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Being Mrs Spence by Dapalace: 8:23pm On Apr 05
Episode 1.



He looked up from his seat, gazed at her like a hawk through the tinted glass walls that demarcate the meeting hall. He bent his head in a total disappointment.

Cole excused himself from the board and began walking towards the door.

She was tensed as she stood outside waiting eagerly and hoping that nothing will go wrong.
She knew that he has seen her and is a matter of time he will be out.
immediately the door swings open, her heart flew to her stomach
When she saw his countenance.
Florence knew then that another trouble was looming.

“Hi darling…

She greeted while flashing him a smile.

“What the hell is this….what is all this that you put on…? he barked quietly yet angry.

She looked down at herself and stammered
“I…I thought you will like it… and..I..

“Damnit! Damnit Florence…”

He swore under his breath and continued.

…I specifically asked you to wear something nice and sexy today. Today is Mustafa’s birthday and my colleagues are going over after the meeting with their wives. If you enter the visitors waiting room, you will see what my colleagues wives and girlfriends wore. They are all seated there, looking all shade of class and elegant. I knew you were going to disappoint that was why I specifically asked you to wear something sexy. I recently bought a sexy short gown for you from an online store. it will reveal your curves and show some thigh… push out your cleavage and put your body figure in perfect light… your backside won’t be left out….then you grace it up with heel But here you are dressed like some maid, like you are going for church fellowship. You want to embarrass me right?

Florence inhaled slowly before releasing her breath.

“I’m a married woman Cole, I won’t dress like a prostitute just to please your ego or the public eyes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my dressing. This is an armless flower printed gown. It reveals my curve enough and the length is very okay. I have a jacket in the car just in case you feel I’m exposing too much skin. I wore this because I thought is sexy enough for you Cole, I wore a comfortable heel shoe…all this I did hoping I will get an applaud but here you are again bashing me…

He suddenly began to clap.

“You wanted an applaud right? You can have it all… Since you want to be a stubborn and disobedient wife it won’t be under my watch… never. I will rather go alone than go with you looking like this…go back home Florence.

“Cole… Cole… you are overacting. Please…stop. I won’t be able to go home and change to something else because of time but I can check for a boutique around and get something different but it will be nothin like the gown you wanted me to wear. That gown is

too revealing Cole. It bares out a woman’s braless boob… shamelessly and with a string tiny hand. I can’t even sit in public because my whole undies will be greeting the public eyes. There’s a whole lot of thing wrong with…
Cole started walking back inside

“Go home Florence… we’re done here. It was a big mistake to have even asked you to join me…

He walked back inside leaving Florence standing.
She shakes her head sadly before walking away.

When she got to her car, she didn’t move immediately. She sat in there, staring at nothing.


She became speechless.
Florence sighed sadly before turning on the ignition and driving away.
She stopped at her sister’s place.

“, wow, I love your dress. You look good Flo. Are you going on a fresh date with Cole or having a get together?

Florence flashed her a smile as she sat hard on a chair.
“…You don’t look happy… what did Cole did again?
Susan asked while folding some children cloths into a box.

“What is wrong with this dress Suzy? Cole said is not appropriate for outing…is not sexy to his standard. He sent me back home and said he will rather go alone to his colleague’s party than go with me looking like this.

“Does he want you to walk naked? Because this cloth is very okay.. Is sexy and catchy too. Flo, don’t let Cole words get to you… he’s probably in another bad mood…

Susan said as she put what she was doing aside and came to sit close to her sister.

“He wanted me to dress like a harlot. Seriously, I don’t understand Cole…i find it hard to please him. There’s this over revealing strippers dress he saw online and bought. Suzy, did you know that my darling husband wants me to wear the dress instead of this…

“What’s wrong with that? Since that was what he wants then you should have done so. Wear it for him… you are together after all. The eyes and shame won’t be just on you…it will be on him too.

Florence waved off what her sister said.

“I wear the shoe so I know where it pinches. You won’t understand Suzy. Where’re the boys?

“They’re out. Jimmy took them out for some evening ice cream. It gives me time to tidy up the house. Flo, you and Cole haven’t thought of having kids yet…

“Cole isn’t ready. He said children are messy and expensive to maintain…

Susan began to laugh.
“Wai.. you mean as smart as Cole is he still thinks like this? I mean no insult to your dear husband Flo. But..why does he make having children seems like an item to acquire?

Florence stood with her bag.
“Suzy, I know I dislike some of the things that Cole does but I won’t sit and listen to you insult him. Not having children now is his decision which am in total agreement with. Let’s leave it at that and it will be nice if you respect our decision.

Susan raised her hands up in total surrender.
“Okay.. okay Flo. But remember that you’re a woman and time ticks every passing day with opportunity for you. Cole is a man and if you don’t convince him now to start a family it maybe difficult in the future when you feel ready and in desperately need of babies. You are my younger sister and I won’t I advise you wrongly.

“Whenever Cole feels ready, I will be ready too and God will then perfect it. This is just our fourth year in marriage, we’re enjoying our selves….there’s no rushing Suzy. That ends it. Say hello to Jimmy and my nephews whenever they return. I’m going home. I know Cole will be coming home late tonight. Let me go and fix dinner before he returns…

Florence left, on her way home she decided to drive past her church.

The whole place was quiet. The church was always open for anyone who wants to come in.
She adjusted her gown before taking a jacket to wear on top of the cloth.
As she walks in, her eyes was focused on the front pew.

Florence sat facing the alter. She stare at the crucifix sign for sometime before lowering her eyes to her wedding ring.
This was the third time she was coming to church on a week day with no one in it.
Each of the time she was lost in words.

She went speechless again not knowing how to express all the heaviness in her heart.

Somebody suddenly cleared his voice quietly close to her
Florence startled before turning.

“Pastor Josh…

He came to sit beside her leaving some distance.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your deep session.

She sighed sadly

“Is alright pastor. You didn’t interrupt anything. I have allot on my mind that I really wanted to talk to God about. I felt God will listen more if I’m in his sanctuary… but I can’t seem to put my words together.

“He knows what you want to say even before you say it. He hears through the heaviness of your heart… God is listening and won’t leave nor forsake you. Trust him to fix whatever that is troubling you or your home. Trust him and have no doubt Mrs Spence.

She held her hands together and looked up at the big altar.

“That’s the problem pastor Josh. My faith gets weaker and weaker on each passing day. I’m loosing it up..I don’t know how to trust God fully. sometimes I feel he is not listening…

Pastor Josh was quiet for sometime and didn’t reply her immediately.

“He is ever present in time of need. If he cares and clothes the lilies in the field, birds in the air and animals that swims the ocean current how much more you that is made in his image. Trust him… that’s all he wants you to do. Trust him with all your heart and withhold nothing from him.

