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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: IT Trainee For OND Accounting by anneabidemi(f): 3:51pm On Jun 25, 2015
Lie. Apply and regret. They are GNLD.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Pc Recruit by anneabidemi(f): 4:41pm On Feb 18, 2015
Hello guys. Has anyone who attended Zodiac interview through PC recruit heard from them?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Who Else Received This Text????? by anneabidemi(f): 8:00pm On Feb 15, 2015
Dont go.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Help Pls With Useful Info by anneabidemi(f): 6:50pm On Feb 10, 2015
Dont bother.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Someone Pls! Help Me. Directions by anneabidemi(f): 11:59pm On Feb 04, 2015
[quote author=obisite post=30435890]

To katangua, take bus from Cele to Oshodi, from Oshodi take Ebule - egba bus, then drop at Cele bus stop, that bus stop is katangua[/quot

Cele bus stop?? When u take a a brt to abule egba from oshodi, or a sango/toll-gate bus from oshodi, alight at Super bus stop. That is katangua.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Eyekontact by anneabidemi(f): 9:27am On Jan 19, 2015
I did. Wednesday 21st. 9am.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ur Advice Is Highly Nided..am Going Gaga by anneabidemi(f): 9:46pm On Jan 17, 2015
oh ...i got it .forgv my mood... i av bin tinking alot lately.. cry ....

it's not about you thinking so much,
it's much more abt ur difficulty in understanding English. u cant even spell 'needed' right, yet u insult someone who is interested in ur sorry case.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Freelancer Wanted For Immediate Offer. by anneabidemi(f): 7:21am On Jan 11, 2015
no binding agreement of course, at least that shd prevent me from holding u when u start owing me. nice one.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Business And Job Opportunities At Travel Hub by anneabidemi(f): 5:47pm On Jan 06, 2015
U mean I could become a consultancy grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Please Does Anyone Got This Job Massage On Phones? by anneabidemi(f): 5:31pm On Jan 06, 2015
English hard o undecided

