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Romance / Re: Sex Dolls: The World Is In Trouble. by Edek27(m): 1:28am On Jan 19, 2018
It's very obvious you are a very Intellectual person so I don't need to stress much in my explanation although an opinion that I know it's the truth.

For every Sexual intercourse there is a bond between the 2 parties involved whether you accept it or not, note the word BOND

The advanced English Dictionary gave a lot of definition to the word BOND and I quote:

* To stick to firmly
*To create social or emotional ties.
*a connection based on kinship or Marriage or Common Interest
*a restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restraint prisoners).

From the definitions above you will agree with me that there will always be an authority Figure in place to actually bring to effect the binding e.g A priest/pastor/Imam in the case of Marriage, the law/prison warder/government in the case of a prisoner, so what do you think will be the Authority Figure in the place of Human and toys?

So you see my dear, even if you insult or drag the poster from now till forever it still doesn't change the efficacy and the TRUTH pointed out in the post.

Much love.

True 100%

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Romance / Re: Sex Dolls: The World Is In Trouble. by Edek27(m): 1:17am On Jan 19, 2018
Gosh, not another dumb thread on sex dolls undecided
I know right
It's annoying
Religion / Re: The Internet Spreading Reports Of Miracles Is Killing Atheism And Will Continue by Edek27(m): 6:23pm On Sep 26, 2016
[color=#006600 ] Present sah cheesy[/color]
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Religion / Re: Atheists Of Nairaland Come In Let's Discuss by Edek27(m): 5:43pm On Sep 24, 2016
Its d truth cheesy
That's a lie.
Religion / Re: Atheists Should Work More, And Talk Less: We've Heard It All. (MUST READ!!!) by Edek27(m): 5:42pm On Sep 24, 2016

- Who is talking here?
Ans: God

- Who are his people?
Ans: The Christians

- Who are destroyed?
Ans: His people (the Christians).

- Who lack knowledge?
Ans: The Christians (his people).

That is why Christianity is not recommended.
So dats d excuse u r gvin
Evry one of us r his ppl
Religion / Re: Atheism Failed Me; The Testimony Of Nick Watts. by Edek27(m): 11:28am On Sep 19, 2016
Have you actually studied the Bible, Do you understand anything about the judicial, moral, and ceremonial laws meant for the isrealites? Do you know the neaming of the new convenant?
Have you actually taken time to study what you hate so much?
You r correct
Many of dem jst tlk witout undastandin d bible
Religion / Re: Atheists Of Nairaland Come In Let's Discuss by Edek27(m): 10:57am On Sep 19, 2016
Oh rily cause frm d little I read frm ur thread all it says is Otem sons bleeping Earth
Religion / Re: Atheists Of Nairaland Come In Let's Discuss by Edek27(m): 9:53am On Sep 19, 2016

I smile because according to the DOCTUFOS, Almighty God is the father of Yahweh(YHWH). Actually the original name of Yahweh was Nymphidis, which was the name his father gave to him. But he changed it to YHWH(Yahweh).
Nymphidis? Criosly
Okay doesn't doctufos teach u life situations nd hw to overcome dem
Does it talk abt real life people with proof dat dey actually existed
Religion / Re: Atheists Should Work More, And Talk Less: We've Heard It All. (MUST READ!!!) by Edek27(m): 9:51am On Sep 19, 2016

The term Christian and Christianity was originally coined by apostle Paul during the era of Jesus reign.

Christ was the major product of the old testament who also came from the tribe of Israel. God said in the Bible that Israel was his firstborn and that is also inclined to Jesus for been the firstborn of the creation of God.

You don't have to be ashame of your God characters in the Old testament by attempting to provide arguments stating imprecisely how the new (latest) testament doesn't correlate with the old testament.

Without the children of Israel in the Bible, the emergence of christ would never have been made possible.

You are even ignorant of the Bible.

I capitalize your shame....

