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Romance / Differences Between A Girl You Date And A Woman You May Marry by AmeLonRo(m): 3:18am On Jul 25
The girl you’re dating doesn’t want to meet your family or friends; she wants all of you to herself. The woman you marry is interested in your family and friends. She understands that without them, you would not be where you are or who you are today.

Positive diverse couple walking on embankment

The girl you’re dating is overly concerned with having her nails done all the time, her eyelashes looking a certain way, and looking beautiful in front of her peers. Her physical attractiveness is important to her. The woman you marry is unconcerned about having her nails done. Instead, she is concerned with looking beautiful for her man, even if that means going without makeup. She focuses on her internal beauty and character development because she understands that true beauty comes from within.

The girl you’re dating is only concerned with her career and her life goals. She prioritizes herself over the relationship and does not make future plans with you in mind.

Couple clinking glasses of champagne on seashore

The woman you marry is concerned about your career and your life goals, as well as her own. She is aware that you have a plan as well, and she collaborates with you to achieve the goals you both have. Her marriage is her number one priority.

The girl you’re dating appreciates the financial security you can provide. She also expects something in return for everything she gives.

The woman you marry wishes to create a financial cushion with you. She believes that having two heads is always preferable to have one. She doesn’t expect anything in return when she gives.

The girl you’re dating thinks she knows everything.

The woman you marry is eager to learn new things and recognizes that there is always room for improvement.

The girl you’re dating is afraid to reveal her deepest secrets to you.

Even if it means losing you, the woman you marry will reveal her deepest secrets to you. She believes in you and confides in you. She understands that honesty is always the best policy.

Bride and Groom Running on Concrete Pathway

The girl you’re dating isn’t excited about marriage or having children (even if she wants to have someone day).

The woman you marry is eager to marry and start a family with you.

The girl you’re dating constantly flashes her cleavage.

The woman you marry is more modest because she understands her beauty is only for your eyes.

The girl you’re dating isn’t concerned with cooking for you.

The woman you marry enjoys not only cooking but also selecting delicious and healthy meals. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?

The girl you’re dating is overly concerned with how long you’ll be around and how she’ll be able to keep you.

Because she knows you want to have a future with her, the woman you marry isn’t too concerned with keeping you. She is mature enough to understand that you can never force someone to stay and that you must both choose each other every day, over and over.

The girl you’re dating is unwilling to make a compromise with you.

The woman you marry is willing to compromise and sees compromise as a requirement for a successful marriage.

The girl you’re dating thrives on your undivided attention.

The woman you marry reflects your feelings and thrives on giving you the love, support, and respect you require.

The girl you’re dating tries to change your personality and compares you to her ex.

Your future wife accepts you for who you are and will not compare you to her ex. She knows you’re the best and that no matter how hard you try, you can’t change another person.

The girl you’re dating must be entertained.

The woman you marry should be someone with whom you can have fun, relax, do activities, or do nothing and still enjoy each other’s company.

What are your thoughts on the differences between dating a girl and marrying a woman?


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Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by AmeLonRo(m): 9:00pm On Jul 24

I just registered on Fiverr
My issue is i don't know where to search for jobs on the platform
I didn't see any icon that shows it
Have searched my profile on both the buyer and seller icon
I only see hire freelancer anytime i switch to buyer account
I want to be hired not hire someone
Hope you understand my question
Hi, switch to seller. Click Kore and click buyer request. Respond to the buyer request that you can do. Make your gig convincing. Put video, pictures and sample off on your gig. Do more than one gig in similar area. Try to be online often. That's how to hit it.
Business / Re: How Can I Withdraw Funds From FIVERR In Nigeria? by AmeLonRo(m): 3:38pm On Jul 23
for your own good don't go close to paypal

try payoneer. i've been using them for a long time
give reasons. Expantiate please.
Family / Re: What Is The Wife's Role In Marriage by AmeLonRo(m): 11:33am On Jul 23
I agree with you. Let's see what others think...


it is obvious from your initial post that you don't believe such.... EVERY single point you made are about you you and you! you talk about marriage/family but it is clear as day that you believe that a wife is just there to please her husband (and nothing else).

men who think like you always fail in marriage/family because you are trying to use an outdated book to dictate how a wife should be in 2021.
Family / A Week In The Life Of A Distance Learning Student – An Online Student’s Week by AmeLonRo(m): 11:31am On Jul 23
A week in the life of a distance learning student
Have you ever wondered what it might be like to take college classes online? This entry will provide you an idea of how online classes work and what you, as a student, need to do to succeed. For my Master’s degree in Computer Education, I’m taking a human-computer interaction course.


