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Politics / Petrol Sold To Nigeria From Europe ‘dirtier’ Than Black Market ‘bush’ Fuel by elctroguru(m): 8:42am On Jul 01, 2020
Black market fuel made from stolen oil in rudimentary “bush” refineries hidden deep in the creeks and swamps of the Niger delta is less polluting than the highly toxic diesel and petrol that Europe exports to Nigeria, new laboratory analysis has found.

Shell, Exxon, Chevron and other major oil companies extract and export up to 2m barrels a day of high quality, low sulphur “Bonny Light” crude from the Niger delta. But very little of this oil is refined in the country because its four state-owned refineries are dysfunctional or have closed

Instead, international dealers export to Nigeria around 900,000 tonnes a year of low-grade, “dirty” fuel, made in Dutch, Belgian and other European refineries, and hundreds of small-scale artisanal refineries produce large quantities of illegal fuel from oil stolen from the network of oil pipelines that criss-cross the Niger delta.

The net result, says international resource watchdog group Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN) in a new report, is that Nigeria has some of the worst air pollution in the world, with dense clouds of choking soot hanging over gridlocked cities leading to a rise in serious health conditions as well as damaged vehicles.
The extreme toxicity of the “official” fuel exported from Europe surprised researchers who took samples of diesel sold in government-licensed filling stations in Port Harcourt and Lagos. They found that on average the fuel exceeded EU pollution limits by as much as 204 times, and by 43 times the level for gasoline

Laboratory analysis also showed that the black market fuel was highly polluting but of a higher quality than the imported diesel and gasoline. The average “unofficial” diesel tested exceeded the level of EU sulphur standards 152 times, and 40 times the level for gasoline.

“Our research suggests that Nigeria is having dirty fuel dumped on it that cannot be sold to other countries with higher and better implemented standards. The situation is so bad that the average diesels sampled are of an even lower quality that that produced by artisanal refining camps in the creeks of the Niger delta,” said Florence Kayemba, SDN programme manager.

With more than 11m, mostly old, cars imported from Europe and Japan on the roads, and hundreds of thousands of inefficient generators used by households and businesses for electricity, Nigeria ranks fourth in the world for deaths caused by air pollution. It has been estimated that 114,000 people die prematurely from air pollution each year.

The air quality in cities like Port Harcourt, Aba, Onitsha and Kaduna has reached crisis levels of pollution in recent years, and there is mounting evidence of rising asthma, lung, heart and respiratory diseases
More than half of developing countries, mainly in Africa and Latin America, still use high-sulphur fuels which have long been illegal to burn in western countries. In Nigeria the practice is encouraged by an opaque fuel subsidy system that keeps prices relatively low at the pumps, but is widely thought to fuel corruption. Refineries in Europe are allowed to make the fuel if countries agree to accept it.

The SDN report, part-funded by the UK Foreign Office’s anti-corruption conflict, stability and security fund, calculates that around half the air pollution in Port Harcourt, a city of more than 3 million people, comes from the burning of official and unofficial fuel. The rest comes from nearby gas flaring, other industries, and the burning of rubbish.

'This place used to be green': the brutal impact of oil in the Niger Delta
Levels of particulate matter in Port Harcourt and Lagos, says SDN, are 20% worse than Delhi in India, the most polluted capital city in the world, where emergency levels of photochemical smogs are common. In 2016, the River Niger port city of Onitsha was said by the World Health Organization to be the world’s most polluted city, the concentration of PM10s – soot particles – was recorded at 594 micrograms per cubic metre; compared with the WHO safe limit of 66.

The Niger delta already suffers environmental, health and livelihood impacts from decades of oil spill pollution, gas flaring and artisanal refining. This research indicates that it not only experiences the repercussions of producing crude oil, but also in the consumption of dirty official and unofficial fuels,” said the report.

According to industry sources which track legal and illegal oil cargo movements – who asked to remain anonymous – around 80% of Nigeria’s petroleum products come from the Netherlands and Belgium. The two countries have some of Europe’s largest refineries.

“This is even more concerning at a time when Nigeria is facing an outbreak of coronavirus. High levels of pollution and pre-existing respiratory and other health conditions may increase the risk that Covid-19 poses to the health of the population,” said Matthew Halstead of Noctis, which conducted the laboratory research.

The SDN report substantiates allegations made in a 2016 Public Eye investigation and a Dutch government report in 2018, that European refineries and commodity brokers were blending crude oil with benzene and other carcinogenic chemicals to create fuels hundreds of times over European pollution limits for the weakly-regulated African market. This was said to be causing significant particulate pollution, damage to vehicles, and adverse health impacts for local populations.

Nigeria, along with Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Benin promised in 2017 to stop the imports of “Africa quality” oil products as part of a UN environment programme initiative. But while Ghana has acted, reducing sulphur from 3,000 to 50 parts per million, Nigeria has argued that it needs more time to adapt.

However, the recent collapse in oil prices because of Covid-19 means that imported fuel no longer needs to be subsidised and should no longer be a barrier to Nigeria adopting higher standards.

Illegal artisanal refineries are said by SDN to be growing fast in number and scale, now producing 5-20% of all the gasoline and diesel consumed in Nigeria from the estimated 175,000 barrels of crude oil stolen each year

The bush refineries are highly dangerous and frequently explode, adding to air, water and soil pollution in the mangrove swamps. But they are an important source of income for communities.

