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Literature / Poem: Phayvour - Letter To Social Media by BaryPresh(m): 8:20am On May 24, 2020
To My love-lorn applications
It wasn't supposed to turn out like this
No doubt, you keep me entertained and educated but I need a break
I wake up and I am replying all my DMs on WhatsApp cos they said I should

I say its just going to be a few minutes but I am still here looking at people’s statuses
1 hour later, I get notified @xyz recently posted on their stories on Instagram and for the next 1 hour, I’m taking screenshots of clothes I won’t sew, hearting people’s posts and commenting on @taooma’s skits

I’m still here and @aprokodoctor just tweeted something and I’m on Twitter streets going through all the tweets and either laughing or going through a thread that’s trending, all the while telling myself there are job opportunities on Twitter
Speaking of job opportunities, I am checking Telegram and LinkedIn like…. Any show?
Oh snap! I forgot Facebook, I am supposed to create and check on my fan base. I’m on that, a message pops up, my departmental group chat comes in and I am back on WhatsApp where I also have an audience and I am checking how many views and reactions I have got on a post I made.

Full poem here - https://www.barypresh.com.ng/2020/05/phayvour-letter-to-social-media.html

Health / Sleep Paralysis: Risk Factors, Causes, Prevention And Treatment by BaryPresh(m): 10:20am On Jan 10, 2019
According to Wikipedia, Sleep Paralysis (SP) is when a person is aware of him or herself but unable to speak or move, during awakening or falling asleep. It may be a single episode or recurrent and generally could last less than a couple of minutes. During an episode, one may hallucinate, i.e. hear, feel or see things that are not there. Sleep paralysis can occur at either of two times; during waking (hypnoponpic or post dormital form) and when falling asleep (hypnagogic or predormital form).


Sleep paralysis (SP) occurs when Rapid Eye Movement (REM) – based atonia (a medical condition where the muscle loses its strength) perseverates into wakefulness. The combination of this atonia and waking nightmares make sleep paralysis a very unpleasant experience.

Not surprisingly, sleep paralysis have been linked to many supernatural or superstitious beliefs. This is so especially in Africa, where Nigerians will attribute it to demonic attack or use the popular phrase “na your village people”.

In this article, I will try to conveniently summarize what is known about sleep paralysis in four subheadings; risk factor, causes, prevention and treatment. However, it is worthy to note that due to several factors, the clinical ramifications of sleep paralysis are relatively unknown and is neither routinely assessed nor treated in clinical practice.

A study by Brian, A. Sharpless and Barber, J.P. in 2011 found that 7.6% of the total population of an aggregated data from 35 empirical studies (N = 36,533 subjects) experienced at least one SP episode over the course of their life. Higher lifetime rates were found in students (28.3%) and psychiatric patients (31.9%) with females experiencing SP slightly more often than males. Prevalence in non-whites was also higher than in whites.

According to the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, there are more than 1.5 million cases per year in Nigeria.


In addition to the demographic factors listed above, other factors include;

1) SLEEP FACTORS: According to a report by Shengli, M. et al in his article “Sleep paralysis in Chinese adolescents; a representative survey”, the presence of poor sleep and/or sleep disruption is associated with SP. Kotorii, et al in 2001 also reported that shift workers are more prone to SP in their report “Questionnaire relating to sleep paralysis”.

2) DIAGNOSTIC & SYMPTOMATIC FACTORS: M.M. Ohayon et al (2000) in his work “sleep disturbances and psychiatric disorders associated with Post traumatic Stress Disorder in the general population” that trauma histories and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are common in those with SP. Anxiety sensitivity, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, death anxiety and social anxiety are symptomatic factors accompanying SP. It is important to note that the causality of these relations is not clearly understood. Thus, it is currently unclear whether PTSD causes SP or if the relationship is mediated by sleep disruptions and hyper vigilance which are common symptoms of PTSD.

3) PERSONALITY FACTORS: Personality factor may also put one at risk. For instance, having higher levels of dissociation, imaginativeness and beliefs in paranormal/supernatural have being linked to SP. This was according to a study by Ramsawh, H.J. et al in 2008 titled “Risk factors for isolated sleep paralysis in an African American sample; a preliminary study”.

