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Religion / Re: Why Many Are Angry - Bishop Oyedepo by Elizersalifu: 4:34pm On Jul 06

You said so much but it all amounted to rubbish my friend. Faith was not derived from positivism, but positivism was derived from faith (from the word of God). True, positivism which is just a branch of faith explains why all those guys you mentioned above have gotten wealth. They are simply applying one aspect of Bible principles- when you believe in yourself and set yourself do accomplish a task you get it done.

But faith gives you more than just wealth and success. Faith gives you divine health, long life, and so many other promises in the word of God. That’s what makes it bigger than positivism. You hardly hear most of these people you have mentioned boast about their health like faith men do- they don’t know how that works yet. I remember this apple guy- Steve Jobs- with all his wealth he died of cancer in the prime of his life- cancer that faith in God’s word humiliates all the time!

You better wake up my friend. Positivism cannot handle every challenge of life but faith in God will surely do. Cos with faith all things are possible.

Religious people sha!!
Religion / Re: You Are Poor Because You Are Not Giving by Elizersalifu: 10:58pm On Jun 22

Luke 6:38

You are taking scriptures out of context. No where in the entire Luke 6 was giving money in order to escape poverty mentioned. Read pretext and post text to understand the context in which Christ spoke.
Religion / Re: Ask Me Any Question About Spirituality by Elizersalifu: 10:41pm On Jun 22
@twosquare, I can see that you are deeply rooted in the doctrine of Christ which many Christians today including Pastors are lacking because they are not taught by taught people or are probably lazy to study their bible rightly dividing the word.

Paul's prayers were mostly prayers of knowledge for the Believers in Christ to know who they are.

Remain blessed


Religion / Re: The Arrogance Of Penterascals by Elizersalifu: 10:18pm On Jun 22

Focus ought to be on the gospels, not the epistles!

The gospels are written to bring an unbeliever into believing that Jesus is the Christ...John 20v31.

The moment you believe in gospels and receive Christ, you begin to feed on the epistles for knowledge. 1John 5v13. John 14v15-16

However, the entire scriptures are given for reproof, correction and doctrine (teaching) in righteousness. 2Tim 3v16

Remain blessed
Religion / Re: Is There Anything Like Generational Curse? by Elizersalifu: 2:43pm On Jun 21
There is a correlation btw a genaration curse, ancestral curse and foundational curse. The 3 needs to be uprooted before progressing in life.

What you are saying is that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is not enough to bring a Believer into the fullness of God's blessings.

"For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ" 1Cor 3v11.

Remain blessed
Religion / Re: Is There Anything Like Generational Curse? by Elizersalifu: 2:22pm On Jun 21
Generational curse does not exist even under the Law...It is a coinage by "some men" who are not rightly dividing God's word, perhaps to defraud or keep ignorant members in bondage. Actually, it is the second biggest scam perpetrated in the Church world mostly by African Pastors and Prophets.

To start with, Ezekiel 28 and Jeremiah 31 v 29-30 already debunked whatever people peddling as generational curse.

Finally, when a sinner receives Christ, he/she becomes a new creature and is given the gift of eternal life (2Cor 5v17) and begins to stand on the solid and assured foundation already laid by Christ Jesus (1Cor 3v11).

Remain blessed.

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Politics / Re: Edo 2020: Why We Disqualified Obaseki- APC Screening Committee by Elizersalifu: 6:23pm On Jun 12
Abeg, does any body know about this organization? Text I received today
*Good day*
An International Project
Wants to empower 2000 people in River state & I have recommended you. Expect a call soon from consultants of the DIS International Project 8.

Religion / Re: What Is The Biblical Punishment For A Rapist. by Elizersalifu: 11:31am On Jun 03

Ten Commandments: It was for a people whose heart did not understand righteousness. It was a law concerning righteousness. Moses Law on the other hand, was ceremonial in nature and it was a law concerning wickedness and sin.

Though men lived the Ten Commandments before it was given, it had to be given to people bereft of righteousness and the knowledge of a righteous God.

Going by your explanation, now that we have an understanding of righteousness, do you still think that the 10 commandments would have the same effect as under the law?
Religion / Re: What Is The Biblical Punishment For A Rapist. by Elizersalifu: 8:55am On Jun 03
Then go and remove it from there. Or am I quoting from a textbook.

