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Re: Competent Writers Needed For Long Term Engagement (pay N3 Per Word) by Wierdceo: 8:59am On May 08, 2021
You should have just provided an email adress na. Look how rowdy this post is now. So many excellent writers here. I'm intimidated and can't even upload anything cos these guys up here are great writers. Nigerians are brilliant o.
Re: Competent Writers Needed For Long Term Engagement (pay N3 Per Word) by Davidpeter143(m): 5:33pm On May 08, 2021
Hello ,
I am David Peter, I got your contact in your advert on the space for the content creator for your Automotive Industry in Nairaland.

I will write free content for you with no pay for this first meeting only. Instead, of providing you with samples you aren't sure I wrote.

Kindly WhatsApp me on +233543501462
Re: Competent Writers Needed For Long Term Engagement (pay N3 Per Word) by Lany1: 8:19pm On May 08, 2021
If you're interested, copy and paste a text written by you (minimum 250 words) in the comment section. If I am impressed, I will contact you.

Note: If you're an article writer, please do not apply. I am looking for writers who can write on anything.

3 Peak Performance Hacks for Business Growth

Your business won't grow without these hacks!

Research has proven that 45% of businesses fail in their first five years Guess one of their significant causes?
It is Growth and expansion . Without peak performance, your business won't grow as planned and can result in failure.

So, would you like to avoid failure and grow your business successfully? Then read to the end to get a full grasp of the hacks.

1. Employees: How are they essential for your business growth?

I am sure you know that employees are essential to your business. They can excel your business and also deter it from growing.

Here are important aspects you need to know and do with your employees to achieve peak performance:

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your employees: This is very vital because it makes you know where your employee's skills and abilities. Then you can maximize their strengths and work on their weaknesses to enable your business growth.

Share your business' vision/goal with your employees: You can make printed copies for all your employees. This will enable peak performance because they know the set goals and objectives

Have interpersonal relationships with your employees: To get the peak performance of your employees, you need to break the barrier and have relationships with them. Give them the opportunity to access you and the management.

Set goals and target: Give your employees a target for the week or month and back it up with a financial and non-financial incentive. Then watch how your business productivity and performance (sales, products outputs, finance, etc.) will increase that month

2. Don't be afraid to take risk

If you are afraid of taking risks then your business will fail. Though you should take a calculated risk. Starting a business itself is a risk, so why won't you take risks for your business decision and expansion. But before taking a risk consider this:

Will it encourage peak performance
Is it consumer-oriented
Is it favorable for your employees
Will it expand your business etc.

3. Maximize key performance indicators (K.P.I):
Paldesk defined KPI are sets of quantifiable measures that are used in business to gauge performance over time. Performance measurement increases peak performance.
Before choosing your KPI, you have to decide what you want to grow There are various KPIs you can observe but I will mention a few:

Monthly sales growth
Sales target
Sales per rep
Product performance and
Customer lifetime value


The 3 hacks were just revealed to you. It can save your drowning business
Get acquainted with them, apply them and you will see exponential growth in your business.
Re: Competent Writers Needed For Long Term Engagement (pay N3 Per Word) by MuffAkom(m): 11:28am On May 09, 2021
EVERYBODY has their own personal opinion about the most famous of all cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin. As of today, it is unlikely to meet someone who has not heard at least of the name. Some will tell you “you know I heard about Bitcoin when it was worth 70 cts and should have bought some at the time, I regret it now’. Others will say “I had an argument with my wife the other day she told me I should have bought bitcoin, pfff is this thing even real ? ”. And there are people looking for help, because they forgot the password of their electronic wallets in which they own plenty of bitcoins worth millions now. For many others, cryptocurrency is a scam. For millions of others it is an opportunity to make money, as you can trade cryptocurrency and do business with it, as you would with any other commodity and currency. For various reasons, a huge part of the population still associate Bitcoin with the Darknet, human and drug trafficking.
Yet, we can all agree that unfortunately criminals did not wait for Bitcoin to exist to commit crimes and trafficking. Sadly, human and drug trafficking pre-existed Bitcoin and this is a fact. This is why it is paramount to go back to the basics: MONEY, in order to understand and appreciate the purpose of cryptocurrency.
YOU will probably define Money as a piece of paper or a bank note, a piece of metal that enables you to buy goods and services. You can acquire your house with money, pay for your electricity bills, pay for your holidays, pay for children's tuition fees, etc…
How did we come about accepting that a piece of paper represents money ? It is generally said that it all began 11,000 years ago in the Neolithic period. At that time, the Earth experienced unprecedented global warming. Large savannahs appear where wild wheat and barley grow. They were populated by wild oxen, sheep and goats. Men gather in tribes. They polished the granite to make weapons and tools. Nomadic hunter-gatherers began to cultivate and raise animals, but also to make, and probably to exchange, the first objects.

