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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dear 2017 Beneficiaries, If You Know You Already Have A Job, Resign NOW. by Barzinime(m): 8:01pm On Aug 13

Okay,we have seen u
Who the hell are you?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dear 2017 Beneficiaries, If You Know You Already Have A Job, Resign NOW. by Barzinime(m): 6:49pm On Aug 13

And u think u are wise ? Continue

I am not claiming wise but it just amazes me when I see some comments by NLders
Romance / Re: What Do You Think Of My Childhood? I Am 24, Can You Advise Me - Thanks. by Barzinime(m): 11:24am On Aug 13
shocked shocked
You are indeed Lucifer grin


The advice you seek is best gotten from an expert.

I recommend pocohantas, Nairaland's Adviser-in-Chief for the past 5 years. There's no relationship/marital issue she doesn't know about even though she is unmarried. Many married men & women have testified to her efficiency. She possesses the innate ability to put herself in your shoes and immediately know everything you have gone through from Day 1 (even the details you leave out).

She is all-knowing.

Send her a PM.
Politics / Re: FG Removes VAT From Cooking Gas. Price To Crash by Barzinime(m): 10:42am On Aug 13
So despite flaring gas steadily we still import d same gas into dis country?? D zombie above is a raging madt man, pls ignore him
I know you have little knowledge about the oil & gas sector therefore i wont say much.
Cos sometimes ignorance is bliss
Crime / Re: Lady Beheaded In Owerri, Her Breast Cut Off, Dumped On The Road (Graphic Photos) by Barzinime(m): 10:33am On Aug 13
But people keep doing it.
Be forming sophisticated & keep saying its not real, until they use you for sample.
People doing it wont continue if results arent positive.
There is good & evil, light & darkness, ying & yang, you cant believe in one & ignore the other.
shocked rituals is not real. Una no go hear

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dear 2017 Beneficiaries, If You Know You Already Have A Job, Resign NOW. by Barzinime(m): 10:20am On Aug 13

Don't mind them. They want people to rely on npower alone and dey keep paying stipend late. How do they expect peeps to cope. Guys need side hustle to sustain till npower pays

Is it that you people cant comprehend what was written or NL is just full of Idiots.
Politics / Re: APC Candidate Wins Controversial Kogi By-Election by Barzinime(m): 4:40pm On Aug 12
the lord of host will never allow the affliction to rise twice

kiss the truth

Do you even know what you wrote?
Cos what you referred to was about God not you or PDP
Nahum 1:9
What do ye imagine against the LORD? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time

When you saying rubbish you should know your audience
Politics / Re: APC Candidate Wins Controversial Kogi By-Election by Barzinime(m): 8:38am On Aug 12
no sane pdp will expect anything less yesterday

2019 presidential election will shock APC

the plan as i said recently is get at least 50-50 votes in the whole North then use middle belt votes and BLOC SE SS votes to send the bastard illiterate old hag to prison next year
and before you talk rubbish about SW i believe SW especially yeroba Christians will not be dumb to vote apc again because of Osibanjo the vagabond fake pasta grin

my happiness is that unlike 2014 it was SE/SS vs the rest of Nigeria which Jonathan managed to get 10 million votes plus

Imagine 2019 the Buhari's north, yeroba Muslims vs the rest of the country including the kwankwaso Atiku saraki etc north

Hehehehehehe ngeneukwenu will deactivate next year because hell awaits him cheesy[/b]
At the bolded, that was what Jesus Christ taught you Abi?
And you will go to church today & tell God to bless you?
I feel so ashamed of Christianity cos I dont see any difference between you people & al-Qaeda, Book Haram and the likes, you are all hateful,frustrated & gullible.
You all looking for someone to push you in a direction just to vent your anger @ life, then I have come to realise that people dont want freedom, they preach it but are afraid of it, that's why you all foolishly follow what your so called clergymen tell you without reading your holybooks to confirm if they are misleading you.

And what will you do if your so called Illiterate wins 2019?
Religion / Re: Prophet TB Joshua's Dream About 2019 General Elections by Barzinime(m): 7:39pm On Aug 09
Will you shut up! Who are you to judge.
I will Judge because he failed on the Hillary v Trump election prediction.
I like the man anyways cos he seems humble

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Celebrities / Re: Photos Of Davido's Private Jet As It Lands In Nigeria by Barzinime(m): 7:36pm On Aug 09
Obo baba. I tap into this toy ooooooo! You deserve it
Hardwork pays. Make God bless everyone hustles.

