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Romance / Re: by dgee1(m): 9:53pm On Aug 13
Boss iLegendd,

You always say we should do things right as Nigerians, and that is the reason why I need your words on this, please. I don't want to run foul of the rule.
I have the Lesotho type of account and want to withdraw my freelance funds using the Africard. Please is there a limit to the amount I can withdraw per time? What are the things I need to do to avoid getting into trouble? Thanks in advance for your words.


1. PayPal can't send to Barter, but can send to any Nigerian bank.

2. You can go to UBA and request for UBA Africard International. Make sure it's the international version — extremely important. When they give you the card (Visa card) after 7 working days or less, add it on your PayPal and withdraw into it and it will reflect instantly. They use current Google's exchange rate. Used to be 381, but should be 410 — 412/$ at the moment.

Unfortunately, for number 2, I won't say more than that. I even wanted to decline answering it, but I don't know what pushed me into revealing it. Use Google to find out how to go about it. It's only UBA Africard that works.

If you still want to use your PayPal to send money directly to your exchange wallet via P2P, you can use LocalBìtcoin.com, Huóbi.com, Páxful, etc. They have P2Ps that support PayPal transaction to your Cry.pto wallet.

Or, use a strong VPN and Binance PayPal P2P may still work — I haven't tried, anyway.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Did You Get Your First Remote Job? by dgee1(m): 5:57pm On Jun 05
First, thanks so much for taking time out to type this! Wow!!

You're right, it's the passion and motivation that was lacking. But I will now try and get myself surrounded by programmers and join MeetUp as you advised. Thanks so much for your words and motivation, I really appreciate them.

Wish you luck in all that you're doing. Thank you very much!

Bro, I actually think you have done a lot for yourself learning to code in HTML and CSS and kinda wonder about why you decided to "dropout". I guess the answer isn't that difficult to understand - passion and motivation.
If you have passion for something, you tend to put in put in all your efforts to accomplish it. When you feel motivated as well, you tend to put in more. I think you can actually create that motivation for yourself if you surround yourself with folks in same line as you are.

Im not outrightly saying you need to go back to programming. If you don't have a passion for it, you will just be doing what you dont like and may give up again. But we designs and programming is actually a surefire way to get working remotely. Your understanding of programming again will open many doors, especially now that every organization is looking for blockchain programmers.

Most blockchain programmers switched from their original programming skills to languages specific to blockchain programming like solidity. For me, I dont really like programming and would rather hire a programmer to do the work versus investing time in it.

If you already have all you need to master this area, why not just set out a goal to master as much of that area as possible within a short time, say before the end of the year, while you occasionally assess yourself to measure your progress? While you're doing that, be sure whatever projects you're working on can translate to a portfolio that potential clients can see about you, which replaces resume most times for techy jobs...

Regarding the motivation you need, you may find www.meetup.com as a valuable site. There are apps for it as well. If programming is what you like, you can join groups of both local and international programmers there and yall can link up. There are countless meet-ups for any thing you like and you can connect there in no time.

If you are in Nigeria, I would think programming will give you more remote opportunities than cybersecurity as most cybersecurity roles require you making changes in secure environments and background checks etc are often required.

So bro, please first ask yourself if you have a passion for coding and if you do, set goals for yourself and get the motivation you need by connecting with folks that share same or similar thoughts with you. Dont let the learning curve be a barrier, rather it should be a motivation to stick to your set goals. It will be all smiles after you've paid that due - putting in the extra effort.

I guarantee you you'd be getting many programming gigs from everywhere once you've established a formidable portfolio for yourself.

Goodluck bro


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Did You Get Your First Remote Job? by dgee1(m): 3:01pm On May 19
Hello, bro

Thanks for your response. I wonder why they banned you, because everything you've said on this thread has been very very helpful and inspiring. I've read your posts on the thread and have a good idea of the kind of mind that could produce those thoughts

Yes, I was learning how to code using an e-book and practicing on my laptop. I had covered HTML5 and CSS3 to a very good extent, and was at the beginning part of JavaScript, when I somehow 'dropped out' and abandoned the thing. I was worried that it would take a long time before I became proficient as a programmer and start getting jobs. I'm in my early 30s so I felt the thing would demand another 2 years or more from me.

