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Politics / Re: Press Statement On The Pandemonium In Anambra State by Domaro: 1:28pm On Oct 11, 2017
must they (army) do the vaccination themselves with high level of distrust they have in the east?, must they force people into taking vaccine?, did they even tell the people what the vaccine is for?, since is it the duty of the army to administer vaccines? and why must they start from the south?.
please help me to answer those queestions


Politics / See Why The Biafran Agitation Will Not Stop (my View) by Domaro: 9:28pm On May 30, 2017
I was speaking with a very young pharmacist from the South East yesterday. I advanced the restructuring/true Fiscal Federalism as what I believe is the way out of Nigeria's muddle. He would not buy it.

"Forget it ma'am. It's better we just go. Give us ten-fifteen years and see how Biafra would be transformed." He spoke with conviction. His eyes shone with what I thought was longing. "Just forget it. There is no need dragging this thing with them," he concluded.

A good number of Igbos, and I dare add, other young Nigerians, are totally not understanding Nigeria as it is right now. It is not enough to make dismissive remarks like "They were not even born when the war happened." Or remarks like "They don't understand what they're asking for."

Make them understand. That is, if you understand what you're asking them to understand. If it makes sense to you. It even gets more annoying when you hear the older ones, the actors and spectators of the unfortunate war, urge the younger ones to learn from history.

According to Osibanjo, "experience is the best teacher for a fool. History is a much gentler teacher.'
I agree.

But comments like that could even draw the ire of the young ones who have today been denied history classes in school.

Who keeps a people ignorant of their history? But even more annoying is the fact that those who urge this learning have themselves not only failed to learn from experience, but have bluntly refused to learn from history, the much gentler teacher.
And what is there to learn? What is there to understand?

That a boy from Anambra State aspiring to get some education at the prestigious Unity schools has to score about 139 marks in the entrance examination while his counterpart, perhaps even his classmate or neighbour from Zamfara State would only have to score 4 marks.

And that it takes an even weirder turn when they're done with school, at which point the Zamfara boy would have over 80% more chance at a federal job than the 80% more studious boy from Anambra. How do you explain that to a young Nigerian so that he may understand?

How can they understand that a State like Kano, created at about the same time as one like Lagos, has about 44 local govt areas while Lagos State has a paltry 20 constitutionally recognized local govt areas. Bear in mind that Kano state has long been sub divided into two states of Kano and Jigawa. Jigawa alone has 27 LGAs of its own.

You can say that the old Kano State has 71 LGAs while Lagos still lags behind with 20. And that the entire South East of five states has only about 94 local govt areas? Did it strike you that the South East is the only region still dawdling with five states? It would not have mattered of course if the National cake wasn't shared on the basis of local governments. Only if it was baked on that same basis. How would any young person without a brain for understanding twisted things get this?

How can they understand that in the present Govt, the entire South East has no representation in the security body of the country. So when the security chiefs sit to discuss security, the primary role of any govt, there is nobody from the entire SE region in attendance. How can anyone understand this.

How can even a gentle teacher make anyone understand that a South South youth would die for daring to steal crude oil from what used to be his fertile and arable farmland, while his Northern counterpart can freely mine minerals from his backyard. We only get to hear anything about it when lead poisoning begins to ravage communities.

How do you understand that we have Petroleum Equalization Fund which ensures that petroleum products get to the people in the North at the same price at which it gets to those in the South but we do not have Tomato Equalization fund or Carrot Equalization Fund to trim the cost for people in the South? Break it down for me so that I may understand since I didn't witness the war.

How do you break down the brazen massacres of Igbos, Christians and other innocent Nigerians any time the North wakes up from the wrong side of the bed? Or when an artist draws a denigrating sketch of Mohammed in countries some of the victims have never heard of? Or when a group of girls decide to bare their bodies in beauty pageants? Or when a man cannot win elections? Or when a farmer must till his farmland? Or just about when anything... Just unbelievable impunity. And no one ever gets justice.

But we can start by explaining how Katsina State alone just got allotted more slots that the entire SS, than the entire SW, than the entire SE, than the entire N.Central in the ongoing (or is it completed?) recruitment by the DSS.
And a host of flustering matters.

