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Politics / Re: Hoodlums Return To Lagos-Ibadan Long Bridge, Residents Raise The Alarm by brownemmanuel43(m): 7:09am
I gat absolutely nothing to say other than suffering and smiling is the order of the day.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, by the time lifeless one economy is done with us our brain go reset by fire by force.
Well, I'm doing free giveaway of natural manpower that will make u last for an hour with your woman, only for Lagos residence. It has no side effect

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Pets / Re: Help! My Dog Doesn't Know Where To Urinate. by brownemmanuel43(m): 8:54pm On Jun 13
Simply employ calabar man to handle the dog for u

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Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Celebrates Her 67th Birthday Today by brownemmanuel43(m): 9:13am On Jun 13
The corner stone her people called all sorts of names is now one of the powerful women in the world.
Aunty Ngozi, ever since u left them with their change and 4+4 body dey tell them anyhow.
Aunty Ngozi, ever since they said cow rearer/leader is better than good economy, body still dey tell them
Aunty Ngozi, ever since Una govt comot and they voted change, na so the change just dey change am for everybody
Respect to the Iron Lady
Respect to the Daughter of Zion
Maka ogwu amu DM me, I will gv it to u free only if u are in Lagos.


Health / Re: I Have Erectile Dysfunction And Its Really Affecting My Relationship. by brownemmanuel43(m): 6:49am On Jun 13

Pls I'm really interested... U may send me your mobile line ... I'm a lagos based pls..

I'll be expecting your feedback
I HV replied your message
Health / Re: I Have Erectile Dysfunction And Its Really Affecting My Relationship. by brownemmanuel43(m): 10:41pm On Jun 12
If u dey lag just DM me, I will give it to u free, it has no side effect bcs it herbal not concoction

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Politics / Re: Amotekun Will Metamorphose To State Police - Akeredolu by brownemmanuel43(m): 9:23pm On Jun 12
The only niggar from the West coast, i don't know why I keep liking this niggar
Sports / Re: Christian Eriksen Collapses During Denmark Vs Finland Game by brownemmanuel43(m): 9:21pm On Jun 12
To make the matter worst now, you will go to church tomorrow with this evil heart that is worst than that of the witch and pray.
Who is talking about church, I don't know what they do their.
Back to u man, how many souls has your buhari killed so far both directly and indirectly?
So is your buhari better than the lost souls under his useless regime?
Sports / Re: Christian Eriksen Collapses During Denmark Vs Finland Game by brownemmanuel43(m): 6:21pm On Jun 12
Mehnnnnnnn, the scene was something else, the fans were praying, the wife was crying
Erikson pls we still need u in the world of soccer, get well soon brother
This cardiac arrest I HV message for u, we really need u in Aso Rock. Abeg go their straight, somebody wey suppose get the cardiac arrest and attach u leave am go arrest an innocent and hustling guy

Modified: he is awake and has being transfered to another hospital

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Likely Questions To Expect For A Corper Attending A Web Design Interview ? by brownemmanuel43(m): 9:58am On Jun 12

I know how to design a website as we have been taught in school but I have never design one so I don’t have much experience

And I don’t know if I will be asked questions on a proper website
As u were taught in school? Then did u apply as an intern/trainee or as an expert?
If u applied as an intern, man u are good to go but if u applied as an expert and u have never designed a website before I'm sorry to be hard on u, just forget it bcs web design is a practical stuff not a theory, web design is not speaking and writing queen's English

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Travel / Re: Imo Nightlife Returns, Hoteliers, Night Club Owners Happy by brownemmanuel43(m): 8:50am On Jun 12
Thank Jah that most pharmacies will not open today of not the rate of sniper buyers would have tripled.
Bcs some people will not be happy, all their lives depends on news that comes out from the East not minding that some of their indigenes are still refugee somewhere in Benin Republic
As for UGM umuafrica Mak Una dey calm down small small bikonu. Mak Una give peace and love another chance

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Flags Off Construction Of Gas Inland LPG Terminal, Oil Palm Mills by brownemmanuel43(m): 8:43am On Jun 12
I don't know if I'm the only non Yoruba that likes this niggar, this is a real niggar i HV seen so far.
When he aired his opinion of legalizing plantation of weed, some felt he was talking nonsense, but look at Morocco has legalized it and they know how much income it will add to their treasury
Even when the issue of Amotekun, he stood by his plan even when the drug lord was silent. Coupled with his non bigotry attitude

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Career / Re: Pharmacist Or Medical Sales Rep by brownemmanuel43(m): 10:09pm On Jun 11
Op u didn't specify your question very well. Are u a certified pharmacist or
Politics / Re: June 12: 'Team Lagos' Threatens To Resist Any Protest In Lagos by brownemmanuel43(m): 3:07pm On Jun 11

Please tell your family and friends.
They are all aware both the ones in Lagos and other states. Its only a bastard sons and daughters will participate in this nonsense protest

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Politics / Re: June 12: 'Team Lagos' Threatens To Resist Any Protest In Lagos by brownemmanuel43(m): 2:41pm On Jun 11
Ndigbo all over the nation should stay clear of this protest.