So, I tried to get something else doing that I felt would not require a long time to learn. And around August last year, I began writing for someone I met here on Nairaland. It's a third-party kind of arrangement where he gets certain jobs and send them to me to execute for him. Although those jobs haven't been consistent and the pay isn't great, it is what I presently do to keep body and soul together. And I feel there's a need for me to make progress and do more with my time and life.

Honestly, I'm sometimes confused and perplexed as to what to do next. But one thing I'm clear about is that the idea of working remotely/freelancing is one that fits my personality. I enjoy staying indoor for days working on the computer and being productive. I would say I really don't have an 'area' right now. I'm trying to see if Cybersecurity is something I can also try.

And I'm not trying to be flatter you, bro, but I just feel I need to connect more with people like you who can help fire me up and give me a push

Sorry for my long epistle...


Sorry bro, I didnt mean to ignore your post. For some reasons, NL banned me after my posts on this topic. Not sure why. But yeah, we all need some type of push sometimes, I think thats why forums exist - to learn from one another.

You mentioned that you were into Javascript and then moved into writing. Do you consider yourself a developer? Thats not my area though. I have some knowledge of coding, but dont do that on a daily basis, and I dislike writing or too much talking as well. I prefer solving business problems with COTS applications and devices. Not sure if thats related to your area at all.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Did You Get Your First Remote Job? by dgee1(m): 12:18pm On May 13

Thanks bro
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Did You Get Your First Remote Job? by dgee1(m): 12:04pm On May 13

Abeg how you guys dey get this PayPal account oo


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Did You Get Your First Remote Job? by dgee1(m): 10:11am On May 13
I sure will be a good ambassador.


Here is another. https://www.clickintelligence.co.uk/job/content-writer-role/

Good luck, and please be responsible so as not to block the way for others after you.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Did You Get Your First Remote Job? by dgee1(m): 10:06am On May 13
Thank you. I will check it out right away.
Much appreciated. God bless.



Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Did You Get Your First Remote Job? by dgee1(m): 9:59am On May 13
Bro, I would be grateful if you can put me through too. I write and have a Paypal account.

Thank you.


Do you have access to a PayPal account? If you don't, there is no need to progress coz they won't pay in any other way.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Did You Get Your First Remote Job? by dgee1(m): 1:17am On May 13
Wow! I fell in love with your mind reading this!! I'm not so much of a tech person. I tried learning JavaScript around last year but stopped midway when I saw the ground I would have to cover as age isn't very much on my side and there's the pressure to start 'delivering' in life. Then I moved to writing, but getting clients to work with hasn't been funny. Sometimes I'm even confused as to what to do next. But one thing I'm very sure of is that remote working fits my kind of person and would make me even more productive that the traditional 8-5. I just need some fire.

If you don't mind, please, I would like to connect with you. I won't be a trouble. I honestly just feel talking and being connected with you will help me get things right. I need this kind of networking in my life, even if it's just for a push in the right direction. I've sent you an email already.

You really inspired me, thank you so much.

SmartMugu...bro, you are responding to everyone, please don't leave me out. Thanks
I dont know how working remote from Nigeria really works. I guess most into it are freelancers. But I've been working remotely for over 6 years now and never had any reasons to go to any office.

Sometimes, while I'm in Nigeria I can still work remotely for the parent US firms I work for, and many folks I know here in the IT line are currently working from Nigeria and still get paid in USD. What's the point asking techy guys to come to the office? Thats outdated in this clime, especially with covid fright everywhere.

I think it all starts with choosing a niche within the IT space, for me. I focused on Cybersecurity. Mastered as many areas as I could and got certifications upon certifications added to my bachelor's and master's degrees and let my resume do the talking. It will work same way for anyone, just differentiate yourself from the rest.

You'll be surprised with how many calls for jobs you will get from all around the world and pick which ones u want to mess with. Some firms are even in dire needs of the strengths and smartness in most of us Nigerians and won't even mind relocating you and your family closer to them, as long as you've proven your worth to them.

I dont know if it depends on the companies you have worked for in the past though. For me, all my experiences are for US based firms, none at all in Nigeria. But if you can manage to get yourself into some of the major consulting firms with presence around the globe, like Delloitte, KPMG, E&Y, Accenture, Infosys etc, you're good. Thats how I started my consulting career and later decided to contract for firms than working directly for them as a FTE.

