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Business / Re: Rollover by anigold(m): 1:09pm On Jul 09, 2023
Game 3

Business / Re: Rollover by anigold(m): 5:47pm On Jul 04, 2023
Game 2
See the pics below

Game 2 = Won

Business / Re: Rollover by anigold(m): 1:14pm On Jul 04, 2023
Game 2

See the pics below

Business / Re: Rollover by anigold(m): 1:14pm On Jul 04, 2023

Game 1 = Won
10% PROFITS Withdrawal made on GAME 1

Business / Re: Rollover by anigold(m): 6:32pm On Jul 03, 2023
Game 1
Date: 3rd/July/2023

Leaque; Chile Primera Division

Huachipato vs Magallanes

Picks: over 7.5 corner

odds: 1.25

Game 1 = Won

Adverts / Re: The Best Forex Robot In The World 4.1million % Profits by anigold(m): 1:33pm On Jul 03, 2023

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subjects 'good3 trading strategy'



Happy new month to all

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Business / Re: Rollover by anigold(m): 11:04am On Jul 03, 2023
Game 1
Date: 3rd/July/2023

Leaque; Chile Primera Division

Huachipato vs Magallanes

Picks: over 7.5 corner

odds: 1.25

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Business / Rollover by anigold(m): 10:35am On Jul 03, 2023
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i will using a simple yet popular betting strategy called rollover.

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We will resume shortly.. Please stay tune

Business / Re: Free Accurate Forex Signals by anigold(m): 6:19pm On Jul 02, 2023
good day everyone and happy new month.

Forex Master is back
Family / Re: Men,Please leave people's wives alone! by anigold(m): 11:37pm On Jun 07, 2022
Okay, two poor men asked you out and you refused because you are a virtuous wife. That's good to know but also come back to update us when rich men ask you out. Mtchew
wotowoto reply.

grin grin angry
Family / Re: Men,Please leave people's wives alone! by anigold(m): 11:30pm On Jun 07, 2022
I have bn longing to create this topic for some months now,but due to my busy schedules as I barely have time.

For some time now.... I have bn noticing a particular pattern going on and couple with some experiences which I ain't cool with.

I don't know if other married women finds it cool,but to me it's very disgusting and appalling.

Sometimes I do wonder if those wondering phalluses no even get eyes to see that the woman they're chasing is even married sef.
Aren't they seeing the little kids with the women?

You become a target if they by any chance noticed your husband isn't based in same state with you and comes once in a while and God epp you if you're beautiful and always decently dressed.

Recently I had another experience....I was somewhere with my daughter picking some items...when this man with his bend bend legs like pastor gbejero walked up to me and said he likes me,that he has bn noticing me for sometime,he was even twitching....

I just looked at him then laughed,I told him to take a walk.....few weeks later I saw him trekking under the hot sun going from store to store with his bend bend legs like oshodi octopus.

One sick one even had the impetus telling me...I go dey chop like thief from corner oga nor go know.
Before he even finished the statement...a powerful slap landed on his cheek,yes I can be mean and bold at same time.

Surprising these men would go back home then pretend to their wives,them no go tell them say....them dey run after people wives.

On-line isn't even different......

So men...chasing people's wives....how do you sleep at night?

few weeks later I saw him trekking under the hot sun going from store to store with his bend bend legs like oshodi octopus
angry grin grin grin grin

The man no get money..
Going after someone's spouse is evil.
Please when Dangote approaches u let's know your reaction grin grin


Romance / Re: My Married Ex Pestering Me For Sex by anigold(m): 1:29pm On Sep 19, 2021
I didn't want to share this but I was motivated by someone who created a thread on how his ex has been calling him

It's a long thread but please read to the end.

I dated this girl when I was kind of younger around 19-20 years while we were still dating she travelled out of Nigeria (to Libya) without informing me, infact without informing any of her family members according to what I found out. After like Three years I, got her message on Facebook requesting for my number (I was in the University then) I gave her the number and we started chatting.

She pleaded that I should forgive her that she still loved me and all. We got along real good because she really changed, more matured and fresh. The girl I was dating in school then got to know and we had issues. The girl picked her number and called her to leave me alone but instead of living me alone she blasted the girl and even involved one of her friends then they insulted the girl and told her that she met me first and the girl should leave me alone.
She was working and was always sending me money then and promised to come home soon.