According to SDG, if Nigeria insisted on diesel imports that complied to the country’s intended fuel sulphur standards, particulate emissions could be reduced by 500%, greatly improving pollution and reducing health costs. It recommends that Nigeria enforces its proposed sulphur standards as soon as possible and considers engaging with artisanal oil refiners in future.

Politics / Nigeria Has Reduced Food Imports By 40 Percent by elctroguru(m): 2:09am On Dec 31, 2013
Nigeria has reduced its food imports by 40 per cent and increased its local production of rice, cassava, sorghum, cotton and cocoa from 25 to 56 per cent in the last two years.

A report card presented by the presidency yesterday said for the first time since independence, the Nigerian agricultural sector had attracted foreign direct investment (FDI) of $4 billion over the past two years in the form of private sector letters of commitment to invest in the agriculture value chain ranging from food crops to export crops, fisheries and livestock.

However, the presidency failed to provide details of the rise in agricultural produce in terms of tonnage and output, and how this has impacted the country's food import bill. Giving an overview of the administration's performance in 2013, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, described the year as one that was unprecedented in terms of policy decisions and major project execution, in spite of the pockets of distractions.

Okupe said contrary to the impression being created by vocal leaders of the opposition, Nigeria under President Goodluck Jonathan has moved significantly forward in many sectors from where it was in 2011.

The presidential aide said the transformation which had taken place in the economy, transportation, agriculture, power and other critical sectors were the routes which all developed nations had taken in the past, but which unfortunately had not been pursued with zeal by Nigeria under past administration.

According to Okupe, "It is an incontrovertible fact that Nigeria under Jonathan has reduced its food imports by about 40 per cent and increased its local production of rice, cassava, sorghum, cotton and cocoa in percentages ranging from 25 to 56 in the last two years.

"For the first time since independence, the Nigerian agriculture sector is attracting unprecedented foreign direct investment. Over the past two years, the sector has attracted $4 billion in private sector executed letters of commitment to invest in the agriculture value chain, from food crops, to export crops, fisheries and livestock.

"The number of private sector seed companies grew from 10 to 70 within one year. Over $7 billion of investment from Nigerian businesses have been made to develop new fertilizer manufacturing plants, which will make Nigeria the largest producer and exporter of fertilizer in Africa.

"It is also noteworthy that agriculture lending as a share of total bank lending has risen from two per cent to six per cent in two years."

On the power sector reforms initiated by the president in 2010, the presidential aide explained that the major component of the reform programme, which was the privatisation of the generation and distribution of power infrastructure was successfully accomplished in 2013, thus putting Nigeria on a sure path of steady power supply in the no distant future.

Okupe explained that with the completion of this process in 2013, as well as the completion of 10 National Integrated Power Projects (NIPPs), Nigeria for the first time in history, had moved away from a vertically integrated state-owned and very poorly managed electricity industry to a modern private sector-led fully regulated market with the right incentives capable of attracting accelerated new investments to kick start the re-industrialisation of Nigeria.

Other major achievements of the Jonathan administration in the outgoing year, according to the presidency, include the recovery of the Nigerian stock market, which he said was made possible by a combination of sound fiscal and monetary policies as well as the transparent conduct of its affairs, which rekindled investors' confidence in the market.

He said: "All these people who are bringing huge resources to invest in the Nigerian economy are no fools or novices. Procter and Gamble is building one of the biggest manufacturing plants in the world here in Nigeria. "Indorama is building the world's second largest fertilizer plant. General Electric is investing over a billion dollars in our power sector. Dangote is constructing a $9 billion refinery and petrochemical plant. Nigeria is the number one investment destination in this continent.

"These are the ultimate job creators for millions of our youths. They are definitely an acknowledgement of something being done better than they had ever been done and we can't but appraise same.

"We cannot pretend that it was not the Jonathan administration that resuscitated rail transportation and is currently constructing a new standard guage rail line between Abuja and Kaduna, Ajaokuta and Warri, as well as construction of 46 major roads in all parts of the country."

Okupe said those who always seek to use the security challenges in some parts of Northern Nigeria as the only barometer to measure Jonathan's performance were not being fair to the president considering the fact that the war on insurgency and terrorism has never been a quick fix anywhere in the world.

While reminding the public that the bombings and killings by insurgents happened in Kano, Kogi, Niger, Yobe, Borno, Sokoto, Adamawa and the Federal Capital Territory in 2011 and 2012, the presidential aide noted that the activities of these terrorists had been largely contained and restricted to one or two states in 2013.

"Yes, we are not where we hope to be but it will be sheer mischief to insist that we are where we were or as some wickedly say, we are worse off than we were. Definitely, their position is not based on facts and so should be ignored by Nigerians," Okupe stated

While reiterating the determination of the president to remain steadfast in his pursuit of accelerated economic growth and stability, peace and development of all parts of Nigeria, Okupe said the federal government would consolidate on the growth recorded in the outgoing year by completing all ongoing projects as well as initiating new programmes and projects especially in sectors that would create jobs and empower Nigerian youths.
Sports / Re: Sweden V Nigeria: FIFA U-17 World Cup (3 - 3) On 22nd October 2013 by elctroguru(m): 9:26am On Oct 21, 2013
Redemption, consolidation on offer

Nigeria sent a stern warning to the rest of the competition here at the FIFA U-17 World Cup UAE 2013 when they devastated holders Mexico in their first game in Al Ain, and the Golden Eaglets are back in action to confirm their tag as tournament favourites when they meet Sweden at the Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium on Tuesday. Also on the card is a clash of teams looking to reestablish their credentials when Mexico take on Iraq. Over in Dubai, Canada are hunting an historic win in Group E, where all four teams are tangled on one point after a pair of opening-day draws.