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Literature / Re: My Family by anneabidemi(f): 4:58pm On Dec 17, 2014
*smiles*.... it's a fiction dearie.
Literature / My Family by anneabidemi(f): 3:57pm On Dec 17, 2014
Cynthia is my name. I am twenty-five years
old. Or should I just say I will be twenty-five
next month. It's gonna be a memorable birthday
for me because I will be getting married that
same month. I will be getting married to the
son of my father's business associate. A US-
based rich and handsome medical doctor.The
dream man of every single lady. I will relocate
to the US after my wedding. I should be
happy. But I am not. Not because I dont love
my future husband, or because he is not
eligible, but because I hate my father. And my
sister too, Tonia. Wait. Have I told you about
my father? And my sister? Let me just take
you through my family.
My father is the Managing Director of a
Mortgage Bank in Abuja. He is fifty-three. I
hate him with passion. I have just one sibling,
Tonia. It's just the two of us. She is thirty-
two. She is married with two kids. The first is
a boy who looks so much like my father. I
despise him. Given a chance I could kill him.
The second is a cute girl with a permanent
angelic smile. I love her so much. My mum is
late. She died when I was nine years old. Tonia
was sixteen then.
Our house is full of activities because of my
forthcoming wedding. Everybody is in high
spirits. My Dad has ordered the whole world.
My fiance arrives next week. My soon to be in
laws are all over the town. Jingles are being
aired on all radio stations. I hate this so
much. I just hate the noise. All my father
wants is to impress me. He knows how much I
hate him. He knows how much I wanna kill Tonia
and her son. He knows how withdrawn I have
been since my mother died. He knows how
irritated I get when he talks to me since that
day I lost my mum. He knows everything. That
is why he is happy to see me out of the house.
That's why he is bent on me relocating to the
US. The only thing people do not know is why I
hate Dad and my sister. They cant figure it
out. Our neighbours, family friends and
extended family too feel the tension between
us. I know they all think I am possessed. Or
that I am the only one who never came out of
the shock of my mother's death. To some
extent that is true, because I never did and
can never get out of the shock of her death,
of the way she died and of the circumstances
surrounding her death.
Mum died when I was nine and Tonia was
sixteen. That fateful Saturday we went
visiting grandma. I was to stay with her till
Sunday, but I changed my mind at the last
minute and cried to follow mum back home. We
left only Tonia at home. Few metres to the
house mum's car broke down so we had to park
it on the road and trek home. It wasnt so far
and the weather was cool. The gate was open
when we got home. That was unusual but mum
thought Tonia left it open when we left. The
front door was locked so she used her keys.
Probably Tonia was asleep. Mum left for her
room, the room she shared with Dad, while I
stayed in the living room to watch cartoons.
The only thing that gets me so mad till today
is the fact that I can no longer recollect the
exact words that were uttured that day. All i
can remember now is that i heard mum's
scream, like she was in shock or something. So
I rushed towards the room. There I found
Tonia stark naked and mum was on her,
screaming, biting and scratching. Dad too was
struggling to get into his underwear and
trying to restrict mum at the same time.
What's happening? He wasn't home when we
left. His car was not even in the compound
when we came in. Why was he naked with Tonia?
It didnt make sense to me. I was a little girl
though but I knew the sight wasnt short of
disgusting. I ran out of the room in tears.
Not because I understood what was happening,
but because I hated the screams. Both mum
and dad were upset, and I hated that. And
mum was hitting Tonia. I couldn't go out to
call anyone. We didnt have next door
neighbours. I would have to step out of the
compound to call anyone. I didnt call anybody.
I stayed put at the living room. Suddenly I
heard a loud bang and rushed back to the
What I saw is the reason why I have been
mute all these years. What I saw is the reason
why I will always hate Tonia and my Dad till
the day I close my eyes in death. What I saw
is the reason why I will never be a normal
woman again. There on the tiled floor was the
lifeless body of my dear mother, blood trickling
out from a corner of her mouth. Tonia was
leaning on the door, arms folded without any
efforts to lift the woman. My dad was there
too, looking down at the body with a kind of
hatred I cant describe. Feeling my presence
there, he turned and looked at me,
communicating a dreadful message that didnt
need to be said in words. I knew that look and
understood immediately. Since that day I have
been mute.
Tonia got married when she was twenty-three.
My father shed tears on her wedding day. The
whole crowd was moved. What a great
affection! She was pregnant outside wedlock
though, the reason why the wedding was
improptu. Her husband isn't from a wealthy
family so the dude was glad that my Dad
sponsored the wedding 100%. Her son really
looks like Dad.
They are the only immediate family I have in
this whole wide world. And come next month,
they are giving out my hand in marriage. My
dear father and my wonderful sister, Tonia.
Literature / Re: Maid Of Honour by anneabidemi(f): 3:45pm On Dec 17, 2014
Abeg na fiction o. Anyone who has done that wouldnt have the gut to put it here. Still, things happen, and pple have worse secrets.
Literature / Maid Of Honour by anneabidemi(f): 5:48pm On Dec 16, 2014
This lady before me is sad, but I dont know
how to console her. She is my friend. We grew
up together in the same neighbourhood and
attended same elementary school. Tola is her