Florence nodded. Pastor Josh stood and walked away quietly.

That was all she needed, a reassurance that God still cares and always listening.

It was already dark when she drove into the gate.
She missed her husband’s and sister’s calls.
She tried calling her him back severally but he wouldn’t pick.
She called Susan and she informed her that Cole called and asked of her whereabout.

Her heart skipped when she saw her husband’s car parked in the garage.

She checked the time and gasped out 8:32pm.
The traffic has contributed to her late arrival.
She picked up her hand bag and walked inside.

He was taking coffee on the dining when she stepped in.

“Where are you coming from? He asked while looking down at his coffee cup.

“I’m sorry darlin, I never knew you will be home this early. I stopped at Susan’s place and from ther…

“Shut the hell up. He interrupted
“….I called your ugly mannered sister and she told me that you aren’t there, you left… where are you coming from I ask one more time.

Florence sighed sadly and moved closer to him.
“Cole, that’s what I’m trying to explain. After I left Susan’s place I decided to drive to church and I didn’t stay for long, it was the traffic that delayed me.

He suddenly threw the coffee at her face.
“I asked you to go home Florence. That was an order. You were supposed to come straight home and not go gossiping from your sister’s house to church. Are you having an affair with the pastor? Because this is the third time you will be using church as an excuse.

Florence tried to wipe off the coffee dripping down from her face.
Cole stood and barked angrily at her

… you are very lucky that I don’t beat women. If I was a woman beater this dirty attitude of yours would have attracted whole lot of beating for you. so disobeying my orders now is the new trend right? Susan is putting you through on how to be stubborn? I asked you to wear a particular cloth for a colleague’s birthday party, You refused and wore what you liked. I sent you home and you decide to go wherever you want… this will be a last warning Florence, there’s no two dictator in this house. Is either my way or no other way. Today is the last day you will go over to Susan or to your church… until I decided to lift the ban. The only place you’re allowed to go is your work place and if your office ever gets in the way of my orders I will also stop you from working. so make sure you don’t allow your work place affect your duties as a wife. Not under my nose will my wife become a tyrant. Go and fix me another coffee and take it to the room.

He stood and walked away.
Florence wiped a tear before entering the bathroom to wash her coffee face.
She stare at the mirror in the bathroom.

“God…I…whenever I feel tired to carry on, please push me forward in your strength. If truly you care about me then change Cole…I love him so much. make him a better man, a man after your own heart…who will love me dearly and serve you truly. Mak…

“Florence… where is the coffee. I’m still waiting and my patience is running low…

Cole called out to her from the sitting room.

Florence quickly wash off her face before going to make another fresh coffee for him.
He was sitting in the parlour when she brought the coffee.

“I said after you are done making the coffee take it to the room, isn’t that what I said earlier or have you suddenly gone deaf…?

“I’m sorry, I forgot.
Florence apologies as she started walking inside with the coffee in hand.

” I will like to take that coffee with snacks. I feel like eating a home made sponge cake or donut…

Cole said after Florence who stood obediently.

“I can’t bake Cole, beside we don’t have ingredients for donut and is already late to buy..”

“Remind me again Florence… what exactly are you good at? You can’t make any delicious meal, you can’t obey simple instructions, you are so boring in bed… even things as simple as baking and making donut you can’t make. What can you really do Florence?

Florence bite her lower lips as tears gathered in her eyes.
She blinked severally to hold it back from running down.
“I will make a sandwich for you Cole… I also have fried chicken and rice in the fridge. I can microwave it for you if you are hungry.

“I said I want coffee and snacks… simple instructions Florence. Do what I asked of you… make the sandwich ready and another fresh hot coffee. You know the way I love my coffee. After then freshen up and wait for me in bed…

Florence did all he asked of her. She fixed extra sandwich for herself with tea.
After she was done, she had her shower.

Cole was already in bed waiting.
She joined him

He grabbed her roughly, Florence moaned in pain as his fingers dig into her.
She was used to his rough way of love making and dares not complain.

After the whole thing was over he turned to her and said.

“Hope you are taking your drugs.

She nodded.

“… make sure you don’t miss any. I’m not ready for any baby’s trouble now. So stick to your drugs to avoid falling pregnant…

Florence nodded before moving to the bathroom.



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Kudos Op, Morenikeji brought me here.

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Kudos cool cool cool

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Re: Being Mrs Spence by Specialjenny: 7:54pm On Apr 06
Please more updates

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Re: Being Mrs Spence by Dapalace: 11:33pm On Apr 06
Episode 2



He called out to her from the bathroom that early morning.
She rushed to him and he pointed a tooth paste towards her face.

“What is this? Cole asked her

“Is paste. Replied Florence wondering what she did wrong again.

“Are you daft? Ofcourse I know is paste. Check how disgusting the whole body looks like. Why can’t you do things in a clean and arranged manner? You know how stuffy like this irritates me.

“I’m sorry darlin. I only took paste to brush this morning. I wasn’t even paying attention to how I pressed it out.

Florence apologiesed and wishing he will drop the topic.

“Florence, I have told you that anytime you want to take paste, apply preasure starting from the bottom not from the middle of the body. Let things look orderly for ones in this house. I have to teach you again on how to take a common tooth paste…what exactly do you know how to do on your own?

Florence was tired of standing and listening to the morning lectures again on toothpaste.
She kept quiet and listened like a good student
When the lecture was over she heaped a sigh of relief before returning to what she was doing.

After two weeks, Cole informed her of another of his colleagues house warming party that will be huge.
He asked her to wear the said cloth he bought to the party.

“Cole… let me wear another. That gown is not appropriate for a married woman…

“Shhhh! You will do exactly what I say… I want to see that gown on you.

Florence wore the gown as he instructed her.

“Oh mine… you put me right in the mood sweetie. Turn around let me see…

Florence turned and watch her husband exclaimed excitedly.
He held her from behind and caressed her from the back to her boobs.

Florence felt disgusted and stepped away from him.

“Stop treating me like a harlot darling. I’m your wife and deserve some respect…

Cole laughed out.

“Sweetie… you’re my harlot, my wife, my cook, my maid… my every every. Anytime I need you to play any of those roles you just have to switch and do as I say. Today, you have to act like my harlot… hahahaha.

They Left for the occasion. When they arrived there, both the men and the women couldn’t help but stare at Florence.

She was very ashamed at first but looking at Cole he was enjoying the attention on his wife.

Florence caught him staring at a young pretty lady who also looked back at him and smile.
She felt bad but tried not to show it.
It was until some of the men started winking and makin sexual faces at Florence she decided to brace up and enjoy the moment.

