping and mastu.rbating to a girl like he was some 15year old boy.
He straightened himself and walked out of the house.He needed to clear his head.

Later that evening when Lisa returned she hadn't met Mike at home... She called to Jenny and they went about preparing dinner... Mike came back a few hours later and insisted he wasn't hungry before stumbling into his room leaving both of them in the kitchen ... He seemed cold and distant to both Lisa and Jenny.

"and what's wrong with him" asked Jenny almost sarcastically

"maybe he had a rough day or something,im going to go talk to him" replied Lisa

"whatever " Jenny retorted as her mom left the table... She hoped it wouldn't be one of those nights where they would keep her up with their sex noises.

"are you okay baby" asked Lisa as she entered the room.. Mike was already in bed

"yeah, I'm just tired is all..goodnight"

"umm.. Okay... Goodnight"
Lisa resigned,she was pretty tired herself... She laid down and was soon snoring softly.

Jenny woke up with a strange feeling, she had felt or rather dreamt someone came into her room as she slept..."I really shouldn't have eaten so late last night" she thought to herself.
The rest of the weekend went by uneventfully...
By Wednesday Mike's mood still hadn't changed, he seemed so withdrawn,this worried Lisa... He hadn't even tried to have sex with her.
When she got back from work ,she went to Jenny's room.She desperately needed someone to talk to.

"hey mom... When did you get back? "

"just now.. "

"are you okay... You seem down" Jenny said as she sat up

"I'm worried Jenny... Mike has been acting weird.. I'm scared.. "

"of what"

"of losing him... What if he's found someone else... Maybe he doesn't want us anymore... I can't go through this again... Things were going well.. I.. I.. I don't know what went wrong" Lisa explained as her voiced cracked with tears running down her face

"mom relax,you are over thinking this.. Everything will be fine.. Just relax and give him some time... He's a good guy,he'll come around"

"okay.. I just don't want to lose him"

"you won't" Jenny said with a big smile before hugging her mom tightly. She hoped she was right, her mom seemed to really care about this guy.

That night as Lisa slept next to him, Mike was restless... He stood up and once again found himself walking to Jenny's room... He entered her room softly and saw her sprawled on the bed in deep sleep, he stood next to her bed and pushed her dress up... He stared at her soft as.s,he lightly stroked it,she turned in her sleep as he froze but she was still asleep.
He stared at her puss.y now, it looked so full... He couldn't take this torture much longer... He hadn't planned on this.. He just wanted a woman he could mess not a conflicting attraction to her daughter.Maybe if he could just mess Jenny once he'd be fine, he could get rid of them both and go back to his simple life.

Jenny was having the strange dream again... Someone was watching her sleep,touching her thighs.. she stirred and opened her eyes... Fear ran through her body as she saw the figure in the dark... Before she could scream, strong hand clasped down on her mouth..

,"Shhhh... It's just me" said Mike
Jenny breathed fast as panic filled her body.. Slowly he let go of her mouth. She just stared at him in paralysed fear and disbelief..

"Wha..what are you doing here" said Jenny as she tried to cover herself up.

"I'm sorry about this Jenny.. Lay on your belly"

"what? "
Mike didn't say a word as he turned her over on her belly with ease and sat across her waist, pinning her down...

"stop it Mike..i will scream"

"shhh... Then what?... Your mom wakes up, she gets upset and you both leave?... To where?... She'd be sad all over again because you are being a selfish little bit.ch" Mike whispered in her ear.. He was now fully stretched on top of her with his hand pushing at the back of her neck.

"please Mike" was all Jenny could say as the realisation hit her

" shut up... You know you want this... I know you're a little sl.ut,just like your mom... You know she let me mess her in a restroom the first day we met? "
Mike was kissing her neck as she whimpered and sobbed softly,he pulled both her hands behind her back and held it with one hand as his other hand lifted up her night dress and he fondled her small soft ass..

"damn... You feel so soft"

"pleease" Jenny said as she tried to lift herself up but it was no use.. He was at least 4 times her size, her hand were pinned behind her and his weight rested fully on her.

