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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by akaglue(f): 5:43am On Mar 02, 2018
Talking about multicultural. My kids are the only black kids in their respective classes. In this area, I see more Chinese, Asian than Blacks. However, my kids love their school. It's way easier than Naija schools, plenty play and the kids are just too friendly. After only 2 days, I could see the difference. Their play is more gentle and they talk through their issues rather than fighting/yabbing themselves.


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Workers Program-Connect Here Part 3 by akaglue(f): 6:43am On Dec 19, 2017
Investment / Re: Ff by akaglue(f): 7:03pm On Oct 29, 2017
Investment / Ff by akaglue(f): 1:05am On Oct 29, 2017
Investment / All You Need To Know About The New FGN Savings Bond. by akaglue(f): 5:09pm On Mar 13, 2017
Q: What is the FGN Savings Bond.

A: FGN savings bond is a bond issued by the Debt Management Office on behalf of the Nigerian government. The bond is tailored and targeted at retail investors and includes a guaranteed interest payment and repayment of the principal.

Q: How much is the interest rate?

A: 13.01% annual rate. Interest is paid quarterly.

Q: What is the minimum / maximum investment?

A: N5,000 minimum. N50 million maximum.

Q: What are the benefits for me as an investor?

A: Good savings/investment opportunity.

Bond can be accepted as a form of collateral.

Bond can be sold at the secondary market.

Interest is tax free.

Minimum entry requirement.

Secured investment as the Bond is backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Q: How do I subscribe?

A: Through a stockbroker.

Q: I don’t have a stockbroker?

A: It is easy to open an account with a stockbroker. Most of them are online. Simply visit the website of your choice security firm and complete their online registration form.

Q: The offer is up for only 5days, I can’t meet up with this?

A: Not to worry, the FGN savings bond issue will come up every month and you can also buy from the secondary market.

Q: What is the tenor of the investment?

A: It is for 2 years.

Q: I can’t tie my money down for 2 years?

A: The FGN savings bond can be sold in the stock market.

Q: Is it a better investment that treasury bills?

A: Note: Minimum entry requirement for treasury bills has been raised from N100k to N50m. However, one can still purchase from the secondary market through your bank. So to determine the better option, ask your bankers for the interest rate of treasury bills offered in the secondary market and compare with the 13.01% of the FGN savings bond. Also, unlike treasury bills were interest was paid upfront, interest for the fgn savings bond will be paid every quarter. The FGN savings bond also has a longer tenor than treasury bills.

I hope this covers all.

Make 2017 count, don’t eat it all. Save right and invest smart.

Need more financial advice? Visit.

Family / Re: As A Family Man, Am I A Miser, Greedy Or Trying To Be Financially Smart? by akaglue(f): 6:34pm On Feb 23, 2017
Hello OP, as a personal finance coach, I always advice my clients not to do more than 2mths salary on rent. From ur write up, ur monthly salary is 50k. Ideally, ur annual rent should not be more than 100-120k. If you single with no financial responsibility, then 150k is ok.



Family / Re: 5 Common Sense Things Every Woman Should Know About Money. by akaglue(f): 3:31pm On Sep 29, 2016
lol @ first to comment.
Family / 5 Common Sense Things Every Woman Should Know About Money. by akaglue(f): 3:23pm On Sep 29, 2016
This post is for both single and married women. This is not a feminist post, but my view on what I believe every woman should know and practice especially in this 21st century.

I am deeply saddened that a great percentage of women do not understand money and do not have control of their finances. Everyday, I keep seeing posts that gets me worried. Posts on how a woman went from grace to grass either due to the loss of a loved one or due to change in finances of their partner. I see posts on how young girls trade in their morals all because of money.

Here are 5 things I think every woman both single and married should know and practice about money.

1.) Earn money: Every woman, single or married should have a source of livelihood. As long as you are no more a student, start earning money no matter how little. Every naira, dollar, pound counts. There is dignity in earning your own money. If you are married and you decide to be a stay at home mum, there are lots of businesses that stay at home mum’s can do. The internet is a bundle of knowledge, go on it and research. If you are single, please stop depending on your parents, or siblings, or friends. Sit up and work so as to earn your own money. To the married women, gradually build your income to a point that it can take care of you and your family needs. I know we all have faith, but the truth is we keep seeing these things everyday, when a family’s bills & expense becomes dependent on the woman’s income.