Match of the day

Group F’s leaders meet in a mouth-watering clash as Nigeria, aiming to become champions of the U-17 category for a record fourth time, try to keep up their smashing form. The Swedes were patient and clinical in their 4-1 opening rout of Iraq, Elias Andersson and Gustav Engvall combining well on a pair of goals. But their challenge will be dramatically stiffer up against the Golden Eaglets who manhandled Mexico 6-1 in their opener. And with the four-goal sensation Kalechi Iheanacho to try and wrangle, the Scandinavians – having a good go of it so far in their first-ever U-17 world finals – are sure to have their hands full.

Player to watch
After one matchday in Al Ain, there is one player in particular to keep an eye one, especially if you’re a member of the Swedish defence. Kalechi Iheanacho was dominant in Nigeria’s rout of Mexico, scoring four times and putting in a performance far more nuanced and mature than his 17 years would suggest. “We have to have the courage and determination to keep going,” he told FIFA.com after soaring to the top of the scorer’s charts.


Politics / Nigeria Lies In 82nd Place On The Un's World Happiness Report by elctroguru(m): 3:19am On Sep 11, 2013
The happiest people in the world may live in Scandinavia, a new study suggests.

That's according to the United Nations General Assembly's second World Happiness Report, which ranks countries based on several measures of well-being and analyzes the factors that contribute to that well-being.

Denmark was the happiest country, followed by Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Canada. Nigeria lies in the 82nd position, Ghana 86, South Africa 96 while Togo held the last position 156 which means they are the saddest country in the world.

Happiness counts

For years, the tiny Himalayan country of Bhutan has tried to measure "gross national happiness" to counter measures such as gross domestic product (GDP), arguing that such simple metrics don't capture what is really meaningful to people.

Last year's study showed that whereas rich people are happier on average than poor people, increasing GDP in a country doesn't necessarily boost well-being. For instance, GDP tripled in the United States since the 1960s, yet well-being has stagnated.

To assess world happiness in the new study, the researchers analyzed happiness data starting from 2005. Most of the data came from the Gallup World Poll, which surveyed more than 150 countries around the world.

Worldwide trends

Scandinavian countries topped the list of happiest countries, with the United States ranking 17th,bested by Mexico, Panama and the United Arab Emirates.

On average, people in more than 150 countries rate their happiness as a 5.1 on a scale of 0 to 10. But happiness hasn't stayed constant over time: 61 countries saw their happiness improve over the years, while 41 countries have become unhappier. Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America are becoming happier overall, while industrial nations report less well-being.

More than three-quarters of the differences in happiness scores were attributable to six key metrics: real GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, someone to count on, perceived freedom to make life choices, freedom from corruption and generosity.

The new data could help public policy-makers tweak their policies to impact those factors, such as cracking down on corruption, to boost people's happiness.

In adddition, mental health problems such as clinical depression and anxiety have a huge impact on people's well-being. Yet mental health issues are often ignored b policy-makers, the study found.

"There is now a rising worldwide demand that policy be more closely aligned with what really matters to people as they themselves characterize their well-being," said study co-author Jeffery Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, in a statement. "More and more world leaders are talking about the importance of well-being as a guide for their nations and the world. The World Happiness Report 2013 offers rich evidence that the systematic measurement and analysis of happiness can teach us a lot about ways to improve the world's well-being and sustainable development."

Happy citizens also make for better countries: The report found that happiness makes fore people who live longer, more productive lives, have higher earnings and are better citizens.

The Happiest (and Saddest) Countries

1. Denmark (7.693)

2. Norway (7.655)

3. Switzerland (7.650)

4. Netherlands (7.512)

5. Sweden (7.480)

6. Canada (7.477)

7. Finland (7.389)

8. Austria (7.369)

9. Iceland (7.355)

10. Australia (7.350)

11. Israel (7.301)

12. Costa Rica (7.257)

13. New Zealand (7.221)

14. United Arab Emirates (7.144)

15. Panama (7.143)

16. Mexico (7.088)

17. United States (7.082)

18. Ireland (7.076)

19. Luxembourg (7.054)

20. Venezuela (7.039)

21. Belgium (6.967)

22. United Kingdom (6.883)

23. Oman (6.853)

24. Brazil (6.849)

25. France (6.764)

26. Germany (6.672)

27. Qatar (6.666)

28. Chile (6.587)

29. Argentina (6.562)

30. Singapore (6.546)

31. Trinidad and Tobago (6.519)

32. Kuwait (6.515)

33. Saudi Arabia (6.480)

34. Cyprus (6.466)

35. Colombia (6.416)

36. Thailand (6.371)

37. Uruguay (6.355)

38. Spain (6.322)

39. Czech Republic (6.290)

40. Suriname (6.269)

41. South Korea (6.267)

42. Taiwan (6.221)

43. Japan (6.064)

44. Slovenia (6.060)

45. Italy (6.021)

46. Slovakia (5.969)

47. Guatemala (5.965)

Malta (5.964)

