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My Greatest Obession ��� by Chydobe: 10:05am On Sep 01, 2022

Have you ever had that awkward feeling of your world flashing through your face, where you ask God why he created you to feel such pains everyday?
Well that is what I go through everyday, I got married at a tender age and my husband only saw me as a commodity which he exchanged for money.

My husband was so addicted to me to the extent that I was always locked inside, he never allows me to visit anyone even my own family. The only time I get to see the world was whenever I went for grocery shopping.  He always re-echoes these words, "you are my  greatest obsession that is why I went through the trouble of buying you", instead of marrying me.  Welcome to my World.

This is who I Married

''Who do you think you are, telling me what to do? I bought you from your parents, I own you, infarct you should be worshipping the path I walk on'' my husband said. '' I am sorry my king but, I think it would be better this way however, we can go with what you have suggested, I hope we don't regret not paying for the mortgage now.

"Oh please go and make me something to eat, after all your handicapped and incapacitated parents can never dream of buying such a house. You are very lucky I have this greatest obsession for you I would have married your mum too''. he replied. I quickly ran off to the kitchen to make his dinner to avoid his daily dose of beatings.

My name is Rita Park and this is my life, I got married to my husband or wait should rather say "I was sold to my husband the age of 16". My parents had the greatest obsession for money so the news wasn't surprising. It is funny most people may think that my family was poor but, that is not the case.

We were not always poor, my family was one of the biggest elite family in San Antonio, but we lost everthing to a silly bet that my father made with his friends. I attended the best high school at Houston and hoped to further my education at Harvard law school.

I met my husband, Mr. John Deville at prom, he was invited to facilitate the program, he instantly took to liking when I answered a question many people (even the teachers) failed to answer. I guess one could say I have a high IQ but I would say I was rather lucky to know the answer.  "What is your name?" he asked me, ''My name is Rita Park'' I replied.

''Are you in a way related to Mr. Simon Park of Park global enterprises? he asked ''Yes sir, he's my father,'' I proudly fired back adjusting  the collar of my uniform majestically. He rolled his eyes as though disappointed and asked me to have my seat.

"I could swear that Mr. John was star struck looking at you Rita, he looked at you so lovingly today, am I right Derek, you saw that look right?'' Pearl my best friend asked on our way home , ''Oh right Pearl that look was not of love but of lust'' Derek my other friend pointed back jealously.

I had known Derek and Pearl since my kindergarten days and we have remained inseparable, our parents calls us the inseparable trio. ''Oh please I could swear I saw the look of disgust when I called my name but not withstanding he was looking prepossessing'' I said. ''Wow look who is finally crushing on someone'' Pearl shouted happily. ''Forget I said I was just saying that God created him so well unlike Derek'' I replied looking at Derek laughing.

Getting home I met my family members on the floor looking red, wailing and blaming my daddy, ''What is going on?'' I asked no one in particular. I got no my reply ''Can some one answer my question'' I yelled still scared of what I was going to hear.

''Ask your godforsaken father that wonderful question''  my mother replied. Shocked at my mother for such reply I looked at her again as she gave my daddy a very deadly and angry stare. Daddy must have done something out of proportion because mommy adores daddy so much that she cant stand to hear anything wrong about my daddy. She loves my daddy so blindly without any faults.

''My princess, I did something so bad and I hope you forgive me'' my daddy replied remorsefully, ''what did you do daddy?'', why is mommy and Samuel on the floor? Talk to me daddy what did you do?, did you cheat on mummy?, do you have another family elsewhere? what did you do'' I impatiently asked.

Daddy explained everything to me, how he met with his friends at a casino club and made a bet on a property and how the bet was going fine until he got a news on the sudden collapse of the property. ''Okay daddy it is a silly bet right it is not as if you made a bet with your life'' I asked still worried. ''My princess I made that bet with all my investments, I would be left with just this house and the money in my account'' he said. ''You are joking right daddy I said and immediately blacked out.

I woke up feeling as though my head was going to fall off from my body, I saw my family member looking at me worriedly, "I had this awful dream dad and mum, where we lost all our assets because daddy made a bet'' I said hoping it was just a dream. ''My baby, mommy started, it is not a dream but believe me this is just a phrase. We would definitely bounce back, your daddy is already trying to work somethings out for us'' she said with a sad look visible on her face.