2.) Be in control of your finances: Be in charge of your money, know how much you earn and how much you spend. Be accountable to yourself. If you are married, separate your own earnings from that of house/feeding allowance. You must be able to understand and differentiate between your needs and your wants.

3.) Live below your earning: Do not be a spend thrift, live below your means. Do not live on credit, do not live in debt. Do not indulge in things you cannot truly afford. A lot of these material things are all vanity. The love of these material things are putting lots of young women in difficult positions, do not compromise your moral for material gain. Living below your means is a secret to building wealth. Yes it may be slow but it is also sure. If you are married and your husband is a spend thrift, encourage him to take charge of his finances and save.

4.) Save and invest: If you chose the right investments, you can take your savings to a different level. Save first, before you start spending. Build up your emergency and retirement funds. You can read my previous post on EMERGENCY FUNDS and on COMPOUND INTEREST (http://akaglue.com/start-investing-now-and-unleash-the-power-of-compound-interest/).

5.) Have a financially responsible partner: If you are married and your partner is not money wise, work on changing that. I have seen marriages break up due to money issues. I know this is difficult, but with prayer, counsel and wisdom you can change your partner to be more responsible financially. I am saddened each time I hear on how the man lost his job and within just 3 months into his joblessness, his family cannot feed. Also, If you are single, choose your partner wisely. You do not want the act of a financially irresponsible partner to tear down all you have worked hard for. You and your partner must agree financially.

My last advice goes to the single ladies as such I will not include it as a point. Yes I know we all dream of having a fairy tale wedding, but please do not spend your life savings and liquidate all your investments for it to happen. Be wise, wedding is for a day, marriage is for a life time.

If you missed my previous posts on money goals to be achieved before 30 and money goals to be achieved if already in your 30’s, you can read it HERE and HERE.

So over to you my dear readers, what other money tips do you have for all single/married women? Feel free to comment.


If you liked my post, feel free to share.

For more personal finance tips, www.akaglue.com
Events / Re: Branded Body Spray/mists And Air Fresherners For Sourveniers. by akaglue(f): 4:17pm On May 25, 2016
Avoid the rush.

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Events / Re: Branded Body Spray/mists And Air Fresherners For Sourveniers. by akaglue(f): 5:26pm On May 16, 2016
Place your order now to avoid any rush.
Events / Re: Branded Body Spray/mists And Air Fresherners For Sourveniers. by akaglue(f): 8:43am On May 10, 2016
Call now for your lovely branded body mists souvenirs. Thank you. We can provide any quantity you need, howbeit minimum order is 24 pieces. Thank you.
Events / Re: Branded Body Spray/mists And Air Fresherners For Sourveniers. by akaglue(f): 2:36pm On May 07, 2016
Want to wao your guests? Order for your customized body fragrances. With added glycerin for a moisturising effect if used to the skin. All products are skin friendly.

Call now to place ur orders.
Events / Branded Body Spray/mists And Air Fresherners For Sourveniers. by akaglue(f): 6:16am On May 06, 2016
Hello All,

Looking for a unique souvenir for your guests?  We are currently offering a discount on our body mist/spray and air fresheners. 

Make your event a classy one with either our branded 100ml body fragrance (3 different fragrance option) or our 250ml air freshener. 

Our fragrances are long lasting and made from high quality products. We are able to tailor and brand our packaging with your event details.

These souvenirs are ideal for just any purpose from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, funeral , hampers and much more. 

100ml Body Mist - Minimum Order 24 pieces @ N350/bottle. 
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Our Location is in Lagos, but shipment can be made to any part of Nigeria.

Business / 7 Business Lessons I Learnt From The Movie JOY. by akaglue(f): 5:33pm On Feb 05, 2016
If you have not seen the movie ‘Joy’, I will encourage you to do so. The movie is based on a true life story of Joy Mangano , a self made inventor and millionaire. When I was much younger, I use to tease my mother on how she falls fast asleep few minutes into watching a movie. Little did I know that I was going to inherit that trait from her. Except I go to the cinema to watch a movie, I am usually fast asleep in less than 30mins into a movie.

It was different with Joy, right from the start I was held spell bond because it was not just another entertaining movie , it was like an entrepreneurship training movie on the trials, disappointments, tenacity and success of a budding entrepreneur .