"stop being a cry baby" Mike said as his fingers parted her ass cheeks and was now rubbing against her pussy lips... He slid a finger slowly in... Jenny winced.. He let go of her hands and used the free hand to push her face into the pillow, muffling her sound.. He couldn't believe it.. He had his finger in her cu.nt ..he had literally dreamt of this day, it felt so tight.. She was definitely a virgin.. This turned him on more, he shoved the full length of his middle finger into her puss.y and started finger fucking.ng her..
Jenny cried into the pillow as Mike fi.nger.ed her, it was painful.. She could hear him moan softly as his pace got rougher.. She wished she hadn't woken up, maybe he'd have just left like he always did..

"you better relax this puss.y and get wet soon or it'll hurt more"
Mike got off her and she inhaled deeply as his weight lifted off her small frame... Maybe he was done, as she lifted her head from the tears soaked pillow slowly.. She saw Mike standing there hurriedly getting undressed,soom he was naked and the full length of his Co.ck stretched out in front of him..

"no.. No. No...Mike please don't" she said as she sat up and tried to get out of the bed
Mike grabbed her and soon had her pinned down again, this time on her back as he positioned himself in between her legs.

" shut the mess up... I won't tell you again.. Make another sound and I'll throw you guys out of the street again...you want to be the reason your mom is alone again huh?... You want to ruin everything again? " Mike said as his fingers found her pussy.sy again and he resumed fingering her as he laid on top of her.. He saw the struggle in her eyes dissolve as the tears welled up.
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 1:16am On Sep 04, 2018
"good girl" Mike grinned as he dipped his head down and finally was able to suck the nipp.les he had so dreamed of... He bite her nipple roughly and she winced again... He then grabbed her neck and squeezed,ceasing any sound from escaping her mouth while leaving a little room for her to breathe.. Her breast tasted just like he imagined,he rolled his tongue over her nipples and sucked her breasts..his fingers still slid in and out of her pu.ssy..finally her pu.ssy was begining to get wet. The slight slippery sensation on his finger and her hard nipples in his mouth felt amazing.

"mmm... You taste so good.." he said as he lifted his head, looking at her face.. He pulled his finger out and licked it slowly.. Her face was red and her eyes swollen and teary but she remained silent and still... Mostly due to his grip on her throat...
" I could play with your sweet body all night but I have to get back to bed soon before mummy wakes up so spread your legs wider... Daddy is going to mess you now"

Jenny shook her head slowly in a silent plea...she felt his Co.ck begin rubbing against her pu.ssy..

"relax and be a good girl okay" was the last thing Mike said as he started pushing into her... Despite his grip on her throat, Jenny screamed as pain shot through her tiny body as he pushed into her... He quickly placed his hand over her mouth... He pushed in a bit more and felt resistance, he pulled out a bit and applied a large amount of spit on the head of his c.ock and started penetrating her again.. This time the friction was less... Mike had never felt such tightness from any woman ever.. He felt like he was making a new hole in her... He pushed in farther as he felt her begin to struggle... This was taking too long, he wasn't a patient man.. He placed his other hand once again on her throat and with that he pushed all the way into her tiny pus.sy...he felt her scream into his palm as he started fuc.king her...
"mess...youre so tight baby girl" he said as he slid in and out of her, her pu.ssy gripping his di.ck like a glove.. She felt so good..he bit her soft lower lip as his hip rose and fell, with his Co.ck ramming into her now more roughly...
Jenny felt his Co.ck stretch her out, she screamed out but couldn't be heard as he fu.cked her.. He slammed into her like she was a toy.. He held her gaze and smiled at her.. Her legs dangled in the air and her tiny breasts bounced in rhythm to his di.ck moving in and out of her.. She felt like he was tearing her open...

