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Politics / Re: APC Sweeps Lagos Council Polls As Results Trickle In by CORRECTMAN78(m): 10:45pm On Jul 24
It was rigged according to dot people grin grin

Hey empty big circle! Remember the small dot represent you everywhere merit is enshrined.

The same dot dissuade you against biting your finger by voting Buhari. Now sorry is your surname.
Politics / Re: Igboho Didn’t Want To Flee Nigeria - Monarch by CORRECTMAN78(m): 9:45am On Jul 24
That guy Rep his heritage Wella. Cowards! All cowards.

How could he just abandon his mission with little or no confrontation.

I guess he was never serious.
Sports / Re: Athletes Representing Nigeria At Tokyo 2020 (Full List) by CORRECTMAN78(m): 8:12pm On Jul 23
I really don't care because they wont bring anything back home.

Anyway, i appreciate them for participating.

Note: See how igbo people dominate everywhere, after they will claim that Nigeria hate them and don't want their success and their usual shout of marginalization.

Will they take you to go do what you don't know how to do?
Politics / Re: Nigeria No Longer At Ease, Catholic Bishops Lament by CORRECTMAN78(m): 1:15pm On Jul 22
Are Yollobars no longer sophisticated?
Politics / Re: Igboho: People Run Away When They Feel They Won’t Get Justice – Jimi Agbaje by CORRECTMAN78(m): 9:00pm On Jul 21

But in the case of Kanu, he's a coward.

Afonjas are 2faced
Politics / Re: Ladoja Calls For Amnesty For Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu As FG Did For Boko Haram by CORRECTMAN78(m): 10:58pm On Jul 20
Maybe Igboho but definitely MNK will be killed

If you did not kill him, you will not die well!
Politics / Re: Igboho Surrendered Himself To Government, They Couldn’t Arrest Him – Lawyer by CORRECTMAN78(m): 12:15pm On Jul 20
I thought that before, grin

No deaf gods like the police and DSS can arrest igboho ,impossible ni!

Yoruba people don't run from danger like that idiot in buhar's cage..we are not weak in character very strong in character


Cotonou is the capital of Nigeria or state under Nigeria.

I dare you to challenge the north, just a bit of what Igbos have done. You will all be gone.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Seven-up Bottling Company Job Recruitment by CORRECTMAN78(m): 7:56pm On Jul 19
The job that gives me joy is see that nnamdi kanu rot in zoo DSS under a dirty smelling water, it's makes me orgasm every two two minutes

In that case, Joy has eluded your entire life.

Politics / Re: Court Grants 49 Yoruba Agitators N300k Bail Each by CORRECTMAN78(m): 6:21pm On Jul 19
They should have allowed them for there.

Their Muslim brothers said a call for freedom is a crime.
Celebrities / Re: Yomi Fabiyi: I Didn’t Harass Mo Bimpe, I Only Wooed Her by CORRECTMAN78(m): 4:41pm On Jul 18
Look at their faces
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: There Is Not Going To Be Any Trial - Alloy Ejimako by CORRECTMAN78(m): 10:28am On Jul 18
[quote author=RapistOnBail post=103825943][b]

Nnamdi Kanu is a dead man already.

All you foolish IPOBs and Ibo miscreants can wail from now till your timely deaths. It won’t change this fact!

Hey Bandit! Be calming down small small.

We know, you the Almajiris are in a fast move to end Kanu but to your dismay, that won't translate to ending Biafra.

Whatever the Igbos set their mind to do, they achieve it. A mere Almajiri/Bandit/Boko Haram/Yollobar Muslim can't stop us.

If you have ever been to the east, it's a very small enclave. The vegetable/'terolist' in Aso Rock would call it a dot. Yet the whole Nigeria would ally to contain and contend them.

We are not your mate!
Celebrities / Re: Pretty Mike: Obi Cubana Said People Will Crave Death After His Mother's Burial by CORRECTMAN78(m): 9:40am On Jul 18
Genetically corrupt people

Hereditary criminal people

They're showing off ill gotten money to recruit unfortunate youths.

I wonder why the government is not arresting this criminals on time

They sacrifice everyone in their family and community for ritualism at the end they will lose everything

Benefits obtained in an evil manner or by dishonest means, as in They traffic drugs, they sells their babies for ritualism, send their sisters to prostitution, kill their parents for ritualism. Unfortunate people with their ill-gotten gains.

Their insecurities is so bad criminality av found a place in their DNA. Cursed demonic children


Your pain is severe to say the least. Your likes are either Agbero from the waste or an Almajiri from the Nut.

It's only fools that points to the mut in someone's eyes while harbouring irritant beam in their eyes.

