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Business / MINI IMPORTER's: After Importing Hot Product Without Knowing How To sell It. by cryptrader(m): 11:49am On Aug 14, 2018
Mini importation Secrets Revealed: If You are still Looking for Hot Product to Import You won’t Last Longer In this Business

oboy, its been a long. i miss this lovely forum.



before you continue reading this post, it is very long but if you read it to the end you will understand the secrets behind hot product.

I know this may sound disrespectful on you.
In fact I know you may feel uncomfortable with this post.

But let me tell you.
Everything in this post is pure Truth and is for someone like you that don’t like people to lie to them.

And after you finish reading this post you will understand more about mini importation business,
not only that you will also know the hidden secrets behind the so called Hot Product.

Come with me.

I will tell you what I mean by that post.

Some months back I open a thread here on nairaland and here is the post link. https://www.nairaland.com/4632685/mini-importer-just-planning-start

I open the thread based on one particular problem on mini importation.
But I later stop the thread because of my own personal project that I will not disclose here.

Now here is the thing.

Last week I feel like re opening the thread back due to a whole lots of private message ive been receiving on my whastapp.

I want to believe you’re not getting bored with all this stories.
But trust me you will learn a vital secrets from it.

Now let me continue what I mean with that post headline.

I notice something presently on nairaland and if the care is not well taking all the mini importers here on nairaland might later start shouting that mini importation is not profitable.
And of which they are not getting it right.

If you notice recently on nairaland you will find out that a lots of people are now opening thread here on how to do mini importation business.

Not only that
With all this annoying statement of “Hot Product” you can import.

My word are too ash Right?
Yes I know.

But believe me it pain me severally.

Let me explain to you today.

Mini importation business don change.
Is no more like yesterday.

If you want to make cool money from importation right now,
My brother
My sister
You need to know how you can sell any fucking product that you import effectively.


My dear I’m not scaring you with my words.
Is just that is more annoying this days, with the rate that everyone are now opening thread on “hot product that you can import”.

Searching and importing of one yeye hot product is still working till early of this year.

But let me tell the #1 secrets:

No matter how hotter that your Fucking product is,
if you don’t know how to sell the Hotness of that product you may run at loss,
or you may not make that 1,000,000 million naira that you budget to make.

Now let me tell you the reason behind that so that I won’t sound so wicked.

You see last year you can import hot product like that of andrea oil (hair loos treatment Product),
and make so much profit from it.

You know why?

The population of people that are selling on Facebook are not much then unlike now.
Not only that.

Facebook algorithm of then is not like that of today’s algorithm.
Not only that ooo

The percentage of people that know how to search for hot product then is not like that of today.

My dear

You see if anybody sugar coat you that you can start mini importation business presently in Nigeria with just 15,000 naira and you will make 150,000 naira within 2 weeks by you importing hot product then selling it on Facebook.
Please run away from that person.

You know why?

You can never make such.

You see I know what im saying.
Come with me.

They will tell you that you can import a hot product for 10,000 naira including the shipping cost and co.

Then you can use the remaining 5,000 naira to do Facebook marketing.

And you can sell the product for 10,000 naira per piece.

Now let assume you import jut 7 piece of that product.

That will be 70,000 naira within 2 weeks and you can go ahead to import more.

My dear if you come across such a person

Japaa. grin

Just tell that person that I cryptrader don tell you sey those analyses work last year and is no more working presently.

Let me explain the meaning of this hot product to you in case if you don’t know the real depth meaning of it.

First what is Hot Product?

You see based on my own definition this is hot product literally mean;

It means a particular that product that people are willing to at this moment.

Which means people are desperate to buy that particular product. Also such a product are not yet saturated.
Likewise such product it has to be unique.

When next you come across the word Hot Product that is what it means.

Now Pause

Come to think of it.

Is there any place in that definition that you see the word “with sure sells?”
I mean where hot product guaranty you sure sales.

Let me dissect it further for you
so that you will know more the reason why hot product is hot last year and is not more hot this year.

You see has I said earlier on, I said that the algorithm of Facebook has changed.