So what is it you want History to help you teach? That the oppressed should stay calm and "ask nicely" like Obasanjo put it? They should ask nicely for their share of a piece of cake jointly baked by all? They should treat Nigeria with love like Obasanjo again suggested. It shouldn't matter that they get only rebuffs in return. I don't blame Obasanjo. It's probably the way he knows love and reconciliation...one sided. Any wonder his daughter would literally disown him publicly?

I listened to all the speeches made at the Biafra@50 event. They were all rich in flowing grammar, beaming with rhetorics but glaringly bare on commitment. Nobody but Nwodo dared point a way out. Osibanjo's speech had no mention of restructuring, something I can bet my last finger that he believes in. It would seem like we don't want to find a way out of our predicament yet.

Make no mistake, the clamour for Biafra is getting more tumultuous by the day that I fear that the voices of some of us preaching 'restructure' may soon be drowned and Biafrexit is eminent.

And this house may come crashing on us all.

(c)Onwughalu Dominic A.


Properties / Re: Construction Process Of 6 Bedroom Duplex At Anambra State By Domaro-pio Const. by Domaro: 1:10pm On Feb 19, 2017
foundation wall formation

Properties / Re: Construction Process Of 6 Bedroom Duplex At Anambra State By Domaro-pio Const. by Domaro: 12:41pm On Feb 19, 2017
Setting out and foundation strip excavation.

Properties / Re: Construction Process Of 6 Bedroom Duplex At Anambra State By Domaro-pio Const. by Domaro: 11:51am On Feb 19, 2017
the site is ready, materials are down, safety cool outfits for my engineers grin are equally ready.

Properties / Re: Construction Process Of 6 Bedroom Duplex At Anambra State By Domaro-pio Const. by Domaro: 11:09am On Feb 19, 2017
Drilling of bore hole took us three days, which ends on monday 13th feb 2017.



Properties / Construction Process Of 6 Bedroom Duplex At Anambra State By Domaro-pio Const. by Domaro: 7:14am On Feb 18, 2017
This is construction of 6 bedroom dublex in Anambra state, it is been handled by Domaro-pio Constructions Nigeria Limited.It has two bedroom downstairs and for rooms upstairs(all en-suite) The construction started on the valentine day, Tuesday,14th feb 2017. Below is the drawings and pictorial progress so far. I will update the construction progress of this project frequently as you move along with me.
NOTE: your views, direction, constructive criticisim or corrections will be highly appreciated.

Happy valentine kiss

Phones / Re: Man Wins N10m In Airtel Promo In Awka, Faints At Prize Presentation by Domaro: 8:10am On Jan 06, 2017
Properties / The Greatest Scam Of The Century Found In "Chibok" (pics) by Domaro: 8:36am On Jul 22, 2016
Chibok girls were reported 'kidnapped' on 15th of April, 2014. President Jonathan left office on 29th of May, 2015 making it the 409th days of the 'missing' Chibok girls under Jonathan. Buhari came in o 29th, May, 2015. Today, 15th July, 2016 makes it 413th days (still counting) of the 'missing' Chibok girls' under President Buhari No single soul on the streets; No demonstration; No placards; No name calling; It is no longer cluelessness; It is no longer barbaric; HOW COME NOBODY IS ASKING QUESTIONS? But who will ask, since the benefactors are in the Aso Rock; Government Houses; El-Rufai & Co Senate; Dino Melaye & co House of Reps; Gbajabiamila & co. Some are Ministers; Director Generals; Where is Tunde Bakare? Where is Oby Ezekwesili? Where is Hadiza Bala-Usman? Where is Adams Oshiomole? Where is Tinubu? Where is Shehu Sani? HAVE THE GIRLS BEEN FOUND?

Properties / Re: How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 7:49pm On Mar 20, 2016
I agree with the last comment. How do you get water to the tank in the first instance? Will the energy to pump the water not be more than the one to be generated? Also, is there plan to recycle the water back to the tank or don't you think the cost of sourcing and continuous pumping of water will be exorbitant? I guess that is why most Micro Hydro Generator Projects uses natural waterfalls and running stream.
If you can answer the above questions satisfactorily, how much will a 5KVA and 50KVA system cost?