Even in cases where your physical presence is needed, these firms will be responsible to get you there, wherever it is in the world. Got tired of that.I prefer those that are entirely remote since I contract now and have decided to cut down on travels.

So, around IT, you can't be wrong with areas like Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Machine learning, Software Engineering /Design, Cloud Computing/Networking/Security etc. There's a huge array of lines for those in other IT areas like programming,, web designs, digital marketing etc.. im just talking about the areas Im familiar with.

Dont jump around, just stick with one area and carve a career around it. Its a common mistake for many to want to include as many unrelated skills on their resume, its wrong. Your resume should tell your audience a story about you, not get them confused about who you really are. Don't let them feel you were a farmer last year, a plumber last month and a tailor today. Choose where ur strengths are and focus on improving on it, highlight your strengths on your resume, then make your resume your tool. One of these areas can keep you employed from your home right there in Nigeria with firms from around the world.

My 2 cents. Goodluck all.
Family / Re: Am I A Failure? Please Rate Me. by dgee1(m): 12:06am On May 06
please how can I get in touch with you?

First of, if you wrote this without Grammarly software then you are Marvelous and you have just restored my faith for the Nigerian Youths.

At the bolded (according to you), so it is your mates that probably took the short-cut to wealth that you are "ashamed" of. Go close and see if they are really proud of themselves or just living a-make-belief life.

Where in Naija are you located. I mean if you were passing through all these in the UK or USA, you won't be thinking all hope is gone. Afterall Colonel Sanders ( the owner of KFC) was still selling chickens door to door at age 60 and you are just 33.

Single Graduate, that can vomit English like this (except them help you write this post shocked ), then Sisters and Aunties no they take turn for your kitchen and the Orza room? Why? Where you dey throw your hook hmmm.. grin
When I was in this your present stage (husband material) the table turned, it was now the sisters using their money to buy me launch, so I am asking, who is your Mentor cool

Your self esteem ( like most Nigerians, young and old) is battered and needs to be revamped. Then you can move on conquering like the Lion you have proven to be.

Trust me it doesn't take God one year to change your financial status and you acquire all those things you mentioned as measures of SUCCESS.

Keep your Bible close, read it in and out of season ( trouble). Let Elohim guide you, and you will never fail. God's people may face tough times like Job but they bounce back better because God can NOT fail.

Some Immediate Tips: (To be Achieved within 6 months)
I) Why you never marry? DON'T tell me money because MONEY really doesn't matter when singing marriage to women but you have to be certain she is gainfully employed (even if she get her own tailoring outfit or a Nurse, that's COOL). You have to SHINE your Eyes, Love from head before your heart. CALL me for details before we cast the parol. LOL
ii) Can you drive, getting into commercial transport is easy (driving for someone, even on hire purchase); which reminds me, those your "mates" you are envying their cars might just be Taxi drivers. Guy use your head, no let those you better pass flog you.
iii) You need to get yourself an international passport, learn German language while you are fixing your self a wife and an odd job that won't break your back.

For other details and guidance, Call me
Education / Re: Felt Bad My Students Said I Am Into Yahoo, Teaching Can't Afford My Lifestyle by dgee1(m): 1:19am On Apr 03
Hi, please I'm still expecting to hear from you. If you have the ebook of the course, I'm willing to pay a fee for it, and you send it to me. I can't afford what the full training right now. Thanks.


Education / Re: Felt Bad My Students Said I Am Into Yahoo, Teaching Can't Afford My Lifestyle by dgee1(m): 10:01am On Apr 01
Looks good. Are you given an ebook along with the real-time feedback?