Full article here - https://www.barypresh.com.ng/2019/01/sleep-paralysis-risk-factors-causes-prevention-treatment.html

Music/Radio / Dr. Barz Emerges Winner Of The Yung6ix Ina The Benz Competition by BaryPresh(m): 9:54am On Jan 10, 2019
After a week of online polls and thousands of votes, African rapper Dr. Barz emerges as the winner of the Yung6ix's "Ina The Benz" competition. The rapper who made it to the top ten alongside other great artistes like Lozynatty, Aiinem, Niyi, Kaystyle, AceBerg, Dr. Barz, Mawthie, VictonyTheRapper, Eriq and Yungin Presh emerged as winner with the highest votes followed by Mawthie.

As promised, Dr. Barz gets the new iPhone 7 courtesy of Obiwezy, ₦100,000 cash and a feature with Yung6ix while Mawthie gets a brand new iPhone 7. Congratulations Dr. Barz and team.

Read More - https://www.barypresh.com.ng/2019/01/dr-barz-wins-yung6ix-ina-the-benz-competition.html

Celebrities / 5 Reasons Public Figures Should Dress Properly To Events by BaryPresh(m): 7:23am On Dec 30, 2018
In the entertainment industry, especially the Port Harcourt entertainment industry, it has been observed that most public figures barely put in effort to look exceptional to events. This has been one of the major challenges and could be one of the reasons the entertainers themselves have not being readily featured in billboard banners, front pages of top magazines or even online ads for most product brands in the city.

This issue was further highlighted when RnB singer, Legendary Suni through his Twitter page called on his colleagues in the industry based in Port Harcourt to dress better come 2019, as it is a vital part of the brand.

One wish only! "OUR LOOKS" a vital part of the brand also, 2019 lets dress better please, Dedicated to my colleagues in PH ...@tutuofPH @Patterson__jojo @kobo_medlyn @Princessonums @gistalways @Kobabaunlimited @The22_0spot @Snazzylabels @ceentyarh

— Legendary Suni (@LegendarySuni) December 25, 2018

In this article, I will highlight the importance of really dressing up to an event as a public figure and looking really outstanding. Here are five reasons why.

1. As a celebrity or a public figure, you need very strong visuals.

While on stage, a little bit above the crowd, you need to use the lights, your image, fashion sense and stage craft to appeal to your audience. Using special outfits or dressing up makes you stand out from everyone else.

2. Being on stage is special!

Even if you grace several stages frequently, you should always feel lucky to have an audience willing to listen to you, especially if they paid to do so. Dressing up specially for an event shows you have regards for your audience.

3. Going to an event or functions well dressed will give your fans or audience a good impression about you.

What you wear expresses you beliefs and tells a lot about who you are. If your audience or fans see that you don’t pay special attention to the art of fashion; they might as well assume you don’t spend as much time on your craft either, be it music, comedy or anything else.

4. It helps you sell your ‘market’.

It is very amateur and unprofessional to think or believe that dressing up on stage or to an event is only about you as a public figure. When you are on stage or at a public gathering, you are like a salesman offering a product (your music, comedy, etc). Your audience needs to see genuine effort and showmanship. Whether it is a pair of jean and T-Shirt, Leather and Chain or a Tuxedo, show them you are there to entertain them. If this does not appeal to you in any way, you might need to stay back in the studio.

5. People first listen with their eyes.

In today’s society, people mostly process information through visual channels. It is only a shallow individual that won’t judge you from your appearance. How you dress goes a long way in determining how people perceive you and your art. Like Marilyn Mondejer rightly said, “Your image is like the weather. People will notice when it is extremely good or extremely bad”. Dressing well to public functions at all time could even get you an endorsement deal (that is, when it is backed up by pure talent, consistency and hard work) or even invites to really classy gigs. Think about it!

Even as these five points above give reasons why public figures should dress better, there are two issued that were raised during my little research and discussion with a few.

1. Some argue dressing up specially for an event distracts from the music or performance that surround the pure sound. They claim it distracts the audience and even the performer. They also claim all that is needed or required of an entertainer is a special talent (good voice for artistes, funny new jokes for comedian, e.t.c) and a good stage presence.

2. Others argue they will rather be comfortable in what they are wearing than look “cool”. That is, they would rather they dress a little better than they will at home. This will help them be comfortable and will help them in their performance.

Personally, I think dressing up specially for events can never be a distraction to neither you nor your audience. Looking good can never be uncomfortable, you can dress really well, be comfortable in what you are wearing and still be yourself. It is just a matter of having a good designer and stylist.

These are just my thoughts. What are your thoughts? Let’s hear you.

