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Culture / Re: From Space To Place: Making Our City Work For All Its Inhabitants - Oniru by AllenSpencer: 6:29am On May 06
Tinubu`s boy grin grin grin grin

Times have changed! When royal fathers were classical personalities.

This one just has a crown on his head. The real king stays in bourdilion.

He can be dethroned at wish


Politics / Re: Catholic Church Suspends Father Mbaka Over Row With Buhari by AllenSpencer: 6:26am On May 06
Well deserved!

Short people have been a detriment to this great Nation. You cannot just trust them

When the Bible said short people were made in the devil`s image, I thought is was a biased discriminations.

Later I realized its was the absolute truth
Politics / Re: Uzodimma: Despite Attacks In Imo, The People Are Happier Under My Administration by AllenSpencer: 6:16am On May 06
Never trust short people. They are specialist with lies.

Created in the devil`s image.


Politics / Re: Mbaka: Enugu Catholic Bishop, Calistus Onaga Responsible For My Disappearance by AllenSpencer: 6:12am On May 06
Never trust short people

They are crafted in the devils image.
Celebrities / Re: Davido: Anybody Supporting Buhari Govt Deserves Hell by AllenSpencer: 6:05am On May 06
When adulterer`s make statements, its from God

King David has spoken!

Same dwarf that was campaigning for his late illiterate uncle to govern a whole state.

It will never be well with whoever does not mean well for Nigerians


Crime / Re: First Made-In-Nigeria AK-47 Codenamed OBJ006 By The Army (Pictures) by AllenSpencer: 6:01am On May 06

I feel you! But, there are some soldiers that actually know what to do but, they lack adequate ammunition. Plus, corruption plays a huge role in the fight. There's always a loop hole somewhere.

Same thing we are saying. " Intelligence and strategy"

With the whole US and Russia fire power combined, when you lack this scopes, Its just effort in futility.

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Crime / Re: First Made-In-Nigeria AK-47 Codenamed OBJ006 By The Army (Pictures) by AllenSpencer: 5:57am On May 06
..... There is still room for improvement doesn't translate to appreciation........ You made almost a whole page of criticism and ended it with a line of there is still room for improvement..... Such criticisms never encourage anyone...... If you want your criticism to be effective, it should first start with appreciating the little the person have done.......

You made a valid point if I must confess, I just had to clear it out first and later came to appreciate that perfection is close.

And even if I never appreciated, Engineers know how to improve on faults. It just who and what we are. Its a faceless forum and I am not interfacing with whoever crafted or designed it. My points I just laid out.

I will copy and improve if in shoes. Like I said, I owe nobody a compliment. Normally, I should be paid for my criticisms

Its no news that even the US AR-15 is a copy of the AK-47. It was just redesigned based on faults of the AK-47

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Crime / Re: First Made-In-Nigeria AK-47 Codenamed OBJ006 By The Army (Pictures) by AllenSpencer: 5:48am On May 06

Yeah, I'm very much aware of that. I just feel we need better ammunition to deal with these terrorists in Nigeria. Someone already clarified me though!

Ammunitions we dont need much. Intelligence and strategy we lack.

You cant just keep shooting without an idea of the aim

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Crime / Re: First Made-In-Nigeria AK-47 Codenamed OBJ006 By The Army (Pictures) by AllenSpencer: 5:44am On May 06
...... Appreciate the little they have done...all you have said so have is criticize them and not even a word of appreciation....... The precision weapons the western world brandish about every day wasn't achieved in a single production..... It took years of hard work, revisions and modifications to get to where they are today..... Rome wasn't built in a day...... If you can do better, open your own factory or offer to work for them and make better guns!

Seems you have a problem with comprehension. What was the essence of "Their is still more room for improvements"

Criticism is the mother of perfection.

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Celebrities / Re: ''latest Landlord'' Actress Bukola Adeoye Just Bought A New House (video) by AllenSpencer: 5:42am On May 06
When you fvck good peniss, sky is your limit.