Well mr Kunlef, All those have been put into consideration, it has also been apply and it works perfectly. First, you have to pump water into the overhead reservoir, maybe with generator or whatever means available and also to the underground pool. After that, the pumps in the pool will be pumping the water back to the tank and it goes in a cycle order. you will have upto 5 pumps unit or more in the pool depending on the capacity the plant is generating, one pump works at a time and it is been powered by the energy generated from the plant (self-powered). After the plant installation, you don't spend a dime on the plant until it is due for maintenance which every six months after the first 18 months. It is more profitable to build from 50KVA and above.
Politics / (video/Pic) Pope Hails The Biafran Agitator Who Storm Vatican City by Domaro: 8:14am On Mar 02, 2016
Did Pope greet Biafra agitators as claimed by this video?
Translation: ''I am Greeting the Believers from Gdansk and the Indigenous People of Biafra''

*Cautions Nigerian government on repentance *As MASSOB accuses FG of plan to deport agitators By Clifford Ndujihe & Chimaobi Nwaiwu NNEWI—The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, yesterday, released the text of the Catholic Pontiff, Pope Francis address to thousands of IPOB members who gathered last Sunday at the Vatican City for the weekly Angelus, saying the Pope has cautioned their oppressors, the Nigerian government and its military and their agents to repent and stop killing Biafra agitators or face the wrath of God that will be catastrophic. The text of the Catholic Pontiff address which was made available to Vanguard by the IPOB Media and Publicity Officer, Mr. Emma Powerful, disclosed that the Pope advised the Biafra agitators and the crowd that gathered at St Peter’s Square from the balcony of the Apostolic Palace to be patient in all they are doing, that God’s patience towards their oppressors is without limit but the time to end their oppression is now. Pope Francis I IPOB quoted the Pontiff to have said that “it is never too late to convert an oppressor to change from his evil activities, including murderous activities, but it is urgent, it is now, let them begin today to change from their oppression and killing of innocent people through all sorts of violent means, including the jack boot of the military.” According to the pro Biafra group, the Pope spoke on “invincible patience,” explaining how God’s “unyielding concern for sinners” should provoke patience in us, asking if we have thought of God’s patience. “Have you thought of His unyielding concern for sinners, how this should provoke patience among people, including governments, instead of killing people on slightest provocation or no provocation at all, let alone people who are protesting against unfair treatments or for something they feel is their right?” IPOB said the Pope told them that God does not permit tragedies to punish sins but rather, that Jesus uses warnings that sinners will perish if they do not repent, adding that if the oppressors of peaceful agitators like the Biafra agitators in Nigeria fail to repent, the wrath of God will be catastrophic against them. The Pontiff according to IPOB, welcomed the need to firmly and unreservedly focus on negotiations and dialogue between governments and agitators all over the world including Biafra agitators and the government of Nigeria, like it was done in Syria which has brought the current ceasefire in the country, involving government and rebel forces. “I invite all to pray so that this window of opportunity can give relief to the suffering people and agitators and encourage the necessary humanitarian aid, and open the way to dialogue and much desired peace” he said. Planned deportation In another development, the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has condemned the plan by the Norwegian government to illegally deport Lotachukwu Okolie, the detained leader of pro Biafra agitators in Norway and his counterpart Onyedikachi Ani, also detained, who is married to a Norwegian and has a child with her, and other Biafra activists in the country. According to a statement by the leader of MASSOB, Mr. Uchenna Madu, a plan is allegedly being hatched to deal with Biafra agitating groups. The statement read: “Norway and Nigeria have already perfected plans of deporting them through chartered cargo airplane from Belgium, to transport them to Lagos on March 9, 2016. The information we have is that the Norwegian government have struck a deal with Nigerian Immigrations Service, in Lagos to accept all the deportees and bypass the embassy which knows about their pro Biafra activities but cooked up lies against them and consider them threat to Nigeria security, which means they will be eliminated on arrival. No to falsehood Worried by all the rumours making the rounds on the issue of Biafra, the umbrella body of Igbo Socio-Cultural organisations, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has denied meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari on agitation for Republic of Biafra and warned proponents of Radio Biafra to desist from airing falsehood because ‘’he who goes to equity must come with clean hands.’’ The apex Igbo group gave the warning following Radio Biafra reports that Ohanaeze had aborted the actualisation of Biafra as a country, that some white people from America held a meeting with Ndigbo through Ohanaeze with the intent of delivering a United Nation’s Certificate of Recognition and Independence of the Republic of Biafra. Describing the claims as a ruse, Ohanaeze Secretary General, Dr. Joe Nwaorgu, in a statement, said the reports were distortions of the visit of the new United States Consul-General in Nigeria, John Bray and his team to the South-East, during which they had a meeting with Ohanaeze at Nike Lake Hotel, Enugu. Noting that the visit was part of Bray’s familiarisation tour of the country, Nwaorgu said the consul-general ‘’had meetings with the governors in the various states and in Enugu, the headquarters of Ohanaeze, he had a meeting with us on Igbo perception of Nigeria.” This meeting is what has been distorted to be ‘some white men from America came to give Biafrans independence. Of course, this cannot be the process of granting anybody independence.’’ Insisting that Ohanaeze Youth Leader, Mr. Ikechukwu Isiguzoro, was not at the meeting contrary to reports and that Ohanaeze has never had any meeting with President Buhari on Biafra, the group restated its call for the unconditional release of detained Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mr Nnamdi Kanu. While appealing to Igbo youths to be analytical in their utterances and cautious in their actions, Nwaorgu urged the Radio Biafra people to investigate their stories before airing, adding that ‘’the US Consul-General had been to other zones of the country before arriving the South-East and thir youth never misread the visit.’’

Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/03/biafra-pope-francis-urges-dialogue-negotiation/



Politics / (video) Pope Hails The Biafran Agitator Who Storm Vatican City by Domaro: 7:42pm On Mar 01, 2016
Did Pope greet Biafra agitators as claimed by this video?
Translation: ''I am Greeting the Believers from Gdansk and the Indigenous People of Biafra''




Celebrities / See What Linda Ikeji Said About Her Involvement In #dasukigate Scandal by Domaro: 5:22pm On Dec 16, 2015
2014 was even a better year. I was able to realize a lot
of my dreams. I even bought my dream ride...lol. They
tried to shut me down...but God showed them He was
bigger. And that experience brought me more readers
and fans...and took LIB to a higher level.
But 2015 has so far been the most amazing year of my
life! I've touched more lives this year than I'd ever done
before. I helped 15 girls start their own businesses and
everyday, a young girl tells me I inspire her. That means
more to me than any material thing. Just being someone
people look up to is a great feeling. Sharing my story
and people learning from it and saying it's pushed them
to want to better themselves makes me feel really good.
And I did something this year that amazed myself, my
family and everyone else. I bought a house in Banana
Island, Ikoyi...lol. Before I paid for the house, I remember
my banker looking at me like I was crazy...lol. She was
like 'you're not going to spend all that money on a
house?'...I said watch me...lol. She tried to convince me
to buy a house in Lekki and invest the rest in other
properties and businesses but I was adamant. The
house was my dream home...and I believe in living the
life of your dreams...because one day, all of this will be
over. She even wanted me to get a mortgage to finance
the house but I refused. Till today, I still pinch myself. I
can't believe how my life has changed so much. Again,
all thanks to you guys!
I know buying a house for that amount in such a place
confused a lot of people. Many didn't believe I could
afford it...and to be honest, I don't blame them. If I were
them, I'd have my doubts too. If you don't understand
how this internet business works, you would never get
how a blogger can afford it. But let's put it this
way...Perez Hilton, who is the biggest blogger in the US
is worth over $30million (Google it). He started blogging
in 2005, just a year before I started blogging in 2006...
and I am supposed to be the biggest blogger in Africa.
Would it not be a shame if I'm not worth even $5million?
Lol...especially when 90% of the companies in Nigeria
who advertise online, advertise on LIB!
[b]I read somewhere that a politician may have bought me
the house...LMAO! I find that hilarious! Inside me and
politicians, who get money pass? Lol. Politicians don't
even live in Banana Island... they can't afford to on their
salaries and remunerations...except those who are
stealing government money and even those will not be
stupid enough to do that before EFCC comes for them.
There's so much money to be made in media.Hundreds
of brands, individuals, multinationals plug into your
platform. If not for LIRS (hehe), I would have thought
many of you interested in online business how you can
make money. But I'd be exposing myself. Lol. (But
maybe one day I'll do a one-day seminar and teach you
guys the tricks...*wink*).
You remember when Oprah was still running her show?
When Forbes released list of highest earning individuals,
she would always top the list with like $300million
earnings in one year, while actors and actresses would
make less than $50m in year? That's media! Me that I'm
aiming to be the first black billionaire blogger from
Africa! Hehe. (some people think I already am sef...)
I'm opening up a bit more so you guys understand how
this business works. And for upcoming bloggers, the
worst thing you would ever do to your business is
collect money from anyone for anything other than an ad
campaign on your site. It's better for people to spread
something that is false rather for it to be the truth. If you
collect these things, it will come back to haunt you.
That's a guarantee! I've never done it. Will never do it! I
plan to be around for a long time.
And about all the negativity being spread online...please
my darlings, ignore! When you are on top, there's so
much envy. People try so much to bring you down. Your
success causes them so much headache and they look
for ways to discredit you, to bring you down to their
level. Remember what they tried to do to me last year? I
over came that and will continue to over come. They will
keep coming at me with what they have...this will never
stop as along as I keep staying on top...and it's okay
because I plan to keep shining...lol. If they are this mad
that I bought a house in Banana Island, what would they
do when I eventually buy a private jet? Lol.
For every successful person out there...or just
succeeding at something...these people will always
exist! Your success will pain them so much, they will
want your downfall. Just keep your head up and keep
doing you and keep shining! To keep succeeding is your
best revenge! God is your strength![/b]
Anyway, just wanted to share a bit more and tell you
guys I am giving away N1million to LIB readers as a
way to appreciate your kindness and support towards
me like I did the last two years. May God continue to
guide and protect you guys! I will do another post letting
you guys know how the money will be shared.

