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BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 12:04pm On Apr 03, 2022

BRT Advertising in Lagos

Advertise in Lagos with BRT Transit Bus Advertising

Lagos is known for BRT Bus Advertising. Lagos is home to over 20 million people making it the biggest city in Nigeria. The young, dynamic and upmarket Lagos audience is highly valuable for advertisers, making it one of the most attractive audiences around.

Why use BRT Bus Advertising?

Over 20 million people in the mega city of Lagos have seen BRT bus advertising in the past week alone, and with over 20 bus routes across Lagos, you can position your business, brand, product & services in front of your ideal audience, customers in style!

91% of Lagosians can recall a BRT bus ad they have seen.

Your company’s message will be directed to your customers through BRT Bus Advertising; it’s local, it’s targeted and can communicate your message to a large and valuable audience in Lagos quickly and affordably.

Your business will get an unmissable advertising campaign, driving past your potential customers, audiences, all day, every day, telling them what you’ve got and where they can find you.

61% of consumers had seen BRT bus ads in the last 7 days.

Works well as a stand–alone medium or in conjunction with other media.

BRT Bus advertising is proven to extend reach amongst light TV viewers, typically younger and more upmarket audiences. It also broadens coverage with Press and provides a visual element to Radio campaigns. As a broadcast medium, there’s hardly an audience that buses cannot deliver in huge numbers.

BRT Buses are the largest form of transport, transit advertising on the high streets of Lagos state and offer the greatest variety of creative formats and media. People’s proximity to BRT Bus sites and their dwell time gives BRT Bus advertising even greater impact.

Did you know? – Facts about BRT bus advertising media in Lagos

The average Bus covers over 700 miles every week, advertising your message to new audiences on the move every day.
91% of Lagosians can recall a BRT Bus advert they have seen.
1 in 4 BRT Bus adverts go through the most affluent and highest retail spending individuals in Lagos mainland and island.
84% of Lagosians prefer BRT Buses with advertising.

Lagos BRT Buses are an iconic symbol of Lagos state, it is synonymous to Lagos state alone.

To discuss what a BRT bus campaign could do in terms of promoting your business, brand or product feel free to get in touch with the Symmetric BRT Bus Advertising team!

Contact Us

Call/ Whatsapp us today to discuss more about your BRT bus advertisement in Lagos.

Symmetric Communications.

Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 9:57am On May 15, 2022
*We provide several advertising options to meet your promotional need:*

Our Services are:

- Billboard Outdoor Advertising
- BRT Bus Branding/ Advertising
- Flier Advertising
- Bus Shelter Advertising
- Street Lamppost Advertising
- Political Campaign Poster Advertising
- Sticker Advertising
- Footbridge Advertising
- Banner Hosting Advertising
- Social Media Advertising
- Car/Bike Branding
- Hiring of Skaters, Ball Jogglers, Mascot, DJ's & Dancers 4 all Events
- PR/Advertising Training & Lectures

We Paste Political Election Campaign Posters

@ affordable prices.


Contact us..
Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 6:19am On May 29, 2022
Symmetric Communications Lagos | Advertising & Branding agency| BRT branding, advertising/advertising company| flyer/leaflets distribution company| outdoor advertising agency| pedestrian footbridge advertising agency| poster pasting association| bus shelter branding| street lampposts advertising| skating agency in Nigeria

Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 1:32pm On Jun 25, 2022

If you want to spread the word and get people talking about your brand, you go with one of the oldest and most enduring forms of advertising — out-of-home. You simply can’t ignore OOH. It includes everything from billboards and posters to displays in airports, shopping malls, and transit vehicles.

Now, can you guess one of the most impactful forms of out-of-home media? You might be surprised to learn that it’s transit advertising. According to the American Public Transit Association (APTA), transit advertising generates over half a billion dollars, reaching up to 83% of commuters on weekdays and 69% on weekends.


Bus advertising (often referred to as “billboards on wheels”) is a form of transit advertising that belongs to the out-of-home advertising channel. Transit advertising refers to any promotional materials that aim to catch customers outdoors or when they are not at home. It is a form of OOH advertising where advertisements are placed in or on modes of public transportation or in public transportation areas. Examples of transit advertising include ads placed on the sides of buses, trains, and taxis, inside subway cars and bus stations, and near train or bus platforms.


