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Culture / Re: Ndigbo Originated From Egypt, Jacob’s Son Is The Father Of Nri – Monarch by dalet: 1:24am On Oct 20, 2014

I find it funny that you have been saying am a novice, am ignorant yet it's u showing ignorance.

שחור (shakor) means black in Hebrew not "Ham"
the Ham theory of black people became popular by Europeans not Hebrews
Hamites aren't black dude, they don't even claim anywhere in Africa as their origin...they claim Mesopotamia like Hebrews and many other middle easterns

الأسود (aswad) means black in Arabic "aswudan" (corrupted to Sudan) means "black people"
This was used to describe the Nubians who were true blacks...these Nubians had nothing to do with ur father Ham

So stop lying. Am only trying to snap u out of ur delusions that Hebrews or Ham are the fathers of blacks

The word Ham or properly Kham is not of Hebrew origin but Egyptian. The meaning of Kham, however, in the Hebrew language does mean Heat or Hot given the idea of something being roasted. This is the same idea for the word Aithiopia which translates burnt face by the Greeks because of the dark/very black complexion like being sun burnt. khemet, the Egyptian word of the same Root of Kham means land of the Black.

The current Egyptian people probably wouldn't claim Africa as their origin because they are not the original Egyptians. They invaded the land and took over. Some probably mixed with the originals.
Culture / Re: Ndigbo Originated From Egypt, Jacob’s Son Is The Father Of Nri – Monarch by dalet: 9:23pm On Oct 18, 2014

Though, this is a social network (everyone has the right to post anything). But!! You should not post to distort facts; rather, you post because you have something tangible to offer. I don't want to patronize you; hence, we are all students (learning). Some of the points I had wanted to give you have been stated by 'Dalet' (whom I believe has deep understanding of the Scripture!). If I may ask, do you even have any tangible evidence to even prove that the Shemites were Brown (Light-Skinned)? perhaps, we believe. And also, in talking of Light-skin, Igbos on the average are they not light-skinned?

And in addition to what my friend (Dalet) said. If you really have understanding (of the Scripture), then you would agree with me that 'Pharaoh' thought of Moses as his own flesh and blood (because Moses had the same colour with Pharaoh). Also, after Moses Killed an Egyptian, and noticed that people knew about it, he fled to Midian. And After Moses (Moshe) had helped the daughters of the priest (of Midian) to fetch water (because the Shepherds prevented them). And they got home, and their father (Reuel) asked them and said "How is it that ye are come so soon to day?" and they said, "An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us, and watered the flock". Now tell me, if Moses colour had been distinct from the Egyptians, why would they (daughters of Priest) call him an Egyptian? Why not a light-skinned man in an Egyptian attire? Also when Jacob died; let me quote Genesis 50:9 "And there went up with him (Joseph) both chariots and horsemen: and it was a very great company (of both Egyptians and Israelites).
Verse 11 "And when the inhabitants of the land, the Canaanites, saw the mourning in the floor of Atad, they said, This is a grievous mourning to the Egyptians. Remember!! This is a group of both Israelites and Egyptians; but the Canaanites thought they were all Egyptians (because they are of the same skin colour).

Coming to what you said earlier, everyone that has common sense would know that Famine can cause someone (that has Melanin) to be darker than his/her original complexion, and that is Why the Verse talked about Famine being the cause of that. What do you understand by the statement in Lamentation 4:8 "Their visage is blacker than a coal"? If the passage in the Scripture is Really True, then, there is no point saying that there is no black person in Israel.

Check out the link below for an ancient map of Africa. Abraham of Shem's line had a son by the name Midian. Above the Niger lake there is a place called Midian along the Niger River. Coincidence? Moses fled Egypt and went to Midian where he had relative. Jethro the preist of Midian was an advisor of the Pharaoh but left because pharaoh had a problem with him being friendly with the Hebrews. Jethro chose family over Pharaoh of Egypt and went and settled in Midian. They are occasions where people fled Egypt and seemed to travel down the Nile. This would be an Easy root from Egypt to go to Midian above the Niger Lake. The Igbos story said they took that root down the river Nile as well with the tribe of Gad and then went West.

