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Programming / AWS Penetration Testing: Tools And Checklist by Ariaa123(f): 5:19pm On Dec 27, 2021
AWS penetration testing is a necessity to protect your cloud infrastructure. The benefits vastly outweigh the cost in the long run. Penetration testing your AWS will help ensure that your data is secure and you also get a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with using AWS. This blog post will break down what you’re allowed to pentest in AWS, some tools that you can use, and a checklist to get started.

Why Should You Perform Penetration Tests on AWS?
How is Penetration Testing on AWS Different from Conventional Penetration Testing?
What Can You Penetration Test in AWS?
Tools for Penetration Testing AWS
AWS Penetration Testing Checklist

Learn from here: https://www.blogthetech.com/aws-penetration-testing-tools-and-checklist/
Health / The 5 Best Workouts For Men- And The Right Way To Do Them by Ariaa123(f): 5:20pm On Jul 23, 2021
Workouts have always been a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. The pandemic too has now shown us the importance of living a healthy lifestyle no matter who we are and what we do. With this goal of healthy living in mind, here are the best 5 indispensable workouts that are deceptively simple but can transform your body for the better! Also, check out our pro tips for the best gym wear for men!

5 best workouts for men

1. Jumping Jacks

Cardio exercises are often looked down upon as they are not targeted at a body muscle group. But their quality of getting one’s blood pumping and increasing oxygen consumption and circulation cannot be denied. Along with the benefits of faster weight loss and making heart muscles stronger, cardio exercises like jumping jacks are an important addition to your workout routine. Workouts like these are made more comfortable only with proper gym wear for men.

How to do it:

1. Stand straight with your feet together and hands on your sides.
2. Make sure that your knees touch each other and your shoulders are relaxed.
3. Jump to a comfortable height while raising your arms above your head, forming a ‘V’ shape.
4. Jump back to your starting position and repeat.


With this workout, we recommend fashion gym wear like the NO EXCUSES Tank Top with a Hoodie by Nebbia! Its comfortable fabric and flexibility are what sets it apart!

2. Plank

They say ‘you do not know how long a minute is until you spend a minute in a plank’. Planks are often touted as the most deceptive exercise as its simplicity is no match for its toughness. It requires a steady core that lets you balance your weight across your limbs for the duration of the blank. Along with the core, your biceps also undergo a rigorous workout in this position.

How to do it:

Get into a push up position. You could rest your bodyweight with your elbows bent at a 90 degree keeping your body weight on your forearms. Or you choose to do a high plank with your palms straight on the floor, and a straight orientation from shoulders to wrists. Ensure your body forms a straight line from your head to feet. Hold on to the position as long as you can. Remember to breathe in and out deeply and engage your core for the best results.


Gym wear sets like the ESSENTIAL Shorts and the “Your potential is endless” Tank Top by Nebbia are great with this workout!. With their moisture-wicking fabric, they make all workouts comfortable and keep you looking fresh!

3. Cross Crunches

This one’s a modification of the usual crunches. Normal crunches are known to target only the ab muscles and can help in toning of the upper ab muscles. Cross crunches combine this aspect with the toning of oblique muscles too, which helps the body be more agile and flexible. Using appropriate gym wear for men is necessary to hold proper form in this workout for men.

How to do it:

Lie flat on your back. Bend your knees with feet flat on the floor. Place both the hands loosely behind your head with elbows bent, making sure that the hands don’t aid your head or neck. Now, bring your right shoulder and elbow across your body towards the left side. At the same time, bring up your left knee towards your left shoulder. Try to touch your knee with your elbow. Go back to the original position and repeat the same with the left elbow and alternate.


We recommend gym wear pants with this workout like the Black 90’s Classic Sweatpants by Nebbia! You will love the soft-to-touch and quality material because they will let you train even harder!

4. Squats

Thigh muscles are the biggest muscles in the human body and are hence the toughest to tone. Squats target these muscles to aid in weight loss while strengthening them. Many squat variations like plie squats also target the calf muscles and enable elongation and stretching of the leg. Exercises for men like these need comfortable gym clothes for good flexibility.