Ecuador (5.865)

50. Bolivia (5.857)

51. Poland (5.822)

52. El Salvador (5.809)

53. Moldova (5.791)

54. Paraguay (5.779)

55. Peru (5.776)

56. Malaysia (5.760)

57. Kazakhstan (5.671)

58. Croatia (5.661)

59. Turkmenistan (5.628)

60. Uzbekistan (5.623)

61. Angola (5.589)

62. Albania (5.550)

63. Vietnam (5.533)

64. Hong Kong (5.523)

65. Nicaragua (5.507)

66. Belarus (5.504)

67. Mauritius (5.477)

68. Russia (5.464)

69. North Cyprus (5.463)

70. Greece (5.435)

71. Lithuania (5.426)

72. Estonia (5.426)

73. Algeria (5.422)

74. Jordan (5.414)

75. Jamaica (5.374)

76. Indonesia (5.348)

77. Turkey (5.345)

78. Libya (5.340)

79. Bahrain (5.312)

80. Montenegro (5.299)

81. Pakistan (5.292)

82. Nigeria (5.248)

83. Kosovo (5.222)

84. Honduras (5.142)

85. Portugal (5.101)

86. Ghana (5.091)

87. Ukraine (5.057)

88. Latvia (5.046)

89. Kyrgyzstan (5.042)

90. Romania (5.033)

91. Zambia (5.006)

92. Philippines (4.985)

93. China (4.978)

94. Mozambique (4.971)

95. Dominican Republic (4.963)

96. South Africa (4.963)

97. Lebanon (4.931)

98. Lesotho (4.898)

99. Morocco (4.885)

100. Swaziland (4.867)

101. Somaliland region (4.847)

102. Mongolia (4.834)

103. Zimbabwe (4.827)

104. Tunisia (4.826)

105. Iraq (4.817)

106. Serbia (4.813)

107. Bosnia and Herzegovina (4.813)

108. Bangladesh (4.804)

109. Laos (4.787)

110. Hungary (4.775)

111. India (4.772)

112. Mauritania (4.758)

113. Palestinian Territories (4.700)

114. Djibouti (4.690)

115. Iran (4.643)

116. Azerbaijan (4.604)

117. Congo (Kinshasa) (4.578)

118. Macedonia (4.574)

119. Ethiopia (4.561)

120. Uganda (4.443)

121. Myanmar (4.439)

122. Cameroon (4.420)

123. Kenya (4.403)

124. Sudan (4.401)

125. Tajikistan (4.380)

126. Haiti (4.341)

127. Sierra Leone (4.318)

128. Armenia (4.316)

129. Congo (Brazzaville) (4.297)

130. Egypt (4.273)

131. Burkina Faso (4.259)

132. Mali (4.247)

133. Liberia (4.196)

134. Georgia (4.187)

135. Nepal (4.156)

136. Niger (4.152)

137. Sri Lanka (4.151)

138. Gabon (4.114)

139. Malawi (4.113)

140. Cambodia (4.067)

141. Chad (4.056)

142. Yemen (4.054)

143. Afghanistan (4.040)

144. Bulgaria (3.981)

145. Botswana (3.970)

146. Madagascar (3.966)

147. Senegal (3.959)

148. Syria (3.892)

149. Comoros (3.851)

150. Guinea (3.847)

151. Tanzania (3.770)

152. Rwand2a4 (3.715)

153. Burundi (3.706)

154. Central African Republic (3.623)

155. Benin (3.528)

156. Togo (2.936)

Crime / Man On Bail In Cocaine Smuggling Trial Re-Arrested For Heroin Ingestion by elctroguru(m): 5:47am On Sep 08, 2013
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested a man who has been facing trial for cocaine smuggling at a Lagos High Court for possession of heroin.

Nnaemeka Anayo, 36, was re-arrested at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, for testing positive to heroin ingestion during the inward screening of passengers on an Etihad flight from Pakistan, last weekend.

In a statement, Friday, the NDLEA said that Mr. Anayo excreted 1.802 kilogramme of the narcotic.

"Preliminary investigation indicated that the suspect excreted some of the drugs in the flight," said the statement signed by Mitchell Ofoyeju, the agency's Spokesperson.

Mr. Anayo was first arrested in August 2009 with 1.796 kilogrammes cocaine on his way from Brazil, the alleged crime for which he is still facing trial.

"In 2009, Nnaemeka was caught with Nigeria international passport number A00052663 while in 2013 he was caught with another Nigeria passport number A02349133.

"It was also gathered that the suspect was recruited to smuggle drug for a fee of N4 million," the NDLEA stated.

According to the agency, the suspect, in his confessional statement, blamed his involvement in drug trafficking on unemployment.

"I am long overdue to be married but I have no wife. I know what I did is bad but it is due to unemployment," Mr. Anayo said in his statement.

"I was first arrested in 2009 when I went to Brazil to smuggle cocaine. When I came out on bail, there was no job for me to do.

"Although my case with the NDLEA is pending in court, I decided to try again hoping that I might be lucky.