"you're daddy's little girl... Oh mess...dont look at me like that... You know you were asking for this....mmmm... You feel so good baby" he said
Her cu.nt was now soaking wet ,trying hard to accommodate his Co.ck....her tiny body shook from his rough impact and her face was red from crying and screaming... He loved it... It was too much... He felt his balls twitch... He was close.. He slammed into her faster now... He had forgotten about holding her mouth shut as he got lost in wrecking her tiny hole and she let out a weak cry begging him to stop... This irritated Mike as he choked her and slapped her across the face...
"I told you... To... Ugh... Shut up you little who.re..damn I'm cum.ming"...he could barely talk as he started to cum
Jenny felt the slap sting her face and fell silent.. She felt his intensity increase and his grip on her throat tighten as his balls slapped against her ass... She felt him cum.ming in her now sore pussy, stream after stream of warm c.um flowed into her puss.y as Mike grunted on top of her as he laid still panting... His full weight resting on her... She was relieved it was over as he pulled out slowly and slumped by her side... She felt her pussy gape and his cu.m drip down out of her.. She reached down and felt her pu.ssy as the pain radiated...
She laid there, exhausted from crying and being forcefully used by Mike...

"oh baby you are fucking amazing..." Mike said as he pulled her close to him and kissed her... She pushed him away

"don't bleeping touch me you monster... I hate you " Jenny said severely
Mike laughed at her.

"watch your mouth girl or I'll mess you again tonight..."
Mike said as he sat up... He noticed the little blood stain on the bed near where Jenny now sat sobbing softly... "tell your mom you're sick... You need to stay home and rest or else you want to attract attention with the way you'll probably be walking and change your sheets too"...he said as he got up and got dressed... She remained silent, he walked to where she sat on the edge...

"I'm sorry but it is what it is... You were a good girl.. I'm sorry I hit you,i won't do it again... " he said as he dipped his head and sucked her breasts... She didn't move...

"mmm... I could suck these all day.. Tell daddy goodnight... "he said as his fingers roamed her pussy softly

"goodnight " Jenny said softly
Mike left the room and back to his room.
Jenny stood up slowly... "ow" she winced as she could barely walk without pain... She went into the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water... She got in slowly... Her pussy.sy stung as the water came in contact with it... She bit her lower lip and ensured the pain till she was fully immersed... She sat there, tired... Mike had just raped her and she had a feeling it wouldn't be the last time.

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Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by aprilwise(m): 7:04am On Sep 04, 2018
I don't know what to say
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Oscilo1(m): 9:54am On Sep 04, 2018
mike don't make me lose interest in the story I hate rape
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Damibiz(m): 5:37pm On Sep 04, 2018
Why u use my Girlfriend name(Jennifer) for this work na..nd mike go Rape her..nice work
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 11:10pm On Sep 04, 2018
mike don't make me lose interest in the story I hate rape
Lols... Viewers discretion is advised... It might get nastier

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Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 11:14pm On Sep 04, 2018
Why u use my Girlfriend name(Jennifer) for this work na..nd mike go Rape her..nice work
No vex... I didn't know oga grin
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Damibiz(m): 11:30pm On Sep 04, 2018
U re welcome.....Mike mst surely pay for all sinz he have committed

No vex... I didn't know oga grin
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Enny2013(f): 2:42pm On Sep 05, 2018
Dat Mike is a flirt...Liza shud hv known dat initially.. dis writer is so good sha..I Luv d descriptions.. kudos!!!
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 10:59pm On Sep 05, 2018
Dat Mike is a flirt...Liza shud hv known dat initially..
dis writer is so good sha..I Luv d descriptions.. kudos!!!
Thanks a lot dear..
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 11:54pm On Sep 05, 2018
Jenny opened her eyes as the first rays of sunshine filtered Inyo her room.. She rubbed her eyes...As consciousness hit her the memory of the events of last night came rushing back to her.
She sat up quickly as the emotions flooded her senses.. maybe it was just a terrible dream she thought to herself, but the pain in her lower abdomen and the stain on the bed said differently..She laid back down and shut her eyes tightly, she wanted to go back to sleep... She didn't want to face the day...she didn't want to face Mike and mom... She didn't want to face the world.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door and adrenaline rushes through her veins as she sat up quickly.. The door opened and it was her mom...Jenny exhaled deeply as her heart rate regulated
Lisa walked in and was suprised to see Jenny shaking like a leaf
"oh it's worse than Mike told me" said Lisa with concern on her face as she walked towards the bed

"Wh... What?... Mike told you" Jenny stuttered as her mind raced

"yeah, he said you were sick and couldn't make it to school... I wanted to check on you before work" said Lisa as she sat down next to Jenny and placed the back of her palm on her forehead

