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Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by OOLUSEG(m): 1:53pm On Sep 03, 2007
the worst commercial advert i so much dislike is that of blue bad magerine, where that young boy was eating bread and butter in the class, what message are they trying to the young pupil out there?
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by lafile(m): 2:47pm On Sep 03, 2007
From what i hear, Diageo, the parent company of Guinness attributes the positioning of Nigeria as the 2nd largest Guinness stout consumer in the world to that 'udeme' campaign. (i guess it only worked in calabar sha)

If not that Ambi Pur is actually a good fragrance, their ad on tv would have made the company bankrupt.

That Bonux woman actually had the effrontery to insult her husband at the expense of bonux.

And i still wonder why Buky Wright keeps saying 'Arpic. I thot it was Harpic.
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by nnada(f): 2:55pm On Sep 03, 2007
the worst commercial on tv is the 'ambi pur ad'. i just can't seem to understand the moral behind the advert or what message the ad is trying to convey. the udeme advert is not that bad.

God bless u lula '' what is that ad conveying. Is it that our girls are pro, or what?, even the udeme ad, get as e be, cause my husband is now calling me udeme, udeme here that he is calling me, is that i dont drink alcohol at all, i have a light brain.
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by shostar: 2:59pm On Sep 03, 2007
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by hayo(m): 3:01pm On Sep 03, 2007
To all you Udeme haters - check this out. The advert has brought great humour to us
Also my worst advert is Yoyo Bitters - very stupid.

My friend Udeme is a great man!

Udeme wakes up at home with a huge hangover. He was out all night enjoying his company's Xmas party where Guinness Stout flowed very well. He forces himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins and a glass of water on the side table.
He sits down and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. He looks around the room and sees it is in prefect order. So's the rest of the house.
He takes the aspirins and notices a note on the table: "Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to go shopping so I can prepare your best dish - Afam Soup and Pounded Yam. Love you."
He goes to the kitchen. Sure enough, a hot breakfast and the morning newspaper await him.
His son is also at the table, eating. Udeme asks, "Son, what happened last night?"
His son says, "Well, you came home after 3 am, drunk and delirious. You broke some furniture, puked in the hallway, and gave yourself a black eye when you walked into the door."
Confused, Udeme asks, "So, why is everything in order and so clean, with breakfast on the table waiting for me?"
His son replies, "Oh that! Mom dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your pants off you shouted, "Lady, get your hands off me! I'm married!"
Surely, my friend Udeme is a great man - but there is a drop of greatness in every man! Drink Stout and you will say the right words smiley
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by ayeesha: 3:09pm On Sep 03, 2007
@ hayo

nice one!
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by Glorya(f): 3:41pm On Sep 03, 2007
udeme is the most stupid ad i have ever seen, it makes no sense at all.
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by Albert09(m): 3:44pm On Sep 03, 2007
There was this advert on radio when the price of gala was increased from
40 to
50. It was supposed to be a dialogue. A guy informs another that the price of gala has been increased to
50 and the person said ‘I think I have to move up with the big boys’. Just imagine an advert to convince me to buy gala at the new
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by charlione(m): 3:50pm On Sep 03, 2007
O! noodles is my candidate 4 worst ever.thumbs up 4 Udeme.great advert.  cool
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by Albert09(m): 3:52pm On Sep 03, 2007
There was this advert on radio when the price of gala was increased from N 40 to N50. It was supposed to be a dialogue. A guy informs another that the price of gala has been increased to N50 and the person said ‘I think I have to move up with the big boys’. Just imagine an advert to convince me to buy gala at the new N50
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by boysteve1(m): 4:24pm On Sep 03, 2007
people no just get work again,
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by Shaunscot(m): 4:27pm On Sep 03, 2007
Guys,Udeme is one of the best ads on TV.The only thing wrong with it is the monotony.
You get to watch it like every 5mins on each local station once its past 8pm.
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by lovie(f): 4:39pm On Sep 03, 2007
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by kaaycee(m): 4:40pm On Sep 03, 2007
my worse commercial on tv is d blue band advert (the class session)
especilly the pigin english version lipsrsealed embarassed
its a disgrace 2 nigerian schools and a very bad lesson 4 children. angry shocked
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by atat: 4:54pm On Sep 03, 2007
my worst advert is Guinness stout,that udeme knowing how to fly is just not in sync with the drink. shocked
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by omorowa(f): 4:57pm On Sep 03, 2007
Oh please. Dirt aint good. It would have made more sense to say 'dirt isnt always a bad thing or dirt can be good'
but Udeme and Omo are great Adverts compared to that silly 'na pass we dey pass' radio advert.
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by donjazzie(m): 4:58pm On Sep 03, 2007
Udeme Advert is tight.

