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Politics / Shiites Demand Unconditional Release Of Zakzaky,wife Four Years After Court's Or by Feminews: 2:53pm On Jan 16
Shiites Demand Unconditional Release of Zakzaky ,Wife four years after court ordered release

Four years after court granted the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky release from incarceration ,the members otherwise known as Shiites have demanded for unconditional release of their leader and his wife without further delay.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday, Chairman, Resource Forum of IMN, Prof. Abdullahi Danladi said the demand for the release of their leader has become necessary in view of the 4th anniversary of the expiration of court judgement ordering his release.

"Today marks the fourth anniversary of the expiration of the 45 days caveat within which Buhari-led federal government has been ordered to release our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in a historic judgement delivered by Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court on the enforcement of his fundamental Rights and that of his wife, Malama Zeenah Ibrahim.

" Failure to obey that judgement by President Muhammadu Buhari four years on, and counting, makes it one of the worst violations of the rule of law and a monumental abuse of the rights of the couple.

"The learned Jurist had ruled that the continued detention of the duo violates their rights under Section 35 (1) of the Nigerian Constitution and the provisions of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights. Consequently, he ordered the release of the ailing Sheikh and his wife within 45 days of the judgement and that both must be provided with a suitable accommodation and security. The court further ordered the payment of 50 million Naira by the federal government to both.

"Delivering the judgment, the Presiding Judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole held that the continued detention of El-Zakzaky and his wife by state instrumentality was an arbitrary act. He averred that no extant law within the country’s statutory legal frameworks and external ones subscribed to by the state had allowed anybody to be held against his or her wishes. He further said that the defense of the respondents was not tenable in law, adding that the state had not justified why the applicant and his wife were held under protective custody as it claimed then.

"The judge had warned the government in that judgement that holding the Sheikh for so long amounted to great danger, insisting that “If the applicant dies in custody, which I do not pray for, it could result in many needless deaths.” However, Buhari has stubbornly kept deaf ears to that and contemptuously continued to detain them. Instead of releasing them, Buhari opted to file bogus charges against the Sheikh and his wife through Kaduna state government.

"Failure to obey court orders by the government is an open invitation to anarchy as observed by a Professor of law, and this is at variance with the democratic principles it claims to be running. Before arriving at any decision to release any individual or grant him bail, the courts must have first reviewed the facts presented by all parties and listened to arguments from both the government and such citizens. It is therefore totally unacceptable for a government to choose the judgements it would follow and those it will ignore.

"It is to the glory of Allah that four years into the judgement by the court that Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife be set free, we have never chickened out or relented in demanding for his unconditional release. Many international bodies including Amnesty International and the European Union have all urged the Nigerian government to demonstrate respect for the rule of law and release the cleric. We will continue to do so irrespective of the government’s use of brutal force against us.

"We will leave no stone unturned in demanding for his unconditional freedom using all legitimate means at our disposal. We therefore once again unequivocally call for his unconditional release, his wife, and all the others still in detention since the Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army in December, 2015". Prof. Danladi stated."

Politics / Why Samaila Suleman(kaduna Legendary Politician)is The Most Important Politician by Feminews: 1:06am On Jan 15
Why Samaila Suleman, (Kaduna Legendary Politician) is the most important politician.

By Comrade Musa Mohammed +2348038895334 E-mail:mmusa5050@gmail.com

The world is full of aspiring political leaders but sadly, very few live up to the leadership ideals.

In fact, many political leaders seem to severely lack some of the most important leadership qualities, such as integrity and accountability.

It is no coincidence that for many people, the word “politician” has such negative connotations! However, history – and present day – shows us that there are still a few who come close to the leadership ideals and who are good examples of an effective political leadership, people like “RT. HON. SAMAIL SULEMAN – THE POLITICAL LEGEND”.

The Kaduna-Native and Legendary Politician, Rt. Hon. Samaila Suleman, member federal house of representative representing Kaduna north federal constituency.

The politician who cared for and loved people for who they are as persons, regardless of background or ancestry or politics.

He is always a gentleman and an honest politician that everybody wanted on their side.

If any one truly wanted to know “Hon. Samaila Suleman”, go to his constituency, he put his home city “constituency” first and fought tirelessly for his people and neighborhoods.

He garnered great respect across his constituency and Kaduna state.

There's no any elected politician in the house of representative that can match the unparalleled and tangible achievements of Samaila Suleman in all ramifications.

Samaila Suleman is a politician and a good leader by example whom we relied on, he represents the hopes and aspirations of all the people of Kaduna north federal constituency as well as their interests.

Samaila Suleman has been rated as the One Young kaduna Politician of the Year, recognises among most outstanding politicians who are using their positions to have a positive impact on young people in their communities and country.

Also, governor Malam Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai of Kaduna State deserves commendation for his giant strides across Kaduna State.
"The stories it had been telling till date are compelling stories that touches the Kaduna Citizenry".

the stories we have been telling all this while are stories that are inspiring other people as well as giving a direction of how the state has been for the last couple of years.

"Since the creation of Kaduna state to date, this is the time we noticed and witnessed dividends of democracy across the state which speaking volume themselves".

Governor Nasiru Elrufai is doing all he could to make Kaduna an exemplary state in nigeria under his tenure. Governor Elrufai as a visionary leader, “Our governor has achieved a lot, as a result of his opened door policy, team work, seeking advise, consultation, hard working and selfless services”. ” Elrufai administration concern about development of the state, whereby, efforts were being made to utilize the massive state infrastructures, in other to fulfill it social responsibility”.

The citizens and residents of Kaduna state should support governor Elrufai's administration.

And nigerians should rejoice with President Buhari administration for taken a bold step in curving importation of rice and other goods, which has open up the economic advantage of our domestic industries, product, farmers etc.

We are aware that some Nigerians are sabotaging the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari.

I will also like to commend our senator,
Senator Uba Sani who has demonstrated uncommon focus and determination to make difference in the task of rebuilding Kaduna Central senatorial district and Nigeria.

The people of Kaduna Central senatorial district had reaped uncountable dividends of democracy as individuals and collectively as citizens. He is doing a lot as a Senator.

The people oriented programmes that of Senator Uba Sani ranged from those on empowerment ; skills acquisition, women empowerment, training of youths in different vocations, sponsoring education, among many others .

By Comrade Musa Mohammed Coordinator Leadtimes Africa Foundation For Research and Development.


Politics / Zamfara Group Wants Public To Disregard 'media Report' On Recall Of Senator Ank by Feminews: 5:19pm On Jan 13
Zamfara Group Wants Public to Disregard 'Baseless Media Report' on Recall of Senator Lawal Anka

Zamfara West People's Forum has urged the general public to disregard the media publication by a "Faceless Movement" on baseless recall of Senator Lawal Hassan Anka from Zamfara State .

According to the group , "Our attention has been drawn to a publication titled "SENATOR LAWAL HASSAN ANKA RECALL IN TOP GEAR AS ELECTORATE VOWS TO RECALL HIM" which published on a cover page of a weekly newspaper "THE POLITY".

In a statement jointly signed by the President and Comrade Shehu Umar Mafara and Secretary Barr. Abdulmumini S. Maradun, the group said ," The Zamfara West People's Forum, and the electorate want the general public to disregard it as a mischievous and blackmail by the faceless movement.

While stating that Senator Lawal Anka is ahead of faceless political miscreants, the group maintained "Senator Lawal Anka is a politician and a good leader by example whom we relied on, he represents the hopes and aspirations of all the people of Zamfara West as well as their interests. "

Read full Statement :



Our attention has been drawn to a publication titled "SENATOR LAWAL HASSAN ANKA RECALL IN TOP GEAR AS ELECTORATE VOWS TO RECALL HIM" which published on a cover page of a weekly newspaper "THE POLITY".

We the Zamfara West people's Forum, and the electorate want the general public to disregard it as a mischievous and blackmail by the faceless movement.

And we want to categorically stated that Senator Lawal Anka is ahead of faceless political miscreants.

Also, imperative to remind the faceless movement if it's true there's such, that the good people of Zamfara West can not be deceived by the balderdash publication by the miscreants newspaper.

We want those that make the balderdash statements/publication to know that there's no any elected politician that can match the unparalleled and tangible achievements of Senator Lawal Anka in all ramifications.

Senator Lawal Anka is a politician and a good leader by example whom we relied on, he represents the hopes and aspirations of all the people of Zamfara West as well as their interests.

Therefore, the general public should know that the balderdash publication "SENATOR LAWAL ANKA RECALL IN TOP GEAR", was false, there's no anything like recall from us the electorate.

Foreign Affairs / A Tribute To Qassem Soleimani -by Abdullahi Usman by Feminews: 10:16pm On Jan 04
A Tribute to Qassem Soleimani

By Abdullahi Usman

Qassem Soleimani was born on 11th March, 1957 in a Village called Qanate-e Malek in Kerman Province of Iran.

When he concluded his schooling, he moved to the city of Kerman and worked on a construction site.

He joined the Army during Iranian Revolution in 1979. Martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani arrived in Baghdad on 3rd of January, 2020 at the invitation of senior Iraqi officials. After leaving the Baghdad International Airport, Gen. Soleimani was martyred in a attack on the direct orders of the US President Donald Trump.

More so, the strike was strongly condemned by many countries, human right activists, including the Iranian government. He and other casualties were given a multi-city funeral that was held simultaneously in Iraq and Iran as well as by other well wishers in other countries across the world.

Soleimani assembled and led a company of soldiers when the Iran-Iraq War began in 1980, rising through the ranks to become commander. He was later involved in extraterritorial operations, and in the late 1990s became commander of the Quds Force.

Soleimani was popular among many Iranians, with many viewing him as a "selfless hero fighting to protect common man”.

Slain Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani played a considerably dominant role in fighting against ISIS across the Middle East.

In Syria, he saved the people of the Country from the Takfiris (ISIS).

Indeed, his assassination by an American airstrike leaves many of Syrian people in fear of attacks from the remnants of ISIS in Syria.

The concerns about an ISIS resurgence in both Iraq and Syria were on the rise with increased reports of night-time raids, sleeper cells, and IED attacks. Already in the short term, the fallout from Soleimani’s martyrdom appears to have negative ramifications for the counter-ISIS campaign.

Over the longer term, if Soleimani’s martyrdom had provoked a deeper conflict between the United States and Iran, the resulting chaos and instability in both Syria and Iraq will benefit ISIS. The extremist group thrives under such conditions: it will exploit heightened sectarianism to seek additional recruits.

The uncertainties surrounding Baghdad before the arrival of Soleimani can best be imagined in a report by Christa Waegemann, who is a Humanitarian Aid Worker in Baghdad Iraq. She told Business Insider Magazine that: "My favorite moments were driving around the city, feeling its heartbeat.

"Traffic jams allowed me to people-watch and observe the street life of the city. Baghdad was crumbling everywhere but still had a charm and sometimes a cosmopolitan air."