"your temperature is fine but your eyes are a bit swollen " Lisa observed

Jenny kept mute

"Jenny is that blood on your sheets" Lisa said suddenly with alarm in her voice

"Sh.it" Jenny thought... She'd forgotten to change her sheets..her mom was now staring at her a bit alarmed..she had to think fast

"oh... That?... That's.. Umm... Period... Yeah, my period... It came earlier than I thought...must have stained the bed.. Yeah" Jenny said

"Awww..thats probably why you feel so sick... Don't worry, stay home from school and feel better okay... I'll keep your breakfast in the microwave ...love you baby" Lisa said as she kissed her forehead and stood to leave


"yes honey"

"I love you "

"I love you too baby" Lisa smiled as she left her room and the house

Jenny fell back on the bed and sighed...after about 10mins when the house fell silent she got up slowly and changed her sheets.. She felt sore with each step she took and soon headed to her wardrobe to get some pain killers before laying back down and hoping to drift off to sleep.
She was awakened by Mike tapping her shoulder

"wake up baby" he said
Jenny startled awake and almost screamed

"what do you want?... Just leave me alone already... What else could you possibly want " Jenny screamed at him

"calm down.. Look Jenny... About last night, I didn't mean to be selfish...i want to make it up to you"

"you want to make it up to me?... You are not only vile,you are insane... How could you possibly make up for forcefully bleeping me... Just go away Mike"

"look I'm trying to be a nice guy here... Don't piss me off.." Mike said calmly

"what do you want Mike? "

"I want some damn respect and I've told you to call me daddy... Cooperate with me baby.. It'll make things easier for us.. You especially"

Jenny remained silent as she stared at him in anger

"I know you're sore and Im not going to mess you again, I want to make you feel good" Mike said as he got into bed and laid next to her

"lay down "Mike said as he positioned himself behind her in a spooning position

Jenny obeyed quietly.. She was alone with him..she was at his mercy and she was scared to annoy him
Mike threw his hands around her and held her close to him, cupping and playing with her breasts... One hand started moving downwards and was soon sliding into the waist band of her pjs.

"you said you wouldn't... " Jenny started to say

"shhh... I won't... Just relax " Mike interrupted
His hand found her pu.ssy,with a finger he parted her pu.ssy lips and roamed around till he found her c.lit..he started to gently rub it

"mmm" exhaled Jenny as she felt his finger play with her... She didn't know what he was doing but she felt a weird pleasurable sensation fill her.. She suddenly felt ashamed for her pleasure

"stop" she said said, reaching for his hand

"shhh"Mike said into her ear as he rubbed her cl.it expertly..he pinched it softly and rubbed gently... He soon felt her tiny body tense and arch against him as he played with her nipples and cl.t simultaneously... He heard her breathing increase as she struggled to suppress what he knew she was feeling... He smiled to himself and started kissing her neck softly
Jenny felt his kiss on her neck... She wanted to say something.. To tell him to leave her alone but she could barely breathe... Her eyes were shut as Mike increased his tempo, she felt her legs began to shake as she instinctively spread her legs a bit to allow him rub her c.lit..
Mike felt her legs part the tiniest bit for him... He felt t her pu. ssy soak up as he rubbed he slowly again..he pinched her nipples which were as hard as rocks .. She didn't want to like this but he knew she did... He picked up the pace again and she threw her head back as she bit her lower lip trying to not make a sound.. He was so turned on but tried to control himself,she was too sore and he wanted her to feel good.. It was her reward.. She'd been a good girl ..daddy's good girl
Jenny felt her body start to tense and shake as a strong wave of pleasure hit her, she couldn't control it.. Her eyes rolled back,her legs shook in spasms and her toes curled..