Only people who don't feel Alchol would  keep dissing.
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by fredrostar(m): 5:00pm On Sep 03, 2007
I think de udeme ad aint Bad @ all wink
u have to think about the concept behind
the ad,
it was concieved during the guiness greatness promo,
and to that papi, his pilot friend udeme is a great man for livin his dream.

hey, to OMO, dirt is good
cos without dirt,  dey will b outta bizness most definately wink
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by omorowa(f): 5:01pm On Sep 03, 2007
Udeme aint so bad, my only issue like someone else said is the fact that we get to watch it about 20 times a day. Thank Fayrouz advert made me decide neva to drink the stuff. YUK and double Yuk. who are those blonde girls and the lead blondie is ********. Anyway terrible ads in Nigeria are to many to mention. when i think of a new one. ill update u guys
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by osereka(m): 5:02pm On Sep 03, 2007
so some people do watch these none scence called advert?
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by smartf(m): 5:05pm On Sep 03, 2007
those uggly adverts of nigerian league on supersport chanel. one go think say na judo competition
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by omorowa(f): 5:11pm On Sep 03, 2007
For now the advert that really makes me grind my teeth is the Don hotel advert tat comes on during big brother eviction show. announcing that it is the only wholy-black-owned hotel in SA and it is listed on the JSE. SO WHAT!!! I mean is tha what advertisments are for. It makes me so sick that the precious seconds one should use to sell thier hotel is used to decalre race. And worse still the advert ends with a shot of a tiny pool.
Abeg lemme hear word jare! angry
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by seun001(m): 5:13pm On Sep 03, 2007
my friend Udeme is a great man,guess u peeps should know that advert was by a nigerian but it wasnt recorded in naija though.and its really a great advert i wonder y some cant relate with it.
like that what's the koko ad by Dbanj.
yeah hate that Ambi pur ad,twas really rubbish
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by marjson(m): 5:33pm On Sep 03, 2007
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by Crownprinc: 5:37pm On Sep 03, 2007
eh guys, while I agree with you that there are some really disgusting adverts on naija tv, you will equally agree with me that there are some loverly adverts that will compete with any in the world. maybe we should also speak about the good ones. i think the fcmb's advert (abasi' mi) is really cool, among others. I also disagree that the guinness 'Udeme' advert is dumb. me, ai gbadun am.
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by Rubbermaid(f): 5:57pm On Sep 03, 2007
ANUOLUWAPO's Blog summarizes them well



I went shopping a couple of weeks ago with a friend - my mom - and while trying to buy a blender, I saw a gas cooker, really beautiful and all that and I was about asking for it to be moved to the check out counter, when I saw the name of the manufacturer - Ignis - and I just screamed, "don't even touch it"! Now, why would I do that, you might ask? I don't care if they make the best goddam electronics in the world, but a company that relies on infidelity to make a sale, is in my oipnion, very shallow!

What the fish does "a smart wife's first affair" mean?! So after the first one with Ignis, I am entitled to more - as long as Ignis is the first one?! With stupid billboards all over town encouraging women to cheat on their husbands with a regridgerator or the one with the washing machine pulling a woman's already short skirt (that one was creepy) and so many stupid things they insinuate, you can be rest assured i am not buying an Ignis product for as long as I live and neither will I allow anyone I know buy it, unless they change their sales tactics.


I might as well mention a few of the adverts that reall vex me, while I'm on the topic.