Yet working as country director for the local Iraqi organization Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid (HM) in 2016, Waegemann spent most time confined to her office/home for security reasons. Then at 29, and the first expat at HM, she lived outside the Green Zone, in the upper middle-class district Karrada.

"All you need is one person who gets it in their head to kidnap you," Waegemann says, "or one person to pass information onto ISIS."

The terror group never conquered the capital, but it had a grip on the city nonetheless. On July 3, five months after Waegemann's arrival in Iraq, an ISIS suicide truck slammed into the popular Hadi Center in Karrada. The blast killed 324 people. Waegemann lived just a few streets away.

"Hearing the explosion, I sat up in bed thinking 'that was a bomb,'" she remembers, "and then I promptly went back to sleep. I had gotten too accustomed to Baghdad's regular bomb and mortar noises."

With the help of Qassem Soleimani, the Commander of the Iranian Quds Force who was assassinated by a US airstrike in Baghdad on January 3rd 2020 everything changed in the region as he provided a strong resistance against the terrorists who are being supported by the US. Because, Haj Qassem managed to organize the Iranian, Afghan, Pakistani and Iraqi fighters into an effective and unique fighting force which ultimately annihilated ISIS’ dark regime.
The Popular Mobilization Front, PMF was originally founded by Iraq's then-Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in 2014, both to fight ISIS and maintain security and peace in the County.

In 2016, the Iraqi parliament passed a law institutionalizing the PMF as a state military force reporting directly to the Prime Minister.

The PMF's main supporter, though, was Soleimani: From an early stage his Quds forces trained and coordinated the fighters and to protect the Iraqi people from ISIS.

And on August 6 that year, a spokesman for the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Front announced that Soleimani is in Iraq to oversee the retaking of Mosul.

"General Soleimani is in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government to provide military counseling to the Iraqi forces" the spokesman announced.

Soleimani's presence in Iraq during the battle of Mosul was never celebrated by the Iraqi people. But even before then, the Iranian General became known under a now infamous term, "The Shadow Commander."

The fighting is just 60 minutes away, but most roads to Mosul are closed. Safe routes for humanitarian aid workers through the war zone change on a daily basis. An assignment in late December took Waegemann to a field hospital in the town of Hamam al-Alil, which had just been retaken from ISIS.

Waegemann, her Kurdish colleague, and an Iraqi-French surgeon approached the town in a dust storm.

"The road was destroyed. A large long ditch ran parallel to it, where ISIS had been fighting. Along the way were shells of remaining suicide bombers' cars, all twisted and rusted," she remembers. "Most houses along the road were in heaps of rubble. A couple shepherds tended their herds in the thick dust, letting the sheep wander. Almost no one was on the road except a few military vehicles, blaring their lights in the storm."

Hamam al-Alil had been liberated by a combination of elite Iraqi forces and the Iraqi police. Yet when Waegemann left the town, rumors spread that ISIS would return in the night to retake it. Protracted fighting like this dominated the battle for Mosul for months on end. Iraqi forces fought alongside troops from the international coalition — with the Iranian-backed Popular Mobilization Forces always part of the equation.

Waegemann remembers meetings of the UN health cluster group in Kurdistan in which the fighting style of the PMF was discussed. While the coalition forces held back on the battlefield to evacuate civilians, the Shia militias would not. Because areas controlled by the PMF were not accessible for humanitarian workers, no one really knew about conditions and casualties there.

Waegemann left Iraq on August 1, 2017. Being of American-German citizenship, she now lives in Berlin, working for an organization that supports humanitarian work in Syria.

On January 3, the day a MQ-9-Reaper drone struck Soleimani's convoy outside the Baghdad airport, Waegemann didn't check the news before she arrives at work at about 8:45 a.m. When she heard of Soleimani's death, when the messages from former coworkers and friends in Iraq started coming in, some optimistic, some fearful, she was shocked.

"Soleimani was instrumental in the design of, and eliminating the ISIS and bringing peace in Iraq, Syria and Middle East in general.

Now a year without Soleimani, Terrorist group ISIS will likely be the winner not Iraqis or Syrians.

Qasem Soleimani, head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force, was assassinated on 3rd January 2020 in a U.S. airstrike directed by President Donald Trump.

The crisis sent tensions between the U.S and Iran rocketing and triggered ni retaliation threats from Tehran. It also raised questions about the future of American troops in Iraq.

Abdullahi send this from No 4, Muhammadu Buhari Way Kaduna.

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Business / Ssmes :ex Football Star ,ekene Adams Commissions Empowerment Office In Kaduna by Feminews: 10:08pm On Jan 02
Small Scale Businesses : Ex Football Star ,Ekene Adams Commissions Empowerment Office in Kaduna

...as 220 Entrepreneurs to Benefit from N16m Cash donations

Former international football star , Mr. Ekene Adams has Commissioned an Empowerment office at Chikun Local government area of Kaduna State .

According to him, the empowerment programme tagged ; " Let's Get Empowered" is aimed at providing lifeline to small and medium scale business owners in the State.

In the first phase of the programme , 4.5 million Naira was distributed to 45 beneficiaries ranging from medically challenged ex football stars , sick persons and less privileged persons in need of financial support to start businesses .

He also disclosed that two hundred and twenty persons(220) from Chikun and Kajuru local government areas with genuine business enterprises in need of financial support will benefit from the twelve million naira (N12m) set aside as life support for their businesses .

While breaking the figure down , he said " 120 persons within Chikun local government area will benefit ,while 100 persons in Kajuru local government area are to get the support based on raffle draws .

Speaking during the Official commissioning of the Empowerment Office at Sabon-Tasha ,Kaduna ,Ekene Adams , who is also the former candidate of APGA in the 2019 House of Representatives election for Chikun/Kajuru federal constituency,Kaduna State said the decision to embark on the programme was informed by the passion to serve as the bridge for business development .

" We know that the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world has grossly affected means of livelihood of several Nigerians ,especially the less privileged persons in the society .

" It against this background that I decided to use the God given resources as a messenger to give financial support to those who already have existing businesses ,but lack funds to expand and those in need of financial support to start small and medium scale business in Kaduna ." He stated .

In a chat with journalists shortly after the event , Ekene who is popularly known as "The Youngest" explained , " I am not doing this because of politics , but as a messenger of God ,sent to help small scale business owners in Kaduna grow and achieve their desired goals " .

On how he gets funds for the project , he simply said , " God is my provider and that is why adopted all principles of fairness and justice in deciding the beneficiaries ."

In his brief remarks during the occasion the Special Adviser on Political Matters to Kaduna State Governor ,Mr. Ben Kure said ,because of the enabling environment created for Hon. Ekene Adams' businesses to thrive ,he decided to give back to the society .

The State government under Governor Nasir El-Rufai led administration will continue to create enabling environment for not only industrial and business development ,but also for small and medium scale businesses to grow .

He commended Hon. Ekene Adams for the gesture and gave assurance of government support to sustain it .

High point of the occasion was distribution of items such as : Grinding Machines ,generators ,motorcycles with cash donations to some beneficiaries .

Politics / PDP Is Not A Religion; But A Political Party - Hon Ekene Adams by Feminews: 8:03am On Jan 01
PDP is not a religion; but a political Party - Hon Ekene

By: Austine Agbo Emmanuel

Honourable Ekene Adams Abubakar of the All progressive Congress APC has called on Kabilu Unified Forum, (KUF) to shun any form of differences in their constituency and embrace good governance for the benefits of all.

Ekene made the call while delivering a speech at the KUF end of the year meeting held at the Green Marhaba hotel, Narayi high cost in Kaduna.

According to him, the level of poor infrastructures in Chikun and Kajuru local government area of the state is alarming, noted that Kabilu is the majority in the constituency but majority is useless if not used.

He challenged the forum to look into their constituency and point out the development recorded since they have been voting for a political Party, said there can be no development when the majority refused to vote for the right Government.

” Those you have been voting for years, what did you see in your constituency I agreed that we are the majority, but of what importance is the number if it is not used

“PDP is not a religion but a political Party. It is our selfishness that has relegated us to this situation.

He further stressed that Mal. Nasir Ahmed El-rufai, is the best man for the people of kaduna State, noted that the Governor came to power at the right time to Chang things including the ideologies of the citizenry.

Honourable Ekene, said he was wise enough not to join the greedy members of People Democratic party PDP, that was why he joined another party pending the right time which is now.

“Mal. Nasir Ahmed El-rufai is the best man for the people of kaduna State, noted that the governor came to power at the right time to Change things. I was wise enough not to join the greedy members of the People’s Democratic party, (PDP) that was why I joined another party pending the right time which is now. Ekene added.

He urged Kabilu unified Forum to have and maintain unity of purpose and support the ideology of the Government that has a good business and Supports livelihood, development and what have you, just like the Government of Mal. Nasir Ahmed El-rufai so as to get it right.

He said, he is ready on Saturday the 2nd of January, 2020, to empower the constituency with #12 million naira, said the Government has provided an enabling environment for him to do business and so it is time for him to give it back to the people.

Kabilu unified forum is a body of non indegins residing in Chikun and Kajuru local government area of Kaduna State, comprises of the 70% population in the constituency.

Speaking during the program, the Chairman KUF, Elder behjamin Amako, said Ekene is a proud member of the Association and APC respectively, said he only went for an errand and has come back.

The meeting was graced by many dignitaries including the special Adviser to the executive Governor of Kaduna State on political matter, Hon. Ben Kure, Councilors, Kaduna State public relations officer, board of trustees, among others.

Politics / 2023 Election: El-rufai Urges Voters To Consider Other Tribes In Chikun, Kajuru by Feminews: 7:15am On Jan 01
2023 Election: El-Rufai Urges Voters to Consider Other Tribes in Chikun, Kajuru LGs

Lauds Ekene ,other Decampees for joining APC

Kaduna State Governor ,Malam Nasir El-Rufai has called on electorate to consider voting other tribes into elective positions in Chikun, Kajuru and other local government areas of the State .

According to the Governor , there is nothing wrong in giving opportunity to other tribes to contest and lead at all levels of governance .

He urged the electorate to give the Kabilus the opportunity to provide leadership in the House of Assembly ,in the House of Representatives and also in the local government areas since they have majority number.

El-Rufai disclosed , " We have reached a point in the State that appointments are based on merit and performance ,this is what we believe and we have adopted it as a principle here in Kaduna and expect it to be replicated in election contest .

" APC is a party that gives equal opportunity to candidates at all levels of governance without bias. So ,we are not surprised to see lots of people dumping their parties in the Chikun and other parts of the state to APC .

"More so, that we have done so much in the areas of education; health ,infrastructural development and attracting economic activities for example Olam Industry located in Chikun Local government area to attract lots of decampees into our great party ,APC".