Cole was no longer finding it funny. When he stepped away to greet

some of his senior colleagues before he will return his wife was talking and laughing with two younger men.
“Excuse me, did you know that this is a married woman…?

Cole stared angrily at the young men.

“Oh… sorry. We’re not taking your wife away except if she wants one of us to. I will be so pleased to have a beautiful curvy sexy pretty Lady as her. She was sitting alone when i and my friend saw her. Why will you leave your pretty wife all by herself. We only decided to say hello…or is there any crime in saying hello to a beautiful lady…?

Florence was enjoying the moment. Next time Cole will not bring her out to the public dressed like this.

The men stood, they smiled at her and she retuned the smile so well that made Cole swear under his breath.

“You’re shamelessly entertaining men right under my nose. Acting like a cheap harlot…

Cole said as he sat beside Florence.

“What where you thinking when you forced me to wear this gown darling? This cloth is calling for so much attention from the men and even some of the women I’m not the one doing it, my appearance says it all. I’m only dancing to the music you are playing. Remember I’m your harlot today… I’m also free to attract other clients. let’s both enjoy the moment Cole…

“I think you should take a cab home Florence. I can no longer stand my wife flirting with men shamelessly. Is better you just go home. Beside I have some catch up to do and will probably be staying late before coming home.

Florence chuckled annoyingly, upsetting Cole even more. she bent over to Cole’s ear and whispered quietly.

“Darling, I will stick by you until this party is over and we will return home together. There’s nothing to go home to…no kids yet so we’re both free to catch cruise. Sorry to disobey you again dear husband but I’m not stepping an inch out of here alone except we’re leaving together.

One of the men that was previously sitting with her walked past with a drink in hand.
He raised his glass at her and she waved happily at him.

Cole was boiling angrily and said.

“Damn you Florence! You’re very Lucky that we’re in public…but wait until we get home.

Florence didn’t bother replying him.

The music started and some people stood dancing.

Cole remained seated while Florence who crossed her legs was filled with smile as she continued to enjoy the show.

“Hello pretty…

Cole looked up and it was another strange man. He waved at Cole annoyingly.

“… the music is loud, can you hear what I’m saying pretty..?

Florence nodded excitedly.

“… okay good. Is this your brother, your boyfriend or your husband…I can see you are wearing a wedding ring.

“He’s my husband.

Florence replied. Cole looked on and wishing his eyes has bullet so that he can shoot down both the strange man and his wife.

“Ohkay…I was hoping he wouldn’t mind if I ask you to dance with me?

“I’m not much of a dancer but aside that I don’t want to. I appreciate you wanting to dance with me of all the single ladies here… I’m thrilled. Since I’m together with my husband I can’t possibly dance with you…buh thank you.

The man nooded with smile before walking away.

“Stand up let’s go home. Get up quickly… is time to go. You have had enough moment humiliating me Florence…

“Why so angry Cole? He’s just one of the attracted clients. I’m only trying to be nice to them due to the nature of my job today.

Cole was almost dragging her up. But she forcefully pulled her hand away from him.

She stood up majestically with her bag. Waved to the men who can’t stop staring at her. They waved back disappointed that she was already leaving.

Florence walked like a runaway Queen until she got to the car.
Immediately she was seated, Cole locked her in the car and retuned back to the party.

He stayed there for another 30minute before returning back to the car.

Florence was glad that the car air condition was on.
She didn’t flinched or worry.
All she did was to relax back her head and wait.

Cole came back and drove off without a word.
None said anything until they got home.


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Re: Being Mrs Spence by VincenzoZhuxu: 1:51am On Apr 07
I Don land who take my seat at the right hand side of the op the owner Don come........ Op darling which drink do you care for?

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Re: Being Mrs Spence by ADUKKY(f): 9:38am On Apr 07
I am loving the new Florence, two can play the game.

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Re: Being Mrs Spence by Dapalace: 9:44pm On Apr 07
Episode 3



He pushed her towards the bed and she fell face down.
He grabbed her hair and pulled her up to the head of the bed.

She remained still, deep down she knows what he was about to do.
This wasn’t the first or second time he has done such to her.

She has gone on her knee after the last time pleading and begging him never to do such to her again.
She has wept heavily, hot tears poured down from her face.
She has grabbed his legs as she lay on the floor crying and pleading to him never to do such to her again.
She promised to do any other thing he will ask of aside this particular act

Cole was kind enough to consider and put away the handcuff.
Is been six months he kept away the handcuff and had not used it on her.
Florence has been happy and did every other thing he demands from her.

Back at the party she knew what she was getting into.
She knew trouble was lurking around for her but she refused to care about it. Her happiness was giving her husband a dose of his own medicine.
The after effects didn’t trouble her mind.

Florence knew this maybe his way of torturing her, Cole thinks her perfect punishment will be putting her in his sexual fantasy bondage.
She wore her thick skin and wait for whatever he was about to do.

Cole brought out the handcuff where he kept it.
He pulled her two hands up before handcuffing them on the bed poll.

“You enjoyed being a slut right?… you were shamelessly entertaining other men without any iota of fear. I will treat you like a harlot, a cocotte, a hooker because that is what you chose to become sweetie….

Florence watched him go up and down.
He came back again with a whip and placed it beside her.
she neither plead nor look scared.

He was in his underpants when he climbed the bed and roughly pulled off clothes from Florence body.

He took off everything on her. She stared at him without emotions.

He lifted the whip and descend it on her multiple times.
She only flinch in pain but did not plead or cry.
She didn’t even say any words as he pounced on her like a prey.
She was bruised in both thigh, her both hand hurt so bad and felt swollen.
Her back was badly bruised too. She winced in pain but didn’t plead for him to stop.

Cole continue his horrifying sexual fantasy until he felt satisfied.
He wanted Florence to cry, to plead, to scream like a scared cat like she used to do in the past whenever he chains her up for sexual pleasure.

But she didn’t. She looked like she was

going to pass out but she still didn’t plead.
Cole finally left her alone.
He unchained her, pushed her to the floor and she fell with a heavy thud.
She was exhausted and was almost passing out but she managed to crawl to the bathroom. She entered the bathtub filled the bath with warm water.
She pulled up her knee, bent her head in between her bruised thigh.
Her whole body achs. She was in serious pain all over.
She filled the bathtub with warm water and sat inside.
Florence broke down and wept bitterly. It was a silent cry but she only wish she could scream down the roof.
She wish she will drag Cole and push his head underneath the water. She will watch him beg for breath, watch him plead for air and will be satisfied to finally watch him drown in the bathtub.

Different evil imagination flooded her mind as she sat there weeping silently.

Thinking of how much she had loved such a man from way back.