How to do it:

Start with standing straight with your feet hip-width apart. Let your hands be on your waist or raised parallel to the floor, with your shoulders back. Bend at your waist as if you were sitting in a chair, making sure that your knees do not go beyond your toes. Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat.


The Nebbia best workout clothes we recommend with this workout is the White “Red Label” Sweatshirt by Nebbia! A modern yet classic cut and minimalistic design combined with quality material guarantee a perfect fit!

5. Lunges

Lunges are a favorite stretching exercise. When coupled with a jump, it can be a great weight loss workout too. It enables great flexibility in the hip muscles while lengthening the inner thigh muscles. Lunges are known to improve one of your core and thighs, along with the overall body flexibility. Like with most stretching exercises, lunges too require good quality sportswear for men.

How to do it:

Start by standing with arms on your waist or parallel to the floor. Raise one leg and keep it a step ahead of you such that it forms 90 degrees with the floor. At the same time, make sure your other leg forms 90 degrees along the floor as shown in the picture above. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg and alternate.


The best gym wear for men with this workout is the Nebbia fitness clothing of Black Gym Hero Joggers by Nebbia! These joggers have a modern and slightly slim-fit cut that will highlight your leg muscles.


The best of workouts for men are beneficial only when combined with a good, healthy diet. It is also necessary to ensure that while you work hard on your workouts, you keep your body comfortable. Sweating your body out does not have to look like an ugly affair. Fashion gym wear outfits for men at Gulfissimo are changing the game with workout outfits that are practical and yet subtly eye-catching.

Original Source
Travel / Gorillas In Uganda & Rwanda by Ariaa123(f): 4:45pm On Jul 23, 2021
This round trip gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda can be requested individually for you. However, it is also offered as a German-speaking group tour. The unique landscapes of Uganda and Rwanda are waiting for you! A special highlight is a visit to the mountain gorillas - an unforgettable experience in two weeks in Uganda and Rwanda.

Day 1 - Arrival

After your individual journey to Entebbe, you will be greeted at the airport by our tour guide and taken to the nearby guest house.

Day 2 - In Murchison Falls National Park

After breakfast, you drive to northwest Uganda and first visit the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. Endangered rhinos are being reintroduced here as part of a Rhino Fund project.

Then it's on to the beautiful Murchison Falls National Park. You will spend the next two nights in the thatched bungalows at Murchison River Lodge near the banks of the Nile. Driving distance approx. 330 km (F, A)

Day 3 - boat trip on the Nile

In the morning you go on your first game drive. It goes through the diverse landscape of the Murchison Falls National Park. You drive through grasslands and fan palm forest. In the open savannah, you can see elephants, buffalo, Rothschild giraffes, and various species of antelope. Lions, leopards, and hyenas are also native here.

Read here to check which places to visit in Uganda & Rwanda
Business / Why The Business World Needs Transferable Skills Post COVID-19!! by Ariaa123(f): 7:08am On Feb 16, 2021
From essential technical skills for job applicants, the spotlight is on transferable skills in the post-coronavirus era. Companies and employees must sit up and take notice.
The numbers speak… and they speak loud! COVID-19 has displaced many workers across the world, and a survey of displaced workers found the following:

What displaced workers worry about:

• 58% (21.1 million): unsure of how to depict their transferable skills on their resume

• 58% (21.1 million) not confident of finding different jobs where their skills would be useful

• 57% (20.8 million)not confident about identifying their transferable skills

• 56% (20.4 million) on a job hunt in a similar industry even though the industry is significantly cutting back employment

• 34% (12.4 million) good examples of the applicability of their skills to a different job

This is a matter of concern, as transferable skills are important.

74% of UK employers treat transferable skills at par with or above hard technical skills.
Nearly 80% of employers who responded to the 2018 MRI Network Performance Management Study strongly agreed or somewhat agreed that they were more likely to offer jobs to people lacking industry experience but possessing strong transferable skills.
Clearly, to get the right transferable skills on board, you must understand what such skills are and how to find them.

What are transferable skills?

These are skills not particular to a specific job or industry. A candidate carries a transferable skill to every job, industry, or circumstance he or she works in. This could be good teamwork skills, being a good listener, or anything else useful at a workplace. Experience of work on different projects and in different environments is a great source of picking up transferable skills useful everywhere.

