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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 9:06am On Sep 01, 2020

After Pablo the sailor's reprisal attacks on Aye, the entire campus was thrown into a state of confusion. The deaths horrified everyone. I was really afraid and shaken. All Bucanneers were lowkey. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Igun, was concerned and started a process where cultists were identified and expelled immediately except they renounce publicly. Some were initially caught and renounced in front of Our Saviours Chapel in Campus 2. The chaplain was in charge of the exercise. Those who renounced were made to identify other cult members and another trouble started from there.

The thing about the renouncements was that cultists who were forced to renounce but still had allegiance to their group on the side were now using the exercise to mention the names of rival cultists so that they can either be expelled or forced to renounce too. See Aye men calling out BAN boys and vice versa. It was a circus. Our VC was very strong on this despite many threats. If someone mentions your name as a member of a group, they would post the name on the board in front of student affairs. Failure to present yourself will result in immediate expulsion. This exercise took over the cult war and made it seem like Aye men had forgotten the beef. All of us, including Vikings, Eiye and Maphites, were concerned with the renouncement wahala. Names were flying all over the place.

Lo and behold, the Sealord lecturer I was staying with came to me one day and said my name has been pasted on the board. It was like a dream. Me wey nor dey fine trouble. I was a lowkey Bucanneer in the path of Rica. Someone had confessed that I was part of the mission squad that killed some Axemen. Na once naim my course mates start to avoid me. I became the talk of the department because I was an intelligent student even though say confra dey affect my grades one kind. Alora Eager for Sailing told me that I should provide myself o. He couldn't save me from this one because the VC na juju on e own. He fears nobody. Professor Igun was an enigma to both staff and students for a while. He even traced some lecturers who were codedly supporting the frats and dealt with them.

As I was going to the campus to check the board, I started praying that some rival axemen should just shoot me so that everything will end. I stopped observing and starting becoming careless. I didn't know how to tell my father, friends and family that I was a Bucanneer, the same cult that was popular for the terrible attacks in town. In fact, they said I was a part of the squad killing people. Me wey never sail pass 6 moons for the adventure o. I looked at the sun to see if Grandpa would send his rays to change this situation but Grandpa's rays even made matters worse as the sun burnt my skin. All my so-called brodas were nowhere to be found in my period of confusion. I finally got to the board and in the midst of the crowd that came to check the names of those enlisted, I fought my way and I was number 8 on this list. This particular list targetted Bucanneers. Pablo's name was there too but somehow, they misspelt his first name and omitted his surname. I con be like . My rage knew no bounds at that moment. The number one killer in Falkland was going to go scotfree because somehow, his name was hanging in the air? How e take do am sef? I vowed to confess and give the school his real name. There is no way the axemen who mentioned his name would have given a wrong time.

On the list, we had Alora Fucking the Grandma, Alora Hop Hop for Jaw Jaw, Alora Deadly Disciple, Alora Expensive Mercy, Alora Looting the Fine Girls, Alora Yellow the Lion, Alora Victory Adventure, Alora Ini Me FastFast, Alora Gentle the Traitor, Alora Wicked the Laughter, Alora Stingy Man Saga, Alora Gorgon Medusa, and Alora Bishop the Killa, among others. On this list, only like 5 names were actual killers that I know. Others were associates or passive people. I was number 8 and my heart was pounding. I couldn't even attend classes that day and exam was starting next two weeks. I quickly located one other lord whose name was mentioned. The guy stayed in one boys quarters close to River Ethiope in Campus 2. I went to his place and I saw him packing his bags already. I asked him what was up with the list. Mi broda just said: "The ship is sinking o. All men dey discharge like this. Like play like play, na so all bucanneers name go enter the list o. Me nor dey do any stupid renunciation. That one na setup. BHLs nor dey honor renunciation. After you show yourself, dem go maroon you". Alora Vicious the Python was on his way from school after 3 years. He would rather lose his admission than renounce Bucanneer. That was the last day I ever saw him.

I went to meet the lecturer and I noticed that he was given me subtle signs that I was a moving target now. He didn't want to help me and he was also afraid for himself and his job. I had no other choice than to talk to a member of the P.O.8 in my deck. I met the Steerer that night and he told me to renounce. He gave me some names of BHLs to call as cultists too. He said I should own up to everything they said about me. At the end, he said Grandpa would reward me for my sacrifice to the adventure. The next day, I went to my department to get my signed course form as I was about to prepare for exams. In the department, a letter was already waiting for me. I was summoned to the Student Disciplinary Committee on allegations of Cultism....

I honored the invitation because I wanted to graduate and didn't want my parents to know what had happened. In the committee, I saw different persons. Some were lecturers. I also saw the chaplains of the chapels on campus. I saw some security officers and some so-called ex-cultists. I was asked to state my roles in the cult killings on campus. I vehemently denied playing any role (this wasn't what the steeroko asked me to say). I told them that I was a cultist but I have never killed. They asked me to then mention the names of those who partook in the killings. I just told them that I wasn't there when they planned the killings and so I don't know the killers. In fact, I told them that I was not in town when the killings were going on. That they robbed my hostel and I went back home to stay cos I was traumatised. Of course, they didn't believe me.

