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Music/Radio / Re: NBC Bans Ric Hassani’s ‘Thunder Fire You’ Song by ClearFlair: 11:53am
Now I want to listen to the song.

cheesy shocked
Very good step in the right direction. There are too many pollutions in our society. This is the kind of youth polluting the younger generation with noise, oh sorry "music"

And that's why Nigeria is more developed than the US, Canada, and Germany? Well done.

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Science/Technology / Re: Pictures Of Mars Released By NASA by ClearFlair: 11:43am

As if u PDP s1aves are better? Get sense, u no gree

PDP? I have no ties to any useless, demonic parties.
Politics / Re: ‘Young Professionals’ Donate N10m For Tinubu 2023 Presidency by ClearFlair: 11:42am
This country is not ready to move forward.

So sad.
Politics / Re: Jangebe Students’ Abduction: PDP Asks Buhari To "Wake Up From Slumber" by ClearFlair: 8:57am
PDP are responsible probably paid the Bandits

They're also responsible for your stup!dity?
Science/Technology / Re: Pictures Of Mars Released By NASA by ClearFlair: 5:18pm On Feb 26
Bunch of CGI pictures. They're all fake. No man made object can land on the moon talkmore of mars. The earth is an enclosed system. Nothing comes in, nothing goes out.
Stars like mars are embeded outwards on the glass ceiling covering the entire earth.

You want to be dragging brainlessness with APC supporters abi? Better pick up a good book and upgrade your life.

If you stay on the same level with APC supporters then your only hope in life is stealing, fraud, armed robbery, kidnapping. If you think I'm joking, take note of the APC supporters on Nairaland, and check what they've become 10 years from now. They can't succeed in a proper society. It's all doom and gloom. Don't tow that path.

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Science/Technology / Re: Pictures Of Mars Released By NASA by ClearFlair: 5:17pm On Feb 26

Find something else to read. This is not for zombies. You can never understand.

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Science/Technology / Re: Pictures Of Mars Released By NASA by ClearFlair: 5:16pm On Feb 26
Meanwhile, universities are striking in Nigeria. What a country.


Politics / Re: DSS, Police, Soldiers Attempt To Arrest Sunday Igboho — FFK (Video) by ClearFlair: 5:15pm On Feb 26

Ana Akogheli

What is squeaking? You and your ilk. Tufiakwa.
Politics / Re: DSS, Police, Soldiers Attempt To Arrest Sunday Igboho — FFK (Video) by ClearFlair: 5:12pm On Feb 26
He should be arrested...

Igboho is over heating the polity and should be arrested immediately.

See lines.....Who is this Olaniyi below?

Like your brain was arrested? Or is your empty brain capable of thinking of another way? White-faced, red-nosed clown like you. If you don't gerrout with your generational primitivesness! Ewu!

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Politics / Re: Parents Of Kidnapped Jangebe, Zamfara Students Slump, Vandalise School - Teacher by ClearFlair: 1:00pm On Feb 26
Where is that SilverNorGold? Always posting rubbish.


Politics / Re: Bandits Kidnap 300 Schoolgirls In Jangebe, Zamfara State by ClearFlair: 12:21pm On Feb 26
The Lagos - Ibadan express news is at it again, they just want to paint the north black. The North is peaceful and better than the SW.

Do you know how peaceful the north is? There's no police or army checkpoint in the north, that's because there is peace and tranquillity here.

The SW will leave their herdsmen infested states where Sunday Ignoho is ruling to come and talk down on the peaceful north.

Do you know how many rich kids we have here in Kaduna? Come and see Ferrari, laboughini, expensive Mercedes all cruising our roads in peace.

Crime / Re: Insecurity: Buhari Rules Out Amnesty For Bandits, Insurgents by ClearFlair: 12:20pm On Feb 26

Best President ever!

God bless President Muhammadu Buhari.
God bless all patriotic Nigerians.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Car Talk / Re: China Unveils Luxury Motorhome With A Second Storey And An Elevator (Photos) by ClearFlair: 10:18am On Feb 25
chinese people building rubbish.

Don't be ignorant.
Politics / Re: Maiduguri Explosion: How Rockets Crushed 9 Boys On Football Field by ClearFlair: 11:31am On Feb 24

Boko Haram own dun dey too much o


We will win this war, that's for sure...