I connect to WebCT, my school’s online course management system, to retrieve my weekly email from the course’s instructor. She outlines the assignments we must complete this week, as well as the comments we must post and a review for an upcoming test. While the list of assignments due this week may be found in the syllabus on WebCT, I love having this weekly reminder of what I need to get done.

I’ve noticed that several of the previous assignments I’ve already turned in have received new grades. I’m satisfied with the outcome, and I’ve taken note of her comments for future reference.

Focused young ethnic male in t shirt browsing netbook and taking notes in diary while working from home


I opened the book today and read the allocated chapter. I marked significant areas that I might require for an exam later with sticky notes. Some people prefer to use highlighters to make notes directly in the book, but I prefer sticky notes. There’s also a 30-slide Powerpoint presentation.


I have a video that I need to see. It’s available online, or I can get it from the disk that the professor gave us at the start of the semester. I download and stream it directly from WebCT because I have a high-bandwidth connection.

From Thursday through Saturday

I’m either working on my other course or not working at all these days. As a chronic procrastinator, I usually postpone writing tasks until Sunday, or Saturday if they are particularly lengthy. I read the assignments on Monday so that I can think about them while driving to and from work or while doing other things.

Pensive ethnic man in earbuds writing in notebook


I am working on my written homework (s). Then I proceed to WebCT and choose the proper assignment, where I upload the Word document that follows the professor’s naming convention. The assignment is indicated as submitted after the upload, and I receive an email confirming that I was successful.

My final task for this course is to prepare an answer to a “discussion topic of the week” on the WebCT bulletin board. I look through the previous posts and respond to one that interests me. Finally, I upload and submit my response to the inquiry. I go over the schedule for the coming week to get ready for the coming week. Another week has come to an end.

I’ve taken a number of courses at UNT, some through WebCT and others through the university’s various platforms. Because the University is only 30 miles away, I also take face-to-face classes because I enjoy the interaction in a classroom. Both techniques appeal to me. You won’t know which you prefer until you try them both.

Family / Re: What Is The Wife's Role In Marriage by AmeLonRo(m): 8:30am On Jul 23
Really? I don't believe it!!!