name. My name is Omolara. Her fiance of many
years has just called off their wedding that
should take place next month. I am supposed
to be the maid of honour. Tola does not know
why, but I know the whole truth. Now how do I
explain to her? I cant even let her know I am
involved in any way.
Tola has been my best friend since childhood.
Growing up we were inseparable, until high
school separated us. She attended a Federal
Government Girls' College in Warri since her
mum was from Delta State while I attended a
military high school in Kaduna. We rarely saw
within the year until yuletide but we kept our
friendship tight, even as there were no mobile
phones then. We wrote letters and sent words
to each other.
Leaving high school we gained admission into
different universities. Still we kept in
contact. Gratefully the era of mobile phones
in Nigeria came, though they were quite
expensive but we both were able to afford
them. It bridged the gap between us as we
communicated almost everyday. Tola schooled
in Osun State while I stayed back in Ibadan. UI
was close by and my parents didnt want me
far away from home, not after the bruises
and body pains I brought from my Kaduna
military school. Our semester/session breaks
were rarely same time, so it was quite
difficult seeing if not for phone
During one of my session breaks, Tola invited
me over to her school as they were still in
session. I was eager to go since Ibadan was
boring without her. I got my stuffs together
and left the second day. It was our
penultimate year in the university.
She stayed in one of the private hostels off
campus. She was very happy when she saw me
and didnt hesitate taking me around and
introducing me to all her neighbours. It was a
Friday so we went clubbing in the evening. It
was fun. We got home about 4am the next
morning and didnt wake up until we heard a
knock on the door. It was quite late in the
afternoon. Tola got up and opened the door.
The figure standing at the door made me open
my eyes wide. It was a very handsome young
man. Tola ushered him in amd quickly introduced
me. Though I was groggy I managed to say hi.
I quickly rushed to the bathroom to shower. I
got dressed in the bathroom since it was a
room self contained apartment. I entered the
room to find Tola and Jimi (that is his name)
necking. I knew Tola didnt have to tell me who
he was, I already knew. I just smiled and
looked away, afterall I had a boyfriend in
school too. Tola cooked and we all ate. Jimi
left around 7pm.
The next day was Sunday and I was to leave
in the afternoon. I went to church with Tola
in the morning and got to know Jimi attended
the same church. He came home with us. Tola
was in the kitchen when Jimi opened a video on
his phone and fixed his earpiece. Already we
had started talking very well. Tola was happy
about it because she needed her best friend
and her friend to be close to some reasonable
extent. He fixed a piece in one ear and gave
me the other. I looked at his phone screen to
discover the video was pornographic. I was
shocked and quickly removed the earpiece, but
he held me firmly and before I said jack, he
kissed me hungrily. My mind rejected it but my
body said yes, so I gave in and kissed him
back. Tola was busy in the kitchen and didnt
notice anything. We kissed and fondled and did
all sorts before we noticed Tola was rounding
up, so we stopped. She came out and we ate,
then I gathered my things to leave. Before
Tola came out Jimi dialed his phone number on
my phone and saved it. I saved his too. They
saw me off to the park and I left for Ibadan.
I started having phone conversations with Jimi
after I got to Ibadan. And it wasnt up to two
weeks before I went back to Tola's school.
This time to visit Jimi, and not Tola. She didnt
even know I was around because Jimi prevented
her from coming to his apartment all through
my stay. It was meant to be a fling with Jimi
because I knew it was wrong but I just
couldnt leave the guy. Deep inside me I pitied
Tola because I knew I was the one she
trusted most and there I was sleeping with
her boyfriend.
My affair with Jimi spanned through that year
till I graduated and went for national service.
Still he didnt break up with Tola even though
he had started giving me more attention than
he gave her. Tola didnt notice because she
was the type who trusted so much. At a point
I felt so guilty and suggested we ended the
relationship but Jimi said no and used Tola as
bait, saying the moment I left him he was
going to break up with Tola. Already we were
all working and comfortable. I wasnt in any
other relationship and was ready to end it
with Jimi to free my mind of the guilt and
make myself available for the right man. Still
Jimi threatened to leave Tola if I did, and
already they were engaged. I couldn't bear it
anymore. The wedding day was fixed and I was
to be the maid of honour. One fateful morning
I called Jimi and told him I just couldn't
continue. How could I continue sleeping with my
best friend's fiance. What I knew wouldn't
stop even after they got married. I just had
to end it, which I did. I hung up and dialed
Tola's number to know if she was home. She
was out of Ibadan and said we should see in
two days.
Here I am with my best friend. She is soaked
in tears and can't even speak. She is in shock.
Jimi just called from the UK cancelling their
wedding without reasons. He left the country
yeterday since it was easy for him to check in
and out anytime. He is a British citizen. His
parents and even Tola's folks are all worried
and in the dark. Nobody knows why he did that,
and he is not offering any explanation. I am
the only one who knows what is happening. But
how can I tell anyone without getting stoned
by the whole Ibadan community?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Many Interviews And Tests Did You Attend Before Getting Your Job by anneabidemi(f): 11:03am On Oct 30, 2014