If anything goes wrong they will blame us.
Exactly my brother , after all Igbo's HV done their own protest since 2015-2019, let those that voted the change protest for the change they voted for

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Crime / Re: Udoamaka Nwamu Kills His Estranged Wife & Mother-In-Law In Georgia, USA by brownemmanuel43(m): 11:22am On Jun 11
Same gruesome gory tale. Dude must have suffered to bring the babe over and the babe being a typical Nigerian woman suddenly becomes "wise and arrogant" after having a stable income and feeling liberated then most likely took advantage of the justice system that favours women in the western world to humiliate the guyman. The marriage fails and dude feels at a loss.

When you have nothing to live for you have everything to die for.
My own poor analysis. What do I know sef

For those that concluded that the victims are Americans because of their names, here my simple advice.
Forget name o. Some Nigerian girls and their mothers who have never gone near any airport bear names that are more American than black Americans.
At the bolded is the real fact.
Naija women ehhhhhhhhhhh, Mak I no talk waiting dey my mind
Politics / Re: Mbaka Waits In Vain As DSS Fails To Show Up With Summons by brownemmanuel43(m): 8:28am On Jun 10

He talks without mincing? No wonder he said his "God" to him that Buhari is the Nigeria's messiah!!!!!! He is among those who are responsible for the present mess in that country. Interesting how people cannot discern false teachers who claim to be men of God.
First, I'm not a religious zombi
Then, he said this lifeless one was the messaiah fine, later when things turned from bad to worst. He still came on air to say the lifeless one's leadership is nothing to write home about. Does that not tell u that he doesn't mince words in talking to u whenever u Bleep up.
I believe JAH can call somebody and later the person can mess himself up, a

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Politics / Re: Mbaka Waits In Vain As DSS Fails To Show Up With Summons by brownemmanuel43(m): 10:04pm On Jun 09
Now I believe that Buhari and his men are as useless as anything u can think of.
They should know that Mbaka is not somebody u can intimidate or harass anyhow, Mbaka I know is somebody that will say things they way they are without mincing words. Mak dem leave Mbaka to avoid more issues/tension in the East bcs an average easterner does not want to heat anything about Buhari talk more of touching one of their own

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Career / Re: Tiler Or Barbing, by brownemmanuel43(m): 9:51pm On Jun 09
Damnnn niggarrrr
Isoright.....the two dey bring money sha
To me I recommend barbing anyday anytime twice on Wednesday

Niggarzz will always want a nice cut and shave till the end of time
If you can set up a type of barbing saloon that looks dope
Like the one set up by ice cube in that movie tittled " barbers shop"
If you can set up such funny environment like that barbers shop then where ever you are located i will come and have a nice cut....
Love that movie so much ft ice cube, nicky minaj, Cedric the entertainer, Michael ealy, queen latifah, Regina hall, Anthony Anderson, common Rashid, drain cole and Michael reiny
Now i know that indeed u are a real niggar, I always watch that movies whenever I wana laugh
Travel / Re: Lagos Ranks Second On World’s Least Livable Cities - EIU by brownemmanuel43(m): 9:41pm On Jun 09
Is not something u can argue, thats the fact.
After some areas in Island na others, then few places in Ikeja
The rest of Lagos na something else

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Politics / Re: EFCC Operatives Beat Justin Gbagir, NBA Chairman In Makurdi by brownemmanuel43(m): 5:41pm On Jun 09
Otocha, ever since this lifeless one took over, everybody just dey form Rambo
Imagine ordinary EFCC, na turn by turn.
Politics / Re: Lagos Residents Boo Usman Alkali Baba, Police Inspector General During Visit by brownemmanuel43(m): 5:40pm On Jun 09

Welcome to Lagos!
Nwane madu teach Mr this kwanu
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which Business Can I Start With N20,000? by brownemmanuel43(m): 5:24pm On Jun 09
Mehnnnnnnnnn 20k in this buhari economy,
As a student:
1. Fry stuffs
2. Fruits
3. Ladies bend down select
Career / Re: Careers In Agriculture Nigerian Youths Can Explore by brownemmanuel43(m): 5:06pm On Jun 09
This is what I wanted now I have it. Though naija is not encouraging at all but we all gat to put our heads up.
Jokes Etc / Re: Funny Naija Jokes by brownemmanuel43(m): 10:45am On Jun 09

1. Immarh returns a missing purse to the owner in a market. The lady was so grateful but when she looked inside the purse, she got confused and said, "but I had just a single note of N1000 but, now there are ten notes of N100, how come?" Immarh said "na me change am, because the last time I help person find purse she say she for give me something but change no dey! So I changed it"

2. Immarh: Would you like to be the sun of my life?
Chichi: Awwww...Yes!
Immarh: Then stay 9,995,887.6 miles away from me!
Chichi: ��

3. In Sokoto, a man named Dalhatu bashiru was arrested on a charge that he stole a neighbor's cow.
His attorney maintained that he was innocent and filed that the case be dismissed through lack of evidence. The judge agreed and the case was dismissed.
Bashiru then thanked the judge and asked, "But do I have to give back the cow?"

