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Crime / Re: Bandits Abduct 10 ABSU Students Along Uturu/Isuikwuato Road by derecho(m): 1:03pm On Sep 19

“But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God...” Psalm 52: 8

The psalmist describes himself as an olive tree that grows green in the house of God.

One characteristic of the olive tree is that it can survive damage.

It may be burnt or cut down, but Botanists say that if there is a strand of the root of an olive tree, it will grow again.

Even if an axe is used in bringing it down, once there is still a root, growth is inevitable.

Other trees may go down finally when they are cut down, but for the olive tree, it is not final.

Beloved, you are like an olive tree that cannot be destroyed.

You have the anointing of survival, and whatever comes against you, you will survive.

No matter how hard your enemies fight you, you will survive.

No matter how fierce the battles against you become, you won’t be destroyed.

When men think you are finished, you will show up in grand style.

When men think they have taken you out, you will stage a mega comeback.

Your life is hid in Christ, and Christ in God, and no harm shall pull you down.

No attack on your health will lead to your death.

No financial constraint will put you out of circulation.

No conspiracy of the enemy will lead to your downfall.

No policy of people in power will cut short your progress.

Just like the attacks on the olive tree do not lead to its destruction, the attacks on you won’t destroy you.

Stop fretting on account of your adversaries and attacks.

Stop breaking your head on account of people who have taken the responsibility of pulling you down.

They may try, but they will certainly not succeed.

They may fight you, but they will never win.

They shall gather, but their gathering will come to nothing.

Even when they wound you, their wounds won’t be lethal.

Even when they throw their arrows at you, you will survive.

Live with the confidence of one who is not vulnerable to the enemy.

Put on the whole armour of God, and you will withstand every attack of the enemy.

Remember, you are like the olive tree; you can’t be destroyed.

2 Corinthians 4: 8-9 says: “8. We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; 9. Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;”

Declaration: I am like an olive tree that cannot be destroyed, in Jesus mighty name. Good day, have a blissful Sunday
Politics / Re: Pay Pentecost Tax – Osinbajo Advises Preachers by derecho(m): 12:15pm On Sep 18
Kindly watch his speech again...
It was at the Book Launch of Kumuyi: A Defender of The Faith.
I think he said "Pentecost task Not Tax"
He was referring to the life of Apostles written down in the acts of the Apostles.

Make una sofri dey find traffic.

Modified: He actually said TAX.
Howbeit he was talking about the sacrifices every preacher must undergo....not cash



Romance / Re: Nigeria Lesbians Got Married Using Tattoos by derecho(m): 8:30pm On Sep 16
I don leave am when I realized he can't appreciate basic scriptural truths.
However, he wasn't my focus (as usual whenever i comment online) but the people he's/ others are trying to delude on this forum.
But I don mark am sha except he comes with a different moniker.
If only you knew. That junkie fellow just quotes the bible. He is not a christian. I would desist from any further arguments if I were you.
Romance / Re: Nigeria Lesbians Got Married Using Tattoos by derecho(m): 4:55pm On Sep 16
I just realized... Not just this anyways. Atleast from your responses.
These statement here make no sense of any kind to this discussion. Again,..
Romance / Re: Nigeria Lesbians Got Married Using Tattoos by derecho(m): 4:50pm On Sep 16
Then you don't understand the Bible.
If you do, you'll understand that simple statement. Jesus, the word of God, said so from the Old testament to the New Testament.
Everyone who reads the Bible knows this basic truth.
Here's what I have been saying and continue to mean in simpler terms
I have made no attempts to explain any of this away.. .. simply made clear that what Jesus Christ said is Truth and nothing but the Truth of God. undecided
Romance / Re: Nigeria Lesbians Got Married Using Tattoos by derecho(m): 4:44pm On Sep 16
Your trying to explain it away is unnecessary.
Homosexuality is a sin.

