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The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 2:49pm On Mar 13
On behalf of the Brown Skin Semitic Hebrew nobility that founded the Holy Roman Empire.

And a blessing had come to Shem and his sons unto the generations for ever--the whole land of Eden and the whole land of the Red Sea, and the whole land of the east, and India, and on the Red Sea and the mountains thereof, and all the land of Bashan, and all the land of Lebanon and the islands of Kaftûr, 1 and all the mountains of Sanîr 2 and ’Amânâ, 3 and the mountains of Asshur in the north, and all the land of Elam, Asshur, and Bâbêl, and Sûsân and Mâ‘ĕdâi 4 and all the mountains of Ararat, and all the region beyond the sea, which is beyond the mountains of Asshur towards the north, a blessed and spacious land, and all that is in it is very good

India was originally apart of Shem's territory and may have been a principal party because the faces of the original royalty looks the same as Jesus descendants. But an invasion happened, the Cushites invaded Indus Valley and seized power from Shem, it became Indus Cush to denote the extreme cultural and religious change brought upon the region. By the Cushites mating with the fair skin women a portion of the people became very black. Some became browner and were no longer genetically Shem but Ham. This new ruling class introduced Egyptian sex worship, Yoga, cow worship, various Gods like Kali. Yes the god Kali originates among Nubian tribes. The rise of Babylon was the beginning of the end for Sumerian civilization as the elder.

Negroes are not and were not Indians!


The American Indians were primarily Indians from India long ago. Yet Negroes from Africa namely Moabites known as Mound Builders, and European Nobility brown skin, come here and found sanctuary with them later even mixing with the Indigenous Peoples. This is why the confusion is going on about American Indians being Negro. Some Indians did own Negroes as slaves because they are not our people. Because our family mixed with their women we became darker. Yet this is not about skin color it's about bloodline. Kamala Harris and Barack Obama may share the same brown skin color as me but I am a Merovingian Frank, son of the Holy Grail. Skin color is one of the wiles of Satan. Brown skin is the color of Semitic people whose roots are monotheism from Persians, Arabs, Tyganians, Judeans, Greeks and Roman nobility Google the Fayum Portraits, Moabites and Isrealites with exception to those many Semetic people that fell to pagan beliefs and mixed with either black or white. Yet Black skin represents Ham's descendants in Egypt and India whose ancestors were polytheists. All throughout the ancient world the color of the Devil was black not because of prejudice because of identification of the pagan bloodlines before they mixed with brown and white Both Barack Obama and Kamala Harris come from bloodlines of pagan ancestors that owned slaves, did human sacrifices and sex worship therefore they are Anti Christs. The alliance between Africa, India and other pagan traditionalists is the driving force of the Pan New World Order

Phony Brown Skin Leaders created by Khazar Askenaskis to borrow the energy of the true Brown Skin Nobility that ruled Western civilization.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 3:01pm On Mar 13
The Illuminati Freemasonry headquartered in North Africa know Semitic people and Israelites are brown skin, this includes Jesus and all his disciples plus the Knights Templars and French Merovingian bloodline were brown skin. Much of European nobility, Greek, Roman and Judeans were brown skin and olive skin tone as well as the Guals, Celts, Persians, Romans, Lower Egyptians and Arabs.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 5:09pm On Mar 13
We are still fighting over skin color after thousands of years but the key issue is spiritual bloodline. What is meant by spiritual bloodline is that your bloodline goes back to a common ancestor whom worshipped either God or the gods.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 6:25pm On Mar 13
Here are both Obama and Kamala in church and neither of them believe in Christ. Neither did their ancestors, Obama's Nubian ancestors worshipped the gods of Egypt and Kamala's ancestors worshipped the gods of India. So basically they are stealing my ancestor's righteous God fearing religion whilst I am being hated and falsely accused as the immoral one. This is spiritual war!

lese′ (or lèse′) maj′esty (liz)
a. a crime, esp. high treason, committed against a monarch or government.
b. an offense that violates the dignity of a ruler.
2. an attack on any custom, institution, belief, etc., held sacred or revered.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 10:47pm On Mar 13
In a 1996 interview with Henry Louis Gates Jr., Min. Louis Farrakhan speculated that his biological father, "a light-skinned man with straight hair from Jamaica", may have been Jewish.

Min. Farrakan and his father he says are both light skin and he says they got that way by Jewish slave owners raping their slave paternal grandmothers. I am lighter skin than my mother and my father and my brown skin is the original color of my father's lineage. I am not Jewish, I am descendant of Judeans Y DNA that crossed with Frank princesses then Gothic/Italian princesses and prinecesses of Indigeous Peoples of the America. I am royalty on both sides of my family!