Education / Re: Felt Bad My Students Said I Am Into Yahoo, Teaching Can't Afford My Lifestyle by dgee1(m): 10:53pm On Mar 31
Please on what platform are you learning the copywriting skills?
I used to think that it's only developers & programmers that can work as freelancers. I never knew that there are thousands of skills that someone can offer from the comfort of your home; ranging from simple to complex, general to specialized.
Thank God for the lockdown that forced me to start looking for another source of income just in case salary payment becomes irregular. September last year someone told me about an academy that runs a digital marketing program & virtual assistant training program. I decided to do the VA training program. Invested some money on the course & after two months intensive training, I registered on some job sites. Got my first client on Guru & my second client on upwork. The job was to write personalized one line messages for the list of contacts they gave me. Although the pay wasn't all that great; I made $220 b/w Dec. 2020 to Feb 2021. But it helped me to realize that I can actually earn money working from home. So I decided to invest that money to acquire a specialized, high-paying skill. Currently, I'm on another intensive training to acquire copywriting skills. I'm looking forward to earning thousands of dollars per month as a direct response copywriter, so help me God. wink
Education / Re: BUA Founder, Abdul Samad Rabiu Donates ₦200 Million To Sokoto University by dgee1(m): 1:40pm On Mar 14
Please how may I help you?
Thank you
Still looking forward to your response, bro.
Education / Re: BUA Founder, Abdul Samad Rabiu Donates ₦200 Million To Sokoto University by dgee1(m): 6:14am On Mar 14
I just want to connect and rub minds with you, bro. Nothing else. I saw your comment on another thread, and really like your idea. I'm just starting out as a freelance writer and will be happy to network and learn more about the job from you, especially as a Nigerian trying to find his feet online. Thanks


Please how may I help you?

Thank you
Politics / Re: BUA Founder, Abdul Samad Rabiu Donates ₦200 Million To Sokoto State University by dgee1(m): 11:25pm On Mar 13
Hi bro, I sent you an email. Please respond. Thanks
This man does not even make noise.
However, you will keep hearing about his '"deeds'.
May God continue to bless the generous billionaire
Phones / Re: Infinix Note 7 Review After 2 Weeks Of Use by dgee1(m): 10:10pm On Mar 06
Good day, sir
It's me again o. I just want to ask if Kolanut has started moving again. I'm still very much interested in working with you, sir. Thanks and God bless.

You know there's is lockdown in Ontario and some major provinces right now
Politics / Re: NBC Jams Radio Biafra In Lagos by dgee1(m): 9:35pm On Mar 02
"But I judge people based on their past deeds"......How old are you really? Mrs. Righteous Serious, of what value is your opinion in the scheme of things? I repeat, you feel Yorubas are bad because you've been a bad person around the people you live with. They are merely reciprocating your bigotry. Check yourself!


I never said Kanu is a hero. I don't support him. But I judge people based on their past deeds. Igboho was a tout and caused nuisance to his community that he was even banished. An agbero used by political parties for their selfish whims. How can that kind of person redeem you guys?. Anyway una Neva see something. U people are not yet serious....lol
Politics / Re: NBC Jams Radio Biafra In Lagos by dgee1(m): 9:24pm On Mar 02
If you say you see things 'the way they are' and 'the way you see them' and you typed those trash, then something is really wrong with your mind, and your eyes too. You must have been a terrible person to the people you live around, and when they begin to show you their other side, you start to shouting like a sick dog.

For your info, we have people living with Igbos in the East and around SW. They bring us reports too, the kind that isn't good to generalize on, and share in a public forum. Your Yoruba friends that 'seem to be enlightened' as you claim are not enlightened at all. If they truly are, you would've been healed of tribal bigotry. But I suspect the problem is from your sick 'Igbos are better than Yoruba' condescending and prejudiced attitude.

If Igbos have a lot of businesses in SW, Yorubas are folding their arms and own nothing. Soon now you'll claim Lagos is your own. You still have a lot of learning to do!


I m not a tribal bigot. I say things the way I see them as I v lived amongst you guys for more than 2 decades. I have enlightened Yoruba friends too and at least they seem to be way better than the ones that grew up in rural areas....lol. Igbos have a lot of businesses in the west and even a blind man cannot dispute that fact sweetheart. So u can continue arguing with your keypads my dear online warrior.... hahaha
Politics / Re: NBC Jams Radio Biafra In Lagos by dgee1(m): 9:59am On Mar 02
When those roofs that have turned brown were built, what were they using to roof houses in your state? Palm leaves I'm sure lol
I didn't know you are a tribal bigot. Yorubas accommodated you but you curse them everyday at every single opportunity. I have many enlightened Igbo friends and I love them, you need to stop this nonsense bigotry and face the real issues

This one seems to be typing from his brown roof village o. Just read ur comment again....SMH
An average Nigerian knows that igbos are numerous in Lagos doing business everywhere
Politics / Re: NBC Jams Radio Biafra In Lagos by dgee1(m): 9:53am On Mar 02
Imagine the trash you wrote.......Igboho is a nuisance but your Kanu is a hero. What record does Kanu and the governor of your state have? Even your governors in the East see Kanu more than just a nuisance . They see him as a terrorist and are begging the Fulanis to send soldiers and fighter jets to come kill his boys.