They asked me to publicly renounce or lose studentship. I had no choice than to agree. I told them I would renounce but they then added the clause that if I don't mention some of my cult members or known cultists, that I would get rusticated for some semesters. That was when I listed the names that the steerer gave to me before. I told them that those ones were hardened cultists. By the next morning, they had pasted those names too. Everywhere was on fire. The Dean of Students Affairs told me the date for the next renoucement exercise and they gave me a form to fill. After that, I also signed an undertaking and was asked to leave. Just outside the library dome which was used for this exercise, I saw other familiar faces, including axemen who were taunting me with their eyes.

That night somebody was shot on campus....

To be continued.

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 5:54pm On Aug 29, 2020
Someone from this thread revealed my identity and I have been receiving many calls, emails, messages, and even message requests on NL, etc. However, I am 100% safe and unafraid. My story must be told whether they like it or not. Who nor like am, make e set ship on fire. If na the aye men dey vex, make them use their axe take clear grass. Even Vikings and Maphites dey fear make I nor add their part of the story join. The entire saga will be told. Many are angry that I revealed some BAN secrets. They said I could have told my story without those secrets. I would be deceiving myself if I don't reveal BAN as I have done and will continue to do. I was almost at the point of deactivating my account but when I remember those who have been marooned in the adventure and those whose freedom have been taken from them, I cannot help but to continue telling my story.

@StrikeChief: Because of you, I will spill many things, including how your so-called Abraka anti-cult added salt to injury and became a safe ground for known killers and murderers.

My story continues soon...

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 2:34pm On Aug 19, 2020

Did you ever cross path with the op saynotocultism or do you remember any of the tales he told

I did not cross paths with Op and that was probably because I wasn't actually going for HITs but I can confirm some details in his tales and his story actually reminds of someone from back then but let's hang it there.


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 1:37pm On Aug 19, 2020
@ falklandsaga I thought BAN don't have street decks? I asked because you talked about Asaba Grenada deck.

There's a campus of Delta State University in Asaba. The deck there started as Baby Falkland and later metamorphosed into Grenada. Besides, BAN has many frigates and flotillas outside campuses. However, they don't initiate riff raffs. Most lords who start at the frigate level are already graduates of either a polytechnic, college of education or university. These days, they accept mainly graduates with NYSC. However, the real stuffs happen at the decks and sometimes the flotillas, not the frigates.


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 10:23am On Aug 19, 2020
Falklandsaga we await oo

I was banned for by anti-spam bots for my last post but I had to mail the mods to unban me.

Others shouldn't quote the entire post if they want to respond to it, so that you don't get banned.
Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 10:01am On Aug 19, 2020

BE echoes (nowhere near his exact words but you should get the idea):
"Alora sealords!!! Alora mi rugged brodas!!! Black HLs have been pricing us for too long. They want the Buccaneer ship to stop sailing but little do they know that the ship sailed since 1972 and there is nothing any HL can do about it. Buccaneers have seen rough seas that have been rougher than this. From the onset, Rica Ricardo, Robogranata, Valla Lorenzo, and the rest of our founding members weathered rough seas to lift the mast high. This eyeland adventure of ours cannot be stopped by stinking lubbers or high lubbers. Buccaneer has a strict policy: NO PRICE, NO PAY. We don't look for trouble but we don't take rubbish as well. This saga of 2001 has been full of prices by the Black HL and we must certainly pay. By the ordainment of Grandpa, I, Alora Brutal the Demon, Big Eye Falkland Deck, hereby declare that BHL must pay their price"

All the lords in the MIT echoed "Awumen ooooo". BE then asks the Killer and Maker of Soul for SIGs. Pablo the Sailor proceeded to mention his findings concerning the HIT. He stated that their paid informant in Aye told them about how the Kpoai of Canta Ethiopia (Aye HT in Abraka) ordered hitmen from Ekpoma and assisted by some inhouse men to organise that bloody attack. He also mentioned the names of the men involved and those in Abraka who facilitated their mapping and attack. Pablo was so passionate about his revenge plan. It was as if the bloodlust of Grandpa had penetrated his heart completely. He gave details of how 5 different squads have been mobilised with rugged and tested lords from within and outside the deck. These squads will simultaneously stage five attacks in five different locations. The Kpoai of Aye was a target, the Chief Butcher of Aye was another target. Of the remaining three targets, one squad will head to Ekpoma (the BE of Cayman deck was ready to chest any rough sea that comes from this), one will go to Obiaruku where a significant BHL eye was located and the last will do mop-up and be on standby.

Pablo had every single detail mapped out. His plans were frequently interjected with shouts of "Alora Sealords", "Woskelebe", "Awumen", and "Correct Capping". He had a very wild imagination for his revenge plan. In one of the plans, the team would capture the target alive and gorge out his eyes, cut his fingers, tongue and toes, use a razor to slash a vein or artery open and then leave him to bleed to inevitable death. The eyes, fingers, tongue and toes would then be packaged and sent as a nicely concealed package to their NBM Zonal Head with a note: "Only those who can see can speak of the glory of Bucanneer". In another plan, the squad would pour LDG all over the target and set him on fire. Yet another plan involved using the best bomboys in our chest to lay siege to the Chief Butcher's cove. The plans all appeared as evil as they can be. What was most painful was the fact that even innocent persons like me cheered them in the blood frenzy all in the name of brotherhood. We all participated in those demonic plans whether or not we were the actual killers. That is what a cult does to you. It makes you an indirect killer by virtue of membership. I didn't lift a gun yet somehow, I participated in those evil plans. Na so confra things dey go. One day, you go dey drink beer for anchor point, another day, you go dey plan person death like say na chicken you dey pluck.