I wrote it in june and had the interview two weeks after.
I never heard from them since then.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Kick Start Your Career In The Media ! Join Proudly Nigerian Network Team by anneabidemi(f): 9:48am On Oct 30, 2014
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Many Interviews And Tests Did You Attend Before Getting Your Job by anneabidemi(f): 9:40am On Oct 30, 2014
jesus!!! Only went thru dis?? OMG!!! May God crown ur effort soon,,btw,,hw did apply to all dis coy??

amen. thanks dearie. it has always been online.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Many Interviews And Tests Did You Attend Before Getting Your Job by anneabidemi(f): 9:39am On Oct 30, 2014

those russel smith people. i wrote their test last two-3 weeks and they said they "will" call us for interview" till today no call. what position did you write for? probably my salary expectation scared them

I applied for people officer. they told me the position was no longer vacant and what they had left was customer service. I was interviewed based on dt and they promised to get back. maybe they ll do dy tomoro sha.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Confirm This:bos/cvs.com by anneabidemi(f): 10:06am On Sep 01, 2014
Please don't bother

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Many Interviews And Tests Did You Attend Before Getting Your Job by anneabidemi(f): 6:14pm On Aug 22, 2014
Dulux paints, i wrote the test and was invited for the interview. Poisemedia, TaxiAd, before i worked with a travels an tours firm, then a microfinance bank before moving to real estate. I had to resign cos i didnt get the kinda satisfaction i needed. Since then, i have written test and/or had interviews with Russelsmith, The Latter House Chambers(Wemimo Ogunde & Co.), Bi-communications(Crime Fighters TV), Healthplus, Lily Homes, Tenstrings Musical Institute, not to mention recruitment agencies (Donquester and HT Limited), yet i have not gotten an offer from any of dem, even though i wasat russelsmith twice an at TLHC three times. I have got three pending, one tomoro and two within next week, La fayette mfb, Switcheroo Nig Ltd, and Uriel properties. I pray i will have a better story to tell next time i drop a comment here, cos its becomin really frustrating.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: BRGC Calling by anneabidemi(f): 8:52am On Jul 24, 2014
stephanos: Any reliable info about dis abbreviation coy,got an sms frm dem for an interview saying four zeros refer me to dem for interview @ no 16 akinremi str anifowose ikeja. Pls guyz any info
forget it!
Literature / Re: Her Dead Body by anneabidemi(f): 11:33pm On Jul 17, 2014
lohontoba ma in o..
TP, victory college .ONDO
haaaaa sweetheart le oooooo
Literature / Re: Her Dead Body by anneabidemi(f): 11:32pm On Jul 17, 2014
Divepen: Na here d tori go stop
yes ooooo
Literature / Re: Her Dead Body by anneabidemi(f): 7:45am On Jul 16, 2014
Yes love
Literature / Re: Her Dead Body by anneabidemi(f): 12:18am On Jul 16, 2014
Aipete2: Am crying here o plz, wont u continue?
Stop crying
Dts the end of d story
Literature / Re: Her Dead Body by anneabidemi(f): 12:17am On Jul 16, 2014
RoyalRoy: Sad story. Not my kind. But m still gonna stick around for the update.

Good twist and turns Anne
Nice write up.
Thanks Roy
Literature / Re: Her Dead Body by anneabidemi(f): 12:16am On Jul 16, 2014
lamps011: bidemi, Leo, kin ti ri ke?
eeeeee, o san o. E si eyi ke?
Literature / Her Dead Body by anneabidemi(f): 8:04pm On Jul 13, 2014

‘I want gala, I want gala’, I screamed.
‘What is it with you and gala’ Sade chided, ‘when you are not a baby’.
‘You people must sha buy me gala, else you won’t rest in this car o’, I stubbornly replied in my Yoruba English.
‘Femi, please just buy one for her and let her keep quiet, this traffic is too much for one silly girl to continue screaming’
I inwardly smiled as Femi called the nearest gala seller, mission accomplished.

Femi and Sade were my colleagues at the Realty firm where I worked. Most evenings Sade and I hitched ride with him to the nearest bus stops to our houses, saving us the cost of spending so much on transportation.