Transferable skills are not as simple as they may seem. Time and experience play critical roles when you want to bulk up these skills, and they serve you in good stead at or outside the workplace.

How has the pandemic affected the demand for transferable skills?

Read Here: https://www.topchro.com/article/why-the-business-world-needs-transferable-skills-post-covid-19
Education / Which Are The Top Innovative Education Companies Of 2020? by Ariaa123(f): 6:45am On Sep 17, 2020
The technology evolution has led to innovation in the world of education. With numerous education companies like SV Academy with its tuition-free technology training especially curated for job seekers; Saga Education’s free tutors in public schools that are underserved; and EdNavigator’s educational counseling and planning to do their best to offer low – or no-cost assistance to teachers, students, and parents. This assistance comes in the form of planning, resources, and advice.

Considering the time when student debts have crossed $1.6 trillion with no solution visible, these education companies with the help of technology are trying their best to offer the best possible assistance to not only to students but also to the teachers and parents alike. And now without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the top education companies that have been innovating education through their efforts.

Look into this article that briefly talks about the top education companies
Investment / How Are Private Equity Firms Marketing Themselves? by Ariaa123(f): 6:02am On Sep 17, 2020
Marketing is an important aspect of running a successful private equity firm. Learn strategies and tactics that PE firms can use to market themselves.

Article explains:
1. What is private equity marketing?
2. Who is the target audience?
3. Marketing tactics for venture capital and private equity firms

Visit site for details
Business / Pride Month: How To Celebrate The LGBTQ Community During COVID-19 by Ariaa123(f): 12:39pm On Sep 09, 2020
In the era of social distancing, social media is the ideal platform to loudly reassure LGBTQ individuals and the community regarding the company’s commitment and support to the cause.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots (considered an important event leading to the gay liberation movement) last year, over five million people flocked to New York alone. But this year, the picture is going to look slightly different.

Investment / How COVID-19 Crisis Is Changing The VC Industry? by Ariaa123(f): 2:22pm On Sep 08, 2020
In this period of personal, economic, and business uncertainty, focus has shifted from growth to survival.

The perennial optimism of venture capitalists is put to test by the pandemic, which has prompted many VCs to rethink their strategy, fortify the due diligence, and overcome the dilemma in investment performance.

Let’s understand the changes that are afoot already in the venture capital industry and future predictions as well. Here is a quick primer on how the COVID-19 crisis is changing the venture capital investment strategy.


A few of the pointers for existing and new venture capitalists from the 2008 crisis as said by global leaders (excerpts from SEI ventures study report):

Downturns are quicker, deeper, and may last longer. Run a business while anticipating all downside scenarios.

Control the controllable, i.e., expenses, and have a neutral outlook on new sales until there is a better economic climate change.

Have enough cash to weather the storm. Flexibility is the key.

Save the most likely first. Get prepared to make the hard decision of not investing more time and capital when a company is not worth saving.

Engage with entrepreneurs in many ways other than venture capital like customers and product development.

Test unit economics, leadership, resiliency, and adaptability of the business plan and model.


Read Full Article
Business / How To Find The Ideal Candidate During COVID-19 Crisis??? by Ariaa123(f): 12:20pm On Sep 07, 2020
A record 95% of American employees were forced to adapt to stay-at-home work measures since the virus began its attack early this year. Almost 47 million, since then have filed for unemployment in the US as the virus wreaked havoc during the lockdown months.

Amidst the crisis, healthcare, eCommerce, logistics, technology and telecom were certain sectors that were bursting with activity and witnessed a reverse effect. This sent them on mass hiring sprees at a time when other industries largely took on a more cautionary approach.

Companies like Walmart, Amazon, Ace Hardware, CVS Health, Lowe’s and more went on the hunt to fill in over 604,000 open positions since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted business all over the world.

Hospitals hired retired doctors, nurses or medical students to fill massive staff shortage created by COVID-19. And as more and more people turned to stock up their ‘pandemic pantries’ rather than popping into their neighborhood mom and pop stores, the likes of Walmart, Amazon and Albertson’s heavily recruited to meet the rising demand of home deliveries at their fulfilment centers.