Speaking during an end of year meeting of other tribes under aegis of Kabilu Unified Forum held at Green Marhaba Hotel ,Kaduna on New Year Eve , the Governor who was represented by his Political Adviser , Mr Ben Kure said from information available,other tribes form about seventy percent of the population in Chikun local government , hence the need to coordinate them and ensure they use the numerical strength to their advantage .

He pointed out that Chikun is amongst the biggest LG ,particularly in Southern Kaduna located in the Central Senatorial zone with Gbagis as the natives , but the Kabilus with a numerical strength of 70 percent feel they have not been able to make their own a member in the House of Assembly ,House of Representatives or even the local government chairman .

" They have supported the Gbagi people to win elections since 1999 .However, they feel it is high time they coordinated themselves as other tribes living here , doing their jobs and paying taxes .

" I am happy they have discovered APC as the suitable party ,which is open and fair to all members as against the norm in other parties ,particularly the PDP that has locked its door and refused other tribes to get the ticket for elective positions .

" So, the meeting is a wake up call to coordinate their numerical strength to capture power in the coming elections .

Fielding question from journalists shortly after the meeting , the Special Adviser on Political Matters to the Governor commended the former APGA candidate in the 2019 House of Representatives election for Chikun/Kajuru constituency ,Hon. Ekene Adams for returning to APC .

He however disclosed , " It is not just Ekene Adams that has decamped to APC, we have multiple streams of decampment from the PDP to the APC ,so many of them .In fact, it is a basket full,it has even filled up and spilling .We have opened our hands and received them .

" Ekene is a fantastic young man ,very focused personality engaged in sporting activities .And he also cut in the age of the youth group and so it gives him lots of advantage ,because the youth form about 70 percent of the population in the state in the country .

" His return is a as welcome development and that is why lots of people are dumping PDP for APC in Chikun /Kajuru local government areas .

Reacting to question on why he dumped APGA for APC , Hon.Ekene Adams said , "I didn't decamp ,I came back to the home that is built by us .I only went on a sojourn and I am back to APC the party for all.

" I realised that after I returned to APC , lots of people from Chikun/Kajuru local government areas have been decamping ,because they now see that APC is the party to be ,especially because of the wonderful works Governor Nasir El-Rufai is doing in the State.

The Chairman of Kabilu Unified Forum (other tribes) in Chikun and Kajuru local government areas of Kaduna State,Mr Benjamin Amako said the aim of the meeting is to create a more unified platform for unity and progress of the people .

According to him, If other tribes are united they can use their numerical advantage to capture power at all level of governance

When we use our numerical strength to support Governor Nasir Elrufai led government , we will get all that we need in terms of development and political opportunities .

Politics / Covid-19: Hon.goroh Wants Security Agencies To Ensure Strict Compliance With KDS by Feminews: 10:04pm On Dec 29, 2020
Covid-19: Hon.Goroh Urges Security Agencies to Ensure Strict Compliance with KDSG Protocol

Former Deputy Speaker and member
representing Kagarko Constituency in the Kaduna State House of Assembly RT. Hon. (Elder) Nuhu Machu Goroh Shadalafiya has called on security apparatus and law enforcing agencies to be up and doing to ensure strict compliance with the state Covid-19 protocol.

In a press statement personally signed ,the member also advised citizens to be their brothers keepers and report any act of Criminality to the appropriate authorities.

According to him, it will go a long way to check mating the activities of men of the underworld this festive season.

Shadalafiya however, urged all citizens to support the unrelenting efforts of Governor Nasir El Rufai in fighting Covid-19 in the state by wearing; face masks, washing of hands, avoiding large gatherings and also pray for the recovery of those under going
treatment all over the state.

Education / Fanwo Splashes Cash On Brilliant Students At Brain Challenge Competition by Feminews: 7:48pm On Dec 29, 2020
Fanwo splashes cash on brilliant students at Brain Challenge Competition

The Kogi State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Hon. Kingsley Femi Fanwo, Monday, doled out cash rewards to the best students who participated at the TISU/FANWO BRAIN CHALLENGE in Takete Ide Amuro.

The annual Competition featured students from various higher institutions of learning across the country. Questions were set from different subjects of study.

At the end of the keenly contested Competition, Akinola Opeyemi came first with 63%, Jimoh Mayowa came second with 60% while Adetinuyo Victor scored 56%.

Redeeming his pledge, the Kogi State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Hon. Kingsley Fanwo doled out cash rewards to the winners.

The sum of 100,000 naira went to Akinola Opeyemi of the University of Ilorin for coming first. 80,000 naira was given to Jimoh Mercy of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife for coming second while Adetinuyo Victor took 50,000 naira for coming third.

The Commissioner also distributed books to all the participants.

According to Fanwo, the gesture was to spark the spirit of academic excellence among the students.

He said, "We are battling with a lot of social vices today because our youth have left the path of academic competition for the fast lane of quick riches. We have to bring them to the right lane.

"Those who have won here will not struggle too much for their fees in school. We have done something to ameliorate their struggle.

"I am a bit emotional about the girl that came second. She has lost his dad and his Uncle has been the one sponsoring her. She did so well in the competition and she has automatically become Miss Takete Ide as the girl with the highest score as well as a scholarship from me.

"We have to do everything within our powers to encourage the girl child. We have changed how Miss Takete will be emerging. It is not going to be about beauty alone anymore, but brains".

Fanwo said efforts are on to extend the competition to cover the entire Yagbaland.

Speaking at the occasion, the Executive Chairman of Mopamuro LGA, Hon. Moses Sunday David Alumo said the initiative is in line with his administration's plan to bring back the lost educational glory of the LGA.

"What the Commissioner has done today is plausible and we have come to identify with him because the initiative is in line with our administration's determination to bring back the lost academic glory of Mopamuro LGA.

"I want to encourage the students to take advantage of this program to bounce back from their lack of seriousness with their educational career".

Also at the event are the Vice Chairman of the LGA, Hon. Mercy Bukola , Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth and Women Mobilization, Yagba Federal Constituency, Hon. Seth Ronke (Yaro) all the Councillors in the LGA, political office holders and educationists.

Speaking at the end of the event, the National President of the Takete Ide Students' Union, Comrade Mayowa Ernest told our reporters that what Hon. Fanwo did was historic.

His words: "You saw how the exercise was very transparent and everyone was satisfied. No one has done this here before and we wont forget this.

"Hon. Fanwo has always supported our students to do well because education is the best gift anyone could give. We are so proud of him and all he has done for us".

Politics / Again, Zakzaky Donates Blankets, Drugs, Mosquito Nets To Idps by Feminews: 5:21pm On Dec 29, 2020
Again, Zakzaky donates blankets, drugs, mosquito nets to IDPs

The leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky on Tuesday December 29, 2020 donated Blankets, drugs, mosquito nets to the internally displace persons to help them stay warm during the cool season in Faskari town, Faskari local governemt of Katsina State.

At the event, the representative of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in Funtua, Sheikh Rabi’u Abdullahi said the choice of the Faskari IDPs was made by the Sheikh to assist the internally displace persons who left their villages for the fear of attack from the bandits.

“We are overwhelmed by the number of expectant mothers and other categories of women that came out to collect the free Blankets, Drugs and Mosquito nets in the IDP camp.”

Sheikh Zakzaky who was incarcerated since the Zaria massacre in December 2015, represented by Sheikh Rabi’u, said the kind gesture was done out of passion and love. He said Sheikh is going to continue helping people expecially in this hardship period.”

Sheikh Rabi’u Funtua, called on the Federal Government to unconditionally release the leader of the sect for proper medical attention. He said “In the aftermath of Zaria genocide executed by the Nigerian government in December 2015 we have been calling on all citizens to uphold the dictum that injustice to one is injustice to all.
Recalled Sheikh Zakzaky distributes drugs and Mosquito net on 18 August 2020 to same IDP camp.
Some of the beneficiaries thanks the Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky for his kind gesture.

“Now we are really happy to receive the blankets because we really need them. The IDPs also need warm clothes to get around in the morning and in the evening before going to bed,” said Malam Aliyu Garba, one of the IDPs.

“We call on the people help us to get warm cloth. I think it is not good to see children and adults with blankets in the morning. IDPs can’t buy warm clothes because they are facing livelihood hardships. That’s why we want people to follow Sheikh Zakzaky’s footstep to provide warm clothing for us,” he added.

“Now that we have the blankets, one problem has been solved for the IDPs. But mats are required because IDPs often sleep on concrete floors,” he said.

Politics / The Youth Won't Hand Over Presidency To Anyone Above 60 - Comrade Olu John by Feminews: 6:37pm On Dec 27, 2020
The youth won't hand over Presidency to anyone above 60 - Comrade Olu John

Public commentator and Social Media Influencer, Comrade Olu John has warned persons above 60 to stay off the 2023 Presidency, as according to him, "the youth will vote a young and dynamic person to pilot the affairs of the nation from 2023".
"We have stopped the ENDSARS protests because we know we have a better opportunity to install a President that will understand our language from 2023.
"We have wasted a lot of opportunities because we underrated our strength and influence. In 2023, the youth of Nigeria will be uncompromisingly determined to ensure a youth is sent to the Villa to fix the rot we have found ourselves as a people.
"We need someone that can secure our nation, foster unity and create an economy that can create jobs. Anyone above 60 should support our drive. The old people have the right to contest but we also have the right to reject them. 2023 will be the year of the youth".
On Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu's rumored Presidential ambition, Comrade John said he read the story like others, saying Tinubu should retain his role as the national leader of his party.
"Tinubu is one of the people that fought for the enthronement of democracy. We respect and thank him for that. But he should support a younger person like Yahaya Bello to emerge as President.
"He shouldn't be on the field with young men. He should be the Technical Adviser and Coach, not a contestant at that age.
"We will soon come out with our platform of the South East and South South for Yahaya Bello and the rest will know the youth are serious with 2023", he said.
The activist urged the Federal Government not to contemplate another lockdown as a result of Covid-19, insisting that such action may sound a death knell on the "already fractured economy of the nation".

Politics / Christmas: " Be Touched By His Humble Birth"- Hon. Kingsley Fanwo by Feminews: 9:15pm On Dec 24, 2020
My Christmas Message

Be touched by his humble birth

He is the Messiah of the world, the son of the Most High. He is our savior. The powerful Jesus.

But He was born in a manger! A manger? Yes, a manger.

He was an embodiment of humility who started being humble at birth.

We can be like Him if we can climb down from our privileged positions and see others in us.

We can be like Him if we preach and act peace everywhere. He is the Prince of Peace.

We can be like Him if we care for others . He didn't only feed people with the Word, he also gave them food.

He cared for the sick. He was a shining example that birthed CHRISTIANITY.

Let us use this period to live like Jesus. Hallelujah.

Wishing all of us Merry Christmas in advance.