today, the wife's role is exactly the same as a husband's role.... to cater for the wellbeing of the family!
Family / What Is The Wife's Role In Marriage by AmeLonRo(m): 10:20pm On Jul 22
Women today, perhaps more than ever before, require a clear understanding of how they should relate to their husbands. Indeed, the significant social changes brought about by the women's liberation movement over the last few decades have caused such consternation that the concept of "roles" is repugnant to some. They believe that if they follow some sort of "outdated standard," they will lose their identity and freedom.
1. Make an effort to assist your husband.
While we are all called to help others, the Bible places a special emphasis on this responsibility for wives. According to Genesis, God realized that it was not good for man to be alone, so He decided to create a “helper suitable for him” (Gen. 2:18). It's worth noting that the Hebrew meaning of the word "helper" in this passage is later found in the Bible to refer only to God as He helps us. The fact that this same word is used to describe a wife indicates that we women have tremendous power for good in our husbands' lives. God created wives to assist their husbands in becoming all that God intended for them to be.
2. You should respect your husband.
Paul says in Ephesians 5:33, "... the wife must respect her husband." You reverence, notice, regard, honor, prefer, and esteem your husband when you respect him. It entails respecting his opinion, admiring his wisdom and character, appreciating his dedication to you, and taking into account his needs and values.
Our husbands have numerous requirements. The myth of the macho man is that he is self-contained, independent, and invulnerable. Dennis once gave me a list of what he considered to be some of the most basic needs that most men have:
Self-assurance in his own masculinity
being listened to
to be required
Meeting these needs is what it means to respect your husband. I try to encourage Dennis by being his number one fan, for example, to boost his confidence. Every husband wants his wife to be on his team, to coach him when necessary, and to be his biggest fan. A husband requires a wife who believes in him, appreciates him, and cheers him on as he goes out into the world every day.
3. You adore your husband.
Titus 2:4 instructs wives to "love their husbands." “Unconditional acceptance” is a good description of the type of love your husband requires. In other words, accept your husband as he is—a flawed individual.
Love also entails committing to a sexual relationship that is mutually satisfying. I understand that there is a lot more to love than sex, but we're looking at how to fulfill God's command to love our husbands. As a result, we must consider love from their point of view, not just our own.
According to surveys, sex is one of a man's most important needs, if not the most important. When a wife is resistant to intimacy, uninterested, or only passively interested, her husband may feel rejected. It will sever his self-image, tear him to the core of his being, and isolate him.
My husband's sexual needs should take precedence over menus, housework, projects, activities, and even the children. It doesn't mean I should think about sex all day, every day, but it does mean I should remember my husband and his needs. That means I'm reserving some of my energy for him. This prevents me from being self-centered and living solely for my own needs.
This prevents me from being self-centered and living solely for my own needs and desires. Maintaining that focus assists me in overcoming isolation in our marriage.
4. Submit to your husband's leadership.
Many women become angry and even hostile when the word "submission" is mentioned.
Some husbands and wives believe that submission implies that women are somehow inferior to men. Some women believe that submitting will cause them to lose their identity and become non-persons. Others are afraid (and rightly so) that submission will lead to being used or abused.
Another common misunderstanding is that submission implies blind obedience on the part of the woman. She is unable to question her husband and must remain obediently barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Properties / Re: Updated Cost Of Renting A 2 Bedroom Apartment In Lagos by AmeLonRo(m): 9:25pm On Jul 21
Lagos, Abuja and PH are the most expensive in Nigeria. Abi.
the coat of 2-bed room in Lagos depends on the location in Lagos. Is it VI? Lekki? Ajah? Epe? Yaba? Agege? Ikeja? Iyana Ipaja? Gbagada? It will surely depend on the location.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Woman Arrested For Flashing Private Parts During Public Livestream by AmeLonRo(m): 9:22pm On Jul 21
What's wrong with her. that should be reserved for the other room with her husband.

Celebrities / Re: Angela Nwosu Receives A SUV From Her Husband, Austin Nnaemeka After Delivery by AmeLonRo(m): 9:20pm On Jul 21
Wise man. Happy couple. A wise man will make his wife laugh and laughter will fill his home.

Romance / Re: State Of Confusion ( Career Versus Marriage) by AmeLonRo(m): 9:17pm On Jul 21
She should stay with her husband. You can always plan something around your husband. Her leaving may expose him to temptations. Who will cook for him? Who will take care of the home? House help?



Why are you scared, if is that your husband will go for another woman in your absence, he may have been doing that in your presence, while you live with him, meaning that a man that wants to follow women will definitely do do

Do you want to remain a seamstress, meaning you don't want a paid Job where you will rise, if that's the case, don't cry latter

Discuss with your husband if he supports the job, go for it and keep visiting him as often as you can

With time, you take a transfer to be with husband since its a federal Job
Family / Are Women More Powerful Than Men? by AmeLonRo(m): 9:03pm On Jul 21
Are women more powerful than men?
Here are eight scientific facts that will put this debate to rest.
We have eight scientific facts to prove that women are indeed stronger than men, despite being often undermined and underestimated culturally.
1. We are the champions of life expectancy.
According to the global Gerontology Research Group, 42 of the 43 people in the world who have lived past the age of 110 are women.
Philosophically, the blessings we seek for our efforts and sincerity as a mother, wife, homemaker, breadwinner, and so on—might play a role in our longevity.
However, according to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, women tend to live longer than men due to a “complex interaction of biological, environmental, and social factors.”
2. Our survival skills are just as impressive as our management abilities.