Bus advertising markets to consumers in a direct and easy-to-understand format. The advantages of placing advertisements on buses include:

Ads can’t be turned off like a TV or digital ad
Unlike radio ads, transit advertising reaches drivers and passengers no matter what radio stations they’re tuned into
You reach a wide variety of audience
There are a variety of ad sizes, locations, and creatives to choose from
Geographic Targeting
Bus advertising delivers clear messaging that centers around food, hospitality, fashion, upcoming events, listings, lifestyle branding, and many other areas. You see these messages wrapped around a bus, used in bus shelters, and inside the vehicle to give consumers a reason to look.

If your ads are inside a bus, you have a captive audience in the passengers for the duration of their ride. For external ads, you’re within range of passing cars, pedestrians, and bus riders for more extended periods when at stoplights, at bus stops, and stuck in the periodic traffic that’s inevitable along most urban bus routes.


This OOH advertising channel is so effective because of its extensive reach aimed to target just about everyone within eyesight. Furthermore, bus advertising effectively reaches both men and women of varying age groups and is not generally gender-based. The ads are for everyone to see!

If you commute, are a public transit patron, or a walker/driver in city neighborhoods, you’re not a stranger to bus advertising — there’s no way around it. A bus is essentially a moving billboard, following commuters, pedestrians, and drivers throughout the day, providing far more exposure than a regular billboard could. Therefore, exterior bus ads can generate a mass reach very quickly.

A bright, colorful design with short copy makes or breaks a bus advertisement. If it’s not immediately eye-catching, passersby won’t glance back at it. The goal is to make a lasting impression that viewers can recall later. Fortunately, most exterior bus ads follow this rule and effectively communicate with their audiences.


Bus advertisements are produced on digitally or screen-printed transit vinyl. Advertisers can purchase space on the inside of buses or the outside.

Learn how to advertise on buses in five short steps.

1) Choose the cities you wish to target

Most large, medium and small metropolitan areas across the country have a bus system.

2) Calculate your budget

This critical step will determine the ad formats you choose. Marketing experts generally recommend allocating about 10% of a company’s total annual revenue to advertising. Of that amount, about 30% to outdoor advertising, 40% of which should go to bus advertising. Although each organization’s budget is different, it’s important to realize that a certain amount is suggested to see results.

3) Pick the bus ad formats that best suit your needs and budget

Various formats are available for bus advertising. For example:

King and Queen Signs are displayed on the exterior sides of the bus
Tail Signs are placed on the backs of buses
Interior Cards are displayed near the ceiling on the interior of buses
Bus Wraps are ads that cover the entire bus with a specific theme for the ad campaign (e.g., upcoming movie premiers)
4) Choose a start date and advertising duration

Pick a start date that coincides with the launch of a new product or service and/or with the beginning of other advertising formats (e.g., radio ads). It’s a good idea to book bus ad space early because space tends to sell out, particularly in the third and fourth quarters. The first and second quarters are generally more available.

Also, remember to choose an advertising duration. The minimum duration is four weeks. The recommended duration is 12 weeks, proven to provide better results for most advertisers.

5) Contact a bus ads company for a quote and availability

The last step is to contact a bus advertising company to get a quote and check availability. Symmetric Communications can coordinate the bus advertising space, production, and installation in cities throughout Lagos, Nigeria.


Advertisers utilize bus advertising because they are guaranteed a great reach at an affordable cost, depending on size, area, and longevity. The recommended minimum spend is:

A common misconception is that bus stop and shelter advertisements are designed to reach people who ride the bus. However, bus shelter advertising serves as a small billboard to grab the attention of vehicles and passersby on the sidewalk.

Advertising at bus stops is an excellent way to target a local audience. You know that everyone who views a bus stop ad lives, works, or commutes in close proximity, so there is no uncertainty about geographically targeting specific groups. As a bonus, bus stop ads are easy to customize for different regions to make them more relevant.


Many companies overlook one advertising option — the space available on bus benches. The front of a bus bench has room to hold a rectangular advertisement that’s large enough for pedestrians, bus passengers, and drivers to read in passing throughout the day. And it’s more economical compared with standard print advertisements.

Often, bus bench ads are managed by outdoor or street advertising firms. If you do not see ads posted on the benches where you want to advertise, contact Symmetric Communications, your one stop shop for all your advertising needs for information on how to advertise on existing benches and all outdoor advertising structures in Lagos, Nigeria.