Min. Farrakhan knows my lineage and Min. Rasoul who is Elijah Muhammad's son by wife Tynetta Muhammad stated in front of the entire Detriot Mosque that I am a son of Jesus. At first Min. Farrakhan was for my ascension to my father's throne over my brothers who are older, maybe he planned to use me for his own rise. But many even in my family know I am the most gifted. Yet my father's family became envious like Joseph's famly and lied on me, framed me and sided with the opposition to thrawt me. Evil family members who are bisexual pedophiles of the Prince Hall Freemasonry are paying the whores and prostitutes of Alpha Kappa Alpha, assigned to take me out, by spreading lies and rumors so it wouldn't appear it was coming from these evil men. Even Min. Farrkhan's followers have attacked me and many have joined the bisexual pedophilia of Divine Nine as the Nation of Islam sided with the satanic false Islam of the Moors. Truly a man's foes shall be they of his own household, because they have abandoned God long ago for money and pride.

Well the Jews who are not real Judeans but Central Asian converts love Min. Farrakhan too, mainly because he is their son, their Y DNA. Min. Farrakhan has a nose like a Jew too and my forefather's nose is much different. These Jews practice a heretic form of Judaism even those Marranos that converted to Catholicism and are Jesuit families engage in sex worship, child sacrifice and satanic rituals. The Jews the Quran condemns are these sort of Jews who practice herractic Judaism please go and read it for yourself and read Revealations on the Synagogue Of Satan.

lese′ (or lèse′) maj′esty (liz)
a. a crime, esp. high treason, committed against a monarch or government.
b. an offense that violates the dignity of a ruler.
2. an attack on any custom, institution, belief, etc., held sacred or revered.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 11:04pm On Mar 13
Ethiopia 4th century brown skin Jesus and disciples.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 11:05pm On Mar 13
Roman 1st century brown skin Jesus.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 11:07pm On Mar 13
1 Another 1st century painting of Jesus again brown skin.

2. A brown skin Mary Magdalene forced from Judea after a revolt formed which lead to the destruction by Rome. The Romans are also brown skin which we will cover in the Fayum Portraits later.

3. Holy Blood Holy Grail book uncovers tons of evidence in South France that was well known that Jesus had male descendants that married into Frankish and Celtic royal families.

4. A tablet of the royal lineage of Jesus.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 12:01am On Mar 14
Bernard of Clairvaux, O. Cist. (Latin: Bernardus Claraevallensis; 1090 – 20 August 1153), venerated as Saint Bernard, was an abbot, mystic, co-founder of the Knights Templars, and a major leader in the reformation of the Benedictine Order through the nascent Cistercian Order.

Here is my Italian great ancestor St. Bernard of Clairvaux, he is uncle to my ancestor Knights Templar 1st Grand Master Huge De Pagens, as you can see St. Benard has olive skin tone. The original Italians were darker than modern pale white Italians which shows brown can produce White as well as Black.

Founders St. Robert, St. Alberic, and St. Stephen Harding.

The Cistercian Order finds its historical origin in Cîteaux, a French monastery founded in 1098 by a group of monks under the leadership of St. Robert of Molesme. Having left behind the Abbey of Molesme to found a new monastery, the community set out intending to live a life faithful to the simplicity of the Rule of St. Benedict. Inspired by the age’s strong spirit of ecclesial and monastic reform, they wanted to set aside some of the developments in monastic life associated with the distinguished and influential Benedictine Abbey of Cluny. Concretely, St. Robert and his monks embraced a set of ideals popular among contemporary monastic reformers: among them were the desire for an effective balance between prayer and serious work, an emphasis on evangelical poverty and a detachment from worldly affairs, and a style of community life modeled on the apostles and first Christians (cf. Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-35). Most essentially, they desired to seek out new and authentic ways of living their lives as monks in response to the call of God, a program of discernment that included both a fidelity to a broader and more ancient monastic tradition and a sincere attention to the life and times in which they lived.

The Knights Templar were initiated as Cistercian Monks and no other order! There was no Freemasonry at this time only stone mason guilds. A knight joining the Templars could have never been apart of another order! Nor could any Templar retiring to secular life join any other order!

As you can see the 3 founders of the Cistercians were all brown skin men of the Celtic nation who travelled to France to join the St. Benedictine Order upon finding it corrupt formed a Reformed Benedictine Order and name it Cistercian after a popular plant found in the swamp area. They were all 3 sons of Kalco one of the sons of Judah or Celtic people.

a tendency to revert to something ancient or ancestral.
"the more civilized a society seems to be, the more susceptible it is to its buried atavism"
recurrence of traits of an ancestor in a subsequent generation.

As I have stated I am lighter in skin tone than my mother and father because the original genes of my lfather's are brown skin. I am Shem yet I am Hebrew.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 1:03am On Mar 14
The brown skin Anti Christ

Why Jesus’ Skin Color Matters
That he was an ethnic minority shapes how we minister today.
MARCH 18, 2016

Why Jesus’ Skin Color Matters
April 2016This article is from the April 2016 issue.

After one of my recent lectures, a Christian college student approached me and asked if black people are uncomfortable with the fact that Jesus is white. I responded, “Jesus is not white. The Jesus of history likely looked more like me, a black woman, than you, a white woman.”