But with the effects of quarantine kicking in, companies are having to rethink their hiring practices by putting an immediate stop to face-to-face interviews and related talent acquisition systems.

Therefore, the question is – ‘how will companies find their ideal candidate when traditional recruitment is out of the question?’

How Coronavirus Has Streamlined The Way Workers Are Recruited?
Technology Market / Digitalization Wave by Ariaa123(f): 7:54am On Sep 05, 2020
Fast-advancing digitalization means the digital economy is upon us. Development and learning must augment workforce skills so they can fulfill their job roles suitably.

“There’s never been a better time to be a worker with special skills or the right education because these people can use technology to create and capture value. However, there’s never been a worse time to be a worker with only ‘ordinary’ skills and abilities to offer, because computers, robots, and other digital technologies are acquiring these skills and abilities at an extraordinary rate.”

That digitalization has had and continues to have an impact on modern business is in no doubt. The aforementioned words from Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, authors of “The Second Machine Age”, capture this perfectly. The onward march of technology in our work and personal lives continues, unstoppable as it is. The automobile racked up 50 million users in 62 years, but the mobile phone game Pokémon Go hit the same mark in just 19 days! There is no doubt that as time passes, our work will involve more machines, not less.

Opinions about the extent of the impact vary. Oxford researchers in 2013 opined a 50% automation rate for all US jobs, while 2017 saw McKinsey suggest the possibility of up to 33% of constituent activities to meet the same fortune, leading to huge changes at the workplace and for all workers therein. Whatever be the number, there is no denying that the imperatives for businesses include comprehending new job roles as well as how digital technology penetration is leading to changes in work. Full Article
Business / What You Should Know About Hiring In The COVID-19 Era? by Ariaa123(f): 9:46am On Aug 27, 2020
Pre-COVID-19 seems almost to be a distant chapter in history now. That was a time when the unemployment rate across the globe was at an all-time low. Recruiters had become very creative in their approach to sourcing talented candidates, leveraging technological tools in their pursuit of being counted among the top employers and staying one up on their competitors in picking up the most talented candidates.

Now, though, life itself has transformed to near-unrecognizable levels. And it is still changing! The future remains uncertain, but unemployment is touching new highs, and there is a strong likelihood of a global recession. The pandemic may take away 300 million jobs across the world, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), and the lockdown is weighing down on 81% of workers across the world i.e. 2.7 billion people. According to the World Economic Outlook, advanced economies may go down by 9%, with the overall global economy possibly falling 3%.

All of this is far worse than the crisis of 2008-2009, so if companies do not adapt to the new reality, they will surely be left behind!

How has hiring been affected?

Read Full Article...
Business / Role Of US Private Equity Firms In Aiding Business Growth by Ariaa123(f): 11:24am On Aug 17, 2020
Private equity investors may not be the biggest contributors to funding for the U.S. startups, but one cannot ignore their contribution in helping build a good percentage of small businesses into giants in their respective industries. Especially, in case of small entrepreneurs looking to scale their business beyond a certain country, or continent.

In every startup’s journey to grow big, and to make a name for itself, there is needed urgent cash at some point or the other. It can be required to purchase a plethora of business-specific inventory, like new equipment, machines, real estate, or other vital necessities to run a company. Because when the consumer demand increases for your product or service, you need more cash to build and manufacture a product in bulk, thus requiring more machinery, and manpower.

And who better than reaching out to the U.S. private equity association, or a wealthy investment professional with deep pockets. Even, amid the pandemic, the cash reserve of the U.S. private equity sector is still intact. In this crisis situation, when private equity jobs are quickly getting depleted because of mass-layoffs, PE is not much affected in the talk about country.

Having said that, the funding from PE can actually save many small firms in the U.S. from going out of the business, and hence, can save a number of private equity careers.

Case Studies That Prove PE Has Backed Business Growth in the U.S.

Cosmetics Company Urban Decay
It was 2009 when Castanea Partners bought the American cosmetic brand Urban Decay. Wende Zomnir, the Chief Creative Officer at Urban Decay, started the journey with Sandy Lerner - Co-founder of Cisco Systems. He later said in a statement that it’s the US private equity firms that understand luxury retail and brands, better than anyone else.
However, the irony was that not all of the cosmetic company’s partners understood the luxury retail that well. Meanwhile, the company located in Newport Beach (California) has had issues with distribution abroad. Urban Decay’s makeup was then sold by three English retailers, with 70% sales coming from Boots. But, the CEO of Urban Decay, Tim Warner, didn’t feel happy with the way drugstore was showcasing the company’s products in the market.