As for that Shekau, if I catch that bastard eh.. Wetin I go do am, him no go ever forget. It's cos I don't want to take the law into my own hands if not, I would have hunted down that bastard and fed his soul to the naked fury of my sword..

Na now I cool... If it was then, who be Shekau? Who be Sunday Igboho? Who be Nnamdi Kanu? Sunday Igboho himself can testify. Back then in boarding school, na because of me Sunday Igboho drop out! I was merciless! I was brutal! If you know him, ask him to tell you who Senior Python is! He can never forget that nick! Ask him to tell you what I did to him and his group when they attacked me with weapons and charms! Make him tell una who Senior Python be! How I reigned Supreme!

So who's Shekau? Anyway, mah continue dey respect the laws of our land.

God bless Nigeria.

Politics / Re: Killer Herdsmen Are Ethnic Militants At War, Not Bandits - Sheikh Gumi by ClearFlair: 9:49am On Feb 23
Nothing but the truth. IPOB terrorist, thugs, hoodlums, Gboys, will argue otherwise you people live thousands of kilometers away and know nothing about the situation. Cho, cho cho putting mouth everywhere. Maybe you will understand this verse "Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? . . . Hear; for I will speak of excellent things; and the opening of my lips shall be right things. For my mouth shall speak truth; and wickedness is an abomination to my lips. All the words of my mouth are in righteousness; there is nothing froward or perverse in them. They are all plain to him that understandeth, and right to them that find knowledge. Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold. For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it."
Proverbs 8:1, 6-11, KJV

Shut up. Always posting nonsense.
Politics / Re: Kagara: SERAP Asks Buhari To Probe, Recover Billions Missing From UBEC, SUBEBS by ClearFlair: 2:43pm On Feb 21
If anyone is found guilty,
You face the consequences of your actions.


Nigeria will be great again in our lifetime.

Some enemies of the country will still wail on our honest and true image below this beautiful Sunday.
Children of hate, frustration and perdition show your face by quoting this post, let sane Nairalanders know you tongue tongue tongue

They call him many different names,
but not even their fathers dare call him a thief!

#INTEGRITY to badt!
A man after God's heart ❤
They want to bury Baba,
They don't know he is a seed! kiss

Lol cheesy.
Oga Fredoooooo,
Dem no blind nah,
Dem dey see am! grin cheesy wink

This oga is clearly not okay.
Politics / Re: 2023: Top Northern Politicians Pushing For Southern President by ClearFlair: 10:17am On Feb 21

I will vigorously campaign for any of the following candidates:

1. Governor Dave Umahi.. (my favorite SE governor. He made my top 20 list of great Nigerians we should emulate..)

2. Goodluck Jonathan.

3. Amaechi.

4. Ogbonnaya Onu.. (patriotic, loyal and industrious)

5. Yul Edochie.. (My favorite Nollywood actor. He hates Buhari, that's my only problem with him. But eh, if I like you, I like you.. cheesy)

For equity's sake, power should return to the South, particularly the South East... If not, then South South..

Basically, any good candidate from the SE or SS will have my support. The North and the SW should not contest AT ALL... However, If the SW wants to contest, then the North, especially the NE and the NC, will also contest..

To avoid this, the North and the South West should go and rest and let the SE and the SS have their fun... cheesy

God bless Nigeria.

Nobody cares what you do because you're clearly bad at making choices.
Sports / Re: Porto And Braga Players Push Ambulance Off Pitch After Breakdown (Photos, Video) by ClearFlair: 1:06pm On Feb 20
This is my first time commenting on a football thread since I joined this forum.

I'm just here to remind us what the FUTURE is.


The future is female but you're wasting away here. Town crier. lol
Travel / Re: Lady Travels Accross Seven States Within Seven Days With A Bike. (photos) by ClearFlair: 3:06pm On Feb 19
Congrats dear.



Yes, but are you one of those promising females? Ruminate on that. Bye!
Politics / Re: Buratai, Other Ex-Service Chiefs In Senate For Ambassadorial Screening by ClearFlair: 1:22pm On Feb 18
Serious change. APC is the biggest scam of the 21st Century.

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Politics / Re: Fulani Kidnappers In Ondo Use Generators , Play Music Inside The Forest by ClearFlair: 11:28am On Feb 16
All these cooked up stories to paint a tribe bad.