S H A M E O N Y O U.
SHAME ON YOU for nt undastandin simple English
U can't even ansa mw questions.
U r Ignorant dats why even d bible says dat my people are destroyed because of ignorance.
I suggest u go back nd actually READ d bible from Genesis to Revelation nd see how it all correalates
Dis the children of Israel have a personal relationship wit God
Were dey nt dependin on Aaron to speak to God for dem. Did dey even knw abt Christ or were dey alive wen Isaiah talked abt His comin
They weren't christians dey were Jews nd dey had very strict laws den
Like I said earlier its obvious dat u were brought by religious people who dnt undastand God bt r playin Religion
Religion / Re: Atheists Should Work More, And Talk Less: We've Heard It All. (MUST READ!!!) by Edek27(m): 9:38am On Sep 19, 2016

10000000000000000 TRILLION LIKES!!!!

NOTHING can unsave a man! The only thing that can make him look unsaved is when he REJECTS the gospel, ie, the truth of his salvation.

It is not about how good YOU ARE, it all about HOW GOOD HE IS, hence HIS righteousness which credits to us as a FREE GIFT BY GRACE.

Religion / Re: Atheists Should Work More, And Talk Less: We've Heard It All. (MUST READ!!!) by Edek27(m): 9:37am On Sep 19, 2016

See why Nigeria's version of Christianity is dangerous, your trying to justify the ostentatious lifestyles of so called men of God. Ask yourself why Jesus who is the so called son Of God and messiah, didn't own mansions and chariots, why he didn't hangout with rich people? Most of the churchgoers in nigeria are poor and most of them are struggling to survive and yet there pastors own jets and mansions. And you say this is okay. Shame on you.
No SHAME ON YOU for havin a backward tinkin nd mentality.
JESUS who is the son of God nd messiah came with a single purpose which is to save the lost if He had bin born into a rich family it would have tampered with his teaching.
He was born in a manger ( which is in case u didn't know a place where animals stay) thus showing Humility. He was and is the most humble man dat eva walked d face of earth cause he could have had great wealth on earth but he didn't cause he wanted to identify with the poor.
Okay so let's say u were in those days before christianity spread and one rich man with servants comes and starts telling u to trust in God would u biliv him u would say wat does he knw abt suffering. So u see
The pastors dat live "ostentatious" lifestyles were nt sent to earth die for our sins they only reveal to us wat God tells dem nd helps dos of us dat r new to Christ undastand certain tins.
Okay ask urself dis qwestion why is it dat most(if nt all) Pastors dat have private jets nd live "ostentatious" lifestyles were once poor people who kept on trustin God (e.g Bishop David Oyedepo nd co) nd God made dem rich
Its more or less to prove to us dat if God can do it for dem he can do it for us if we BELIEVE
So Oga pls change ur mentality nd stop tinkin lyk an ignoramus

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Romance / Re: Obsession!!!!! by Edek27(m): 6:10pm On Sep 18, 2016

I have them all. cool
U do shocked Whoa I'm impressed cheesy
Religion / Re: Atheists Of Nairaland Come In Let's Discuss by Edek27(m): 6:04pm On Sep 18, 2016

If it pains me that my creature says that I AM NOT REAL, then I will appear to him and he will know that I am real. But I am happy because it doesn't pain the ALMIGHTY GOD(the father of yahweh) whenever people think that he isn't real. Why? Because the ALMIGHTY GOD isn't affected by human expression and he isn't a god of force like one of his sons called Yahweh.
I smile cause ur belief is twisted ALMIGHTY GOD is YAHWEH.
Infact sef accordin to d bible its smtin lyk YHWH (its in hebrew) bt we decided to mk it pronounceable
Religion / Re: Atheists Of Nairaland Come In Let's Discuss by Edek27(m): 6:00pm On Sep 18, 2016
click Otem on search and see. However, all names work the same. Infact, using No Name at all works just the same.
Y u divertin nah tell me one name
Oh nd no name doesn't work
Religion / Re: Atheists Should Work More, And Talk Less: We've Heard It All. (MUST READ!!!) by Edek27(m): 5:56pm On Sep 18, 2016
The writeup is great but the intent is baseless.