Source: https://www.barypresh.com.ng/2018/12/5-reasons-why-public-figures-should-always-be-well-dressed-to-events.html

Health / Autism Spectrum Disorder: 100 Thousand Cases Per Year In Nigeria. Get The Facts by BaryPresh(m): 3:50pm On Jul 18, 2018
Do you know you that there are over a 100 thousand cases of autism yearly in Nigeria? - College of Medicine, University Of Ibadan.

In this new article, I discussed about ASD under 5 short subheadings;
1. Introduction
2. Cause
3. Symptom
4. Diagnosis
5. Treatment and Cure

What is ASD?

Autism which is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. It is a bio-neurological developmental disability that appears before the age of 3 in children. It affects the normal development of the brain in the areas of social interaction, communication skills and cognitive function. http://www.barypresh.com.ng/2018/07/autism-spectrum-disorder.html

What causes ASD?

Years ago, the answer to this question would be "We have no idea what". But as a result of research work, there are now new discoveries on the causes of autism. The first major thing about the discovery on the cause of autism is that there is no single cause of autism. [url]Read more... http://www.barypresh.com.ng/2018/07/autism-spectrum-disorder.html[/url]

Symptoms of ASD

Some common symptoms of autism include;
1. Difficulty with communication.
2. Difficulty with social interaction.
3. Obsessive interests.
4. Repetitive interests.
5. Behavioural abnormalities such as inappropriate social interaction, poor eye contact, compulsive behaviour, impulsivity, repetitive movements, self-harm or persistent repetition of words. http://www.barypresh.com.ng/2018/07/autism-spectrum-disorder.html

Full article on my blog here - http://www.barypresh.com.ng/2018/07/autism-spectrum-disorder.html

Health / Gastroesophaegal Reflux Disease (GERD): Diagnosis And Treatment by BaryPresh(m): 8:58pm On Apr 09, 2018

Gastroesophaegal Reflux Disease (GERD): Causes, Risk Factors and Symptoms - https://www.barypresh.com.ng/2017/09/acid-reflux-disease-causes-symptoms.html?m=1

A follow up article that covers the diagnosis and treatment of GERD have been published.
It covers this topic under the following subheadings

1. Diagnosis
1.1 Esophaegeal Monometry
1.2. X-ray of your upper digestive system
1.3 Upper endoscopy
1.4 pH monitoring

2. Treatment
2.1 Home Remedies
2.2 Over the counter drugs
2.3 Prescription drugs
2.3 Surgery

Read link: https://www.barypresh.com.ng/2018/04/gerd-acid-reflux-disease-diagnois-treatment.html?m=1

Education / Nigerian Professor Seeks For Help From Students After 5 Months Of Suspension by BaryPresh(m): 12:56am On Feb 02, 2018
A professor of Psychology in the University of Port Harcourt and one time dean of Students' affairs have taken to social media to solicit for help to enable him survive.

Professor Andrew Efemini who is known for his active roles in students' affairs was suspended for allegedly instigating protests in the University of Port Harcourt when a rather unusual policy of "No School Fee, No Exam" was passed last year.

He took to his Facebook and a popular students' forum (Uniport Students' Forum (USF)) on Facebook to request for Students' help and have been receiving numerous reactions. See photo and quote below;

Having survived five months as against the statutory three months of suspension, I am left with no option but to inform the public that I now need financial support to continue to survive.

I have informed the university in writing that as a diabetic and hypertensive patient, my life is threatened by the cut of my salary as a result of my suspension from duty due to allegations over students related agitations over fee policies of the university of Port Harcourt.

I have contemplated suicide severally with a suicide message for the Nigerian people on how a Professor or anybody at that should not be treated. I hope the university of Port Harcourt will take note of this paragraph.

I see people who are supposed to be my friends pass me everyday unconcerned about how I survive. May be that is human nature.

Not even the Union ASUU has shown concern about my life threatening conditions. The Union where I was branch chairman for five years. Strange things happen.

Please, concerned Nigerians should come to my aid. I need at least N50,000 each month to buy my insulin alone. I also buy other drugs. I have a family to also run.

Please don't ignore this post. It is my last effort to stay alive. People who think that speaking for students is a crime must be put to shame.

My account details:
Andrew Efemini

THANKS TO YOU ALL. Students mobilize to support my survival. No amount is too small."


Health / Top Reasons Not To Let Strangers Kiss Your Baby by BaryPresh(m): 3:09am On Oct 05, 2017
Babies are precious little things, little wonder they get so much love from almost everybody that comes their way. From their cute faces to their tiny features, you would have have children and even adults wanting to hold, kiss and cuddle them.