After Pablo spoke and his plans were carried, everything was set again. We were, once more, reminded of the unscrupulous nature of our adventure. We were asked to lay low and always observe. Deck all cappings in public and wait for signals. The saga on focus was about to get bloodier. After the MIT, Pablo took me to another cove in Oguezi quarters of Urhuoka. That was where I finished that leg. For the second time, he wanted me to join his squad. He promised to teach me how to BB. He told me about the first time he killed a man. He said his mentor, Alora Mighty Protector (already late at the time), was the one who asked him to maroon someone for the first time. He couldn't look the person in the eye and he fell sick for days after that act. He said he cried within himself and wanted everything to end but once you do it again, the feeling goes away. In fact, he said, if you maroon someone for the Bucanneer adventure, you would feel great and other lords will respect you. He wanted me to be rugged so that I can observe myself well. He told me tales of how he was on a squad to Baby Falkland, now Grenada Deck (Asaba) to run imado and how he used a side (machete) for the first time. He said using a side was more delicate and rewarding because you get to feel life sapping out of the person. He said it usually made him feel very high. Pablo was already an accomplished killer and there was nothing that could stop that. How he managed to graduate and stay off the radar is still a big mystery to me. Maybe one day, he will answer for all the blood he has shed. Despite all the blood in his hands, he was cloaked as a CO and the Frigate and Galleon know his reputation. Later on, Bucanneers will sing the song of how "our rough sea days are over". How can they be over when those who partook in those rough seas are respected members of confraternity? Some are even members of the "prestigious" Order of Scarlet Bucanneers! Some have gravitated to weather beaten lords by virtue of their violent CVs alone!

After Pablo finished his "toasting" to join his squad, he proceeded to sing a song about "Mami Water" and "Orimado":

"Imami mami mami water yo
Mami water say make we sail o
Mami water say na today o
Mami water say make we pay o
Naim make her give us all the bomboys
Mami water say make we rugged

The song continues along that line. Pablo was no doubt a very likeable person. He was assertive and bold. Non-initiates usually looked at him with awe. Girls were never his problem. He was also an intelligent man. He spoke good English and his logic was impeccable. Even his battle plans were standard, save for the evil in them. He was very neat and had a good dress sense but alas!, he was a murderer, a sociopath, a killer and one who now lacks human compassion and sympathy all because of this rugged eyeland adventure called Bucanneers Confraternity!

After all his subtle and obvious efforts to get me on his squad failed again, he then warned me to be very careful. Before they went for the mission, he asked me to stay with a lecturer who was also a rugged and fearless lord. He was our deck coordinator then. It was rumoured that this lecturer was a K-Man during his time at Moda Deck (Ibadan). The lecturer supported the RS 100% and he had his own BB. He was not afraid of Axemen. He had three security guards from Umuebu who were well armed and he also had his personal double barrel. Apart from that, his house had many exit points in case of emergency. He also had a very dangerous dog. The lecturer was also feared by students because he was bold and always caught those involved in examination malpractices. However, if you were a sealord and quickly identified as such, he would deck the case immediately. This lecturer single-handedly brought many other lecturers for initiation then. Some lecturers were afraid of Axeman, especially because of the numerous threats to life and they would come to be given a special type of initiation.

The lecturer that accommodated me was known as Alora Eager for Sailing and he was the one who got me through the examination period that year. He taught me how to always observe as a a sealord. He told me never to use a path twice except I can't help it. He told me that I should always look out in any gathering and identify strategic entry and exit points. He taught me to use my eyes to identify possible threats in public. I learnt so much from him. In any case, he also emphasised that despite the ruggedity of the adventure, I should always focus on acada so that I can be salted. He would also meet lecturers on my behalf to push my scores up. Left for the violent aspect of the confra, people like him would make you love Bucanneer but it is all a ruse. That's the truth. Bucanneer has many people in the top echelon of society, including celebrities, politicians, captains of industries, etc but access to them is generally more difficult that you think. Many of them anchor and claw with their contemporaries mostly. They won't give you any job except you are extremely qualified for it anyway. A few, like the lecturer in focus, may be able to jump ropes for you but even then, they do so to a point where you are either left alone or forced to do things yourself. At the end of the day, what is the point in bragging and boasting about topshots if you can't have access to them or if a rival cultist will maroon you anyway?

After days, we started hearing news of people who have been gunned down in Abraka. The scores are rising in favour of Bucanneer. Many people, including key figures were either killed or maimed. Unfortunately, we couldn't get down their Kpoai who was a main target. However, we got down 2 significant butchers and one of those who lead the hit against Bucanneer. It was a season of blood, all to satisfy the dry bones of Grandpa. In one of the successful hits, the squad shot the target at close range but he didn't die. They then proceeded to pee on him before cutting him into pieces like a cow at an abattoir. In yet another hit, they caught the target on campus. He was just finishing a test and he was chased to the river ethiope bank at the end of Campus 2 and then macheted his palms and feet before forcing him to swim to his death. Not all the hits were successful though. The squad that went to Obiaruku had an altercation with the vigilante (who were mainly SVC street members) and one lord was shot on account of being a suspected armed robber. His body was never found till this day. That was how the life Alora Meeting the Target was ended and his family never found closure.