I don't even pray God deliver you from hate and bitterness.
Politics / Re: Abba Kyari At The Burial Of Obi Cubana's Mother (Pictures) by CORRECTMAN78(m): 12:33am On Jul 17
This culture is disgusting. This is why out of six female Bank MDs in Nigeria at the moment- 5 are Yoruba women. In the yeast women are clearly relegated to the background while the men do whatever it takes to make money including dubious dealings to make noise and take care of the sit at home trophy dumb wife and children. Disgusting people

Your ignorance overflows.

Where is Ngozi Okonji Iwela of Yellubar land? Where's your Dorah Akunyiri of blessed memory? Where's your Stalls Oduah, etc?

Ewu Yellubar

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: FG Welcomes Ohanaeze To Monitor Trial Of IPOB’s Leader by CORRECTMAN78(m): 10:20pm On Jul 12

Using such words as niccur to save you from the embarrassment attempting to write in proper Englidh grammar is sure to get you.

"Let he who think he stand take heed less he falls".

That's a worthy biblical counsel that you,'Mr know it all' undermines.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu To Lose His British Citizenship - Kemi Olunloyo by CORRECTMAN78(m): 10:32pm On Jul 09
Imagine introducing Kemi Olunloyo as your mother?

That lunatic?


Politics / Re: Yeye Osun River Goddess Runs As Police Use Water Cannons On Protesters (Pics) by CORRECTMAN78(m): 6:27pm On Jul 03
The waste and juju na 5&6.
Politics / Re: Sowore Compares How Bandits Were Treated Vs How Nnamdi Kanu Was Treated by CORRECTMAN78(m): 4:40pm On Jul 02
grin grin
The bandits surrendered themselves for reorientation but MNK was arrested sorry kidnapped either way both are enemies of the state.

The bandit surrender with AK-47 in his hand.

Hia! How do I share same country with cow?
Politics / Re: DSS Launches Manhunt For Sunday Igboho After Recovering Arms From Him by CORRECTMAN78(m): 12:26am On Jul 02
Sunday can win DSS in the court, he dare you to invade him in the night and come up with a stupid story like this. Where is evidence that the gun wasn't planted in his house? What happens to search warrants due to intelligence gatherings(DSS going to his house in the afternoon with honour, why in the night.
I don't support succession oooo but I think I should have a rethink something better than succession is for all our elites to be massacred

Shut up! Does it matter what time a terrorist house is invaded!

You supported the invasion of MNK's home but hold country view to Igboho's. Hypocrite, keep typing shit. Buhari will soon invade your own house

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Politics / Re: DSS Confirms Gunning Down Sunday Igboho’s Allies by CORRECTMAN78(m): 12:17am On Jul 02
When python were dancing in the east, my wastan brother were jubilating. Now, nothing has dance yet and there are crying foul.

Igbos are opposed to the unimaginable injustice in Nigeria and the Waste opened they smelling loud mouth to say we are heating. Well, they have not seen anything not until they close their dirty mouth in obedient to their slave masters

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Politics / Re: DSS Confirms Gunning Down Sunday Igboho’s Allies by CORRECTMAN78(m): 12:08am On Jul 02
What is the offence of Sunday igboho?

He is a terrorist like MNK.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Cancel Lagos Rally Earlier Scheduled To Hold On Saturday by CORRECTMAN78(m): 10:01pm On Jul 01
Hahahaha. People from the waste can fear eehh. Just a minor confrontation and the coward has chickened out!

The Waste sorry ooo.
Next time don't start what you can't finish.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho's House Attacked By Army, 7 Killed (Videos) by CORRECTMAN78(m): 9:54pm On Jul 01
This news sweet me dire.

Secondly, no Yoruba Muslim should wail here because that's same kind of injustice they have be cheering against Igbos.
Moreover, it's insignificant to what Igbos has gone through in Nigeria and still through.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Now Dot In A Circle, Arrested In Addis Ababa, Remanded by CORRECTMAN78(m): 4:30pm On Jun 30
The arrest of Nnamdi Kanu is celebrated as though Nigeria has won against Boko Haram, Banditry, Fulani menace, and hunger.

Is Nigeria going to continue like this?

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Politics / Re: Court Grants DSS Order to Remand Nnamdi Kanu Till July 26 by CORRECTMAN78(m): 5:57pm On Jun 29
The will and determination to actualize the sovereign state of Biafra is a mission that can never be stopped until realized.

It might not come through Kanu but certainly through someone.
Education / Re: Ejim Chinazom Judith Graduates As A Medical Doctor In A Wheelchair In Enugu by CORRECTMAN78(m): 10:34am On Jun 29
Waste of time, money and resources. She won't even be smart enough to be attending to patients.