I suggest you reread my response so you carefully digest what is said before you respond again.... I don't understand this confusion here. undecided

Romance / Re: Nigeria Lesbians Got Married Using Tattoos by derecho(m): 4:36pm On Sep 16
Kindly go and re-read Matthew 5:27-28 to understand what Jesus was saying.
He, came to give clearer meaning to the Law.
In this case, He is saying " you were limiting it to the physical act BUT it starts from your lustful look, the intention ".
I honestly don't get your point.
Are you saying, a lesbian or gay doesn't lustfully look at their partner before the sexual act? Or that lesbianism or homosexuality is not a sin?
Do you think those nonsense are not premeditated?
So you didn't read Romans 1:28-31 which says " it's because they refuse to retain God in their understanding, that's why He gave them a reprobate mind to do what's no convenient "?
You explanation is not necessary. It's a simple matter, Every SIN is premeditated. Every action is preceded by an intention.
Ignorance of what is evil doesn't fully absolve you of SIN.
The issue of other SINful acts will be addressed BUT let it be clear THAT Homosexuality is a NO-NO and should not be encouraged.
Every gay needs help
Righteous judgement has to do with judgement that is based on God's Law, and not man's law and definitions. undecided

For instance, God's Law, Jesus Christ, stipulates that sexual sin is the lust in one's heart - Matthew 5 vs 27 - 32 - not sexual acts. Homosexuality refers to the sexual act , and so by God's Law not a sin. undecided

Instead the lust that typically precedes such sexual act is sin. And this same of lust in one's heart, is the same sin that even virgins, masturbators, fornicators, rapists, etc., are likely to be found guilty of. undecided
Romance / Re: Nigeria Lesbians Got Married Using Tattoos by derecho(m): 3:59pm On Sep 16
Can you oblige us with judging "righteously"?
Besides, how has your response shown that homosexuality is not CONDEMNABLE?
In case you think " righteousness " is a big word, it simply means "being RIGHT according to The Word of God"
Even a person who doesn't read the Bible knows homosexuality is NOT RIGHT... So what exactly is your point?
Jesus Christ is the Word of God and He is the one who commands that you judge righteously . If you don't know and accept that, you don't know Him nor do you live by Him but instead by the words out of your own mouth. Learn what it means to Trust Him and obey Him. undecided

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Romance / Re: Nigeria Lesbians Got Married Using Tattoos by derecho(m): 10:46am On Sep 16
They are also looking for traffic.

Nairaland MODS, how the hell did this post promoting illegality get to FP??

This Deviant posted this aberration and you guys pushed it to FP... are Nairaland Mods now paid to promote illegality or what??

Seun, and others you are hereby referred to rule 9. KINDLY CLOSE THIS THREAD FOR PROMOTING SAME SEX MARRIAGE and in extension illegality.



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Romance / Re: Nigeria Lesbians Got Married Using Tattoos by derecho(m): 10:33am On Sep 16
The funny thing is, most homosexuals will not admit that it's an anomaly.
To think some would still love to adopt children is unbelievable.
I know it's a big challenge that stem from wrong exposure to sex and the interference of wrong spirits.
Unfortunately, we live in a world where the madman wants you to adopt their fashion as long as the madman can converse in English language, have access to the social media, or have some confused apologists.
Now parents buy rags for kids.It's becoming normal for girls to be nude.
In the nearest future, anyone who doesn't conform to these mad standards would be the new madman.

Imagine how they tag you homophobic when you speak against this nonsense.
They are quick to say "live and let live" , "it doesn't hurt anybody" etc. But you want to showcase it , you want our children to embrace it as normal, you are subtly pushing it YET YOU DON'T WANT US TO TALK?
How can it not hurt anybody? If we are not affected by it now and our children are not protected, have they not succeeded in destroying our future?

They are gradually teaching our children to tolerate it.They show them "successful" homosexuals. They are redefining marriage.
Yet some Naive persons are saying leave them.
If you are sane, please fight it whether the whole world come to accept it or not.Influence your friends and children to object to unwholesome practices. Help those involved in homosexual activities OUT of it.

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Romance / Re: Nigeria Lesbians Got Married Using Tattoos by derecho(m): 9:56am On Sep 16
If you speak like this, you clearly don't understand the Bible.
I suggest you speak on what you know.
Christian life is about bringing godliness ( God's kind of life) wherever we are.It will reflect in our judgment of what is right or wrong. In fact, it's our standard whether the other person believes it or not.
The word of God is not subject to argument.