The Ekpoma squad failed woefully. The axemen in Ekpoma were more difficult to get than anticipated. The mission was delayed until the Axemen got to know that a HIT was on them. Only one was successfully caught at a barbing saloon. He went to cut his hair and a lord who just finished cutting his hair identified him and quickly took an okada to inform the squad. The squad mobilised and went to the barbing saloon just in time and they abducted the guy. After torturing and humiliating him for hours, he was eventually beheaded. His head was planted on a stick in front of his family street in Ekpoma there. The events that followed these acts cannot be narrated now.

To be continued...

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 8:11am On Aug 16, 2020

Some of the BAN sayings (OT) that Pablo the sailor taught are captured below. I went through a lot to learn and master these things. Despite not being an active sailing lord, these things are now part of my consciousness. I cannot forget them. The power that a cult can have over your mind cannot be described.

Only rough seas make a skilful sailor
Buccanneer nor be boyscout. Blood dey flow
Even when we pomporri, we must remember say who price must pay
If you must lead the orchestra, you will back the crowd
When you reach treasure island, Grandpa will ask for the price you paid
May the blood of the high lubbers clot within their veins
May the blood of the rugged buccanneer never clot within his vein
May the light of the Buccanneer ship lead all lords through the rough seas
We will shine with the glowing rays of the ancient atupa
Only a tested and rugged lord can lead the buccaneer ship
Wekunle nor dey sea lords. Any lord wey chop trebor will be hauled overboard
Trebor nor be cigar. Only laggers chop trebor.
Loose tongues sink ship
He who falls behind gets left behind
No boras in the woods
No laughing on board
Let the devil that lead you guide you
Deck before self
Alora is the call. Awumen is the rugged echo/answer.
No price, no pay is the rugged policy.
No friend, no foe is our philosophy. Blud for Blud is the way we roll.
Brodas must deliver brodas
Odas is Odas (within reasonable limits as proclaimed by the Terrors)
All BAN protocols must be duly observed
I'll post more as I do more expose and remember them (don't forget that I learnt some of these things in 2001).

Pablo also taught me the BAN 13:13, sometimes we use the name of Bible book too. e.g Psalm 13:13, Job 13:13, etc. This is a form of writing which we use in our materials in order to hide their meanings from outsiders. It is designed in this way. The first thirteen letters of the alphabet will be on top while the remaining will be at the bottom



When we want to cap ruggedly, we will switch the letter with the bottom or top corresponding letter. E.g. A L O R A becomes N Y B E N.
This is why we usually say NYBEN, instead of ALORA. Some times, we add the numeric code of 101 or 231 to it.

In a Buccanneer ship, the Big Eye is the captain who caps odas and observes everything. The steerer takes odas from the Big Eye and is the next in line because he navigates the ship and implements the odas of the Big Eye. The Killer and Maker of Souls is in charge of defence and protection. He leads the ship through rough seas and gives the big eye info on the situation on deck. The hauler complements the KMS or K-Man by hauling all laggers through drills. The fast fingers is in charge of fingers on deck. He keeps the fingers that have been cut. The silly jim is in charge of sallies. Some ships have flotillas which a smaller number of lords organise. Ships are organised into frigates, headed by a Frigate Captain. Falkland deck is under a Frigate called Falkland Frigate which covers Abraka, Eku, Okpara, and environs. Frigates are divided into galleons too. Falkland frigate is under Omicron galleon with a Galleon Master as its head. The SBC is in charge of the entire Bucanneer fleet and it is headed by a 'revered' Grand Eye. There is usually a general MIT during national covajs. There are also different categories of lords, from deckhands to salted and even to those in the Order of Scarlet Buccanneers. BAN has a constitution which is titled as The Compass. There also used to be a handbook or Fanny.

I just wanted to post this separately so that curious minds can know some details apart from the stories of hits. I will continue my story afterwards and more facts about BAN will come as I post.

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 8:20am On Aug 11, 2020
For that guy that thinks BAN is all about flexing, I doubt if he has seen the real BAN. I doubt if he is even a real member of BAN. The DN he gave is abnormal. Even if he somehow is a member, he forgets that there are many factions in BAN all pieced together as one. On the surface, you wouldn't even identify anything but lord wey don play game know the difference well. Within BAN, we have original lords from the 72 - 82 era. They have their own ways of doing things. Many of them are now OSBs. Some are very critical of the younger generation of lords just as the younger ones are critical of them too. We also have traditional Buccanneers who were inied at any point. These ones are the BAN fanatics and their ideas about BAN are very fundamentalist. They will chastise anyone who doesn't fit into their interpretation of buccanneer culture. We also have the deck lords who did things at the deck level or are still are the deck level. These ones have hot blood. They cannot easily by controlled. Many of them support RS or have even participated in them. More than 30% of them have marooned HLs before directly or indirectly. They are usually the loudest members of BAN. Finally, we have modern lords who were inied as graduates and are usually not aware of the nitty-gritties and politics of BAN adequately. They have a superficial knowledge of what BAN is usually about. Most of them are in BAN for superficial reasons.

The point I am making is that to some BAN members, nothing is happening underneath and that is because BAN is trying to bleach her blackened image in public eyes. BAN wants to be like PC and have been doing some restructuring and policy changes, including stopping illegal inis at the deck level. BAN is trying to centrally coordinate initiations and to regularise those with questionable initiations. If you attend national, galleon or frigate convajs, you'll think BAN is one intellectual gathering. While this image has been largely sustained, many lords get hands for illegal dealings till today. I know killers and assassins who have become frigate captains and galleon masters, among other sensitive positions. If you didn't know their past, you would think they are innocent and have no blood on their hands. Is it a graduated murderer that will tell a deck Big Eye not to order hits?

