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Politics / Re: Tension As Gun Men Abduct Lagos Govt Official In Ikorodu by cloud(m): 7:33am On Nov 22
The revolution has started

It would start from people, youths, unemployed doing the unimaginable just to survive Tinubu'a government
This is sheer criminality, it has nothing to do with revolution. Pray not to become a victim of such ugly trend.
Crime / Re: Woman Caught After Spending $10.4m Mistakenly Paid To Her Acct (pics/video) by cloud(m): 3:59pm On Nov 18
Omo, I pray I receive this type of transfer.

I will disguised totally.

I will bribe my way to NIMc and create a new account with new name. Open a new BVN and change account details by force. Change phone number and use POS to withdraw the money and pay it into my new untraceable account.

Then travel out to Ghana or another African country with my new name and then from there to Europe. The spending go too make sense.

Like this, God go don do am for me.
you could use this same energy to actually pray for a more legitimate blessing.
Family / Re: Should I Divorce Or Remain Subjected To This Punishment For My Infidelity? by cloud(m): 4:24pm On Nov 06
I rather die and go to hell than forgive a woman that allows another man access to hear body. Whether that is kissing, sucking or fvcking.

Whether it happened ten years ago, the day I find out, that's the end. I swear I can poison her to death. I can be that vindictive

I must marry a virgin. I don't care how good your character is, the fact that you couldn't close your legs for your future husband disqualifies you. I can date and love you, but I'm never taking you to momma. I just can't trust you. Even the virgin is 50/50 trust, in the sense that I know she's human and every human has his price. But for a non virgin, trust is zero

So many whores parading themselves themselves as wives and mothers.

you yourself, are you a Virgin? Just asking.

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Politics / Re: Military Invades & Burns Ehime Mbano, Imo Over The Killing Of Officers by cloud(m): 9:10pm On Sep 20



Crime / Re: Troops Rescue 13 kidnap Victims In Isuochi, Abia State (photos) by cloud(m): 6:13am On Jul 25
Arrangee rescue
don't pray to be a victim of kidnap


Politics / Re: Nigeria Army Clears Ambush In Mangu (viewers Discretion Advised) by cloud(m): 11:42am On Jul 13

Oh please STFU and go fcuuuk yourself you stewpid phoolish human.

It's because none of your relatives is among the tens of thousands that have been k!lled in that Mangu for YEARS that's why 3 out of thousands of the k!llers being caught is a big deal to a gullible SW!ne like you.

You people and celebrating mediocrity is why this country is where it is. See all the praises because the soldiers DID THIER JOBS albeit NOT SUCCESSFULLY to the extent of STOPPING the people of Mangu being sl@ughtered everyday like ram.

Ogun kee you there! Gullible phool.
you sit behind your keyboard in the comfort of your home typing nonsense because you feel you can. Do you know the havoc just one armed bandit can cause in a society ? And here you are spewing utter rubbish, denigrating the efforts of our security personnel because they killed few bandits. It is either you are related to those bandits killed or your are a sympathetic to their criminal activities. The sooner we celebrate the gallant efforts of men who have laid down their lives so that ungrateful people like you can sleep with 2 eyes closed, the better. Think rationally and critically about your reasoning, don't just type whatever enters your head for the sake of it.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Army Clears Ambush In Mangu (viewers Discretion Advised) by cloud(m): 6:29am On Jul 13
3 out of battalions that's what is being seen as an achievement. 3 that can be replaced within seconds. Do you know how many citizens have been butch£red by this daredevils?
why not volunteer to do the job. Have you ever given out information to assist security agencies in carrying out their duties? You really need to stop watching action movies and realise real lives are at stake.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Army Clears Ambush In Mangu (viewers Discretion Advised) by cloud(m): 6:26am On Jul 13
I hope Army didn't kill Vigilante in the name of killing bandit.
will you just shut up!


Fashion / Re: Why We Fined, Flogged Ladies For Indecent Dressing – Warri Youth Leader by cloud(m): 9:30pm On Jul 09
Come my area and see smallies with short short gowns

Any girl dressing indecently should be flogged
We must cast out the spirit of ashawo
Funny enough, same men that condemn those ladies in public are the same ones that patronise them in private. Ironical
Family / Re: My Husband Is So Annoying. I'm Depress. by cloud(m): 9:49pm On Mar 21
For better for worse. That's the oath you took on the day you decided to settle down with him. This generation of marriages seem not to understand the implications of those words and take everything to be mere formalities.

