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Celebrities / Re: Election: Timi Dakolo Complains About The Low Turn Out Of Voters by Clean2016: 6:46am On Mar 10
Nonsense. That has been the pattern since democratic rule in Nigeria

Thank you and honestly I wonder how we forget things so easily

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Celebrities / Re: Election: Timi Dakolo Complains About The Low Turn Out Of Voters by Clean2016: 6:46am On Mar 10
That has been the pattern over the years unless you recently relocated to Nigeria, you can check the rest from previous voting. 2011 toll date

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Politics / Re: Vehicle Loaded With INEC Result Sheets Intercepted In Jalingo (photos) by Clean2016: 10:36am On Mar 06
1. Pictures of election materials were displayed. It could be taken anywhere. Where is the evidence that it's Jalingo Jos Lagos or Kaduna?

2. Gov. pictures was shown discussing with some friends. How's this related to the election materials?

3. Where are the police that intercepted the bus and where's picture of the bus?

4. Which political party was mentioned?

As usual pictures were gathered together to form a story which could be outright lies. We need to grow up as a nation

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Bernie Sanders, US President In Waiting - Mr Rights by Clean2016: 6:44am On Mar 05
Check it very well.

He was rigged out by establishments. The US have their own problem so after doing election in Nigeria and both parties rigged yet you are writing US about a party that rigged. They look at you and laugh and say this idiots thought we care

2016 rigging.


Agriculture / Re: Nigeria Overtakes Egypt As Largest Rice Producer In Africa’ by Clean2016: 9:33pm On Mar 04

Stores, Kitchen , belly , toilet bowl or simply ask google

They query good news but accept bad news with joy so that they say we told you

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Career / Re: Tell Three Equipments Of Your Work And Let People Guess What You Do by Clean2016: 4:28pm On Mar 02

Are you a Geologist or a surveyor?

Travel / Re: Which Country Can I Relocate To With 6million by Clean2016: 4:25pm On Mar 02

Do you know if he sold an inherited property? The economy is bad, and with another 4 years of Buhari, it's certain to get worse. You may choose to keep lying to yourself, but only to yourself. Don't lie to the rest of us.

Oga, am into properties and I still marvel at the way people bought landed properties in the last 4 years and built houses. Pray it will reach you. But you can magnify the country problem to deceive yourself also
Travel / Re: Which Country Can I Relocate To With 6million by Clean2016: 11:27am On Feb 27
The country is so bad as you are made to believe but you are still able to gather #6m.
Because One man won election you want to elope. Did you make the money from the electioneering? What has the election got to do with your money? Now you want to run to your uncertainty. Go to Canada to study and work. you will later know that home is sweet


Politics / Re: 2 Killed On The Spot As Gunmen Open Fire On Voters In Delta. Graphic Photos by Clean2016: 8:49pm On Feb 23

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Politics / Re: 2 Killed On The Spot As Gunmen Open Fire On Voters In Delta. Graphic Photos by Clean2016: 8:48pm On Feb 23

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Politics / Re: Ekiti Pdp Candidate Disrupt Fayemi's Free Health Programme by Clean2016: 6:27pm On Feb 15
Pure lie because am currently serving in erio ekiti nothing like that happened.guy or whoever posted stop saying poo abeg

Efon Alaaye is different from Erio. Erio is about 15-20 minutes drive from Efon

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Politics / Re: FG Earned N1.662trn From Oil Block License Renewals, Royalties In One Year by Clean2016: 6:32am On Feb 12
The FG owns at least 51% stake in over 100 oil blocks earns royalty on the 49% (crude and gas) and also taxex the 49% 85% petroleum profit tax. Despite all this we still dey suffer

Since you have these information you should make a little enquire more about who spends the money.

All these monies, Oil, tax, customs etc are all shared by the 3tiers of government. Federal, State and local government. In most cases State have annexed LG portion to their own.
It's not Federal Government own. Monthly all started go for sharing


Politics / Re: See Prove That 60 Niger Republic Govt Officials Atended APC Rally In Kano- Photo by Clean2016: 7:54pm On Feb 04
[quote author=NaijaMutant post=75416963][/quote]

I wanted to ask too? Must the OP forged fake documents/news to prove a point?
Did the 60 number responsible for the stadium?

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Politics / Ways To Sort Out CJN Issue by Clean2016: 4:30pm On Jan 27
Barrister Jiti Ogunye offers a way out of the Walter Onnoghen palava ...

In order to save the Judiciary from further assault and embarrassment, and Nigeria from further international humiliation, a number of urgent steps must be taken by the Judiciary, the Executive Branch of Government and the legal profession.

The President must withdraw his purported execution of the order of the CCT suspending CJN Onnoghen from office, and swearing in Hon. Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammed as the Acting CJN of Nigeria.