Why would anyone ever compare igboho to nnandi Kanu?. To me I feel igboho is just a nuisance, even read up about his background. Dude has no good past records.
He can't even face even half of what Nnamdi Kanu went through although I m not a supporter of Mnk. Moreover this people should channel their energies to their cattle ravaged community....y d sudden interest in Ipob?
Another calamity will befall them now and you will be hearing 'The South should unite'.
Online warriors....hahaha
Celebrities / Re: 2Face Reacts As Apostle Suleman Says He Makes Money Through Speaking In Tongues by dgee1(m): 8:28am On Feb 28
The reason for the confusion about the word hell, as it is indiscriminately used in the Bible, is because of the confusing and obscuring job translators did when they were translating the Bible from Greek and Hebrew to the English language.

Hell is an old English word. Centuries ago, when the Authorized Version was translated, the people of England commonly talked of "putting their potatoes in hell for the winter, a good way of preserving potatoes. The word, at that time, merely meant a hole in the ground which is covered up, a dark and silent place, a grave. A few influential men since the time of Christ left writings and teachings which became so universally believed that they became the accepted doctrine of the Christian-professing world. Pagan teachings influenced these translators to misapply and mistranslate the old English word hell.

Volumes have been written to explain this issue about hell, but please research these Greek words: gehenna, hades, and tartaros. Also, read about this Hebrew word: sheol. The meanings of these words have been confused with each other when translators were trying to make one English word hell stand for the definitions of all these words. This is the reason for the confusion.

About this talk of people burning in unquenchable fire, please read Jeremiah 17: 27. In that verse, the God of the Bible said he would burn Jerusalem's gate with a fire that would not be quenchable. The fire occurred a few years later, and it destroyed all the houses of Jerusalem (Jeremiah 52:1). Since God said this fire 'shall not be quenched' and since it is not burning today in 2021, it obviously went out by itself after devouring all combustible material.

The fires that also burned wicked cities in the Bible simply went out after consuming all combustible material. Even so will it be with the fire that will burn the wicked. It will be unquenchable but will finally burn itself out. The fire will not be quenched or put out prematurely by anyone. The Bible proves that the 'fire that never shall be quenched' will NOT torment people forever.

Mtt 13:41,50, Mtt 25: 41, 46, Mark 9:48, Revelation: 14:10 -11, Revelation: 20:14-15 that you quoted have all been shown not to mean eternal torment in fire. Some of these things and their explanations don't belong in the public space. Contrary to what mainstream Christianity teaches, God is not struggling with Satan to get as many people as possible saved. He has a plan bring everyone to salvation. The Bible is a very coded book. You need keys to unlock so many vital knowledge that book contains.

Did you know COVID-19 and many other plagues were foretold in the Bible? They Assyrians, Moabites, Edomites and the 12 tribes of Israel remain today. They are not lost, and they are all behaving just as the Bible says the would!

The Bible is a living and the most plausible book in the world. But you have to prove it for yourself, just as no one can prove or disprove the existence of God to another person. We all need to do our proving or disproving, and our believing or unbelieving. The God of the Bible no force anyone to follow him way. Never! How peaceful!!

The God of the Bible calls Satan 'the god of this world' (2 Corinthians 4:4), and says he 'deceives the whole world' (Revelation 12:9). Have billions of people not been deceived?


I don't bring myself down to personal attack, so I will ignore all those because it shows you are out of points. The fact that you are angry buttresses my point — the idea of a cruel God, as you suggested, is scary for any Christian to believe!

Back to the crust of the matter:

Parable or no parable, Jesus message points to perpetual punishment and torment! Gnashing of teeth means torment!
Fire and brimstone, and sulfur all imply torment with fire!
Fiery furnace points to torment by fire

Like I said earlier, the central message is faulty. You can't wrap your head around the fact that an infinitely loving father who's omnipotent and omniscient (who knows what will happen and can prevent it if he wants to) can condemn his supposedly infinitely loved children to eternal torment for failing a test (sin) which he already knows that they will fail and can prevent if he wants.

