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Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 5:20pm On May 14
Hey guys, welcome to Kenya's diary. This will be more like a pregnancy diary, where I'll document all that I and my pooch Kenya will experience during this period.

Since I adopted Kenya, I've been dragging my feet regarding opening a mini diary for her, at least for times when I'll be bored and will need to reflect on old times. But better late than never they say, right?

I may not be the best story teller but I do hope I narrate as clearly and interesting as possible the events that will unfold in the next couple of weeks.

I hope to update this page at least twice weekly: every Sunday and any other day. This is because she was bred on a Sunday, so I'd like to see what changes there are every Sunday till she litters.

We ( Kenya and I) draw motivation and strength from our able mama, Jayned and her I Love My Dogs series. grin Check her out here https://www.nairaland.com/3659603/love-dogs

So help me God!
Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 5:52pm On May 14
So I adopted Kenya on Thursday 4th of May, 2020. She has been a source of joy, exercise, annoyance and expenses to me. grin She has long grown from that little cute and lovely black ball of fur that seemed couldn't survive a fortnight to an independent, beautiful, exuberant, loud mouthed young lady. She has never been sick save for one time she most probably picked up something on one of our evening walks and was seriously down for only a night. She's very energetic, kai! Whoever said Lhasa apsos are low energy dogs surely hasn't met Kenya. She can play the entire day, jumping from one place to another without seeming to get tired.

She takes her sentry job seriously. Whenever an unknown face or voice comes along, she'll raise a lot of hell that can waken even a sleeping deaf man! grin Irony is that once you let her out of her cage, she'll run straight to that same person she was barking so ferociously at and start playing with the person.

There are like 3 other Lhasas on my street, including several other breeds, but none as popular as Kenya. Everybody knows her name. This is so much so that I dread walking her some evenings cos we'd surely be delayed by all the calls of ''Kenya!'' and the guys who'd stop us, wanting to play for some time with her!
Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 12:31am On May 17
Well I have been waiting for Kenya to grow and boy did she take her sweet time doing that! She seemed to be an eternal puppy. I had read that her breed could get on their first heat as early as 6mths, so imagine me waiting with bated breathe to experience it. Mind you, this was my first time having a lhasa and a female. I've always had male dogs, mostly Caucasians. But Kenya seemed to have other plans. There was no sign of swelling nor bleeding at all. 6mths turned to 8mths, then 1yr, still nothing. Oh, except for one occasion when I saw a tiny drop of blood on the plastic base of her cage, around when she was 8mths. I thought that was too infinitesimal to be the real deal cos the bleeding from a real heat should be all over the place, right? Moreover, there was no swelling around her vulva region or any of those signs I had read. Turned out she was having a silent heat cos I eventually contacted the guy from whom I adopted her and was told her sister from the same litter equally had a silent heat about the same time as she. Imagine my frustration waiting up till she was like 14mths and yet no show! I was fit to climb a roof! Kenya is a sweet little angel, no doubt, but I was so caught up in my zest to experience the joys of having a dog go through heat and all the processes of having cute, little puppies that I didn't realise that she was an individual, with her own body chemistry.

Things got to a point that I contacted a friend who's also into keeping dogs about my ''plight''. He suggested I give her a little more time and see but I'd have none of that. He told me it'd be risky trying to induce her with injections, with the possibility of ruining her chances of ever getting pregnant again even if I later was successful with the initial trial. He instead suggested I give her Folic Acid tablets for sometime, to maybe activate her ovaries into getting some eggs mature enough to induce her into coming on heat. I thought that that would be a harmless way to try. So I got the said tablets from a local pharmacy store for #350; comes in a 100tablets canister and commenced giving her 3tbs daily. This was in addition to her daily dose of 1multivitamin tablet. According to my source, with a consistent dosage, she should come on heat in about 2wks. Well I gave them to her, every day without fail, for more than one month, yet no show! That was when I concluded that she must be a male in a female body! grin I just jejely hands off her matter and just let her be. If it finally happens, toor, fine and good, if not, no wahala.

