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Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 3:40pm On Sep 20

I am at work just thinking about life on its own and how Nigeria is going downhill
I remembered how much I want to leave the country since I read this particular thread when you started it!
Omoh how time flies, and sincerely I searched your name up to see how you are doing and even saw where someone already said they missed you, lionlee, drdremanicus and co thread… how you were finding your signal, a place too cold, a place too hot lol, it’s well Man.

I sent you a mail just now too, Canada declined me last year and I applied recently again but Omoh I don’t want to put all my egg in a basket, just wish you could put me through regards the Ireland study visa too, I am not in Nigeria though, I am a resident of a very hot country in the Arab world�

Thanks in advance
You're welcome bro. I think we've been chatting on the Telegram group, hence my delay in responding to this message. Too many people on this Canada journey. They'll have to accept only the richest applicants as there's only a quota that can go every year.
Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 9:06pm On Sep 01
Scholarship in Ireland

At the moment, theres no full blown scholarship for masters. What we have for masters is just a discount directly from the institution you're applying to. They would deduct it from your fees. In my own case, €1000. The fees in comparison to USA isn't very high also.

Im well aware of very good scholarships for PhD, depending on the interest in big firms in your chosen Field of research. These companies see potential in your research especially if they would benefit from the findings...
If you're interested in scholarships, the link below is a must have.


PS the link doesn't appear as it should be, hence the need to check the Telegram group.
Fashion / Re: Anjy Luminee's Dress To Bobrisky’s 30th Birthday Party Causes Stir by Chiggsglover(m): 3:33pm On Sep 01
Interesting fashion
Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 1:37pm On Sep 01


Be expecting me by dec/Jan

Keep it up

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Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 1:36pm On Sep 01
[quote author=Floyd45 post=105379224][/quote]

Here's the screenshot below

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Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 5:01pm On Aug 31
Best done in a whatsapp group
Hence the Telegram group.
Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 5:01pm On Aug 31
me o

Chiggs just made me love the country
Make my money complete first

Hurry before the exchange rate gets worse �

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Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:59pm On Aug 31
we have not seen the link
Try to search for Irish Expatriates
Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:58pm On Aug 31
Chiggsglover how far na its been a while . how you dey ? And hope say you never fûck all those whites chick finish abeg try remain small for me I go burst in by november.
One good question I want to ask which language do Ireland people speak the most ? English or their native language irish?
Im good o. Ive decided to settle down, haha, they're here for you.

This country speaks Gaelic, I'm sure youve heard Enya sing, that's the real Irish language. Due to the influence of the British, the language is dying, just like Igbo. You'll only hear them speak Gaelic in the Countryside or village as we will like to call it.

Here in Dublin, I've never heard anyone speak it fluently, I only hear it in the Bus Whisper, after they mention the location in English, they repeat it in Gaelic, the government has launched various program to boost the language. It's being taught in schools, transition programs to get into higher tier of government and so on. Every Irish in town at least knows snippets of the language, just like I know little of my Nigerian dialect. Chair, go, come, bus stop.... you need to hear the Gaelic Whisper in the Bus, so cute.
Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:15pm On Aug 31
Hello, what's going on here?

For some of you looking for a cheaper alternative with clear result. I'll suggest to read this article, its a Balanced diet. It has the Salt and the Sugar.

I've been unable to post the link here.
This is where my Telegram group should come in.
I'm working on creating the biggest group for Irish Expatriates. My choice for telegram is because new members will see older messages. Which is super important.
I'll update the name of the group in my Profile here.

In Telegram, search for Irish Expatriates
Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 3:31pm On Aug 15

No vex oo
What's the difference between Irela5 and Northeen Ireland

Good question, thanks to the Touch of the English, Ireland used to be under the English until they wanted their independence, out of the whole counties (states), they could only secure 26 counties and these counties became the Republic of Ireland.

Given this train of thought, the topic of this thread is now put to question, it should be, ADVENTURES IN THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND. Ireland can only be claimed when all the counties is controlled by the Irish Government.
The remaining 6 counties is controlled by the English. They chose to remain with the English and keep using Pound Sterling, access to the British channel, resources and freedom to move anywhere in England. It's beneficial to them. They also benefit from the Republic of Ireland. As they can only take a bus and they've entered another country. It's a simply analogy of one leg, the other leg out.

Behold the mess the English created. Even in Nigeria, the English brought us together so it will be easy to take our resources, under one federal government. With the swipe of his pen, after they've given him peanuts, all our resources will have easy movement Out. Nigeria was created out of mischief, propaganda and deception.

