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Reasons Tenants Dont Want To Stay In A House The Landlords Leaves by okine4real: 2:14pm On Jun 07, 2022
People always say, living in a house where the landlord or landlady leaves is a no-go area. But today I will tell you all while 80 percent of tenants prefer living in houses where their landlord doesn’t reside.

You see, I would start with my house at Ikorodu, this tenant pays 70,000 for a room and parlor self-contain, yet they would damage the house, they would damage taps etc in the house and expect the landlord to come fix it. The Gate to the house would get damaged, yet they would act as if they did not see the damaged part. Because of excessive pumping of water or may be low current, the pumping machine might have slight fault and they would want me to come fix it. They don’t like paying NEPA bills. NEPA bill dept rose to 950k in the space of 7 years. They like owing rent, some owing for 4 years, the least year somewhere owing was 3 years. They would damage the toilet flush and kitchen tap, they done care fixing them.
So, what did I do, I just gave the house to my wife. Then CHANGE BEGAN. My wife dey para well well, she nor get Joy for body at all (And her name na JOY). As she took over, some tenants that where owing started paying while others parked. Luckily most that parked where still inside the community, my wife carry the matter go meet OPC. A particular tenant was owing like 230, so I made a deal with this particular tenant, before now, I moved the house from post paid meter to prepaid meter, so I gave some tenants prepaid while I did not give about 3 tenants prepaid, these tenants where in darkness for 2 years. So, these particular tenants told me he needed light after like 2 years or may be a year sha, so I told him I would give him light on one condition. I will install the prepaid meter but he would not be given the handy device, meaning you cant recharge yourself, if you want to recharge you would have to buy your token, send your token to me and I would input your token, then you would have light. The agreement was he was to pay me 10k monthly, by end of the month if he fails to pay, then I would not load his token, with this he would be in darkness if he defaults his monthly 10 payment. With this process, I was able to collect about 60k from him. Then all of a sudden, he decided to park out of my house. By this time my wife had taken over, immediately he parked, my wife carry the matter go OPC, Next thing OPC come pick am up 7am Sunday Morning.

I will update on what happened next…. Stay tuned

LALASTICALALA help push to front page, make i open people eyes small
Re: Reasons Tenants Dont Want To Stay In A House The Landlords Leaves by tommy589(m): 2:40pm On Jun 07, 2022
Only God knows the yabbis you must have received from your wife regarding these tenants before you gave her free rein
Re: Reasons Tenants Dont Want To Stay In A House The Landlords Leaves by Bahamas95(m): 4:13pm On Jun 07, 2022
Why would someone be paying 10k monthly for electricity bill?........It's too high na, don't you have conscience?

No wonder the accumulated bill got to 950k.
Re: Reasons Tenants Dont Want To Stay In A House The Landlords Leaves by okine4real: 6:12pm On Jun 07, 2022
Why would someone be paying 10k monthly for electricity bill?........It's too high na, don't you have conscience?

No wonder the accum
ulated bill got to 950k.

Read well now. 10k payment is for his rent. He he was owing me about 220k rent for 3 years plus. There nepa bill was like 5k Max then and they where 3 or 5 tenants paying the 5k nepa bill.

Well, as una done read my page, I go update the page tomorrow.

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Re: Reasons Tenants Dont Want To Stay In A House The Landlords Leaves by okine4real: 12:31pm On Jun 08, 2022
The tenant was picked up, he was asked while would he be owing me 180k for rent and instead of him paying me, he used the money to go rent even a more expensive room and parlor self-contain, he couldn’t say anything, in all, an agreement was made and he was told to pay his rent before he moves out of my house, the agreement was in written and he signed. A month later the tenants defaulted, he packed and instead of him paying his dept he only kept 60k with one of my tenants and told me to collect the money that he would still pay his dept. Then I sensed that he was talking to the OPC guys at my back and they were assuring him of soft landing, remember by this time my wife had taken over the management of the house, so what did my wife do, she took the matter to another OPC guys, this once were more deadly, they picked him up and took him to their base, they interrogated him for about 3-4 hours, now remember his balance is 120k, so it was agreed that he would pay 40k monthly…. So, by end of June 2022 am expecting 40k…. from this particular tenant, I would keep you all posted.

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Re: Reasons Tenants Dont Want To Stay In A House The Landlords Leaves by okine4real: 2:33pm On Jun 08, 2022
in the said house, most tenants when they know they want to pack out of the house, they would stop paying NEPA bills. Minimum of like 6 months to when they want to leave the house they would either not pay there NEPA bill or they would frustrate the process of paying bills, and when you have 3-5 tenants using that particular bill, even if one person or two persons pays there bill, NEPA officials would still cut the light, thereby frustrating the tenants that always pay there NEPA bill, the bad effect of this issue is, the good tenants would also park out of the house, (bad tenants and good tenants would eventually pack out of the house) Because of this NEPA issues in the space of like three years my tenants reduced from about 18 tenants to 8 tenants and nobody wanted to come leave in the said again because people in the community were bad mounting the compound. Over a space of 3-7 years, I had about 8 tenants and I had 25 room and parlor self-contain. I lost lots of money during this time. But I was thinking and planning on how to get it right again, this house na my sweat, how would I just allow this house to fallow away just like that, while thinking, that was when it occurred to me that I should handover the house to my wife. After handing over the place to my wife, as at that time I had eight NEPA bills attached to the house, then I bought 8units of prepaid meters, each cost 48264 Naira, with this all-post paid accounts was moved to prepaid acc, then I distributed only 4units of prepaid meter to 4 tenants and one prepaid meter for pumping machine, three tenants was not giving prepaid meter because they where owing me a minimum of 3 years rent.
While this process was on going buy wife was busy pushing for her rent from the people owing, also the tenants was damaging the compound, so she was busy making sure the tenants repair what they damage. Talking about what the tenants damaged where things like taps inside the compound, there personal pipes that carries kitchen and toilet water outside to either the septic tank or gutter. My wife was a pain in the ASS to this tenant, but she was getting result, I was surprised she was getting result, tenants started paying their rent, guys, my wife can call you 6am and if you don’t corporate, you go hear the word when you won here, the truth was I don’t blame her because how can you be leaving in someone house and not pay rent. So, some of them where looking for the fastest way out, which was parking out of the house, you see Nigerians, them nor get money to pay rent, but them go get money to go rent another house, the moment you pack, OPC is coming for you, I mean OPC would come for you, most of the time once the person rent another house, her informant would have notified her that, these particular tenant done go pay for house, then she would inform OPC and they would come for the tenants even before the tenant moves out. As usual agreement would be signed on how to pay and the tenants don’t dear default.