Y'all know how the saying goes, that when you've given up hope, that's when the magic happens? Exactly how it turned out. cheesy
Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 12:46am On May 17
Here's a picture of the said Folic Acid

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 12:50am On May 17
The Multivitamin

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 12:52am On May 17
Oil for my brown skin girl. cool

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 1:11am On May 17
After going through a can and half of the tiny folic acid tablets and still no show, I called it quits. Na so we just dey dreg am dey go. To say I was super disappointed would be putting it mildly. But nothing spoil, at least she was healthy, and happy.

Mind you, Kenya is not the type that eats a lot, she would just take a few mouthfuls of her meal, no matter how tantalizing I make them. Initially, I was feeding her with Optimax Puppy kibbles, with a few cuts of pork sometimes whenever I can get them from work. I work as a Translator with a Chinese company. Sometimes too, I feed her noodles and boiled egg, sometimes my leftover meals too, all in a bid to find out what she likes. Yet she'd treat them as though they taste sour! cheesy Just a few bites and she's done. FYI, I deworm her regularly and all her vaccs have been completed since puppyhood: DHLPP, AntiRabies, all done. So there was nothing else left for me to do that hasn't been done.

Oh yeah! I also read that a female in heat can induce another intact female to come on heat if they are in close quarters. Around February, think after Val, one of my friend's dogs was cycling, so I asked for her to be brought back home to stay with Kenya for some time and see if we could record some success. Aunty was brought home, she stayed with Kenya for 5days straight and was subsequently returned to be bred. Yet Kenya didn't even shake body.

Another friend suggested I put her up with a mature male, that maybe that could work, but I was done. I decided to rest and let nature run its course.

And the wait continued...
Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 1:26am On May 17
I know by now, y'all will be asking why I haven't posted her pictures yet. Relax! It's intentional.

That was how we continued with our lives, till that early morning, Thursday 29th of April, 2021 when I went to feed her as usual before prepping for work. I thought she didn't jump up to greet me as normal and something told me to check her vulva. Casually, for the millionth time, I turned her, raised her tail and there it was! Staring back at me was a trail of dark red blood! Yaaayyyy! I was first stunned, then confused, then ecstatic! I couldn't believe that what I've waited for like donkey years was finally here. I almost did a victory lap that morning. grin

And that was how the journey intensified.

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 1:46am On May 17
For the next few days, I felt like I had won a jackpot. cheesy The feeling no be here o. I intensified my search for a stud. I had already made few contacts about that before, but most didn't match up with my requirements. I wanted a thorough and pure bred, preferably black, long coat male lhasa that receives loads of love from his parents. I mean Kenya is a beaut, her mum was originally from the Philippines, her dad was equally pure breed. She receives a lot of care and love from me. Surely I wasn't about to let some street guy whose parent does not give equal attention. When it appeared I couldn't get what I wanted, I contacted the guy from whom I got Kenya and he sent me a video of two gorgeous males that any sensible dad would want to have his girl. cool One was gold (the old sire, also from the Philippines) and the other was black (his son). I chose the black obviously. He had this flowing tail which was evidence that he has a long coat, even longer than his dad's, although he was clipped at that time. We then set a date for the cherry popping. grin

In the interim, I had Kenya dewormed again, first with Praziwormer tablet and then two 1ml shots of Ivermectin. This was to be rooster sure that she has no endo or ecto parasites by the time she'd be going in to be bred.

The bleeding eventually thinned down to some straw coloured, watery looking blood around the 9th day and we were ready to commit the fornication. But it actually didn't happen till the 11th day.
Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 1:59am On May 17
On the 11th day counting from the first day I saw the bleeding, on Sunday 9th May 2021, I and Kenya set out from Agbara in Ogun State to Lekki to get her cherry popped.

When we arrived, the gentleman whom I selected was nonchalant, in fact, he even seem the least interested in her. He left her and went out after a few sniffs and growls. It was his sire, the gold and wisened one who was going loco for her. He was all over the place, sniffing, licking, crying, attempting to mount her but Kenya was playing coy as the well trained lady she was. After several attempts and having lubed her up properly with his saliva, cool, the old guy had her corned and ready to fire. Kenya's defenses were already coming down and she was responding to treatment. Out of the blues, the young chap appeared and so very calmly like the rogue he was, slipped right in front of his father and slid right home into her. No hassles, no pre-information, no courting, no nothing. Everyone was surprised and doubling down with laughter. No one saw it coming.