She also confessed to me that she had a baby for one guy there but they were not married.
To cut it short she came to Nigeria around 2018 and brought many things for me and we continue our bleeping spree. (I got an STD through her then). Then I had to go for service (NYSC) in 2019 we were apart again, unfortunately while I was serving I got to know from her close friend that that she was cheating (the friend wanted me too) Infact I was told that she was constantly sleeping in the guy's house.

I told her on phone that I knew about how she was cheating, she begged and ask me to forgive her (that was 2019).

Fast forward after service I stayed back in Abuja because I got a job. To cut it short I got to know that she was pregnant for another guy in Nigeria, she hid it for me, she wouldn't send me her full pictures but she later told me when it was obvious she couldn't hide it no more, infact the guy wanted to marry her, she told me she wasn't going to marry the guy that the pregnancy was just a mistake, I personally convinced her to stay with the guy since she told me herself that the guy liked her so much and was taking care of her and her first baby.
Then this girl said she would stay with him on the condition that I would still be dating her. I was shocked and surprised I refused and told her that I will never be involved in such an illicit affair.

While this girl was heavily pregnant she was sending nude pictures and was constantly begging me that we should continue having sex, it continued till early 2021 even after the guy engaged her, I refused I blocked her on Facebook where she was sending the nudes to, she started sending it to my WhatsApp and I blocked her there too.

Now she has given birth and I am presently In the state where she resides with her husband, (that's where I am from too) I don't know how she found out that I am around and she has been calling me still begging for sex.

I wanted to report her to her brother and sister who were aware of our relationship back then but a friend asked me not to report her, infact some of them are telling me to give her what she wants (the bad guys that I have) Lol
I have warned her to desist from making such request but she is still requesting to just see my face, as at 2 days ago she was still begging to see me, I told her I was going back to my base yesterday maybe that's why she hasn't called me yet.

I am a young man of 28 years and one of the vow I have vowed is never to sleep with another man's wife except I am not aware that she is married.

I can snatch careless men girlfriends grin but not to sleep with another man's wife or fiancee.

I fear karma.

I am sharing this to tell men to be very careful with the kind of women they call wife.
Her attitude makes me have phobia for marriage I swear.

A married young lady with a loving husband still begging an ex for sex is too bad and I feel sad for her husband who might be beating his chest that his wife will never cheat on him.

Bro u want to nack her u are looking for validation.. if not there's no need for this long sermon.. grin grin grin

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Crime / Re: Video Of Soldier, Amos Adorable Sobosu Royal Motivating Pupils Before Death by anigold(m): 5:54pm On Sep 18, 2021
A 22-year-old Nigerian soldier identified as Amos Adorable Sobosu Royal has been killed while on national duty with the Nigerian Army.

Amos was killed just after motivating school pupils in North-East region of the country. This is a video of him speaking to the pupils shortly before his death.

Watch below:

so sad.. The way he speaks he should have been in another profession like teaching or motivational speaking..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin, Iran & Kim set to Exploit ‘weak’ Biden Over Afghan Chaos(Pix) by anigold(m): 9:18pm On Sep 02, 2021
Abeg we dont need war abeg... make China and the rest calm down ..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin, Iran & Kim set to Exploit ‘weak’ Biden Over Afghan Chaos(Pix) by anigold(m): 9:09pm On Sep 02, 2021

Don't mind most of 'em Nairalanders. They don't know much about history and international politics. Can Russia afford to go to war now, No. Economically and millitarilly, Russia is not fit. You see China, just leave them alone. Putin actually want to use China to actualize his dream coz I don't think China will even defeat isreal lol. For NK and Iran, they are just seeking for attention. USA took their time to study both first and second world war, and knows more better than Russia.

I don't pray for 3rd WW but if it happens, USA will not be defeated.
China that is very stingy wont even spend much to support any war now
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin, Iran & Kim set to Exploit ‘weak’ Biden Over Afghan Chaos(Pix) by anigold(m): 9:00pm On Sep 02, 2021
I still love America with all their weaknesses..They have done their best to give freedom and a better live to many people they have also made errors and mistakes.. can you imagine what China will do to the world with such powers..

China and Russia can even defeat Israel...