This is where the problem lies. To maneuver your way around it, you deny the aspect of the Bible that talks about hell. Some others, like the Catholics propose a just being who punishes lesser sins with temporary torment (purgatory) and "mortal sins" with eternal damnation. The point is, different people with different theories trying to explain the illogical Christian message.

Those of us with open mind will analyze everything together and conclude that the message makes no logical sense.

The non-thinking beings who bundle everything under the holy ghost don't even understand what we're talking about because they can't think to that level — reason their pastors run business on top their heads using the holy ghost!

So, you ask what I'm driving at? If the Christian God is wicked? You tell me!

The only logical deduction when you analyze the entire message together is that the Christian message is logically implausible!

Like your group (which I believe is JW), the Catholics, and other thinking groups, I have my own theory too, but it's personal.

My official position is that the Christian central message is logically implausible, which is what is driving most thinking beings into atheism! But what those atheist don't realize is this: "that the Christian message is logically implausible does not mean that there's no God!
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by dgee1(m): 4:50pm On Feb 23
Good day people, thanks for the info you are giving out here. Please in preparation for the reopening of application in October, what documents and other stuff should I be using this time to process? I'm going for a Msc program. Thanks
Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by dgee1(m): 12:40pm On Feb 08
I sent you an email, please respond. Thanks

Since last year...just once
Nairaland / General / Re: Send A Shoutout To Nairalanders That Made You Smile This Year by dgee1(m): 9:12pm On Dec 31, 2020
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by dgee1(m): 1:10am On Dec 17, 2020
Thanks so much, God bless.

There are many providers , you just open an account and then it easy to send from uk to naija ....

I currently use this as my top choice for good £ to naira rate https://moneyfex.com/
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by dgee1(m): 12:02am On Dec 17, 2020
Hello, please what is the best means someone in the UK can use to send money to a Nigerian bank account? Thank you.
grin grin grin
Okay. My bad! Just seeing the "m" behind your screen name. See links below for more info on the other visa categories:






Programming / Re: I Need Help On How To Avoid Burnout by dgee1(m): 6:24pm On Dec 14, 2020
Everything you said before the "Become a Muslim" statement makes a lot of sense. Tell you what, so many Christians do have their quiet time to "connect" early in the morning, and they remain sensitive throughout the day to 'the things of the spirit'. Same goes for Buddhist and many other religions: they all have different ways to remain "connected" to the divine. Meditation, prayer, keeping a positive mindset is vital to all religion. People need to get "attune" more to these things, that's the issue.
As a Muslim, it's difficult for me to ever have a burnout. I visit the mosque five times daily. I spend about 5- minutes to the mosque and another 5mins back. The prayer is about 5mins long. That's a minimum of 15minutes break, five times a day.

Also, on my way to/from he mosque, I ponder on the problems I'm trying to solve and, to be honest, I always find a solution before returning home.

No wonder many of my christian mates during undergraduate are always surprised by my performance because I don't spend as much time as them on studying but we get fairly similar results.

Add that to the tranquility, reassurance and blessings in the five daily prayers, you'll be surprised at the wonders.

My special advice for you is to become a Muslim.


Phones / Re: Infinix Note 7 Review After 2 Weeks Of Use by dgee1(m): 11:25am On Nov 29, 2020
Okay sir, thank you.

You know there's is lockdown in Ontario and some major provinces right now
Phones / Re: Infinix Note 7 Review After 2 Weeks Of Use by dgee1(m): 10:23am On Nov 29, 2020
Good day sir, please I just want to remind you that I'm still hopeful about the kolanut business and I'm still looking forward to when it will be restarted. Thank you sir.

Fantastic but they have produced Umidigi Bison that can stay underwater for hours. You can compare the specs before knowing the one you will go out for.
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Duped Of N9.5 Million by dgee1(m): 10:20am On Nov 29, 2020
Good morning sir, please I am still hoping to hear from you as regards the email I sent you some days ago. Please you'd be helping my career if you respond to it. Thank you.
I never knew activism was this lucrative.
Politics / Re: #EndSARS: CNN Clarifies Its Tweet About ''38'' Nigerians Killed by dgee1(m): 9:30am On Nov 29, 2020
Hello sir

Wa shorire

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