This must be done immediately to stabilise the failing health of the Supreme Court that must have been occasioned by the act of the President.

Hon. Justice Walter Samuel Onnoghen must immediately resign from the office of the Chief Justice of Nigeria.

His reputation as a judge and as the head of the Nigerian Judiciary has been irreparably damaged, and his clinging to judicial office will not serve any useful purpose at this time.

His attempt to shield himself in office as exemplified by the inexplicable panicky indefinite postponement of the meeting of the NJC on 15th January , 2019, thereby robbing the NJC of its earliest opportunity to discuss the issue of his charge before the CCT is not helping him.

If anything , it portrays him, very unfortunately, as a person who is determined to cling to judicial office while the Judiciary is engulfed in crisis, flowing from issues relating to his alleged ethical infirmities.

The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, who is also facing a criminal prosecution by the Federal Republic of Nigeria ( EFCC) should either step down from the presidency of the NBA or recuse himself from the membership of the NJC, pending the conclusion of the criminal charge against him.

Even when his presumption of innocence is conceded, this is the only way to guarantee that his representation of the NBA in the NJC is not used and surbodinated in the prevailing circumstances to the pursuit of his self interest to have himself discharged and acquitted.

The NJC must meet immediately to accept the resignation of Honorable Justice Onnoghen, and forward same to the President; and recommend a new Chief Justice of Nigeria to the President for a due appointment, with the approval and confirmation of the Senate.

In the meantime, the President will now be in a position to properly exercise his powers under Section 231(4) of the Constitution to appoint an Acting CJN in the person of Hon. Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammed.

The NBA and members of the legal profession must be mobilised not only to condemn the Executive for its acts of interference in the Judiciary, but also to compel Hon. Justice Onnoghen to resign as the CJN with immediate effect.

The unwitting impression the legal profession creates when it condemns the Executive without demanding for the resignation of the CJN is that it is protecting the CJN and shielding him from facing the consequences of alleged involvement in corrupt practices .

In addressing the issues that the actions of the Executive have raised, state actors and stakeholders in the Judiciary and outside it must ensure that the Judiciary is not further politicised or divided along ethnic or religious lines.

Finally, the current debacle rocking the Judiciary must be resolved to preserve and grow Nigerian constitutional democracy and rule of law and intensify the fight again corruption in Nigeria’s public life.

**Jiti Ogunye, a public interest attorney, commentator, and author, is the legal adviser to Premium Times.
Politics / Re: The Hypocrisy Of Justice Mohammed, A Key Member Of The NJC. by Clean2016: 4:17pm On Jan 27
No one is even asking how Onnoghen got the suspicious funds in his account cos it's normal to steal when you're in Government.

Obi and the lunatics in PDP were comparing Nigeria to China.

If Onnoghen tried this kind of nonsense in China, he would have been beheaded in the presence of his grandchildren and family members.

Nobody talked about that, is he guilty or not? He agreed he is guilty but refused to step aside
Politics / Re: The Next Facebook Creator Can Be In FUTA, I Am Not After Gold - Sowore by Clean2016: 8:35am On Jan 24

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Crime / Re: Two Men Break Into RCCG, Steal Items Worth N680,000 by Clean2016: 10:53am On Jan 22

Hahahaha this one tough oh
Politics / Re: Chronicle Of Debate In Nigeria And The Outcome by Clean2016: 7:25pm On Jan 21
In 2015 PDP came
In 2019 PDP and APC no show However PDP will Win

Few weeks remaining. Feb 16
Politics / Re: Chronicle Of Debate In Nigeria And The Outcome by Clean2016: 4:39pm On Jan 21
In a country that required urgent attention in terms of security, infrastructure and robust foreign policy, Buhari is not fit to be a district head not to talk of managing a complex nation like Nigeria.
SAI AtikuObi for prosperous Nigeria...

same in a Country that requires all these needs honest candidate, the China that Obi refers to they would have killed Atiku since. urgent infrastructure and yet $16 billion power sector money was put in private pocket till "district head" produce 7,000MW. Foreign policy where you have to be an aide to Senate president
Politics / Re: Chronicle Of Debate In Nigeria And The Outcome by Clean2016: 3:24pm On Jan 21
Buhari challenged Atiku to visit America if he is not corrupt, Atiku did.
Atiku challengedo Buhari to a debate and Buhari ran off.
Forget what you have heard. From this who has integrity between Buhari and Atiku.

Visited as an aide to senate President or private citizen? when Fayose challenged Aisha Buhari to visit US for Halliburton issue. Did she visit as an aide or private citizen?
Politics / Chronicle Of Debate In Nigeria And The Outcome by Clean2016: 2:01pm On Jan 21
Whatever you do think well of the future as it will serve as reference
These are the reference of participants of debate in Nigeria so far and the outcome


Olu Falae showed up for debate
PDP candidate OBJ, sure of victory, didn't come
PDP won.