Evangelist Kingsley Fanwo
Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications

Politics / Balarabe Musa's Demise Created A Vaccum Difficult To Fill - Prof Sule Bello by Feminews: 4:57am On Dec 22, 2020
Balarabe Musa's Demise Created a Vaccum Difficult to Fill - Prof Sule Bello

Interim National Chairman of People’s Redemption Party (PRP),Professor Sule Bello said the death of a national icon ,such as Alhaji Balarabe Musa has created a vacuum which will be very difficult to fill.

According to him , Balarabe Musa did not, however, die in vain as the Party he had nurtured and left behind, the People’s Redemption Party (PRP), is poised to continue with the good legacies.

The Interim National Chairman noted ," This is not the only justification for mourning his death; it is indeed also the reason for celebrating his life and memory. He spent the greater part of his life in nurturing the Party to its present state."

Addressing journalists shortly after the 40th day prayer at the Kaduna residence of Late Balarabe Musa , Professor Sule Bello,who thanked Nigerians for the support and solidarity received during and after the demise of its National leader and Chairman ,Board of Trustees ,late Alh Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa said , " We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of condolences, from far and nearby people of all categories, particularly you – members of the Press, who were among the earliest callers to the residence of the late national icon. You have also stood with us throughout this trying period in our national history."

He speaks further : "The concerns expressed by many confirm that his loss is not only to his immediate family and the People’s Redemption Party, which he tended and nurtured up to his dying hours. His labours towards nurturing, as well as protecting, the authenticity of the party makes PRP stand out as the oldest existing nationalist political party in Nigeria – dedicated to nation-building and the well-being of the poor, due to his resilience and commitment as well as respect for the kind of principles necessary for the development of the party and Nigeria as a whole.

"We have lost a national hero: a bridge builder, a radical reformer, a progressive politician, a dogged fighter for social justice, a nation-builder and a friend of the Talakawas whose doors always remained open to the downtrodden, while his home became a sanctuary for those trampled by the stampeding cavalry of oppression, and exploitation, on the rampage in the country.

"No words would fully describe the character that constituted the personality of the late Alh Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa. He was brilliant, brave, audacious, principled, courageous, compassionate, sagacious, honest, kind and generous, almost to a fault. A perfect gentleman, Balarabe Musa was the hope of the oppressed and a scourge to the oppressors.

"Having been elected as governor of old Kaduna State under the party’s flag, he had since then kept the PRP flag flying to the present day. He remained resolutely committed to the ideals, and programmes, upon which the party stands and which clearly distinguishes it from the rest. The PRP has been a progressive political platform for patriots, right from its birth to the present, as clearly indicated in its visions, constitution, programmes and related commitments.

" The PRP will continue on this path. We are presently continuing with preparations to realign and reposition the party, from the wards to the national levels, for the greater tasks ahead. With the changes recently affected to the national leadership of the party, under the leadership of Late Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa, which brought the present interim national leadership which I am privileged to lead, into being. He remained, and continued to serve as, the Chairman of our BOT till his demise.

"Above all else we note, and fully appreciate, the grief expressed by many Nigerians, poor and rich alike, whose life the Late Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa touched in many ways.

"We cannot close this address without mentioning the stand of our great party on the existing state of our country.

"We join many other Nigerians in calling on the government to stand up and bring down the increasing state of insecurity facing most parts of the country. Our people deserve better than the wanton terrorism, and rule of fear, to which they are currently subjected due to the failure of government to deliver on its most important campaign promise,as well as its primary obligation under our national constitution, i.e. the security of life, property and the wellbeing of ordinary Nigerians.

"We similarly raise our voice against the destructive, as well as rising, levels of corruption in the country. The so-called fight against corruption must not only led by example it must also be seen to bite rather than merely, and infrequentally, bark.

"Similarly PRP draws the attention of government at all levels, to the basic fact that the only effective way to reduce poverty and expand employment opportunities in Nigeria is through the diversification and industrialization of the national economy in order to promote productivity in all sectors. Mere allocation of so-called “palliatives” donated by, or borrowed from, other countries cannot be the solution to the problems of independent wealth creation, for the benefit of the country and its teeming population.

"While we pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of the late PRP National Leader and the Chairman of its Board of Trustees, we have also resolved to name the Party’s National Secretariat in Abuja in his name as a mark of respect for the manner in which he squeezed enough from his meager resources in order to ensure that the party has a permanent secretariat at the Nation’s capital.

" Finally, we pray that God helps us to overcome the travails of terrorism, failed governments, widespread poverty, disunity and weak national resolve that presently assail us and make our conditions both desperate and precarious".

Politics / Exclusive: North Central To Clinch APC Presidential Ticket In 2023 by Feminews: 5:33pm On Dec 20, 2020
Exclusive: North Central To Clinch APC Presidential Ticket in 2023

The ruling All Progressives Congress might be looking at the North Central geo-political zone ahead of the 2023 presidential election, our medium can authoritatively report.

Despite the presidential election being some 38 months away, political fireworks are beginning to spark the political camp of the ruling party.

The South West Zone has been laying a strong claim to the seat ahead of 2023, with the likes of Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Ekiti Governor, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi, all touted as major contenders.

The recent defection of the Ebonyi State Governor to the All Progressives Congress was seen by many as a reaction to some assurances from some quarters to favor the zone ahead of 2023.

However, a strong insider who understands happenings at the National Secretariat of the party and a former Senator who craved anonymity, told our correspondent that zoning the ticket to the South East is "near impossible".

"It is good that they are coming into our party now and it will give them a big future chance. I will advice them to field a very popular person as Vice President. But I know that our party cannot joke with the momentum of the North Central at the moment.

"The North Central has not only been very faithful to the party, but our party has used certain figures to win election even in the South West. Who were the people that delivered the Ekiti and Ondo elections? These questions are beginning to surface on the walls of our national Secretariat.

"It is becoming clearer now that APC will win all the geopolitical zones in 2023. But we must be careful in our choice. We need a serial winner to be sure of victory".
Last week, the Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Prince Matthew Kolawole also told a gathering of party faithful in Lokoja that the North Central will go all out to get the ticket of the APC.

He said: "Our party is a party of justice and our President is known for his fairness. The North Central deserves the next Presidency and we will speak out and do everything within the ambit of the law to win the ticket", he assured.

A serving Commissioner in a South West State who doesn't want his name mentioned also told our correspondent that the Kogi State Governor will be a hard nut to crack for any contender. He said the Governor is associated with electoral victory and fits the bill of the youth who wants to inject dynamism into political leadership.

Politics / Buhari Should Listen To Yahaya Bello, That Governor Loves Him - Olu John by Feminews: 8:22pm On Dec 19, 2020
Buhari should listen to Yahaya Bello, that Governor loves him - Olu John

A Public Affairs commentator and social media activist, Comrade Olu John has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to listen to the Kogi State Governor on the issues of security and Covid-19.
Comrade John stated this in an interview with newsmen in Abuja, Saturday, saying the security situation should be a thing of worry to Mr President.

"I listened to Chief Mike Ejiofor on both Channels TV and AIT, calling on the nation to adopt the Yahaya Bello Model of finding local solutions to the lingering security challenges of the nation.

"Kogi used to be one of the most dangerous states in the past, with criminals having a field day. But when Yahaya Bello became Governor, the story changed. Mr President should ask him how he did the magic.

"The state is at the centre of the nation, which ordinarily should expose her more to crimes and criminality. But Yahaya Bello has been able to deal with the situation? What has he done right to change the narrative? We need to ask these questions. We cannot continue with a failed strategy. Our lives are important".
Also, Comrade Olu John said he initially thought Covid-19 was about to end the world, but that his fears were unreal.

"What they told us about the Covid-19 pandemic is not what we are seeing presently. It is now looking like those of us who believed it was deadly didn't get it right.

"The Kogi State Governor told us the truth but we were calling him names. He has been justified today because he was right", he said, insisting that "another lockdown will kill the economy of Nigeria".

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Family / APM Visits Kaduna Orphanage Home ,distributes Food Stuffs by Feminews: 10:06pm On Dec 18, 2020
APM Visits Kaduna Orphanage Home ,Distributes Food Stuffs

In a bid to support the less privileged in the society ,a Non-Governmental Organization under umbrella of Articulate People’s Movement(APM) in collaboration with BJ Bread visited Adonai Orphange Home ,Kaduna to distribute food stuffs and other items .

The gesture extended to twenty five orphans at the orphanage home ,Barnawa ,Chikun local government area of Kaduna State was informed by the passion to make the beneficiaries feel cared for during the yuletide period .

In a chat with journalists shortly after distributing the items to the beneficiaries, leader of the group ,Mrs Bola Fabiyi ,who led members of the Articulate People's Movement said as concerned parents and passionate Nigerians , "We resolved to support the orphans at this period to cover up for the absence of parents " .

According to Mrs Fabiyi, "APM strongly believes that the less privilege,especially orphans amongst us deserve our love and care ,hence our decision to pull resource together to assist them in our little way .

"We also believe that in doing so , the less privileged especially the orphans, who have not parents to cater for them will have a sense of belonging and hope that people are with them in the period of need ."

She further stated, " The essence of life is to share love and encourage peaceful coexistence always .If God blesses anyone, such person or individuals should extend a hand of fellowship to the poor and needy in the society .This is our view about life

"It's our tradition that the 25-member team of the Articulated People’s Movement raise money all times with our anonymous donors to help those in need and create atmosphere of fellowship and love ."

Items distributed are food stuffs like rice, palm oil, noodles,soya oil and bread. It also distributed detergent soap.

In her response ,the elated proprietress of the Adonai Orphanage Home ,Mama Adonai is she is fondly called thanked members of APM and all donors for the gesture and pray that God replenishes the vaults .

" I am very happy and excited that the orphans are remembered for good ,especially during this yuletide period .We pray for the anonymous donors to be blessed beyond measure and the bakery for increase and enlargement." She stated.

Politics / Kogi Governor Commends Council Members For Hitch-free LG Election by Feminews: 3:04am On Dec 17, 2020
Kogi Governor Commends Council Members for Hitch-Free LG Election

The Chairman of Council, Governor Yahaya Bello thanked all Council members and the people of Kogi State for their roles in ensuring a hitch free LG election in the state.

The Governor said peaceful conduct of the election showed the progress his administration has recorded in ensuring adherence to democratic values and abhorrence of violence.

In highlights of the Kogi State Executive Council Meeting signed by the Honorable Commissioner for Information and Communications, Kingsley Fanwo, the Governor urged Council members to cooperate with their LG Chairmen and other Government officials to ensure grassroots development. He said we owe our people service.

While stressing the need for proactive information dissemination down to the grassroots level to avert the negative effect of misinformation, the Governor said the people must be constantly informed of what Government is doing to improve their standards of living.

The Governor ,who briefed the Council on the extent of job done on the operation Light Up Kogi East. It is 90% completed, said it is a project after his heart because it will help improve the socio-economic development of Kogi East.

However, the Council directed the Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice to transmit the Bill for a Law to repeal and reenact the Kogi State Intelligence Council Law 2012 to provide for the establishment of the Kogi State Economic Council and for Other Matters connected therewith 2020.