I wasn’t shocked by this student’s assumption that Jesus was of European descent, or the certitude with which she stated it. When I am in US Christian spaces, I encounter this assumption so often that I’ve come to believe it is the default assumption about Jesus’ appearance. Indeed, white Jesus is everywhere: a 30-foot-tall white Savior stands at the center of Biola University’s campus; white Jesus is featured on most Christmas cards; and the recent History Channel mini-series The Bible dramatically introduced a white Jesus to more than 100 million viewers. In most of the Western world, Jesus is white.

While Christ the Lord transcends skin color and racial divisions, white Jesus has real consequences. In all likelihood, if you close your eyes and picture Jesus, you’ll imagine a white man. Without conscious intention or awareness, many of us have become disciples of a white Jesus. Not only is white Jesus inaccurate, he also can inhibit our ability to honor the image of God in people who aren’t white.

Jesus of Nazareth likely had a darker complexion than we imagine, not unlike the olive skin common among Middle Easterners today. Princeton biblical scholar James Charlesworth goes so far as to say Jesus was “most likely dark brown and sun-tanned.” The earliest depictions of an adult Jesus showed him with an “Oriental cast” and a brown complexion.

Whites and Blacks fight over the color of Jesus although he was certainly brown.

Israel the phony nation of Ukraine Jews has just banned any discussion of Jesus just days after this post was made. They are triggered!

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 8:08am On Mar 14

Louise Marie-Thérèse, also known as The Black Nun of Moret (c. 1658 – 1730 was a French nun and the subject of accounts from the 18th century in which she was dubiously claimed to be the daughter of the Queen of France, Maria Theresa of Spain. Her existence is mentioned in several different sources.

It's impossible for St. Louis Marie-Theresa to be this dark in complexion if either her mother or father was white! Many nobility joined monasteries in these days and most orders would only admit nobility!

Saint Louis Marie-Theresa was the daughter of Louis the 14th both of them were dark brown with brown eyes. They look very similar to most Igbos who are also dark brown but not jet black like Nubian tribes. The Franks were Semitic people and French is a Semitic language, Franks descendants of Trojans and the lost tribe of Benjamin. Queen Mary Magdalene was also dark brown and she is the Lady Patron of France. Because Benjamin spent much time in Egypt after been run out for raping and killing a Temple Levite concubine over a violent dispute they may have became a darker brown. The Benjamin after losing the war against Greece travelled North and ended up in Germany. The Salian Franks a tribe of Franks crossed the Rhine River and settled in Gual today known as France and mixed with Gothic Whites.

Again all 3 King Louis 14th his daughter Saint Thersa and Queen Mary Magdalene the Black Madonna are both dark brown.

The Merovingian were the first dynasty of The Franks because of Clovis De France king of all the Franks marriage to the Gothic/Italians the Merovingians were of a lighter shade of brown and olive skin tone. The Carolinians who's dynasty followed the Merovingian, Emperor Charles the Great son of Pippen married a Merovingian princess to justify his royal claim to the throne of the Franks so they were also of lighter brown and olive skin tone in later generations.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 1:10pm On Mar 14
Founder of the Jesuits Order, the brown skin Anti Christ Ignatius was born in Spain not Italy. Under Islamic rule Gothic Whites who remained Christains were persecuted by the Moors with heavy taxation so a sect of them converted to Judaism. The beginning of this conversion was 4 White women because they had it the hardest seeing the Moors trafficked young girls for harems to North Africa and Turkey. There were plenty of Edomite Jews living in Spain and Portugal since the time of King David forced many to convert rather than exterminate them. These Edomites so called Black Jews practiced a heresy form of Judaism and this they taught to Whites. After the Moors were kicked out by Christian forces many White Jews converted back to Catholicism. The Christians had vengeance against the Jews because both being Edomites they sided often with the Moors and thrived under their tyrannical rule while Christians suffered. This bitterness was the cause for the Spainish Inquisition.

Ignatius was a Marrano that is a hidden Jew who converted to Catholicism to escape the Inquisition.

The Jesuit Order is a plot of the Moors to destroy Christianity from within. Their initiation is the exact copy of the Moors Secret Brotherhood and this can be read in the book, Islamic Influence on Jesuit Origins. The PDF form of the book is available for download on any web search of the title. Ignatius was arrested by Catholic authorities for promoting the Moors as Christians and held for several years.

Let's look at several points why the Jesuits are moles of the Moors.

1. The Jesuits were the only Catholic Order to partake in the Inquisition that often accused other Catholics of heresy without any evidence. They used Inquisition as a weapon to remove rivals and suppress Protestants who exposed their Sodomy and Pedophilia inside the Churches all over Europe. The Jesuits weakened the Church by causing it to splinter into Catholic and Reformed.

2. The Jesuits were the only Catholic Order to trade in slaves for profit usually doing business with the Moors who ran the Atlantic and Arab Slave Trades.