Our outspokenness is necessarily not to vocally and intellectually fight and intimidate religious folks here on nairaland but to rescue this generation from what religion has done to people in ancient times (abject suffering). We are only trying to create a sane environment as it is not religion that we are actually against but literally any delusion that is disguised and camouflaged as been rational and sane. We must be the cure to this ignorance.

Whether atheism or agnosticism, the first independence from religion (delusion) is to be irreligious, and many scientists and sane personalities are victims.

Religion and the God ideology emerged as a cultural belief of different race and culture. Wars, killings and competitions are the major strength of these religions.
The Biblical stories are adventurous as they are prone to superstitions and mythical tales.
The Bible was written in the same way that other religious books were written. All I can see are attempts and they are really not true. Let all be discarded and not some because all religion share the same/a common bases.
Its either the god figure is imaginary or an object here on earth is used to represent one. The isalm of today are far more better, loyal and peaceful than the Christianity of the old testament but the Christians won't see all this. All I can see in the new Christianity are actually custodians rebranding and reorganizing the principles, standards and religious ethics of their primitive books. There are too many inaccuracies in the Bible and likewise other religious books.

See as u fall ma hand so u r comparing d Israelite(nt christians) to muslims
Let me ask u dis question wen did dey start referrin to children of God as christians is it old or new testament,before or after d birth nd death of Christ. Can u ansa me?

Everything in life is chronologically divided and it not beneficial to live an ancient but primitive life in a modern world where information is within your reach.

It's true that science itself maintain the agnostic stance while it is also unscientific for a scientist to be either theistic (religious) or atheistic.

It is the duty of everyone who belief and claim that angels, ghosts, spirits and god(s) exist to as well provide an hypothesis (apparently an evidence) to justify his/her claim but it is also not the duty and the responsibility of science to discredit such claims and beliefs.

This to me is the hidden limitation that science itself has. Richard Dawkins was able to figure out that by creating an institute where scientific research project and achievements won't be restricted by religious beliefs.

Religion is very good as it is the earliest and greatest invention of man in ancient times. As man primitive status began to evolve, some men began to invent other means to fully relate with knowledge and the universe.
They took up the responsibility of knowing the wonders of the universe and later realized that it was with their primitiveness that the complexity of the universe was magnified.

In other to be scientific, there may be an intelligent designer for the universe but the god(s) of any religion ain't meet the standard.

As good science scholars, the god ideology is alien to us.

Let's search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI).
Nd how is God nt up to d "standard"
It seems to me dat while u r quite a rational man u were sadly fed with religious christianity wen u were young.
Infact I tink all atheists were unfortunately badly educated by fake christians
Religion / Re: Atheists Should Work More, And Talk Less: We've Heard It All. (MUST READ!!!) by Edek27(m): 5:34pm On Sep 18, 2016
So your solution to Nigeria's woes is that all its citizens should abide by the Christian laws 100% without defaulting. Since this is your definition of God fearing people, but as we know of human nature this is impossible, no human can continuously keep most of the laws in the bible, hence your utopia cannot exist. Even with religion in the hearts of our people they still commit crimes. So what is the purpose of religion if only a few in our society can strictly adhere to it? Nigeria can only be saved through education and enlightenment and not religion.
God knows dat we being human are prone to sin infact Paul says in book of Romans 5/6 about him wantin to be holy bt his flesh makes him sin so God understands dats y he sent Jesus so dat we may be saved
Wen we sin Jesus blood washes it makin us fit to approach God
Even if we sin again as long as we r remorseful God forgives no mata d sin be it rape,murder,etc d only sin wich God cnt 4gv is u sayin dat he doesn't exist (he is justified to do dis) afta all d proof around u dat he does so d only way is to renounce atheism nd go to him lest its too late
God bless you

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