Landlady cant hide her dullness, the world know she made the fortune from inbetween her legs.

But kudos to her, she choose a good fvck.

Many her still fvcking on the street for meat-pie and recharge card

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Crime / Re: First Made-In-Nigeria AK-47 Codenamed OBJ006 By The Army (Pictures) by AllenSpencer: 5:32am On May 06
AK-47 was produced in 1947; that is Nineteen Forty Fúcking Seven! That's over 70 years ago!!! It's MOSTLY used by terrorists and better guns have been developed, yet naija wan die on top AK-47. I don't even think this latest "improvement" is up to that of the AK-74! We need Carbine guns, M4/M4A1, M320, AR-15, M16, etc

As of date, I dont know tomorrow, the Ak47 is still a fire power to reckon with. It still on the shelfs since 1947, that should signal to you alot

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Crime / Re: First Made-In-Nigeria AK-47 Codenamed OBJ006 By The Army (Pictures) by AllenSpencer: 5:29am On May 06

grin bcus it's was produced in kaduna??. If to say na 4 kanu's backyard now we 4 don hear word.

You are in pains simply because it was produced in kaduna. Where is d one you produced 4rm your backyardgrin.

And sincerely, In as much as I do enjoy tribal wars, my points were outrightly out of that line. I am a Nigerian first, before my tribe. And not what you assuming.

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Crime / Re: First Made-In-Nigeria AK-47 Codenamed OBJ006 By The Army (Pictures) by AllenSpencer: 5:03am On May 06
From the picture,
1. Framework is bad
2. The cooling fins is absolute gibberish, more of a design than its actual functionality.
3. The grip seems to be made of plastic, or a slippery material. The actual essence of that part was not functional in design.
4. Trigger loop is too wide for an automatic rifle by few millimeters
5. Wide gap between barrel jacket and hand guard,. Its accuracy would definitely have wide errors, except used by exceptional professional
6. The butt is outdated and not handy.

............. Their is still more room for improvements

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Politics / Re: 7 Things That Don't Make Sense By Reno by AllenSpencer: 5:00am On May 06
In as much as I dont have a problem with Reno`s point, It should still be emphasized that, whats was Reno`s contribution to the situation at hand when it started brewing under Jonathan`s administration. Did he tour the world to siphon people like he did for the poor girl, about Jonathan`s incompetence's and addiction to alcohol.

Yes! I blame Buhari for everything happening in the country today, but my problem is about the animals we call humans, who happen to have been in position to steer the affairs of this Great Nation, who now suddenly became saints.

Can Reno share his accomplishment, inclusive of the frameworks he used to loot this Great Nation.

If Reno has a conscience, he should know he is not a pastor but a devils incarnate.
Romance / Re: A Broke Guy Is Disturbing My Sister's Happiness by AllenSpencer: 10:42pm On May 05
Good day my fellow nairalanders, my sister and this guy has been dating for 4 years now he use to work in a company but lost his job 2yrs ago since then he had been a parasite to my sister coming to our house to eat our food two times a day.

There is this new guy who asked my sister out. He is gentle and he has a good job, he is a Christian he has his own house, we all like him. I have been begging my sister to give him a try because he is ready for marriage unlike the other guy who has no hope of taking good care of my sister rather sucking my sister dry.

My sister seems to love the broke guy more but that guy is not a serious person for 2 good years he can't look for a job not even a menial job. If my sister mistakenly marries the broke guy she will suffer in the marriage because all the responsibility will be on her head. Gidforbid!

Please how do I convince my sister to focus on this other guy that is comfortable? I want the best for my sister.