3. The Jesuits are directly behind the LGBT movement inside the Catholic Church today. Majority of the openly gay priests are Jesuits so just like the Moors they are sodomites and pedophiles. Pope Francis a Jesuit Pope seize power from Pope Benedict who retired under suspicious circumstances probably forced out.

4. Pope Francis kissed the feet of Sudanese leaders shocking many people. This is because the Sudanese Nubians were the Fatimad Caliphate that the Franks and other Cruscaders fought and thus they are Moors! Yes the Moors are the fathers of many Marrano Jews that converted to Catholicism and became Jesuits. The Jesuits like the Illuminati Freemasons fought no Cruscades nor were they Templars.

The most recent pope to resign was Benedict XVI, who vacated the Holy See on 28 February 2013, the date of his effective resignation. He was the first pope to do so since Gregory XII in 1415

The Jesuits
There are some remarkable similarities between the higher degree initiations found within both the Black and Masonic camps and the secretive Roman Catholic sect of Jesuits. This can be seen by carefully scrutinising the Jesuit initiation ceremony. Material on the internal Jesuit ceremonies is particularly difficult to obtain. Like the Royal Black Institution the Jesuits have succeeded in guarding their secrets for centuries. However, the Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge quotes from an old revealing Jesuit MS held in the French library at the Rue Richelieu at Paris entitled Histoire des congregations et sodalites jesuitiques depuis 1563 jusqu’au temps present 1709.

This Encyclopaedia is said to be one of the most important reference books of its kind in English and it reveals the Jesuit initiations in vivid detail. We see the candidate (for the initial inferior Jesuit degree) being tested for his preparedness for advancement in the Jesuit order. When he has been proved worthy in the first he is advanced to the second degree.

We learn, “At the initiation into the second degree (Scholastici) … the candidate, again prepared for them by long fastings, was led with his eyes bandaged into a large cavern, resounding with wild howlings and roarings, which he had to traverse, reciting at the same time prayers specially appointed for that occasion. At the end of the cave he had to crawl through a narrow opening, and while doing this, the bandage was taken from his eyes by an unseen hand, and he found himself in a square dungeon, whose floor was covered with mortuary cloth, on which stood three lamps, shedding a feeble light on the skulls and skeletons ranged around. This was the Cave of Evocation, the Black Chamber, so famous in the annals of the Fathers…”

The significance of this practice is solemnly outlined during the Masonic first degree initiation, when the candidate is told: “At your entrance into the Lodge, this sword was presented to your naked left breast, so that had you rashly attempted to rush forward, you would have been accessory to your own death by stabbing. Not so with the brother who held it; as he would have only remained firm to his duty” (Masonic Manual p. 9).

The similarities between the Jesuits and the different Black associations are remarkable.

The Black Freemasons Prince Hall didn't come into existence until the 1800s so the Jesuits are not a copying them but the Moors Secret Brotherhood who are their fathers.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 2:30pm On Mar 14
It's quite obvious extracting phenotype they are but 3 color races of man according to the Bible. Shem is the oldest and is the first world, has brown skin, known today as Western Civilization which includes Iran. Yapeth is the second world, white/yellow skin from which came Asians and Caucasians, Mongols, Aryans, Kharzahs. Ham is the third world which is the black skin races of Nubia, Egypt, Cush, and mostly Africa. The Middle East and North Africa sit in the mixing zone and it even extended to Babylon once apart of this mixing zone.

Sons of Noah: Shem, Ham and Japheth
The Genesis flood narrative tells how Noah and his three sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth, together with their wives, were saved from the Deluge to repopulate the Earth. Shem's descendants: Genesis chapter 10 verses 21–30 gives one list of descendants of Shem.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 3:27pm On Mar 14
The arms of Jesus are the Cross of Lorraine,
Both the blood in the artery and the blood in the vein,
Both the source of grace and the clear fountaine;
The arms of Satan are the Cross of Lorraine,
And the same artery and the same vein,
And the same blood and the troubled fountaine.”

The reference to Satan and Jesus sharing the same blood is very important. [He would not have
become “Jesus”, should he not have killed the “Satan” inside himself, first. C.]

I am a Jew. De France, my father'ssurname, are Jews the true brown skin Jews and descendants of Yeshua Ben Yossef and Queen Mary Magdalene. My family lineage goes back to King David.


Burnt brass is brown.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 3:41pm On Mar 14
1 John 2:18

“Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.”

Pope Francis is bowing to the Nubian Moors whom formed the Fatimid Caliphate in which the Cruscaders, Kings of Jerusalem, Frankish Kings, English kings and Templars all fought against. This is an Anti Christ imposter Pope using the name Francis. But Ignatius founder of the Jesuits was not born under Frankish rule he was born in Spain, where the Moors ruled for hundreds of years and fathered many Marrano Jews like Ignatius. He is bowing to the father of the Jesuits.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 4:40pm On Mar 14
Sudan's Zande tribe had a tradition of warriors marrying boys and paying a bride price, as they would for girl brides, to their parents. When the boy grew up, he too became a warrior and took a boy-wife

Both the Nubians who are Moors and Jesuits who are Jews practice sodomy and boy love.

