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Jobs/Vacancies / Ifeanhealth Nig: Sales Representative South West/north Central by brianblogmoney(m): 5:26pm On Dec 09, 2021
Job Description || Sales Representative || IfeanHealth

Job title: Sales Representative

Location: South West & North Central
Employment Type: Full-time
Start date: January, 2022

Job Details

We invite qualified candidates to apply for the role of Sales Representative in our company.

This role would be responsible for our Prosthetics and Orthotics range of solutions in Lagos/West and Kano.

In order to be successful in this role, you will need to have empathy, an appreciation of healthcare, a deep understanding of the sales process and dynamics, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Previous experience in a sales role is an advantage.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Generating leads, meeting and exceeding sales goals.
• Preparing weekly and monthly reports.
• Giving presentations to stakeholders: doctors, nurses, patients and caregivers.
• Coordinating sales efforts with marketing programs.
• Understanding and promoting company programs.
• Visiting clients and potential clients to evaluate needs and/or promote products and services.
• Ideal Candidates:

Ideal Candidate

• Male or Female
• Resides in Lagos or Kano
• ND, HND or Bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution.
• A commitment to excellent customer service.
• The ideal candidate would be able totravel .

Salary and Benefits

Application Deadline
15th December 2021.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified candidates should send

1. Cover letter
2. CV

To, info@ifeanhealth.com using the Job Title and Coverage area as the subject of the email.

i.e "Sale Representative-South West" or "Sale Representative-North Central"

Important Notice
Any application received without a cover letter, cv or specified Subject will be deleted
Phones / Old Brand C5 Phone I :sale For by brianblogmoney(m): 8:26pm On Nov 09, 2021
So your brain understand this thing so

Choi clap for yourselves

So nah Iphone 5C way I wan sell

Nah the specs below

16gb storage

Nah the pictures de below

Price nah N30k

Call or Whatsapp 08085.....8....33..7.

Location ishaga

For more details

Business / Re: I Need Email Extractor To Buy by brianblogmoney(m): 7:32am On Oct 28, 2021
Hi there

If you use chrome, Firefox or maxthon browsers

Go to the chrome or Firefox extension store and search for the following

Email drop
Email extractor

Install these plugins

And you now have an email extractor

These will extract any email from anywebsite you visit with chrome or Firefox.

Now if you are looking to get emails from sites

I can teach you the source code used by email extractors to get emails from places like Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc

Contact me via 08085833799

Note it will cost you less than 5k
Webmasters / Re: How To Search Nairaland Like A Pro by brianblogmoney(m): 2:23pm On Sep 17, 2021
Bro thank you oh.

Seun but why you no just allow us search like this
Webmasters / Re: How Email Extractors Work And How You Can Get Thousands Of Emails by brianblogmoney(m): 2:22pm On Sep 17, 2021
Eeeeh shocked

Make i try am
Business / Re: How To Extract Thousands Of Emails For Your Business by brianblogmoney(m): 2:21pm On Sep 17, 2021
Jesus shocked

Omo i de come
Business / Re: How Do You Start "X" Type Of Business by brianblogmoney(m): 2:06pm On Sep 02, 2021
Well thanks to all you have mentioned.... I will like to go into the fruit business..... Fruit sell everyday especially if you are in a right spot..... Yes competition is there but you can find where or short competitions.... U can sell both online and offline even home delivery..... Well in ibadan the megida are over the places but most of them don't have shops or stores they do it the wheel barrow way.....

Well for the okada thing.... Here in ibadan I don't even know how much they gain each day.... There are some lazy okada men that only do the streets while some can go any length within the city..... Those that can go any length are the real hustlers... They can get more money each day.....
But the question is will I be the one to ride the bike? Answer is No..... So who is even trustworthy that can handle the bike and not even lie about how much he made each day...... I'm not sure the hire purchase might work...... Maybe we can work on percentage or I don't even know yet.....

All I need is an idea of making money weekly

Waley both options you raised are good ideas required to make money weekily

But understand that even when you start, you can't become a super star seller over night.

Its not going to be as you planned or envisioned, but gradually(like life and any other natural order), you begin to grow and steadily rise to the level of sales you want.

You just have to decide on one thing and do your planning and once you have convinced yourself, you move on it.