Why dont you kill the broke guy

You can pay assassins or cultist to kill him for you, since you know his future

Or reach out to Ned Nwoko, Davido or Ubi Franklin. Those ones will take care of your sister stupidly
Travel / Re: Pictures Of Five Cowries Terminal: A Beautiful Jetty in Lagos by AllenSpencer: 10:35pm On May 05
Even the cement depot in Anambra cannot stand this architecture.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Real Madrid UCL (2 -0) On 5th May 2021 by AllenSpencer: 9:46pm On May 05
Kante is just one devil

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Real Madrid UCL (2 -0) On 5th May 2021 by AllenSpencer: 9:27pm On May 05
Kante is one underated player

Damn! Dude is machine


Family / Re: Am I A Failure? Please Rate Me. by AllenSpencer: 7:24pm On May 05
[quote author=WhiteRuler post=101408731][/quote]

Success or failure is from within. What you defined as success from afar might be failure, and many you call failure might be success. It all comes from the mind. Satisfaction and striving towards best.

Mere humans know little and always jealous, not knowing he is being envied. Be contented Bro and thank God for where u at today. Many still look up to you.

Be positive and those days will come.

.......................Otherwise, Be ready to do what men do.
Pets / Re: My Ram Died And I Roasted It For My Dogs (photos) by AllenSpencer: 7:06pm On May 05
Hmmm.. This one's follow for watin dem dey call Dog Broz I take god beg u, just change that "Dog" to "Bingo"

People appreciate that thing you call Bingo. Fact that you dont appreciate doesnt mean some other people dont

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Politics / Re: Protesters Vandalise Bishop's Court Over Mbaka's Whereabouts (photos) by AllenSpencer: 4:48pm On May 05
Unserious people

Instead of them to go set the general hospital ablaze

Bring down all street lights and start digging up tarred roads

Business / Re: Ikechukwu Anyaegbudike Makes Case For Ease Of Doing Business In Nigeria by AllenSpencer: 3:38pm On May 05
Everybody in Nigeria knows this facts.

Same lamentations we all make, but nothing changes.

Come 2023, majority will still vote for same recycled politicians. And few months later, they start complaining about bad governance.

Mr. Ikechukwu should also be aware that despite his brilliant insight and recommendations, if he were to campaign in Nigeria for a political post, he won't win because, he is too brilliant for Nigerians.

Nigerians love old outdated brains.


Politics / Re: Mbaka Is Not In Our Custody — DSS by AllenSpencer: 3:21pm On May 05
Should anything happen to Mbaka the North will hear from us

Online chest beating.

Its valid!

Stay behind the keyboard and brag.

I also can single handedly defeat the United States of America in warfare! How about that?

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Politics / Re: Protest In Enugu As Missing Mbaka Is 'Whisked Away By Unknown Gunmen' by AllenSpencer: 2:28pm On May 05
All Igbo's should close their businesses allover Nigeria to join the protest. That will send some red signal to our gentle president.

grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Protest In Enugu As Missing Mbaka Is 'Whisked Away By Unknown Gunmen' by AllenSpencer: 2:26pm On May 05
IPOB finally got him.
Phones / Re: Nigerians Outside Nigeria, What's The Cost Of Data In Your Resident Country? by AllenSpencer: 7:31am On May 05
$11/gig in Zimbabwe


Sports / Re: Clemens Westerhof Celebrates His 81st Birthday (Pictures) by AllenSpencer: 7:04am On May 05
God bless Clemens Westerhof

Dude made Nigerians happy. The good old united days, when Nigerians will be glued to the TV on a match day

Dude discovered unmatchable talents that till date, we have failed to discover such natural talents.

Once again, God bless Clemens Westerhof

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Celebrities / Re: Baba Ijesha: Princess Is Also Culpable – Tony Ademiluyi by AllenSpencer: 6:49am On May 05
Facts on the table.

Well stated and outlined.
Politics / Re: SON Confiscates Stuffed Substandard Tyres Worth About ₦600 Million by AllenSpencer: 6:40am On May 05
Buhari will still be blamed .

Nigerians happen to be the sole and root cause problem of the country.

Very unpatriotic, ill mannered and self centered lots.

This would have led to the death of lots and same importer will be heaping blame on the government.

Change starts with the average Nigerian, and when that is achieved, leadership will change.

Its difficult to believe God created Nigerians.

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