The Nubians are jet black and they have been doing Sodomy for thousands of Hamite tradition of Drunken Festival fertility God worship. And the Jesuits acquired the tradition from their initiation into the Moors Secret Brotherhood. They are both gay military orders the Nubian Moors and the Marrano Jesuits!

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 10:37pm On Mar 14
Again Semitic people are brown skin and may vary from very light brown to dark brown as was Queen Sheba and King Solomon. King Cyrus of Persia had brown skin who defeated Babylon, freed the Judeans and rebuilt the Temple of Elohim. Although Iranians are Muslims they are Shites they believe blood lineage matters especially Prophet Muhammad's lineage. The Arabs are Semitic and they vary from light brown to dark brown yet there are Arab Edomites called Moors who are black skin. Nature knows no color line yet Nature is not God.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 10:49pm On Mar 14
The Tigrinya people, who are also known as the Kebessa people, are the largest ethnic group in Eritrea. They speak Tigrinya, a Semetic language derived from Ge'ez, and largely inhabit the plateau of the country. Because of their language and script (Fidel), many colonial-era scholars assumed Tigrinya people were of a mixed Yemeni (Sabaean) and Eritrean origin. Despite lacking evidence for this claim, this narrative still persists today, albeit waning.

According to Professor Peter R. Schmidt, the ancestors of the Tigrinya people, and other groups within the Horn of Africa, adopted South Arabian derived languages, not because they were mixed with Sabaeans or colonized by them, but because they were "within the orbit of Sabaean economic and religious spheres of influence, and local African elites likely used symbolic materials to signal 'Sabaean' identity for reasons of social differentiation, but the seeds of urbanism and local industry were planted locally long before.

Schmidt also adds:

"Pre-Aksumite" incorporation of such elements may have taken place over many generations rather than being the products of a limited number of South Arabian colonization or migration events, nor do they signify a dominant vs. subordinate or core vs. periphery relationship between polities. Elites of peer polities or co-evolving polities of relative parity in sociopolitical development and economy may actively appropriate symbols and objects from one another for use in internal legitimization. This is a view of active engagement and critical selection from a diverse repertoire of elements in the southern Red Sea cultural milieu, not a passive incorporation from colonizing populations; it is a perspective that promotes "Pre-Aksumite" agency and creates a more dynamic picture of cultural transformation in the 1st millennium BCE.

To give a related example, king Zoscales of Adulis, who ruled in the 1st century CE, was known to speak and write in Greek.In fact, Hellenic influences on the region were so strong that nearly all inscriptions until the early 4th century CE were made in Greek. The elite inhabitants of the region adopted Greek for the same reasons they adopted Sabaean material culture: because they were within the economic and cultural influences of these polities. Additionally, by connecting themselves with foreign kingdoms and empires, the elites were seeking to legitimize their rule domestically.

So who are the ancestors of the Tigrinya people?

Although our knowledge of ancient Eritrea is still in its infancy, the archaeological remains found in the plateaus around Asmara indicate a pastoralist society (with some limited agriculture capacity) was inhabiting the region in the 2nd millennium BCE.These early groups of people produced Black Ware pottery, which have historically been associated with the Beja people

Around 2,000 B.C. pastoral people from the deserts of southern Egypt and northern Sudan entered the Barka Valley and northern highlands, pushing the first wave southwards. These people were the forerunners of the Beja tribes, who for many hundreds of years seem to have been the only independent pastoralists in Africa.

Tigrinya people the actual descendants of Queen Sheba and her son by King Solomon who is King Menelik I are brown skin. They are Semitic and the Tigrinya vary from light brown to dark brown. Even though the Ethiopian Cushites vary in brown shades more to the South they are jet black. This is because Cush are sons of jet black Nubia.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 10:55pm On Mar 14
Atabs are the children of King Ishmael and his mother Queen Hagar the jet black Egyptian princess given to King Abraham by his brother the Pharoah of Egypt. This was at a time when Semitic and Hamitic people knew they were brothers. The Arabs vary from light brown, medium brown, dark brown and maternally related some are jet black. There are different tribes of Arabs but they are Semitic people who rival against Judeans over King Abraham's throne. My family honors Prophet Muhammad as an authentic holy man of the Arabs but only a Christian can be the King of the Jews. The law is against any who disrespects royalty of any nation and a holy prophet of God.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 11:46pm On Mar 14
Althroughout the ancient world the color of the Devil is black. This is due in part that Ham being jet black continued the Pre-flood pagan evils that God flooded the world for. Ham descendants built Egypt then Babylon and they spread their jet black skin in India amongst Yapeth women. In the great book the Autobiography of a Yogi, Baba says that Kriya Yoga the oldest branch traces back to Egypt. So the Tantric Anal Sex, Orgy Rituals and Temple Sex originate in Egypt including some of the Gods and cow worship.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 1:15am On Mar 15

Jesus Didn’t Promise Second Coming, Scholars Say
March 6, 1989

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ A group of biblical scholars agreed that Jesus Christ never promised to return and usher in a new age and would have been ″appalled″ about becoming a cult figure in a new religion, the group’s founder said Monday.