Las las, if you join BAN at any level, you have to watch your back well, especially in the South West where BAN get issues with many frats. I have been invited to give lectures and small talks to deck and frigate lords but I usually turn them down because my hand nor dey that life again. I cannot pretend to be normal when killers that I know suddenly begin to act like intellectuals. It is too good to be true. I don too see things to believe those gimmicks. Even Pablo the sailor that I'm telling you his story is an xyz lord today and he has been a CO of a flotilla before. He's also a politician. You want me to associate with the man who almost changed the course of my life in the name of brotherhood?

It is true that BAN is less violent but wherever there is violence or a potential of violence, you must be careful. Remember Murphy's law: whatever can happen will happen!


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 7:50am On Aug 11, 2020

As the axemen were pushing on, I could hear several gunshots. There was commotion everywhere. I knew that they will definitely reach my room because Pablo the sailor was a primary target. To capture the killer and maker of souls would have been an achievement for the axemen. I prayed and promised God to repent and change my ways after the ordeal (if I make it out alive). I decided that I would not be cut down like a chicken so I just increase my voltage. I made up my mind that all die na die. As the gunshots and commotion was drawing near, I quickly opened the door and made for the fence that led to an Abraka chief's compound behind. As I was about to jump the fence, I could hear Falkland lucifer shouting. They had axed him when he was trying to escape. I didn't even turn back. May GP save his soul in treasure island.

Immediately I landed in the next compound, I went straight to knock the chief's house. He wasn't around but his wife was home. They don kukuma padlock everywhere tight. They refused to open for me. I started begging them o. I went round the house and had to stay behind their water tank building (they normally sell water so they have a building there for it). I just squat down and started thinking about my life. So this is where it has led me? I was an intelligent lad. Always first or second in secondary school even without reading much. I joined buccaneer just to enjoy small life and I was already at the verge of regret. I thought of how all the rugged lords in my area must have been marooned by now. I stayed behind that building for over 3 hours and I was hoping that the axemen do not come to the house to look for me.

After 3 hours, the gunshots stopped. Everywhere was quiet again. All these while, I did not know that the chief's wife knew I was hiding in their compound. Immediately the chief drove in, he came straight for me. Nor be small slaps and beating I chop that day. I started crying and begging the chief that armed robbers came to my hostel and I came to his place to hide. The chief threatened to send me to Singapore (jail) but after crying like a baby and acting all innocent, he believed me and warned me never to come to his compound again. What saved me was the fact that I didn't have a rugged appearance and I was looking like a teenager. That man ready to deal with me that day.

When I left his place, I couldn't even go back to my hostel or Pablo's place. The town don cast like that so. I just locate new road for Abraka and take car straight to my papa house. I got home and lied to my father that armed robbers attacked me when I was reading in my friend's hostel and they took all my money. I told them that I was afraid of going back to Abraka immediately and that they should allow me to stay for some days. Some days became 1 week, 1 week become 2 and my father had started to suspect that something was wrong. I even pretended to have malaria just to avoid the situation. Las las sha, I had to go back to Abraka. I didn't go to my hostel. I went to Canon Mason hall, in Campus 1. I had some course mates there and I went to squat with them. All these while I didn't know what was happening in the background at all. No word from Pablo, no news about who maroon and who dey alive, no update on reprisal wey fit don happen.

One night like that in Canon Mason hall, I strolled to a buka there to chop. Inside the buka, I quickly sighted Alora Deadly the Buca. Na once my mind just spoil. It was too early to anchor with rugged lords like that. And as if possessed by a demon, he quickly recognised me. I haven't even had any close rapport with him o but it was as if BAN spirit just made him automatically identify me. He approached me and said: "mi broda, wetin dey shele na?". I told him him that nothing was happening and he accused me of not being in the last MIT, which I wasn't even aware of. He then told me that we lost 4 tested lords in the siege by the Axemen. He mentioned Falkland lucifer, baddest finito, looting for treasure, and tiny disciple. Tiny disciple was just in 100L. He was inied in that same saga of 2001/2002. Unlike me, he embraced ruggedity full time. As innocent looking as he was, he was a very significant troublemaker. He joined Falkland lucifer's squad and he quickly learnt the art of mapping and marooning. I doubt if he was more than 19 years old when he was shot by the axemen. Deadly the Buca said that axemen came mainly for Falkland lucifer and Pablo the sailor for their active roles in beheading a key axeman. However, they were only able to get Falkland lucifer whom they also beheaded and took his head and his penis (never to be found till today). They shot the other lords in the process. Pablo, as I had narrated, escaped magically (I still don't know how he did it).

Deadly the Buca said that all lords have been in limbo since the rough sea. He said he's around cos he has a test in school the next day. So, like me, he was disguising in Canon Mason for one night. He told me that the Big Eye is very bitter about the attack. Pablo the sailor has not turned up. Everywhere just cast. Because the FC didn't support the RS, we couldn't even get obvious support from there. I learnt that word had been sent to the Big Eyes of Cayman (Ekpoma) and Cartheginia (Benin) decks. This price was big and demanded a big pay, far beyond what Falkland can offer. After capping all of these, Deadly the Buca, as expected, quickly asked me to deliva him that night. I paid for his food and mine and then cut him some fingas.