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I learnt a lot from the Joy. The movie showcased a lady who was full of hope, dreams and self discovery. Here are 7 lessons I got from the movie.

1. Dream big: As little girls, most of us had big dreams. Joy had big dreams as a child. She was a dreamer. This year let us dream big, as far as our eyes can see. Anything is possible.

2. Ideas are created when a problem is discovered: Joy invented a self squeeze mop. While cleaning a spill from a broken glass, she cut her palm during the process of squeezing the mop. That was a problem discovered, and she got the idea of inventing a magic mop that would squeeze out by itself without having to use the hand. Anyone can be a creator if you so desire; our father is the master creator, and as he is so are we. We can create things through inspiration.

3. Pursue your dreams and rediscover yourself : Somewhere along the line in our lives, we lose touch of our dreams and flow with the system of the world. Joy forgot about her dreams at some point and started living the life of another person. This year, let us hold on to those dreams of ours and never let it go. Let us start taking baby steps towards the achievement of our dreams. It may seem slow at the beginning, but keep moving, you will surely get there.

4.Be bold, persistent and never take no for an answer : Now I know why I never succeeded as a marketer. I was not a persistent person and once you say no to me, I will let you be and never follow up again. Joy was such a bold lady who never accepted defeat, she never accepted a NO for an answer. She was persistent and kept pushing until she achieved her dreams.

5. Being an entrepreneur is not always a smooth sail: There are challenges with being an entrepreneur, Joy failed a number of times but she was a fighter , her suppliers disappointed her, she was treated unfairly when they tried to patent her product behind her back. But she kept picking herself and kept moving. In running your race as an entrepreneur, you will face challenges and that’s where tenacity comes in. No matter how many times you fail and are stretched, pick yourself and keep moving. Keep saying to yourself, ‘ I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’.

6.Have passion and believe in yourself, believe in the success of your product/idea: Joy had a lot of passion for what she was doing as an inventor. She went ahead to create other problem solving products and built a mega business. Let your passion drive you to succeed. Believe in your ideas and products even if others do not believe in them.

7. Have good advisors as friends: Who are your friends? Who are your advisors? Who do you surround yourself with? Do they have the same vision as you do? Do they believe in your dreams or do they put it down and mock you? Joy had 2 advisors, her ex husband and her best friend. They both believed in her and in her ideas. But at the same time, watch your back because Joy was later backstabbed by her family who sued for the ownership of her business.

If you are an entrepreneur or you want to be one, I would that you watch the movie. And if you have watched it, feel free to share more lessons with us.

Let us all strive to make this year count and be different.

visit www.akaglue.com for more personal finance / thrifty advice.

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Family / Want To Have A Younger Look This Year 2016? Then Avoid Cashflow Problems. by akaglue(f): 10:19am On Jan 27, 2016
During last Sunday’s service while my Pastor was preaching, he paused halfway into his message and said. ‘ Two things that make people age faster, 1. Anxiety. 2. Cashflow problem. The summary of his brief message on cashflow was, to be free of wrinkles and look younger, breakfree from the cycle of negative cashflow, spend on only things you can afford, if your heart beats faster at the price of an item, then you cannot afford it.

At that moment, I felt like running to the podium to give him a hug. I was so excited because he was preaching my message, ‘Living a fulfilled life without making your pocket cry’. His brief message on cashflow was also a re-confirmation on the purpose of my blog.

To be honest, towards the end of last year,I got a bit discouraged due to a direct comment and a couple of mails I got. They were of the opinion that as a Christian, I was being careful for nothing over finances. Some felt I should focus more on making more money than being prudent. But then, making more money and spending less money goes hand in hand if one want’s to be financially secured.

Have you ever come across people who are ever tight on cash. I am not talking about the once in a while, ‘ can I have 5k because I forgot to withdraw for the weekend ‘ or the occassional, ‘ can I have 20k till pay day, something came up and I don’t want to touch my savings’. I am talking about people that are ever pressed for cash and everything in life seems like a capital project, from house rent, to school fees, even day to day living expense.

Cashflow problems originate when you are living a lifestyle that you cannot afford. You struggle to pay for the lifestyle yet you are not there yet. There is this saying that, ‘when you are big, you are big’. If you can trully afford them, you will not sweat to pay for and keep up with the lifestlyle.