They have met during the time her company assigned her to go and take stock of the medical equipment supplied in Cole’s company.

He wasn’t a manager then but a senior staff.
He was the one taking her round the laboratory interlocked rooms meant only for senior staffs

He was quiet entertaining and very fine too.
She just ended things with Max, her ex boyfriend who later traveled out of the country.
She was open to dating again and getting married to a God fearing man.

Coleman Spence portrayed a perfect picture.
He talks about God with her and even asked her how often she attends church.

Anytime she invites him to a church program he never fails to attend.
His loves for children makes her even fell more in love with him.
He buys things for Susan’s kids even some of the kids in church.

He smiles alot and mentiones God anytime they were together.
including in every of their conversation.

It was exactly what Florence wanted.
He wasn’t much of a devoted Christan but he became serious after meeting Florence.
He has everything she wanted in a man and she began to imagine what being his wife will look like.
She wished and prayed to become Mrs Spence. She was madly in love with Cole and only hope that God will perfect their union.

They went on their first and second date and he appears like an angel.
Although she noticed that he was temperamental but he never allows it to get out of hand.
Florence saw that weak part of him but her deep love for him covers his multitude of sin.
He didn’t hide the fact that he loves her.
Whenever he talks about her beauty and her cute smile she will blush like a virgin maid.
They dated for almost a year before he proposed to her and she has no doubt that Cole was her husband.
God has finally answered her prayers.

It was all good after they got married. Cole attends church service with her, he even makes food, set the breakfast table, call often to check her at work but after a year he began to change gradually.

He told her that he wasn’t ready to have kids yet. She wanted to have kids after wedding but Cole thought differently.

She wondered why he showed so much care and love to kids both in church and anywhere he comes across them while they were dating but wants no kids of his own.
Could it just be a mere act.

She argued for weeks but Cole warned her not to ever go against his orders or she will live to regret it.
It was a serious threat.
She has to agree with him on everything just to avoid getting him pissed off.

Cole changed all of a sudden. He obviously doesn’t even know the God he talks about often while they were dating.

Everything changed. No love, no care, no sitting and laughing or even praying like some other couples do.
She sometimes feels this strong jealousy resting on her chest whenever she see Susan her sister with her own husband Jimmy. When she listens to her colleagues talking about their loving husbands or even some of her friends she feels so pained and began to wish Cole was truly loving.
She sometimes fabricate love story of she and Cole so that she won’t feel left out.

This year is their fourth year in marriage and yet, Cole is not talking about having children.
He is more after sexual fantasy. He sit on his laptop most nights watching either porn or some dirty sexual act which he will end up practising with her.

He sometimes buys the materials that aroused him in the dirty video he watches and force her to wear them

She has pleaded in the past for him to stop treating her like a hooker until she was tired and decided to dance to every music he plays.

Despite all of this she remains obedient. She loves him still and kept praying for God’s intervention. But it seems God is no longer interested in her affairs.

Her prayer life has gone so low, the zeal to pray or study the word is not there anymore.
She mostly finds her voice when she visit the church.
She express her self better and felt God was listening if not through words but through her heavy heart.
Cole stopped her from going to Church or visiting Susan.

Her life is in disarray. The worst part is that she still loves him dearly and felt helpless.

Florence scrubbed her body while in the bathtub. She wept heavily and wish both her mind and body will be purged.
Cole makes her feel dirty and worst with herself.
She was loosing her mind and can’t do anything to save herself.

She stepped away from the bath after sitting their for long. She made a strong coffee and gulped it down.
She needed something stronger. Maybe a stick of cigarettes before she go insane.
She made another strong coffee and stare at it, it was 2am in the morning.
Sleep has eluded her. She only wanted to get back her life again.

Florence sat on the table thinking. She wrapped her nighty around herself.

“Don’t just stare down at me God. Stop watching me wrath in pain… If you are truly up there and cares about me then do something quick before I do something crazy…

She gulped down the coffee again. Turn on the television and began changing from station to station, looking for a better one that will take her mind away from her problem.

She finally slept off and was awaken by Cole who questioned her on why she didn’t make any breakfast.
She managed to stand and walked to the kitchen to make something for him.
She set it on the dining with his coffee.

He was walking out of the door with his bag and car key without taking his breakfast again when Florence stopped her.

“Cole, the breakfast you asked for is on the dining..
Florence managed to say.
“I don’t feel like taking it anymore. Or is it a crime to change my mind…huh?

Florence has alot she wanted to say to his face. Her anger boils as she thought of last night and looking at his face this morning.
She walked away before her emotions will get the best of her.

After Cole left, she called her office to inform them that she won’t be able to make it to work that day.
She was still hurting from last night bondage from Cole and was not fit enough go to work.

She was sleeping in the mid afternoon when a call woke her up.

“Hello Floxy, hellooo…are you there?

It was Tina her girlfriend, they attended same university and she was her roommate back in school.

“Tina… I’m here. What’s up…

“,Cool. are you alright? Today is Monday… I assumed you didn’t go to work. Are you on leave or you are sick…

“I’m fine Tina. Just needed small rest that’s all…how are you?

She cleared her voice. Like she was about to say something funny

“Your darlin husband must have given you overdose sweetness last night that made you this tired. He glued you to bed… hahahaha! Or are you pregnant? I will be so happy Floxy if is true. How’s Cole… I believe he’s fine. Floxy, Guess who I ran into yesterday night?

Florence mentioned few names but Tina said they were all wrong.

“Is Maxwell… your max. We coincidentally ran into each other. He asked of you and even wanted your number. He said he just returned from Germany and I gave him your number… He just wants to say hi to you… Floxy, did he call you?

Florence told Tina that nobody called her. She doesn’t know how to react to the fact that her ex was in town and has her number.

After the call ended she stood to fix something to eat. She haven’t had breakfast and she also needs to make dinner for her husband.
It was almost 3pm.
She has been sleeping almost all day.

Florence made dinner ready for her husband
It was around 6pm she finished cooking.

Her husband close 5pm from his office and sometimes gets home by 8pm.

Her phone rang, she picked up.


“Hey Floxy. Longest time… this is Max.

” Hi Max…
Florence replied

“Your voice haven’t changed one bit. Still sweet to the ear like a melodious rythm. I Have missed you Floxy. How’s your family… husband, children… everyone?

Florence breathed deeply before replying

“Fine… we’re good. my husband is doing great too. How bout you max?

“Very well. I’m fine…can we chat on WhatsApp? I have already sent a message to you there…

Florence was quiet. Cole will not take it lightly with her if he finds out that she was chatting with her ex.