It also passed a memo on a Bill for a Law to Establish the Kogi State Erosion and Watershed Management Agency and for other Matters Connected Purposes. This is to help combat the various ecological challenges confronting the state.

The highlights revealed that the Council equally passed a memo on the proposed Rehabilitation/Construction of 10km Kabba Township Roads. The Governor said the project is aimed at galvanizing economic development of the area.

The Council also received the trophies won by the State as the most enterprising participants at the National Festival for Art and Culture in Jos.

Business / Edi-gen Emerges Nigerian Businessman Of The Year 2020 by Feminews: 2:27am On Dec 17, 2020
Edi-Gen Emerges Nigerian Businessman of the Year 2020

In recognition of his invaluable contributions to the business development in Nigeria , Privilege Magazine honoured the Chairman ,Edi-Gen Group of Companies ,Chief Benjamin Omale with an award of excellence as the Nigerian Business of the Year 2020.

Chief Omale beat the likes of Aliko Dangote , Femi Otedola ,Mike Adenuga and other Nigerian billionaires in the online voting to emerge with over sixty thousands votes .

In brief remarks during the presentation ceremony at Edi-Gen Group Headquarters ,Kaduna on Wednesday , the Chief Executive Office of Privileged magazine, Hon. Victor Bobai, disclosed that Chief Benjamin Omale polled over 64,000 online votes.

According to him, Omale's contributions to the solution of unemployment and investments in oil and gas sector in Kaduna as well as other parts of Nigeria are unprecedented,hence the consideration for the prestigious award .

In a chat with journalists shortly after the occasion , Hon. Victor Bobai said the Privilege Magazine leadership award was initiated in 2008 to honor and encourage outstanding personalities that are trying to make life easy for the people.

In his remarks after he was presented with the award , Chief Benjamin Omale who was apparently elated said the surprise gesture by the group of intellectuals coming together to honour him is no doubt the most encouraging machinery to do more for the benefit of humanity .

“I want to specially express my gratitude to all of you that sat down carefully, analysed and come out with something very special and unique to my life.”He said.

The business mogul however, said his decision to invest and employ people are simply to promote business and human development, but unknown not him , Nigerian are watching .

“I mostly count on what I do that people do not know am doing. That is, I respect what i do for you without your knowledge and I believed Privileged magazine key into these areas. So, I want to appreciate you because I never anticipated to be a member of this award.

“Onbehalf of the board and the management of Edi-Jen groups of companies, I want to sincerely thank you for teaming up and to encourage people like us.” He stated .

While thanking the organisers for the award , Omale said ," God is the best rewarder of those who seek for the welfare of others" .

He is from the middle-belt area of Nigeria, an idoma man from Onyagede area of Benue State.

Politics / We Told The Igbos To Join The APC In 2015 But They Refused - Emmanuel Ugwuanyi by Feminews: 1:02am On Dec 16, 2020
We told the Igbos to join the APC in 2015 but they refused - Emmanuel Ugwuanyi

Activist and UK based APC stalwart, Mr. Emmanuel Ugwuanyi said the South East people shot themselves on the foot by refusing to join APC in 2015, insisting that it will be difficult to seize the presidential ticket of the party from the North Central in 2023.

Speaking with our correspondent from his London base, Mr Ugwuanyi said the South East allowed itself to be left behind in the national politics of Nigeria.

"When we told them to support APC in 2015, they insulted us and called us names that we are Fulanis in Igboland. They said APC is a Fulani party.

"So why are they now embracing the same party they called us names for supporting? What has changed since then?

"If the 2023 becomes a straight fight between the North Central and the South East, the North Central will take it because the party has always won the North Central. I am a fan of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He fought to enthrone democracy and he has breeded many great leaders like Fashola and Osinbajo.

"But if you ask me, I will say he is already in the bracket that should be advising future Presidents, going by his age. We need young minds to drive this nation.

"The South West was President for 8 years. They shouldn't be talking about it again".

He said the 2023 Presidential election will herald a new dawn for the nation as young people are beginning to ask questions.

"The Endsars energy should be redirected into the 2023 general election. The youth must make a decision to take over the Presidency and the National Assembly.

"What the nation needs now is sophisticated, brave and dynamic leadership. President Muhammadu Buhari has done well. He needs a young man to drive the nation's dream from 2023", he said.

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Politics / The Tomorrow They Promised You Yesterday Is Now, Kogi Gov Charges Nigerian Youth by Feminews: 8:35am On Dec 15, 2020
The Tomorrow They Promised You Yesterday is Now, Kogi Gov Charges Nigerian Youth

The Kogi State Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello has charged the youth to drop the idea of violent protests and participate fully in governance in order to effect the change that will take Nigeria to the next Vista of development.

Addressing a mammoth crowd at the swearing in ceremony of the 21 newly elected Local Government Chairmen in Lokoja, Monday, the Governor said it is high time the youth took over the mantle of leadership.

"I am one of you. It is the youth who vote. It is the youth they galvanize to protest. It is the youth who are frustrated into becoming criminals. We must have a rethink.
"We cannot continue to complain when we have power to mobilize ourselves and reengineer our politics to give us the power.
"We are in a world driven by ICT. We shouldn't be satisfied with the role we are playing now. It is time to give our nation to the youth to manage.
"Where we can achieve this is in APC. Therefore, let us take advantage of the ongoing membership registration to register massively with the party and participate in the Congresses and Convention. I am ready to support you to participate".
The Governor said he has learnt a lot from his "father and mentor", President Muhammadu Buhari and that the youth can create the Nigeria of our dream.
He urged the newly inaugurated Chairmen and their Vice Chairmen to ensure rapid grassroots development, as well as ensure the security of lives and property in their localities.
"You have been tested and trusted. Government is about the people. Therefore, you must serve the people at the grassroots.
"The first test of any Government is security. We have a way we do it here which you are familiar with. We must ensure that we continue to put criminality at bay in our dear State", he said.
He thanked the youth, women and Royal Fathers for their invaluable support for his administration, assuring the people of the State of his readiness to continue to serve them to the best of his abilities.

Politics / 5 Years Of Zaria Massacre, Sheikh Zakzaky Still Awaits Justice by Feminews: 4:36pm On Dec 13, 2020
5 years of Zaria Massacre, Sheikh Zakzaky still awaits justice


As we mark the 5th anniversary of Zaria massacre on 12-15th December, 2020, where Nigerian security forces killed over a thousand of civilians, most of them supporters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky – including men, women and children, it is pertinent we revisit briefly what happened during those black days, its aftermath and the way forward in preventing this genocide into spiraling to another catastrophic security problem for the country.

It was in those two cruel days that many infants and babies that knew nothing about the crimes their parents were allegedly accused of were mercilessly killed. It was during that black period too that even the elderly were not spared. The seventy-year-old elder sister of Sheikh Zakzaky was gruesomely thrown in a raging blaze while still alive, as she cried for water to quench her thirst. It was during that period that many families were completely wiped out of existence. It was during that period that not less than 193 children were butchered without any pity. Over 297 women, 548 men and 23 pregnant women were all killed within those two eventful days in December 2015. Valuable properties worth millions of Naira were torched and vandalized.

Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife, Muallima Zeenah, were shot during that deadly raid at their home by the Nigerian authorities, in which three of their children were mowed down in front of their eyes. As of today a total of six of their sons have been killed by the Nigerian Army. The first three were killed by the former regime during the July, 2014 Quds day international protest in Zaria.

The lopsided Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) they instituted to cover their tracks could not entirely cover up the gravity of these crimes. The Commission had observed the highhandedness of the military, which was not in consonance with their rules of engagement or any known international best practices, and therefore had recommended the trial of the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Army’s 1st Division Kaduna, Gen. Oyebade, who led the operation and all other officers who participated in the operation, “before a court of competent jurisdiction.” Years after, none of these Army officers has been arrested for these heinous crimes and atrocities.

In April 2016, a Kaduna state government official admitted before the JCI that 347 members of the Islamic Movement were dumped in a mass grave near Mando, an area of approximately 1000 square metres. This information should be an important lead for the government to investigate the killings and ensure all those suspected of criminal responsibility are held to account. But until now, the shocking lack of accountability for these deaths has served only to bolster a climate of impunity.

In July 2016, the Kaduna State Commission of Inquiry, set up to investigate the killings, presented its report to the state government indicting the Nigerian military for unlawful killings. In December same year, the Kaduna state government published its white paper on the report, which rejected most of the Commission’s recommendations.

Coincidently this month marks the fifth anniversary of the historic judgement delivered by Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court on the enforcement of the fundamental Rights of the illegally detained leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife, Zeenah Ibrahim.

Failure to obey that judgement by President Muhammadu Buhari three years on, and counting, makes it one of the worst violations of the rule of law and a monumental abuse of the rights of the couple.


As if the blood of the innocent people shed by the Buhari administration in December, 2015 was not enough, the Islamic Movement witnessed further brutal clampdown by the government. The Nigerian authorities have consistently sent in the military to respond to protests or marches by the Islamic Movement. This strategy appears to be at least partly to blame for the bloodshed witnessed these five tortuous years.

Let us briefly remind the public of the killings by this regime since then:
1) On Tuesday 15-12-15 Mobile police opened fire upon members of the Islamic movement who were staging a peaceful protest demanding the release of Sheikh Zakzaky. On the spot 4 people died, while additional 9 died later due to the gunshot wounds they sustained. Some of them were even electrocuted and stabbed severally while in custody.
2) In August, 2016 a combined team of security agents and vigilantes razed and burned the Islamic centre of members of the Islamic Movement in Jos, Plateau state, and destruction of properties worth millions of Naira.
3) Again on Saturday, 16th October, 2016, a joint force of Police and thugs attacked peaceful members of the Islamic Movement at T/Wada, and Centres of the Islamic Movement in U/Mu'azu, Kinkinau areas. A Muslim brother was gruesomely killed by the thugs.
4) Ten people were killed by police in Funtua, Katsina state on 12/10/2016 while on Ashura procession.
5) 34 people were confirmed killed by the police in Kano on 14/11/2016 while on Arbaeen trek to Zaria from Kano.
6) Two people were killed by police in Kano as Arbaeen trek to Zaria began on 05/11/17
7) Police attacked another peaceful procession with teargas and live bullets that kicked off from Leventis round about along Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, in the evening calling for the release of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, on Sunday, 7th of January, 2018. They killed 2 persons and injured many.
cool Shaikh Qasimu Umar Sokoto was shot in Abuja during a free Zakzaky protest on 9th January, 2018, but died on 5th February 2018 of the wounds. So also were 2 others killed during a free Zakzaky protest on 9th January, 2018.
9) 2 people were also killed during free Zakzaky protest in Kaduna on 21 June, 2018
10) Between 27-30th October, 2018 50 members of the Islamic Movement were gunned down by the Army in Abuja.
11) Eleven people have been confirmed killed and at least 30 others seriously injured as the police attack a peaceful Free Zakzaky protest march in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja on 22/07/2019
12) The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has confirmed the killing of at least a dozen of Ashura mourners from Kaduna, Bauchi, Gombe, Katsina and Sokoto states
13) On 15/11/2019, the Islamic Movement buried one of its members Muhammad Salis who was shot dead by a team of policemen shortly after the yearly Maulud procession that took place in Zaria city to commemorate the birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad.
14) The Islamic Movement in Nigeria petitioned the Inspector general of Police over the unwarranted brigandage exhibited by the police command in Kaduna on Saturday 22/08/2020, when policemen were caught on video deliberately burning their vehicle during an unprovoked attack they launched on a gathering of Ashura mourners, ostensibly to put blame on their victims. Not only that they fired live ammunition on the unarmed assembly that included women and children killing 3 people on the spot and injuring at least a dozen and in the middle of the night they burnt 3 houses occupied by members of the Islamic Movement in Hayin Malam Bello neighborhood where they earlier on attacked.
15) Provocative attacks by the police occurred in Zaria and Kaduna after the completion of Ashura processions on 30/08/2020) as heavily-armed security forces came and started shooting at mourners with live ammunition killing two in Kaduna, and injuring many others.