Rightly divide the word of truth 2Tim 2v14
Religion / Re: Who Is Lucifer? by Elizersalifu: 8:40am On Jun 03
I think he is "son of satan", Apollo, anti-christ, son of Perdition, fake messiah, the destroyer.

Whether the "good one" is our LORD JESUS, we don't know yet

Your thoughts were not considered when the holy scriptures were written.

To know who Lucifer was, you must subject your thoughts to the scrutiny of the scriptures.
Religion / Re: Who Is Lucifer? by Elizersalifu: 8:35am On Jun 03

AntiChrist as the name implies, is someone whose actions are the exact opposite of Jesus Christ.
But how opposite? Well opposite in the second coming of Jesus not in the first. Prior to the second coming of Jesus the AntiChrist will be released from confinement and will tour the entire world, he will access all the human communities on earth exception just one location which he won't be able to gain access.
He has immense powers bestowed upon him that he can even revive the death so very few will escape him...
He will later be defeated by Jesus Christ...
Those who will follow him will enjoy his favors and Paradise, while those who disbelieve in him will be in his hell...
He will go to the extent of bringing your father's and forefathers back to life just to convince someone to be his follower... So very few will resist

Please provide scriptures
Politics / Re: BREAKING: "I Will Bring You Down" Asari Dokubo Threaten Nnamdi Kanu (video) by Elizersalifu: 8:37pm On Jun 01
This kind news no concerns me. This is a pure case of Ipob Jews and Ipob Ijaw
Maga chop maga, no case

Wicked!!! grin

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Religion / Re: Training; For Those Who Desire Growing In The Knowledge Of Christ by Elizersalifu: 4:48pm On May 31
God bless you and increase your bank of knowledge in Christ Jesus
Religion / Re: Lockdown: There Will Be A Lot Of Babies - Adeboye Says, Speaks On COVID-19 Death by Elizersalifu: 3:16pm On May 31
Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), on Sunday said a lot of great things will come out of the lockdown imposed due to the deadly coronavirus.

Adeboye in a sermon during a live broadcast to his members on Sunday, predicted that many babies will be birthed in early 2021.

The cleric, who informed Christians to rejoice during the lockdown, identified David and Elijah and Joseph in the Bible, as persons who became great as a result of lockdown in their lives.

He said, “let me warn pastors, now I’m busy you are resting. Early next year you will be very busy.

“As a result of the lockdown you will have a lot of baby naming ceremonies.

“David, Elijah, Joseph, and some others became great during a lockdown.”

He, therefore, added that the best thing to do during a lockdown is rejoice, praise God, study the Bible and pray.

“Visions usually come during lockdown. Plan towards actualizing the vision and when you finish planing you need to hand it over to God.”

He also said God told him not to worry about persons who died due to coronavirus.

According to him, God allowed it because he wants to prove that he is the Almighty, hence the low COVID-19 deaths recorded globally.

The cleric said, “God said I should not worry about those who will die due to coronavirus.

“Ain’t you amazed at the number of people who have been recovered compared to the number of those who died? All over the world the number of those who died is less than 10 percent.

“If you research, you will know that the number of people who have died due to coronavirus is lesser than those who have died because of accident or other means.

“This is because God just wanted to prove himself that he is the almighty that he can lockdown the whole world.

“I’m appealing to those who haven’t give their life to Christ love your self by seeking him.If you find him you will fine life and if you hate him.

“To those who think they are big and mighty where is it now. The almighty God says sit down at home.”

The Almighty God doesn't need to kill anyone to prove He is the Almighty. John 3v16.

The will of God is for all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth...1Tim 2v3-4

We know who steals, kills and destroys. Jesus revealed him to us....the devil...John 10v10

The lack of sound doctrine in the Church today has robbed many Believers of their saintly dignity in Christ..

One thing I know for a fact is there's an ongoing shift in the body of Christ and Believers are becoming aware of the truth for themselves by the help of the Holy spirit concerning Jesus Christ...Dan 12v4

Believers, please stay with Christ in and out of Season.

Unbelievers, please receive Jesus Christ today and place faith in his finished works and enter into His rest with the assurance of eternal life. John 3v16.