“Uhmmm! I’m very busy right now Max. Making dinner for my hubby…he will soon return. I won’t be able to chat with you… maybe not today, tomorrow I will be at the office. Any other day that I’m free I will holla you. thanks for calling anyway, Is nice hearing from you again.. I need to go back to my cooking…

“Alright then. I’m happy to hear your voice and to know that you’re doing great. Take care then…

Florence dropped her phone and return to what she was doing.
Around 9pm Cole was still not back.
She decided to call him to know if he was alright.

“Hey darling…is there traffic? I’m worried that you haven’t returned yet and decided to check up.

Cole sighed before saying
“You didn’t call all day, until now. What kind of wife are you…do I need to remind you that you are supposed to check up on your husband continuesly? Florence, you are too annoying for my liking. Anyway, I won’t be coming home tonight…I have something to sort out..

He was still talking when somebody interrupted him all of a sudden from the background.

“Mr Spence…can we go now? I’m ready. I need a long cool bath and a massage…

Florence heart skipped when she heard the female voice speaking to her husband..

She tried to ask who she was and where exactly Cole was at the moment but Cole ended the call and switched off his line.

Florence almost threw her phone to the wall out of annoyance.

She wondered who the lady was and where she was going with her husband at that time.

She took her time to make dinner for him and Cole never thought to call earlier and let her know that he wasn’t coming home.

She sat on the ground bitting her lips and trying to hold back herself from crying.

Her phone beeped, she checked her phone and it was Maxwell.

She wanted to ignore but decided to reply him.
He sent her an old picture of both of them.
She looks so happy and was laughing in the picture.
Florence replied him why he still has the pictures if them even after he knew that she was married.

She relaxed back and began chatting with Maxwell.
Chatting with Max took her mind away from thinking and crying over Cole and whatever lady he was with at that time.

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Re: Being Mrs Spence by Dapalace: 8:29pm On Apr 09
Episode 4




She looks at the file of paper work on her desk and gasped out tiredly.

Since two weeks now, she has not been able to concentrate at work.
Even her manager noticed the errors in her office performance few weeks ago and asked her what was going on.
She apologized and promised that it won’t happen again.
It happened again but her manager over looked it untill this week.
Today was Wednesday, her performance since Monday has not been impressive at all.

A whole lot of mistake and misplaced files.
After summiting her file work yesterday, she came to work this morning only to see the same piles of work that she has done previously on her table.
She saw a written note on it from her business development manager asking her to do it all over due to many mistakes in it.

She stared at the work tiredly and rest her head on her chair with her eyes shot.

“Mrs Spence…?

Florence quickly sat up and saw her manager.

“… what’s going on? Recently, your performance is becoming very poor…unlike you. Is affecting our daily productivity here.

“I’m sorry. I will readjust…I promise that’s it won’t happen again. Florence apologiesed.

“Yeah, you kept promising and saying the same thing every time. please let it not happen again for real this time. I’m already getting sick and tired of combining your work load with mine because yours isn’t properly done. Making excuses for your mistakes and working late because of you. Is over a month already with same issue, please we can’t continue this way. We all have different families to tend and other personal troubles. But we make sure it doesn’t get in the way of our jobs. Try to get yourself together and leave whatever troubling you aside… you need to refocus Mrs Spence… please. So that we can move forward…

Florence nodded to everything that her manager was saying
She apologized again and promised to do better.

After work she thought of going over to Susan’s place but to avoid further problem from Cole made her change her mind.

She has told Susan over the phone that the reason why she haven’t come by is because of her busy schedule.
She did not tell her it was because her husband stopped her from visiting.

She crave to speak to someone, maybe a drive to church will do lots of good, where she can pour out her mind to God but that too is under restriction.

Maybe a call to Tina, her close pal will be okay.
But Tina doesn’t know anything about her marriage. She has always fed Tina with lies painting Cole and her marriage as perfect.
She can’t possibly tell Tina the real thing she is passing through.
Tina holds her in high esteem and respects Cole

/> It will change everything and she may want to start asking about Maxwell.
She slowed things with Maxwell. She is a married woman no matter how sad her marriage to Cole is at the moment.
She remain married and wouldn’t want to give room for extra marital affair.

Cole and his mistery woman are definitely having something going which she has refused to admit to.

She has asked Cole the following day when he retuned about the female voice addressing him as Mr Spence.
But Cole said is his office secretary they were on a field work together.

She tried not to push harder just to avoid problem but Cole has been coming home late, spendings alot of time with his phone and leaving the house weekend and returning late.
She knew something is fishy but she refused to admit to it. Hoping that her assumption is not true.

She really needs to sit up and focus on her job to avoid further problem. She can’t loose her job because of Cole.
She will go totally insane if she stays home without stepping out.
Going to work is a little escape from the prison called home.

Cole will probably be coming late as his newly developed habit.
Stopping in the church for few minutes won’t be a bad idea.

Florence drove to church and walked in straight to the quiet place.
She sat at the front pew hoping there won’t be any distractions.
She crave to have few minutes alone with God.

“Oh God of heaven and of earth, you remain God above gods. You sees the heart of men and the content it holds. My heart is open before you God… no one can save my husband or my marriage if not you. Be merciful and answer me….mend my home please Lord. Restore sanity, love and godliness in my marriage. I want my husband to seek you and truly know that you are God. Help me to forge ahead as each day comes…. when my strength is not enough to carry me along, please Lord of all Lords carry me in your wings and don’t let me fall… please don’t let me fall….

Florence stayed praying and talking to God.
Tears run down her cheek and she didn’t bother stoping it’s flow.
When she later felt relieved she stood up and drove home.
Cole wasn’t back and she was happy for that.

She quickly prepared dinner for him. It was almost 11pm that he came back.

“Hey sweetie…

Cole surprisingly greeted his wife. He presented her with a banquet of flowers.

“…You’re still up? Thought you will be asleep by now. Did you make dinner…? I had my fill at the office but your food taste better to me. I will have a spoon or two before heading to bed. Sorry for keeping you awake… closed late as usual and the traffic was terrible too… could have called but got carried away. Sorry sweetie..Let me shower first.

He bent over and kiss Florence before walking to the room.

Florence pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.
She put the flower to her nose and it smells great.
She inhaled slowly before dropping it carefully.

She quickly set the table and made sure everything was perfectly in order to avoid getting him upset.
Could this be an answer to her prayers. The answer came quicker than she thought or was it a mere coincidence?
Could this be a prayer answered.
Florence continued to wonder within herself.

Cole had dinner and asked her how her day went
Florence gladly fill him in and try as much as possible not to go into details.

She had many questions she wanted to ask pertaining to his sudden niceness to her but she swallowed it up and hoping to ask on a good day.
They had a loving night, where he slowly cuddled her, he caressed her gently. Kissed her passionately which left Florence wondering what was really going on.

