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Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Celebrates Her Son Jayce's 3rd Birthday (Pictures) by Firstcitizen: 9:20am
Where him papa?

You wey dem no dey find your papa, is your life happier?

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Science/Technology / Re: Silicon Valley Start-up Backed By Jeff Bezos Is Trying To Create Immortality(Pix by Firstcitizen: 8:42am On Sep 16
Health / Re: David Gbodi Odaibo Dies In His Sleep After His Work Won $125M US Contract by Firstcitizen: 5:22pm On Sep 15
The algorithm he wrote for automatically detecting threats at Airports

I might not be very tech savvy but i guess anybody that wrote an algorithm can also write an anti-algorithm maybe a bug or sumthin.....don't yu guys think Homeland might know sumtin

Na dem kee d guy jor. Dem wan collect the codes free and no fit trust African man not to sell am give Russia or China. The thing dey inside e head .
Family / Re: My Neighbor Has Been Cheating On Her Husband With A Bike Man by Firstcitizen: 12:27pm On Sep 15

When they tell you to seek the face of God properly before choosing a wife, many are too know and think they're smarter than whoever is called God.
Imagine when you have high BP every day because you don't trust whom you call wife, who might be cheating behind you, just by going to work. What will then happen if you travel out of town for 1 week or more?

You see men are the most heartbroken in extramarital affairs. Especially women these days are something else but men are getting dumber and careless.

I don't pity men. You were the one who wooed her and married her. Deal with whatever you get. It's your own hand you used to choose your wife. It's your choice.

See dis goat
Family / Re: My Neighbor Has Been Cheating On Her Husband With A Bike Man by Firstcitizen: 12:19pm On Sep 15
Good morning guys , there's this woman in my neighborhood who has been having an extramarital affairs with the bike man that normally use to come and pick her children to school in the morning, she has two kid, a boy and a girl, but her cheating spree is out of this world...

Her husband is a nice person and works in one of the big bank in the country on the island, due to his nature of his job, he leaves for work early and return very late...

This crazy woman has been using this to hit her children's bike man on severea occasion, there's was this day I was at home working on my laptop early in the morning, the window of her bedroom shares the same as mine only a fence blocking us apart, I kept hearing heavy moany and repeated thrust sound coming from the bedroom,

This man in question is a cool headed gentle man, easy going in the estate and doesn't deserve this kind of trouble and heart wenching action the woman is taking him through, I don't preay he finds out and I need help on how to tell the woman to stop doing this and at the same time I don't want their marriage to crash....

After knacking, this woman goes to her shop and pretends as if nothing happens.....

Paternity fraud loading and you are an accomplice if you cannot send the man a recording of the time the bike man arrives and leaves, the window and sound anonymously.

Evil thrives when good men are silent


Crime / Re: EFCC Invites SCOAN Disciples For Alleged Looting Of T.B Joshua's Money Vault. by Firstcitizen: 8:39am On Sep 13
Celebrities / Re: Chimamanda Meets Merkel, Talks About Her Late Mother by Firstcitizen: 9:57am On Sep 11
Propaganda. Whenever African woman choice nudity she will become famous. Whenever African man become gay he'll become famous.
She wrote some useless poem and join the cult now she's celebrity

Your head dey dia jare
Health / Re: Jubilee Syringe To Start Exportation To Germany by Firstcitizen: 8:48am On Sep 11
The bar is so low for Nigeria that they are now celebrating exportation of syringe , the other day it was pencils, mehn Nigeria don suffer.

Sometimes I think we gained independence too early

Early is not the problem. The problem is we actually gained independence
Sports / Re: Manchester City's Benjamin Mendy To Remain In Prison Until Next Year by Firstcitizen: 8:25pm On Sep 10
3some or 4some with oyinbo chicks is highly risky if you have money and a name to protect.

He is fvcked because he had a very inefficient management that should have spotted this quick

In the UK these oyinbo chicks can be brutal and set you up even when you don't have the kind of money Mendy has.. Watch how more 'victims' will join the bandwagon as the case progresses.