Buhari showed up for debate
PDP candidate, OBJ, sure of victory, didn't come.
PDP won

Buhari showed up for debate
PDP Yar'Adua, sure of victory, didn't come
PDP won.

Buhari Showed up for debate
PDP Jonathan, sure of victory, didn't come
PDP won.

Buhari, sure of victory
PDP , facing defeat, was now begging for debate
Buhari didn't come
APC won.

Buhari, sure of victory
PDP, facing defeat, was begging for debate
Buhari didn't come

who will win??

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Religion / Re: It Is Not The Law Of Moses But God Himself That Tells Us To Give First Fruit by Clean2016: 8:02pm On Jan 06
Please show me where God requested for it.

Where God said to Abel "bring your first fruit"
Abel decide on his own. Likewise Abram giving title to the high priest. He gave it on his own, he (Priest) didn't request for it and he gave it just once.

Malachi message was for the Levi and not the congregation


Career / Re: Tell Three Equipments Of Your Work And Let People Guess What You Do by Clean2016: 7:38am On Dec 06, 2018
Tape, total station and GPS
Autos / Re: Why The Sudden Madness For Benz Cars? by Clean2016: 1:49pm On Nov 09, 2018
@OP, I think some of us can pardon your ignorance seeing that you actually don't know about cars. If you do, the way you jam packed supercar brands, luxury brands and economy brands, you won't try it.

How do you put Chrysler and Porsche in same line and sentence, how can you call Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai in same sentence, how can you merge Dodge with koenigsegg and Lamborghini in the same class.??

I advise you to go and learn a few things about cars and brands first. When you are done with that, I assure you that then and then only would you know why the sudden craze of Benz has taken place in Nigeria at this time.

OP and Sowore are related.


Crime / Re: Drunk Lagos Policeman Goes Viral by Clean2016: 3:26pm On Nov 07, 2018
I know dat but d op should nt hv do dat

When he fires and kill somebody your people will still be complaining of brutality. Do you know what it means? Drunk and with AK 47..... Let him go and open bar after his sack
Foreign Affairs / Re: Democrats Just Won The House In A Sweeping Rebuke To Trump by Clean2016: 7:40am On Nov 07, 2018

Like Nigeria like US


Politics / Re: Buhari And Islamic Agenda? by Clean2016: 11:59am On Nov 02, 2018
This was how one AFONJA idiot printed bills and pasted everywhere with the name Amaechi, I needed the service and invited him for negotiation only to discover that the high profile piggy idiot is a Yoruba....

every Igbo person should be careful in his dealings these days....

Igbos don't have business with TERRORISTS.

You didn't even respond to any of the points raised but went fighting shadows

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Politics / Re: Buhari And Islamic Agenda? by Clean2016: 11:58am On Nov 02, 2018
Every foolish Almajiri and Evil Afonja that wants to spew rubbish now append Igbo name @ the end of their trash.
Buhari is a terrorist

You didn't even respond to any of the points raised but went fighting shadows

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Career / Re: Google Staff Walk Out Of Their Offices In Protest Over Excos Sexual Allegations by Clean2016: 7:56am On Nov 02, 2018

It's really hard to please women.
You go too fast, they cry.
You go too slow, they nag.

Google has dismissed offenders but they are not satisfied because Google has not made an official comment on it.
How more confused can these broads be?

For Google to dismiss erring staff means the organization won't condone any form of sexual harassment.

Some things are best left undone, some words are better left unspoken and some wounds better left unopened.

No organization will be proud to come out in public to tell the world they have perverts as staff.
Likewise, some victims want the memory of their abuse refreshed.

If you want the abuse to be talked about, then do it yourself because Google will lose the trust of users like myself who wonders why they turn on "safe search" by default on my browsers when they have perverts amongst them.

You are very correct

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Politics / Re: Nigeria's Economic Problems Not Created By Present Government - Peter Obi by Clean2016: 7:42am On Nov 02, 2018

Obi is blaming the governors which Rotimi Amaechi and Fashola is involved

Federal government collects the largest share of the money. Now where we Fed Govt savings?


Politics / Re: Apc Is Not Doing Well But When It Comes To Governance Give It To Buhari-wike by Clean2016: 8:48am On Nov 01, 2018
It always baffles me when

"You did not vote Buhari in 2015.

You did not vote at all in 2015.

You are still not yet registered to vote in 2019.

Your anger to oust Buhari is one expressed in futility.

You cannot withdraw the benefits you never gave someone in the first place.

One of the most misplaced emotions in Nigeria is ANGER. And those with the least capacity to effect a threat, issue it the most"

Wike will be hated badly for this

People still don't know this fact

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