She has concluded within her that her husband is not the type that waste time in romance, he is not capable of treating her tenderly but he just proved her wrong.

“, Darlin…is it time to finally start trying for a baby?

Florence managed to ask while relaxing in his arm.
Cole was quiet, Florence almost thought he was offended by the question and was about apologizing to him.
But he suddenly said.

“I’m not fully ready yet. Let’s wait sweetie… maybe after this year then next year we can start making babies…

He replied her. Florence wish he can agreed to start right away but she nodded instead with a smile.
She was very okay to whatever her husband says.

While they were still in bed caressing and kissing, Cole moaned out a lady’s name.

It sound strange and might be a mistake which made Florence to ignore.

But he did it again and again in the middle of mating.
She went still and cold in bed, she didn’t know how to react to it.

After the whole thing was over, Florence still couldn’t wave it off.
She decided to asked him.

“Who’s Marina?
Cole turned and looked at her strangely.

“…. I’m sorry but you mentioned her like twice or more. It got me wondering…

Florence said calmly and hoping he won’t deny it.

“,I can’t remember doing that but Marina is my personal secretary’s name. Is probably due to she’s officially close to me but I can’t remember calling her name though….

Florence nodded quietly. She didn’t want to stress the issue any further.
They just had one beautiful bedroom moment that isn’t common unlike the rough love making she was used to.

She doesn’t want to spoil the atmosphere with worries, questions and doubts.

The following day she was early to work.
Due to last night time with Cole, she felt delightful and concentrated on her job.

Before weekend she was able to tidy her office work with no mistake.

Cole drove out that Saturday morning while Florence was tidying up the house when Susan came visiting.

“Is months now I haven’t seen your face. We have only been speaking over the phone. Since you complained of tight schedule is the reason for not coming over to my place, I decided to come visiting.

Florence was pleased to see her sister but she doesn’t want Cole to come back and meet her.

“Flo, you have not start considering childbearing? You have to force Cole, talk and fight for it if you truly desires to be a mother. Is four years already Flo…

“I know Suzy, Cole said next year…I will patiently wait till then. Florence cut in sharply.

“Listen Flo, you are a woman and this child bearing thing doesn’t work like magic… you need to be certain that you are very much fertile and can conceive easily. Cole is a man, he’s not the one that will carry the burden of the pregnancy. Is all on you…I will advise you to get pregnant first… then tell him about it. He won’t have choice than to accept your timing. Since he agrees next year, the differences is not much… start trying from this year Flo. Get pregnant and tell him and you will be surprised that he will be also be happy with the news…

Florence later dismiss her sister with the excuse of going to buy groceries.

She thought of what Susan told her and decided to take the risk.

She stopped taking her drugs and started getting more intimately involved with Cole who doesn’t know what she was after.
She bought alot of pregnancy test stick and hide it away

Cole harsh behavior retuned gradually but she tried everything possible to avoid getting into his trouble.
After two months, there was no sign of pregnancy. She kept trying, and became a bit worried at fourth month. Florence didn’t give up trying, she became more serious at it.

One Friday on the fifth month of trying to conceive, on her way home from the office she decided to pick up few groceries.
Cole spent the previous night out due to office work according to him.
She was going to make a delicious dinner before he returns tonight.

After picking up the groceries, she drove back home and was surprised to see Cole’s car.
He was back already, that was way too early for a night walker like Cole.

Florence happily got into the house, she was glad that her husband is home in time.
The weekend will be a great one.
She called out to her husband who is probably in the room.
She heard noise coming from the room and thought that he must be on call.

The sitting room, dining and kitchen was totally messed up. She wondered if there was a house party or it was just Cole who doesn’t like a messy place but single handly messed up the whole house.

While she bent over at the kitchen and try to unpack, somebody startled her from behind.

“Hi… you must be Florence?

Florence quickly stood and saw a fine young lady, wearing her clothes as she walks straight to the fridge to take a drink.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my cloth…?

“Oh, are the cloths yours? I didn’t know… Mr Spence pointed to a wardrobe and asked me to take anything from there and wear. We have been home all day and I didn’t come with much stuffs…

Cole came into the kitchen just then and said.

“Florence, you are back… try and clean up the house. You know how much I hate a messy place. By the way… this is Marina, my personal assistant. We have some paper work to tidy up together, so she will be spending weekend with us. Hurry and make dinner for all of us… I’m famished already. I guess Marina is equally hungry…

A speechless Florence looked from Cole to Marina who was smiling sheepishly.



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Re: Being Mrs Spence by Dapalace: 9:13pm On Apr 10
Being Mrs Spence
Episode 5



She looked up at him in doubt of what he was requesting.

Her eye ball pop out straight to his as she dares him to repeat what he just said.

“…Sweetie, it will be fun… let’s give it a try. Is another way of spicing up our marriage.

Florence began to laugh at the disgusted request coming from her very own husband.

“Cole, I’m not really sure I heard you clearly. What exactly did you say…again?

Florence was hoping he won’t have the gut to repeat it again but he did.

“Florence, I have said it twice already but since you pretend not to hear or understand me, I will say it again. Will you mind if Marina joins us in bed tonight… Is a new modernized way for sexholics like us to enjoys a sexathon bedtime, that’s a long period of sex. In other words is called party. Is hell of fun and I promise that you will enjoy it, trust me on this… and give it a try. Marina is very willing and if you can do this sweetie, I will do your bidding without a second thought….

“Cole you are obviously running mad without knowing it. I say it again with no apology… you and your Marina… two of you are crazy. You told me that she was only here for weekend right? But we are about to enter the second week and your so called personal assistant is still here. I caught you in bed with her on Tuesday when I decided to come home way too early and you apologies and promise to send her away Cole. You must have mistaken my quietness for a fool. I have been calm, tolerating, praying that you will get back to your senses, I have been cooking and cleaning her whole mess. I have made a big fool out of myself. You have the nerve, the gut Cole to ask me to have a party with you and Marina? and you think you are normal? You have allowed the devil to dominate your heart Cole, so get behind me devil. I’m tired already… I’m driving straight down to see your mother. I’m glad she’s still alive. I can’t take this whole madness anymore….I can’t.

Just then Marina stepped out of the room.