Not even only that

The people that you’re selling that hot product to last year are also doing mini importation.
Or maybe not even that

That same product that you call hot somebody else are selling same product for lower price than yours.

Not even all this people are nor more having interest in that product.

You see the problem is this, that hot product is no hotter for them anymore.
I mean is no more a Right Product for them.

Now the question is that how can you know the right product to import that is going to be hotter to our right customer using the right message to tell sell them that right product.

I will like to continue this thread
But still I will not like this post to be more than this.
So that you will able to read and digest.

In my next post I’m going to show you the right way importing right product.

Don’t forget this

The problem is no more how to import but the Big problem now is how to Import the right import not only that but also how to sell the right product effectively.

If you don’t sell that product you won’t make any profit.


Business / Re: Mini Importation Business (shoes,sandals And Bags). A Yea Or Nay by cryptrader(m): 9:30pm On Jul 23, 2018
Dear maxitina

I like what you're just did

I like the fact you don't just rush into the business.

Here is the thing

Mini importation is not just importing or making payment alone

Click this link to read more

And make sure that you follow the thread

Business / Re: Are You A Mini Importer Or Just Planning To Start? You Need To Read This Now by cryptrader(m): 10:10am On Jul 23, 2018

Be expecting more today by 8:30pm

This class will be postponed till tomorrow

I'm very week today

And I'm very lazy at written

But very good when its comes to sales copy


Till tomorrow

Forgive me guys

Love you
Business / Re: Are You A Mini Importer Or Just Planning To Start? You Need To Read This Now by cryptrader(m): 8:40am On Jul 23, 2018

Will surely continue the class today by God grace
Business / Re: Are You A Mini Importer Or Just Planning To Start? You Need To Read This Now by cryptrader(m): 8:39am On Jul 23, 2018
wow..finally am following back to back bro.

I trust my guy
Business / Are You A Mini Importer Or Just Planning To Start? You Need To Read This Now by cryptrader(m): 8:58pm On Jul 22, 2018
WARNING; If you are not a mini importer, this might be too long for you. Don’t bother reading it.

But if you read it,

Even if you don’t know anything about mini importation business before this time, I promise it will never be a waste of time for you, because you will learn a whole lot from this.
Before you continue reading let me reminds you that this is not for lazy dude. So if you’re not ready to Read, Learn and take action. Don’t bother to read.

Are you ready?

Let’s continue

Last month June 24,2018, A Lovely Friend that I don’t know of his name messaged me on WhatsApp. Believe me I don’t know his name and I forget to ask him of his name. He said he gets to know of me from Nairaland. I mean from this beautiful forum.
And he typed:

Friend : Hi cryptrader

Me: Good Morning

Him: Have been following your post on nairaland on mini importation business and I must say that I have learnt from you…. But Please I want to learn COPY WRITING from you how much will it take?

That was the message this guy sent to me on June 24th of this year, but I’m busy writing a proposal letter that I have to submit to an organization to customize a particular item for them ( If you know any organization, Schools , Or you have connection to any politician, I will advise you to stop wasting your time Go to them and present them on how you can help- them using mini importation by importing souvenirs for them )

I’m not going into proposal MONEY today. But believe me all what you need is a well badass well copy written proposal letter to win that contract.

Let's continue

I messaged him back and told him that I will open a thread on copy writing,

but after that I later find out that the problem is not on copy writing the big problem is Not knowing the Right product to import

and how To market what You import I get to know that lots of other mini importers are facing this same challenge,
challenges of not knowing what to import,
challenges of not knowing how to sell what they import.

So I decidded to open a thread on how to Market what you want to import even before you import that product

One lady also chat me up and she also told me that she is facing same issue.

…..She is also having problem on how to sell what she import.

Several cases like that I tried my best to help some people out and I do advice some people on what to do.
Because I know how painful it is to import a product without knowing how to sell what you import effectively.

I remember vividly my first imported product.

My first ever imported product is lady’s wrist watch.

know how hard it was for me to me to sell that 30 pieces off.