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Religion / Re: Not Perfect, BUT Christlike Leaders by Elizersalifu: 10:00am On May 30
The right church for every true believer/follower of Jesus is a "local church" with a Godly, Christlike Leader(s).

Suffice to say, though, that I personally do not believe in the common "denominational church" pattern/system, because what is in the New testament of the Bible are Local Churches planted by the Apostles, Not Denominations (i.e Paul planted independent Local Churches; also the letters in the book of Revelation were also addressed to Elders of independent local churches NOT to a G.O or Bishop of a Denomination). However, I strongly believe that I am ONE with every TRUE believer IN Or OUT of every Christian denomination or local church in the World.

To know whether a Church is SAFE to worship, we've got to check out the Leaders first, to see if they are Christlike (especially in terms of Humility, Money and Popularity with the World, etc). For instance, if it's a denomination, of course, the FIRST person to check out would be the Founder/Head Pastor, etc (because all the members are looking up to him as the right example of Christ). Then to be followed by the Elders/leaders of the local church we are.

If the Leader(s) are good examples of Christ in terms of their LIFESTYLE, NOT just in Words: Bible Knowledge/Doctrine, then we can be sure it's right, even though there might be some Judas(es) and Demas(es) among the members (to deal with them wisely, and not become like them).

Alas, over Five years ago, I had to step away from the local church I used to attend (a district/branch of a Big/Popular Church), NOT because I was HOLIER than them, but in Jesus Name, I couldn't agree with Leader(s) in MAJOR areas I've mentioned above: with the HEAD first, then local Elders too.

We become the examples of whomever we follow, and will END UP in the same place:

Matthew 15:14 KJV
Let them alone: they be BLIND LEADERS of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, BOTH shall fall into the ditch. (Hell)

It's true we shouldn't "forsake the gathering of our brethren", but it also says we should COME OUT OR TURN AWAY from some certain type of people:

2 Thessalonians 3:6 KJV
Now we COMMAND YOU, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye WITHDRAW YOURSELVES from Every Brother (maybe a Pastor/Prophet) that walketh DISORDERLY, and NOT after the tradition which he received of us.

2 Corinthians 6:17 KJV
Wherefore COME OUT from among them, and be ye SEPARATE, saith the Lord, and TOUCH NOT the Unclean thing ; and I will RECEIVE you,

So, we've got to be balanced to be Saved.

It's good for us to Study the Scriptures, Pray and ask God for LIGHT so as to ESCAPE the END TIME Deception that is Powerful or Strong enough to GET even the ELECT, if possible. (Matt. 24:24)

Phil.3.18 - For MANY, of whom I have often told you and now tell you even WITH TEARS, walk as ENEMIES of the Cross of Christ.

Phil.3.19 - Their END IS DESTRUCTION, their god is their BELLY, and they glory in their shame, with MINDS SET ON EARTHLY THINGS.

Therefore, we've got to be on the ALERT: seeking God for Grace in Jesus to endure All things:

2 Timothy 3:1-2,5 KJV
This know also, that in The Last Days PERILOUS TIMES SHALL COME.

[2] For MEN shall be LOVERS of their OWN Selves, ...

[5] Having a FORM OF GODLINESS, but denying the Power thereof: from such TURN AWAY.

May Jesus Bless You.

Praise be to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ that the veil of Moses has been removed from your face.
2Cor 3v15

Many are worshipping Angelsl, Moses and the Prophets, while some are worshipping the god of this world.

Some, including their Leaders are aware, while majority are unaware of this fact.

Any Church where Christ is not revealed to her members is not fit to be called the church of the First begotten from the dead.

We will not stop revealing Christ to this generation until the veil on their mind is fallen.

We are in Christ, a new creature!!

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Religion / Re: Which Should Be Paid First? Tithe Or Debt. by Elizersalifu: 6:26pm On May 29
The book of Malachi was written as a warning to the Priests who manipulated people and stole from the coffers of God. I suspect many of the pastors know this but choose to ignore it so they can continue to further their agenda, and their pockets.

Flesh and blood couldn't have revealed this to you. That book was addressed to the levitical priests. The introductory part of each chapter in the book of Malachi unlocks who the Prohet was addressing.

But you know today, only a few Christians are like Bereans.