Despite this, a quick little kiss on a baby's face or lip can cause an infection that will pose serious health issues. This might lead to death in extreme cases.

In this article, I'll be sharing the adverse health implications of this act that looks very innocent and harmless - letting strangers or even siblings kiss babies on their lips and face.

1) Herpes Simplex Virus: This virus is very contagious and is spread by direct contact. HSV is found in basically two parts of the body; the mouth (HSV-1) and genitals (HSV-2). It causes cold sore and fever blisters around the mouth and face. Children have a higher chance of contracting this virus on contact that adults.

2) Respiratory Diseases: Respiratory Syncitial Disease is a respiratory disease that causes contraction in the airway of babies.
Owing to the fact that their lungs are small because of their tiny body, it causes inflammation in their respiratory system (Bronchiolitis). It could lead to pneumonia and could be very fatal in babies.
For this reason, it is advised to keep babies away from very large crowds.

3) Weakened immune system; For the first few months of existence of babies, their immune system is pretty much non existent and can be compromised.
For this reason, any adult who wishes to come in contact with a baby should wash their hands first. Even with a mild sign of an illness, they should avoid contact with or visiting new born babies.
With these two precautions in place, new born babies could be considered safe. But in a case where both measures are reached and an adult gives the baby a harmless kiss, he or she is still spreading the germs that was trying to be prevented by having his or her hands washed.

4) Stomach viruses: There is nothing more pitiful than watching your baby suffer from a stomach virus. A single kiss from an adult can put your baby in harm's way and have your baby throw up frequently and suffer from diarrhoea.
This could be very dangerous as vomiting can dehydrate a baby as he or she will lose so many bodily fluids.

Read full article on my blog here - http://www.barypresh.com.ng/2017/10/top-reasons-not-let-strangers-kiss-baby.html

Health / Acid Reflux Disease (GERD) by BaryPresh(m): 3:01am On Oct 05, 2017
Acid reflux is a condition marked by increased acidity of the digestive tract especially affecting the oesophagus. This causes a digestive disorder called Acid Reflux Disease.

This is how it happens. There is a small valve just at the entrance of your stomach. It is called the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES). It is a ring of muscles that closes normally as food passes through it.

Source: Mayo Clinic Foundation

If the LES doesn't close all the way down or opens too much, acids produced by your stomach to digest food can move up to your oesophagus. This movement of acid to the oesophagus can cause a burning chest pain called "Heart Burn". If it happens more than twice a week, then you have the Reflux Acid Disease medically known as Gastroesophegeal Reflux Disease (GERD).


A very common cause of acid reflux disease is a stomach abnormality called Hiatal Hernia.

Hiatal Hernia is a digestive disorder where some part of the stomach bulges out of the hiatal opening and is found above the diaphragm. It is more common with pregnant women, obese people and people above 50 years.

Normally, the diaphragm helps keep acids inside our stomach but in a case of Hiatal Hernia, acid can move up to the oesophagus causing heart burn.

Some Common Risk Factors For Acid Reflux Disease includes;

1. Eating large meals or lying down right after a meal.
2. Being overweight or obese.
3. Eating a heavy meal and lying on your back or bending over at the waist.
4. Snacking close to bedtime.
5. Eating certain foods, such as citrus, tomato, chocolate, mint, garlic, onions, or spicy or fatty foods.
6. Drinking certain beverages, such as alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee, or tea.
7. Smoking.
8. Being pregnant.
9. Taking aspirin, ibuprofen, certain muscle relaxers, or blood pressure medications.

Read full article on my blog - http://www.barypresh.com.ng/2017/09/acid-reflux-disease-causes-symptoms.html
Health / Hand Washing: Why, When And How? by BaryPresh(m): 10:55am On Aug 26, 2017
Keeping our hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to people around us. Hand washing is an improved hygiene habit we all should learn and cultivate to lead a healthy life.

The spread of many diseases can be reduced by simple hand washing habit. In this article, I will discuss why, how and when we should wash our hands.


We should wash our hands for so many reasons. Most importantly, we should wash our hands to stay healthy and prevent the spread of diseases (food borne diseases).

Germs can be spread by contact. Studies show that a gram of faeces contains about 1 trillion germs that causes disease. Handling raw meat can also contaminate one's hand because it may contain small amount of invisible animal faeces.