I spoke to a fish farmer, my gf family do that business in Nigeria, one thing struck me about the story. You buy the fingerlings...or whatever they're called, I didn't say Fingering o. At this stage, they're technically the same size. They will be dispersed in various pits or ponds... You try to make sure they're roughly equal...Equity is really critical. if one pond is twice the other, that pond should get twice the amount of Fingerlings.
You make sure they're well fed, in equal ration until they're almost a certain size, I don't know that size. But what I do know is that when these fish get mature, they don't grow equally, due to various factors like genes, body advantage and sharpness to eat more. Some of them will grow very big, and some will be comparatively small. Survival of the fittest sets in, the big one will start to bully the small ones and will eventually gang up and eat the small fish up. That is the point where you start sorting the fish.

The ones who are weaker should be in a pond, the stronger and bigger ones should be in a separate pond. Let them muscle themselves. I think you know the point I'm making by now.
It struck me when I looked at the Nigeria map and I discovered how little land The Igbos have. Then I compared it to half of Nigeria which is owned by the North. Geographically alone, something is wrong. Why are we a country? Democracy is government of the majority...numbers, how did this even happen?
The British didnt have our interest at heart when they combined us together.

The British made alot of mess all over the world that's why we seek Reparations, we don't care about the money, it will only be used to buy goods that will be imported and it will fly back to the country that gave it to us. If it is used to Purchase Innoson vehicles for instance, the number of jobs it will create will be huge.
If you're still here and you talking trash about that company, you're part of the problem. I don't see how you want jobs if you can't support local production.

I'm talking about Reparations, the English need to work hand in hand with us to clean the mess they created. I don't see how One group who strives towards education, technology, enlightenment and the other keeps dragging us back and they're in one embodiment. Can two work together except they agree?


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 10:00am On Aug 15
Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 9:59am On Aug 15

You couldn't have said this better Chiggs.
Hope you're doing great?
I'm doing well o, u?

I decided to start my driving licence Journey.
Been driving since I was 16.
It's needed as I've gotten jobs that would make a difference in career in few years but was denied when I didn't have a driving licence.
I'm going to be starting with the theory test, I've been ridiculously lucky, for the first time, they've included an online test. I would sit in the comfort of my home and do it. Same way I wrote my master's exam. tongue Super Duper Happy. Been following it for a while and they recently launched it. I had a feeling it was coming.

There's some adjustments that the pandemic brought I love, I like to walk around without people struggling with me with some almost brushing you. I like to sit in public space without strangers sitting next to me, Unless in the case of loved ones and friends.
I love the online queues, gosh, I hate Nigerian queues, thats the queue you'll stand on and remain in one place. Then people start to enter from the front. I don't care the urgency of what I need, I'll just walk away.

The pandemic brought an opportunity to order and make appointment online, totally love it. E.g the gnib is the card to make register your stay in Ireland, getting the appointment to go there is intense. It's almost similar to the story of the lame man at the Pool, when the Angels disturb the water, before he will creep in, someone quicker will Jump in. Thats how crazy it was, people had to pay to get appointment, by third parties, using bots extension and so. When you eventually get there, you'll waste at least 3hours. Now I can renew my stamp on my bed, Can somebody shout Hallelujah!!!!
I like to the option to Work at Home.

I recently got a customer care job since I was getting too much free time from the home care, I would get four days off sometimes, due to the pandemic, the company launched the off-site thing which is super convenient, I only have to sit at home and pick calls, I won't waste money on tfare, which would be at least €150 monthly, save time on transportation, cook and eat what I like, avoid uncomfortable coworkers and office politics. From the 8hours I work, I get one hour break divided into a 30min lunch break, and two 15 min break one before the lunch break and the last after the lunch break. We also get 15min personal time. The company didn't say much about it, was only informed by the flat mate that works there.

Good news here, Health care assistant for Nursing home is now eligible for Employment permit!!!!

There's contemplation on including Home care.


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 9:53am On Aug 15

Nice to see someone else like me on this same page. Hope you doing great brother.

Linguistically, we have lost the battle. I prefer other forms of categorization other than by Colour.
Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 9:51am On Aug 15


Environmental determinism.

Are you a social scientist?


Nope, I had to look up the word. I had that impression and had to share. I checked some countries like Australia and it was too obvious.


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 5:13pm On Aug 08
Why colder countries are Richer

Studies shows that as the average Celsius get lowers, there's a considerable amount of wealth this brings. Why is that?

Way back in time, the wealthiest part of the world used to be Africa, Why?
Because we had bountiful resources per square meter.
Evidence of this is observed in Egypt and other civilizations that came and ended. You see those pyramids, they're definitely the ones in the book of Exodus. Now that I think about it, it's amazing. The Egyptian you see today, ye shall see them No More. Now I get why the Egyptians were hated. They don suffer, it feels like jealously.