Also understand that your way of doing a business, may or will differ from another persons approach.

Case in point

The megida's that sell fruit have their way of doing it.

There are sell market women at roadsides who still sell fruits

There are also speciality fruit stores that sell as well

And if you go online, you will find different people selling fruit packages on instagram.

All of them are selling the same products but in different ways.

Thus why you have to decide on your own way.

Same applies to the bike business.

Finally, if you want a business that brings in weekly pay like you want.

You will have to be actively involved in it to see it through, meaning you can't just drop money and expect it to come back with interest.
Business / Re: How Do You Start "X" Type Of Business by brianblogmoney(m): 9:00am On Aug 31, 2021
Actually I have been thinking in the direction you have been thinking..... But to start a big fruit business... You need to get that spot where you can sell.... I dey reason the idea too..... I'm in ibadan

Wow, glad to hear that Waley

True, finding a spot presents some sort of a challenge

Also there is the problem of competition
with other fruit megida's.

So if I were to start it low key

Low key fruit business

I would actually go at it like them.

I would ask the obvious questions

Where are you getting the fruits.
What's the purchase price
Finally, how much do you sell.

To confirm these I would locate and visit the fruit market and confirm the prices or seek out cheaper option

Next I would seek out possible locations with Ibadan where the fruit megida's ain't readly available.

My target would be be 5 to 6 of these locations.

I would also confirm from these locations, if there is a daily rate for location use.

Now once I have gather all the above

I would seat down and do some validation and cost derivatives.

Here I would ask questions like

Since I will be selling from one or multiple location, I will need to factor

Logistics cost

Cost of the location
Cost of transport to the locations
Cost of Transportation to purchase my fruits
Cost to bring it to my home or location

Before I even begin looking at

Product cost
Cost of fruit purchase

For me the initial logistic, calculations are key before I even calculate product cost and profits.

I will break the calculations Down later on to show way.


Aside that how does okada business thrive?
Is it profitable?
For city like ibadan how is okada business like?
Like how much will be the daily take home or weekly down to monthly

Also regarding Okada business

Aside from purchasing the bike

You have to consider that currentily there are two environments for it to operate within the country

Legally and illegally

Whether you choose to do it legally or illegally

The business boils down to four thing

Daily dues
Fuel management
Finding as many customers

Business is good when in your chosen location, the daily dues are not so much, there are many customers at the right price and you don't spend so much on fuel.

Still, I would like to know

Are you asking about the business for yourself or are you looking at hired purchase
Business / Re: I Need Buyers Of Waste Paper In Large Quantities by brianblogmoney(m): 1:23pm On Aug 30, 2021
You need a lot of women selling ground nut and boli.

Make I check my contact list �
Business / How Would You Sell X Product Or Service by brianblogmoney(m): 1:05pm On Aug 30, 2021
Hi again

i am at it again

From my previous topic of

"How would start X business"

I decided it would be great if we looked out the selling part of any business


"How would you sell X product or service " came up

Just like the previous post

The focus is on finding old,new, innovative, amazing, ways to sell different products or service any of you may be looking at selling or own a business that sells, or works for a company that sells X product or service.

How this works is you drop the details of a product or service you sell.

While the community provides insights, details processes, experience and tricks to selling it.

Hopefully we can all help some of you grow your business with the details you learn from here
Business / Re: How Do You Start "X" Type Of Business by brianblogmoney(m): 12:56pm On Aug 30, 2021
Ok so since I started this topic

I believe I should share my own

How do I start X business.

Mine is

"How do I start a speciality fruit business in Nigeria"

This has been rattling in my head for quite a while now.

As it seems fruits are slightly cheaper than food now days.

I have been wondering how I can start, change or reinvent the wheel of selling fruits in Nigeria

Obviously I don't want to start on the road beside a megida and sell oranges while he sells apples.

But I want my fruits to get to those customer who patronize the megida guys as well.

I also want to sell it both offline and online, via app and via home delivery as well.

So this is my

"How do I start X business"

Stick around and I will share my thoughts on starting.

But also feel free to share your experience or idea of thoughts
Business / How Do You Start "X" Type Of Business by brianblogmoney(m): 12:45pm On Aug 30, 2021
Hello all

Welcome to this exclusive nairaland business topic where I and others would discuss and share

The process of starting various types of businesses from 0 to profitable (maybe).