In summary, we believe close to 2000 members of the Islamic Movement have been killed by the Buhari administration since December, 2015.

Worse still, Sheikh Zakzaky has been denied medical treatment, putting his life at risk as a result of grave injuries sustained from previous attacks, in which he also lost sight in one eye and the use of one arm. For nine days in April 2019, a team of doctors were allowed, for the first time, to visit and undertake independent medical examinations of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife. The medical examinations showed extreme health concerns that require immediate medical treatment, including treatment most likely not available in Nigeria. A series of tests were also undertaken that revealed the Sheikh’s health is deteriorating and he has dangerous levels of lead toxicity in his body.

As a result the Kaduna state high court found the medical conditions of both Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife were severe and required immediate medical attention, and it ordered they should be flown to India for the recommended medical treatment. The court also granted Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife permit to travel to India to seek treatment from the doctors who had undertaken the medical examinations and produced the medical report. As part of the court conditions, Nigerian security was granted permission to supervise the trip.

However on arrival in India, terms of the court order were violated by Nigerian security services. Instead of observing, they began a regime of harassment and effective detention of the Sheikh and his wife in their hospital room, removing their legal documents from.


It is shameful that after the commission of inquiry, set up by the Kaduna State government, indicted Major General Oyebade and other senior army officers for the attack on Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement, three years after, they are yet to be apprehended and tried in a competent court of law. The attacks were never condemned by the army hierarchy or the Muhammadu Buhari administration. After his initial silence, President Buhari later suggested during a televised interview on December 30 that the victims invited the wrath of the military upon themselves by “hitting the chest of generals”.

The panel said it established that the invasion of the Islamic Centre, Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah compound was carried out strictly on Mr. Oyebade’s order and without any rules of engagement, an action the commission said was at variance with the provisions of the Armed Forces Act, 1994, and the 1999 Constitution, both of which vested such authorities strictly in the president of the federal republic. “There was no evidence that there was the requisite delegation by the president to the officer who issued oral order for the deployment of the officers and men of the Nigerian Army for the cordon and search operation,” the report said.

“All the officers who testified were not forthcoming in providing full disclosure on the number of the dead, wounded and missing persons,” the report said. Similarly, the medical examiner in charge of the bodies kept at Nigerian Army medical facility in Kaduna also withheld support for the judicial panel. “It is unfortunate that the medical officer in charge of the Nigerian Army Depot Health Centre who took custody of some of the corpses was not forthcoming in giving evidence that would have enabled the commission to ascertain the actual number of people killed,” the report said. “The officer said he didn’t even ascertain the gender of both the adult and children corpses that were deposited in his medical centre.” The panel concluded that the burial of all corpses of male and female Muslims in one grave violated Islamic traditions and other relevant burial laws of Kaduna State and Rule 115 of the Geneva Convention.

From the foregoing it is crystal clear that the trial of Sheikh Zakzaky currently going on at a Kaduna state high court is shambolic to say the least, since the Army officers recommended by the Kaduna state commission of inquiry to be tried are not in the dock waiting for prosecution. The Elrufa’i government of Kaduna state, by so doing, has exposed itself to ridicule in the eyes of the world. It has demonstrated to the Nigerians and the international community that it is after selective justice and looking for a vendetta against Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement.


In view of the above submission it can be clearly seen that the Nigeria Army operation was preplanned and executed accordingly. There were no such things as plans to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff, or deliberate blockage of the entourage of the COAS. It was only an oppressive act of impunity displayed by the Army with an already planned intention of genocide against the over 20 million members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by the government. And the recent announcement by the Saudi crown prince that they masterminded the attack in an interview with Time magazine is there for all to verify.

Despite the relentless oppression unleashed on Sheikh and his followers in recent years, the international community has collectively and shockingly failed to hold the Nigerian government accountable for its crimes, be it the International Criminal Court (ICC) or the corporate mainstream media in countries that raise the hue and cry over ‘human rights’. However since the ICC has vowed to begin full blown investigations into the many atrocities committed by the Nigerian Army, we hope it will include Zaria massacre among the many unlawful killings, rape, vandalisation and enforced disappearance the Army perpetrated in Zaria and other places against the Islamic Movement.

Islamic Movement in Nigeria, since its establishment around 4 decades ago, has been raising the banner of justice and resistance in all spheres, which is why it is deemed as a threat by the Nigerian regime, which has been demonstrated by the brutal crackdown on multiple occasions. Surely, the nature of oppression Shiekh Zakzaky and his followers have had to face shows the strength and relevance of such a movement, particularly since oppressors are the corrupt powers.

The Islamic Movement has been known to be a non-violent, non-sectarian for decades, having organised peaceful pro-Palestinian demonstrations on an annual basis across Nigeria for over 33 years, primarily in the state of Kaduna, of which the movement's gatherings have been attacked several times by both Boko Haram and the Nigerian army.

The Nigerian authorities’ failure to hold anyone to account for the killing of hundreds of women, men and children by soldiers in Zaria, shows the acceptance of a culture of impunity for violations for human rights in the country. It is a shame that it has failed to publicly condemn the unlawful killings that took place in Zaria.

Finally, as we mark the fifth anniversary of this Zaria Genocide Memorial, we unequivocally reiterate that enough of this systematic oppression of Sheikh Zakzaky and members of the Islamic Movement. We hereby call on peace lovers in Nigeria and the international community to rise against this form of tyranny and terrorism perpetrated by the Nigerian government on its citizens. In view of all the above, we hereby call on all peace lovers and the International Community to join us in condemning the act for what it is - Genocide. In addition, we demand that:

(1) Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zeenah Ibrahim should be released unconditionally as a means of controlling the situation from further escalation.
(2) All corpses of slain brothers and sisters still with the authorities must be handed over to us for proper Islamic burial.
(3) All detainees must be released together with the injured for medical attention.
(4) We call on the International community, especially the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague and the UN to expedite action to hold the Nigerian government accountable for its crimes, and help uphold the inviolable human rights of the people of Nigeria.
(5) Compensation must be paid for properties destroyed and lives lost and those who committed the genocide must be made to face the wrath of the law.

SKYPE: Ibrahim.musa42

Politics / Fanwo Congratulates Mopamuro Council Chairman-elect,vice Chairman- Elect, Others by Feminews: 11:02am On Dec 13, 2020
Fanwo Congratulates Mopamuro Council Chairman-Elect, Vice Chairman - Elect and all Councillors -Elect

The Kogi State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Hon. Kingsley Fanwo has congratulated the Chairman-elect of Mopamuro Local Government Area, Hon. Moses Sunday David Alumo, the Vice Chairman-elect, Hon. Mercy Bukola Obajemu and all Councillors- elect.
The Commissioner in a statement, Sunday said the historic victory is "not just a mandate but a responsibility to serve the people of Mopamuro".
"As we celebrate the unequivocal statement of our people to choose our party, it is a massive responsibility on the shoulders of our Chairman-elect and all the elected legislators to rise to the occasion by delivering democracy dividends to our people. We must prove we can manage this huge success that comes with stupendous responsibility.
"Every woman, every youth, every farmer, every artisan that voted in the election expects our party to spark radical development at the grassroots and ensure security. We cannot afford to fail them.
"The reason Hon. Alumo won the primary election and the general election was because of his track record, political pedigree and his closeness to our people at the grassroots. He has proven beyond doubt that he will continue to do well".
Fanwo thanked the party elders who "lightened up the path of the party to this victory, especially Rt. Hon. Clarence Olafemi and Hon. Eric Fiki and many others too numerous to mention", saying the party foot soldiers campaigned hard to achieve the victory of Saturday December 12.
"Our Elders remained our strength. Rt. Hon. Clarence Olafemi and Hon. Eric Fiki among many others gave us the guide to this victory. We thank them for their selfless service to our party and the people of Mopamuro.
"It was a resounding victory that the opposition PDP couldn't even fault. But we thank PDP for enriching the contest with their participation. We thank God that the election was largely peaceful".
The Commissioner urged the party leaders in the Local Government to continue to woo new members into the party as APC hopes to retain power at all level in 2023.
He also thanked the Kogi State Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello, for transforming APC into an "unbeatable party" in the State, saying the Governor is a blessing to the All Progressives Congress nationally.

Politics / LG Election: Kogi Govt Declares Friday 11th December, Public Holiday by Feminews: 8:43am On Dec 11, 2020

The Kogi State Government has declared Friday 11th December, 2020 as work-free day to enable Civil Servants travel to their towns and villages for the December 12, 2020 Local Government election in the State.

The directive was given to enable civil servants exercise their right to vote and participate in the political determination of how their Local Government Areas are governed.

This is a further confirmation of the commitment of the Governor Yahaya Bello's administration to deepening democratic practice and tenets.

The State Government has already charged the State Independent Electoral Commission to ensure free, fair and credible poll. Security agencies have also been urged to ensure strict adherence to constitutionalism, before, during and after the election.

To us as a Government, franchise is a festival of freedom. Let us all come out enmasse to determine those who will govern our grassroots Government for the next three years.

Kingsley Fanwo
Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications

10th December, 2020.

Politics / Senator Kwari Hails Buhari Over N38.7bn Road Project by Feminews: 12:33am On Dec 11, 2020

*...Commends Elrufai's efforts on federal presence in Kaduna*

Senator Suleman Abdu Kwari, representing Kaduna North District at the National Assembly has praised President Muhammadu Buhari for "graciously approving the sum of N38.7 billion for the Kaduna-Pambegua-Saminaka-Jos road."

The lawmaker, in a media release on Thursday described the project as a historic move by the President in more effectively connecting Plateau, Kaduna and parts of Bauchi State.