source: www.lindaikejisblog.com/2015/12/im-giving-away-n1m-this-christmas-to.html?m=1

Properties / Registered Surveyor Wanted by Domaro: 7:41am On Dec 15, 2015
Hello. we need the services of a surveyor (registered) who resides in OWERRI on or before Thursday. if you know one kindly send my contact to him. the land to survey will be two plots at umuagwo, owerri IMO state.
call/whatsapp 08077418178
BBM 7B44D7E9.
Properties / Re: How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 5:07pm On Dec 13, 2015

It has been a long time predicament that we have to adapt to the situation. The situation of epileptic power supply, un-notified power failure and total power outage. This they do without remorse or apologies from this “failed” company (NEPA), even when the users are prompt in offsetting their electric bill. It is a much known fact that individual organization (companies) tries to fill up the gap created by “NEPA” by installing their own diesel power generator in other to increase their productivity. This in no doubt helps, but however in the face of constant PMS and gas scarcity, it only increases the cost of production which will in turn reduces their profit or makes their product and services very expensive. Today, we are introducing to you the solution that will eradicate those problems, offering high efficiency to your little input. This power plant will not only provide steady power, but will also be cost friendly, environmental friendly, above all, it is very durable.
Properties / Re: How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 4:50pm On Dec 13, 2015
In the past, we have heard of various alternatives to power, most of them has helped us a lot in Africa, Nigeria in particular. Some of which are rechargeable batteries, solar energy converters, inverters, power banks, etc. Frankly speaking, they have not provided the alternative solution to our power problem. This is because they are either expensive to procure and install, high cost of maintenance, repair and to replace the damaged components, poor durability and short lifespan and it may not generate enough capacity as may be needed by larger organizations. This new technology did not only answer those questions with solution, but also added more advantages such as:-

i. Noiselessness: This plant contrary to the conventional power generators is completely noiseless, it is constructed and installed in such a way that the sound (noise) produce by the turbine is reabsorbed without escaping to the surrounding environment. This one of the greatest quality that makes it more suitable in places like Church, Schools, Hospitals and residential areas.