The idea here is

You tell us your business idea or a business you are looking to start

And I and the other members who are experienced will answer with things like

Initial requirements
Capital requirement
Location requirement
Staff requirement
Sales requirement

The idea is to get everyone involve in the process of how to grow your idea to something worth doing.

So please feel free to chip in, share your ideas, or bring your own knowledge to help another person's idea.

We will make the rules up as we go along
Business / Re: How To Open A Dorm Account In Nigeria In Ten Minutes (2 Methods) by brianblogmoney(m): 12:31pm On Aug 30, 2021
Why would I go through all that hasle and then be told that you have a limit of less than 1k dollars per week.

When I can just do PayPal, payeener or other, barter by flutter wave etc.


No be to send money from and to Nigeria.
Webmasters / Re: 10 Ways To Make Money As A Digital Marketer In Nigeria by brianblogmoney(m): 2:34pm On Jul 16, 2021
I want to learn Seo anyone care to put me true

Quote me... Please!

Go here


Everything you need to know about it is there

But take it one tep at a time, don't rush it
Webmasters / Re: 10 Ways To Make Money As A Digital Marketer In Nigeria by brianblogmoney(m): 2:27pm On Jul 16, 2021
No details

No pointers to tutorials

No new data or information

And this got on first page


How much did you pay?
Webmasters / Re: How I Made Money Blogging With Less Than 125 Visitor A Day And No Adsense by brianblogmoney(m): 4:05pm On Jun 26, 2021
Oh yeah, did i mention that the site design was terrible.

My home then, looked like something your little cousin drew on sand, absolutely terrible.

Even now i just updated it last year and it still looks like an eye sore.

But nearly everyone who lands on the site, has never landed on it

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Webmasters / How I Made Money Blogging With Less Than 125 Visitor A Day And No Adsense by brianblogmoney(m): 3:58pm On Jun 26, 2021
I wonder who developed the idea that every blog you need adsense to make money.

If there is one lesson i have learnt blogging since 2015

"Not all blogs need adsense to make money"

I bit of background, i started blogging in 2015, i setup a couple of blogs but none of them were so popular.

One of them was an Agricultural niched blog that i am passionate about

When i started my traffic was 1 visitor every two days, gradually it went to 5 per week.

For me i wasn't really bothered as the idea was to give value.

Gradually it grew to 20 a week, to today where its doing 125 visitors per week.

Most of those looking at using adsense for blogging would be laughing now cos this is no where near what is need to get approved for adsense.

Like most of you who were hunting for adsense approve, i did the same and got rejected multiple times.

Did that make me stop, no, i kept blogging away

As i kept doing it, i noticed one thing.

I was getting a lot of comments, calls, feedback and messages from those visiting my blog.

The traffic when these calls started coming in, was less than 30 visitors a day, but i noticed that my bounce rate were way too low, with people spending and inordinate amount of time reading my blog 20min - 45min.

From this people started dropping comments, calling and asking for more details and information.

This cumulated into me and friend running a training to answer these questions in 2017, we billed the training at 20k per head, We thought people would complain about the price.

But, someone who wanted to be trained who came from the blog actually said they would pay over a 300k for the training.(as we would need to pay for hotel and logistics for each attendee)

We finally set our training at 100k, we joked and laughed that nobody will attend

We were wrong

We had over 11 attendees on the first training day, we had 2 expatriates from Lebenon and China, which blew our minds, as in these guys came all the way to Ife for our training. We had people from the North all the way to Bayelesa. (That was a big Wow moment for us).

We ran the training monthly for eight months before i had a falling out with my friend(naija greed), due to location and logistic and over spending.

Since then, i create one on one consultancy sessions, ebooks, guides, feasibility studies and business lists people actual bought, which has lead to between, 100k-300k a year in profits.

I just added one and one online training and discussions via whatsapp call and zoom, which i has gather a lot of interest from my visitors, leading to a class end of july.

Today the max traffic i get on the blog, hasn't gone beyone 125 visitors, with most of my traffic source coming from Google, facebook, linkedin and Nairaland.