He rethought the partnership and pulled out on its association with Boots. Concentration was rather put on the other two UK retailers, House of Fraser and Department Stores Debenhams.

Private equity investment professionals from Costanera, in their statement, said - “We have already known that it’s a risk, but still, decided to back Urban Decay”. Eventually, the bet paid off, and UUrban Decay was able to expand its business across the UK. Its revenue rose gradually from $42 million in 2008 to $103 million by the year 2011. Castanea, later, sold the cosmetic firm to L’Oreal, thereby earning eight times its original investment.

The Case of Restoration Hardware - A U.S.-Based Home Furnishing Retailer
In the year 2008, Catterton Partners, an American private equity company, made investments into Restoration Hardware, a US-based home-furnishings retailer that was fighting hard to survive in the market amid the intense competition. Restoration happened to be a public company until Catterton Partners made it go private.

The concerned PE firm, in a period of four years, made the number of the retail stores of the home-furnishing company go from 110 to 80. They decided to shut down the stores located in the mall-based, or other smaller selling points. The managing partner of the PE firm, Michael Chu, instead decided to go with ‘gallery stores’ that are bigger in size and area, and are located in multistory spaces. These places were much aspirational and airy, which the customers liked.

Precisive refocusing on the strategy, and shrinkage in the number of stores eventually helped make the revenues go up by two times than it was before. Catterton, later, took the firm back to the public in the year 2012.
Business / The Future Of Recruitment Is Getting Revolutionized By AI by Ariaa123(f): 11:34am On Aug 13, 2020
Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has captured the vision of the public and led to popular acceptance of AI-infused assistants. AI holds the potential to analyze big data and make decisions based on the same. AI technologies have caused disruption in almost every sector. Be it IT or marketing and development, it is trying to create a wave of automation everywhere. It has now created a surge in the recruitment sector by automating new ways of hiring talent. AI– the power to make things bigger and better!

Benefits of AI in Recruitment

Improved quality of candidates

AI can form clear and descriptive job descriptions to explain your expectations and requirements for the candidates. A clear description makes a good hire by attracting suitable candidates who fit the role and eliminates the pool of under-qualified candidates who are not appropriate for the position. It creates a great pool of capable individuals to find the right talent you are looking for. In a simple language, it puts out the right message to reach the right target audience and draws the attention of the right candidates.

Automate tedious manual tasks

While recruiting for a certain position, a recruiter has to face a plethora of challenges. What if we tell you that AI can help you pitch in the candidates at ease? That’s the power of AI. From scheduling interviews to screening candidates, make way for the technology that knows how to handle all the monotonous tasks. Chatbots will be able to automate conversations related to hiring and job. It will simplify the process of recruitment as you don’t have to be on your phones replying to the emails the whole day.

Better experience for candidates

Artificial intelligence will provide an enriched candidate experience. With the use of smart chatbots, they won’t realize that they are talking to intelligent robots. Personalized answers and responses will form an emotional connection with the candidates and they will feel like joining your organization. The whole experience will matter to the candidate and they will be compelled to work with you.

Cost-effective hiring

Hiring a new employee is an expensive process. You have to make sure that you are investing in the right individual. AI in recruitment comes with a good expense as it creates a refined recruiting experience without the need to hire additional recruiters, interviewers, and employees. You will be able to save money on training, reduce turnover, and other expenses involved in the process of hiring a new individual.

Artificial intelligence is the future and it’s time to make things easier with the smart technologies using automation. If you are planning to recruit, make sure to add AI to your recruitment process. We are sure that after reading all the above-mentioned benefits of AI in recruitment, you will become enthusiastic and more determined to embrace automation. You cannot deny the fact that AI integrated software is the best way to provide flexible solutions for various areas of business. Gear up and embrace since the future of recruitment is in the hands of AI.
Career / Do Not Wait ANYMORE!! by Ariaa123(f): 12:17pm On Jun 24, 2020
Big Data Analyst: Job Description, Salary, Skills...