ii. It is Fueless: It is widely believed that any generator or locomotive engine needs fuel to drive it. This fuel may be in form of gas turbine, coal, diesel, or gasoline. On the contrary to that norm, this plant operates completely without any form of fuel. The only fuel needed to drive it is Pure Water *(water without hardness, suspensions, sediments or free particles). This unique quality is the one that makes it a choice product because, it completely eradicates the cost of buying gasoline and diesel which amount to 60-70% of the running cost, the issue of fuel scarcity is totally out of question. This singular quality is what we termed “COST FRIENDLY CHARACHTERISTICS OF HYDRO-POWER PLANT”.

iii. It is Pollution Free:
One of the problems of this age is excessive introduction of all manner of pollution into our environment. Take for instance, the so called “sound proof” generator produces all four types of pollution (air, land, water and noise pollution).when it is working, it still produce noise with its sound, the smoke from the exhaust pollutes the air instantly also gradually depleting our dear ozone layer. The condemned oil and damaged parts pollutes the soil and eventually find their way to underground water aquifer and surface water respectively.
Contrary to that, our hydro power plant has zero tolerance to environmental pollution and degradation. The only by-product of this plant that is released into the environment is the (H2Og) (i.e. water vapor) rather than the CO2 (the poisonous carbon monoxide) This advantage is termed “ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY”

iv. Durability: This very characteristic what everybody want to be sure of. This is what makes it best among others. Just like the turbine in the kainji dam is working year round without any interference. This is the way this turbine works, however, the only difference is that our own dam is artificial which will require regular pump of water. This will just require regular switching of pumps. Generally, this plant can work more than eight months without problems but regular check and maintenance should not be ignored.

v. Profitability: After the construction and installation of the power plant which will require a little bit high initial cost, the running cost may be estimated to be 15-20% compared to NEPA and generating sets. The maintenance cost in the other hand can be estimated to fall between 30-45% compared to the aforementioned. This will reduce drastically, the annual total expenditure and boost rapidly, the gross and marginal profits

Properties / Re: How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 4:45pm On Dec 13, 2015
The land space required for this can be as small as 3000mmX4000mm
Properties / Re: How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 4:41pm On Dec 13, 2015
This process can use to generate different capacities of electricity ranging from 5KVA(not economically advisable) 10, 20, 50, 100, 150 and 300kVA as well. Most sound proof power generators in the market are 50KVA. it is the most efficient source of electricity, when fully harnesed, it will stand out to be the world best micro power plant
Properties / Re: How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 3:05pm On Dec 13, 2015
Hello Man, compliments of the season. I love your concept but its almost same as mine. I have a similar prototype which I designed almost 5 years ago and it worked although it faced some major challenges including the ones you stated. Indeed Hydro energy still remains the best source of energy for our appliances as it produces pure sine wave if being compared to most inverters. I wish you all the best

can you share the picture of your prototype with us
Properties / Re: How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 2:57pm On Dec 13, 2015
How much

it depends on the capacity you want. the highest single capacity plant we can constructed will generate only but 300KVA which can power the biggest hotel in Nigeria or even a small village and least economical plant will generate 15KVA which will power a standard duplex
Properties / Re: How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 2:51pm On Dec 13, 2015
have you tried it?
looks like a perpetual motion machine.......

yes. it is very durable but not "perpetual machine" though I don't understand what you mean by that.
After construction and installation of the hybrids components, the plant can run for 16-20 months before it will require first maintenance
Properties / Re: How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 2:45pm On Dec 13, 2015
Hello Man, compliments of the season. I love your concept but its almost same as mine. I have a similar prototype which I designed almost 5 years ago and it worked although it faced some major challenges including the ones you stated. Mine converts from hydro to electrical and also from electrical to mechanical so as to pump the water used back to the tank or reservoir. Indeed Hydro energy still remains the best source of energy for our appliances as it produces pure sine wave if being compared to most inverters. I wish you all the best

thanks bro. can you let us know the challenges your work encountered, and whether you were able to profer solution to them.
Properties / Re: How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 1:42pm On Dec 13, 2015
this research was carried out by a group of four engineers that graduated from Futo but from efferent discipline (Civil engineering, water engineering, mechanical engineering and electric and electronics engineering) the research is not part of their academic project or school work. the project records its first success April 2015. The miniature model gave room for a mega plant.
the first Proposal for this project to one of the leading mobile networking company was not successful.
pictures below are the content of the first proposal

it reads


 Statement of problem:

In our country today, one of the major problem we face as a nation is failure in power (Electric) generation and distribution. It has been established that power failure and total absence in some locations has been a double headed hydra that is sucking developmental life out of Nigeria and has become the major cause of Nigerian underdevelopment, backwardness and increase in poverty ratio, just as world bank has predicted that Nigeria will be among 10 countries contributing to global poverty in 2030 - See more atsad http://www.vanguardngr.com/2014/10/nigeria-ll-among-10-countries-contributing-global-poverty-2030-world-bank/#sthash.k8chktHJ.dpuf)

I therefore request for approval for the construction of the above mentioned project. This power plant is one of its kind based on its features, mode of operation and its interaction with the immediate environment (i.e. Eco-friendly)

 About the project:

The micro power plant is such that has not been in use for the first time, it was originally designed and initiated by me and my group back in school, it has been test run and confirmed working. It uses no fuel or gas for its operation. Its power generating capability basically depends on water. It emits no poisonous gas to the immediate environment except the gaseous water (vapor).

It is soundproof, durable, economical and easy to manage/maintain. It works with the principles of gravity and pressure. Some volume of water is subjected to a height using a pressure tank, at that pressure head, the water is allowed to have a free fall (gravitational flow) through a pipe. The fall intensity will be harnessed to drive a mechanical shaft, the RPM (revolution per minute) of the shaft will be adjusted through the valve (this depends on the kilo volts per ampere we intends to generate). The energy generated by the Mech-shaft will be converted to alternating current (A.C) using an alternator –The product of this which is the A.C will now be supplied to the houses after it has been stepped down to 220-250V which is standard for domestic appliances.

 Advantages:

1. It is the cheapest source of constant power supply
2. It is eco-friendly and noiseless
3. It is easy to maintain
4. It is durable
5. It requires no gas, fuel or engine oil
6. Individuals can have it as it requires little land space and fund
7. It can produce more than 50KVA

 Disadvantage:

1. It is expensive for initial set up
2. It requires treated (soft) water, without which the mechanical parts may develop fault due to ions interaction
3. It requires skilled personnel for its maintenance

 Conclusion

I am looking forward to receive needed encouragement and support to see this vision materialized.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Yours faithfully


Properties / How To Generate Electricity With Water Only (Micro Dam) by Domaro: 1:22pm On Dec 13, 2015
i know it will sound impossible to some people. some may see it as fascinating and dream come true, which ever ...it is real, true and working fine. follow this thread to see how.

Introduction This invention was tagged GREEN ENERGY, it is all about how electric power can be generated with water. it may interest you to know that it is a great power plant that can produce up 300KVA as a unit, it is noiseless (not as our sound proof that still makes noise), environmental friendly, Zero percent tolerance to pollution and durable.

you will be free to ask any question on the topic, i will be able to reply as much as i can.

NB: all the pictures, paper works, ideas and sketches are sole properties of De DOMARO-PIO NIGERIA LIMITED.
The company can still take on your building design, both structural and architectural, real construction, finishing and landscaping.
call/ whatsapp: 08039232886, 08077418178. mail: pio4divine@gmail.com or dynestypio2@gmail.com
BBM.: 7B44D7E9

Properties / Re: Cost Of Building a 6storey building With Capacity Of 318 Rooms self contain by Domaro: 3:10am On Dec 13, 2015
53 bedroom per floor turns out to be approx. 7 rooms per plot, in all it may take only about 50-60% of the entire space, this mean that you will have enough space as compound. the building will not necessary be a single structure per say, but it may be design to look as such.

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Properties / Re: Cost Of Building a 6storey building With Capacity Of 318 Rooms self contain by Domaro: 3:05am On Dec 13, 2015
Such can be determined when i saw the survey plan, and a close approximated estimate can only be achieved when you have finished the design. I can model a good design for you if you care. check my signature for my contact lets talk more. .

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