I got my gala, and the journey immediately became a quiet and peaceful one, I even dozed for some minutes on the Third mainland bridge. I opened my sleepy eyes only to find an old man in a Coaster unbranded staff bus beside our car staring at me. As our eyes met, he quickly blinked and looked away. The traffic made the two vehicles move side by side, which made me catch him staring at my yellow laps again (I was rocking a short black dress). After some minutes I called the attention of my colleagues to what was happening. As they looked at him, he smiled and winked at me. Then he brought out a one thousand naira note and his phone, indicating that I should call my number. We laughed and laughed. I wondered how an old man like that could be so mischievous.

Just as we were laughing, Femi got a paper, rolled it up and threw it at him, telling him that was my number he threw. Where he got the strength I couldn’t tell, but as low as our car was, he grabbed the paper like his life depended on it. I saw the disappointment on his face as he discovered it was just a plain sheet of paper.
By now other people in his bus had opened their curtains and were looking with interest. Some laughed as much as we did, some just smiled. The silliness went on till we got to Unilag waterfront and we lost him in the traffic.

I felt it was a funny episode, a good ending to the stressful day, a comic relief for the tensed up office hours. What with the difficult boss we had. Just last week she had called me a fool with a porous brain, Femi was a lazy man and she still wondered why his parents spent so much in training him, Sade was slow. We would never get enough of her insults. Just the other day he had asked a married colleague if he had balls. And I remember the day she told another colleague that she sneezed like a lion. Very funny woman.

I was frantically searching for another job, preferably in another state. What with the Lagos stress and madness. I woke up at 4.30 every morning, left home past 5, and if I got home at 9.30pm it was a very good day. I worked alternate Saturdays too, leaving little or no time for myself. It was just crazy. I so much craved for my freedom.

All these were going on in my head as Femi dropped me at Pen-cinema. I was to take another bus to my Agbado-Ijaiye home, which took another 30 minutes. I secured a seat at the front, and again dozed off after about five minutes. The sharp pain in my stomach woke me up. I had ulcer. I hardly ate. Who would feed well in my kind of situation? My tummy had started protruding without being pregnant, na so so carbohydrate person go dey wack. Rice, yam, eba, gala, bread, madness!

I was still thinking about all these when my phone rang. It was my ex-boyfriend. We attended the same University and dated for six years. He started calling again after we stopped talking for almost two years. I poured out all my anger and frustration and told him I would be the happiest girl on earth if I could secure a civil service job. He pitied me and made me know that for anything, he could never work in Lagos. He already had two Masters degree in different fields and now worked at that same University we both attended. ‘Lucky chap’, I thought to myself. He asked why I didn’t get an apartment close to my office. I told him ‘no way’. Because no landlord in Lagos would let you pay for just one year, and obviously I wasn’t going to live alone for another two years. Won’t I get married? He got the gist and wished me all the best.

Just then I noticed the UBA at my bus stop and shouted ‘U-turn wa o, o wa o, oloshi, shey o ma gbe mi koja bus stop mi ni’, I cursed the bus conductor. He retorted, ‘e boole jare, elejowewe’ (get down please, talkative).
I rained insults on the disrespectful conductor till I got to the side of the road where I would cross the expressway to get to my street. There were many people waiting for the fast moving vehicles on the road to reduce. I stood there, still fuming; I sighted an ‘aboki’ selling ‘suya’at the other side of the road.

Confused about what I would eat that night, I thought buying ‘suya’ to go with nice ‘garri ijebu’ wouldn’t be a bad idea. I was still lost in my thoughts when I saw people cross. I ran after them without thinking, without looking at the truck speeding down the road. Someone yelled behind me ‘Jesus Christ’. That was all I heard as I fell. I felt a sharp pain as my head hit the median that separated the road. I felt warmth on my hair. By then I knew my wig must have removed, exposing my natural dreads that I always covered to work. Traffic had built, people milled around me, I saw flashes of light, must have been cameras. The warmth I felt on my head suddenly became cold. It must have been blood.

People yelled ‘ki loruko e’ (what is her name), ‘check her handbag maybe you will find her id card’, ‘where is her phone’. The voices were so distant. I knew I had already lost the battle. I felt people lifting me. My eyes were tightly shut. My house was just a few metres away. How would they know at home? Who would they call first?