09020980061 WhatsApp or call
Re: Competent Writers Needed For Long Term Engagement (pay N3 Per Word) by engrFsumtin(m): 8:32pm On May 09, 2021
Reducing mental stress

Mental stress emanates from having a state of mind that is overwhelmed by our surroundings. When we are stressed, our breathing gets impacted and it becomes faster and shallow. This in turn activates our fight and flight response. Fortunately, we can consciously change our response from stress to relaxation by just changing the way we breathe. There are diverse techniques that can be adopted in reducing metal stress but for the purpose of this piece, we shall be looking at the 2:1 technique.

The 2:1 technique can help reduce your stress by actively changing the rate in your breathing pattern, thereby activating your rest and digest response. This technique is done by breathing in and out through the nose. It is effectively done by counting using numbers. To breathe in, you pick any number of your choice and count that number while you’re holding your breath. Then for breathing out, you double the number of counts you used to breathe in.

For instance, if you chose the number 4, you would breathe in for a count of 4 and breathe put for a count of 8 which is the double of 4. This is why it is called the 2:1 breathing technique. Although it is advisable to find a pattern in your breathing, by first breathing in and out for the same number of counts(this should be done at least thrice).
So, stress is inevitable but next time you feel stressed, ensure to adopt the 2:1 breathing technique and always remember that relaxation is just a few breaths away.

O.....7.....O.....8....... 1.......8....7..... 4....9....1....1

Re: Competent Writers Needed For Long Term Engagement (pay N3 Per Word) by davestead(m): 8:36pm On May 09, 2021
How to Create Perfect Logical Flow in Writing
Attaining perfection in any field of human endeavor does not come easy. There's always a price to pay. It requires learning, dedication and an awful lot of practicing. The same obtains in writing. That many people fail to achieve perfect logical flow in their contents makes writing a nightmare for too many people. Yet, creating fluency in writing isn't a rocket science.

Achieving this objective should not be an exclusive preserve of few writers. It simply requires knowledge and application of the components that give your writing a seamless flow and rhythm. But before I analyze this all-important theme in writing, you must first understand what flow means in writing.

The Concept of Flow in Writing involves Flow is a smooth transition between ideas or thoughts and between sentences and paragraphs in content. Flow, as a concept, is not easy to capture in a single definition. This is because it incorporates many aspects that make a content coordinated, coherent and engaging.

As a writer, imagine yourself as a cab driver and your content as the car, wherein sits your reader as the passenger. If you can navigate the bends and bumps gracefully, your client will certainly call you the next time out. But he will avoid your service like a plague, if you give him a torrid time with a reckless driving. So, how do you create flow in your writing?

Prepare an Outline:

You just don't rush into writing anything worthwhile. You must reflect deeply on the theme you want to write about. An outline is the logical layout of your topic. It's the sum total of the strategies you want to adopt in writing your text. You must put them down on paper as they pour forth from your mind. Many people make the "suicidal" mistake of writing contents without outlines.

This is a recipe for disastrous texts. Creating an outline is like carefully butchering a cow. You must dissect it into different parts to have good and neat chunks of beef. Your content also is made up of many aspects. You must take the pain to meditate on the methods you want to use to address each aspect. Putting the main points you are to discuss on paper will prevent you from straying into irrelevance.

Organize your Thoughts:

It's not sufficient to have a good outline. You must arrange items you want to employ logically. Imagine yourself walking into a room that is richly furnished. But items of furniture, electronic gadgets and clothes are jumbled together on the floor. This disorganization surely will not appeal to your eyes. In the same vein, your good outline will not compensate for the chaotic ordering of your thoughts.

I need to stress it that this is a function of your mind. It must be settled and coordinated. You must train it on the subject of your writing. Human mind can be very unruly. So, the onus lies on you to tie it to the aims of your discourse. How well you do this will, no doubt, manifest in your final draft. The target here is that you discipline your mind to only roam around things that are relevant to your document.