This year 2016, lets make a commitment to live a life we can trully and easily afford. Don’t develop worry wrinkles because you are thinking of paying for your house rent, or your children’s school fees. Ladies, we are so guilty of this one, we never have enough cloths, we never have enough jewelry and we keep buying these items on credit thereby plunging ourselves deeper into a negative cashflow.

Can we have a generation of financially prudent women and men who are not ashamed to say, ‘ I am sorry I cannot afford that now ‘.

Feel free to visit my blog for more financial advice. www.akaglue.com

Career / Re: 10 Money Goals You Should Have Conquered By 30 Years. by akaglue(f): 7:53pm On Oct 20, 2015
Thank u yorest.
Career / Re: 10 Money Goals You Should Have Conquered By 30 Years. by akaglue(f): 12:03pm On Oct 20, 2015

You have a wonderful blog, just went through it.
thank u for taking ur time to read through.
Career / Re: 10 Money Goals You Should Have Conquered By 30 Years. by akaglue(f): 10:15am On Oct 18, 2015
@pidgin,why the hmmm @lady4real,why the na wah o.
share ur thots.
Career / Re: 10 Money Goals You Should Have Conquered By 30 Years. by akaglue(f): 1:40pm On Oct 17, 2015
Thank you all. Yes, Akaglue means stingy. I am a thrifty person. grin
Career / Re: 10 Money Goals You Should Have Conquered By 30 Years. by akaglue(f): 10:34am On Oct 15, 2015
Amen. God bless you.

Amen and Thank you.
Career / 10 Money Goals You Should Have Conquered By 30 Years. by akaglue(f): 8:55am On Oct 15, 2015
The number 30 is a big miles stone. While some look forward to it, some don’t. By the age 30, it is expected that one should tone down and focus on more serious aspect of life. Hitting the big 30 can bring about a lot of pressure.

If you are above 30 and are yet to achieve any of these goals, don’t feel sorry for yourself, rather make these your financial goals for the last quarter of the year and strive to achieve at least 80% of them.

Well, here is my list of 10 money goals one should have conquered by age 30. Achieving these goals will assist you to be financially prepared for the bigger challenges you will face in the next decade of your life.
1.Be completely financially independent – No more collecting money from daddy, mummy, uncle, aunty, pastor and siblings. Become the giver not the receiver.
2.Have a clear and steady source of income – By the time you are hitting 30, you should have defined what your chosen career/business is and it should be yielding a steady income. It can be in paid employment or business but it has to be clearly defined.
3.Stop competing with your friends: Everyone is running their race so stop comparing yourself with others and stop trying to outdo one another. Yes by 30, some of your friends may have hit it big, while some are still struggling. Rather focus on being a better you and securing your future financially.
4.Stop impulse buying – While this is acceptable when one is younger, but as we get older and mature, we need to drop this bad money habit. If you didn’t plan for it, then don’t buy it. Chances are, it is just a want and not a need.
5.Have a savings account – Even if you don’t have a project you are saving towards, it is very important that one should have formed the habit of saving. Once your salary/income comes, make it a habit to pay yourself first by setting aside an amount to save. (i.e. after paying your tithe).
6.Have a pension /retirement account – For people in paid employment, ensure your employer is remitting your pension funds to your choice of PFA, and for self employed people, ensure you set up a personal retirement account. There are so many insurance companies that can assist with it.
7.Have at least one form of investment – Whether it’s something as simple as a mutual fund, or more advanced investments in the capital market or money market. This is an important achievement.
8.Have a health insurance – If you are in paid employment, chances are that you are already registered with your organization’s choice of HMO. If you are self employed, scout around and register with a HMO of your choice.
9.Have a side hustle or at least a passive source of income – No matter how small it is, have a side hustle that will give you additional income or something as simple as a fixed deposit /mutual funds investments that pays you interest, or dividend payments from stocks you own.
10.Be a regular contributor to charity – By the age of 30, you should be a giver. This is different from your tithe and offerings. Form the habit to give to charity and to the less privileged or for a cause you believe in.

In my next article, I will be sharing money goals to have conquered by 35years.

Did I miss any? Feel free to add.

visit www.akaglue.com for more personal finance advice.