Culture / Re: Are Ijaws Related To Igbos ? by dalet: 6:04pm On Oct 18, 2014
Ijaw seems to be equivalent to Yahu which is the Elohim of Israel/Jacob/ יַעֲקֹב (YABQ) latin version Iacobus. Westerners influence Igbo using English letters origin of latin writing forms. The G in Igbo is velar plosive and similar to Q,K and C in sound. Igbo may very well be Icbo influence by western writing system of latin. The J in Ijaw may also be influence by Latin writings systems. Igbos say they are from Jacob who served Yahu/Ijaw. Descendants of Jacob are brothers that are the people of Yahu/Ijaw. Yahu came down from Heaven/Skies and made man. Some have it to think the ancestors of the Ijaw people fell down from the skies.
Culture / Re: Ndigbo Originated From Egypt, Jacob’s Son Is The Father Of Nri – Monarch by dalet: 5:13am On Oct 18, 2014

grin rossik and mr. President would like this

But you see you really stupid gan.
West Africans have no "Ham" in our ancestry, aborigine West Africans like Igbo, Yoruba, akan, ijaw and Bantus of Central Africa have no links outside Africa and thereby have no "Ham"

Maybe when you speak of ham you should point to Cushites and Berbers and other Afro-asiatic people leaving out the inner and larger parts of Africa

and modern acclaimed descendants of shem are light/brown skinned living in the middle east
There's no black in "Semitic"

Abram is of Shem and when he met his wife sarai she thought he was an Egyptian (Misraim) from Kham/Khemet/BLACK. Moses a Hebrew of Shem was taken as an Egyption baby of Kham by the Pharaoh of Egypt when they wanted to kill Hebrew babies because of increase in population. Jesus as a baby hid in Egypt when Herod wanted to kill the first born of 2 years and blended in which is why Herod wanted to kill all baby and not a light skin Hebrew baby of Shem looking different. Paul, a Jew, was mistaken for an Egyptian when the Roman soldier was surprised that he could speak Greek. Joseph an Israelite of Shem's line in Egypt did not look any different from regular Egyptians when his brothers saw him and did not recognise him. Many Israelites aslo had taken Egyptian women as wives. There was no telling descendants of Kham from Shem apart in skin color.

I have one theory. I will give you a clue. America is from the name of a person who wrote about the New World named Amerigo. G, K, Q, C is vela plosive and can be equivalent in different languages and dialects. As you can See the G in Amerigo became C in America which is a similar velar plosive sound. Another example is Pidgin which is pronounced pikin in other related language meaning child.

Igbo people have a claim of being decedents from Eri son of Gad the Son of Jacob/Israel that left Egypt and went to West Arica. The story goes on to say that reaching West Africa in the area of the Niger River the natives ask who they are from. It goes on to say that communication was difficult and told them they are from Igbo.

My theory is that Igbo was not pronouce Igbo in those anciet times but possibly Igobo or Igobu meaning from Igob. The G being velor plosive could easily be equivalent to Ikob or Iqub or Icob equivalent to the Hebrew Name Yaqub. The Latin version of the name is Iacobus and we know the “s” was not vocalize coming from Greek and would sound like Iacobo. The sigma (s) is to signify masculine gender.
Igbo is possibly short for Igobu writing it with latin letters. But the Hebrew would be YQBU with the consonantal letters that carry meaning.Basically the same. Igbo language is closely related to Hebrew with similar words.

A lot of people of different tribe in West Africa seem to have some link with Judah/Israel that fled Egypt(bondage) after many Years ofliving there.

Igbo is Yqbu = Yacob = Jacob (latin to English). The name got distorted and has no meaning in Igbo but once uncovered relates to Jacob that find some way to get the blessings of his father.