Impress with Good Topic and Introduction:

You need to start strongly. Your topic must be aptly crafted to capture the essence of your content. It connotes your reader must know what you want to write about by merely glancing at your topic. Remember it's your first chance to connect to your reader. It's your maiden opportunity to hook or lose him/her. Right from your topic, the reader begins to assess your competence or otherwise.

It is, therefore, vital that you dig deep within you and produce a master class of a topic. Trailing your topic is your introduction. The manner and expertise through which you write your opening sentence is very critical to the success of your text. If you have baited your reader with a catchy topic, you can easily discourage him with a weak or an errant first sentence.

You must sustain his /her interest by following up with a sentence that will kindle his/her desire to read on. It's really like advertising your wares to a prospective buyer. The way you comport yourself and brand your product will dictate the reaction of your buyer. In writing, these are reflected in your style and tone.

These are the non-verbal cues that market your content to your readers. They are the mirror via which your readers look at your personality.

Use logical connections between your ideas:

This concept means your ideas must meaningfully relate to one another. You must not bring in a thought that doesn't gel with the theme of your discourse. This is why you should focus your mind strictly on the purpose of your writing. Human mind are usually wild, riotous and uncoordinated. You will do well to tame it. So, don't allow your mind to stray while writing. As your reader follows your sequence of thoughts, be careful not to lose him by injecting irrelevant materials into your discourse.

Begin your Paragraphs with Topic Sentences:

You should let your reader knows the focal point of your discussion at the beginning of each paragraph. This is precisely what a topic sentence does. It reveals the point to be dissected in the paragraph. A topic sentence tells the reader the main point of a paragraph. Therefore, the reader knows what to expect in that paragraph.

You must be careful not to deviate from this point. It's is unprofessional to lump two points into the same paragraph. The topic sentence is the chief sentence of the paragraph. All other sentences must elaborate on the topic sentence. Because it is the foundation upon which other sentences are built, you must make it clear, straight-to-the-point and apt.
It must be devoid of ambiguities. Topic sentences help the reader to navigate through your text and follow your train of thoughts. It must etch the message vividly in the mind of your reader.

Deploy Transitions to Link your sentences:

Transitions are indispensable linguistic tools that create flow in writing. Transitions are like guard rails that prevent readers from falling off. Transition is a crucial term in government.

Elections are media via which a government hands over power to another. When the electoral processes are not credible, the baton of power cannot be successfully exchanged. This often results in chaos in a country. The same applies to a content that lacks proper transitions. It will end up in chaotic disruption of the reader's understanding. Transitions are like paddles by which readers steer between sentences and paragraphs. It's not enough for you to just employ transitions in your text.
The emphasis is to use the right one in the right context. A writer whose content lacks transition is just as guilty as the one who uses them inappropriately. There is a vast pool of transitions from which a careful writer can draw.

You can reach me @07031636166 on call or WhatsApp or onyenco89@gmail.com
Re: Competent Writers Needed For Long Term Engagement (pay N3 Per Word) by damianchiemezie(m): 8:00am On May 10, 2021
*5 Business Lessons From Shakespeare*

[Business, skills, and talents]

William Shakespeare was a great playwright and poet of his era. He views life realistically. And is known for his writings; he is amongst the most quotable authors in the world. [He is my favorite author by the way]

Just like the Scripture contains some business knowledge, Shakespearean's writings contain a good number of business lessons, though I will only outline 5:

1 - *The magic of thinking big*:

In one of his poems titled:

" _Shall I compare thee to the summer's day_ ",

The speaker [she] is head-over-heels in love with someone and is trying to compare his goodness to the summer's day. But she becomes unsatisfied on realizing that summer has its own weaknesses. And her lover is more lovely and temperate than the summer's day.

He is more "lovely" and less extreme. In contrast to the heat of a summer's day, he is "temperate": mild and pleasant.

What does this teach you about business?


Did you know that your business is your lover? And you should do everything to please her, take care of her.

But the problem is: you compare your business, skills, career with crumps.

Raise the bar:

What if you aim at the apex? What if you come to the consciousness that your business is not small so that you don't need to aim low. What if…?

Just like the lover realizes in the poem how better her lover is than the summer's day, you should know that your business is significant and needs the best comparison possible. And what did she do when she finds the weaknesses of the summer, the sun, and other things she compares him with?

Simple: change of mindset - She compares him with something eternal and says:

" _So long as men can breathe or eyes can see_,

_So long lives this, and this gives life to thee_ ".