Bukky Wright and that annoying Harpic advert?! Everything was really cool and almost believable until she seats down in the lady's house and she shoves a container of harpic in her face, while asking if any part of her house gives her any problem, duh?! The lady should have said she had tooth ache and allowed Bukky to test "the power of harpic" on her mouth then, abi no be so?! Why didnt Bukky hide the bottle and ask the question and we would have been pleasantly surprised if after the woman said she had issues with her but, I beg your pardon, her toilet, Bukky brings out the bottle and the hogbladash continued.

Julius-the-eccelectic Agwu, That your Hollandia advert get as he be. " So tell me now hallofyuu (all of you), " ", it's got kalzium, (calcium) , I can't even remember all the mistakes-with-attitude wey the guy make, How much did they pay you, really?! That advert is really stupid. Although the chic is hot tongue , Was that the incentive?! And Jide Kososko, I love Chivita, but I hate that advert!


Skye bank, skye bank, skye bank, una dey sing o! I hope say the song dey bring in dividends sha, because he be like say instead make una train una staff for proper customer service, na accapella una dey do. Remember say Charles Soludo can ask for a bigger capital base again soon o, This una sing sing,, hope say he dey bring in money sha,

Ambi Pur encorages young women to only date older men with Ambi Pur in their cars,

5555, Thank goodness the entire album waxed to make us buy vicks lemon plus has been edited and we are saved from having to waste our time watching (well, pretty girls) performing a double clay (as opposed to a double platinum) single, just to get us to buy vicks, which i stopped buying by the way, I settled for baba blue, I'll tell you why.

I can so identify with the wierd looking guy in the blue outfit that the advert makes so much sense, and the ingrained humor is so typically Nigerian that it scores so much points with me,

Bank PHB has the best concepts I have come accross in a long long time, well, second only to Jimi Agbaje's "runnning for governor ads", and it shows people are thinking, For that and other reasons, I have decided UBA with their dead-man-talking-ads is out and bank PHB, here I come!

The CBN bit about the lady with the sick child who went to see a doctor and brought out money from her bra was really funny and nice and I have heard one or two people I know, who would ordinarily not give a hoot about where money comes from, correct others as per handling the naira with care, So the ad worked, well kind of :-)

The Dettol cool and Dettol Pure ads are equally nice.

Ah, Ariel gold too!

Viva Bournvita! My 19 months old cousin walks up to his mom and says he wants bournvita and she says "No". A simple " but every child deserves bournvita" made her scurry to the kitchen to prepare a full bottle of Bournvita for him! Now, that is a lovely adavert!

The list of the "good guys" is endless - the old MAMSER adverts, 7up's Fido Dido, Nasco Adverts, among others,

Ok, gotto get back to work, next will be my thoughts on the Obasanjo, Atiku, EFCC, INEC, Ala-Akala,National Awards, Baba Modinat, imbroglio,

Miss me.

Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by rowlandwhy: 6:38pm On Sep 03, 2007
Nairalanders, can talk oo! they can criticise and analysis,
Anyway, it is all part of expressing ones self, according to one guy he said Nairalanders dey do aproko! LOL grin

@ topic,
have you ever seen where pidgin english is used in a court?
But one of the Blue Vicks adverts had it were a man said "I NO GO DO AM AGAIN"

I don't understand the Indomie advert that featured children in the orphange also,

How do u see Sterling Bank who changes their customers shoe and clothes.

And Malta Guinness where a guy and girl were flying in the sky just to take the Guiness malt.

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Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by Configur(m): 6:42pm On Sep 03, 2007



Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by sakin4life(m): 7:16pm On Sep 03, 2007
one thing i'll like to point out is why are Nigerian banks turning into mass choir these days. how pathetic cry. Are they financial institutions or Music orchestras? Nigerian ads lack creativity.
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by 3dhunter(m): 7:30pm On Sep 03, 2007
i think "udeme" is a great advert
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by iyes(m): 7:45pm On Sep 03, 2007
KAMPE POWER ad is an eye sore. Yuckkkk
Re: Your Worst Commercial Advert? by ThisDumebi: 7:57pm On Sep 03, 2007
If all these people could go into advertising as copywriters i bet we'd get it right soonest! But i doubt it based on the inchorence of their critique!

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