Advertising your company’s products or services on bus shelters gets your message in front of thousands of potential buyers. In addition to attracting people waiting for the bus, your ads are seen by people in passing vehicles and pedestrians walking past the shelters. The key to using shelter advertising starts with researching and understanding your audience’s demographics, so your ads appear in the spots that help enhance your brand.

Bus advertising continues to be effective due to its large reach, its ability to connect with viewers both emotionally and momentarily, and its vast number of interior and exterior displays catering to more than just the daily commuter.

If you have questions about bus advertising or pricing, we’d be happy to give you a free consultation. We’ll discuss the results you can expect for your brand or business and whether bus advertising is right for you.


Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 3:12pm On Jul 17, 2022

Be it corporate car branding, school bus branding or promotional vehicle branding, we are able to brand it to reflect your corporate identity, and make it a natural marketing tool for your organization.
We are based in Lagos and a renowned vehicle branding company in Nigeria. We use the latest technology to ensure your vehicle is branded to not only meet your graphic and branding requirement but also your corporate image goals.
Vehicle (car, bus or truck) wrapping is a very important element of the visual identity of your business especially in a commercially populated city like Lagos. Branded cars are a great marketing tool and since they are mobile, they can go to places billboards cannot reach. Our Vehicle branding services are done in such a way that it speaks volumes about your brand and the services that you offer.
We offer both partial branding and full branding or wrapping. Anything less than a full wrap is normally called a "partial wrap". Typically, a full wrap includes the entire surface of the vehicle.
Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 5:06am On Aug 02, 2022

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has explained that the recent signing of Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) into law by President Muhammadu Buhari was informed by the resolve to strengthen the nation’s integrated marketing communications space.

Last week, President Buhari appended his signature to the ARCON Bill (now an Act), which repeals the Advertising Practitioners (Registration, etc.) Act, Cap. A7, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and enacts the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) Act, 2022. ARCON is now recognised as the apex authority for the Nigerian advertising industry.

Mohammed said the Federal Government believes that, if properly carried out, the reforms would enable the regulatory body sanitise the advertising regulatory environment, encourage inclusive growth, attract investments to the sector, and enhance the operating environment for practitioners.

In his paper titled, ‘The New World Order: Digital Transformation in Communication”, the Minister described advertising and brand marketing as prime examples of sectors where consumer data is critical; hence the need for advertising practitioners to leverage technology for direct engagement with the audiences.

He noted that, in a rapidly changing world in terms of dynamics of opportunity and risks, talking directly with consumers in a data-enabled environment would take brands and entrepreneurs closer to their consumers more than ever before.

Mohammed therefore called on advertising practitioners to position themselves in a way that they would be able to avail themselves of the entrepreneurial opportunities awaiting them between technology and advertising.

By the new law, it is now APCON’s statutory responsibility to make provisions for the regulation and control of advertising in all its ramifications and create the Advertising Offences Tribunal among other powers.

APCON Registrar Dr Lekan Fadolapo had hinted that the ARCON bill was before the National Assembly and that the name change was imperative to the realisation of his vision to reposition the advertising industry in Nigeria for growth.
Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 3:27pm On Aug 18, 2022

Symmetric Communications, is A Leading Outdoor-Advertising Company aimed at improving Outdoor, Transit Advertising in Nigeria. We provides a multitude of advertising opportunities within the BRT Bus Network in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our BRT brands such as BRT TV, BRT Fresh and BRT Cares provide an oppurtunity for young and aspiring artist to showcase their talent to millions.

BRT Interior Bus Branding

We offer BRT Interior Bus Branding inside our buses

Interior Bus Branding

We provide a low-cost branding equivalent for the interior parts of the BRT buses. Perfect for brands that require a huge awareness campaign targeted at the mass market.

BRT Exterior Bus Branding

We offer BRT Exterior Bus Branding on our Transit Network; also known as moving billboards.
This provides a large amount of impressions and covers the busiest routes in Lagos.

Exterior Bus Branding

We offer advertising solutions on the exterior body of the buses. These buses navigate through the major areas of Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland and showcase adverts as "Moving Billboards" to onlookers.

A highly sought-after platform that continues to attract the biggest brands.