Another week passed and as I was going to campus 2 from campus 1 for classes, an okada just stopped at the same place I dropped. It was Pablo the Sailor! Live in blood and flesh. He quickly jazzed an oda that I should join him. He didn't say a word. We sailed from campus 2 to an unknown cove in Ajanomi. The cove was in the middle of a thick bush. The owner of the cove came out with some fetish items. Pablo, without telling me, had arranged to do protection charms for me. The baba came out with a small calabish. He chewed some items and spat them into my eyes (na so I begin shout and cry). After that, he used razor to cut three lines in my head, two hands, chest, and legs. He rubbed the contents of the calabash inside the wounds and said some stuffs in thick Urhobo. After the entire thing, I was asked to cut fingas for the charm. Wetin I nor even ask for or plan for o! I paid the money and we left. It was after that that Pablo spoke to me. He told me that he didn't run away from me. He even had the audacity to say it was his personal protection that saved me from being marooned that day undecided.

There was something different about Pablo though. I noticed that he became more dead inside. His eyes no longer reflected compassion or sympathy. He only told me that he came for me because I was not just a broda but a son to him. He said Axemen will pay for what they did. He started mentioning names of axemen (mainly Edo names with two Urhobo names and one Igbo name) that orchestrated the HIT on BAN. He told me that the deck is about to boil and in his words, "na now ayez go know say finebois can be really deadly". He didn't tell me specific plans though but I knew the revenge was going to reach Ekpoma. The coordination was different.

Two nights after the forced protection ritual I went through, I started having weird dreams of being macheted and axed. I was really afraid and didn't want any trouble in life. Later that day, I attended a MIT and I learned that the everything was in place for the imado. We took some time to honour the lords who have marooned and anchored treasures in grandpa's abode.

BE pours LDG into the ground:

Oh my brodas, don't you worry
Oh my brodas, don't you worry
We have lost many sailors in this confraternity
But don't worry, we shall meet again
Alora Falkland lucifer, Alora Baddest Finito
Alora Looting for Treasure, Alora Tiny Disciple
Alora Echo Messiah, Alora Fasting for Fingers
All my brodas now sailing with grandpa
Don't you worry, we shall meet again

To be continued...

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 3:53pm On Aug 02, 2020

Immediately they finished the sally, men begin set compass on the next moves. I was just like a child in their midst. While Pablo was away receiving treatment, men don already map out some axemen around Benbow that must be marooned for their roles in attacking the lords. They gave him the update and the hit was planned to go as follows. Wicked bazooka (one of Pablo's men) would get one of the newly inied lords to visit the area where the axemen resided and pretend to be looking for an apartment. The selected lord must be clean and look innocent (we had many lords like this. In fact, many lords on deck back then were very unassuming) and he would preferably go with a LT, just to keep the innocent disguise. In the course of looking for an apartment, the lord go map the entire area and scout the horizon. He would report to Wicked bazooka on the formation of the axemen in the area and especially where the key targets lived.

Falkland lucifer (another lord in the squad) would team up with 2nd SM to arrange some bomboys (weapons) from the chest. Nazi on Island would liaise with BE and get any more odas. Pablo wanted me to follow him so that I can observe and learn things. He was preaching to me how "BAN is a way of life". To him ehn, who never experience rough sea for BAN nor be real alora. In fact, for Grandpa to recognise you and lead you to treasure island, you must bleed for your deck. When I joined BAN, it wasn't because I wanted to kill people or to find trouble. Quite contrary, I joined BAN because my cousin was a flexing man who was always with girls. I was a young dude who wanted to taste fresh p*ssy too. I was even a virgin when I joined. I wanted to experience life and flex even while I focus on school but it was gradually becoming difficult. I couldn't even go to class peacefully because I nor know who dey map me. People already associated me with Pablo so I was a moving target. One of my lecturers was a strong lord in FSS and na him dey help me tidy some school stuffs wey I miss.

If I enter okada, I was always looking at cardinal points and my movement would be straight to campus 2 small gate and back to my hideout in Pablo's cove. I was genuinely afraid. Any hardened face I sight na wahala. I go just dey panic. It got to a point that Pablo offered me a pistol for my personal protection. I took it and kept it inside my box (na Pablo still collect from me back when he noticed that I wasn't even using it).

As for the mission, Pablo saw that I wasn't ready and he didn't want my cold feet to ruin his imado on deck. He went with his squad. I didn't see Pablo that night again. The next morning, the story don full town say Bucket men cut axeman head put for yellow polythene bag. The price for leaving a mark on Pablo's face has been paid fully. BE summoned another MIT and said that all lords should remain out of sight. The axemen were really angry at how BAN embarrassed their men. Even axemen from Obiaruku don buy the matter (Obiaruku had a strong street wing of Aye). I wanted to jazz away from deck but when I remember say my papa fit even force me back to my hostel or even worse, I decided to anchor that motion. Pablo don turn my BAN papa. He gisted me about how the beheaded the axeman. When they got his hostel, some of his men wey mount for am quickly discharge as dem see correct Pump Action. BAN arguably had more weapons then but na Aye get the numbers and willing men. Pablo's team navigate their way inside the hostel and they saw the main target in the toilet. They guy was having a dump. Falkland Lucifer don point the pump action awaiting odas to maroon the black high lubber but Pablo had plans for him. They allowed him wipe his bum and in the naked state, they marched him towards the Urhuoka forest behind Benbow. Inside the forest, which effectively became an Island at that moment, they asked him to identify some Axemen who have been going on hits in town. They also asked him to divulge some battle plans and secrets. They promised they would let him go.