All true Christians live by the Word of God, not popular culture or what is politically correct.
1. To judge righteously is to judge all by God's standard and not standards created by men or even personal standards(opinions). undecided

2. When you are dealing with someone who is an unbeliever, what does bringing God and Christianity do for the discussion particularly the standards of the world is not the same standard God holds Christians to? undecided

3. It isn't only when a Christian condemns a person to hell that that he or she is said to have judged unrighteously. Any judgement that is not according to standards set by God is said to be unrighteous. undecided

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Health / Re: COVID-19: FG To Vaccinate Nigerians In Church On Sundays by derecho(m): 7:55pm On Sep 14
What is it about this vaccine?
Una no go market, or motor parks, na church una dey target.
With all the uncertainties, they still insist on vaccinating the populace.
Why are we not hearing so much about this vaccination in Kano or Sokoto? Why down South? Is it that they don't want to immune people in those places?

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Politics / Re: Gombe CAN Extols Pantami, Describes Him As A Son in Congratulatory Letter by derecho(m): 12:29pm On Sep 14
How una sure say dis letter na true?
See name
"Sunday Congo"
"Rev. fr Longs"
No be dis corntree we dey when some pipu wear Choir robe say dem be Northern Bishops?
Can't remember but it seems it was for Pantanmi too.
One thing I love about Christians is that they won't kill you because you decided to deceive yourself. They'd just mark you.
Imagine Sunday Congo...
Celebrities / Re: Kaffy Shafau: Marriage Isn’t An Upgrade by derecho(m): 6:31pm On Sep 09
Hmmmn...the title, if that's what she meant by her post, is just a proof she doesn't know what marriage should be.

The way some just mislead people with pun is amazing.
For the record,
Marriage changes a lot of things.If could be for an upgrade, to borrow her word, or otherwise.

Marriage should be an upgrade to your life.If it won't, please stay single.

If you desire to improve, and you're married to the right person, you'll definitely improve.

On the flipside, if you marry the wrong person, instead of an upgrade you'll go down.
Celebrities / Re: 2baba Married My Daughter - Pero Adeniyi's Father, Prince Jide Adeniyi by derecho(m): 4:40pm On Sep 04
If there was any,(Traditional, Court or any recognized by law) let us know.
Marriage is not about assumptions. It's a deliberate thing.


I just came across this topic where youths exhibit youthful exuberance.

While it is good for matured mind to look the other way, but for Chief Jide Adeniyi, a man of means,repute and inter networking , someone may say few words.

Three children in Africa tradition and you are talking about baby mama. Tuface father and family can never say a woman with three children for their son is not their wife.

Whatever happened in Dubai or at Calabar was just Nollywood Stars celebrations of Youthful exuberance. It was a marital carnival celebration. A marriage conducted by polygamist.

In a legal marriage, any other child or children is / are termed illegitimate child or children or children born out of Wedlock. Can Anne or whatever her name called the three children or other child illegitimate ? For your information, from experience, Tuface and Idibia's family recognized those children as Tuface children without any act of illegitimacy whatsoever. Three children and relationship that spanned over a decade or almost two decades is not just baby mama in Africa tradition. Benue (Idoma, Tiv, Igede) cannot call such relationship baby mama. When those children become adults is when the real issue begins. If Sir Louis Phillips Ojukwu had lived longer, can his legally married wife called Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu (Ikemba) mother a baby mama in the presence of Ikemba ? Never.

She cannot stop Innocent from visiting her children or stop the children from seeing their father.

The Dubai party and Calabar Carnival have just come to an end and the Juju has finished its work. They should go and renew the Juju and the witchcraft covenant. I will come back later.
Celebrities / Re: 2baba Married My Daughter - Pero Adeniyi's Father, Prince Jide Adeniyi by derecho(m): 7:24am On Sep 04
No mind them.
I would have ignored them but to carry those nonsense come Church, which is supposed to be a ground and pillar of truth, vex me

As in eeeh....

Some naked women no fit make diick move pim!..

Some ladies are equally moved by sight of a man she is interested in...A babe i ones dated was open to tell me my unclothed body arouses her...Now isn't that being moved by sight?

Like you said, people generalise falsehood alot.
Celebrities / Re: 2baba Married My Daughter - Pero Adeniyi's Father, Prince Jide Adeniyi by derecho(m): 7:19am On Sep 04
Kindly oblige us with the part of Yoruba land you are talking about.
Besides, so they are married because he considered them married?


In Yoruba culture, it's not until you do big wedding in church or Dubai that you are considered married. Ordinarily giving a woman "belle", she is already considered your wife, not to talk of borning 3 children for you.