"This time around they promised to pay me N4 million. My intention was to settle down because I want to be working rather than staying idle. I am still single at my age. It is not that I do not want to be married but there is no money and no job," Mr. Anayo added.

The NDLEA said that Mr. Anayo excreted a total of 100 wraps of heroin.

"While searching his luggage, some wraps of the drug which he excreted on the flight were found on him," the agency added.

Ahmadu Giade, NDLEA CHAIRMAN, called for stiffer penalties for drug offenders.

"The agency will continue to press for stiffer penalties for drug trafficking," Mr. Giade said.

"In criminal justice, unless punishment is certain and commensurate to the crime committed, offenders will always be attracted by the financial incentives, he added.

Sports / Nigeria U20 Vs Mexico U20 - Toulon Intl Tournament (0 - 2) On 29th May 2013 by elctroguru(m): 3:34pm On May 29, 2013
Toulon International Tournament

The readiness of Nigeria's U20 team for next month's World Cup in Turkey will be tested today by defending Toulon International Tournament champions Mexico.

The open their campaign at the Stade Perruc Hyeres in France by 5.30pm, which is 4.30 Nigerian time. This will be Nigeria's first outing at the 46-year-old tournament and the Flying Eagles will use it to prepare for the World Cup in Turkey.

Six of the 10 teams at this year's competition will feature at the U20 World Cup, namely Nigeria, Portugal, Colombia, France, United States of America, and South Korea.

"We have a good team who have been responding to training. We will see how much they have learnt thus far," said the Flying Eagles German assistant coach Jurgen Press. Cote d'Ivoire have been the only African winners of this tournament, when they won it three years ago.

Mexico and Nigeria last clashed at U20 level two years ago when the CONCACAF giants defeated the Flying Eagles 4-1 in another invitational tournament in Panama preparatory to the 2011 U20 World Cup in Colombia.

Six-time African champions Nigeria will line up several players like U17 international defender Wilfred Ndidi, Switzerland-based goalkeeper Sebastian Osigwe and new Olympiacos of Greece midfielder Michael Olaitan, who are pressing to make the final 21-man squad for Turkey 2013.

Enugu Rangers striker Alhaji Gero is expected to put behind the death of his younger brother this week as he aims to guarantee his place in the party to Turkey following the emergence of Dolphins striker Samuel Eduok as an attacking option for the team.

Mexico are handled by the experienced Sergio Almaguer and will parade FC Dallas of USA goalkeeper Sanchez Alcaraz along with players drawn from several of the country's top clubs like Pachuca, Monterrey, Atlas and Cruz Azul.

To qualify for the 2013 World Cup, Mexico won five matches, scored 15 goals and conceded only a goal to emerge undisputed CONCACAF cham-pions.

Meanwhile, Organi-sers announced no fewer than 1512 full internationals have passed through this annual competition and they include the likes of David Beckham, Frank Lampard (England), Mascherano (Argentina), Kaka (Brazil), Oman Biyk (Cameroon), James Rodrigues (Colombia), Kolo Toure, Didier Zokora (Cote d'Ivoire) as well as Lilian Thuram, Didier Deschamps and Nicolas Anelka (France).

It has proved to be veritable ground for clubs and scouts across the world to watch first-hand promising prospects in top-class action.


Foreign Affairs / The Fast And The Luxurious: Dubai Police Gets Mercs And Bentleys by elctroguru(m): 6:12pm On May 08, 2013
After generating headlines for their Ferraris and Lamborghinis, it seems Dubai police have a much bigger need for speed.

Adding luxury to crime fighting, the force has included Mercedes and Bentley cars to their fleet this week.

Photos of a Bentley and Mercedes SLS, painted in the colors of the force, were taken while they were parked in a Dubai Police garage.

The images were circulating on social media on Saturday, with the new cars having number plates 4 and 5.

Last month, with the introduction of Ferraris to the force, Dubai police head Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan explained why the force needed the luxury cars.

“Dubai is a unique city and everything in it should reflect its uniqueness and for that reason police will add a Ferrari sports car to its patrol fleet,” Khalfan said, according to local UAE news reports.

The $545,000 sports car will be used to keep order on the streets in high-end locations such as the area surrounding Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper.

Khalfan said “Dubai Police are working on updating the police patrol cars to enhance security on the roads in accordance with highest international standards and technical developments.”

He added that the Dubai Police is one of the few police forces in the world fortunate enough to have such cars in its security patrol service.

Other sports cars in the Dubai Police patrol fleet include $550,000 Lamborghinis and Chevy Camaro sports cars, which can often be seen on busy highways.

Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Cote d’ Ivoire U-17 AFCON FINAL TODAY @ 6:30PM by elctroguru(m): 1:49pm On Apr 27, 2013
If you think Cote d’ Ivoire will win like this post

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Cote d’ Ivoire U-17 AFCON FINAL TODAY @ 6:30PM by elctroguru(m): 1:47pm On Apr 27, 2013
If you think Nigeria will win like this post


Sports / Nigeria Vs Cote d’ Ivoire U-17 AFCON FINAL TODAY @ 6:30PM by elctroguru(m): 1:46pm On Apr 27, 2013
The Golden Eaglets of Nigeria face Cote d’ Ivoire in the final match of CAF U-17 Morocco Telecom Championship to be played in Marrakech on Saturday. Cote d’ Ivore is the only team to have beaten Nigeria so far at the finals taking place in Morocco and the Nigerians have made it no secret that the defeat is still fresh in their minds and they are seeking redemption come Saturday. The Baby Elephants for their part have said, they will not dwell on what happened in the Group B match (which they won 1-0) but will approach the new match with a mindset for victory.