- Duration and No of Buses can lead to further discounts

- Client is to provide print and content materials

- Price includes LASAA and other regulatory fees, excluding APCON Approval

- Price includes Printing and installation

- Campaign Protection Guarantees

We have 3 category of buses:

- LBR LARGE Buses(Island route)

- PRIMERO Buses(Mainland route)

- LBR Medium Buses(Mainland route)

Contact us:

Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 9:46am On Sep 02, 2022
INEC releases final list of presidential, National Assembly candidates 20 Sept, Yakubu assures

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has confirmed that it would publish the final list of candidates for Presidential, Senate and House of Representatives seats in the 2023 general elections on 20 September.

That is in keeping with the Timetable and Schedule of Activities for the elections, which INEC released last February.

INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu said on Thursday in Abuja at the ”Expert Meeting on Conducting Nigeria’s 2023 General Elections in Volatile Security Environment” said that the publication of the final list was in line with Section 32(1) of the Electoral Act, 2022 and the Timetable and Schedule of Activities released by the commission.

The event was organised by the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) in conjunction with INEC.

“This will be followed on 4 October by the publication of the final list of candidates for state elections (Governorship and State Houses of Assembly).

”Campaign in public by political parties will officially commence on 28 September as provided for by Section 94(1) of the Electoral Act, 2022.

”As campaigns commence, we appeal to all political parties and candidates to focus on issue-based campaigns.

“This is the best way to complement our efforts to ensure transparent elections in which only the votes cast by citizens determine the winner”, he said.

The INEC Chairman said activities for the polls would enter critical stages this month from the next 19 days onward.

“The commission welcomes this initiative and as Co-Chairman of the Inter-Agency Consultative Committee on Election Security, there is no doubt that the security agencies also welcome ideas and citizens’ support towards peaceful elections”, he said.

CDD Director, Ms Idayat Hassan said that the meeting was being held against the background of security challenges plaguing the country.

Hassan said the idea was to start talking about how to deescalate the tension and how to secure the environment, such that INEC would be able to assess all parts of the country to conduct peaceful and legitimate election come 2023.

“I think one for this election, the security of election materials, the security of personnel, the security of voters are in context and there is actually problem in INEC assessing all areas.

“We should note that this is not just an INEC problem, this is a stakeholder’s problem, insecurity is already prevailing.

“The challenge we are having is how to do we conduct election against the background of this prevailing insecurity? It will behold on the Federal Government and other stakeholders to come in”.

The Development Director for thet Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), Mr Chris Pycroft said that the office was delighted to be partnering with CDD and providing funding for the event, and related activity to promote peaceful and secure elections in 2023.

According to Pycroft, this is a top priority for the United Kingdom in Nigeria over the coming six months, and one of multiple initiatives in partnership with Nigerian and international stakeholders.

”The stakes have never felt higher. Nigeria is facing more challenges than ever before in its democratic history to running a peaceful and secure election.

“These elections are profoundly important not only for Nigeria but also for the African continent and democracy across the world”, he said.

Pycroft said there was more at stake in terms of the unity and peaceful co-existence of Nigeria’s diverse religious, ethnic and cultural communities.

An Election Expert for CDD, Prof. Adebayo Olukoshi said that Nigeria was challenged with several security challenges and there was need to seek ways to curb them before the election.

Olukoshi said that there was also the need to understand the various conflicts being faced with a view to developing a topology that would best address them.
Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 4:52pm On Nov 21, 2022

In Nigeria, election years come with a lot of campaign posters designed for presidential and parliamentary candidates who are contesting for political positions in Nigeria's general elections.

During such election seasons, most political campaign posters are usually seen pasted on bridges, highways, fence walls, bus stops, bus shelters, pavements, along major streets, junctions, and so on.

Symmetric Communications is the leading and best poster pasting agency in Lagos, Nigeria and Africa. We educate and train our team of staff to observe best practices when pasting campaign posters in Nigeria.

Over the years, we have worked and pasted political campaign posters for different politicians, political parties and their candidates in Nigeria general elections from 1999, 2003, 2007, through 2011, 2015, 2019, and now pasting election posters for 2023 elections.

We have pasted posted for different political parties in Nigeria; we pasted for, APC, PDP, NNPP,, LABOUR PARTY, APGA, ADC, SDP, etc.

Contact us today to paste 2023 election posters in Nigeria.

Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 3:36am On Feb 01, 2023
BRT/ LagBus Advertising in Lagos, Nigeria

We can help you to advertise your products, services & events on BRT/ LagBus in a professional, cost efective and high-impact way.

We design your advert, print it out, brand it on the buses and then consult for you on the best route to reach your target audience.

Don't even worry about LAASA we will take care of them at no extra cost. We handle both the body branding ad and the interior TV advert placement.

BRT/Lag bus advertising is an effective and cost efficient form of outdoor advertising that enables your business, product or event reach the urban audience. Get your message through the city as buses circulate the city landscape and outlying suburban areas enabling thousands of people view your message multiple times each day.

It is one aggressive marketing strategy for those hoping to rebrand businesses, launch new products, force new brands into the sub-consciousness of the average Lagosian as well as religious organisations planning a convention / revival programmes, etc.

Contact us for the cost of advertising on BRT/ Lagbus in Lagos, Nigeria.
Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 9:45am On Mar 02, 2023

Why Big Brands Advertise on BRT Bus in Lagos – Its Benefits & Costs

In this article, we will be discussing why local and international brands advertise on BRT buses in Lagos and its immerse benefits & advert rates. Transit or BRT buses in Lagos, Nigeria serve as an effective platform for advertising.

So why do these brands, SMEs alike tend to use this platform? The simple answer is EXPOSURE.

Why You Should Look Into BRT Bus Advertising in Lagos State
Let us break it down further. Lagos state is located in the southwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The smallest in area of Nigeria’s 36 states, with a population of an estimated 18 million people. Lagos State is the most economically important state of the country. It is a major financial centre and would be the fifth-largest economy in Africa if it were a country. According to Nairametrics, Lagos state (pre-covid) attracted 66.9% ($14.16 billion) of the total foreign investment.

The reason why I referred to these stats is to point out the economical value of Lagos state in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Whatever business idea you think you have, there’s someone or a business entity already offering it. It may not be exactly the same but closely related. This indicates the high level of competition in almost every sector. For you or your brand to stand out, you need to invest in marketing & advertising either online or offline. While digital marketing is quite popular, you can not rule out traditional marketing as they still play a very impactful role in creating awareness and exposure.

Big, small, local or international brands with smart marketing teams understand the value of using buses as an effective advertising medium. Its plays a strategic component in the marketing mix. Among the out-of-home advertising medium, BRT bus advertising comes at the top because it is not static and can reach a broader audience for a set period of time. These buses cover different popular routes of the city, plying important roads thus providing high visibility for your brand.

Fun Facts About Adverts on Transit/BRT Buses

You won’t be able to zap it.
It’s impossible to ignore.
It cannot be turned off in the same way that television can.
It gets across road users regardless of which radio stations they are listening to.
The eye is drawn to the huge, vivid, and inventive designs.
In your space, you have exclusivity.
It appeals to a wide range of people.
It allows for ad size and placement versatility.

Benefits & Advantages of Advertising using BRT Buses in Lagos, Nigeria

- Advertising with BRT Buses creates an opportunity for your brand to compete effectively in your marketplace.

- Your brand message can reach a large portion of your target demographic.

- When it comes to purchasing decisions, transit buses put your brand’s message in front of consumers’ minds. Consumers will remember your message the more they see your advert. BRT bus advertising allows your message to run for a set period of time and your audience gets to see it all through the set period.

- Targeting by Location: Your brand message can be carried into crucial communities and places through transit advertising. Other types of large-format advertising lack this flexibility.

- Daily Exposure: When people ride buses or sit at bus stops or road users in traffic, they are all exposed to your brand message for long periods of time. Consumers will be more familiar with your brand’s message if they are exposed to it for a longer period of time.

- BRT Bus advertising is a cost-effective way to contact people for long periods of time at a low cost. Other large size advertisements, such as billboards, would necessitate the use of many channels to obtain the same level of exposure.

Types of Lagos State BRT Buses and their Routes:
There are three (3) different types of BRT buses in Lagos. They are owned and managed by different companies in partnership with the Lagos State government.

LBSL Buses:
The newest of all three buses is the LBSL (Lagos Bus Services Limited) bus. It comes highly recommended when you are thinking of advertising on BRT buses. This is because it is new, has more exterior space and covers a large number of busy routes.