I'm already rambling....we used to be the wealthiest. We didn't have to look at the weather before we plant, we had various crops that grew better at different periods in a year, so we continued at that pace, we didn't have to be friends with neighbouring community, our blood just dey hot. Not majorly our fault, the sun made it boil, little things that should be ignore was exacerbated by the sun, and blood started to fall here and there. Due to the conflict, it was difficult for community to trade and develop. Inorder to do that, you need to seat together and reach agreement. How can you achieve that when your language is different. Get an interpreter, that was only recently, when the White men came. We carried on without coming together and kept progressing, at an incredibly slow pace.

Up North, away from wrath of the Sun, were People bleached from the Touch of ice, narrow pointed nose to reduce Frazil air from chilling their body, straight hair that grew longer without any curl and coil which ensured that they grew quickly enough to warm their head, neck and body, blue iris and pupil to let more light into their eyes in Cloudy days, Thin lips to ensure that very little body heat escapes to the Wintry weather; they've never been cooked like you and I.

They had to be friends with their neighbors, if not, they would starve in times of need. They had to make hay while the sun Shines, Without which, their neighbors will find their corpse the next Spring.
I have often pondered about the saying before my adolescent why should I make hay when the sun keeps shining all year round, that saying never applied to us. It was the mantra that Launched them into the 18th century industrial revolution. In the 18th century, what was Africa doing? We carried on because we knew the sun will rise another day.

Caucasian, that's the word for them. I prefer not to classify them by the colour of their skin. Sometime last year, I said no one should call me Black, if you want to classify me by colour, Non-White should be the term. This covers everyone that's not White.
These fellas knew that every year, they only had the luxury of the Sun for Only Three MONTHS a year. Some get it even lesser. They had to Plan. Big word right? Plan is missing in Nigeria, Prayer is not enough.
MLK who said he had a dream was a Pastor. Lemme not talk much here, a word is enough for the wise.

When you know that there's going to be a short time in a year when you can farm comfortably and your crop will do well. What do you do. You Plan. From these seasonal planning it went on to community and regional planning to National planning that ensured industrial and mechanised farming, food Processing and preservation, trade, welfare and development...

These three countries are outliers, they're hot and still wealthy.
Singapore, Hong Kong and the UAE don't rely solely on resources, they benefit because they're strategically located to become trade centres and they've planned to attract FDI to their economy. Nigeria is strategically located to attract these but political instability is setting us back.

An interesting example is Australia, Australia is a continent on its own, show you how huge it is. The warm region is comparatively poorer than the cold part. This is the theory in effect here.


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Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:22pm On Aug 08

Even cold bag of water cost pass ordinary bag of water.

You get the point now?
Hahaha, nice one.

Cold water is worthless here, heat is gold here. You need to see how people fantasize about warm bath, hot soup, nice warm bed, cozy room....once the sun gets a little warm, everyone run out to get tanned. Tanning is where the sun is safely allowed to cook their skin, making them get a deeper yellow or brown colour, an example of that is Donald trump, he wears Fake tan ofcourse, it's why you might get a headache if you look at his eyes deep enough.


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 5:50am On Jul 16
A question struck me this early morning.

Why are Cold countries richer than Hot countries?

Ofcourse, you'll have to exclude some outliers like the UAE.


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 5:47am On Jul 16


My guyyy

Yes ooo. E vex me gan
Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:29pm On Jul 12
I was supposed to watch a movie, but time went before madam finish putting her make up and all. We just had a walk.

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Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:28pm On Jul 12
Those of you wondering how to pack your load from Dublin to Cork, see space o. Wherever you get job is where you go o.


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:27pm On Jul 12
Bus has toilet, It was itching me to go and see what it looks like, but I dey fear covid o.
I wasn't pressed tho.


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:26pm On Jul 12
I saw this while I was in the bus, if the heat stroke that's killing people in the USA comes here, I fit drop and dive in.


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:24pm On Jul 12
On the way to Cork, I think it's Tipperary. They make my favourite Pudding, the black pudding.

The grass is greener on this side, haha


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:22pm On Jul 12
Some landscape here

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Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:21pm On Jul 12


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:21pm On Jul 12
I just love Medieval structures.


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:20pm On Jul 12


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:19pm On Jul 12


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:19pm On Jul 12
This is the hottest spot in Cork, Patrick's Street


Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:18pm On Jul 12
Dublin has the neatest and most modern bus. The bus here looks older. Haha.

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Travel / Re: Adventure In Ireland by Chiggsglover(m): 4:17pm On Jul 12

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