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Crime / Re: SP Mojeed Salami Slumps And Dies Inside His Office In Lagos (Photo) by cloud(m): 7:44pm On Jan 14
Case of heart problem or HBP. No RIP to waste for policemen.
ok, see one might be corrupt, but take a minute to think about this country without the presence of policemen. I'm sure you won't be able to type this trash from the comfort of wherever you are
Crime / Re: 29-year-old Lady Disarms Kidnapper Of AK-47 Rifle, Frees 3 Victims In Plateau by cloud(m): 1:59pm On Dec 20, 2022

What a brave woman...

She deserves some accolades.

Generally speaking, it's good for one to have some martial arts/Karate skills so that in situations like this you'll fashion a way out to disarm your captors when you consider it safe to do so.
courage is the most important thing.
Business / Re: Naira Redesign: Nigerians Will Fill Uncountable Forms To Withdraw Large Amounts by cloud(m): 5:51am On Nov 24, 2022
The new currency will be so counterfeited
even the mighty dollar is counterfeited, so what's the point?
Sports / Re: Breaking News: Man Utd Sacks Cristiano Ronaldo by cloud(m): 9:38pm On Nov 18, 2022
but mancity wanted him only for united to overtake them... see what happened now
pep will not sign a player whose ego is bigger than his
Family / Re: Makinde Pilot Sisters: Mopelola, Oluwaseun and Oluwafunmilayo by cloud(m): 5:52pm On Nov 12, 2022
I dreamt of being a pilot when I was a kid I wonder what happened to that dream
Nigeria happened to it
Politics / Re: Restructuring: No President Can Solve Nigeria Problem Without Doing This by cloud(m): 10:49am On Nov 11, 2022

Guy we are in the 21st century where whatever info we want is just a click away.

I have explained in the write up, so for more info just do your home work about what true federalism.
why don't you substantiate your line of argument with explanations for all to have a vivid understanding of where you are headed. This shouldn't call for arguments or fight. It's just for learning and enlightenment purposes.

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Celebrities / Re: Mr Ibu Daughter: My Husband Flew In From US, Proposed & Married Me In 24 Days by cloud(m): 5:15am On Nov 09, 2022
The obsession for attention on social media is what I still find difficult to understand. We know you're married and that's all that matters, certain details are not necessary for the public. All the same, I wish them well.
Food / Re: See What I Bought With $1(#900) In Supermarket (nigeria) by cloud(m): 4:59pm On Nov 08, 2022
To me things are still less expensive in Nigeria. Exchange rate to naira to dollar is #900/$1 in parallel market. See what I bought with $1 (#900)... If it was in abroad all these things will be $4 to 7$..
very wrong conception, you can compare the exchange rate but won't compare the earning power and govt benefits of both countries? Remember that in US, you get paid per Hour so you earn far above a person in Nigeria with same skill set and job
Travel / Re: London To Lagos Flight Delayed For Hours When Deportee Does The Unthinkable by cloud(m): 6:48am On Oct 26, 2022
Seems the man would rather be locked up in a UK prison than return to Nigeria
Politics / Re: See What Peter Obi Donated To Flooded Community by cloud(m): 11:44am On Oct 23, 2022
The fraud Peter Obi despite all the billions he stole and hide in tax Haven. can only donate few packs of indomie. The fraud even want citizens of a country he called failed to donate to his campaign
show us your own donation, Mr journalist.
Politics / Re: If We Don’t Root Out Bandits, Nigeria Is Finished — TY Danjuma by cloud(m): 11:41am On Oct 23, 2022
Look at this ex soldier that cornered oil blocks worth billions of dollars talking about bandits.
what does this have to do with the message he passed? This is absolutely why we are were we are today, focusing more on the messenger rather than the message.

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Education / Re: Use Of Energy Drinks Among Young People In Nigeria - A Survey by cloud(m): 9:01pm On Oct 16, 2022
Excessive intake leads to long term increase in blood pressure because of the levels of caffeine. That explains why many youths this days suffer from hypertension

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Health / Re: Meningitis: NCDC Issues Warning To Nigerians About Kissing by cloud(m): 11:33am On Oct 09, 2022
What do you expect from a generation of shameless and promiscuous children?
Even their parents are not left out.
- Fathers have girlfriends...
- Mothers have "man friends"...

Let all shameless useless WHORĒS and SLUTṢ with double and triple digits bodycount hear this.

Your waywardness, looseness and whoring will still bit you back in the ass.

You go about sleeping loosely with various guys and married men in the name of:
Bad-girl vibes etc grin FOOLS

No same man wants to wife a used product and a leftover that has lost counts of bodycount

No child wishes or would like to be born by a WHORÈ

To all of you that won't change, just as you sleep with married men and don't allow their wives to enjoy them, you people too won't know peace in your marriage.