In fact, out of that 30 pieces I was able to sold just 18 pieces profitably,

and I takes me up to 2 months before I was able to sell another 6 pieces, 3 pieces got damaged and I dash out the remaining pieces.

I know you may be wondering that why I’m I telling you all this boring stories,

Here Is the reason why I’m telling you this story

I want you to learn from it

I want you to know that you are not the only one in that situation of not knowing what to import

….Of not knowing what to sell and in fact not knowing how to sell what you import

I’m once in that shoe of yours of not knowing what to import, to the extent that after importing the next wahala na to sell what I import.

But I now give thanks to God.

Just give me 2 weeks I will tell you what to import not only that I will also tell you how to sell what you import

It cost me time and money before I figure this out, a lot of trial and error a lot of sleepless night. Just think of it

Now here is the thing, here is what I figure out.

Come with me

To does that don’t me , I mean if today is the first time of you getting to know me don’t worry I will introduce my self to you

but to those that already know of me

…I mean does who that already know of my thread here on nairaland those who that already know that I teach what I do then I welcome you to this my new thread

…This thread will lets you know the hidden secretes that other boss In the game of mini importation business has being hidden from you for a while and infact this new thread will expose to you all their lies and the hidden psycholgy in the word “HOT Product” so welcome to my thread

Now to those who that are just getting to know of my thread for the first time I welcome you also
My moniker is Cryptrader “ #1 Honest Mini Importation coach )

This is not my first time posting here

I also welcome you to my thread


Business / Re: All by cryptrader(m): 6:06am On Jul 07, 2018
Business / Re: How To Be Rich Selling EXPIRED Domain Names With Proofs. by cryptrader(m): 1:20pm On Jun 06, 2018
Domain Name Profits
Domain Cash Secrets
Domain Dynasty
Flipping Fortunes
Flipping For Profits
Website Domain Dollars

But why can't you open your own thread and show your own proof

Instead oof spamming this gentle man's thread

9 Likes 1 Share

Investment / Re: Earn 35k Weekly Income By Export Hot Agro Cocoa Powder Product To Abroad ! by cryptrader(m): 10:39pm On Jun 05, 2018
Are you still INTERESTED ?

I'm no more INTERESTED.

You want people to know you, like you and trust you , but yet you keep on ignoring vital questions

Just simple explanation

And you want me to be INTERESTED


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Business / Re: All by cryptrader(m): 10:25pm On Jun 03, 2018
I ready to help you

Planning something cool for you
Business / Re: Tips On How To Buy Online From Aliexpress by cryptrader(m): 3:33pm On Jun 01, 2018
Aliexpress by this time of the day

Business / All by cryptrader(m): 6:47pm On May 20, 2018

Business / Re: Free Lessons On Mini-importation And Dropshipping For Beginners by cryptrader(m): 10:16pm On Apr 15, 2018

Hi, can you share me the e-book via whatsapp or mail through my signature? Thanks.

Nothing to worry yourself about with the so called eBook it is bull the guy just wrote the book to gain trust so that he will be able to add you the group.

Just be careful
Business / Re: Alidropship Sites by cryptrader(m): 11:43am On Apr 12, 2018
Quote emmachile the guy is expert in dropshipping here in nairaland
Business / Re: My Newly Discovered Hot Product With Sure Sales by cryptrader(m): 11:32am On Apr 12, 2018
Two more people to end this offer
Business / Re: Big Mistakes That Some Mini Importer's Do When Setting Up Facebook Ad Set Part2 by cryptrader(m): 8:59am On Apr 12, 2018
Good morning
Business / Re: Big Mistakes That Some Mini Importer's Do When Setting Up Facebook Ad Set Part2 by cryptrader(m): 11:25pm On Apr 11, 2018

You see whenever I see anybody that is trying to cut corners and not ready to pay for knowledge and he/ she want to make money I will just leave them alone. This aspect is not funny at all but it is very important, if you don’t know this part before you better stop and read this KNOW
It is not funny and it is not a crime to use 5k to start your facebook ads, but the most funny aspect of it is that you using that your 5k to target 10-5 million people if you are a victim of this aspect you will understand what im trying to say here, almost everyone of us in one way or the other had fall into it before but with learning and research facbook ads is very easy to run with 5k and you will sell all your product of,
If you don’t know I will tell now you need to learn how facebook marketing works you need to know how to use that your little money to make huge sells but it is not done if you don’t all this