I know this might go to front page to bring more traffic and create more contention.

All unverified news are just for sensationalism and to create controversy.

Everyone keep blaming fulani for kidnapping, last year, prisoners were released from prison by endsar protesters, these same people looted police stations armory and stole guns which many of them are using to commit crime.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Head AFDB, OPEC, WTO And Other International Organizations by ClearFlair: 9:07am On Feb 16

Those who matters know his role in their position. Whenever Iweala stepped into Nigeria, Buhari's office will be her first visit before any other visit or meeting. Watch it
Politics / Re: Timi Frank To Tinubu: Your Silence Over Attacks Against Yorubas Worrisome by ClearFlair: 3:06pm On Feb 15

Silence is golden

Understand that and you know peace...

Jagaban is an Enigma and he made the statement silence is the best answer for Fools so interesting

Perhaps if this Baboon looking black face learn to keep silent sometimes maybe he could earn 1/1000 of political respect and power Bola Ahmed Tinubu earns

Tinubu has just one vote so he couldn't have forced 15 million voters to vote Buhari against their wishes

Seyi Makinde is the Governor, Chief Executive and Chief Security Officer of Oyo State not Tinubu

Tinubu is the Asiwaju of Lagos State as conferred by Oba Onikan not the Asiwaju of Yoruba land


Keep deceiving yourselves. Tcheeew!
Politics / Re: Herdsmen Invade Ogun, Kill Mother & Child, Injure Others by ClearFlair: 11:12am On Feb 14

I am keeping count.

45m Yoruba - (4,000 + this 5) = 44,995,995

So it's remaining 44,995,995 yorubas

Nothing spoil sha. The loss is negligible

Your loss will know no end.
Business / Re: Autumn Spikes Evicted From U.S. Apartment For Owing Six Months’ Rent by ClearFlair: 9:14am On Feb 03
In all her time with Dangote, she didn't learn to make money or get useful connections? She just wanted money handed to her? SMH. undecided

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Food / Re: How To Make Spicy Goat Meat Stew (video) by ClearFlair: 1:17pm On Feb 01
I was craving goat meat stew and apart from satisfying my craving, it seemed like a perfect time to try out a video. So, I tried out a video and I need observations and suggestions.

I don’t think video is my thing though. Took me more time and energy. cheesy


- Tomatoes
- Tatashe
- Onions
- Ginger
- Garlic
- Hot fresh pepper
- Goat meat
- Vegetable oil
- Seasoning cubes
- Thyme
- Curry
- Salt

Cc: Mariahangel, Twoclans, Izzou, Kondomatic, Magnolia… I need your thoughts on this.

You're not my favorite person, but this is nice and educative.
Politics / Re: #EndSARS Victims: Names, Photos, Videos & Deaths by ClearFlair: 8:53am On Feb 01
God will surely judge those responsible.

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Politics / Re: Rinu Oduala Can't Write Her Exams (#EndSARS Protester) by ClearFlair: 7:34pm On Jan 18
the country will never move forward with people like you in it...
Just see the way you reason!!

Don't mind that dunce.
Travel / Re: My Trip From Lagos To Ethiopia, Kenya And Mauritius Island by ClearFlair: 10:06pm On Jan 15
It's 3:44 nd can't sleep cry I'm really scared of this test, I just hope it comes out negative!

Kenya is cool. No need for air conditioners..lol
Travel / Re: My Trip From Lagos To Ethiopia, Kenya And Mauritius Island by ClearFlair: 10:04pm On Jan 15
I was extremely hungry so decided to eat at Nairobi restaurant inside the airport, a coffee and fries sold for 10 dollars! cry

I remember this restaurant on my last trip to Nairobi. smiley
Politics / Re: Nigeria Now Earns $2bn Annually From Deep Offshore Production Sharing Contracts by ClearFlair: 11:18am On Jan 13
Where is the impact of the money on the citizenry?

God bless our darling Daddy President Muhammadu Buhari

Kids, you can be anything you want to be, but never ever become this.


Romance / Re: "Stingy Women Association Of Nigeria" Launched To Counter The Men's Version by ClearFlair: 12:22pm On Jan 12
the only thing Nigerian men have to offer is money and the only thing Nigerian women have to offer is sex, lol, they fit each other. Let each side hold onto what they have make we rest small. I am the referee

Simp spotted!


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