"oh my god!!" Jenny screamed as she came... Her small body pressing against Mike's huge frame... He smiled and continued rubbing softly

"oh shi.t" Jenny cursed as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.
Mike pulled his hands out of her trousers and away from her breast but he held her as she panted ..her body recovering... He kissed her cheek as he got out of bed and left the room..he couldn't stand it.. If he stayed there he knew he'd mess her, he wanted to slide into her soaking wet pu.ssy and bury his Co.ck deep into the hole her made just last night.. He shut the door behind him and headed for his room
Jenny slowly regained her composure..did she just cum?... Worst still did she just cum for Mike?... Oh no.. She felt embarrassed and hated her body for betraying her...but she felt a strange weird euphoria...damn...she felt ashamed of herself and wanted to cry.. She sat up.. Her legs still felt weak..she suddenly felt hungry and sleepy... She'd heard him in his room... Was he moaning?... She listened carefully... He was definitely wan.king... Well at least she could rush down, get food and come back without running into him
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 1:08am On Sep 06, 2018
Jenny spent the whole day sleeping.. Only waking up to pee, some times she tried to stay awake but her body was tired and she ended up falling asleep again... She also hadn't seen Mike again, she was relieved about this...
It was evening now and Lisa was back... The whole house was quiet as she walked to Jenny's room to know how she was doing, she saw Jenny sleeping quietly as she opened the door.. She silently tip toed out of the room and headed to her room to change before starting dinner... She met Mike on his laptop

"hey honey" he greeted her with a smile
This was unusual to Lisa because he hadn't smiled at her for almost a week ...why was he suddenly happy again... Whatever it was, she was happy he was happy

"hey darling" she replied as she gave him a hug

"how was your day "

"stressful... Yours?... What did you do all day?"

"nothing much, just looking over some pipe plans and all...i took care of Jenny"

"oh thank you.. I was worried about her.. What did I ever do to deserve you? " she said as she kissed him... This was the first kiss in a while and it soon became deep

"wanna give me a treat before you start dinner" Mike said coyly

"haha.. Of course"
Mike moved his laptop away and pulled out his flaccid c.ock from his shorts

"come here with that hot mouth of yours"he said
Lisa smiled and knelt down beside the bed.. She held his c.ock in her hand and started sucking, it was easy to fit in her mouth since he was soft.

Mike felt her mouth wrap around his c.ock as she took it all in her mouth... Her mouth was warm and slippery, he liked it... He pushed the hair from her face so he could watch her suck his c.ock ,she looked great with his Co.ck in her mouth... He started getting hard and watched her begin to struggle with taking his full length in her mouth as his Co.ck stretched her mouth and jaw open.
Soon she was just sucking the tip alone and using her hand on his shaft..

"no hands" Mike instructed
She removed her hand and started to take in his Co.ck with just her mouth, it slid in deeper and she was soon gagging... She was about pulling up when she felt his hand at the back of her head... She quickly remembered the last time and wanted to pull his coc.k out her mouth but she remembered this was the first time he wanted her in a week, she didn't want to ruin it so she relaxed and tried breathing through her nose as he pushed his coc.k farther into her mouth till he was at her throat.. She gagged and her body wretched but he pushed farther in

"fü.çk" Mike said under his breath as he entered Lisa's throat.. He left his coc.k buried in her throat as he enjoyed her gag reflex massage the tip of his coc.k..soon he started fü.çking her throat, his coc.k sliding in and out of her throat as she gagged, threatening to throw up... But he knew she couldn't because she hadn't eaten all day.. He suddenly remembered he hadn't let her come up for air, he quickly allowed her pull up her head... Lisa suddenly fell back as she coughed and panted, her face covered in thick saliva from her throat,her eyes filled with tears from choking and her face red

"get back here" Mike beckoned

She crawled back to him on her knees and took a deep breath before taking his sloppy coc.k back into her mouth and letting him push it into her throat again as she gagged and felt like she'd throw up...

Mike now had his two hands holding her head steady as he füç.ked her throat,he pushed upwards till her nose pressed against the skin on his thigh.. He loved the feel of her tongue against his coc..k as he pushed passed it with each thrust...the tightness of each gag milked his Co.ck and brought him closer, he pushed her off as she fell back and coughed and panted heavily

"lift up your skirt and come ride me now my Co.ck is still lubed up with your spit"

She stood up still panting and lifted up her skirt, she took off her panties and walked towards the bed trying to wipe her face from spit, pre cum,tears and snot...