Cheap Samsung phones. Check my signature.
What are you tapping into?
Is that how the wealthy billionaires got theirs by saying I tap into this?
Nigerians and their stupid beliefs
If you want one, you better go work for it.
Romance / Re: I Need A Chat Mate by Barzinime(m): 4:02pm On Aug 09
What u want is sez....be truthful for once
But truthful too, tell him you are hornie grin
Romance / Re: I Need A Chat Mate by Barzinime(m): 4:02pm On Aug 09
What u want is sez....be truthful for once
But truthful too, tell him you are Hot grin
Politics / Re: The 11 Sins Of Daura That Led To His Sack by Barzinime(m): 9:57am On Aug 08
See this one talking, as if he knows what is happening. undecided
You people are so funny. grin

Bullsh1t. If APC had succeeded in impeaching Saraki and Ekweremadu, Daura would still be DG. The zombie below is irredeemable. His own zombism nah factory made.
Politics / Re: Defecting PDP Members Will Come Back On Empty Stomachs - Jonathan (Throwback) by Barzinime(m): 10:18am On Aug 02
Dont you know how to read?
I said i know of the sure-P scam(dont even talk about it cos its annoying), but never heard about youwin?
Talking about the bolded, Someone came and said this is enough to let me know who i am talking with.
I also said you should tell me a project GEJ started and completed in 6 years in power & you cant give me one?
If this administration wanted to behave like the way others did, he could have abandoned it & started his own and all would have gone to waste.
So please when you are talking always do after logical thinking.

for the youwin and sure-P, you mean you've not heard of it? Maybe you were overseas that time Gej was in power. Pls go to the archives. The same primary health centres faulted were a product of the sure-P and APC commended the effort, saying they'd build and equip even more. Dr. Ehanire, the minister of state for health who's also in-law to gen Theophilus Danjuma reiterated this. The abuja-lokoja highway and other roads in the country were put in place, using sure-P funds. But we have not seen what the APC uses the subsidy they said would be removed from the petrol for. We hope they would tell Nigerians. You just reminded me of 2 Niger bright in the east, which was initiated by gej. Yes, they may not have completed those projects because they were long term projects and we're tied to a deadline as signed by the contractors. For instance, rail projects of that calibre cannot be completed in 2 years. The change in the government halted most of those projects as you know. I also remember the TSA which Jonathan government put in place, an avenue through which all federal government accounts is harmonised and domiciled. Remita has also been on board before apc came.

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Politics / Re: PDP Hosts Newly Decamped APC Members To A Dinner(photos) by Barzinime(m): 9:46am On Aug 02
I really weep for you, cos you are lost.
This Is Very Good, They Should All Be Warmly Welcomed Back Home From The Political Terrorist Group Called APC.
Imagine The Insult and Humiliations APC gave to A Sitting Senate President, Even A Councillor Representing A Ward in A Small LGA Will Not Be So Treated.
Back To Daura is The Least We Have for Buhari, He Should Accept It In Good Faith.
Over 5000 People In This Pix Below Prefer A Hen To Him, What A Shame. cool


Politics / Re: Defecting PDP Members Will Come Back On Empty Stomachs - Jonathan (Throwback) by Barzinime(m): 9:44am On Aug 02
. I read your post and couldn't stop laughing. When we see the truth, let's say it. You may be an advocate of buhari o, I don't care. I'm neither against apc nor am I for pdp. I say things the way it is. Wait a minute, who started Lagos Ibadan expressway project, Lagos Ibadan railway system,mambila hydro project, Abuja light rail, Abuja kaduna rail project, Lagos and Abuja modern airport projects,youwin programme which has produced thousands of youth entrepreneurs. My cousin who doesn't know anybody in govt was a beneficiary. How much was the security vote of the fed govt when Gej was there, compared to the 1bn usd used for same purpose but without results, how much was usd to naira as at the time Gej was in office? Gej govt had the best agric programme in the history of Nigeria. Fertiliser policy was on point I can go on and on. Though there were pockets of farmers-herders crisis when Gej was there but was properly managed. It has never been this worse. Gej would visit sites where there were crises but buhari shuned benue after their people were slaughtered as ram but could visit the neigb boring Nasarawa and asked ortom to come meet him there to resolve herders crises. Ortom would have been the most foolish governor ever lived , had he honoured the call. All his service chiefs always defy his instructions but he couldn't do anything to remove them. Mention one single achievement of the apc to me . All the projects commissioned by them since they came to power were Gej projects and most of them had attained reasonable levels of completion before apc got there. Gej achieved the aforementioned in 4 years. Tell me if boko haram is fought to finish despite the huge sum spent, the same fighter jets Gej was going to buy, which the apc was crying upon was what they voted the whopping 1bn Dollar to buy. The same shekau apc told us has been killed more than 4 times is still waxing strong. They claim they'd use part of the 1bn usd to fight insecurity. Gej said let's remove subsidy we said noooo. Apc cried foul. Now, apc came to beg us, that they'd use the money to build roads, fix our refineries, provide jobs, fight insecurity, etc and we complied, thinking they'd truly change the situation of the common man as they claimed. Amazingly, none of those mentioned was ever done and we hear they still pay subsidy. All our refineries are in a state of moribund. So sad sad They said 30k police was deployed to Ekiti for election whereas, only 6k was deployed. They pocketed money for Logistics and accommodation of remaining 24k. Part of it was used in vote buying which was condemned by the international observers who came to witness it, including the BBC. Any day the apc leaves office, their yansh too go open and we'd know who stole more. Even if the pdp was buying votes as alleged, why the apc that came under umbrella of change? Someone pls help me out here.
But why didn't they finish it? Tell me one project he did and completed not all this GEJ started this, started that, and what of that scam of a program SURE-P? And what is youwin all about cos I never heard of it?