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Family / Re: Plan For Unforeseen Circumstances – Emergency Funds. by akaglue(f): 2:34pm On Sep 03, 2015
true!,worst case, one should at least dedicate 10% of his/her monthly income (which amounts to 1month salary from ur annual income) for this purpose.
Good advice as always @akaglue,
i have personnaly recommended your family budget excel sheet to some friends and colleagues

Thank you DonTim1.
Family / Plan For Unforeseen Circumstances – Emergency Funds. by akaglue(f): 2:14pm On Sep 03, 2015
A friend of mine reached out to me that she was in dire need of some cash. I didn’t know how critical the situation was and hence didn’t take her request seriously. She kept pressuring me and she finally opened up to me. She and her family had returned from a two weeks summer holiday in June and upon her return, she got the shock of her life; she had been placed on a 2 weeks suspension due to a consumer loan she approved which eventually went bad.

At the end of the suspension period and upon her resumption, she received another blow; she had been laid off work. Now, this is a new school term, and she needed to pay school fees for her 2 children whom are in very expensive schools. I was further surprised to learn that she is the main financial contributor to her family and that even the vacation she went for, she took a loan from one of these independent money lenders, (How sad, that’s a story and another article for another day).

I honestly felt very sorry for her, sadly silver and gold I have none to loan to her and such as I have I gave to her. I took her through personal finance 101 and we worked on her family budget using her husband’s earnings as the sole source of family income. See my previous post on a practical family budget.

Financial emergencies can happen to anyone, no one prays for it to happen, but the truth is that these things do happen and such occurrence can place one in a very desperate situation especially if you can’t raise the said funds. It is so vital to have emergency funds that one can fall back on in times like this.

So what exactly is emergency fund and how much do you need to save for it. Emergency funds are about 3 months of your net income or 6 months equivalent of your monthly expense stored in a savings account. You should be able to have quick access to your emergency funds; therefore you should not store it as an instrument. (Stocks/bond/Treasury bill).

An emergency fund should not be touched unless it is truly an emergency such as loss of Job, Hospital expenses that are not covered under your insurance, major car breakdown, house flood/fire, etc. Note that emergency funds are different from retirement funds, and children’s education funds.

So dearies, if you do not have an emergency fund, make that part of your priority in these remaining few months of the year. You will feel much better and have more financial confidence knowing that you are covered in case of any emergency.

for more personal finance advice visit www.akaglue.com

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Career / Re: How To Increase Your Income. by akaglue(f): 9:24pm On Aug 17, 2015
thank you.
Career / How To Increase Your Income. by akaglue(f): 6:34pm On Aug 17, 2015
Hello everyone, thank God it’s Friday. I love weekends because that’s when I can pursue my side hustles. I have a full time day job and at the same time, I have other personal stuffs I do. However, I ensure my side hustles do not interfere with my day Job. I give my 100% to it.

I initially wanted to write on how to grow your money, then I realized that you cannot grow your money without first growing your income. I am not a guru in this topic, but I will share from my own personal experience. There may be people out there reading this that may have been in my position and will benefit from this.

I am sure everyone wants more money, life is good and so sweet when you have money at your disposal. You can buy the fine things of life and also invest thereby securing your future. I cannot call myself an entrepreneur, I believe not everyone is called to be one. Don’t get me wrong, I will definitely love to work for myself because of the freedom it gives, but to be honest I love having a day job because it gives me some sort of assurance. I really admire people that are full time entrepreneurs, thumps up to you all. But I am risk adverse, and I know there are people out there like me. I hope to kill my fear one day and take the plunge.

This is quite a long post, so I am going to split it into 2/3 posts. To grow your income, you start with what you have. What do you have in your hands?

1. Identify what you like doing: I was at a loss many years ago, year in year out, I will promise myself that I will have other streams of income apart from my job. Sadly, I just could not bring myself to start a business. Everyone around me seemed to have one business or the other. I tried selling Children’s cloth one time, but I got tired of pursuing people to pay up and that business wasn’t just me. I felt I didn’t have any talent, I can’t make hair, I can’t sew, I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t even make up, I can cook but I lack presentation skills, I can’t buy and sell. I have tried learning all these in the past, but It just seemed I lacked the ability to become a professional in them.

So one day I decided to have a quiet time because I wanted to discover myself. In less than 5 mins it hit me. I love working with figures, it comes natural to me, I like talking and advising people, I give lots of financial advice to my friends, I even help them prepare their accounts for free. I decided to start making extra money from my professional skill. In less than 2 weeks I got my first Job, and this brings me to the next point.