Most people frequently put their hands in their nose, eye and mouth and germs can be passed into the body through these openings.

When people handle food or drinks with unwashed hands, there is a 95% chance of transferring these germs to the food before they are consumed and most germs grow in these foods under certain conditions (temperature).

Germs can be transferred to other surfaces such as hand rails, children toys, etc. Washing of hands is advisable to prevent spreading germ to people unknowingly. This is why it is advised not to use hand rails at public places especially when you do not know how sanitized they are.

Washing of hands also prevent diseases such as dysentry, respiratory diseases and infection of eye, nose, mouth, skin or ear.

Full article on my blog - http://www.barypresh.com.ng/2017/08/hand-washing-why-we-should-practice-it.html

Health / Teen Depression: Causes, Symptoms And Role Of Parents In Detecting And Treating by BaryPresh(m): 9:38am On Jun 18, 2017
Teen Depression - Bary Presh's Blog

Teen Depression is the primary cause of illness and disability for both boys and girls aged 10-19 years - World Health Organisation.

"Whenever I'm depressed, I feel less worthy, unlovable and suicidal. I don't feel happy about anything or anyone, not even the things I love to do".

This is a usual saying by patients of teen depression. According to statistics, girls between the range of ages 12-20 are twice as depressed as boys in same age bracket. So today, we shall hence be looking at the causes and possible solutions of teen depression.

Teen Depression - Bary Presh's Blog


The exact cause of depression is unclear and may involve a combination of factors. Depression results from a complex of many factors including social, psychological and biological factors - W.H.O.

Teen Depression - Bary Presh's Blog

Depression often run in families. This means genetics can play a role, as an individual whose blood relative suffer from depression stands a higher risk. Biologically, neurotransmitters helps carry signals in the brain. A malfunctioning or impairment of these neurotransmitters could therefore lead to depression.

In addition, cardiovascular disease and changing hormone levels as well as substance abuse may intensify depression. Note that some street drugs can affect a person’s mood.

Teen Depression - Bary Presh's Blog

You may also read: Psychoactive drugs

Another cause of depression is stress. While a little stress can be healthy, excessive stress can nevertheless be physically and psychologically harmful. Being overly stressed can plunge a biologically vulnerable and susceptible teen into depression.

Stress-related factors linked to teen depression may include death of a loved one, divorce or separation of one’s parents​. Teen depression can also be brought by physical and sexual abuse, a serious accident, illness and learning disability. When a teen feels unloved or rejected by the very people he or she expects enough love from, it can cause psychological problems thereby leading to depression.

A very common scenario is that of a student whose parents set unrealistic, high expectations in his/her academic achievement and the child continually fails to reach the target. Bullying, uncertainty about the future, emotional estrangement by a depressed parent are other contributors to teen depression. Parental unpredictability, loneliness, consistent failure can however lead to a depressed mood.

Read full article on my blog: [url] http://www.barypresh.com.ng/2017/06/teen-depression-causes-solutions.html?m=1[/url]
Romance / 10 Things Nigerian Ladies Do After Breakup by BaryPresh(m): 12:02pm On Jun 06, 2016
Sufficiently after studies and research, I am submissively glad to compose that this what

Ladies Do After Break-Up. This article is to give a little understanding on the adorable and clever things Nigerian women do after separation.

1. DELETE HIS NUMBER: This is dependably the first and main move. When the person makes them extremely upset, the following thing is to erase his number. Yet, you know what's irritating about this? It doesn't change anything on the grounds that despite everything they have the ex's phone number offhand. Ask them in five years, regardless they recall!

2. THEY BECOME RELATIONSHIP EXPERTS: I know a great many people can identify with this. They all have that companion who had a terrible separation and next thing, she supposes she has a BSc in dating. Connections and relationships turn into her most loved subject. She all of a sudden needs to give relationship exhortation at the smallest chance, regardless of the fact that hers did not work. She knows how not to date a person.

3. END BORN AGAIN: When a person whom they adored so much breaks their hearts, next thing is church. They overlooked God was their friend before the separation, however when the separation happens, they have the front column in chapel, their voices would be the loudest amid administration and would go to chapel 10 times each day on the off chance that they need to. A few Muslims even begin wearing hijab. Be that as it may, when they discover love once more, it's starting over from the beginning. Express gratitude toward God our God is a Merciful One!