Like that, Kenya the innocent virgin wasn't so innocent any more.
Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 2:34am On May 17
See no evil cheesy

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 2:39am On May 17
Breeding continua shocked

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 2:40am On May 17
The old sire

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 2:52am On May 17
This pics were taken on Tuesday 11th of May 2021, two days after the breeding. Note that she could only be bred once as I had to go back same day and couldn't get the time to come back again, neither did I want to keep her there. So we'd keep our fingers crossed and pray for the best.

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 3:07am On May 17
So yesterday was Sunday 16th May 2021, exactly one week after Kenya was bred. Nothing out of the ordinary has been noticed. I've continued with her feeding as normal, just that I started adding cooked chicken parts which I source from a lady around my block that makes shawarma. Her feeding now majorly comprises cooked noodles, Royal Canin puppy kibbles and the boiled chicken, in addition to a tbsp of Cod Liver oil and a tablet of multivitamin. Water is given free choice.

I noticed that she's been stretching a lot recently and being afraid of losing the potential puppies, I took some drastic measures. I divided her cage by half to reduce the space, at least for now. Then whenever she's outside, usually when I'm at home, I tie her legs, the front right to the hind left. I don't know if that actually works or it's just an old wives' tale, but I'm being cautious right? cheesy

Her energy level is still as usual. Her vulva has reduced in size and the bleeding has stopped altogether, that was after it had became a bit darker and thicker again.

Everything is still as before though. Pictures coming soon, I was pretty tied up all day, that's why.

Pray for us.
Re: Kenya's Diary by olamirewaju6190: 7:59am On May 17
It's a 50:50 chance she is pregnant and the probability is really low, she is supposed to be crossed at least 3 times in the space of 5days. I hope she won't lose the egg
Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 11:33am On May 17
It's a 50:50 chance she is pregnant and the probability is really low, she is supposed to be crossed at least 3 times in the space of 5days. I hope she won't lose the egg
I do hope so too, but I know that a one time breeding also results in pregnancy. Hell, even slip breedings also leads to pregnancy. That is where the sire was only able to slip into the dam and deposit the sperm, without getting tied to her.

I've also had a first time mom breed with my Caucasian only once and she littered 3 pups.

Anyways like you said, it's a 50:50 chance. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 9:01am On May 18
These pics were taken this morning, Tuesday 18th May, 2021 which is day 9 after the first breeding.

Forgive my picture quality ejoor, both of us just can't keep still enough to take a clear one. cheesy

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 9:13am On May 18
As of today, Kenya has added some much needed weight, the changes are quite noticeable. All the bony structures are filling out quite nicely, she's a bit heavier now when lifted and I don't think it has anything to do with the prospective pregnancy. Maybe that's cos I've taken her diet more seriously for the past two weeks. I sit over her and make sure she's got at least half her plate down.

Energy level is still as usual but I plan to restrict her movement this week and next, i.e, the entirety of her first trimester.

Behaviourally, she hasn't changed anything except that she can now agree to lay on her side like in the picture above and hold still for a few seconds which is something she NEVER agrees to do before. cheesy

Her teats are easily felt or seen now. Prior to now, they were like dots on her belly and can only be felt after you've parted her furs, then start tracing them one after the other. They only got a bit larger during her heat and have remained so till now.

Fingers are still crossed.
Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 5:41pm On May 21
Pictures taken on Thursday 20th May, 2021. I think her teats are getting rounder, or is it just my eyes?

As at today, her appetite seems a bit off beat. I had to give her only boiled fish and the fish stock yet she only ate a bit. This evening, I plan giving her only chicken offcuts and see if I can arouse her appetite again. I don't want to go back to that time when she does not like her food.

I still try to limit her movement, she only comes out to eliminate. Other times, she runs around at the balcony.