2. Be humble: My first client wanted me to set up the account unit for his organization, he offered to pay me N15,000. I was to work with their in house clerk for 4 Saturdays so to achieve this. I was disappointed at the amount he was offering, but I didn’t reject the job. I was more than excited to even have a client. He was very pleased with my work and dedication that he introduced me to 4 other Clients. Of course my charge is different, but I am still very affordable.

Few years ago, I met a lady that just finished a month’s course in makeup, she pleaded with me that she wanted to make me up for my first daughter’s naming ceremony. I didn’t need a make up artist for that small parlor event, but because I wanted to assist her I agreed. She charged me N10,000 and I tried to negotiate to N5,000. She refused, she said she was trying to create a certain class for herself and can’t go below. I was shocked for various reasons: 1. Her work was not that fantastic and I was going to be her first client. 2. She needed the money. 3. Her house was few blocks away from ours, so no transport cost. 4. I had my own foundation and powder, so she wasn’t using her products on me. I was so glad that she declined my offer because I didn’t even want her services in the first place.

I met her few months ago, and she was complaining that business was so slow for her… bla bla bla. Please learn to humble and grow your brand first.

In my next post (series 2 of this topic), I will be talking about Improving yourself and asking for a pay rise.
Investment / Is Ecommerce Pushing Us Towards Instant Gratification & Making Us Spend Thrifts? by akaglue(f): 4:17pm On Aug 09, 2015
Instant gratification is indulging in short-term pleasure that might eventually lead to long-term pain while with delayed gratification you ward off short-term temptations that might distract you from your long-term goals. Delayed gratification involves a lot of will power however it gives us a sense of control over our life.

Years ago, the only way you could purchase an item was when you went to the market. It was easier then to satisfy only your needs and manage your finances. However over the past years, we have moved to immediacy through on-line shopping. Retail shopping is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Shopping these days is just a click away that we do not even need to get out our pyjamas. The e-commerce industry is growing at such a fast rate that I have lost count of the on-line shopping portals we have in Nigeria alone. Everyone seems to want instant gratification. While, it is all fun and convenient to be able to purchase what you want with just a click, have we taken time to consider it’s effect on our spending culture.

I am a savvy spender and I thought I had mastered the act of discipline, but ever since I discovered Chicken Republic’s on-line delivery service, having lunch at my office canteen no longer seems appealing. With just a click, and 30 mins later, I have my piping hot crunchy chicken wings before me. My wake up call was when I decided to calculate how much I spent on on-line food ordering in June 2015, it came to over N18,000.

Going through my bank statement, I saw that my debits came mostly from Konga on-line shop. With their adverts glaring at my face each time I open my computer, I am now almost confused and can no longer differentiate my want from need. Once I see an item I like, I convince myself that I need it. But the truth is, if I hadn’t seen the item, I won’t have had a need for it.

This month of August, I am taking charge of my spending habits and I will be practising the act of delayed gratification so as to strengthen your mind, re-build my willpower and self-discipline, and also to teach myself about the value of patience.

Do you share the same/different view with me? Feel free to comment below.

Visit www.akaglue.com for more personal finance tips.
Family / Re: Different Uses Of Toothpaste. by akaglue(f): 3:04pm On Aug 04, 2015

You are welcome.
Family / Re: Safari Trip Or Nursing Home? by akaglue(f): 1:57pm On Aug 04, 2015
@ tplander. Lol. The post is just talking about delayed gratification. Whether Nigeria or Abroad vacation, do you deserve one?

And of cos I support our Nigerian economy. I wrote about my trip to Ikogosi. you may want to read about it here. http://akaglue.com/planning-a-budget-holiday-think-ikogosi/
Family / Re: The Secret Behind Glass Tumbler And Hot Water by akaglue(f): 1:56pm On Aug 04, 2015
I think because spoon takes out the vapour.
Family / Different Uses Of Toothpaste. by akaglue(f): 1:55pm On Aug 04, 2015
We all use toothpaste to keep our teeth clean and shinning, but do you know you can use it for other purposes too and save some money? Here are my compilation on 12 other uses of toothpaste:

1. Stain remover: Is that lipstick stain on your handkerchief proofing difficult to come off? Apply toothpaste to the area with a little water and gently rub together. Continue rubbing until the stain comes off. Thereafter, wash as normal.