Nigeria last won the title in 2007 while Cote d’ Ivoire is assured of its best ever finish at the U-17 finals regardless of the final score. Up until the Ivorians beat host Morocco to reach the final the best they had achieved before was a third place in the 2005 edition.

It has been described by many as Nigeria’s second chance at beating and avenging the earlier defeat to their fellow West Africans but some Nigerians among them Paul Bassey (a CAF committee member ) warned against an approach laden with revenge. “Yes Nigeria would like to win and set the record straight after the earlier defeat but you need cool heads to go about that and not been too bent on a revenge mission but aim to do what you do best and win the game as just another game” Bassey said

Baby Elephants’ defence which has been mean at this tournament will need to repeat their sterling work to keep out the most deadly strike-force at the tournament. The meanest defence versus the sharpest strikers is the main plot then for the final but the Ivorians though not as frequent scorers as the Nigerians a have a mobile midfield and in Dogbole Niangbo who scored only on when these two sides last met, they have a poacher of top quality ably assisted up front t by Chris Bile Bedia. Then there is the threat from the dribbling wizard in Junior Ahissan who plies the wings interchangeably tormenting defenders.

Many thought Nigeria had approached their last meeting with some complacency hence losing that tie and such a lot believe; the Golden Eaglets cannot repeat that error. Nigeria coach Manu Garba told Cafonline.com his team have an opportunity to write the past wrongs when they play the Ivorians, "They beat us in the group match and we know what we did wrong but also belief it was the destiny of that game but come Saturday our wish to put it right has been granted and we want to make sure we turn the tables on the Ivorians and win the title" said Garba.

The Nigeria pair of Success Isaac and Kelechi Iheanacho has notched twelve goals between them and in the highly unlikely event that they don’t score, in Musa Yahaya, Ifeanyi Mathew and Bernard Bulbwa they have goal-getters too. The last meeting between the two sides was not devoid of chances but settled on how clinical the finishing was, as coach Garba put it, “ In that first match against Cote d’ Ivoire we were unlucky not to score from the numerous chances we created , come Saturday we want to be sharper and more accurate with our chances”

Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Tunisia (4 - 2): Semi-Final U-17 AFCON On Wednesday 24 April 2013 by elctroguru(m): 2:39am On Apr 24, 2013
If you think Tunisia will win like this post

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Tunisia (4 - 2): Semi-Final U-17 AFCON On Wednesday 24 April 2013 by elctroguru(m): 2:39am On Apr 24, 2013
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Sports / Nigeria Vs Tunisia (4 - 2): Semi-Final U-17 AFCON On Wednesday 24 April 2013 by elctroguru(m): 11:10pm On Apr 23, 2013
Which Eaglets will soar highest in Marrakech?

And so we enter the home straight of the 10th CAF U-17 Morocco Telecom Championship 2013 and in Marrakech it has come down to a clash of the Eaglets as Nigeria and Tunisia meet in the second semi-final. The Golden Eaglets of Nigeria come into this match as the top goal scoring side with thirteen (13) strikes while The Carthage Eaglets have scored eight (cool times.

Nigeria stormed out of the blocks handing a 6-1 thrashing to The Black Starlets of Ghana before being derailed but Cote d’ Ivoire (1-0). The general verdict after that shock defeat to the Baby Elephants was that the Nigerians had become complacent and were made to pay. The Golden Eaglets have since redeemed their campaign with a 7-0 win over Congo and coach Manu Garba wants no repeat of the Ivorian episode. In preparing for the semi-final match The Golden Eaglets worked on different strategies that included practicing penalty kicks.

CAF U-17 matches go straight into penalties without playing extra time and according to Garba, “We have never excluded taking penalties from our training even before this preparation for Tunisia game. Almost all the players are good at taking penalties but we are going to work even more as we prepare for Wednesday match. That some of the world’s best players often choke and collapse under the weight of expectations during penalty shootout is a known fact hence the Nigerian lads are being tutored against becoming a choking on the big stage” said Garba.

The Tunisian defence that has been breached four times so far in the competition will have the top two leading strikers in Success Isaac (6 goals) and Kelechi Iheanacho (4 goals) to contend with come Wednesday. For their part The Carthage Eaglets have found goals in striker Ben Larbi Mohamed Firas with three so far and Haj Hasen Hazem who has found the net twice. Gong by the potent strike-force both sides bring into the match it looks like one game you can be assured of goals but puts the attention of defending. Nigeria gave away two goals and Tunisia twice as many as their opponents in the group phase of the competition. Can the sharp strikers be kept on Wednesday? That is the key question

"We are happy that we have eventually qualified for the World Cup because that was our first priority at this championship and we thank God that we have achieved that," Garba said. The affable coach went on to say that the Congo win is behind them now and keep focused on the goal ahead is the key and all attention is on the semi-final game.