Buddy, your business should be as good as the best there is. No excuses; so you must keep building. And don't forget to harbor the thought in your heart and soul that you must build something that will outlive you: " _So long lives this, and this gives life to thee_ "

2 - *The impact of good Customer Service*:

Statistics show that brands with good customer service tend to do better financially [and otherwise] in business than its competitor. This is great psychology of marketing that the masses don't know.

And that is why the layman get happy when staff in one big brand addresses him with "Sir"/ Ma'am and tries to solve his problem with all the humility in the world.

How do you treat your customers?

One way to outshine your competitor, no doubt, is to treat your customers like gold. And by the way, they are gold – they produce the money with which you run the business; without them, your business is gone.

Just like the lover in the poem " _Shall I compare thee to the summer's day_ ", you need to discover your business weakness and make amends if you must thrive.

When the speaker discovers the weaknesses of the summer, she says:

_And summer's lease hath all too short a date;_

_Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,_

Summer is the warmest season of the year, coming between spring and autumn?

According to the speaker, it has two weaknesses:

It is fickle; it keeps changing; it doesn't last " _And summer's lease hath too short a date_"


It is too hot sometimes " " _Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines_"

The speaker comes to know that in contrast to the heat of a summer's day, her lover is temperate, mild, and pleasant:

_Shall I compare thee to a summer's day_?

_Thou art more lovely and more temperate_

What did you learn from this?

The weaknesses of the summer are playable in human nature; the summer is fickle and sometimes hot.

How do you treat your customers?

Are you like the summer?

The summer is fickle -

Maybe you are inconsistent in character or brand, and customers can't understand you. Today, you are a graphics designer, tomorrow, you are a musician, next tomorrow, and you are a programmer.

Are you like the summer?

The summer is hot sometimes-

Maybe you are too hot for the customers to handle?

Don't you think you can make the customers' experience better by taming your temper, by building emotional intelligence?

Don't you think you should stop shouting at them and try to understand them?

Like the speaker's soul mate, be temperate, pleasant, and mild.


Say "Thank you" after doing business with them. I don't miss to say this when someone purchases my Ebook. And while automating your page, don't forget "Thank you" page.

Please, appreciate them. They are the reason why you are still in business.

Moreover, don't forget to send gifts, birthday messages, and giveaways. You can do better.

3 - *The necessity of starting small*:

Bernard Shaw quipped: "A life spent making mistake is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing"

"You don't need to be great to start but you need to start to be great" Les Brown advised.

Many are scared of starting their business, learning a skill because they would fail; most are afraid of starting small.

They want all the money in the world and all the skills necessary before they press the 'play button' They are afraid to make mistakes; they want it perfect and before they know it, the passage of time and fear would eat all the business ideas and inspiration away, leaving them helpless and hopeless.

Here is it:

"Ideas don't come out fully formed, they only become clear as you work on them" – Zukerberg.

You must start however small, and improvise. It is a process; you modify on the go and you discover some significant innovation on the road which would not come to your consciousness without mistakes.

Buy it: *You must make mistakes*. In case you don't know: mistakes are the price of an interesting life -- Sophia Loren. Make them and move on.

This is why Shakespeare said through a character in his play "As You Like It" that "All the world is a stage" and "all the men and women merely its players"

Your business should be personalized, acting like a human being, solving problems for mankind. Therefore, it is included as a player in this stage, world. And according to Shakespeare, every player plays seven roles during his life.

Guess the first stage.

The first stage is that of an infant.

Yes. Read it again.

He is helpless in his mother's arms. He pukes in the nurse's arms. He urinates on his dad's trousers. He defecates on a guest's skate ( � LOlz)

Why must he do all this? He is an infant; he doesn't know it is wrong.

Notice: he is not only embarrassing outsiders with his urines and vomits, but he is also embarrassing himself.

That is business.

When you start small, you are an infant. With your mistakes, you are not only embarrassing your customers, but you are also embarrassing yourself. But that is fine because your business won't be young forever. Just like when the child begins to grow, he learns along the way and most of what he did to embarrass himself as a child, he would never do it again. There is no learning without mistakes. Period.

4- *The significance of change*:

"I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better" --- Georg C. Lichtenberg

Why must you change?

Read on:

In the second stage of life according to Shakespeare, man [ your business] is a child who goes " _creeping like a snail unwillingly to school_ " He is innocent; he is unwilling to learn. He wants freedom.