Besides, 2face must have brought his people to see the old man. Whether it is for marriage proper or engagement, the old man has considered them married. He said, 2face went to marry another woman after marrying his daughter. Polygamy is very common in Yoruba culture and is not seen as a big deal.
Celebrities / Re: 2baba Married My Daughter - Pero Adeniyi's Father, Prince Jide Adeniyi by derecho(m): 9:16pm On Sep 03
I wonder where they get those ideas from. That's how some women will be telling us who men are.
That you are a womanizer doesn't mean other men are.
I remember a Sunday school session some years ago, where someone said women aren't moved by sight and that all men are moved by naked women. Imagine?
I stood up and reminded them that a man will only be moved when he sees what he's interested in and craves for . Even some womanizers would be turned off if they see some naked women.
Again, it's an illusion that women aren't moved by sight.
People go just read one book and wee just be parroting falsehoods


Not all men fancy womanizing bro....Yes all men are believed to be polygamous in nature, but not all will follow that even if he has got the resources to.
Celebrities / Re: 2baba Married My Daughter - Pero Adeniyi's Father, Prince Jide Adeniyi by derecho(m): 9:00pm On Sep 03
But this Papa funny o...
Na so marriage dey happen?
She said he loves him and he said he "wanted to" marry her.
Is that equal to marriage?
Wetin people don turn marriage to, I no understand again.

If he was married to your daughter and you watched him marry Annie with pomp and fanfare... No complaints?
Celebrities / Re: Annie Idibia's Brother, Uduak, Disowns Her (Video) by derecho(m): 1:49pm On Sep 03
It's easy to call him a fool but do you think you know what's happening more than Uduak?
I don't support him disowning the sister but I believe it's a subtle message.
Did you read him saying "no one should contact me about the issue"?
He must have spoken to the sister in private but Annie would have disregarded him.Prolly because she has "arrived" or she's the one feeding him.

She must have told him to leave her and treated him as nobody (as many have dubbed him here on NL).
The guy, like many men with ego, decided to dissociate himself from the "goddess" that provides for him.

Two things I perceive
1.He wants her to know he can be independent and
2. he doesn't support her actions

Away from that,
Principled men don't personalize things. If they believe, for example, that it is wrong to do something; they'd never bend the rules because you are their brother, sister, townsman etc.


The Uduak of a goat is a big fuuuul. Fight for your sister first and ask questions afterwards. Family is family.

He should be ashamed of himself.
Celebrities / Re: Annie Replies Charles Idibia, 2Baba Brother: Stop Sucking Your Brother Dry by derecho(m): 12:33pm On Sep 03
Na wa for you o.
So is Tuface a Yoruba man?Or is he legally married to Pero?

Imagine, she's entitled to EVERYTHING he has as a babymama.

Stop misleading people abeg.

If this is truly Yoruba culture, there'll be no need for marriage. Just get pregnant for a random guy and be automatically called his wife.


In Yoruba land, a woman who has a child for a man is no longer regarded or referred to as Ale - Concubine, She is now a wife. Forget religion and western culture now. She will be referred to as wife once she have a child for the man whether they are married or not

Also such woman is entitled to everything the man owns, she is entitled to attend family meetings and events etc let alone a woman who had a whole 3 children for a man!

Politics / Re: Kunle Olawunmi Wanted By Defence Intelligence Agency Over Channels TV Interview by derecho(m): 8:47pm On Aug 28
So much debate...
I know it may be unethical for him to spill the beans.
However, I know the man can no longer be silent seeing the wanton killing enabled by a government that swore to protect us. He sure knows more than what is published and reported. He knows the implications of coming out to say what he said.
What he said is no secret to many observers.
The government is only embarrassed that he came out to say what he said.
How can any normal human support what is going on in Nigeria?
For those talking about authorization to say what he said, how is he different from our public servants, Buhari inclusive, who would do things without recourse to the rule of law? Why won't they lead by example?
I don't worry much about the massive corruption in government but WHY THE KILLINGS AND LIES?

I think more brave Nigerians would still speak up.
Things won't continue this way.
Imagine ,Wasting lives because of religion.

Kudos Prof. Olawunmi, you've just shown patriotism.
You owe Nigerians the truth even if it means dying.
You, for me, are a real soldier who isn't afraid to die for a just cause.

Not those Cowards lying and protecting killers of those who they promised to secure.