About 100 scholars, theologians and historians discussed the teachings of the historical Jesus in a three-day seminar that ended Sunday. They agreed, with some dissensions, that Jesus did not promise a Second Coming in which he would bring a new age.

Gospel writers and later followers of Jesus were the ones who predicted a second coming of Jesus, most scholars participating in the Jesus Seminar said. The seminar was held in Sonoma in the wine country about 40 miles north of San Francisco.

Robert Funk, 50, a New Testament expert and the seminar founder, said most of its members believe that Jesus was a wandering sage and did not think he was divine, ″although he felt very close to God.″

Funk said the seminar’s stand does not contradict the faith in God expressed in the Apostles Creed but is at odds with many traditional Christian beliefs.

A fundamentalist pastor who attended the meeting called the seminar’s stance ″heretical.″

″They’re robbing the church of its blessed hope,″ said the Rev. Marion H. Reynolds of Los Osos. He said the impact of the group’s statements can’t be dismissed because ″our society tends to place scholars on a very high level.″

In one vote of 30 scholars, 26 said they strongly disagreed that Jesus expected to return and usher in a new age. The scholars almost unanimously agreed, though, that Jesus spoke the words attributed to him in which he said the kingdom of God already was present in his day.

The group also voted overwhelmingly that the language used to describe the future kingdom of God in the New Testament is mythic and symbolic, and recommended that people should not believe in or look forward to the Second Coming and new age.

Although there was no vote taken on the issue of whether Jesus intended to start a new religion and be its central figure, the subject is key to the seminar’s debates and has come up in virtually all of its nine meetings over the past four years.

″The overwhelming answer (among the seminar’s scholars) is Jesus had no intention of starting a new religion,″ said Funk. ″Most of the fellows think Jesus led some kind of reform movement in Judaism. I’m quite certain he had no idea that a new religion would transpire or that he would become a cult figure in it. ... He would have been appalled by it.″

He said the scholars are almost unanimous that Jesus ″didn’t think of himself as divine.″

The seminar’s findings reflect what is being taught in most major universities and seminaries, said the Rev. Edward F. Beutner, a Jesuit and campus minister at Santa Clara University and a seminar member.

″These are not maverick scholars,″ Beutner said. ″They take a very careful approach to how sayings of Jesus were transmitted and to the evolution of the Bible texts.″

The Jesus Seminar is sponsored by the Westar Institute in Sonoma, a private, secular, research group that explores topics in the humanitites.

There is no second coming of Christ. It isn't even Biblical let alone will Christ appear again as a Muslim. Islam didn't exist before Prophet Muhammad and to speak such is not only shirk but it belittles the greatness of Prophet Muhammad and the mighty deeds he accomplished converting the pagan Arabs to the light of Jerusalem.. And the same goes for Jesus Christ His accomplishments are extraordinary as He broke the yoke of the pagan world that ruled with an iron fist since the time of Babylon. Christ established a new and powerful religion on the Earth as Christianity is the number one followed religious belief in the world.

This brings me to Jamaicans like Min. Louis Farrakhan, Vice President Kamala Harris and Donald Harris father of Kamala. Jamaicans and Carribean Blacks have a lot of pride and not much esteem. They are in unionson in finessimg Black America out of the top spot in our own land and among our own people. An usual wearing of the color purple by V P Kanala Harris the color of Omega Psi Phi the fraternity headed over by Farrakhan, she surrounds herself in royal red yet where is the royalty? Very unusual for Alpha Phi Alpha to collaborate with Omegas as they normally partner with Alpha Phi Alpha so V.P Harris actually rallying around Jamaican advancement.

Louis Farrakhan is not a descendant of Yeshua Ben Yossef the historical man behind the mythological Christ. He is not a member of the Holy Grail family whom some are White but they are all Christians.

Jamaicans are not African they are a crossbreed of Jacobite prisoners of war from Scottland, Arawak Indians and some West Aftican slaves deliberately mixed in to cause confusion. The Jamaican Elite is nothing more than a White Edomite Jew with brown skin, as the Jews were the slave owners and traffickers in the Caribbean, colored women would become their bed slaves and bore brown skin children. The Scotts known as Celts were not a ferocious people like the Franks and Saxons of Germany. They were easily conquered by the Saxons that fled Germany from Charlemagne"s banning of paganism. Much of the history of England and Scottland was the legacy of France bringing advancement to them from the Roman Empire. The Scotts such as Clan Anderson lost the war against England ruled by Germans and many were transported to the Carribean to serve as slaves. Jews were their slave owners who put many of them in sex farms, bedwenching and buck breaking rituals. Jamaicans are still affected by this harsh treatment and trauma plus they have a scarcity mindset living on an island with limited resources.