According to the same study, women are more likely than men to survive harsher conditions such as famines, extreme climatic changes, and disease epidemics—and they have a stronger immune system as well.
Although a clear reason for our exceptional endurance has yet to be discovered, researchers believe it may be due to a mother's placenta working harder to maintain the pregnancy and avoid infections in the case of a female foetus. As a result, women get an extra dose of survivability in their mother's womb.
3. We are more capable of dealing with pain.
Women, like most things in life, can handle pain better than men, according to a study conducted at McGill University, because women have a higher pain threshold.
That is most likely why God chose us to be better suited to bearing children and dealing with period, waxing, and threading pain.
4. We are also more emotionally stable.
According to a study published in the journal Emotion, women are better at identifying negative emotions such as sadness and disgust because they are in charge of reproduction. As a result, they are more sensitive to environmental chemicals, which men may overlook due to their so-called "masculinity."
Another 2015 study discovered that women were better at managing their emotions and were less likely to cry after watching a sob story.
That is not the case. Even when it comes to dealing with heartbreak, women outperform men. According to a study conducted at Binghamton University in New York and University College London, women may feel the pain of a break-up more intensely than men. They do, however, heal faster, whereas men simply move on and never truly mend.
5. And, yes, we are mentally stronger as well.
According to a study conducted by researchers from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, the University of St.Gallen, and NYU Shanghai–women cope with pressure better than men, who buckle under pressure. This is due to the fact that cortisol, the stress hormone, rises faster in men than in women.
6. It goes without saying that we are the more intelligent sex.
Men may have a larger brain volume, but women still outperform men in I.Q. tests–and there's a solid scientific reason for it, according to a study conducted at the University of Edinburgh. Women have thicker cortices, the area of the brain associated with higher intelligence test performance.
In fact, our cognitive abilities have improved. According to a study conducted at the Washington University School of Medicine, we can maintain cognitive skills and have better memory because men's brains tend to diminish faster with age than women's.
7. We know when to seek assistance and have no qualms about doing so.
Men can appear macho, but we all know how they react when the word "grin" is mentioned. You filthy mind, Doctor!
According to a British study, women are better at reporting and explaining their symptoms to a doctor and seeking timely medical help in the case of a health issue than men, who may become anxious at the thought of getting an injection or simply visiting a doctor.
8. We also have stronger legs.
According to a study published in the journal The Royal Society Publishing, a unit of a fit woman's muscles can produce the same force as a similarly fit man's muscles. So, women simply have less muscle mass than men, not less muscle strength, get it?
Given that we tend to have a heavier lower body, the study suggests that women's legs may be stronger than men's. So, unless you want to experience that strength in the form of a kick in the rear, stop underestimating women in your life.

Family / 10 Qualities Of Mentally Strong Women by AmeLonRo(m): 11:07pm On Jul 20
Our world is made up of so many incredible women, and so many amazing changes are being made in our world by women who recognize their significance. We have a significant impact on people's lives. Today, I'd like to remind everyone of how mentally tough we are!
Being a mentally strong woman isn't about how attractive we are on any given day. It is not about being the most popular or the most wealthy. It is about our personality. It is setting a good example for others while also taking care of ourselves.
We all have this strength within us, and it is critical that we do not lose sight of it. When you're going through a tough time or simply need to remind yourself how awesome you are, return to this blog and read through my top ten characteristics of mentally strong women!
1. Confident
Being mentally strong necessitates a high level of self-assurance. Being self-assured is a great sign of self-love, and it helps us avoid comparing. We are content in our own skin and at ease in our own minds. Being self-assured is extremely reassuring. We can always go above and beyond by sharing our confidence with others, but at the end of the day, confidence is a personal achievement.
2. “Go-Getter”
Being a "go-getter" means putting one's dreams into action. It sees great opportunities in the future. We are more likely to achieve our goals when we visualize positive outcomes. Creativity and critical thinking are essential to the health of our minds. Chasing our dreams and working hard to make our powerful ideas a wonderful reality is my definition of being a “go-getter,” and it is a great perspective to have in general!
3. “Fear Tackler” is an abbreviation for “Fear Reducer.”