Just then my whole life flashed before me. I saw myself in that white dress, grinning from ear to ear as I received the Holy Communion for the first time. I saw the photo session on my matriculation day in the University. I saw that party we had at the School of Journalism after my postgraduate program, the convocation was to hold the next month.

I remembered my father. Poor Dad. He had called me that morning that there was an important matter to be discussed, and that I should call him when I got home. Of course I promised to call. But now obviously someone else would have to call him. I remembered my fiancé. He had called when I was on my way from Pen-cinema. I had also promised to call when I got home. But of course it wouldn’t be from that home he expected. The call would have to be from another end.

Just as they lifted my bloodied body and put me in the car, I closed my eyes forever, sinking into that freedom I always wanted. I smiled, whispering to myself, ‘freedom at last’.

I knew I wouldn't tell the story myself. My dead body must tell it.

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Romance / Re: Post Taken Down by anneabidemi(f): 9:05am On Jul 12, 2014
xtervaganza: Before I say anything

Pls tell me(us) how old are you

I mean if d dude is 36 u should be 30 or close to 30

And though I pity this ur ex, I think he's big bag of scum

My question: are u sure your new guy is real?

Maybe you should sit your new guy down and bring out Ogun or sango to swear that he will not disappoint you(joking)

Sit your new guy and let him know your ex is ready to marry you

Let him know you're sticking to him because u trust him

Go on your knees, beg/ask him to tell you his intentions and promise to have sex with him no matter the answer he gives.

I am 27. He is 9 years and 2 months older.

Lmao @ogun and sango

I have not considered dt but he was almost tempted to make me swear that I wouldn't leave him,dts the other way round.

It's been so far so good wt him and his family. I have not had any reasons to doubt him. Then he knows I still talk wt my ex and there are times he chats wt him wt my fone and the latter would think it was me.

He told me 'I can't stop u from talking to him as long as nothing happens btw u guys again, all I want is ur heart'

But then u never can trust guys.

All I know is the moment I see anything I wouldn't put up wt for the rest of my life in ds relationship, I am bolting. I don't see myself making the same mistake again.

But then won't someone get married? And ds guys aint loyal.
Romance / Re: Post Taken Down by anneabidemi(f): 8:57am On Jul 12, 2014
sevule: Sweetie are you actually considering taking back your ex? Women would never seize to amaze me. You want to go back to him because he dangled the marriage carrot before your eyes? COME ON!!!!!!!

You now have a decent man who loves you dearly and you want to go back to an ex who cheated to your face more times than you can count? Are you that much in love with PAIN?? And so what if he cries? Have you heard of crocodile tears before? Let me tell you EXACTLY what would happen if you go back to your ex. He would play Mr. Nice Guy for a while and when you guys are eventually married his REAL nature would emerge. Then your next topic on Nairaland would be "My husband gave me an STD"

Some people are masochists(they love pain) and if you are one of such people by all means please go back to your ex! But if you value your happiness and do not want to be treated like a doormat(that is exactly how your ex treated you) then delete your ex from your life.

The CHOICE is yours dear

Marriage? *holds laugh*

That was our plan from the start, and for real I don't see him marrying me this year even if I go back to him, plus, I am not desperate.

But because I always urged him to at least see my parents and just meet them. So he's been hell bent on seeing them ds month.

I just want him to move on and stop crying and stop calling.
Romance / Re: Post Taken Down by anneabidemi(f): 8:49am On Jul 12, 2014
mployer: Go and make a police report on incessant harassment now, and be more security conscious. I see that your ex gething violent anytime soon. That nigga is out to ruin your life, pls don't let it happen.
Hmmmmm, thanks. I might just brace myself up and do dt.

Cos from the way he talks he is bitter and hates the fact that am seeing someone and really hates the guy even without knowing him.

He calls him a spoiler and an opportunist who shd have helped fix my relationship wt him rather than going ahead to date me when we broke up.

He thinks the guy jazzed me or something cos he can't believe me sticking out for him so much in just two months.

This moment he tells me 'I let go', and the next minute he is calling and crying.

He scares the hell outta me.

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