4. KID: Teacher can I go to the bathroom?
TEACHER: You have to say your ABC's first.
KID: Ok; a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,q,r,s,t,u, v,w.x.y, and z.
TEACHER: Where's the p?
KID: It's running down my leg!

5. Immarh spent the night with his mistress and comes back in the morning.
WIFE: Where have you been? Where did you sleep?
Immarh: At Johnny's place, he lost his sister.
WIFE: OK...you can eat your food, I'm going to the bathroom.
[After bathing]
WIFE: I'm going out...
Immarh: Where are you going to?
WIFE: To Johnny's, need to check how they are doing.
Immarh: Honey, they called the time you were bathing and told me she rose from the dead!

6. When a military man dies, we will shoot all night.
When a christian dies, we will pray all night.
What if a prostitute dies what will happen all night?

7. A preacher was giving his sermon one Sunday morning when a note was passed to him. The only word written on it was "IDIOT"
Looking up at the Congregation the Preacher smiled and said, "I've heard of men who write letters and forget to sign their names, but this is the first time I've seen someone sign his name and forget to write the letter."
Mehnnnnn u follow abeg
Romance / Re: So, What's Your Plan If Nobody Marries You? by brownemmanuel43(m): 9:43am On Jun 09
This is a childish question that requires a childish answer.
First, marriage is not for everybody, no matter how pretty and good u are.
Secondly, based on African setting I believe this childish question is more of ladies to answer.
Thirdly, if marriage no cume life goes on


Career / Re: I'm Scared About My Future, Career Wise by brownemmanuel43(m): 5:00pm On Jun 08
I understand the fear of the unknown. Bear it in mind that we all HV come and its quiet unfortunate that we came to the wrong country where dreams and ambition are being shattered by the useless leaders.
All the mistakes have being made, the only thing left for u right now is to sit your ass down and ask yourself what u really want to do with your life
Family / Re: How Do You Handle This? by brownemmanuel43(m): 12:37pm On Jun 08
Chaiiii, abomination!!!!!!!!!!
People get mind I swear. Your elder brother to be doing errand for u? Chai the world dun spoil finish, I can't even imagine it my elder brother to be cooking for me all in the name of busy in the shop.
Haven't u being cooking without before your elder brother came into the picture?
U never even marry u dun dey use your elder brother do boy boy, that means if u come marry one Jezebel na to slaughter your elder brother bi that.
Remember, no condition is permanent, he might be jobless today and tomorrow he will become employer
Politics / Re: Akpabio Sacks Anietie Ekong Over 'Ghana Must Go' Bag (Photos) by brownemmanuel43(m): 10:01am On Jun 08
Well very soon I go leave this country for all of Una. Imagine the nonsense, no hope for innocent and legal working guys again.
Naija is just a country that understands violence as a normal thing
My problem with this shit is that both the militants and fg does not care for the poor masses
I believe at his juncture, Niger deltans should know who to hold ransom for under development in their region


TV/Movies / Re: Chris Iheuwa Escapes From Ritualists In Port Harcourt (Movie) by brownemmanuel43(m): 9:37am On Jun 08
The days are evil, everybody should be very very careful
Hope we Neva return the days of otokoto, the rate of crime and atrocities just dey baffle me anyhow all bcs of hardship and frustration in the zoo
Nairaland / General / Re: My Experience With Risk Takers by brownemmanuel43(m): 7:00pm On Jun 07
the most blunt risk taker I've ever known was someone here on NL.. Everybody knows, he deffed into businesses that were otherwise not traditional to young men... Entered dangerous places just because of business and shared his insight with us here for free, I owe my success partly to him, read his posts like Bible
U care to share the link?
Politics / Re: Hoodlums Burn Declan Emelumba's House In Ubulu, Imo State by brownemmanuel43(m): 2:43pm On Jun 06
Too bad IMO of all state is now violent state
Health / Re: World Hepatitis Day : A Hepatitis Free Future by brownemmanuel43(m): 8:59am On Jun 06
what's your email address, I'll Send it directly to your mail
Good day pls I sent u mail

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