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Nairaland / General / Re: Fulfilling Destiny. by Aigbedion141: 7:29pm On Jul 08, 2023
Thank you so much.
Nairaland / General / Fulfilling Destiny. by Aigbedion141: 5:23pm On Jul 08, 2023
Hello nairalander.
Please your sincere advice is needed.

Well I'm a 25years old young man and the only child. As a teenager I was conscious of the importance and place of GOD in my life.

So much so that I feared and honoured him with all of me.
As a result of that I was gifted a talent and he made me the master of it.

Well with time I lost contact with him and I failed woefully at everything I lays my hand on.

But at 22 I had an encounter and GOD reveal himself to me. I was extremely wise, intelligent, knowledgeable and the unknown were made known to me.

I see people fall under my anointing in dreams, and I can easily triumphant over demons in dreams..
I was a little sharpened spiritually.
And there was a sense of purpose in my life.

In one of my dream I heard a voice saying..

Then, I wasn't doing very well financial, but I was endowed spiritually..
Then I begin to search for job and I found one a (receptionist/barman) in a hotel where people do shortest.

I was making money but my commitment to the things of GOD was slowing declining, Due to the affluence of where I was working.
After a year I was totally wordly and indulge in things of the word..

I wasn't at peace, my conscience will not make me rest so I quit the job..

Now I'm confused, and don't know what to do and the path to follow.
From my narrative up there, is that a sign that I'm called to be a man of GOD?

Please the spiritual inclined should advice me.
Music Business / Re: Acoustic Guitar For Sale by Aigbedion141: 11:57pm On Jun 18, 2023
[ paste contact ]10k[/quote]
Romance / Re: The First Red Flag You Saw In Your Relationship And Know It Will Not Last. by Aigbedion141: 6:37pm On Jun 15, 2023
[facts! ]

Lol......woman no dey love man...na the way u care for them with your money dem dey love[/quote]

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Music Business / Re: Acoustic Guitar For Sale by Aigbedion141: 1:44pm On Jun 12, 2023
Call: 09028106196
Music Business / Acoustic Guitar For Sale by Aigbedion141: 1:43pm On Jun 12, 2023
Neatly used acoustic guitar..
Location: ibadan
Cosmetics: 98%

Romance / Re: Where To Repair Laptop In Ibadan by Aigbedion141: 11:44am On May 20, 2023
Go to cocoa house
Romance / Re: How Do I Stay Quiet by Aigbedion141: 11:39am On May 20, 2023
[SO DEEP]It's normal.because your today was also your future yesterday.and it became uncertain because of goals not met.
Be hopeful.[/quote]
Crime / Re: I Have Been Passing Through Hell Because Of My Mum...your Advice Is Needed by Aigbedion141: 8:06pm On May 13, 2023
Bro, You are a man!
Listen and listen very good, whatsoever situation you find yourself that crumbles or diminish your self esteem or reputation should be fought against.

Do not be draged down by situations, rather it should be seen as a tool for motivation.

There is limit to what people can do in your life. By people I mean family & friends.

Leave her house and Chase a life. and please note you are still on a wrong track.

You can't acquire does skills at once with the way you are planning to learn it, rather focus on one.

Believe me they are all lucrative.
Choose one of the skills, find a mentor, learn from him, be an expert, build a name and a brand..

Then enjoy...

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Computers / Re: Dell Inspiron 15 4gb Ram 500gb Dedicated Laptop -90k by Aigbedion141: 9:45pm On May 08, 2023
Computers / Re: Dell Latitude 3440 Corei5 4gram 256SSD @ 90k by Aigbedion141: 3:41pm On May 04, 2023
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 9:56am On Apr 26, 2023
[hmm!=Tundex911 post=122752296]

To buttress your point, in yoruba land.. Aigbodo ma se means can't do without maybe you should change name OP let see if your mind won't dey womanizing anymore

Peace ✌️ [/quote]
Technology Market / Re: Dell Latitude 7390 X360 by Aigbedion141: 3:54am On Apr 26, 2023
Intel graphics card
Technology Market / Dell Latitude 7390 X360 by Aigbedion141: 3:53am On Apr 26, 2023
Dell latitude 7390 x360
Core i7
16gb ram
512ssd rom
Touch screen
2 in 1 convertible
8hours backup
Keyboard backlit
8th generation
Location ibadan

Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 3:47am On Apr 26, 2023

Watch the content you consume online or other places. Eg music, videos etc

Change you friends and look for another hobbies.

Finally, pray against the spirit of fornication. And for God's mercy.[/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 3:46am On Apr 26, 2023
[smile bro, money still yakata for aza=Pleasant101 post=122750731]Answer this before I drop advice, u dey broke abi na sincerely need advice but enough cash dey with u?[/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 11:17pm On Apr 25, 2023
[THANK YOU BOSS=ProtonX post=122745630]

It's a lethal combination that can destroy a man's destiny. But Nairaland redpillers will tell you womanizing is for Alpha males. My brother fight it with all your strength. It's a destiny killer. If you need to go to therapy, go. If you need an Accountability partner, talk to someone you can trust and can hold you accountable. You have passed the first step, and that's recognising you have a problem. Bless up bro[/quote]

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Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 11:13pm On Apr 25, 2023
[THANK YOU SO MUCH.=crows2ravens post=122746085]Sleeping with olosho is addictive.
Just the fact that you can just pay and catch fun, is the reason. No relationship complications. It could also be because of the bad energy they carry (many of them use charms)
You have to break the cycle. Get one of those hookers while you're completely sober, no alcohol, no chemicals, no drugs, no energy drinks. You will likely lose interest before you sleep with her. If you don't, you got some real personality issues.
Getting a girlfriend can temporarily reduce your problem, so also is getting married.