After the ordeal, they told him to kneel down and pray to Korofo for guidance and protection. They then asked him: "Wetin Korofo answer you?". Dude said Korofo told him to tell them to let him go. That was when Pablo officially sacrificed him to Grandpa by cutting off his head. They put the head in a yellow polythene bag and dropped it off in an Aye dominated area of town. The price has been paid.

For over two weeks, everywhere was quiet. We became suspicious of the silence. No hit, nothing. Axemen appeared to have gone into hibernation. All the ABC lords were unscrupulous at that point. To see us alone sef na war. Those who didn't sail away from deck were sailing with Rica's map in mind. Then one day, more than 7 axemen stormed Bucaneer terrain with sophisticated weapons. Na that day I know say death can look at you in the face and say "hello". That was when I knew that even the most rugged man I knew (Pablo the sailor) could still be afraid. The axemen were all dressed in black shirts and jeans. They also wore black shoes. They didn't look like Abraka boys (possibly external from Benin or Ekpoma). They had mapped the entire area very well and were moving from hostel to hostel to find us. E be like action film that day. The street was shaking. These men were not smiling. Even police officers were nowhere to be found. Their pump actions and other weapons nor be here. The funny thing was that Pablo ran away and left me in the room ALONE! My BAN father absconded when I needed him the most. Till today, I still don't know how he escaped so quickly. All the songs of ruggedity wey dem sing for am just vanish from my head that minute. All the promises of BDB, NPNP, B4B, everything just crumbled. It became all lords for themselves o. That was the moment I knew I was only going to became another name in a sally if Axemen maroon me that day and that is even if the SJ considers me worthy. I started to think of all the p*ssies I didn't even see. All the rumses that I haven't fully enjoyed. I never even learn Buccanneer OT finish and I was to become a score? I forgot about Grandpa and started praying to Jesus to save my soul...

To be continued

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 3:51pm On Jul 31, 2020
I know this feeling. If lords start to they praise u through sally na another spirit go Enter u especially when u b kman...All Kmans get spirit may dae follow them....I heard about alot of Rs in Falkland from one of the Deckhands there....
Mi Rb just know the story to tell may sure u are safe not from Your brothers ooo but from Hls ...make sure ntin u spill here will be traced to u...

Thank you broda. Falkland was a center of wahala between 1999 and 2004, mostly caused by Axemen wey like axe pass sense. Falkland is dominated by internet frausters now. All the kmans dat period were obsessed with NPNP policy to the core. Who price must collect. If you know wetin we get for GP chest that year, your head go explode. We had enough tools to wipe out a village (thanks to our XYZ patrons and big fingas cutting lords). And the thing was that all of this, the violence, bloodshed, etc were like normal to everybody. Even acada oriented lords dey do things.

As for the story stuff, I am nowhere near where I can be hit and I am tweaking the story small small to point am far away from me. BAN for good if not for Rs. At the end, until Rs and the culture of NPNP continues, we must say no to cultism!


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 3:22pm On Jul 31, 2020

Self-acclaimed renunciation while still upholding your cult group's OT sacred, especially initiation rituals, even to the extent of boldly defending refusal to reveal it with the popular cult slang, "who no come/go, no go know", is shear hypocrisy. It has been reiterated for the umpteenth time on this thread that the exposé should include explicit revelation of the entire initiation rituals&process emulating the OP @saynotocultism #demystifycult strategy, in order to convince aspiring members that the torture commences from the onset and isn't worth it at all.

Not discrediting any shared genuine experience tho, but what is the point of sharing your experience with all the killings and identities revealed but still consider yourself betraying your cult group if you included detailed initiation processes, which should be the most importantest part, if not hypocrisy and self deception. Further exposé should take a cue from the OP's detailed revelation of his ex cult group's initiation process&follow suit to endorse #saynotocultism.

I never used the expression "who nor come nor go know" in the sense that you are using it now. I used it to show it as a BAN saying. That's all. There's nothing to BAN initiation. All cult initiations follow the same pattern which OP described. I did mine many years ago (2001). It involved some IT (more like intelligence test), jaw-jaw (involving physical and mental drills), initiation proper (hazing, oathtaking, thumbprinting on scroll) and post-initiation party and eventual orientation. I dropped BAN when I graduated and haven't been in touch too much so I don't owe the group any loyalty.

I want to focus more on the BAN experience as I remember it, especially the aspect dealing with violence. That seems to be more effective in passing the message of this thread. Initiation should not be idealised as you would want it. It's simply a rite of passage from being a lubber to seeing the light of Buca.


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 12:34pm On Jul 31, 2020

So many things have been exposed about BAN here already. I wouldn't go into them again. I may explain some that may have been missed but it has been a long time since I did anything with the frat so some new things fit don dey since I sail last in the early 2000s. When sharing my experience, I will use fake names and even fake decknames (I don't want any wahala). Even though I am not active in BAN, I can still be located by some dubious brodas. I was inied in the saga of 2001. My experience was quite brutal. It was almost as if I was being hazed in preparation for war. I was still young then (I enter uni at the age of 16). It was my cousin from the village that led me to BAN. After all the wahala of IT, Jaw-Jaw, and brutal hazing, I finally became a bucaneer and as they usually say "who nor come nor go know". I was given the deckname alora vicious descendant (not my real name but something similar). In BAN, decknames dey make me shock at times sef. I have seen some names wey make me observe who dey answer am well e.g. alora killing the vikings, alora brother to satan, alora bloodshed is allowed, alora slaughter the pyrates, alora vicious the killer, alora killa on island, alora falkland revenger, etc. Na usually wahala people dey answer names like this. This is why names are important. Na wetin dem call you naim u dey become.