Senator Kwari, who is the Senate Committee Chairman on Anti-corruption further stated that the approval could not have come at a better time, "seeing the kind of difficulty confronting motorists plying such roads, especially those travelling with their goods for trades and businesses".

He explained that "good road plays pivotal role in connecting communities for trades, with a potential for very positive impact on the national economy and by extension living standards of the people."

Senator Kwari also commended Kaduna State Governor, Nasir Elrufai for "working tirelessly to ensure that the State enjoys federal presence in such a way that it improves economic activities and help the upkeep of people in areas where such projects are executed".

It would be recalled that the Federal Executive Council( FEC) at its meeting presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari approved N58.5 billion for reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads in some parts of the country. This was revealed by Minister of Works, Raji Fashola while briefing State House Correspondents in Abuja on Wednesday.

The Minister said: "The Ministry of Works and Housing presented one memorandum for the award of contracts for the construction of two roads; the Yakasai-Bagume-Damagun road in Kano, for N12.157billion and the rehabilitation of the Kaduna-Pambeguwa-Jos road linking Kaduna and Plateau States for N38.701 billion and the proposals were approved by the Federal Executive Council".

Politics / Governor Yahaya Bello Mourns Gen.olubunmi Irefin by Feminews: 6:15pm On Dec 10, 2020
Governor Yahaya Bello Mourns Gen.Olubunmi Irefin


The Governor, Government and people of Kogi State regret the demise of of an outstanding Army Officer who hailed from the State, Late Gen. Olubunmi Irefin.

The late Army General who was the GOC, 6 Div. recently gave her late mum a befitting last honor. For him to die a few weeks after burying his mother is heart rendering.

Like many outstanding Generals Kogi has produced, the Late Gen. Irefin was a chemistry of brilliance, bravery, courage and inalienable loyalty to the Nigerian nation.

For years, he defended Nigeria as a committed Army Officer and also the integrity of the Army. Nigeria has lost a Green-heart-figher who gave all to his nation and her people.

As we mourn the demise of a son we are proud of, we also commiserate with the Chief of Army Staff as well as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR.

The Late General Olubunmi Irefin was not just a brave soldier; but also an accomplished scholar of repute. To this end, the Kogi State Government shall be putting in place, modalities to rename the Government Science Secondary School, Okedayo as Olu Irefin Science Secondary School, Okedayo. This is to inspire a new generation of Kogi youth to embrace hardwork and excellence.

Our hearts are with his immediate family in this dark moment of grief. May God give you all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

May his soul rest in peace.

Kingsley Fanwo

Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications

Politics / Mopamuro PDP Vice Chairman Arrested For Attacking APC Leader by Feminews: 7:39am On Dec 10, 2020
Mopamuro PDP Vice Chairman arrested for attacking APC Leader

The Vice Chairmanship candidate of the PDP in Mopamuro LGA, Mr. Gbenga Agbona was yesterday, arrested by law enforcement agents for attacking a leader of the APC and former SSA to the Governor on Water Resources, Hon. Mayowa Alayemola.
Eyewitnesses told our reporters that the decision of the APC leaders to invite the Police was what saved the community from breakdown of law and order.
It would be recalled that the same Gbenga Agbona has been the mastermind of several attacks and use of dangerous weapons on APC Members in Ward 06 in previous elections.
A PDP Chieftain who doesn't want his name in print told our reporters that the choice of Mr Gbenga Agbona was a largely misinformed one.
"We all know him in this community and we know his antecedents. His choice was promoted by those who wants to reward thuggery", he said.

When contacted, the Commissioner for Information and Communications, Hon. Kingsley Fanwo said his concern is to ensure there is peace and tranquility in the Local Government Area, before, during and after the Poll.

"Orokere used to be the stronghold of the PDP, but our party has taken over. So we expect such a violent reaction. All they had always done is violence and creating crisis.
"The rallies on Tuesday and Wednesday showed the PDP clearly that Mopamuro is a no go area for the PDP. Resorting to violence will only worsen their situation because security agencies are prepared to maintain peace.

"I urge all our party members to maintain peace. We can't be at vintage position and allow detractors take our eyes off the ball. Don't attack anyone. Report violence to law enforcement agents and they will do their job professionally".

Efforts to get the DPO of Mopa to comment on the incident have proved abortive.

The Local Government election poll in Kogi State is scheduled to hold on Saturday December 12, 2020.

Politics / Gov Fintiri's Aide To Ribadu ,“Your Tenure Is Most Fraudulent In EFCC " by Feminews: 5:27pm On Dec 08, 2020
Gov Fintiri's Aide to Ribadu , “Your tenure is most fraudulent in EFCC history”

The Director-General media to Governor Fintiri of Adamawa state has called on a former chairman of the economic and financial crime commission, Nuhu Ribadu, to clear the air on issues surrounding the financial misappropriation allegations levelled against him by his predecessor, Farida Waziri.

Solomon Kumanger, the spokesman to the governor, made the call at Yola in reaction to Ribadu’s statement that Fintiri’s government is fraudulent.

Mr Solomon Kumanger said the call had become necessary since Ribadu’s predecessor in office had become major issues of discussion in the country.

He said the request was standard practice across the world, adding that the Fintiri’s administration was not in any way antagonising Mr Ribadu.

Kumanger maintained that the PDP in Adamawa and the governor was not making any allegation or accession, but that it was only asking Ribadu to clear the air on issues concerning corruption allegations levelled against him by Farida Waziri which had been under discussion for some time now.

“Our first inclination was to ignore Nuhu Ribadu since we know he is always obsessed with dropping people’s name into his script any time he needs public pity or political relevance. But, on second thought we should advise him to leave Gov. Fintiri out of his frustrations and face life.

“There should be a life after EFCC, and after serially been defeated in an election he contested. If after years of being removed as EFCC chairman, he is yet to move on with life, even after successive chairmen had occupied the same seat and moved on with their lives, then his problem may be psychogenic. He needs help elsewhere, certainly not from us.

“Nuhu is yet to face the reality that EFCC is a Federal Government agency and not a personal estate of anybody, years after, I find it compelling to remind him, otherwise one day he would wake up to blame Fintiri for his defeat in the 2011 presidential election and even his pathetic outing in the 2015 governorship election in Adamawa State despite the slush funds deployed to ensure his victory at the polls.

“I equally suspect that Nuhu may, sooner than later, blame Fintiri for his penchant to jump from one party to another party like a political prostitute; from the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) to PDP and now to All Progressives Congress (APC).

“It is his lust for power, inordinate ambition and desperation for political relevance that continues to push him to dine and wine, and even enjoy the wealth of those he had labelled as corrupt in yesteryears.

He can’t hold Fintiri responsible for his double face, lack of principle and complex contradictions in his character.

“There is also the need to remind Nuhu Ribadu that before he succumbs to another logorrhoea, he should avail himself a copy of the investigative report on the recovered asset during his tenure as EFCC chairman and use the opportunity of the next naming ceremony or birthday party he is invited to, to explain to Nigerians what happened to billions of funds and asset recovered from suspects under him, with no records or documentation.

“At this juncture, let me advise Nuhu Ribadu to stop being a weeping man. Garrulity does not heal frustration or depression. He may consider vying for a local government chairmanship or councillorship position to get b’ so that he can stop spewing falsehood, fables and lies to seek public sympathy and political relevance.”

“We would prefer that Nuhu Ribadu himself clears the air and tells Nigerians himself what happen to the billions of naira he recovered under his watch as EFCC chairman without a proper record as allege by Farida Waziri.

Mr Solomon Kumanger said that Nigerians and Adamawa residents deserved to know the truth before they would make their choice about who they wanted to vote for as their Governor come 2023.

“We are therefore constrained to urge him to prove to Nigerians that he is really as clean as a saint by clearing the air on Farida’s allegations against him,” he said.

Politics / Kano Exco Approves Business Clinics For 44 Lgas by Feminews: 1:40pm On Dec 08, 2020

Kano state Executive Council has approved the establishment of Business Clinics (Asibitin Kasuwanci) in the 44 local governments of Kano state.

The State Commissioner for Information, Malam Muhammad Garba, who disclosed this while addressing newsmen on the outcome of the council meeting held at the Africa House, Government House, Kano said that the clinics are aimed at among other things cater for the growing needs of local businesses and beneficiaries.

He said other benefits include addressing lack of proximity to micro and small enterprise support centres by entrepreneurs and traders, provide services on how to improve opportunities for local business managers/entrepreneurs to receive comprehensive business advisory services on how to improve their business activities to meet up with modern business.

Malam Garba pointed out that under the arrangement, the state ministry of commerce, industry, cooperatives and solid minerals is enrolling 12 Department for International Development (DFID’s) master trainers for seven-day professional training to be conducted at Kaduna state Business School later.

The Commissioner also announced that the council has approved the domestication of Information and Technology (ICT) clearance procedures/guidelines for all Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) for government operations in the state.

He said under the policy, the state ministry of science, technology and innovation would be the clearing house for all ICT projects from MDAs in the state.

Malam Garba added that where clearance must be obtained from the ministry for such projects and MDAs who failed to comply risk sanctioning.

The commissioner revealed that the council approved and directed the ministry of finance to release the sum of N4, 233, 657.75 million to the contractor handling the ongoing drainage construction at Tofa and Gamadan villages in Kura local government area to enable him go back to work.

The project, which is being handled by Messrs Awtad Integrated Services Enterprises, was earlier approved by the council and awarded by the state ministry of environment on July 18, 2018 at the total sum of N12, 241, 939.50 million.

Politics / Northern Youth Assembly Condemns Gang-up Against AGF by Feminews: 3:57pm On Dec 06, 2020
Northern Youth Assembly Condemns Gang-up Against AGF


We have recently been following with keen interest the hot air balloon created by some selected and selfish labour unions in concert with some shadow political forces that, the current Accountant-General of the Federation, Ahmed Idris must be retired from office on account of reaching 60 years of age.

Our position

1. While we understand that this is a deliberately created political smokescreen designed to spark unnecessary confusion about an issue that is already constitutionally very clear, we feel duty bound to set the records straight. It is quite obvious that this misleading campaign was inspired by old political prejudices, because the current AGF Ahmed Idris hails from the much despised Northern extraction

2. After our careful examination of all the pedestrian arguments being bandied on the media, notably the desperate move to convert the traditions of a political appointment into civil service rules, we wish to make our unequivocal position clear at this point. And unlike the apologists of this hasty campaign to forcefully boot out AGF Ahmed Idris through the back-door, we would rely on the provisions of the constitution, which makes both the appointment and renewal of the tenured appointment of AGF a prerogative of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

3. It is common knowledge that the AGF is currently serving as a political appointed but not a civil servant that should retire at the age of 60. It logically follows, that his appointment in 2015 was projected as a civil servant who served within the age bracket of a mandatory retirement age of 60 years, and a enjoyed the tenure within the mainstream civil service guidelines supervised under the office of the Head of Civil Service. His re - appointment for a second term in June last year, was predicated under S. 9(1),(2), (3) of the 1999 Construction where the President is empowered to appoint any person into any position of authority regardless of the age bracket, and therefore prompted the second appointment through the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation then what is the fuss about retirement age here?