Everybody are not your customer all the
Nigerians that are on facebook are not your customer unless if you are a company or you have brand name that you want to promote and even with this you need upto like 20-100k.
If you want to use little money to set a very converting ads you need to know that your particular niche very well , you need to know that your product very well, you need to know where your real customers are, you need to know how to SPY, YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO NARROW DOWN this is really working, let me just advice you on this when next you are setting your facebook ads do not target more 500k downward unless you will be wasting your money, know how to spy on what is working for your competitors and how to target them .


You need this, if you don’t tell people to perform any action I tell you they will not do anything, you need to know that call to action is very important. I will stop here now.

If You Want to Know more on how to use facebook to sell anything online feel free to message me now on this number 09058529258 or send me a mail to wikenomall@gmail.com or if you have any question feel free to message me or call.

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Business / Re: My Newly Discovered Hot Product With Sure Sales by cryptrader(m): 11:53am On Apr 11, 2018
Are these products useful in both Nigeria and US?
Business / Re: Big Mistakes That Some Mini Importer's Do When Setting Up Facebook Ad Set Part2 by cryptrader(m): 9:58am On Apr 11, 2018
Good morning

Be expecting the remaining stuff today
Business / Re: My Newly Discovered Hot Product With Sure Sales by cryptrader(m): 9:17am On Apr 11, 2018
Some dude are very funny

Do you think I'm feeling hungry or what,

I said I have another project that I'm doing presently and by the way if you are nor satisfied with the list I refund your money back.

But mind you no child play. Because I know of what I want to give out
Business / Re: Somethings You Should Know Before Starting Importation Biz by cryptrader(m): 9:13am On Apr 11, 2018
Funny dude

Almost every one know this
How do you create your landing page
Business / Re: My Newly Discovered Hot Product With Sure Sales by cryptrader(m): 8:50am On Apr 11, 2018
Some dude are very funny

You expect everything to be free and of which you want to make money from it.

Funny fellow, continue buying your cloth and shoes, lol
Business / Re: My Newly Discovered Hot Product With Sure Sales by cryptrader(m): 7:31am On Apr 11, 2018
Good morning
Still available
Business / Re: My Newly Discovered Hot Product With Sure Sales by cryptrader(m): 1:50am On Apr 11, 2018
Forget about all this waist trainer or slimming stuff.

This hot product is not anything related to waist trainer or slimming palava, this are life made easy product and ...

Contact me NOW
Business / Re: My Newly Discovered Hot Product With Sure Sales by cryptrader(m): 1:45am On Apr 11, 2018

Nose shaper for ladies

Mind you this product is not in the hot product list I'm talking about I just give that out to anybody that know what to do with it

Business / Re: My Newly Discovered Hot Product With Sure Sales by cryptrader(m): 1:36am On Apr 11, 2018
I will prefer if those five people know how to run Facebook ads.

If you do then message me on WhatsApp Now.

I promise you that you will never regret this product

Business / Re: My Newly Discovered Hot Product With Sure Sales by cryptrader(m): 1:28am On Apr 11, 2018
Please only WhatsApp message.

Also only interested and ready people should contact me
Business / My Newly Discovered Hot Product With Sure Sales by cryptrader(m): 1:14am On Apr 11, 2018
Good morning to you all. This is post is for serious and ready people only. I have hot 5 product that you can import with sure sales. The major reason why I want to give the product out is because of my own project I have a product that i m already working in before I spot this sure hot product. So you have no problem or any doubting mind on either it will sell or not.

This product is for the first 5 people and whenever the first 5 people contact me I will not give it out again.

What you will gain if you contact me now:
1. The sure to sale product
2. Free access to contact me And I will surely advice you on how to set your ads up
3. I will guilds you on how to set your Facebook ads
And many other thing

Any interested fellow to contact me on this number 09058529258
Call me or message me Now before it is too late

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