“I heard my name. I was wondering why my name was being mentioned. Listen Florence, is quiet clear that you don’t love your husband. He innocently asked for a party which is very common and you are here making a whole lot of noise… calling your ancestors. You even called him a devil. Oh my gosh… you are not fit to be Mrs Spence. You are angry that I haven’t left, Mr Spence invited me, I’m his personal visitor and if he wants

me to stay as long as I want no one can tell me otherwise. I’m his guest and not yours. Since you don’t value your marriage and not ready to spice up things then give room let another woman teach you the knowledge you obviously lack. Since I came into this house almost two weeks now, I have been on my lane, minding my business and only mingle with whatever Mr Spence wants me to contribute in which includes bedroom plays. I have been doing my job perfectly. You mentioning my name in a wrong way, that is exactly what I don’t like and I gat to stretch it out with you Florence, you are not a good wife. For refusing to spice up the bedroom pre-intimacy with your husband, you are a dulard and not ready to learn. I’m good at it and very willing to teach you what you don’t know…but your churchy lifestyle and primitive brain won’t allow you to be great. I’m sorry to say that you are not fit to be Mrs Spence…
Florence folded her fist, trying to suppress the anger forming heavily on her mind.

Marina was far from her reach. Florence who couldn’t take it anymore raised one leg up, took off a leg of her shoe.
Which was something she could easily lay her hand on.
She pulled it out and threw it straight at Marina who quickly dodged it.
She was about rushing down to her when Cole caught his wife and pushed her far away.

Florence fell down as Cole pushed her, she quickly stood up from the ground.

“Florence, why are you so vexed? Everything Marina said is the fact. Which of them will you deny? Anyway, you can still change your mind and let’s take our marriage to another level. Is a welcomed idea and it will help you greatly. And about seeing my mother, you are going to make a big mockery of yourself there, remember she is my mother and not yours. I won’t stop you from going to see her but you will wish you haven’t wasted your time going…

Florence stormed out angrily.
She drove out and kept hitting the steering wheel hard. She was almost running crazy and can’t keep it together anymore.
Driving down to see her mother inlaw took the whole day.
She was residing in another city and it was indeed a very long drive before she finally arrived.

Cole’s elder sister was around with her mother when she walked in. His elder sister’s daughter was watching kid’s show.

After exchanging pleasantries, without wasting time Florence went straight to what made her come all the way down.

Her mother-in-law looked at her daughter, that is Cole’s elder sister and they began to laugh.
Florence didn’t understand the reason for their laughter
Her mother inlaw loves to be addressed by her name. Everyone knows her as madam Gold.
Florence said to her.

“Cole brought a Lady for over a week now to our home all in the name of working together. She stays in the guest room and just last week Tuesday, I suspected their dirty game and drove back home only to caught them in our matrimonial bed together. Alot I can’t put into words have been going on madam Gold. Your son walks up to me this morning and asked me to join in a party sex with him and this said lady. There are many others but you see this last part where he asked me for a party cut me deeply madam Gold. Your son has no regards for me as his wife…he…

Madam Gold interrupted.

“Point of correction, stop addressing him as just my son, he is your husband and has in turn becomes your burden. I’m not interfering in your marriage Florence, carry your cross alone. That is what it takes to be Mrs Spence. If you complained from now till tomorrow, there’s nothing I can do. As far as I’m concerned, Coleman is not doing quarter of what his father did to me. I carried my cross, I enjoyed the marriage while it lasted because I chose to do so. Whatever your husband wants, give it to him…if he wants party, what is the big deal. If he brings a woman to the house, learn to share until she leaves. Do everything to make my son happy. He is your duty and not mine. Look at his sister here Betty, her husband is seeking for divorce because he said she’s not a good wife. His complain is baseless, accusing my daughter of violence and flirting with other men. After all she went through carrying his child and trying to support him. Betty doesn’t tolerate nonsense, she is just like me. She is ready to get divorce and move on because there are several other men that will dye for her. So, my dear Florence, do everything possible to save your marriage. If Cole wants you to turn upside down and do it with him, my dear comply…do everything to please Coleman and stop complaining. Many Ladies will kill to have your husband… that’s more reason you should protect what you have before you loose it and please stop complaining.

Betty spoke from where she sat, chewing gum loudly and filing her long nails.

“Listen Florence, my brother is a hot guy… many ladies will kill to have him. Since you are lucky to have him you should be grateful and stop complaining. He didn’t ask you to kill anyone just normal sexual fun and you are forming righteous. If you are not careful another Lady will eventually win him over. Is probably because you have not been able to produce any child for him that made him want to try another style… you should be really grateful that he is very hopeful of you giving him a child. What if you don’t have a womb or is already damaged? Try doing another style with my brother maybe you will conceive that way. Stop being a boring wife. Is not by being Mrs Spence, are you willing to do what it takes to hold the title. My Mum might have skipped it but she complains of your inability to conceive for Coleman. Is over four years and no sign of a child or pregnancy. My brother is very much alright… the problem is from you and you ran all the way here to sell him off. You should be grateful Florence… seriously…

Florence was in shock of everything she just heard both from her mother and sister inlaw.

“Wow… what a family. I’m not surprised at Cole’s crazy mentality. Cole said it all, and indeed it was a waste of time but I’m glad that we had this conversation. I can see it takes blood and sweat just to be this almighty “Mrs Spence”. And for the record, ask your son, madam Gold why he refused getting me pregnant. In his defense he doesn’t want a child yet…he isn’t ready for such responsibility. Like Betty assumed, the fault isn’t from me. Like I said earlier, I’m happy to have wasted my time for nothing. Atleast I can take whatever necessary measure that will give me peace of mind.

Florence stormed out. She ignored whatever madam Gold and Betty was saying.

She lodged in a hotel because it was late and left the following morning.
Cole was calling her that night but she ignored his call.
When she arrived home the following day,
The whole house was in disarray again.
Marina was sitting with her leg crossed and was watching the television.

“Finally, you re back. I’m hungry and have been craving for good food. Florence, please fix something for us to eat.

Marina said but Florence pretend not to hear a word she said.

“Florence, where did you pass the night? You have been away since yesterday and refused to pick my calls.

Cole barked at her, Florence replied.

“I drove down to see your mother, fortunately your sister Betty who her husband just kicked out and also asking for divorce was around too. We had a nice conversation and thanks for your previous warning about your mother not paying attention to whatever I have to say. You were absolutely right darlin.

“How happy that they gave you a taste of what they can do. And I can decide to kick you out just like Betty husband did to her if you continue like this. Don’t you ever insult any members of my family. Look around this house, is disorganized and there’s no food again left… tidy up the house and make something for me to eat.

Marina showed up by the door and said.

“Yea, Mr Spence is right. I’m really famished. And I know Mr Spence will also be very hungry… Florence, please when will you start the cooking.

Florence laughed out loudly for a very long time.
Cole and Marina stare at her.

“You and your Mr Spence are two funny folks. Marina, since we are both sharing my husband and also sharing my matrimonial bed, let’s also share the cleaning of the house, the cooking and other chores. I’m off this month, I hand it over to you and you can also have the title of Mrs Spence, I’m about to retire from that too.