4. Less we not forget that, section 171 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has provided to the President the powers to appoint a person of his choice as the Accountant General of the Federation for a tenure of four years in office, and such appointment may be renewed by the president, for another final tenure of four years.
It should be noted that, the appointment of the AG, is made under certain political, public and Judicial office holders.

5. The question begging for an answer is this: what is the underlying agenda of this broad daylight campaign against an appointee who has been passionate about his responsibility, to the excitement of The Presidency, which ( in the first place) has the prerogative of appointing, removing him; reappointing him or replacing him out rightly?

6. It is surprising that these unions and groupings are fighting a lost battle against the AGF and their sponsors are chasing shadows and leaving the substance. If they are not out for cheap recognition or hiding behind a questionable campaign of calumny to secure the AGF's office for their kinsmen, they should have done something more holistic in approach. For instance, why are they turning a blind eye to the overdue retirement of the nation's service chiefs? Or is it because some of the service chiefs are from the Southern parts of the country? If we decide to check the actual retirement dates of senior civil servants especially CEOs of federal agencies (not the pretentious type they are indulged in at the moment) how many southerners would have been found to be overdue for retirement? Why waste resources and energy bickering over an AGF who is merely serving as a political appointee and you are trying to project him as a civil servant? If there are 200 Directors qualified to take his place, so what? Is that sufficient justification to stampede a hardworking appointee out of office? And those 200 Directors being bandied about, which part of the country are they from? We won't be surprised to discover they are mainly from the South, since this is precisely the kernel of what the current campaign of stampeding the AGF is all about.

In the recent history of the Nigerian political journey, the current AGF was the only AGF who has through his professional expertise championed some reforms in the process of revenue collection, management and disbursement of public funds, by the institutionalizing a practical model which succeeded in blocking leakages, enhances transparency, accountability and openness in Government financial dealings, the reforms include: Single Treasury Account, IPPS, and many more

A word of caution

We wish to advise the labour union and its affiliates to be wary of being used by politicians with selfish interests to dent the integrity. of dedicated appointees with a view to having the kinsmen of a certain region illegitimately occupy the same office

We urge the AGF and President Buhari not to be distracted by this diversionary campaign to stampede the AGF out of office and to inform the misguided civil service wagons that, re appointment of the AGF for another 4 year tenure remains the prerogative of the President, actions which are recognized by the highest laws of the land

And finally, we say enough is enough of this distraction at a point all hands should be on deck to confront the national challenges of insecurity and economic downturn occasioned by the Covid19 pandemic. It is only those Nigerians who are soulless, that would commit resources to start an infantile, vicious propaganda over a single appointee's office - out of the tens of thousands of such offices at the federal level

We reject this latest round of conspiracy against senior federal Government appointees of Northern extraction. It is not only retrogressive but setting bad examples that nothing good would be learnt from.
We wish to at this juncture inform the bundles of these seemingly unfocussed unions to withdraw from their planned conspiracy to invade the office of the AGF, or we shall be forced to confront them.

Comrade Mohammed Hussaini Bauchi
Assistant National Publicity Secretary.

Politics / Succour As Hon. Bello Destiny Commissions Motorized Borehole In Constituency by Feminews: 11:29pm On Dec 05, 2020

Hon Ademola Bello Destiny member representing Mopamuro Constituency at the State House of Assembly in his usual alleviative spirit relived a community in his Constituency from scarcity of water by making provision for a motorized borehole.

The project was commissioned on the 5th December, 2020 in ward 02 Mopamuro LGA amidst jubilation by the inhabitants of the ward.

One of the people expressed joy for the succor the project will bring to them especially for the fact that summer is at it height and festive season is around the corner.

The State law maker appreciated everyone present and the good people of Mopamuro for their support through thin and thick and promised to bring more of Democratic dividend to the Local Government.

*Hon Ademola Bello Destiny media unit.*
*5th December,2020.*

Politics / Again, Defection Hit Mopamuro PDP Ahead Of Council Poll, As Scores Defect To APC by Feminews: 2:53pm On Dec 04, 2020
Again, defection hit Mopamuro PDP Ahead of Council Poll, as Scores Defect to APC in Ward 06

It is not an easy time for Mopamuro PDP as scores of the party's members defected to the All Progressives Congress.

In a short ceremony at the country home of the State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Hon. Kingsley Fanwo in Takete Ide, some members and leaders of the PDP said the choice of Mrs Bukola Obajemu as the Vice Chairman of the Local Government has heralded the end of PDP in Ward 06.

Speaking during the defection ceremony which had the Local Government Party Chairman of APC, Hon. Charles Omoyele and the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Youth and Mobilization for Yagba Federal constituency, Him Seth Abayomi Ronke in attendance, a former PDP Ward Chairman, Mr Tolu Atoba said Orokere Community has resolved to move away from the opposition.
He said: "We are the ones winning for PDP here. But the choice of Mrs Bukola Obajemu has convinced us to decamp. Today, we are dropping the Umbrella for the broom and we will be committed to the APC."
Also, a strong PDP leader, Mr. Monday Joseph Obadofin also said their sojourn in the opposition is over.

"Let me thank Mr Dennis Komolafe and Mrs Bukola Obajemu for their efforts at convincing us to leave the opposition. Starting from the forthcoming LG Election, we will prove to the world that Orokere Amuro is no more for the opposition PDP".

Mr Dada Adelabu also said he is convinced by the new leadership of the party in the Ward to defect.

Among the decampees was a close friend of the PDP Vice Chairmanship candidate, Mr Babatunde Olowu. Others that decamped are Mr. Olubunmi Ologe, Mr Taye Titus, Mr Matthew Ayekemi, Titilayo Jimoh, Yemi Jimoh, Mr. Ilesanmi Sunday and a strong PDP stalwart, Mr Agbo Anjorin.

Others are Ojo Obaro (Pupa Alaja), Emmanuel Ojuola, Mayor Ojuola, Emmanuel Meseko and many others too numerous to mention. They said they are representing hundreds of others that will officially join the broom party next week.

Both the Leader of the APC in the Ward, Hon. Dennis Komolafe and the Vice Chairmanship candidate of the APC, Mrs Bukola Obajemu assured the decampees of the readiness of the party to welcome them home.
Also speaking, the Mopamuro LGA APC Chairman, Hon. Charles Omoyele thanked the leaders of the party in the Ward for doing a great job. He said with the new development in Ward 06, it is obvious that Mopamuro is now poised to win all the Wards in all elections.

In his remarks, the Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communications, Kingsley Fanwo said Orokere Amuro has made a big statement.

"You are the largest Ward in Mopamuro but has remained in the opposition for too long. Any community leader in the opposition is against the development of the community.
"We were very sad to have lost all elections in that Ward. But today, those who made us lose have finally seen the light and have decided to announce the obituary of PDP in Ward 06.

"With latest developments, especially the call on a serial winner, Alh. Yahaya Bello to be the President of the country, it is obvious that APC will retain power beyond 2023. Tell the few people remaining in PDP that they cannot continue to be a General without an Army. Let us stay together in APC and fight for the progress of our great LGA.

"On behalf of all the Elders and Leaders of our Party in Mopamuro, I welcome you all to the biggest and best party in Africa. Here, there is no newcomers but all of us equal stakeholders in the party".

Fanwo later received a strong stalwart of the PDP in Takete Ide/ Otafun Ward, Mr. John Olowosiwa (Oscar) to the APC.

It would be recalled that two weeks ago, hundreds of party supporters in Ayedayo Ward also defected to the APC from PDP, a situation that sent PDP leaders in the LGA to a panic meeting.

Orokere Ward 06 is the Ward of PDP strongman, Commodore Folusho Daniel (rtd).
The gale of defection in the LGA may continue next week during the mega rally of the party ahead of the council polls.

A PDP Chieftain in the Local Government who craved anonymity said the latest development is unhealthy for democracy.

"Taking our members to APC is unhealthy for democracy. Opposition is part of democracy. But what is happening in Mopamuro is a situation where some people are being procured to leave our party.
"APC should stop harassing our members with their corrupt money".
The party Chieftain said PDP will soon meet to review the situation and come out with a position.

Religion / Apostle Kure Happy With Cooperation Of Southern Kaduna Stakeholders by Feminews: 2:42pm On Dec 04, 2020

Co-chairman of House of Kaduna Family, Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure, has called on traditional rulers and other stakeholders in southern Kaduna to bury their differences and work together toward achieving lasting security and peace in the region.

Apostle Kure made the call while addressing senior traditional rulers, community leaders and representatives of civil society organisations in Kafanchan during a consultative meeting.

He explained that members of House of Kaduna were visiting southern Kaduna with a view to getting first-hand information on the on-going conflicts, crises and insecurity in the region so that they can effectively play a constructive role in bringing about peace.

According to him, the information members gather in the course of their interface will enable them recommend effective and practical measures to the state government for better policy enunciation that would hopefully lead to the containment of insecurity and criminality and achieving peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

Expressing appreciation for the cooperation of the traditional rulers and other stakeholders, Apostle Kure observed that the insecurity and conflicts in the region had assumed an international dimension which was not good for the state.

Both Apostle Kure and Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, who is the co-chairman representing the Islamic faith in the House of Kaduna Family, explained that members would explore all avenues to ensure they did not fail the people of Kaduna State.

The co-chairmen added that they accepted membership of the Kaduna Family because they wanted to contribute their quota in securing peace and security in the state, adding that those who hide under the guise of religion to perpetrate crime and ignite conflicts do so under ignorance because no religion preached or encouraged killings.

“History is knocking at our door steps to see what we can achieve for the state,” they said, adding that, “we cannot afford to fail. We are people of religion, people of God. So we shouldn’t fail.”

Members of House of Kaduna Family were on a fact-finding mission in the region and visited internally displaced persons’ camps at Zonkwa and Kurmin Masara. Other members include Bishop Buba Lamido, Bishop Timothy Yahaya, Rev. Prof. Moses Audi, Rev. Ishaya Adamu Jandogo, Bishop Julius Yakubu Kundi, Rev. Barnabas Dodo, Bishop Matthew Man-oso Ndagoso, Bishop Sunday Oga Idoko, Rev. Dr. Olatunbosun and Shola James.

Others are Sheikh Abdulkareem Hashim, Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, Malam Muhammadu Kabir Alkasim, Mallam Tahir Baba Ibrahim, Mallam Yusuf Yakubu Alrigasiyyu, Sheikh Hamza Muhammad Lawal and Tukur Adam Almanna. Dr. Muhammadu Suleiman, Alhaji Mohammed Maruf Raji and Alhaji Sheriff Olutusin.

Hajiya Fadila Musa and Agatha Asabe Soge are representing Muslim and Christian women in the House.

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