4. TEAM SINGLE AND LOVING IT: Ladies dependably have a feeling of strengthening after an awful separation. You begin to see things like,‪#‎teamsingleandlovingit‬, ‪#‎teamsingleforever‬ and so forth despite the fact that they are kicking the bucket inside. They all of a sudden have our little NGOs and get to be susceptible to men. I feel sorry for a few toasters amid this period since they will smell pepper!

5. PIGGING OUT AND DRINKING: It's after a separation that they recollect that food is their closest companion. They would purchase the enormous dish of dessert and the greatest dish of KFC chicken, or even purchase a container of liquor and simply toast trance. The reality of the situation is, it doesn't improve the way they feel yet they do it at any rate!

Full post here: http://www.feelphc.com/2016/06/10-things-nigerian-ladies-do-after-breakup.html

Celebrities / "School Is Not For Everyone" - Brymo by BaryPresh(m): 10:55am On Jun 06, 2016
Singer, Brymo, has caused a major uproar on twitter following his response to a fan who asked for his help. Earlier today, a fan had asked Brymo for assistance in paying in his fees and the ‘Dem Dey Go’ crooner, replied that its best for the fan to drop out as education isn’t for everyone. The former Chocloate City act, further added that he dropped out of school as well, which ended up having positive impact in his life as he is today one of the finest musicians in the country. With some fans agreeing with his ideology, others took time to blast him severely.

See tweets here: http://www.feelphc.com/2016/06/school-is-not-for-everyone-brymo.html

Music/Radio / VIDEO: Banky W X Stonebwoy X Shaydee – Mi Re Do (cocoloso) by BaryPresh(m): 12:44pm On Jun 04, 2016
Empire Mates Entertainment is proud to present the video for "Mi Re Do (Cocoloso)", performed by Banky W, Stonebwoy and Shaydee. The video was shot in Lagos, Nigeria and Written, Produced and Directed by Banky W himself, for PSA Multimedia. It features a host of celebrity cameos, including Artists and Models like Niyola, DJ XClusive, Joe Ciroc, King Nnadi, Skibii, Precious John, Queen Celestine and many more, as well as a hilarious comedy relief appearance by Emma OhMyGod . The song was produced by Masterkraft. We hope you enjoy watching this banger as much as we enjoyed filming it.

Download below

Music/Radio / Amazine DJ Nestle - Naija Party Mixtape Vol. 1 by BaryPresh(m): 11:41am On Jun 04, 2016
Amazine Dj Nestle come hard this time as he serve us a double threats mixtape titled NAIJA PARTY MIX vol.1 (Audio & Video)

Make sure you don’t enjoy this alone.

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat: @AmazineDjNestle


Intro - @AmazineDjNestle

If I Start to talk - Tiwa Savage ft Dr Sid

Double your Hustle - Orezi

Wetin Dey - Rayce

Wait - Solid Star ft Davido

She Like - Dj Consequence ft kETCHUP

Raba - Dj Shabsy ft Kiss Daniel & Sugar Boi

Romantic - Korede Bello ft Tiwa Savage

Baba Nla - Wizkid

Omo Alhaji - Ycee

Who You EPP - Olamide ft Wande Coal & Phyno

I want You - Skales

Oluwa Ni - Reekardo Banks

Pick Up - Adekunle Gold

Osinachi - Humble Smith

Emergency - Dbanj

Where - Tekno

Soweto Baby - Wizkid

Hola Hola - Sugar Boi

Mama - Kiss Daniel

Finally - Dj Baddo ft Skales

Mungo Park - Korede Bello

Soke - Niniola

Collectti - Olalakeside

Excuse My French - Olu Maintain

Ijo Eko - Legely

Kilogram - Shady XL

Nawo e Soke - CDQ Ft Wizkid

Baby Paulina - Ketchup

Bembe - TKAY

Abule Sowo - Olamide

Cause Trouble - Lil Kesh

Outro - @AmazineDjNestle




Celebrities / New Video By Reminisce - "Owo Re" by BaryPresh(m): 11:07am On Jun 04, 2016
Watch the new video by Ibile Reminisce below.

Music/Radio / Knowledge X P.I Piego Ft Kayswitch - "Buruku" by BaryPresh(m): 5:20pm On Oct 01, 2015
After signing a distribution deal with GRAFTON RECORDS the label that "Mr 2Kay" is under , your favorite Port Harcourt Boys Knowledge & Pi Piego links up with "Kayswitch" to serve us a club banger titled "Buruku"
This is the second single off their "LONG LIVE AJEBOHUSTLERSGANG" mixtape slated for release later this year. Every Dj Must have this song on their playlist in weeks, Download it below , enjoy and share.