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Politics / Re: Crossdresser Arrested In Kogi State, Paraded (Pictures) by derecho(m): 8:42pm On Aug 26
As much as i pity the guy,
I see the futile attempts by some people to defend homosexuality. Someone even said he/she wants to educate us.
First, Homosexuality is abnormal NO grammar can change that.
Besides, asking for people to tolerate abnormalities as norms makes it more dangerous. It is confusion and unnatural for a lady to desire sexual intimacy with another lady. Same for a man to burn with lust towards another man.

Let's just oblige those who see their genes as the culprit. They claim they were born that way.
If you were born with a tumor, would you choose to live with it all your life when you can get help and have it removed?
If you discovered very early in life that you have the urge to steal.Will you resign to "fate" and say I WAS BORN A THIEF?

All the story of THAT IS HOW I WAS BORN is a lie.
There's is usually a wrong exposure to sex which leads to unhealthy sexual cravings.

I don't want to bring in the spiritual angle...Because sexual desires can be unnatural too. Just as you can't explain how a guy with a beautiful wife would be seduced by an ugly and dirty prostitute.

If something is telling you that you are homosexual , never agree with it.
If you find yourself struggling, then you need help.
Psychological counseling won't help...
Trying to rationalize it won't work either.
Cry to God to help you. Many who were trapped in homosexuality have been helped. Jesus is the way out.

Politics / Re: Channels TV Interview: Ortom Replies Garba Shehu, Says 'I Stand By My Statement' by derecho(m): 5:58pm On Aug 26


After watching this interview, my respect for Gov.Ortom quadrupled.
It takes courage and selflessness to speak the truth.

I noticed the interviewers couldn't ask much questions because it was obvious Ortom was saying the truth.
I mean, it will take a heartless individual not to be moved by the ordeal of Benue people.
Imagine, They even prevented him from seeing Buhari.

One thing that humans easily forget is that NO MAN can boast of living till the next 60seconds.
If you like carry AK-47 or be President, You can't add one minute to your life. No Man is God.


Religion / Re: Feminism In Marriage Is Rubbish – Pastor Mildred Okonkwo (Video) by derecho(m): 6:38pm On Aug 13
The last time I was curious enough to read about the causes of marriages collapsing, infidelity was the number reason, not submission, so this people can continue to spew whatever they wish, the only thing that bothers me is that they never preach LOVE/SUBMISSION hand in hand, as Bible recorded it. Yes, I believe in man loving his wife and wife submitting as Bible mentioned, but what these preachers preach is not complete, I see them as preachers who just want to garner the attention of men with reasons best known to them, my opinion anyway.
I'm glad you know the Truth.
However, as believers in Christ, do your part even if the other hasn't started.
God rewards obedience and will definitely deal with the other party.
Bible aside, it's easier to win a man with your submission than him winning you over with his love. Love no be beans o.
Hope you know the woman isn't exempted from loving the husband too? The Love demanded from the man is at the level of Christ for the Church. Not all those romeo and Juliet ting

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Career / Re: Dairy Of A Web Designer by derecho(m): 5:50pm On Jul 28
Well, at this information age, no employer shd just make an employment without reason. I wouldn't have replied, but so that all of us can learn and keep learning.... I discovered recently why there's no job in Nigeria because all of us are doing the same thing. I can graduate as an engineer and do the work of a receptionist and vice versa because we rarely train for special skills in Nigeria.
When I check websites abroad, there're always jobs. Why? Because they have specific problems they want to solve. Now back to the issue....
Let's assume the vacancy is for a web developer with javascript coding knowledge with laravel framework, jquery, etc. You as a developer can do the work with swishmax and Php or Flash. And you now came for the interview, you want me to employ you? The people/interviewers asking him know what they are doing jare. If I'm a senior developer looking for a junior developer to work with, we must be able to work with the same codes (By the way, I'm not a developer).
Agreed they know what they are doing but telling them the tools and framework used should be enough.
If you want to test him along his claims you are welcome but which one be "gerrout" because hin no show dem the codes?
Employers should learn to value budding developers and stop acting like everything depends on them.
An amiable and smart employer can easily get those codes and more from the guy.
One thing you forgot to add to why jobs are "surplus" abroad is that they value you before your services.
Career / Re: Dairy Of A Web Designer by derecho(m): 11:25am On Jul 28
Hi, you were wrong! The fact that you told them the applications you used does not mean that they will or they can do it like you would. Let me give you an instance here right now OK. I used Figma, html5, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver CS5, CSS and Bootstrap to design the website. What did this take away from me after telling you just now? Job seekers, you guys will just be turning an easy task to another complex issue. Well, I believe you're still young sá. All the best.