Politics / Re: Defecting PDP Members Will Come Back On Empty Stomachs - Jonathan (Throwback) by Barzinime(m): 9:39am On Aug 02
You are really funny, speedy development & viable projects but the greatest embezzlement of all time? How can the former be achievable when the latter is present?
Cos I dont understand undecided
GEJ-led govt would have been the best ever, given the speedy development and viable projects that trailed his government with sound economic team, if not for the massive corrupt practices and the greatest embezzlement of all time, which destroyed his government.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Deserves Better – Bukola Saraki As He Decamps To PDP by Barzinime(m): 7:19am On Aug 01
Mr Noam Chomsky, you are so intelligent
Saraki shouldn't let your brilliance go to waste grin
Buhari does not stand a chance as it stands except with extensive rigging which will be reclaimed at the tribunal.

With SE, SS & NC in the bag for any candidate but Buhari, PDP only needs to field any northerner with a SW VP and Buhari cannot garner 6million votes in 2019.

Based on these obvious calculations, more defections looms
Politics / Re: President Buhari Is New ECOWAS Chairman.. by Barzinime(m): 9:49pm On Jul 31
Are they (ECOWAS) ignorant of what Nigeria has turned to under buhari's regime?
They are more sensible than you bandwagon lots with no self thought, unlike you that follow all you read that soothes your lazy frustrated mind that haven't amount to nothing reasonable in life that think the past government was heaven on earth.
This country should just divide for peace sake.
In a country where fraudsters & criminals are celebrated, the honest ones must be condemned.


Business / Re: Naira Exchanges At N49-N51 Per Yuan At First Auction Of Chinese Currency In Nig by Barzinime(m): 6:14pm On Jul 31
You should stop disgracing yourself on here.. If you were so wise, they should have made you minister of finance na...descendants of hate undecided
Shut up there!

How does this even affect the dollar?

Is CBN swapping the Yuan with Naira or with Dollar?

Is CBN paying China in Naira or dollar equivalent?

This is a total bullshït designed to increase importations from China as a “Thank You” for all the misappropriated loans this government has taken from China.

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Romance / Re: This Is Real Love: A Birthday Message From A Wife To Her Husband (photos) by Barzinime(m): 11:16am On Jul 31
And what is wrong with the dressing Mr Cristóbal Balenciaga?
Shoe & Belt combo or shades of color? undecided


Nawo oh

God bless your marriage man

But wait oh some people self,Which kind off dressing and ugliness be this. You have a wife is her duty to be guiding you on what to put on not dressing like zombies.

That's why I like my Igbo handicap brothers.we got swag no matter what happens to us.


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Religion / Re: The Solar Eclipse, The Blood Moon, This Generation, And The Coming Of Christ by Barzinime(m): 12:32pm On Jul 30
Read so many comments and i thought what if it happens that it comes to pass? Just saying
I wonder what all our scientific minds on here will eventually say to themselves grin

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Man Protests Alone In Australia With His Daughters (PICS) by Barzinime(m): 12:11pm On Jul 27
Just look at him? undecided

Do you read histories of countries you people travel to?

If that was the kind of mentality the people in the countries you are traveling to had, will they be enjoying what they are enjoying presently?
You said he escaped Nigeria right? You think he will be given the same privilege like a white person, listen to the news & see how blacks(citizens by birth) are treated. You work for them, develop their economy & they give you the life(basic amenties) you have been craving for. But let the time come to differentiate the real citizens from outsiders then you will know your place.