"don't.. I want to look at your face like that"

She obeyed and slowly mounted him and positioned his coc.k at the entrance of her p.us.sy...she slowly lowered her weight on it as her pu.s.sy opened up to wrap around his thick Co.ck..

"mmmm" moaned Lisa as she slowly pushed harder down, taking more into her... The spit on his Co.ck definitely eased it up and soon she had his entire length buried in her pu.ssy

Mike just laid there with his hands behind his head,she soon started bouncing on his Co.ck...she felt good, her pu.s.sy. was warm and tight, her face was slopped up from him füç.king her mouth... He stretched out his hand and unbuttoned her blouse and pulled out her breasts from the top of her bra... Soon her breasts were bouncing in rhythm as she moaned and threw herself on his c.ock..

"mmm... You look great honey.. Mmm... F.üç.k yeah... Bounce on my Co.ck like that,...yeah.. bounce those ti.ts" he moaned as he grabbed her ass and spanked it

"Ahhh" moaned Lisa as she bounced faster, twisting her waist
Her motions felt good, as she grinded on his coc.k he felt the walls of her pus.sy grip and milk his Co.ck...her ass slapped against his thighs and he grabbed one breast and squeezed hard... He couldn't take much more...she panted,moaned and swore but never stopped her bouncing...
Lisa had missed Mike's touch, she missed her cu.nt being filled up with his fat di. ck...she liked the slight pain as his Co. Ck lightly brushed her cervix whenever she landed on it... Her legs were beginning to hurt but she kept riding him... His eyes were shut and he groaned deeply, she knew he was close

"get off and get on your knees" he said suddenly

She stood up and there was a "plop" sound as his Co.ck slid out of her... She was on her knees now as he got up from the bed for the first time since she got back...
Mike stood over her and jacked off, he used her pu.ssy juices to rub his Co.ck as his orgasm hit

" open your mouth.. Open.. Uh-huh.. oh sh.it ...yessss" Mike groaned as he came, he shot his cum all over her face.. It his her forehead, cheeks,eyes and entered her mouth.. He came rope after rope of hot cum all over her face and her mouth. .

"oh damn.. Stay like that " he muttered as he squeezed the last drop off into her mouth
He stood back and looked at her face like na artist admiring his art work, her eyes were closed and her face was a mess.. Covered in spit, tears,snot and cum with her mouth hanging open containing cum... He felt good...

"swallow" he commanded
Lisa swallowed hard in one gulp and wiped off the cum from her eyes as she opened them

"you are amazing and beautiful honey... Now clean up and get started on dinner okay?"

"okay" said Lisa as she grinned at him and walked into the bathroom

He fell on the bed... He felt good, he almost forgot how good füç. king Lisa felt... At least she could help him keep his balls empty while Jenny healed
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Enny2013(f): 9:08am On Sep 07, 2018
Chai!! From frying pan to fire fr both Lisa n Jenny...intimacy gadgets

I am seriously following ds story..I just Luv d story line...Pple get talents sha...thumbs up

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Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Oscilo1(m): 9:52am On Sep 07, 2018
No be small tin o Following though
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by aprilwise(m): 11:33am On Sep 07, 2018
Nice one. Mike Hmmmm.
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by izaray(f): 5:01pm On Sep 07, 2018
Nice story

Pls keep the update coming

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Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 6:43pm On Sep 07, 2018
Chai!! From frying pan to fire fr both Lisa n Jenny...intimacy gadgets

I am seriously following ds story..I just Luv d story line...Pple get talents sha...thumbs up
smiley ...thanks so much for reading
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 6:44pm On Sep 07, 2018
No be small tin o
Following though
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 6:47pm On Sep 07, 2018
Nice one. Mike Hmmmm.
I appreciate... I wish ghost readers will comment small na�
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Adalyon(f): 6:48pm On Sep 07, 2018
Nice story

Pls keep the update coming
Sure thing love... Stay tuned
Re: Mom's New Boyfriend by Abelranking: 8:22pm On Sep 07, 2018

I appreciate... I wish ghost readers will comment small na�

present ma...
You Good Adalyon no doubt.
Nice story line
thumbs up

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