Hmmn...but did you read where he said "...application and the codes"
If they love his work, why not employ him first?
Or better still give him a similar task to see if he can do what he claimed is his.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Military Shoots Down Drones With Laser Technology Mounted On Aircraft by derecho(m): 4:42pm On Jun 25
Funny you...
I wonder why "U.K or whatever" is the standard for some people.Why won't you be a standard for them?
Though, we are not here to debate countries but some Londoners would gladly work for some Nigerians domiciled here.
Do I expect everyone to understand what I wrote? No

Abeg shift. grin grin grin
Tell this gibberish about "spirit man" to an average person in the UK and you'll see how clownish you'd look. Dem no carry the thing for head. They don't even understand what you're talking about, but yet dem still better pass your country wey people dey enter spiritual realm to control the physical. grin grin grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Military Shoots Down Drones With Laser Technology Mounted On Aircraft by derecho(m): 4:30pm On Jun 25
Kikikiki...You have a point but that's just a small piece of the puzzle.
Technology or not, you cannot wipe out Israel. I'm sure you know that Israel won't be saved because of their technology?


My brother, forget spiritual backing or whatsoever. Without iron Dome or those isreali sophisticated weapons, it'll be raining 4th of july there everyday.
It's like not studying for your exams cos pastor don pray for you and told you that you'd pass.
You'll chop carryovers with egg sauce
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Military Shoots Down Drones With Laser Technology Mounted On Aircraft by derecho(m): 4:07pm On Jun 25
You think other countries don't have intelligent thinkers?You think they are not researching to wipe out Israel?
Oga, it's not just book, determination, or research. There's an insight and a spiritual backing.
There is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding... Job 32:8-9
The spirit controls the physical bro.
Are we saying people shouldn't work or think? No.

But you must realize there are some solutions you can't get from school books or human experience. Many innovations don't start with piecing things together. The inventors have seen things that their peers can't see and considered impossible.

Even Those terrorists trying to islamize Nigeria don't just depend on their guns. Those terrorists would be defeated not because we have guns but There's a God who rules in the affairs of men.
What do you think would happen if Shekau , if he's still alive, wakes up one day mad and decides to detonate a bomb so that all his fellow jihadists would go and meet the promised 72 virgins? That of course is beyond technology.
Boko haram as it were, is a product of an Islamic ideology. For them, it's a spiritual duty.

Technology is a product of science. Science is simply organized knowledge. If your spiritman is sick, it'll affect your knowledge and technology. We have intelligent lunatics but are we safe with them?
Man is more of a spirit.. The earlier we get that, the better for all of us.

Imagine isreal believed on only fasting and prayers will improve the condition of their country, the Palestinians would have had a field day last month.

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Politics / Re: APC Welcomes Senator Nwaoboshi Defecting From PDP (Delta State) by derecho(m): 3:25pm On Jun 25
I bu onye isu na nbogu?


All filmtricks.

Baba is receiving him at Asorock.
I hope he told our darling daddy that asides disgruntled members like 'Owelle' and a few Onicha-Olona touts that followed him to APC, his support base has been completely won over by the Ajudua political dynasty.

Quite shameful that he had to wait for the state's PDP to suspend him for anti-party activities before he had the balls to show he's been a traitor.

Peter will leave the Senate by 2023 for you know who, but does not want to be retired... So he now decided to decamp to APC to serve as Omo-Agege's deputy in 2023, but 'o ga e-me ya voom n'anya'.

APC's grip in Delta State is as strong as that of an 80year old man suffering from stroke.
Sports / Re: Sadio Mane Commissions Hospital In His Senegal Hometown (Photos) by derecho(m): 7:17pm On Jun 21

Here we go again, NONSENSE!!!

When will stupid Nigerian people realise that we are the government? Why is it that your useless uncle and his equally stupid neighbours are willing to stand by while helping people to steal OUR COLLECTIVE resources? And they all standby like cowards suffering and wallowing in underdevelopment and poverty in silence?
You can make your point without calling his/her uncle useless.


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