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija Tega: You Are Lucky I’m Married, If I Were Single, I’ll Do More... by anigold(m): 2:11pm On Sep 02, 2021
Calabar girls na ashawo be all of them work , I have one in my place of work wey coworkers dey nack steady even though she's married
stop this silly stereotype..

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Politics / Re: Tambuwal Lists Criteria For Nigeria’s Next President by anigold(m): 10:29am On Aug 24, 2021

We from the North have made our mind to vote a Northerner as a next president of Nigeria because he is the one that truly understands our problems, but no matter what Igbo must not be Nigerian President because they are the enemies of Nigeria
grin grin grin grin
Are you people not tired of the current insecurity I used to come to kano just to chill I can't even try it now because of insecurity.. me anyone who ca fix Nigerians wahala is welcomed I doubt the North have anything to offer now. Buhari Don spoil una ticket
Health / Re: COVID-19: Sanwo-Olu Says Lagos Has Recorded 135 Deaths In Third Wave by anigold(m): 10:23am On Aug 24, 2021
I know of 3 people personally who have died of covid in Nigeria in just the last 2 weeks.
Covid is real, get vaccinated and stay safe.
Me I personally know more than 200 people who have died from hunger and bad governance.
Hunger is real..

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Business / Re: Free Accurate Forex Signals by anigold(m): 7:47pm On Aug 11, 2021
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Business / Re: Free Accurate Forex Signals by anigold(m): 7:25am On Aug 10, 2021
Trade 134

at 1.38411 or sell now

Targets = 140pips
Risk = 1%
Politics / Re: Police Panel To Grill DCP Kyari As US Issues Arrest Warrant by anigold(m): 7:36pm On Jul 29, 2021
You have to fear The FBI...


Business / Re: Free Accurate Forex Signals by anigold(m): 11:48pm On Jul 27, 2021
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Business / Re: Free Accurate Forex Signals by anigold(m): 7:26pm On Jul 27, 2021
Hello guys, I have been trading forex for a while now, i just wanna share some of my trading signals free for all. I have made some decent profits/monies from Forex trading.Due to the huge amount of scams online its very difficult to know who is actually a good forex trader.
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I trade using Price action strategy.
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if your favourite pair is not in my currency list please just bear with me.
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in other to minimize losses. Thats is if my stop loss was 50 pips once price moves 30pips profits and above i will move stops to breakeven, sometimes price will stops me out in breakeven or price will continue moving in my prefered direction either way am always happy to end with breakeven than a loss.
Irrespective what you have heard about forex, the truth is that one can consistently make money from forex but its easy said than done.To make money consistently one has to consistently do many things right during trading. Making money consistenly involves having more wins than losses thereby ending a trading month or trading year with profits. Making money consistenly in the forex market is very very difficult but also its very possible. According to some statisitics 96.6% traders are consistent lossers(i dont know how they came about that statistics but its somehow true). If you are still struggling to make money from forex you need to learn from someone who is actually trading prpfitably live with 100% honest proofs, forget about all the rubbish system sellers online 95% of all these system vendors are very poor traders(some dont even have live forex accounts), they only make money selling their poor systems to novice.
So stay tune and learn from my signals. I will also be posting some excellent forex articles.

MOD; I hope am posting on the right folder.
for any question about forex mail me @; brinegold(at)gmail(dot)com
i will reply immediately.

Business / Re: Free Accurate Forex Signals by anigold(m): 3:40pm On Jul 27, 2021
good day everyone.. do we need free accurate forex signals?
Career / Re: What business can 300k do by anigold(m): 1:38pm On Jul 26, 2021
You papa no try honestly even if he wants to buy back your heart N300k is a ridiculous amount in this buhari economy.. He should meet you first as a father instead of trying to buy you with money.... May be if you were a Man he won't bother. U know being the bride's father is cool on a wedding day grin grin grin grin.

Since he decide to pay ..my dear ask him for 3M and above let him pay through his nose. U can abandon your child and expect you can just return after donkey years and claim the child..honestly 300k won't do much for you..I don't even know which business you can start except pos....which I know to make a reason money a day via pos no be beans grin grin grin
Family / Re: My Wife Says No Sex Until Her Mother Leaves Our House. by anigold(m): 12:09am On Jul 03, 2019

My wife says no sex until her mother leaves our house.