......to see Jesus Christ, you would need to remove the veil of Moses covering your mind. 2Cor 3v15
Religion / Re: What Is The Diffrence Between A Born Again Christain And A Believer? by Elizersalifu: 10:29pm On May 27
It's very simple na, A born again Christian is a believer that has repented while a believer is an advanced born again.
A born again Christian is like a baby christian who is still trying to find their feet in faith while a Believer is an adult Christian has carried his or her cross and followed Christ.
A born again Christian still has to learn to receive anointing and how to speak in tongues while a believer not only speaks in tongues but also sings in tongues.
But the oga patapata of dem all, the general overseer of dem all is

Smh....A born again has to learn to receive anointing Who taught the apostles to receive the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost??
A believer sings in tongues....na waoh.

You just hmmm....May God give you understanding
Religion / Re: What Is The Diffrence Between A Born Again Christain And A Believer? by Elizersalifu: 10:23pm On May 27

All Born Agains are Believers but not all Believers are Born Again.

Heb 11 gave an account of all the Old Testament people who were Believers (believed in God) before Jesus Christ showed up. Observe carefully, no body was Born again before Christ came. They were Believers because they placed their faith in Christ (though in shadows and things typifying the Christ). That's why Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith.

After Christ rose from the dead, He gave birth to the Born Again man. A new creature with the Holy Spirit dwelling in him.


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Religion / Re: What Is The Diffrence Between A Born Again Christain And A Believer? by Elizersalifu: 10:05pm On May 27
A born again is a person who has genuinely surrender his life to christ. He has accepted christ with the confession of his mouth.

A believer is someone who studied religion or things related to the bible but doesn't believe in it. A believer can be a christian but has not accepted christ.

My point tho.

......Ah ah Bros. This your definitions get k-leg.
A believer can be a Christian but has not accepted Christ?. That's an unbeliever bros
Religion / Re: Can I Pay My Tithe To My Church And Widows According To Deuteronomy 26:12? by Elizersalifu: 8:58pm On May 27

And what was his faith based upon? . Gods word to him .

Under the law Was Offering not and obligation as well , was honoring your father not an obligation as well? Why is it tithe some of tou single out? That only tells me there is something spiritual about the tithe that satan is terrified about.

Wrong, jesus encouraged tithing

Matthew 23:23
“What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you are careful to tithe even the tiniest income from your herb gardens, but you ignore the more important aspects of the law—justice, mercy, and faith. You should tithe, yes, but do not neglect the more important things.

1. Only one account in the entire Genesis where Abraham GAVE 1/10th after he returned from war. Observe very carefully that he did not tithe his income but spoils of war. You don't build doctrine from a single scripture in the bible.

2. Keeping an obligation does not really require faith. The law themselves are not of faith and are meant for the unrighteous (Gal 3v12 and 1 Tim 1v9). That's why none of the apostle taught tithing as practised under the law of Moses. Rather, they gave clear instructions on how we should give to support the work of our Father and also to help the needy amongst us.

3.Why do you observe only the law on tithing while ignoring the others? Have you not read that if you are guilty of one, you are guilty of all?

4. In Mt 23, Jesus rebuked the hypocritical pharisees who thought by tithing would attain righteousness. Are you a pharisee? Why did Jesus not teach His followers tithing starting from the sermon on the mount to the last 40days seminar with his disciples after He rose from the dead ?

5. Jesus did not instruct any of his disciples or followers to PAY tithe. Provide scriptures if you think otherwise.

6. No Apostle PAID Tithe in the new testament. Show proof if you think otherwise. This should mean something to you if you are a good bible student. Rather, they GAVE THEMSELVES to the work of God.

7. We are born of the Spirit and our giving should not be limited by percentages. Better to give as led by the spirit than to give under an obligation or by law.

8. Our blessings in Christ are not based on tithing. He finished the work 2000yrs ago and blessed us with all spiritual blessings in Christ even before we entered the world.

9. Today, we don't give because we want God to bless us. We give because we are blessed.

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Religion / Re: What Is Hyper-grace? by Elizersalifu: 9:24pm On May 26

There's nowhere scripture divided the law into 3. The law is a whole package. If you have scriptures where the law was divided into these 3 Categories kindly bring it up. CHRISTIANS are not under the law, including the 10 commandments.