Why am i telling you this.

Please, any upcoming blogger , please stop thinking adsense is your only way to make money blogging.

Adsense requires numbers, lots and lots of numbers(visitors)

You as a new blogger, do not require lots and lots of visitors, you need the right visitors. You need few of the right visitors to see value in what your blog solves and be willing to talk to you about how you can solve their problem.

Then you have the basis for something that can make you millions.

Further to this.

If you are a blogger and have being going the adsense route and are not seeing any progress, but would want to try what i did, i am open to help.

Just tell me about your blog and i will go through and give advise on what you can do to change.
Business / Re: Shipping From Turkey To Nigeria by brianblogmoney(m): 5:01pm On Sep 24, 2019
Just worked with an agency here in Ajao estate that handled my items from Ankara direct to my door

Cost was $12 per Kg cos it was about 11kg

It took 4 days from the factory to here.

I have told the guy my next order will be over 100kg and he has promised to do discounts for me .

Someone once asked me if i get an agent for turkey to nigeria shipping i should let the group know.

Reach out to racglobal

Mr Rex 08185956707
Business / Re: Here Is How You Can Ship From Turkey, Dubai, China, US And UK. by brianblogmoney(m): 4:59pm On Sep 24, 2019
Just worked with an agency here in Ajao estate that handled my items from Ankara direct to my door

Cost was $12 per Kg cos it was about 11kg

It took 4 days from the factory to here.

I have told the guy my next order will be over 100kg and he has promised to do discounts for me .

Someone once asked me if i get an agent for turkey to nigeria shipping i should let the group know.

Reach out to racglobal

Mr Rex 08185956707

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Business / Re: Shipping From Turkey To Nigeria by brianblogmoney(m): 4:59pm On Sep 24, 2019
Just worked with an agency here in Ajao estate that handled my items from Ankara direct to my door

Cost was $12 per Kg cos it was about 11kg

It took 4 days from the factory to here.

I have told the guy my next order will be over 100kg and he has promised to do discounts for me .

Someone once asked me if i get an agent for turkey to nigeria shipping i should let the group know.

Reach out to racglobal

Mr Rex 08185956707
Phones / Mega File Download 602 Softwares Plugins And Addons by brianblogmoney(m): 5:23pm On Aug 14, 2019
Image those bad ass softwares you have been looking for.

H. A. C. K ING tools

Email extractors


Web spiders

Web crawlers

Premium plugging etc

Well its all here.

And I am giving them away for 2k for the whole pack of 602.

Yeah yeah, I want money for it, just as you would if you have it.

Hit me up on whatsapp for the full list.


Business / [read]make Money On Fiverr And Other Freelance Sites Selling Website Traffic by brianblogmoney(m): 2:58pm On Nov 15, 2017
Fiverr is all about getting paid for simple Jobs

Be it copy writing, content development, programming, web design etc.

Some of you offer one or two of the above jobs on Fiverr, so you understand how time consuming and cumbersome these jobs can be, with so little in terms of pay to show for it.

If only there was something easier, that wouldn't requre so much of your time

Something you could just setup in the background and leave it to run.

Giving you all the free time required to do other thing.

While you get paid for just pushing a button.

No researching obscure topics on google for clients that might tell you your article is a duplicate, no editing and rewriting 22,000 words only to not heard from the client again.

Now you can add

"I will send high quality pageviews and traffic to your site" as part of the jobs you offer on Fiverr.

By using the FGT traffic App, you can easily complete this task without have to do so much.

Just a less than 10-30 seconds setup and a push of a button and your good to go.

You will not only send high quality pageviews and traffic, you can also send tailored traffic according to your clients demand

Be it direct

Direct Website visits
Direct Subpage visits
Direct Visits from Search engines via Specific Keywords(Good to Boast your Clients SEO)
Direct visits from PC
Direct visits from Mobile "Android, Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry"
Direct Visits from Tier 1 Tier 2 locations "US, UK, Canada"
Direct visit from any location of your choosing.

All of this you can setup and get started for your clients in less than 30 secs.

So what are you waiting for call or Message 08085833799 to purchase your copy of the FGT traffic App

You purchase comes with a free tutorial on how to run and manange the App.

See the apps different options below

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(Go Up)

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