Remember you got it here first!


Phones / How To Use Bb Plan To Browse On Android Using Simpleserver by BaryPresh(m): 10:00am On Oct 22, 2014
Ok, many people on here usually say I don't post things here but links to my blog. That's because most of the posts are just too lengthy to be posted here but this time, I'll do a lil something here.


Wow! It has been a season of jolly freebies from all the networks in Nigeria. First, was the GLO 3GB for just N1000, now now MTN has followed. Browsing the internet in Nigeria at cheaper rates can only get better.

What You Need To Get Started

1) Your Android phone
2) SimpleServer App. Download here if you don't have it already

Now, let's begin with the settings.
How To configure

Open the already download SimpleServer app and configure this way:

Proxy host:
Proxy port: 8080
Injection method: get
Injection query/url: http://web.blackberry.com
Injection host: web.blackberry.com
Injection line press your keyboard enter key 4 times
log level: debug
close and hit the connect button
Subscribe To MTN BB Plan

To Subscribe to MTN BBCDAY Text bbcday to 21600 or Dial *216*1*1#, costs #100 (Recommended for first try)

To Subscribe to MTN BBC Weekly plan Text bbcweek to 21600 or Dial *216*1*2#, costs #500.

To Subscribe to MTN BBC Monthly plan Text bbc to 21600 or Dial *216*1*3#, costs #1,000.

We're good now, Enjoy!

N/B: Subscribe for the #100 plan first to avoid any issues.

This works perfectly on PC too but I'll drop that only on request. Now try and drop your comments.
wink http://www.feelphc.com/2014/10/tutorial-mtn-bis-plan-working-on.html

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Literature / Fictional Story - Broken By Dharmie Lisa (@dharmielisa) by BaryPresh(m): 1:07pm On Oct 20, 2014
It was a busy week for me and yeah a lucky one too. I
had three jobs in a row and they were all on the island,
a chance to make some extra cash. But then I
remembered the stress of leaving home as early as 5am
each day and getting back so late at night, coupled with
the holdup and all. The best thing I could think of is to
ping him, he lives close to the island and it makes it all
easy and cheaper for me. And since we were still very
good friends even after our breakup, he readily accepted
and asked me to come over and stay as long as I want
to; I was happy, one less thing to worry about I
I packed my bags, kissed my mum goodbye and told her
I will be back on Sunday after the whole job. She was
happy for me, said some prayers and bade me farewell.
A lot has changed in his apartment from the last time I
was there two years ago, but I settled in quite easily
like it was my second home. As the day passed slowly,
all was so boring and dull and I prayed for the night to
come. The night came and I embraced it with gladness,
took a quick shower, changed into my shorts and spag
as I lay quietly on d bed hoping to doze off before he
returns from his outing with the boys. He came in a
few minutes to mid night and came to join me in bed as
I quietly prayed he doesn't try anything funny and
pretended I was fast asleep. But he tapped me and asked
that we speak, and started all of the 'I miss and love
you' tales. I knew there was no truth in all of his
words, the smell of the alcohol was so disgusting and I
wished I could shut him up. And then came the most
dreadful moment of my life, where he started touching
me and all I could do was beg him to stop and swear
that I do not want to be touched. But now, I marvel at
my stupidity and mistakes. This was a guy that
assaulted and abused me three different times while we
were dating in school just because I refused to have sex
with the excuse that I wasn't in the mood. Despite the
fact that we do it almost everytime we were together,
he didn't pardon me those few times. And here I am
again in his house tonight hoping I can say or do
anything to make him stop.
But like the animal he is, he held me down, pulled off
my short and pant and went deep inside of me even
without a condom to protect himself. He went so deep
that I felt him right in my walls and the pain was the
greatest I have ever felt in my life, I cried, sobbed,
mourned and begged that he let me go but he cried too,
held me down and begged that we enjoyed it together
like the old times we shared. He went on, and unlike
any other guy I have met, he is the marathon type, he
can go for fourty five minutes and still not c*m. The
horror lasted for so long and I lost track of time, but I
was sure it lasted more than 40 mins and it was the
longest fourty minutes of my life. He rolled me all over
his bed and tried all of the styles he knew, he is one
hell of an experienced assaulter cause I never got a
chance to slip out all through the changing of style
It got to a point, I stoped fighting and I started asking
God why I have to go through such experiences in life. I
am not slutty, I have never cheated on my boyfriend, I
have never dated a married man, I am a definition of a
good girl and yet I get to suffer such fate. When he
finally ejaculated on my body cause he did the
withdrawal method, I layed quietly on the bed and cried
myself out. He pulled me closer and told me he was
sorry that he couldn't help it cause he misses me badly,
I struggled to get out of bed, went into the shower,
washed up amd went to sleep.
I sat down in front of the mirror the next morning to
do my makeup and look good for the day's job, I applied
as much powder and blush as possible. But then, when
I looked at myself I realized no amount of powder and
makeup can conceal the pain of a BROKEN woman, its
always there deep in her eyes.