1. Required Education: Bachelor's degree in management information systems, computer science, market research professional with at least an Undergraduate Degree in Business, Management, Marketing, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, or Applied Mathematics from an accredited institution.

2. Required Work Experience: In programming or coding or a related discipline to work as a big data analyst.

3. Required Skills: Technical skills, programming and coding abilities; ability to translate unstructured information into structured information; cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure; SQL; and CRM or Salesforce. BD Analysts should have effective project management abilities and strong interpersonal skills.

4. Must-Have Certification: SBDA Certification Program by www.dasca.org

5. SBDA Examination Prep:

a) Printed SBDA™ Book 1: Essentials of Big Data Analytics

b) Printed SBDA™ Book 2: Advanced Big Data Analytics

c) Printed SBDA™ Lab Workbook: Big Data Analytics Lab

d) E-Lab for practicing Big Data Analysts

e) Online Learning & Preparation Resources

6. Expected Salary Growth: In May 2020, PayScale.com reported an average annual salary of $109k for Big Data Analytics. U.S. BLS estimated a 16% job growth for computer and information research scientists during 2018-2028, i.e., much faster compared to all other occupations.

Its time to get skilled for a Senior position in Big Data Analyst Role. Know below how-

GET A RESOURCE FREE OF COST - https://get-free-brochure.wixsite.com/dasca
Business / Latest Trending Business News by Ariaa123(f): 8:40am On Jun 23, 2020
Pandemic reshapes corporate approaches to remote work!
Target to raise the hourly wage to $15 in the US!
Google sets new diversity goals to address racial issues!
McDonald's plans to recruit 260,000 workers this summer!
Employees report lax in COVID-19 measures as offices reopen!
More news to read from various portals only at TOPCHRO Bulletin
Jobs/Vacancies / How To Get An HR Job During Lockdown? by Ariaa123(f): 12:12pm On Jun 19, 2020
Wondering how you can find a new HR job right now? This may seem impossible given the high levels of unemployment currently. We understand.

In uncertain times like this, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart.
The Brochure on STMP certification discusses the value of Talent Management certification and how it can enhance your resume and skill set in a competitive market.

Download here - It’s free!
Business / How Businesses Like Private Equity Firms Are Faring The COVID-19 Challenge? by Ariaa123(f): 1:15pm On Jun 18, 2020
This is a time of rapid contraction for the PE industry. While General Partners are focused on stabilizing their existing portfolios and zeroing in on the present and future challenges, sellers are keeping their assets intact. Banks are reluctant to offer new loans and underwriters are minutely scrutinizing their fund distributions. Together these withdrawals adding to the market volatility.

But contraction cannot be a far-sighted strategy. PE industry had a sound footing in the past decade. It saw a surge in valuations, transaction volumes, and fundraising.

PE industry leaders are reinventing themselves to address the COVID-19 challenge and to brace for the impending global recession. PE firms can follow their lead this way. Read here how.
Career / How Can You Get A Job In Private Equity In London? by Ariaa123(f): 8:05am On Jun 16, 2020
London is a great choice for carving a private equity career. It will give you life experience that you perhaps won’t get anywhere else. There is a reason the city is called hotbed for private equity investments (think, City of London, Canary Wharf).

You have access to top Bulge Brackets, Elite Boutiques and PE firms, and plentiful opportunities to network.

Importantly, London is more open-minded toward candidates without prior Investment Banking Division or pre-MBA PE experience; something that is rare to find in the USPE industry.

That said, courting a job at a private equity shop in Londonis no walk in the park.

Read about PE Career In London.
Business / Does A Women In Leadership Role Goes Beyond 2020???? by Ariaa123(f): 12:41pm On Jun 04, 2020

Do You Know, Today 44% of companies have 3 or more women in their C-suite, up from 29% of companies in 2015?
Companies with women CEOs and CFOs show superior stock performance.

A report from TOPCHRO takes a stab at the issue by drawing together statistics and reports on Women in Leadership positions from across industries and geographies.