Fears, problems, and issues are confronted by mentally strong women. We confront them head on and do not flee from them. We all face different fears throughout our lives, but how we deal with them determines whether or not we are mentally strong. We all have the ability to face our fears, but we don't always know how. The best solution to this conundrum is time. We should not rush to overcome a fear, but we should certainly begin taking steps toward the ultimate goal of overcoming the fear. With this one, slow and steady often wins the race!
4. Productive
Our minds crave a sense of accomplishment. Spending time on worthwhile causes and important issues keeps our minds occupied. Mentally strong women are always asking themselves, "What else can I fit into my day?" This is a good way of thinking, but it is also critical to take breaks, breathe, and avoid becoming overwhelmed.
5. Positive and optimistic
Women who are mentally strong see the glass as half full, not half empty. We want to spread positive energy wherever we go. It may not always be possible to be optimistic and positive at all times, but we want to do our best to maintain a growth mindset as much as possible. Our brightness has a significant impact on our moods as well as the moods of others.
6. Caring
Women who are mentally strong take care of themselves while also caring for others. It is critical that we cultivate positive relationships with ourselves. We all want to be happy, and I've discovered that the majority of us who practice the concept of kindness are the happiest. When we are kind, we feel better about ourselves, and others want to be around us. All of this falls under the category of caring. When we are caring and loving people, we are at our best.
7. You are not afraid to advocate for what you believe in.

We speak up when we believe something is wrong in society! Mentally strong women do not stand by and watch others be bullied. They, on the other hand, take action. Mentally strong women advocate for themselves and others by demonstrating moral and ethical behavior in their daily lives. Their positivity spreads to others as a result of this.
8. Sincere to Yourself
Last but not least, mentally strong women are completely honest with themselves. There is no need to change oneself in order to please others, and we do not need to change in order to impress others. Being comfortable with the lives we've been given is an important part of being true to ourselves, and loving our minds goes hand in hand with that comfort.
9. Proud
It is not always egotistical to be proud of oneself. We have the right to be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments, and we have the right to share that pride with others. When she is excited and proud, a mentally strong woman remains respectful. They are not concerned with making others feel less important in the process.

10. Not bothered by what others say

People make mistakes and say hurtful things from time to time, but a mentally strong woman can overcome the "haters" by ignoring those remarks. It is difficult to ignore these messages, but it is possible. We never want to be defined by others, so we must learn to ignore the negativity that others may bring into our lives.



Family / Men Are The Family's Head, And Women Are Its Backbone by AmeLonRo(m): 10:58pm On Jul 20
At the point when individuals consider a man the top of the family, there's frequently this mixed up thought that he's forceful, has a high self-image or believes he's a higher priority than his better half. I'm not denying there's a lot of spouses out there that way, yet just clarifying that that is an unfairly considered thought of what it is to be the top of a family. A spouse praises and values his significant other, seeking her for help, information, solace, and support. His position doesn't make his life partner less equivalent in pride or award him consent to have his family fear and be threatened by him.

There's something engaging and alluring when you run over a person who realizes how to modestly assume responsibility, having initiative characteristics and putting them to utilize. Not in a self-centered, savage way where he looks for what benefits him and will deprecate others. We catch wind of awful circumstances including harmful manliness even inside families, and it's reasonable that a few men respond to this by dismissing and leaving any type of power and initiative. However, rather than removing themselves from those duties, men ought to be significantly more affected to epitomize and set genuine instances of being truly manly.

I've gotten condemned or addressed when I say ladies are intended to be the foundation of their family and men the head. Call me antiquated, I wouldn't fret. It shouldn't be viewed as an older style, yet the manner in which family should be organized. At the point when my assertions get backfire, explicitly by the individuals who were brought up in broken families with an oppressive dad, battled with enslavement, deserted the family, or were absent, I can just say that I am so grieved. I am sorry to the point that somebody who should be quite possibly the main, persuasive figures in their day-to-day existence bombed them. Somebody who should be there and watch over them disappointingly bombed his essential obligation as a defender and supplier to those ward on him.

We as a whole need caring figures in our lives. No mother can completely supplant the job of a dad and the other way around. For anybody raised by a single parent, I'm not saying she isn't equipped for taking consideration and accommodating the family. Raising a family requires troublesome penances. Penances she shouldn't face and make alone. A mother's responsibility is to care for her youngsters. Yet, moms additionally need somebody who will adore and take care of them in a manner a kid or other relative can't. Brokenness and enthusiastic unsettling influence rise up out of fatherly nonattendance and without the assistance of a mate. A spouse needs her courteous fellow close by in any case how solid-willed and free she is.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Camera Capture My Neighbor Piping At Me In The Bathroom by AmeLonRo(m): 5:36pm On Jul 20
To get traffic, use authentic places and connent genuinely. You want real and reasonable people on your channel not some peoplenwhinciukd be lured by flimsy headings or titles. 1. Do same in linked in, Nairaland,
twitter, Pinterest, quota, etc. Give value and one person will announce you to 4..... Do the maths. Post reasonable comment to other YouTube videos. People will check your channel out. Thanks me later.