She was about to walk away but Cole forcefully drew her back.

She angrily lifted her hand and slapped him on the cheek.
Cole was shocked, his jaw dropped because his wife has never done such before.
He screamed out her name.

Florence charged towards him and replied.

“Yes, Mr Spence? Listen to me Cole, you have pushed me to the wall far too long, watch out for the clap back because is going to be really messy.

She started walking towards the door,
Marina ran back thinking Florence was coming for her.

“I think i should just leave, I will go and pick my stuffs and be going… Mr Spence will no longer be needing my service here…I..wi…

Marina said while moving back from Florence.

“No, don’t go anywhere Marina. Mr Spence still needs you. if you leave who will clean up this house, do his cooking and satisfy his crazy large appetite for sex because I’m retiring for good. You can have Mr Spence all to yourself, invite your friends for party or sixsome, turn the house upside down and do as you please. He’s yours for now my dear Marina…

Cole interrupted.

“Marina, yeah…I think you should leave immediately. I need time with my wife… get your things and leave.

Florence turned to Cole angrily.

“If she leaves who will clean up the house? Who will do your cooking and satisfy your large urge in bed? Because I’m done with your crazy ass Cole… you can go to hell and burn for all i care. Your LovePeddler, harlot or your cocotte should wait and clean up this house because I’m not picking up a pin…

“Let her go, I will do the cleaning…

He said to Florence as he walked to the sitting room and began to pack up the dirts littered everywhere.

Florence sat on the cushion, relaxed back her head, placed her legs on a stool, change the television station, and began to watch.

While Cole continue to tidy the whole place.
Marina picked up her bag.

“Mr Spence, I’m leaving…

Cole nodded without a word as he went about cleaning up the place.
Marina walked out of the house.
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Re: Being Mrs Spence by VincenzoZhuxu: 9:49pm On Apr 10
Hoo lah lah
Re: Being Mrs Spence by Dapalace: 10:53pm On Apr 11
Episode 6
From the writer of morenikeji



“… you’re going through all of this but kept it all a secret. What if that son of a beast killed you? What if he disabled one part of your body… what will you say? To my understanding this is not marriage. I’m sorry to say but Cole, your husband is an animal. I would have dismembered him if anything happened to you.

Florence sniffs back and wiped a tear off.

“Cole is driving me nut…. I’m going crazy already because of my husband. After Marina, the lady he brought to our home left, Cole behaved normal for few days. He will do the laundry with the washing machine, vacuum the house even make breakfast sometime. I was very excited that my husband was finally back to his senses. He woke me up one night after spending time chatting on his phone, he inform me that he will be traveling. I sensed it that he probably wanted to go and lodge in a hotel with Marina. My husband traveled and stayed almost a week out. He came back three days ago with his old problem. Ordering me around like a maid, threatening to stop me from working if I don’t do his bidding. He even threaten to collect my car. He bought that car for me as a bribe during our second year in marriage when he had an affair and got caught, I threatened to leave back then before he bought that car for me just to ask me for forgiveness. Do you still remembered that Cole took the first car I bought with my money out and a truck ran it over, destroying it in the process. What I didn’t tell you is that Cole was busy talking with a woman inside an eatery, after doing a wrong parking and that was how my first car went. He promised to buy another but didn’t until I caught him having affair. There’s a lot to be said, I’m already tired. Suzy…I don’t know what to do anymore. I want my husband back. I still love him and wish we can live like normal couples. I admire you and Jimmy alot. I’m trying to get pregnant but to no avail. I don’t know what’s wrong with me… maybe if a baby is involve Cole will change for good.

Susan sighed sadly.
“Do you think so? I know you love your husband but your sanity and peace of mind should come first Flo. Well, if you think getting pregnant will change Cole to a better man, then I suggest you do so. If pregnancy is not forthcoming then try visiting the doctor…I want to also carry my niece or nephew, depending on which comes first.. soon. Flo, relax everything

will be alright but if Cole dares lay a finger on you next time, don’t keep mute let me know…
Florence decided to visit the doctor.

After checking her, the doctor told her that she was alright but her immune system is down due to all the dose of pregnancy preventive drugs she had been taking for over three years.
He prescribed some medicine for her and seven days injection.
He also said that her husband needs to take the seven days injection and some medicine that will boost his fertility.

Florence got home and without wasting time told Cole that they need to start getting ready to conceive.
She told him everything the doctor said and asked him to also visit the doctor to take his own seven days injection.
So that when they are fully ready for a child there won’t be any delay at all.

Florence didn’t tell Cole that she has been trying for several months to get pregnant but to no avail which made her visit the doctor.

Cole refused to go with her to see doctor
He told her that he was very alright, he said if something was wrong with her medically nothing was wrong with him and he wasn’t ready for her to get pregnant yet.
He suggested that she should continue taking the pregnancy preventive medicine that she was taking because he was not ready for the responsibility of becoming a father.
He can’t stand the mess, expenses, the whole drama of having a baby yet.

Until probably next year or upper. Untill then Florence has to do as he said.

It saddened her greatly when her husband said those words but she wasn’t ready to give up trying.
He may not be ready but she was ready and won’t allow Cole stop her.
When the baby is finally born, her husband will have no choice than to take up his fatherly role seriously.

Florence did everything that she was asked to do yet there was no change.

She began to seek God out, praying fervently for God to be merciful to her and bless her womb.
But after several prayer no improvement.

Cole believed she was still taking her drugs, not knowing that for almost eight months Florence has been trying to conceive.

Florence felt Cole is maybe the one delaying her from conceiving.

They make love three to five times in a week.
Cole is sometimes rough in bed but what she was mostly after is to get pregnant not the pleasure aspect of it.

Florence began to pressurize Cole to go and see the doctor but Cole kept insisting that nothing was wrong with him, whenever he is ready for a baby, she will stop taking the preventive medicine so that she can conceive.

After two weeks Cole said to her in bed after their usual love making.

“There’s something I want to tell you sweetie, don’t take it to heart please. I know it was a big mistake but it has happened and there’s nothing I can do…

Florence nodded, she thought Cole was about to admit that something was medically wrong with him and ready to buy into her suggestion to go see a doctor but he shocked her by saying.

“Marina is pregnant…

Florence blinked back severally. Not sure of what she just heard or was it her ear drum?

“Whaaaat?…I don’t understand Cole..

“I said Marina is pregnant for me. She is almost three months gone. I didn’t know how to tell you before Sweetie… she told me last month and….

She didn’t hear the rest of Cole’s explanaion. Florence stood up from the bed like a robot. She kept pinching herself to make sure that it wasn’t some bad dream.



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