You can Download the Report Now!!
Investment / Why Cfos Are Investing More Time On Strategic Leadership? by Ariaa123(f): 3:24pm On May 27, 2020
Aside from organizational financial planning, CFOs are overseeing cybersecurity, digitization & business development.
#cfo #strategicleadership
Look for this article - https://www.uspec.org/blog/why-cfos-are-investing-more-time-on-strategic-leadership
Career / Worldwide Economy Is Down. Is Still There A Hope In Finance Careers? by Ariaa123(f): 5:43pm On May 20, 2020
I think there is a lot to be done and fixed from where the market has fallen down. Finance professionals will be in demand. Get skilled and grab the best job before the 2020 ends. Go through these certifications - https://medium.com/@chris.gilbertt111/top-5-finance-certifications-to-aid-in-your-private-equity-career-a11b53311199
Career / What Are 2020s Top-most Finance Certifications That Are Best For You? by Ariaa123(f): 4:55pm On May 15, 2020
Are you exhausted now with CFA exams? But do you have an MBA in finance or you are just graduating in finance?
Don't hustle much and keep calm if you have these certifications with you to help in your career.
Check this article right away!
Career / Top 5 Finance Certifications To Aid In Your Private Equity Career by Ariaa123(f): 2:27pm On May 13, 2020
A lucrative career in private equity is every graduate’s dream who takes up finance as ‘majors’. Here are the top 5 certification programs to aid in your quest.

1. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
2. Chartered Private Equity Professional (CPEP)
3. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
4. Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
5. Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Education / Why Take Up Uspec’s Chartered Private Equity Professionals (CPEP™) Program? by Ariaa123(f): 4:12pm On May 07, 2020
Private equity firms are investment management companies acquiring private companies by pooling capital from high-net-worth individuals and investors. Private equity firms manage trillion dollars of capital to buyout trades, purchase stakes, and manage portfolio companies. This attracts many professionals to join and position themselves in private equity. A career in private equity is the most sought-after profession and destination career for finance graduates.

To become a successful private equity professional, it is essential to earning a private equity certification. The United States Private Equity Council (USPEC) has taken the most powerful initiative to establish and propagate standards, norms, knowledge framework, benchmarks and credentials for private equity firms and professionals. It helps them to take enrich their performance to the next level in PE and VC domains.
Get introduced to one of the best private equity certifications provided by USPEC here.

USPEC’s Credential for Private Equity Professionals

The CPEP™ certification program is offered by USPEC (United States Private Equity Council), one of the most popular credentialing bodies in the private equity sector. Founded on the USPEC standards formed by leading private investors, chief investment officers, investment principals, and asset managers, this private equity certification carries a global value.

The CPEP™ program tops-up the professional’s business degree and facilitates a smooth entry into the private equity domain. It validates the professional’s knowledge and capabilities in asset management, investment, and accounting. It enables the candidate to take a neat approach for portfolio strategies, deal design, valuation techniques and approaches, analysis, and decision-making processes critical to the private equity value chain.

The globally-recognized private equity certification program is suitable for candidates holding a Master’s qualification in finance/accounting/financial analysis or any discipline related to investment management, finance, accounting, or capital markets. Candidates working in any of the finance sub-functions with a bachelor’s degree and an active credential by CFA, FRM, or any other global certification as recognized by USPEC can also apply for this program.

CPEP™ program meets the professional expectations of top PE and VC firms. It gives a quick start for candidates to launch their careers in private equity and sharpens the career graph of professionals already working in the private equity industry.

Importance of CPEP™ private equity certification in the global market

To gain an advanced level of competency in the private equity space, earning the best private equity certification like Chartered Private Equity Professional (CPEP™) is important. Let us understand the importance of this specific certification CPEP™ here. These insights might help you to plan your career development.

This professional certification program is designed by following USPEC IFIS™ (Industry-Firmographic Investment Science) standards for excelling in PE practice will help you understand the private equity domain in detail. Called the IFIS™ Body of Knowledge, it establishes the benchmark for skills and knowledge in finance, investment, private equity ensuring success in PE practice.