Credit: Dharmie Lisa - Author

Link to blog: http://www.feelphc.com/2014/10/article-broken-fictional-writing.html?m=1

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Phones / Re: How To Get 3gb Worth Of Data For Just N1000 For Android Phones by BaryPresh(m): 11:29pm On Oct 08, 2014

For a week now or thereabout

My third month now bro
Phones / Re: How To Get 3gb Worth Of Data For Just N1000 For Android Phones by BaryPresh(m): 9:13pm On Oct 08, 2014
I'm actually rocking this smiley

Cool bro. for how long now??
Phones / Re: How To Get 3gb Worth Of Data For Just N1000 For Android Phones by BaryPresh(m): 9:13pm On Oct 08, 2014
can i change d imei of tecno q1?

I think so.
Phones / Re: How To Get 3gb Worth Of Data For Just N1000 For Android Phones by BaryPresh(m): 9:12pm On Oct 08, 2014
can it work on tecno m3

Yes, it will bro
Phones / Re: How To Get 3gb Worth Of Data For Just N1000 For Android Phones by BaryPresh(m): 10:36am On Oct 08, 2014
NO Problem bro wink
Den our mb cannot go to ur site
Phones / Re: How To Get 3gb Worth Of Data For Just N1000 For Android Phones by BaryPresh(m): 10:35am On Oct 08, 2014
What can 300MB do for you in a month?? I'm talking 3GB of data here

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Phones / How To Get 3gb Worth Of Data For Just N1000 For Android Phones by BaryPresh(m): 11:08pm On Oct 07, 2014
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Music Business / Re: Upcoming Artistes Free Promotion Till Next Year February by BaryPresh(m): 11:40pm On Sep 25, 2014
Ajebo Hustlers Gang premieres the first official single of it's artiste Pi Piego. As we all know, Pi Piego is the hook on the hook of Knowledge's "Tombo Music" and "bole and fish " which have been getting loads of airplay on major radio stations within and outside the state.
Pi Piego takes us off the regular party kinda jam and tells us some real stories as it affect his immediate society and Nigeria at large. Download and drop your comments.
Download Audio » http://www.feelphc.com/2014/09/music-pi-piego-pipiego-mr-preacher.html?m=1

Music Business / Upcoming Artistes Free Promotion Till Next Year February by BaryPresh(m): 11:39pm On Sep 25, 2014
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Celebrities / Davido Commits Grammatical Blunder On Instagram. [must See] by BaryPresh(m): 12:57pm On Sep 20, 2014
GOBE: DAVIDO "GBAGAUNS" ON INSTAGRAM. SEE GRAMMAR!! He was trying to make fun of MC Galaxy and he typed a rather disturbing sentence. See Photo » http://www.feelphc.com/2014/09/photo-gobe-davido-gbagauns-on-instagram.html?m=1
Celebrities / Peter Of P Square Calls Paul Lazy | Full Gist by BaryPresh(m): 2:38pm On Sep 11, 2014
One of the Okoye duo, P-Square’s Peter Okoye,
has revealed the real reason why his twin brother, Paul, has been evading dance sequences in the group.
Pulse NG made it known that Peter Okoye has explained that his brother is a very lazy person. This revelation was made by Peter when the two music icons visited the Beat 99.9FM during their 5th anniversary celebration. He said that Paul’s laziness is the reason why great dance steps are missing in the group. Read more here » http://www.feelphc.com/2014/09/news-peter-of-p-square-calls-his.html?m=1
Celebrities / Soulja Boy Busted For Wearing Fake Designers Wrist Watch by BaryPresh(m): 7:00pm On Sep 08, 2014
PHOTO: Soulja boy is at it again. This time he isn't stunting with fake money, he takes it to a whole new level. Posing with a fake Breitling Super Avenger wrist on social media. See photos of the fake and Original wrist watches here

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