The house started making sense, last year around August 2021 she and the children went to the house for holiday, my kids where on 3rd term holiday. There was this particular lady that was looking for house to rent, she was looking for just room self-contain and she had just 70k. In my area then room self-contain was 50k while Agent and agreement was 30k, luckily while wife was around, so she convinced the woman to rent her house and she would collect 70k from the woman against 80k rent other tenants were paying, the woman was happy, so she rented the place. She moved it and I allocated a prepaid meter to her, she was very happy.

But another problem was, lots of Nigerian tenants are use too, things would be getting damaged in the house they leave and they would not bother. The entrance gate to where they leave might be about to fall and they would act as if nothing is wrong with the gate. This tenant that just moved in had that kind of mentality, if something gets damaged, just tell them to contribute, e go be like say you say make them give you there whole salary… sometimes each persons share might be 600 naira, and the person in-charge would have to explain, explain and explain…… explanation for just 600 naira ohhh. The one that happened last, the prepaid meter for pumping machine, you know the pumping machine has its own separate prepaid meter, the meter got burnt, the technician charged 15k, I told the tenants representative to negotiate, the man said 15k last, I knew that if I wait for the tenants to gather the 15k, it would take like a month, buy this time, i had about 10 tenants, so I paid the 15k and told the whole house am giving them 2 weeks to gather mine money, if I don’t pay the money, tenants would be going outside the compound to fetch water, and it would not speak well for the house, remember the NEPA issues where some would pay and others would not pay? Remember it has bad effect on the house, am not going to allow that kind of issue destroy my house again, this was why I paid the money. Two weeks reach, make them pay, all of them dey form like say BUHARI lock their business, I just told them, I give you all one extra week, if you don’t pay by weekend I would switch off your prepaid meter, one of the strategy of giving individual prepaid meter also was, if you offend me or you know pay my rent, I would just go switch of the breaker of your prepaid meter, all prepaid meter was not installed in the compound, it was installed in my second compound and nobody has access too my second compound, immediately I told them I would switch off there prepaid meter, they started paying. They just don’t want to pay anything; they want the house to be deteriorating to the point that the house would look like those face me I slap you houses. Last month my wife brough all the tenants out of the apartments on Saturday, you know say Ikorodu dey sabi get bush, bush from the other side of the road done encroach enter street and now close too my fence, about 5 tenants had kids, some get 3 children, some two kids, and the children play on the street that grass has covered, Snake might be inside the grass, so they had to clear it, but tenants go dey form nothing concern me, shy na me when dey mine own house go come clear grass for una, My wife nor like as grass done dey takeover the street, she make all man match out and clear the grass, after clearing, children were safer and I had little worries for snake, before I forget, because of the grass, I saw life snake inside my own apartment in the house, you know, I kept one room and parlor self for myself, so anything am around, I have where to stay. because of my wife trying to get the house back to track, some tenants started feeling her wahala is too much……

Before I forgot, the woman that rented the house that had 70k, the woman was hesitant of renting the house because according to her, people in the community, they said I did juju to have money, dem say my money nor pure…. WELL THIS GIST NA FOR ANOTHER DAY!!!!

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Re: Reasons Tenants Dont Want To Stay In A House The Landlords Leaves by Leykars: 9:01am On Jul 20, 2022
People always say, living in a house where the landlord or landlady leaves is a no-go area. But today I will tell you all while 80 percent of tenants prefer living in houses where their landlord doesn’t reside.

Interesting topic i'm following this keenly.
Re: Reasons Tenants Dont Want To Stay In A House The Landlords Leaves by okine4real: 5:36pm On Aug 09, 2022
another gist, i have three tenants that has moved from my house this year, the issues here is, two of the tenants are troublesome tenants, while the third is a confirm good guy. The two troublesome tenants are those kind of people that would not want to pay nepa bill, but because i installed individual prepaid meters, when they parked each of them still had more than 30 units left on there prepaid. The third person also left more than 20units also. As a landlord, you need to understand that, you have to structure your house in such a way that tenants would find it difficult to leave debt for you while packing out of your house. If not that I had individual prepaid meters, I swear, those two tenant would keep nothing less than 150k as debt for me. Next house I would build, I would Instruct my plumber to pipe the house in such a way that individual flats pipe water can be locked and isolated if tenant is found wanting.

Using the two troublesome tenants as a case study, normally they would tell you the country is hard, that is while they can't pay nepa bill, but give those tenants prepaid, you would observe that, they would never run out of unit. I learnt the hard way, so now know tenant would mess me up. I also just informed them, that if there prepaid meter is faulty, they would not be allowed to bypass the light, if it takes 1 week for them to repair there prepaid, it's after that one week they would have light...

Stay tuned.

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