I am one fighting Satanism while the so called Messiah Farrakhan keeps a vow of silence. Racism is not more heinous than Satanism for skin color is one of the wiles of Satan.

Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 1:40am On Mar 15
Cush or KushHebrew pronunciation: Kūš; Ge'ez: ኩሽ), according to the Hebrew Bible, was the oldest son of Ham and a grandson of Noah. He was the brother of Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan. Cush was the father of Nimrod, a king called the "first heroic warrior on earth".

Black skin Ethiopians towards the South bordering Sudan this is because Cush was originally black skin but by North Africa being a mixing zone many Ethiopians have brown skin like Semitic people.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 8:47am On Mar 15
When King James I came to the throne, the Jesuits planned what became known as the Gunpowder Plot, in 1605, to blow up the king. Guy Fawkes was their tool. Most of the Jesuits who were behind this foul deed were arrested when the plot was discovered, and hanged. In 1628, an Act was passed in England against sending any to the continent “to be Popishly bred” (educated). The purpose of this Act was to flush out those Englishmen who were spies of the Jesuits. James Wadsworth was one young Englishman who was trained in the Jesuit college in Spain for the work of re-converting England to the Papal religion. In his book, published in the seventeenth century after he left the Jesuits and Romanism, he told how the students in the college would sing vespers and litanies to “Mary” (the Romanists’ goddess) for England’s “conversion.

King James fight was not with the Catholic Church but the Jesuits whom are agents of the Moors. The Protestants were really about unaddressed reforms of the church which had been taken over by the Jesuits in Germany. The French outlawed the Jesuits who were behind the overthrow of the French Monarchy as an act of revenge.

Yes King James and his sons were all brown skin. Semitic people are a different race from Black even though we all are brothers of mankind. Whites and Yellows are our brothers we Negro Semitic people just have a closer relationship with the Blacks because our Sojourn in Egypt when they allowed our ancestors sanctuary. So no Black people ruled Europe it was brown skin Hebrews like Jesus was brown skin.

Queen Charoltte of Mecklenburg Germany is brown skin. Most Germans called Tuetons, Franks and Saxons were brown skin.

Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by BlackAdam65: 10:26am On Mar 15
are you on facebook ive been following your posts for a very long time i even joined nairaland because of you

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 12:25pm On Mar 15
The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews is a superb study of the relationship between Jesuits and New Christians—converts from Judaism and their descendants—during the three generations after the founding of the Society of Jesus in 1540. It has long been known that many New Christians joined the Society in the sixteenth century. The opposition that this influx of New Christians inspired both within and outside the Society, however, is something of which only a few specialists have been aware until recently. James W. Reites and Francisco de Borja Medina have written important studies of St. Ignatius of Loyola’s philosemitism and of the divisions within the Society that developed after Ignatius’s death. Maryks, however, does something that no one has attempted until now—he investigates the genealogical roots of dozens of sixteenth-century Spanish and Portuguese Jesuits. Among these men were several of the most notable Jesuit intellectuals of the period, including José de Acosta, Diego Laínez, Juan de Mariana, Jerónimo Nadal, Juan Alfonso de Polanco, Pedro de Ribadeneira, and Francisco Suárez.

Maryks links his genealogical study to a sophisticated analysis of the various factions that developed within the Society as a result of the debate about the admission of New Christians. In addition, Maryks analyzes the strong opposition in court and clerical circles in Spain and Portugal as a whole to the admission of New Christians in the Society.

The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews provides a profound and convincing analysis—based on extensive archival work—of the conflict between theory and practice in the Society of Jesus. The Society’s founding documents called for an inclusive approach to the admissions process. In practice, however, discrimination in the admission of a wide range of minorities—including not only New Christians but also Asians, Africans, Amerindians, and mestizos—was widespread.

The debate about New Christians hinged on the interpretation, by individual Jesuits, of Ignatius’s intentions. Drawing on their direct contacts with Ignatius, on their understanding of the Institute of the Society, or on both, Jesuits on both sides of the debate about New Christians asserted that they sought to adopt the policy that Ignatius would have adopted had he been alive in the 1570s, when the debate threatened to produce a schism in the Society.

I am not the only one who has done research on the Jesuits and discovered they are Jews and cousins of the other outwardly Jews. The Jesuits role in Christendom has been toxic like they do not belong, just like their cousins they were enslavers, the inquisition horrors are the work of Jesuit Priests, the overthrow of Christian monarchs all the work of Jesuits. Georgetown University that owned slaves is a Jesuit founded institution. All the pedophile priests who identify as openly gay and are in support of LGBT are Jesuits including Pope Francis.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 1:22pm On Mar 15
Genesis 9:22-26
King James Version
22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the unclothedness of his father, and told his two brethren without.

23 And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the unclothedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father's unclothedness.