Tunisia finished second in Group A after a 3-1 win over Botswana in their opening game, then beat Gabon 4-2 and played out a 1-1 draw with hosts Morocco in their final group game.
The winner of the Niger vs. Tunisia semi-final will meet Cote d’ Ivoire (who beat Morocco 2-1) in the final to be played on Saturday 27th April in Marrakech. The loser will play Morocco for third and fourth place match also in Marrakech in a game before the final.

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Egypt - AYC (0 - 2) - Final Score by elctroguru(m): 5:24pm On Mar 26, 2013
Egypt 0 - 0 Nigeria 25 mins
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Egypt - AYC (0 - 2) - Final Score by elctroguru(m): 5:02pm On Mar 26, 2013
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Egypt - AYC (0 - 2) - Final Score by elctroguru(m): 10:49am On Mar 26, 2013
The best is yet to come from this side – Nigeria’s assistant coach Alloysius Agu

Nigeria and Egypt clash in the semi-final of the 2013 Orange CAF U-20 Championship on Tuesday in Ain Temouchent, Algeria in what Flying Eagles assistant coach Alloysius Agu described as “ The final before the final”. Egypt is yet to lose in this tournament while Nigeria has improved with each match since losing the opening match to Mali. Agu issued a rallying call to his charges ahead of the game and told Cafonline.com that he believes this Nigerian side is yet to hit top gear.

Cafonline.com: How will you approach the match against Egypt?

AGU. What we have to do is to do what we do best as Nigeria. That is to hold onto the ball and play creating chances and converting those chances. We will aim to deny Egypt the ball and opportunity to dictate the game. We also know that the Egyptians are good at set-pieces and have got goals from that so we make sure we avoid committing fouls in areas where they can hurt us.

Cafonline.com: You scored three goals without suspended chief striker Kayode in your last match, how difficult will it be to leave him out on Tuesday?

AGU: That’s always the pleasure we have as Nigerians and believe me we need wisdom to choose the right side and the correct combination for the da. We need divine wisdom to get the decision right but we will look at it and we will field a team that we hope will do Nigerians proud.

Cafonline.com: How do you keep the team motivated and focused now that you have reached World Cup finals?

AGU: We set ourselves two coming into this tournament. The first has been achieved, which was to qualify for World Cup and the second is to bring back the Cup to Nigeria and we are on course to achieve that too, so basically we have reminded the team of meeting both goals one at a time. Achieving these goals is motivation enough for the team.

Cafonline.com: How much pressure is on Nigeria to defend the title here in Algeria?

AGU: Oh most certainly so, yes it is part and parcel of football and there is pressure to retain the title we won two years ago in South Africa but you don’t let pressure get the better of you. We will remain focused on the goal and seek to defend the title.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Egypt - AYC (0 - 2) - Final Score by elctroguru(m): 10:48am On Mar 26, 2013
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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Egypt - AYC (0 - 2) - Final Score by elctroguru(m): 10:47am On Mar 26, 2013
If you think Nigeria will win like this post


Sports / Nigeria Vs Egypt - AYC (0 - 2) - Final Score by elctroguru(m): 10:45am On Mar 26, 2013
Egypt is determined to win the African Youth Championship- coach Rabie Yassin

Egypt is set to clash with Nigeria in the 2013 Orange CAF U-20 Championship semi-final on Tuesday in Ain Temouchent. The Young Pharaohs go into the match with a 100% record in the finals so far and according to team coach Rabie Yassin they are determined to win this competition and will be ready for Nigeria come Tuesday 26th March.
Egypt are thrilled to have qualified for the World Cup finals to be played in Turkey but Yassin says that goal has been achieved and if anything this makes them even more eager to come away from Algeria with the African Youth title too.

"The Nigeria clash will be different to the games we played in the group phase as there is no second chance to recover if we lose in the semis. It is knock –out phase now and we don’t want to miss out on reaching and winning the final so we will be ready for Nigeria on Tuesday" said coach Rabie Yassin. “ I am pleased to welcome some key players back from suspension and injury and this gives me greater options and strengthens my squad. We studied our opponents well and we know a lot about them. We will prepare as best plans as possible to overcome Nigeria and reach the final, concluded Yassin.

The coach said, Nigeria presents a strong challenge and always has a good team and will provide a tough challenge. During the preparations for this tournament, the two sides played twice in warm ups game, with Nigeria winning once and the other match ending in a goalless draw. Both coaches said the results from these two friendly matches will hardly have any bearing on Tuesday’s game and it will most probably end up a tough encounter that will be won by slim margin and possibly by the team that wants it more and makes least mistakes.

Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs DR Congo U20 AYC (3 - 1) On 23rd March 2013 by elctroguru(m): 7:02pm On Mar 23, 2013
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs DR Congo U20 AYC (3 - 1) On 23rd March 2013 by elctroguru(m): 6:37pm On Mar 23, 2013
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs DR Congo U20 AYC (3 - 1) On 23rd March 2013 by elctroguru(m): 6:11pm On Mar 23, 2013

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs DR Congo U20 AYC (3 - 1) On 23rd March 2013 by elctroguru(m): 6:09pm On Mar 23, 2013
Nigeria 2 - 0 DRC 38 mins
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs DR Congo U20 AYC (3 - 1) On 23rd March 2013 by elctroguru(m): 6:07pm On Mar 23, 2013

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Sports / Nigeria Vs DR Congo U20 AYC (3 - 1) On 23rd March 2013 by elctroguru(m): 2:28pm On Mar 23, 2013
It’s down to the last group matches at the Orange CAF U-20 Championship currently underway in Algeria with Saturday the deciding day. In Oran the holders, Flying Eagles of Nigeria play DR Congo while in Ain Temouchent , Mali entertains Gabon. So far in this Group B only Mali with two wins from two games has secured a semi-final place. Nigeria has three points while DR Congo and Gabon are on a point each, so depending on how the results go in Saturday’s games all three could still reach the semis.