'' What would happen to my studies mummy, my greatest obsession of going to Harvard law school, Samuel's greatest obsession and dream of owning a fashion school, mummy what about you? You are pregnant mummy, you know mummy you have always loved daddy so much that you have lost it, you see nothing wrong in what he did mummy'' I shouted at my mum hoping she would come to her sense.

I felt a string of pain on my face and noticed mummy had slapped me. ''You slapped me mum because of the mess daddy created? Wow mum just wow, don't you think with your head are you so obsessed with daddy that you cant even see that we are doomed?''. I shot at mummy angrily not caring how she felt at that moment.

''Snap out of this addiction you have for daddy or is it an obsession or let me say he is your greatest obsession right mum? You have forgotten you have children mother I said sarcastically. ''How would we feed mummy? I would be turning 16 next month and you promised me a big and fascinating sweet 16 party mommy'' I cried loudly. ''My princess try to understand'' mum started but I shut her up ''Get out all of you, I want to be alone'' seeing them acting reluctant to leave, I screamed and everyone left me.

''This can't be happening to me at all, not now, I have bragged to all my friend and anyone who cared to listen to me about my upcoming sweet sixteen birthday party, I would be the laughing stock of the school, I hate you daddy so much. I felt my world crumbing at my feet but could not do anything other than hope for a savior.

A knock on the door reminded me of my calamity and I shouted not caring who knocked, ''I don't want to see anybody, everybody should go to hell,'' ''Rita baby, it's Pearl and Derek'' ''Come in'' I answered. My friends rushed in and gave me big hug whispering ''it is gonna be fine'', ''you would get through it, we are here for you''.

I felt safe and loved and whispered 'I love you guys' as I was enveloped with sleep, it happened so fast, i fell so deeply asleep and in my dream I was falling into an endless pit and a hand grabbed me thank God, looking up to show my gratitude guess the face I saw...

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Re: My Greatest Obession ��� by Chydobe: 10:06am On Sep 01, 2022
When life hits you hard, new thoughts and feelings kick in, those feeling when you start wishing for things to be different, when you wish that everthing happening to you could turn out to be a dream. When even your greatest obsession turns out to be your greatest nightmare.

Trying to pick up the pieces of your scattered life together. When life gives you an orange, make an orange marmalade at least that is what I was made to believe in.

Two weeks flew by uniformly and I remained locked up in my world, I had just my friends and my teddys consoling me. I would be turning 16 in 3weeks and I didn't have an answer to people who asked about the preparation. The media would have been painted blue with the news of our shameless downfall if not the intervention of my grandparents.

My grandparents had a thing for reputation, they had the greatest obsession for their reputation and could go too far length to maintain it. I did not even wish to behold my parents especially my father who detested a lot.


Greatest Obsession - Episode Two (2)

When Life Offers you Orange

I was woken up with a bang on my door and a shaken voice trying to be calm ''Please angel open the door for mummy, I promise we would look for a way out of this'' thundered mummy, ''oh wow! a way out of poverty, can you hear yourself mum, because of your greatest obsession for daddy we would be eating from mouth to ground soon and you open your mouth to say way out what about way in'' I replied her sarcastically.

''Get lost and please I don't want to ever hear your voice again and that of your shameless husband'' I added. ''would you keep quiet you manner less child no matter what have happened we are still your parents, you have no right what so ever to insult us  and you better come down stairs in the next two minutes your grand parent are coming over'' she said with a high voice. I could hear her walk down the steps mummering and complaining about the way she trained us.

Grudgingly ascending down the steps I could hear laughter and giggling from the dinner table. I could feel my anger heating up and was trying to hold my self from making an outburst. ''Gooday mee-maw and Pepaw'' I greeted my grandparents and even though I was angry at my family I could never get angry at this two. ''Rena baby how are you keeping up'' my mee-maw asked tenderly, ''I am trying mee-maw, but it is so hard'' I replied''. ''don't worry baby we work through something'' she assured me.