When Christians do the "thou shall not" it doesn't mean they are obeying the 10 commandments. It simply means, they are doing the life of God which was then in place before the thou shall not was given....e.g, where was thou shall not commit fornication or adultery before Joseph flew flee from his master wife, where was thou shall not before Noah, Enoch and Abraham walked upright before God...?

God bless you sir. People need to unlearn religion and relearn christianity.
Many do not even understand that the laws were given by Moses....John 1:17
Religion / Re: What Is Hyper-grace? by Elizersalifu: 9:21pm On May 26

I understand that, Christ has paid for our sins past, present or future not only ours but for the whole world but there is a condition to receiving it which is to come with God for the unbelivers. And for the beliver he should confess his sins unto God.
1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Sin can cut us off from fellowship with God.

Please just mention only one New Testament Believer who received salvation through confession of their sins.

....for by grace are ye saved through faith in Christ Jesus.

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.
2Cor 5:21

Today, our confession is Jesus Christ and His finished works.
Religion / Re: COVID-19 Patient Healed By Prophet Jeremiah Through The Name of Jesus Christ. by Elizersalifu: 8:58pm On May 26
Keep advertising men instead of Jesus Christ
Your post says.... Snr prophet healed. No mention of Jesus Christ....
May God give you an understanding.
Religion / Re: New Testament: How Many Christians Paid Tithe? by Elizersalifu: 8:12pm On May 26


The scriptures are our borderline for instruction, explanation and correction (2Tim 3:15)

Men are fallible but the scriptures are infallible.
Tithing is not the new testament way of giving.
Today, Believers are meant to give generously without grumbling. We are not bound by percentages when we give to promote the Gospel and help the needy amongst us.

Neither Jesus nor His disciples taught or observed tithing as a religious obligation.

We are no longer under the law!

Jesus Christ is our HIGH PRIEST!
Religion / Re: Can I Pay My Tithe To My Church And Widows According To Deuteronomy 26:12? by Elizersalifu: 7:07pm On May 26

I quoted scriptures. Kindly study it again with open mind .

You quoted scriptures yes but out of context. You made the scriptures say what they are not saying.

God has never DEMANDED Tithe from anyone....whether before the law or under the law.

Abraham GAVE 1/10th of spoils not PAID. God did not DEMAND the 1/10th from Abraham. He did based on his volition according to his faith.

Always pay attention to tenses when you study.

While under the law of Moses, it was an obligation. Moses was the one who gave them this instruction. If you observe very carefully, neither Jesus nor his disciples observed or taught tithing. The reason is because under the new testament, we are asked to give generously and without grudge.

We are men of the spirit!

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Religion / Re: How Pastors Become Super Rich by Elizersalifu: 6:52pm On May 26
Nice exposition.....There's a shift going on in the body of Christ. Many genuine Believers will thirst for the true gospel of Christ and they shall abandon all these god of men and their business centres.

.....In the last days, knowledge shall increase.
Religion / Re: COVID-19 Patient Healed By Prophet Jeremiah Through The Name of Jesus Christ. by Elizersalifu: 6:45pm On May 26
So, the healer is Jeremiah? Talk about giving glory to god of men.

There are many covid 19 patients in Nigeria, let you senior prophet start by healing them since he is now
Indeed distance is not a barrier in the demonstration of the power of God as Snr Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin healed a COVID-19 patient who was on Oxygen in an isolation center in the United States of America during an online program ( dreams with interpretations and solution ).

Senior Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin is the general overseer of Christ Mercy Land and Deliverance Ministry in warri Delta State.
During one of the online services he prayed for one Mrs Tyeisha from California,USA. who was in an isolation center in the US due to the novel coronavirus and had difficulties in breathing and was on Oxygen and also she was unable to walk.

The great man of God demonstrated the power of the Holy ghost through the online service, he prayed and instructed the coronavirus patient to remove the Oxygen which she was on. She believed and removed it and immediately she was able to breathe without the aid of the Oxygen and she was walking freely without the wheel chair.



Indeed, there is power in the name of Jesus Christ..

the healer.

Charity begins at home!

For the records, Jesus Christ is the healer yesterday, today and forever.

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