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Education / Re: Obi Cubana’s First Son, Alex, Wins Six Awards In School by AmeLonRo(m): 5:32pm On Jul 20
He must win them ooo... Is it not the Cubans that gave traders 1milkion each? God must bless him.

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Computers / Re: Post Your Computer (PC) Troubles Here. by AmeLonRo(m): 5:30pm On Jul 20
My dell inspiring will just show no charging at some point. I changed the charger it continues charging. Have done this up to 7 times in 6 years. I changed the battery recently. . Is it alright?
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by AmeLonRo(m): 5:28pm On Jul 20

That’s the real truth
I don’t believe whatever someone else have said about Blackbishop whether home or abroad grin

I won't advise anyone to buy used cars again oooo. Wait and go for Toks. I bought a naija used car and I kept repairing this and that. I changed almost everything. I finally sold the car and have peace now ebmven without a cat at the moment.

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Culture / Re: Similoluwa, Sister Of Ooni’s Wife 'Steals Show' With Backside At Royal Event by AmeLonRo(m): 5:24pm On Jul 20
Is she married?
why as? Do you want to take her if she is not married?
Romance / Re: Is It Wrong For A Married Lady To Cook For Her Ex In His House by AmeLonRo(m): 5:22pm On Jul 20
Very writing. Even if unmarried it is wrong. Like okay like okay a other thing will enter. Beware....
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by AmeLonRo(m): 5:21pm On Jul 20
Thanks for all the advise and suggestions given here. It makes a lot of sense.
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Dawn Of A New Era, AFCON 2022 And Qatar 2022 by AmeLonRo(m): 5:16pm On Jul 20
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by AmeLonRo(m): 5:11pm On Jul 20
If you got a skill, offer it on fiverr and make money.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by AmeLonRo(m): 5:10pm On Jul 20
If you got a skill, offer it on fiverr and make money.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Youths In Ghana Reject Salah Rice Donated By A Member Of Parliament by AmeLonRo(m): 5:08pm On Jul 20
Correct youths. Some youths in Lagos also rejected agree bread during g the knockdown.
Religion / Re: Why Winners Pastors Were Sacked By Daniel Breakforth by AmeLonRo(m): 5:06pm On Jul 20

Wow, so not "all men will hear the gospel"? grin
What happened to "the violent taketh it by force"? Why are they closing the churches, why didn't they use prayers to win them over? Like how Moses was able to free the people of Israelites?
Besides, I mentioned Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Will the Chidren in those countries now go to hell because their government didn't want the gospel preached to them? Haba! cheesy
some Christians are in the mentioned countries, preaching anyhow, whether secret or public.
Religion / Re: Why Winners Pastors Were Sacked By Daniel Breakforth by AmeLonRo(m): 5:06pm On Jul 20

Wow, so not "all men will hear the gospel"? grin
What happened to "the violent taketh it by force"? Why are they closing the churches, why didn't they use prayers to win them over? Like how Moses was able to free the people of Israelites?
Besides, I mentioned Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Will the Chidren in those countries now go to hell because their government didn't want the gospel preached to them? Haba! cheesy
some Christians are in the mentioned could tries, preaching anyhow whether secret or public.
Religion / Re: Why Winners Pastors Were Sacked By Daniel Breakforth by AmeLonRo(m): 4:17pm On Jul 20
Family / Re: Nigerian Woman Dies 4 Days After Her Wedding (Photos) by AmeLonRo(m): 4:15pm On Jul 20
Politics / Re: Group Of Councilors And Political Appointees Endorsed Dr. Maduka For Governor by AmeLonRo(m): 4:14pm On Jul 20
Interesting. The masses will decide with their votes.
Culture / Re: Similoluwa, Sister Of Ooni’s Wife 'Steals Show' With Backside At Royal Event by AmeLonRo(m): 4:13pm On Jul 20

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