Figure 1: THE IFIS™ GRID
The IFIS™ grid envelopes 22 themes of critical attention and learning as shown in figure 1. They are grouped into 3 IFIS™ knowledge-spokes that include –
· Industry knowledge
· Firmographic knowledge
· Investment science knowledge

It is convenient for recruiters and professionals as well to acknowledge the knowledge and skills they are looking for in private equity jobs. Being the world’s top private equity certification, it articulates professional knowledge standards and validates the capabilities of the candidates working in/inclined to join PE firms. It enables PE professionals to handle the most complex roles and assignments in the industry.

Moving forward, let us see how to get enrolled for the CPEP™ certification program.

Steps to get enrolled for the CPEP™ certification program

There are six distinct steps toward earning your CPEP™ certification as described here. You may visit here for more detailed information.

1. Check eligibility requirements:
It is mandatory to meet the academic and work experience requirements to get enrolled for the program. Keep this information handy while filling your application form.

You should have a/be:
��MBA/Masters in Finance with a minimum of two years of work experience
��Bachelor’s qualification (with Finance as major) and a minimum of three years of work experience
��Studying in MBA/Masters in Finance programs in USPEC accredited and recognized business schools, universities, and institutions
��Working in any of the finance sub-functions with a bachelor’s degree and an active credential by CFA, FRM or any other global certification as recognized by USPEC

2. Fill the online application:
Create your myUSPEC account to initiate the process. As you submit your application and make a successful payment of the prescribed fee, you will receive an acknowledgment instantly and instructions to proceed further.

3. Get validated:
Your credentials against the prerequisites for the program gets validated.

4. Avail learning resources:
You will receive the learning resources at the address registered with us within three to four weeks.

5. Attend USPEC exam:
There will be a 120-days immersion period for the registrants during which you can build foundations in private equity. Then, you can schedule your exam any time after the 120-days immersion period. You will also be benefitted from 245-days to plan and take the exam.

6. Earning the certification: You will get awarded with the credential and digital badge as you qualify the exam and meet other conditions. You can expect the physical credential pack within 3–4 weeks from the date of the award.

Parting Note:
Private equity is one of the top paid professions in finance. You should renew your qualification by refreshing every three years to stay updated with the latest professional knowledge and practices.

Enroll yourself in a private equity certification program to get ahead in the private equity space.

Source: https://medium.com/@alinaparker11/why-take-up-uspecs-chartered-private-equity-professionals-cpep-program-in-2020-ea3642c39f31

Career / The World Is The Playground For Private Equity Professionals by Ariaa123(f): 8:31am On May 06, 2020
Private equity professionals control the money moguls.

Here’s to demystifying the daily operations of private equity firms and their due diligence process.

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Start-ups are risky pursuits. Most entrepreneurial successes are against-all-odds successes and are almost impossible to predict. Data suggests 9 out of 10 startups fail. For every one startup success like Uber, there are countless fickle failures all over the globe. This risk disposition puts them at odds with banks that are customarily risk-averse institutions restricted by usury laws to limit interests. Banks invest in hard assets. The new IT and disruptive technology businesses don’t need much of them. Moreover, to access the investment banks or public market, a company needs to show sales of around USD 15 million, assets of around USD 10 million and justifiable profit history.

So how does a new-age entrepreneur with little hard assets and skimpy revenue history find funds for her ideas?

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Venture Capital And Private Equity Basics For Aspiring Investment Professionals

Start-ups are risky pursuits. Most entrepreneurial successes are against-all-odds successes and are almost impossible to predict. Data suggests 9 out of 10 startups fail. For every one startup success like Uber, there are countless fickle failures all over the globe. This risk disposition puts them at odds with banks that are customarily risk-averse institutions restricted by usury laws to limit interests. Banks invest in hard assets. The new IT and disruptive technology businesses don’t need much of them. Moreover, to access the investment banks or public market, a company needs to show sales of around USD 15 million, assets of around USD 10 million, and justifiable profit history.

So how does a new-age entrepreneur with little hard assets and skimpy revenue history find funds for her ideas? Here’s where Private Equity investors and Venture Capitalists come into the picture.

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The topmost private equity firms in the US at the moment are facing a big liquidity crunch as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. Renowned private-equity owned firms located on Wall Street are putting pressure on the Trump administration to sanction small business rescue loans to them. Noteworthy is that billions of dollars are preserved each year by the US government as small business rescue loans to save SMEs in the country from finishing off due to liquidity crunch.

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