Screw it! There is nothing like freedom. Death is freedom. When you die, you are freed from all the burdens and struggles of this life. In your business, as a starter, you will be tempted to behave like a child forever- who creeps like a snail unwillingly to school. You would be tempted to play it small and safe. But don't give in.

Don't chase after freedom; you won't get it. You must keep learning and improving until you die – that is the freedom.

Therefore, you need to change. Unlike the innocent child who is unwilling to learn, you must be abnormal in your pursuit of success. Read like a mad man, go for seminars, show up unapologetically, follow successful brands as if your life depends on them; imitate with your own innovation. That is okay. Move.

We may notice that man keeps on losing one quality and blessing while qualifying for another one. That is change. For you to qualify for a greater blessing you must lose your childish liberty.

And what is a blessing to you as a child might be a curse to you as a grownup. Skipping a bath as a child seems cool; you cry when your parents drag you to the bathroom. But as an adult, you rejoice and feel cool when you take your bath. Change.

Change comes immediately you alter your perspective; it also comes with pain but you can't stretch without it. Elon Musk said it best " _Some people don't like change but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster_"

5- *The effect of curiosity, and large-heartedness*:

Roderigo, Shakespeare's character in "Othello" is a passionate lover who is desperate to have Desdemona. Even when she gets married to Othello, in his heart, he still harbours affection for her. But he doesn't know how to fetch this woman; he lacks the tactics, skills on how to woo a woman. He is stuck and needs to find his way into the arms of this beautiful woman.

Because he loves her very well and can do anything to get her, he goes to meet a business mentor. Lago would teach him the business of how to get this woman dying for him. He gives almost all his fortune to Lago to help him on this journey.

Imagine your business as Desdemona, Roderigo's crush. The amount of passion you should have to grow your business should be equivalent [ or even greater] than the amount of passion Roderigo has for Desdemona.


Immediately this burning desire sets in, you will be ready to sacrifice all you have to succeed in your business, just like Roderigo gives all his fortune to find his way into his crush's heart.

If you notice, a lover is willing to do everything to please his/her spouse. So also you should be willing to do everything to please your business, to grow it.

If you sacrifice everything and still lose, worry less, keep doing it. *What you become in the process is greater than the reward*. Move.

Like Roderigo, you must be curious, you must open your mind. He goes to Lago to help him get Desdemona. Whatever business you are running, there is someone who knows better than you, who can help you achieve your business plans, meet them. They would show you the way if they are the right people.

I repeat: They would show you the way if they are the right people. Roderigo didn't know this, so he stumbles and becomes a pawn in Lago's plan.

Learn from Roderigo's mistakes. He is passionate and curious to improve his business. [ To have Desdemona] But he meets the wrong person; he loses his fortune and even the lover. Don't be like Roderigo who meets the wrong person.

Mind who you meet for advice…

Look before you leap;

Assess before you access;

Verify before you submit;

Preview before you print.

Damian Chiemezie

Writer/ Transformational Speaker/ Publisher
WhatsApp only -- 08153680779
Re: Competent Writers Needed For Long Term Engagement (pay N3 Per Word) by Bashmantech: 12:55pm On May 10, 2021
If you looking for an extra source of income, and you are interested in writing, i.e you know how to write articles and blog posts, and can meet deadlines, feel free to contact me using the Telegram link below or bashman0001(at)gmail.com . Send two or three samples. Thank you and have a great week ahead!

bit . ly / 3uamxxk

bit. ly / 3uamxxk

copy and remove the space. Thanks.
Re: Competent Writers Needed For Long Term Engagement (pay N3 Per Word) by Immasive: 1:55pm On Sep 06, 2021
If you're interested, copy and paste a text written by you (minimum 250 words) in the comment section. If I am impressed, I will contact you.

Note: If you're an article writer, please do not apply. I am looking for writers who can write on anything.

Should you choose to work with me, you can expect an amiable, reliable and dependable working partner in me

I can proficiently :

Use Long Tail Keywords
Make use of Google Docs
Use Grammarly
Source and Insert Hyperlinks
Write SEO-inclined articles
Source and Insert Royalty-Free Images
Write Website Content Materials
Write Ebooks and Product Guides

I can make delivery of up to 4,000 words daily.

Rest assured, you can count on me . I know what it takes to be a good writer and bring success at article development and i'm bring this and more to the table.

I can be reached on 09121073919

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