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 8:30pm On May 23
Today, Sunday 23rd May, 2021, makes it exactly 2wks since Kenya was bred. Nothing much has changed, save for her teats which kinda seem rounder and firmer, compared to her previous state. Remember I complained about her appetite plummeting? It's back with full force now, thanks to good old chicken! wink

She didn't seem to like the leg tying so much and I hate to see her unhappy, so I tossed the rope, but I still regulate her movement somehow.

Her vulva is almost done reducing to normal size, no discharges recorded.

Body weight is ok, she's just fine like this.

Pictures were taken this evening.

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 8:33pm On May 23
Sunday 23rd May 2021

Re: Kenya's Diary by tonididdy(m): 6:44pm On May 25
Why do you keep nails that long? angry embarassed
Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 7:32pm On May 27
Why do you keep nails that long? angry embarassed
Cos I like to, no other reason. cool
Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 7:50pm On May 27
Pictures taken on Thursday 27th of May, 2021. No changes whatsoever. Her appetite is steady.

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 7:54pm On May 27
Noticed that there's something like a lump forming on each of her teats.

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 7:27pm On May 30
Today, Sunday 30th of May, 2021, makes it 3wks since Kenya ate the apple. This means we're successfully done with the 1st trimester. She has been herself, no major changes recorded apart from her appetite and the slight swelling around her teats. The lumps seem to be spreading and getting harder, her lower teats are also getting darker. Energy level is optimal.

We'll see how the 2nd trimester goes. Fingers still tightly crossed.

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 7:29pm On May 30
1st trimester done

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 8:59pm On Jun 03
Major update guys!

This 4th week is just full of surprises grin First of all, Kenya's appetite has plummeted! She doesn't like anything any more, just sniffing and looking at her food, although she eventually takes a few bites. I meet her plate almost the same way I left it, but she drinks a lot. That has not affected her weight though, on the contrary, she seems to be putting on weight daily. She also seems kinda aggressive towards my other dogs. Her energy level is still optimal, now I can safely allow her play around a bit longer.

Her teats have gotten rounder, darker and more visible, even dropping down a bit when she's standing.

I palpated her yesterday and today and though I'm not a Vet, I could feel things like hard lumps in there. It's my guess she might be carrying in excess of 4 puppies! grin

I know it's a little too early but yes, I can confidently say that Kenya is definitely pregnant.

The pictures below were taken today, Thursday, 3rd of June, 2021.

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 10:26pm On Jun 06
Today, Sunday 6th of June, 2021, is exactly 4wks down the line and it's been all eventful. Kenya's appetite has plummeted, though she picked up a bit today. She has learned a new habit of lying down to eat, in fact, she's been lying down more frequently now,maybe out of tiredness, or she's just being lazy and trying to adjust to all that's going on with her body. I don't even have to control her movement any more, she runs around a bit, then plops to the ground again to catch her breathe. Her belly and waistline are gradually filling out, giving away the fact that the pups are growing in size too. Oh, about that, it seems they're growing every hour, cos when I palpate her in the evening, they could be like groundnut seeds then by the next day, they've already doubled in size. Now they are like small tennis balls grin And I'm thinking I was too fast in guessing how many they were earlier, I can only make out like 3 balls in there now. But I'm not expecting a large litter, owing to the fact that this is her first time and she was only bred once. We'd see how it turns out though.

Her teats are rapidly filling up, I think everything is just getting bigger and bigger. I had her belly area shaved off today to provide for a better view, prepare for breastfeeding, and also make her more comfortable.

There has been no discharge, at least I haven't seen any yet. Her vulva is neither swollen nor shrunken.

I hope for more progress in the coming weeks. Sorry I couldn't take any photos of her today, I'm was so occupied, maybe tomorrow.

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Re: Kenya's Diary by Nasww22nasww: 11:13pm On Jun 06

Re: Kenya's Diary by cedar3: 9:32am On Jun 07
So today, Kenya woke up very weak and stressed-looking. She even threw up, even before she had anything to eat, guess that's the onset of the morning sickness. And she didn't eat much too, despite having chicken in her meals. She was also lying down after any short walk. I guess it's all part of the ride.

Pictures were taken this morning.

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