I'm happily married with two young kids ages 2 and 4. We stay in a 2-bedroom apartment and usually leave the connecting door ajar so that if the kids wake up during the night they may have access to our room to seek comfort, which is very frequent especially during these noisy thunder storms.

My problem started with the arrival of my mother-in-law, less than a week ago to spend 2 months. Of course, she sleeps with her grand kids in their room.

This doesn’t stop them from frequenting our room during the night, so the door is still left ajar. Much to my amazement, my wife has now told me that she will no longer allow us to copulate during the time her mother is with us. She said her mum scolded her and feels we are rude to engage in lovemaking knowing fully well that she is in the adjoining room.

My wife has always feared her mum so it is impossible for me to convince her that this is her house, not her mum’s. I don’t see myself going one week without sex, talk less of 2 months! Is it my fault that the bed creaks or that my wife has to make noise at her height of ecstasy?

I feel that my mother-in-law is being very intrusive and insensitive and I’m prepared to talk to her and ask her to leave if she insists on tormenting my wife, but I know that my wife won’t find it funny at all.

What should I do?
when her mother comes no sex till she leaves.. its as simple as that
Business / Re: Nigerians React To Sani Dangote Son Engagement To Malaysian Billionaire Daughter by anigold(m): 7:35am On Dec 02, 2018
grin grin grin grin

Crazy Rich Asians
nice movie..
Politics / Re: Stop Complaining, Vote Out Bad Leaders, Abdulsalami Tells Nigerians by anigold(m): 3:10pm On Nov 24, 2018
OK sir,we will do just dat, dats if dey don't rig the election. as far as it's free nd fair, you will see that we are equal to the task.
grin grin grin grin grin
they don't rig election bar
Politics / Re: Stop Complaining, Vote Out Bad Leaders, Abdulsalami Tells Nigerians by anigold(m): 3:08pm On Nov 24, 2018
Even after this baba did us a good deed by implementing the adoption of the amended 1979 Constitution that allows multiple parties to contest elections, Nigerians are still so myopic.

We keep acting like as if APC and PDP are the only two parties in this country. I was surprised when people who claim to be excessively intelligent and learned started typing 'Atikulated' everywhere, believing that Atiku will make a better leader than Buhari. Buhari no sabi anything, but Atiku is a celebrated criminal. Una no dey see Donald Duke abi? SDP is not a party abi?
the truth is those other parties can't win because they don't have money to buy indomie packs,small bag of rice and N2000 for the foolish hungry voters (Ekiti and osun)..
Politics / Re: Stop Complaining, Vote Out Bad Leaders, Abdulsalami Tells Nigerians by anigold(m): 3:04pm On Nov 24, 2018
James Abraham, Jos
Aformer Head of State , Gen . Abdulsalami Abubakar , on Friday in Jos , Plateau State , urged Nigerians to stop complaining about the present hardship in the country but instead vote out incompetent leaders during the 2019 elections .

Abubakar spoke at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Kuru , during the 2018 Distinguished Annual Lecture for Senior Executive Course 40 participants , with the Vice - President , Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, as Special Guest of Honour .
Abubakar condemned the practice of vote- buying by politicians, insisting that it must be discouraged by all means.

He said , “ Every citizen has a duty . You must not sell your vote. You must register to vote .

“ Stop criticising the failures of government , go and vote them out if you think those voted are not doing their job .

“ We must all try to work on our nationhood through constitutional and policy framework . It is only in this way that we can ignite responsible leadership for the country.

“ It is through this approach that we can truly build national institutions that will enthrone justice and equity . ”

Speaking further , Abubakar described the 91 parties registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission as an “ unwholesome development. ”

He said that INEC was not helping the country’ s democracy by registering too many political parties as most of them were still regional in character and lack ideological inclinations .

He also called on the organisation to be transparent in its activities if it wished to engender confidence among Nigerians.


When a king marker tries to wail with the masses you just have to sit back laugh at this level of mockery grin grin
Politics / Re: Stop Complaining, Vote Out Bad Leaders, Abdulsalami Tells Nigerians by anigold(m): 3:02pm On Nov 24, 2018
when my brothers in the north and west have already made up their minds to vote in Buhari again because someone wants to become President come 2023...
Voting in Nigeria is purely based on tribal sentiment not in performance..

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