The Flying Eagles know pretty well that a win will guarantee them a place in the last four and automatic qualification to U-20 World Cup finals to be played in June and July in Turkey. They will have to confront DR Congo without striker, Olarenwaju Kayode who will be suspended after picking up a second caution in the last match with Gabon. The striker‘s pace has been a worry to defenders although his conversion of chances has not be so good, Congolese defense will be relived at his absence. Edafe Egbedi, Alhaji Gero and Umar Aminu will now shoulder the responsibilities of getting the goals for Nigeria. As in the past two matches team captain Abduljeleel Ajagun will be expected to supply the forwards from midfield, as he has done with distinction so far.

DR Congo stood toe to toe with Mali for a good part of the game and even restored parity after the latter took the lead, so they will feel there have nothing to lose in taking the game to Nigeria. The Congolese have a mobile and strong midfield with some physical presence. Emomo Ngoy,Bamato Boyayi and Ekiri Litekia will anchor the Congolese midfield and hope to link up with forwards Budje Manzia and Mukendi Mukenga.

The Nigeria need only a draw against DR Congo on Saturday in Oran to reach the semifinals of the tournament and qualify for the FIFA U-20 World Cup but DR Congo need an outright win and hope that Gabon does not beat Mali by a score better than theirs .

Nigeria coach, John Obuh said he is hopeful that this time round his side will be able to put away the chances they have created in abundance but have only one goal to show for it. “We respect all teams and are aware that DR Congo needs a win just as much as we need one, so we will play our normal game and go for the result we need to reach the semi-final” said Obuh.

Obuh’s opposite number, French man Sebastien Migne said he would be pleased with another good performance from his side when they face Nigeria.” I thought we fought hard and played well against Mali and it could have gone either way, so we will pick up from there and hopefully come out with a positive result on Saturday “said Migne.

Sports / Re: Liberia V Nigeria: 2013 AFCON Qualifier (2 - 2) On September 8th 2012 by elctroguru(m): 7:19pm On Sep 08, 2012
8’ – Liberia have taken a shock lead!
4’ – Ike Uche misses a big chance when he goes clear of the Liberia defence and comes face-to-face with goalkeeper Nathaniel Shermna.
1’ – Kick off by Nigeria.
– Now the national anthems of both teams ring out.
– It is a big result for the Eaglets even before the return leg in calabar in two weeks.
– Nigeria ought to be lifted by the result of the country's U17 team, the Golden Eaglets, who just a few minutes ago dumped their hosts Nigfer 4-1 in a 2013 African Junior Championship qualifier in Niamey.
– The Eagles are wearing their traditional all-green strips with white trimmings, while the Lone Star are sporting all-white with blue strips.
– Liberian President Ellen John Sirleaf has kept to her promise to watch this match and she is at the stadium.
– The SKD Stadium is jammed to the rafters, it’s a full house and you can be sure that the home team will not be lacking in support.
– Liberia: 1.Nathaniel Shermna,2.Solomon Grimes,3.George Grebo,4.Omega Roberts,5.Jimy Dixon,6.Alseny Keita,7.Sekou Jabateh,8.Isaac Pupo,9.Junior Wilson,10.Zah Kranga,11.Tonell Tisdel.
– Subs: Elderson Echiejile, Efe Ambrose, Ahmed Musa, Brown Ideye, Uche Kalu, Henry Uche, Chigozie Agbim.
– Nigeria: Vincent Enyeama – Godfrey Oboabona, Juwon Oshaniwa, Joseph Yobo, Azubuike Egwuekwe, Obiora Nwankwo, Victor Moses, Ike Uche, Ejike Uzoenyi, Nosa Igiebor, Emmanuel Emenike.
– Liberia, on the other, will be led as expected by CSKA Moscow star forward Sekou ‘Oliseh’ Jabateh.
– Eagles coach Stephen Keshi appears to want to go goals against the home team as he has picked Nosa Igiebor ahead of the more defensive Efe Ambrose to replace injured Gabriel Rueben in his midfield.
– Match venue is the Samuel Kanyon Doe Stadium in Monrovia, where already reports have suggested that the bumpy pitch, which was further worsened by heavy rain over the night, could unsettle the star-studded Nigerians.
Sports / Re: CAF Champions League & Confed. Cup 2011 - News, Fixtures And Results by elctroguru(m): 8:34pm On Sep 11, 2011
Result for Today's CAF confederations cup

Interclube 4-1 Kaduna Utd

DCMP 0-0 Sunshine
Sports / Re: CAF Champions League & Confed. Cup 2011 - News, Fixtures And Results by elctroguru(m): 5:59am On Aug 14, 2011
Sunshine Lost on Sat by a lone goal,
Maghreb de Fes 1 - 0 Sunshine Stars

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