''When is your sweet sixteen baby?'' pepaw asked, '' I have given up on it grand pa'' I replied him. ''Don't worry treasure we would do something about it, we cant let you spend your sweet sixteen angrily'' he said '' you can start inviting your friends baby'' grand ma added. I happily hugged them ''I love you both much'' ''when life gives you an orange'' ''make an orange marmalade'' I shouted excitedly and ran up to start processing  my invitation.

MR. Park's POV

''What do I do mum, this is going to shatter her, I cant afford to be selfish mum, I love my daughter and she is too young for this.'' I said. ''How did we become like this, our children were our precious jewel, we never let any harm to befall them, we treasured them but look what your stupidity has caused us'' my lovely wife added. ''

We have to do what we have to do to save our family from this calamity, if this news spread out we would become the laughing stock of the town''. My mother chipped in. ''How do we break this news to her mum? You know of Rita desire of attending Harvard law school'' my wife cried. ''We have to wait for till her birthday is over before giving her the news'' my mother concluded.


My birthday preparation kicked off swiftly and I had already invited half of the school, my grandparents had invited celebrities from different countries and so my birthday was the hottest topic in my school website. I met my husband for the second time 3days to my birthday, I had walked in on him and my parents in the sitting room and to my surprise he remembered me.

''Where are you going to young woman'' I heard a strange voice asking me. Surprised and shocked at what I just heard I turned back to give this stranger a nice reply and lo and behold it was the facilitator at my school ''I'm going to the mall with my friends to pick out my birthday dress'' I replied not knowing why I have to answer to him in the first place. ''Go back inside your room right now and wait I would send a suitable cloth for you'' he added with a commanding voice.

''And who are you to tell me what to do Mr. John Deville'' I asked with my jaw opened. ''Your owner he answered with an authoritative tone,'' you are funny Mr. Am I some kind of commodity please'' I fired back.  ''Rita please go back to your room, we would explain to you later.'' mummy answered me. '' You better have a good explanation for all this daddy I hope this is not one of your scheme to destroy my happiness'' I replied directly at daddy.

John's POV

''Mr. Park I take it that you have not told her that she belongs me, I heard you call your children your precious jewel'' I asked irritated at the attitude Rita my so called bride displayed. ''We are sorry about that Mr. John, we decided to tell her after her sweet 16 birthday party he answered me. ''Okay Mr. john I love your daughter's fierce nature and I can say for sure that I would tame her to my tastes she would no longer be your greatest obsession but would become my greatest obsession'' I replied.


Finally it's my birthday, I woke up with happily and the same time could not feel that something was missing, I tried to make my self happy and interested in the things that was happening. I went to the hall and preparation was going on, balloons stand was there in all it beautiful glory. I saw the kissing booth and I felt so tensed and excited, I was finally going to have my first kiss with Derek my best friend. Oh yes my best friend don't judge me you can't help who you have a crush on, I have a crush on my best friend and I think he does too.

My guest and the media started arriving and I was welcoming all with my parents by my side and also anxiously waiting for my best friends. Looking at the entrance hoping to see my best friends, my eyes caught ….


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Re: My Greatest Obession ��� by Chydobe: 7:51pm On Sep 01, 2022

Tears are words that can't be written and can't be expressed. This was how I felt when I got the news of my marriage.  I literally could see my world crumbling and shattering right before my eyes. Here was I, thinking of my fairly tale ending with my best friend and the next minute.... at the entrance of the door stood my greatest nightmare in all its glory.

My Shattered World
Just Where it Hurts

I was anxiously waiting for my best friends' arrival, as tonight was the day I planned to confess to Derek. I was feeling so tense but deep down, I knew that I had to do it before it was too late. A sudden roar of the paparazzi jerked me up from my thought and I tried getting the glimpse of where and why the commotion.

I climbed the ladder meant for the decoration to see who was trying to steal my spotlight on my big day, on finding out that it was the bossy man from my house, I hissed, continued welcoming the guest, still in full anticipation of my bestfriends. 

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Re: My Greatest Obession ��� by Chydobe: 10:51am On Sep 13, 2022

How do you keep up with yourself when everyone you have ever looked up to for support and shelter becomes the reason for your crumbled world? 

What comes next when all you have ever wished for becomes the reason for your pain? I could not accept the fact that I was going to be someone's wife at 16? I've always been engrossed with how my wedding was going to be and how I was going to meet my prince charming...

Click on link for full episode


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