Nigerians want to enjoy but nobody is ready to fight/die for what they want.


So you expect a guy who was lucky enough to escape Nigeria to come back and fight for Nigeria

I now know Nigerians are very wicked. Always looking for the downfall of their fellow man.
Phones / Re: Donald Trump Meeting With Tech Billionaires (Photos) by Barzinime(m): 11:43am On Jul 27
Them no get that time.
Make the money & spend it lavishly for stories they will gist about for the week
Yahoo boys and Slay Queens dont get this far in life.. It is good to be Legit and Honestly hardworking
Politics / Re: Nigerian Man Protests Alone In Australia With His Daughters (PICS) by Barzinime(m): 11:31am On Jul 27

Guy what's funny. The guy lives in Australia were things work and yet he is still speaking out fools like you that are suffering and smiling. Gtfo
So he should kill himself abi?
He should come home & lets face it together, he is in Australia displaying placards, who cant do that here too? undecided

If that was what the Australians did (displaying placards in another country) will he be enjoying the benefits ?

You are here calling someone a fool, like what have you done about it than to type insulting words to your fellow Nigerian on NL.....Nonsense undecided
Politics / Re: " Dino Melaye Managed To Escape From Abductors" Say Family Sources by Barzinime(m): 11:21am On Jul 27
Lol dino. sense will not kill you.

apc scums. cry me a river
Just look at the one?
We are talking about the future of the country, you are here typing nonsense. undecided

Later your type will be the one complaining the country is not moving forward.
But how can it when you are praising a selfish, clueless thing called Senator
Do you even know what it means to be a Senator?
Crime / Re: Nigerian Prince Arrested For Scamming Hundreds Of Job Seekers In New York(Pics) by Barzinime(m): 11:14am On Jul 27

NCAN reporting

Subject is not Hausa, Yoruba or igbo

Subject is a US citizen.

Be advised, abort mission

Repeat, abort mission
That got me grin grin

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Celebrities / Re: Toyin Abraham Sets To Launch Her Makeup Line ‘body Talk By Toyin by Barzinime(m): 11:11am On Jul 27
Body Talk for someone that looks like lipsrsealed

Politics / Re: Disregard Any Rumour Of Defection In Kano~special Adviser To Gov Ganduje by Barzinime(m): 10:42am On Jul 25
My own is that buhari's incompetence is costing us as a nation.

It has destroyed our economy, it is currently destroying democracy.

God help us.

We have never experienced democracy in this country.
No all countries needs democracy especially Nigeria, we need iron fist.
America shouldn't shove their democracy ideology into other countries ass cos thats the way they can control your government by placing their puppets in power.
I prefer to be ruled by a feared leader than a collaboration of thieves that steal from us here & use it to enrich the economy of another country.
Politics / Re: Convoy Shooting: Report Yourself Or Be Declared Wanted, Police Tells Melaye by Barzinime(m): 10:49am On Jul 21

There is something I don't seem to understand... He claimed his vehicle was shot at and riddled with bullets, he accused the police of being responsible for this, the police calls him for questioning and you clods blame the president and call the police names?

Wow... I see why the we keep recycling politicians... The youths of this country have shiit in their heads... All you know his to do is critisize and type rubbish online from the comfort of your shiitehole homes instead of go out to make the country a better place....
Those guys are set of brainless idiots, they just follow the bandwagon of hate
Romance / Re: I Just Fried And Ate 4 Eggs by Barzinime(m): 2:51pm On Jul 20
It's not secret that most if not all nigerian men are scum. Wicked heartless and stingy.
Yesterday, a guy slapped his alleged lover because she wanted to fry eggs common eggs.
I just fried 4 and ate them all, yes, I didn't touch your eggs stingy nigerian men.
And PS any man that dares lays his hands on me or any of my close female friends will regret been born nonsense.

When you start having heart problems like Angina, you will come back on NL and be typing Doctors in the House, what could be the cause of the pains in my chest? undecided
Politics / Re: Malami: Dasuki Caused The Death Of 100,000, FG Can’t Release Him by Barzinime(m): 10:13am On Jul 20
Coming from someone that probably doesnt know where his life is heading to undecided
At Bolded, just look at his mentality?
Many APC fooĺs will support this without realising the bad precedence being set by buhari.

Buhari has kept showing that he sees the laws of our land as mere suggestions...but that is not even the issue here. The issue here is the millions of people who support a man who has done nothing to move the nation forward but instead has done everything to jeopadise the little peace we still enjoy by constantly supporting criminals in his circle, fighting opposition blindly and treating his fellow country men (se and ss)as enemies.

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