24 And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him.

25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.

26 And he said, Blessed be the Lord God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

The Bible doesn't say Ham descendants was cursed black but it says his descendants in Canaan are cursed for their father Ham"s religion of drunken sex rituals. It says this through occult imagery when one ponders what the pagans do you will see it. Also it says Blessed be the Lord God of Shem. Shem and Yapeth covering their father Noah means, they continued his faith, did not commit polytheism and idolatry as did Ham. Western civilization anthropothamises God with human traits but God is one. The Asian world of Yapeth uses personification by making God a supreme conscious but only one Supreme. Ham worships many gods just as India and various tribes of black skin people in ancient times when this above passage was passed down orally among Israelite priests.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 3:36pm On Mar 15
While Buddhism rejects sacrifices with the preceding killing of a living being, such traditions have been preserved in Hinduism. Sacrifices are especially offered to Goddess Kali. Goddess Kali who is depicted frighteningly (Sanskrit: The Black) is one of the aspects of the wives of the high god Shiva. Unlike her Lord and the other family members devout Hindus regard her worship as wish-fulfilling. smiley

Many Christians have been shielded from the horrible truth of what the pagan cultures did. And when it's brought up they find it hard to believe that people could do.such brutal sadistic killings, yet the pagans are still doing it. Their religion requires death. Legalizing prostitution will bring their satanic temples to American soil and having them as officials of government means that you will be persecuted if you object. People who pursue justice against the leaders in third world Gentile Nations like as in Africa, India and Latin America are criminalized, murdered and slaughtered.

The Synagogue of Satan Updated, Expanded, and Uncensored . . .
the most damning exposure of who’s been running the world behind the scenes for centuries.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s groundbreaking historical study is a virtual encyclopedia of this criminal network,

Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 7:32am On Mar 16
Color orejudice is one of the strategies to.divide humanity. I am not in support of color prejudice by pointing it out for many have addressed it. Yet I am unique in adding spiritual bloodline to color as the Bible does.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 8:11am On Mar 16
Just like Nubia the Indians had a black skin God that engaged in drunkeness and killing humans. The rituals were public orgies with wine drinking and human sacrifice. Judeans calling this demonic, satanic and outright evil is not colorism. Depictions of black devils being subdued by brown and white angels is not colorism for often brown and white slaves would be the sacrificial victims of these wicked bloody rituals. Egyptians and Indians would not enslave their own people even among Yorubas it was taboo to raid other Yoruba towns to capture slaves usually used for labor and sacrifice! Again it is not colorism to point out the truth even though I would say these ancient pagan bloodlines have spread out to brown and white people today but they still remain primarily of black races.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 8:31am On Mar 16
A suspected ritualist in Togo has reportedly been arrested by the Togolese security operatives after a tip-off.

A source informed ElombahNews of the development along with photos to attest to the veracity of the story.

According to the source, the suspected ritualist was arrested with 2000 dead bodies dried like stock fish.

He also informed that about 500 dead bodies were found to have been buried alive.

Further, he disclosed that thousands of skeletons were found at the man’s compound.

The source said, “it was later discovered that over, 5000 Nigerians, Togolese, Beninoise and nationalities from Africa are in queues waiting for their turns for the rituals.”

“This man from Togo is where Nigerians especially the Yorubas, troupe to for money rituals, police recently raided the compound and discovered 2000 people who have been dried like stock fish,500 persons buried alive and thousands of skeletons, this man and his over thirty servants were picked up, it was later discovered that over 5000 Nigerians, Togolese, Beninoise and nationalities from Africa are in queues waiting for their turns for the rituals which they have paid for.”


This is probably the most horrific serial killing ever heard of in modern times and it was committed by black skin people. Only one half of the story is shown for these bloody rituals for money included satanic sex to conjure the demons sought for favor! This is where LGBT and Gender Colonization is headed if we don'stop it.

Xōchipilli: Aztec God of Love, Flowers, Poetry, Gay Men, Male Prostitutes, Dancing, and Fertility

Xōchipilli, an illustration from the Codex Borgia
Xōchipilli is the Aztec God of love, lord of flowers, art, games, dance, song, young men, and fertility. Xōchipilli is also the patron of homosexuality, and male prostitutes

This is their spiritual bloodline.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by Richwallet: 8:11pm On Mar 16
Every year thousands of children are sacrificed in ritual murders between July to December. URICT is saying enough is enough!! This has to stop. We are lobbying the government and all authorities to raise up against this. Unfortunately, this evil is praticised by the wealth, connected, known, rich and famous, the corrupt and untouchables in Uganda.

Isaiah 57:5-15

5 You worship the fertility gods by having sex under those sacred trees of yours. You offer your children as sacrifices in the rocky caves near stream beds.
6 You take smooth stones from there and worship them as gods.

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Re: The Messiah Returns Worldwide by BlackAdam65: 10:03pm On Mar 16
please can i get your facebook account name i would like to learn more from you

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