Bayajida is Beth Yahuda = House Yahuda = House of Judah

Ijaw is Yahu = the Elohim of IQBO/Icbo/Israel named YHWH that dwelt in Heaven/skies…..These people say Yahu/Ijaw is from the skies and he came down and made man…..People think the legend means the people fell down from the skies. Yahu’s chosen people are the tribe of Israel/Judah

Ouidah/Whiddah of Bennin = Portuguese rendition of Judah with the distortion of the “J” letter to sound like an “H” or silent.

Ashanti people say they from an ancient city named Ashan which is mentioned it the bible to be a city for the tribe of Judah and Levites among them after leaving Egypt.

In the times of the Kings after leaving Egypt Yhwh stuck down the Cushites(desendant of Ham) in front of Asa and Judah. The Cushites fled and Judah took over all the land of Cush. The land of Cush covers a large area of Africa and possibly India. Judah was the largest tribe and other nations that they defeated engrafted into Judah as a tribe.

My question is…Was there always an English “J” sound in the origin of the Igbo language since the current sound is almost new world wide in all language or did it come into use when accepting the Latin alphabets influence by westerners.

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Politics / Re: Do You Know The Meaning Of Nigeria? by dalet: 4:03am On Oct 17, 2014

Nigeria does not mean Niger Area. The thought of the area around the Niger inspired the name all right thanks to Lord Lugard's girl friend.
However the hidden meaning of the name can be got by separating out the 'Niger' from the word. Niger in the bible and the ancient world means 'black'. Then you will find the meaning simply is..." Land of the Black People".

Nagar (NGR)in Hebrew does not mean black but means to flow or to pour down or run with basically the same consonants that carries meaning. In Greek or latin Niger means black. Igbo is more similar to Hebrew than latin. Latin is more recent and got the meaning black for describing the people in the in the Niger Area of the river thinking that it is describing the dark skin of the people rather than the flowing river. The only similar sounding greek and relater Hebrew word that could be describing the people in the area would be Neker (NKR) that means strange if they were considered strange by the white men but that word has a diferent root consonant that carris meaning. The Greeks or the Romans that spoke Latin were not very familiar with the Hebrew Language or the similar Igbo language which is obvious to be both semitic and applied uncertain meanings to the words.
Politics / Re: Do You Know The Meaning Of Nigeria? by dalet: 7:23pm On Oct 16, 2014
Nigeria is a wonderful name relating to the Ghir meaning river or Ghiren. Adding the the prefix N makes it some sort of superlative making it River of Rivers. The Ghir i suggest to be a rough gushing river that is probably joined with the Nile in the Area of Ancient Ethiopia(Cush) possibly and goes through West Africa. Infact Ghiren meaning river has Berber influence that is probably a curruption of Ghion meaning River bursting forth and gushing. Guine is also of similar Etymology relating to the etire area that the river runs. I have a portugeuse ancient map of Africa that says Gione for that specific Area and the river. A similar name is Guyana that means many waters or rivers in a country with river known as Berbice probably of same Berber influence . Ghana meaning warior is also of similar etymology to Gihon in relation to dashing,rushing, gushing being rough. Nigher does not necessarily means black of the people but the people in the Ngher area were black. The berbers called them self that. Nigro is portugues where portugues has some berber influence that also has Origin in West Africa that mixed with arabs and got lighter skin tone.

Ghion of Gheren and Guinea and Gione was never lost but distorted coming from the Mountains of the moon going east towards Ashuria and egypt. The Nile is the Tigres based on the book of Jubiless going East from the Mountains and the Gihon going west. There are tributers of the nile going from eithiopia toward the straight of Babel mandel where havilah is that would be of the pishon before the Earthquake connecting Africa to India now under the Indian Ocean. Possibly some extention to the blue nile. Someone also showed me an ancient map of Africa in a video of the Eufrates in west Africa running from the Nile as well but I havent found it my self yet. All connecting close to present day Ethiopia in East Africa. But why not? Thats where scientist is tracing the origin of humans anyway.

So be proud of Nigeria of Ngheren/Nghion of the great biblical river Gihon of root Giah meaning to brake forth where the people in its area has high pigment of dark skin that also called themselves of the name of the river now distorted to mean black.

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