Once inied, you become deckhand. Normally deckhand nor dey too get level for deck but I was rolling with some old lords. They liked me because I had fingas. I was always getting money from my father. After my ini, some lords use my take shine. Nor be small fingas I cut that period. I can remember alora pablo the sailor (not real name). He was always coming to my place to test my cappings. Once I make mistake, fingas must drop. He was one of those in our hit squad. Very brutal dude. He somehow managed to graduate las las and he's now an underground politician in charge of thuggery and wahala. He continued to extort me in the guise of giving me OT. He even wanted to brainwash me to become like him.

Pablo the sailor would tell me never to forgive any body wey price me. Pricing here means to look for trouble. He said he would personally make sure anyone who prices me must pay. I felt powerful. I never knew I was working with a merciless murderer. Any small thing, he go come my cove (house) and say "alora BDB me". That means I should give him money. "Alora make we go rum" or "alora I wan take HW" (marijuana). Technically, HW is not allowed in BAN Fanny. But even XYZ lords dey take am, not to talk of ABC. See ehn, some of the lords at the frigate, galleon or even national level usually preach good behaviour on paper. They make it seem like they don't like the violence and misbehaviour but secretly, na dem still dey support am. Falkland deck is one of the oldest BAN decks (since 1981 or so). BAN was among the first cults to surface in Abraka when the university was a college of education. They had many squabbles with Pyrates of the then Dolphin deck but nothing as brutal as when Aye started to gain dominance in the area. Ayes practically pushed BAN to the background in Abraka and lords didn't like it. When Aye pricing became too much, they had to pay. In BAN, no price no pay is the rugged policy. Blood for blood.

In the first RS I experienced in Falkland, one rugged lord was shot at Umono street. We had an emergency mit and proclaimed war. The FC then was trying to escalate the situation but na some XYZ lords even supply fingas for bomboys and logistics. Pablo the sailor would tell me how the lecturers in Abraka who are lords even ginger dem by supporting revenge missions. At the height of the RS, we even inied some lecturers when NBM don threaten cheesy. For BAN ehn, if any lord maroon in the hands of HLs, the lords wey their blood dey hot cannot be controlled. I don't know how things are now but then, when we had a kman when big eye sef nor fit predict, anything can happen.

When war was proclaimed, all lords on deck had to be lowkey. Pablo the sailor came to me one night like that. He had just returned from mission. He said "alora, we don pay the price we aye ask for. Dem go come back so you need to either leave town or come stay with me". I couldn't go back home. I was a good kid. A good kid doesn't go home when school is on. I had to stay with Pablo. This was the beginning of my experience in the murkey waters of imaldo on deck. I saw things that I cannot easily forget. I was tempted and even forced to go on hits but somehow, that never worked. I was practically Pablo's personal bank.

One day, after moving to Pablo's cove, he returned with a huge wound on his face. Aye men use side (cutlass) to chop his handsome face. He still has that scar till date as a reminder of all the atrocities he committed. He went on a mission to get down one stubborn axeman staying around benbow. I heard that this axeman beheaded one ban lord who went to see his loot. In the course of avenging the marooned fineboi, the team was ambushed at benbow junction and pablo was attacked with a machete. I thought this would be the end of his gra-gra but he was way too deep in this shit. He treated himself at Oviorie-Ovu community and when he returned, he even became more woske. He returned to Abraka with a yellow t-shirt which had a full picture of a buccaneer ship at the back. He asked me for food and just after that, 4 rugged lords don show the cove. They started by singing a song for him:

When the HLs price bu-caaa-neeer, mi big eye say we must to pay back o
Mi big eye say who will avenge us o
Pablloooo the sailor delivered us
Abi na lie o?
ahannnnn ahannnn ahannnn ahannnn
Alora mi echo
Hayhay hayhay hayhay
Pablo the sailor is rugged
GP must lead you to treasure land.

To be continued.


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by falklandsaga: 10:56pm On Jul 30, 2020
I just created this account after reading all the pages of this thread. I remember my experiences in Falkland deck (Abraka) around 2001-2004 when BAN was priced by NBM several times. I get tory to talk too sha. I remember how one rugged mi broda was slaughtered in his house by HLs. He wasn't even a student o. A university staff. His son was later inied as a lord in 2010 saga, barely 8 or so years after his father was gruesomely killed before his eyes.

Thank God for my life in all. I'll try to tell my story soonest. But I should warn anyone who thinks BAN is just about fineboys and all. There is institutionalised violence in BAN. From the GE down to the lowest deckhand, everybody get hand inside. When I was an active lord, I met some deadly brodas. Many are now disturbing me to deliva them upandan after wasting their potentials with murder.

BAN dey sweet. BAN culture can be alluring but rough seas dey happen and na then you go know say things are not always as they seem. Abi na when I get signal say make we jazz out or become unscrupulous during my final paper? Funny enough, some lecturers were supporting us as members back then.

I remember some lords from that era who are now politicians. One is even a commissioner in Delta State now. The commissioner so help us keep bomboys that year. Some of us use e family cove for Eku take lay low.

I won't say anything that can be traced to me. I be popular lord for the deck that year. Na me na me #SayNoToCultism


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