2. Kitchen chrome and sink cleaner: Is your kitchen aluminum sink looking dull and you want it to shine again? Simply apply toothpaste to your iron sponge and scrub. Wipe clean with a wet cloth to reveal a bright, sparkling sink.

3. Cooking Pot shiner: Want to bring the shine back to your aluminum pots? Wet it, apply some toothpaste and scrub with your iron sponge.

4. Mosquito or other insect bite: I learnt this while in the boarding school. Apply a small amount to the area. It takes the itchiness away.

5. Pimple treatment: Did you wake up to find a pimple on your face? Worry no more, simply apply a small amount to it. It dries the pimple within a day / two.

6. Baby bottle cleaner: Does your baby bottle/cup have this sour milk smell? Scrub clean with a little amount of toothpaste for fresh smelling bottles.

7. Hair gel: This was another tip I learnt in boarding school. Is your hair sticking out and you don’t have hair gel? Well apply toothpaste to keep the hair in place.

8. Remove pungent smell from your hands: Onion or fishy smell on your hands? Wash clean with a bit of toothpaste.

9. Clean your iron surface: I also learnt this in boarding school. Heat up your iron , unplug it, apply toothpaste to the surface and wipe clean.

10. Repair scratched CD’s: I stumbled on this method recently, I was watching one of my favorites series and it kept skipping. After a few seconds of research, I learnt that washing the CD with toothpaste and cotton wool repairs all scratches. It sure worked well. So before you throw out those old CD’s of yours, try washing with toothpaste.

11. Remove crayon stains from walls: People swear it works but I haven’t tried this. I plan trying it over the weekend. If you have active toddlers then you may find this tip useful. Gently rub a damp cloth with toothpaste on the affected wall and watch the stains disappear. However, it is best to test a small area before using it on a larger spot, just to check if your paint gets affected.

12. Car headlamp cleaner: Sometime last year, I paid a thousand Naira to get my headlamps cleaned. My colleague pointed out to me, that next time I should clean them with toothpaste, which I recently did and was happy with the result.

Do you have an interesting use for an everyday item? Feel free to share with us below.

Want more home tips? Visit http://akaglue.com/category/tip-of-the-day/

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Family / Safari Trip Or Nursing Home? by akaglue(f): 9:54am On Aug 02, 2015
Happy new month everyone. So I received a mail from an investment company and it was titled Safari Trip or Nursing Home? This was the first line of the message, “A nursing home is where people end up when they fail to delay gratification for that safari trip”. That sounded harsh to me, but reading through the mail, I got to understand the message they were trying to pass across which is “delayed gratification”.

Delayed gratification is the ability to say NO to a temptation on an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. It is simply the act of self control. Delayed gratification can be applied in all aspects of life including personal finance.

Although I agree with them on the practice of delayed gratification, I felt the way they passed across the message was a bit harsh. If I save, save, save and save, then at what point do I start enjoying my money? So if I go on a safari trip or scuba-dive in the blue chilly waters of Zanzibar with dolphins, I will end up in a Nursing home when I am old? My slogan is “Living a fulfilled life without making your pocket cry”. I believe everyone can live a balanced life. Saving and Investment does not mean completely depriving one’s self.

I love going out and I love going on holidays, but I will not do them to the detriment of my savings and investment culture. I believe, that if one plans properly for that holiday, one can get good discounts & deals and spend less on a holiday than someone that didn’t plan at all.

If you already have a retirement plan, emergency savings, and have met your savings and investment target for the year, then I believe you can go ahead and spoil yourself. I hate the feeling of being deprived when I have met my set goals. I also do not want to grow old having all the money for a luxury holiday, howbeit I am limited because of my age and incapability to indulge in high thrilling adventures.

So dearies, with proper planning, you can go for not just one but couple of safari trips and not end up in a nursing home! But hold on a minute, don’t get too excited and sincerely ask yourself, “Do I really deserve a Safari Trip?” If your answer is NO, then you better practice delayed gratification. Earn more, save more, invest well and then you can go for that Holiday.

Did anyone also receive the mail? If you did, what did you make of it?

Visit www.akaglue.com for more personal finance tips and thrifty adventure stories.

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Investment / Re: 10 Bad Money Habits To Avoid In This Second Half Of The Year. by akaglue(f): 9:32pm On Jul 14, 2015
Thanks akaglue, exactly what i needed

Am glad the post was useful to you.

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