It would have been far more better of her begging on the street than this.

And you are a human being?


Politics / Re: There Is No Better Candidate For 2023 Than Tinubu — Kano Group by CORRECTMAN78(m): 5:12pm On Jun 27
Just like the case of Buhari in 2015. Liars!
TV/Movies / Re: Kabinda Kalimina: Zambian KBN TV Presenter Demands For His Salary On Live TV by CORRECTMAN78(m): 8:19am On Jun 24
grin funny..
Maybe he is from Sadeast

He's from soutwaste
Crime / Re: UK Jails Adeyinka Oluwaseyi Ajose For Raping Under 13-Year-Old Girl (Photo) by CORRECTMAN78(m): 10:17pm On Jun 21
Afonja has added raping to their soul mining trade
Politics / Re: My Tribalistic Encounter With Buhari In 1981 - Ex Man O' War Leader Adewumi by CORRECTMAN78(m): 7:35pm On Jun 20
The igbos started tribalism in Nigeria by killing sardauna of sokoto, Ahmdu Bello, Abubakar Tafawa Belewa and other northern leaders!!

the Igbos had good relations with the North & as such the Igbos had more appointments in government from Southern Nigeria.

The same Igbos launched a coup d’état that not only removed Tafa Balewa but killed him as well. The Igbos never complained of marginalization under Tafa Balewa.

Their son (Nnamdi Azikiwe) refused the right to include the secession clause that Awolowo had proposed. In his words ‘WE ARE ONE NIGERIA’. Ahmadu Bello even proposed to include Awo’s secession but Nnamdi Azikiwe refused.

Nnamdi Azikiwe knew that about Major General Aguyi Ironsi’s coup beforehand and ran away. The same Major General Aguyi Ironsi scraped the Regional system that Nigeria had practiced & replaced it with a Unitary system.

All efforts to make him return it back to the regional system fell on deaf ears.
Before the declaration of Biafra, Major Adaka Boro had declared the Niger Delta Republic (so you see the word Niger Delta is not a Fulani or Obasanjo construct) & fought the federal forces in a 12 day war.

Guess who gave the order to capture Adaka Boro & who was tasked with capturing him? Major General Aguyi Ironsi gave the order for the capture of Major General Aguyi Ironsi & Colonel Ojukwu was sent to capture Adaka Boro. Ojukwu paraded Adaka Boro naked in the streets of Yenagoa but the same useless Okukwu included Niger Delta in his Biafran map without even consulting with Adaka Boro or any of his people. The same Ojukwu invaded Edo & Delta despite both states not being part of the of Biafra!!

Igbos are worse than anything they criticize!!

Why is it only Igbos who must view their success as an exponent of dominance over others?

That is Igbos for you. They want the right to offend others while refusing to accept the consequences of their offensive ways.

This is why they are currently political outcasts with no major Party willing to support their ambition to lead Nigeria.

Just of recent... They're asking other region to protect igbos...

But they enjoy attacking and killing northners on daily basis!!

You people are just going to pay!!!!

Arrewa, you talk too much and you only say shit that favours you. Igbos are not your problem, the terrorism, Banditry, and poverty you breed are. So, can you channel to effort to curbing ills. Thank you.

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Crime / Re: Woman Sells Daughters For N300,000 In Ogun (photo) by CORRECTMAN78(m): 12:09am On Jun 14
descendant of ape from cursed land dey talk, wonders shall never end, alaye nah your sister be that and stop denying her

Scorn of the earth, the son of a treacherous Afonja the legendary slave.
You are notoriously known for selling your inheritance for peanut. While your men are busy selling their land, your women retired to selling their children just to go by a day.

Well, you can make all the effort to deny her but we all know she's your own. As the calamity you brought upon yourself keep hitting you hard, I look forward to enjoy reading that the slave trade has all over again started among your tribe

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Crime / Re: Woman Sells Daughters For N300,000 In Ogun (photo) by CORRECTMAN78(m): 10:57pm On Jun 13
Nyamiris and crime are inseparable, those godforsaken people can do anything just for money
Spits on flathe@ded pigs from potopoto republic

Bastar*, they are all your people. Can't you read the names?

We warned you against voting for the terrorist in Aso Rock but you refused. Now, you descend low as selling your own children just to feed?

God forsaken tribe
Crime / Re: Osun Police Arrest Man With Body Parts Of His Friend's Girlfriend (Photo) by CORRECTMAN78(m): 5:59pm On Jun 12
Whenever you see thread on human spare parts, don't bother clicking, they are the sophisticated zoombies.

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