To you hook-up girls, na rituals dem go carry una do last last or make STDs kill una.

And to those shameless dogs that would sleep with anything with holes between her leg, posterity will judge you.


If you're a girl reading this and your bodycount is more than 2, YOU ARE A WHORÈ!
You don't deserve a honourable wedding
Bride price should be divided by number of BODYCOUNT.
why are you so pained? This seems personal. Abi dem don give you something to hold body?
Religion / Re: Is Hot Leather Jeans Right To Wear To Church? by cloud(m): 10:42am On Oct 02, 2022

Do you know that the book of Deuteronomy 23:2 forbids a bastard from entering the house of God.
Now if you believe a lady wearing trousers to church is an abomination base on Deuteronomy 22:5, is it also an abomination for a bastard to attend Church Services?
What then is the benefit of the death and resurrection of Christ if we continue to live under the laws of Moses such as Deuteronomy 22:5.
ghen ghen
Politics / Re: I Will Not Dialogue With Bandits; I Can Only Dialogue With Agitators–Peter Obi by cloud(m): 4:45pm On Sep 29, 2022
By the grace of God, this man will never smell anything presidency. Just look at how biased he is - So you'll make dialogue with blood thirsty terrorist who are agitating for the disintegration and fall of Nigeria because they're your brothers, but not Fulani herders who only took up arms -the same way your brothers did- to protect themselves against marginalisation, incessant attacks and cattle rustling.
you seem not to understand English properly
Food / Re: See The Food I Got For ₦900 No Meat Because It's Too Costly by cloud(m): 4:35pm On Sep 29, 2022

I'm telling you. Mtchew

I don't know what came over me. True. Sweet sensation would have been better.

Those local restaurants can smell?.. that is why I don't like patronizing them. The odour there na war
use the extra change to buy air freshener when visiting a local restaurant so we can focus on more reasonable topics here on nairaland
Autos / Re: 2008 Lexus ES350 by cloud(m): 5:40am On Sep 29, 2022
Nigerian used or tokunbo?
Politics / Re: 2023: I’ve Flagged Off APC Campaigns With My 4 Wives, 28 Children - Doguwa by cloud(m): 5:30am On Sep 29, 2022
Reason why when i noticed yesterday of my wife's probably change in ideology. Probably she was been swayed or bullied into submission by zombiedients miscreants.

My words to her was very clear, concise and precise. I read the word straight from the deepest, purest, and truthful part of my heart. I told her i wont stop her from voting whoever she wants to vote. But let it be known to her, that if she votes Peter obi, on coming back from the polling unit, she should just take the nearest bus back to kaduna, her parents place.

I am not crude, but i just dont know how i will start explaining to my kids in the nearest future

About the important of excelling in their education to attain greater height, when their mum is part of the people that voted a 3rd class graduate
ABOVE a First class graduate with honors.

About voting a failed past governor of a state, whose tenure was marred with gross under-development and massive insecurity But only invested the state fund into a beer business and still ran it into loss.
ABOVE a man that singlehandedly developed lagos and created an excellent economical blueprint even the next governor of Lagos state for the next 25 years will follow.

About voting a liar, a pretender, a falsling fabler who dishes out unrealistic figures and numbers with ease, an extreme religious bigot whose campaign is centred on religious sentimentalism and segregation, going around different churches instigating the christians against muslims.
ABOVE a religion unifier, who married an Ordained pastor of one of the biggest churches in Africa, and single-handedly handpicked the past governor of Lagos state and the present one in which the both are christians.

How will i be able to explain that their mom voted for a man who tribesmen called our country a zoo, called our President a dead man and engage in the act and hobby of throwing deaming words and disgusting/irritating statements at the same country
ABOVE A man who fought for Nigeria and , and almost lost his Life that he had to seek cover abroad for while during the draconian rulership of Abacha. Surely when we recite the national anthem , the part which stated that The labour of our heroes past, Shall never be in vain .. Should also fairly include a certain living TINUBU that passed through hell to keep this country together.

I will find it hard to explain, and i think any reasonable and correct thinking father will find it hard too.

It is more than just an election to me..This is a fight between the right and wrong, the qualified and the pretender, a proven leader and a deceiver.

It is a fight for my conscience....

I love my wife heartedly But
I hate nonsense [wholeheartedly

It is either you are not resident in this country or you've lost touch with reality. Wake up and smell the breeze before you too become a victim of your own ignorance. Once beaten thrice shy

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