Your solution is to control your sexual urges altogether. You cannot totally quench the fire of sexual desires, it can only burn itself out. If you abstain, that fire cannot consume you, it will only consume itself.[/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 6:35pm On Apr 25, 2023
[RESPECT BABA MI=MrNipplesLover post=122744831]This OP has poverty mentality and is a broke ass dude...

Fornication or womanizing doesn't affect one's glory or pathway to succeess...

It is either u are earning below average or u are a hustler who sees seasonal money and u don't know how to invest, but blow it on dem olosho...

The billionaires: politicians, businessmen and celebrities are chronic fornicators/womanizers, why aren't they affected? Rather, they are getting richer and richer....

Reason is cos they have investments that fetch them money without thinking of poverty...

U spent Just 300k for 4 months on olosho (that's just 75k in a month) and u are shouting?! sad

Money that's spent within a week in the hood here... undecided

Bro, u dey vex me, aswear...

Go and invest before u go into fornication, that's the rule...

U are fornicating and u don't have ur own business that's fetching u steady money, u will completely be drenched in poverty and u won't have any progress in life...

Be wise, nigga!!! [/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 6:10pm On Apr 25, 2023
[AMEN SIR=Brownshoe post=122744077]Let me bless cross for you,

It's well with your soul.[/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 5:27pm On Apr 25, 2023
[YES I'M A BUSINESS MAN=Sirchiboy post=122743303]..
Do you work or have a job?
Let me know where to start [/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 5:26pm On Apr 25, 2023

DECENT GF...aka not an olosho who sells herself to the highest bidder.

the above is a HUGE assumption...so far as we all know, his problem is sex and nothing else. so thats why i stated that a GF would solve that. if he has other issues in his life, then i certainly cant talk on that, because he hasnt mentionned it.[/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 5:20pm On Apr 25, 2023
[Thanks for the kind words brother]

1. Take a break and build projects you will like to endeavour upon, so that once the money comes, you discipline yourself enough to put your money in them.

2. Take it a day at a time.. Try dey remove your mind from am with each passing day...

3. Spend more time with family.

4. Find a hobby, if its money-spinning even better.

No let anyone you open up to, offline, put you down... [/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 1:28pm On Apr 25, 2023
[THANK YOU SO MUCH!]You just need to renew your mind. Fill it with tangible stuff, not ephemeral things. Stop watching porn. Stop being idle and cut ties with exes and former hookup gals that still cross ur mind for bleeping. You know what leads you back so just avoid that thing. At first you'll reduce it and gradually cut off with time. I don't think you can just cut off but don't let life teach you a bitter lesson before you put in the needed effort. Peace and good luck to u bro[/quote]

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Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 12:34pm On Apr 25, 2023
[ VIVIDLY UNDERSTOOD SIR!] Huh...?... Is dat wat knowledge or 2much knowledges&privileges,etc;av gotten u,brought 2u or av gotten u in2...? Wat did use those sperms 2do...&wia did u put those sperms,etc; afta U usurped&expended #300000,etc;on those sore core&hardcore whores,etc; sitting&sleeping on d floor,wit no clothes 2av wore/worn? How many whores? U av forgotten...things...somethings/anythings or many things...? Now u wud tells me dat, u av gone 2; or attended different/several college or colleges...? It is a privilege..., or by privileges... Go 2 "The College of Knowlegde..."-Knowlegde of Sacrilege...? It is d Knowledge OF GOD&OF D LORD JESUS CHRIST,ETC; DAT GIVES U an edge,privilege,sledge,ledge,etc; not d knowledge of Ayegun Baptist Church College Ogbomoso Oyo State Nigeria&Emmanuel Bible College Oyo State Nigeria,etc... If anybody or any1,etc; lacks or wants knowlegde/knowledges, let him or her or dem,etc; ask from GOD&grin LORD JESUS CHRIST... OKAY? OKAY! &YES![/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 10:42am On Apr 25, 2023
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 8:00am On Apr 25, 2023
=kelspinall post=122727549]God help you [/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 8:00am On Apr 25, 2023
[THEY ARE BOTH CORRECT. THE PRONUNCIATION IS JUST DIFFERENT.=IyaebeTheGreat post=122727464] Is your username not supposed to be Aigbodion? Why Aigbedion? What's the difference and which is the correct one?[/quote]
Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 7:46pm On Apr 24, 2023
[THANK YOU SO MUCH!quote author=coputa post=122724758] Gambling and womanizing can destroy a man's life to it's.marrows.Since you have realized how destructive it is to your life, you are already on the way to freedom, just work on your mindset.[/quote]


Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 7:45pm On Apr 24, 2023
[I dey tell you...quote author=Bahamas95 post=122724533]OP I understand, it's not easy. [/quote]

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Romance / Re: Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 7:29pm On Apr 24, 2023

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Romance / Run From Womanizing by Aigbedion141: 7:18pm On Apr 24, 2023
Omo! Was a gambler for 4years only GOD knew how he manage to pull me out.
Now I'm into womanizing spent over 300k within 4months.

I'm extremely tired and saddened, And always remorseful! I regret everybit of my actions after chyking olosho (Hookup, hoe).

Once I'm broke sex doesn't cross my mind.
But the moment there is enough capital my mind is filled up with different theories of sex style.

Initially I started it to kill depression, boredom and shyness.
Now I'm addicted, as a knowledgeable man I'm aware it will obstruct my pathway to success and it's diminish glory and destroy destiny.

I'm very willing to stop and will be very grateful to the advice i will be receiving here.
Thank you to everyone who contributed and to everyone who read.. love always.

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