The following are the routes the LBSL bus covers:

Berger – TBS
Berger – Oshodi
Oshodi – TBS
Oshodi – Berger
Leventis – Berger
Alapere – TBS
Ikeja – Alausa
Oworonshoki – TBS
Park & Ride – TBS
Oworonshoki – Oshodi
Leventis – Oshodi
TBS – Berger
Oworonshoki – Beger
TBS – Oshodi
New additional routes

Oshodi – Ajah – Oshodi
Ajah via TMB through Osborn Road, Falomo, Lekki – Ajah Exp.
TBS Via Western Avenue / Ikorodu Road ( Maryland, Fadeyi, Stadium, Barracks/Maryland, Yaba, Oyinbo), CMS, Bony Camp, Law School, Lekki, Ajah.

Primero Buses:

PRIMERO Transport Services Limited was launched on the 12th of November, 2015. Its full operation commenced on the 13th of November 2015.

The following are the routes the Primero bus covers:

Ikorodu Garage
Majidun Ogolonto
Majidun Awori
Owode Onirin
Mile 12
New Garage

The Red Lagbus

These are the first BRT bus introduced in Lagos.

They ply the following routes:

Ikorodu – Maryland – Fadeyi – Stadium – TBS
Keffi – TBS – Obalende – Oshodi
Eko Hotel – Ahmadu Bello – CMS
Ikorodu – Iyana Oworo
Agege – Pen Cinema
Festac – Mile 2 – CMS
BRT Branding & Advert Rates
LBSL Buses:

Primero Buses:

The Red Lagbus:

The range of prices depends on the routes selected. The LSBL on the other hand is mostly the same price. Although, you can get discounts depending on the number of buses and durations usually in months.

When it comes to outdoor advertising, transit advertising plays a crucial component. Importantly, it is also advancing at a fast pace than traditional advertising, as emerging inventive technologies enable advertisers to include modern and digital signages into their advertising campaigns.

In conclusion, BRT Bus advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience today, and the cost of advertising on BRT BUSES in Lagos is rather low when compared to other forms of advertising. As a result, it’s a good idea to attempt using this medium to promote your product or service.

Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 7:26am On May 26, 2023
BRT Branding in Lagos
BRT Advertising in Lagos
Transit Advertising in Lagos
Bus Branding Advertising in Lagos

Symmetric Communications.
Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by FLYERSnSTICKERS(m): 2:09pm On Jun 27, 2023

Do you want to increase awareness for your business but don’t have the time or resources to do all of the legwork yourself?

It can be tough to get your name out there when you’re competing with big businesses or real estate enterprises. They have more money and more manpower. But they’re missing out on one key element – your agility to test new marketing avenues.

Flyer distribution is a cost-effective way to reach new customers nationwide and in Nigeria Symmetric Communications has a dramatically effective system that will distribute your flyer campaign quickly and efficiently. Try our service today and see the results for yourself!

Reliable and affordable

Discover a reliable, professional, and budget-friendly flyer distribution service.

Flyer distribution has been proven an effective business growth method, and we’re here to make it easy for you. Blast past the competition while expanding your business.

Flyer Distribution is the most effective way to get your flyer in front of hundreds or even thousands of people in no time.

Distribute your flyers en mass.

What are the benefits of flyers?
Flyers have been proven to be a great way to capture your audience’s attention. Flyer Distribution is a cost-effective and efficient way of boosting the awareness of your business. Affordability is one of the major reasons why flyer distribution is used by successful companies when trying to market their products/services.

Flyer distribution is extremely effective in the sense it involves people to physically hold, interact with and become curious about your flyers which will eventually lead to them exploring your business more. Delivering flyers contributes greatly to driving brand awareness through the exposure of your business’s information to a large number of people within no time.

Flyer distribution price

Flyer Distribution services are affordable for any budget. Pricing is calculated based on the number of flyers you wish to deliver and specific location(s).

Distribution price is calculated using CPFL or better known as cost per thousand fliers and location.

How do you distribute flyers effectively?
Flyering is very effective in urban areas with high visibility. Flyers are distributed in busy traffic, shopping malls, worship centres, schools, market places, offices, etc which involves the customer targeting a specific geographical area and physically delivering flyers to households. Flyer distribution can be done in several ways — either through a team of people who deliver them by hand or with a USPS-powered automated service.

Symmetric Communications, for flyer distribution in Lagos, sticker pasting, banner hosting, BRT bus branding advertising, billboard advertising, street lamppost advertising, online advertising.

We are based in Lagos, with head office in Gbagada, Lagos.
Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by FLYERSnSTICKERS(m): 6:18am On Jul 01, 2023

Lagos outdoor advertising Bus advertising Lagos.

Lagos bus advertising
In Lagos, public transport BRT Buses in Lagos can serve as ‘rolling billboards’, travelling in and around densely populated city streets. Every day, more than 3,5 Million Lagosians, business commuters, tourists, and visitors use the public BRT bus fleet.

Therefore, extensive bus advertising can leave a lasting impact on pedestrians, motorists and passengers alike. With presence in prime locations in Lagos, the BRT buses are highly visible and impossible to ignore.

Furthermore, waiting times of buses and passengers at various terminals are valuable. Utilize their dispensible time and present your ads on the exterior and interior of buses, city light posters or digital billboards located in the shelter of bus stops.

Promote your brand with BRT bus advertising in Lagos.

Choose between different formats and campaigns to make the most of your budget.

Examples of your BRT bus advertising opportunities:

Full cover: a fully wrapped BRR bus.

Partial design: rear cover (on the back) or traffic board (on the side)

Increase noticeability and makes lasting impressions with your ads rolling through the streets. The bigger and more impressive your design, the better your brand will be recognized and remembered. Be sure to reach your target audience in the streets of Lagos.

We have prepared amazing advertising opportunities for.

Are you interested in outdoor advertising in Lagos?

You can use our contact number to get in touch or send us an e-mail to:

Airport advertising Lagos
Billboard advertising Lagos
Bus advertising Lagos
Taxi advertising Lagos
Flyers advertising Lagos
Sticker advertising Lagos
Poster advertising Lagos
Newspaper insert advertising Lagos
Billboard advertising Lagos
Street lamppost advertising Lagos

Symmetric Communications Lagos

Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 7:46am On Jul 28, 2023

Ikorodu-Mile 12
Ikorodu-Oshodi Terminal 3
Ikorodu-Obalenda (via 3rd Mainland Bridge)

Ikorodu-Mile 12


Symmetric Communications
Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 12:12pm On Aug 16, 2023

We have lamp poles for advertising on major express roads and streets in Lagos mainland and Island. We have lamppost along the 3rd mainland bridge, Victoria Island, Lekki, Ikoyi, Ikeja, Ikorodu road, Falomo, Gbagada express, Oshodi express, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Obalende-CMS, Ajah, etc.

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Contact: Symmetric Communications

Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 7:16am On Oct 14, 2023
MEGA LED Billboard Maryland Intersection, Lagos

Board Type: MEGA LED Billboard

Title: MEGA LED Billboard Maryland Intersection, Lagos

Size: 21m X 7m

Rate: N6.5 million Per Month

Eye Contact: 2, 750,000 per day

Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by Mediamix247: 4:40pm On Dec 03, 2023
Internal BRT Bus Branding (BRT TV Network)

Title: Internal BRT Bus Branding (BRT TV Network)


Demographic – Medium To Low-Income Earners

No of Buses: 400

No of Commuters Daily: 460,000

Average No of Commuters Monthly: 14,000,000

Passenger Flow (Peak Period): 360000

Passenger Flow (Off Peak): 100,000

BRT Route:
Passenger capacity/Bus: 80 (37 sitting/43 standing)

Daily Passenger Flow/Bus: 1500

Categories: Billboards, BRT Bus Branding Tag: BRT bus branding

Title: Internal BRT Bus Branding (BRT TV Network)


Demographic – Medium To Low-Income Earners
No of Buses: 400

No of Commuters Daily: 460,000

Average No of Commuters Monthly: 14,000,000

Passenger Flow (Peak Period): 360000

Passenger Flow (Off Peak): 100,000

BRT Route:
Passenger capacity/Bus: 80 (37 sitting/43 standing)

Daily Passenger Flow/Bus: 1500


Re: BRT Lagbus Branding Advertising In Lagos State by SymmetricGlobal: 6:05pm On Jan 28

- Duration and no. of buses can lead to further discounts

- Client is to provide print and content materials.

- Price includes LASAA and other regulatory fees (excluding APCON)

- Price includes printing and installation


N430,000/Bus/per month
Exterior Branding
Number Of Buses:
30 days

Symmetric Communications.

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