Business / Re: How Can One Run A Shawarma Business, Asun And Pop Corn Business In Absentia? by Firstcitizen: 7:18am On Sep 10

Employ me as am the only one I know that fear GoD and dread for anyone to spoil my proper name and upbringing I gained from physical parents,Holy Spirit and papa Oyedepo every morning at 5:30am
Besides I worked in the bank were I see money as paper and understand target

Hey, all nairaland youths..attend and watch ur life become sweet and meaningful
Family / Re: Why Are Married Men Quiet And Condone Rubbish In Their Homes? by Firstcitizen: 1:55pm On Sep 09
and you think I care?
Bro, I still dey young to get hypertension.. The kids are mine after DNA confirmation..
Am OK with that

Bros, na wa for you oh. You for just join us dey do this baby mama business nau. You sleep good knowing nobody dey mess up dem vows nau. Even sleep better cause you no care wetin she do because na contract to born pikin and it end for dia. On top money for wedding ni and that yeye list dem in-laws dey give. No need nau

My next life no be even baby mama I go do oh. Na surrogacy like Ronaldo grin

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Family / Re: Why Are Married Men Quiet And Condone Rubbish In Their Homes? by Firstcitizen: 1:44pm On Sep 09

My own wife too na dangbana choko and immediately she gave birth to the second child, I catapult am go abroad. The only diff be say, my own wife can die for her kids..

You for just use ya sef as example.

The part wey interest me na ya wife wey you send go abroad. Pesin go dey nack am steady now even when she dey phone with you. No deceive ya sef. Na so life be


Celebrities / Re: Blessing Okoro To Tega's Husband: You Don’t Owe Anyone An Interview by Firstcitizen: 12:29am On Sep 09
lol . Slut shaming doesn't have the same effect it used to my dear Mr woman-wrapper . Ur types are always so excited to comment on female issues that ideally shouldn't concern you
. Crawl back into the gutter you came from, abeg .

Eyaah, you seem mortified and don't really sound intelligent. I should have known.

No one is slut shaming you. Just stating the obvious. The cloak you wore to hide your moral depravity only got torn by your support for such filthy,obscene display of indecency. Speaks volume of your moral compass.
Celebrities / Re: Blessing Okoro To Tega's Husband: You Don’t Owe Anyone An Interview by Firstcitizen: 7:44pm On Sep 07
my dear , even if I'm a public toilet I still won't fvck you . Go and collect your mother's no , dear - Since you want to fvck so badly
grin Na so una dey take fail on assumptions. Where did I mention my humble self in my last comment madam public toilet?. grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Blessing Okoro To Tega's Husband: You Don’t Owe Anyone An Interview by Firstcitizen: 4:26pm On Sep 07
lol , stop crying ike a bytch , man . You cannot dictate how anyone does their cheating - if you cheated first - if you send me a rat and I send you a snake - you shouldnt complain - you wouldnt have gotten a snake if you didnt send a rat first . As I said earlier - resist wailing - it's so unmanly.

You sound very bitter. Is he cheating? Is he a serial cheat. Sorry oh, so now that your revenge is to turn public toilet, please publish your number so ......... grin

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Celebrities / Re: Blessing Okoro To Tega's Husband: You Don’t Owe Anyone An Interview by Firstcitizen: 2:59pm On Sep 07
when you people turned cheating to a sport - carrying girls up and down , humiliating your wives under the guise of " men are naturally polygamous " - all of you hailing yourselves happily on who could cheat best - now you want women to drag another woman for cheating ? When have men ever dragged another man for cheating on his wife You people have not seen anything yet . Na you e kuku dey pain pass - always wailing like bytches when women cheat . When we have learnt to take it on the chest like strong women . Weak mofos will be wailing like children on top game you people started o - now women are playing too you want to off yourselves .

Okay let us all hesitantly pretend. Let us pretend you have made sense, Name a man that has gone on National TV to engage in such to the full glare of adults and even teenagers alike. It is shameful to say the least but more shameful that she has people who think like her. If you have a strong conviction about what you wrote, let us also read about yours too.

It is people like you who are bitter with infidelity in their homes but do nothing about it only to come online to encourage others to do what they can never do.

People like you lot are responsible for the numerous cases of paternity fraud we read about daily. Abi do men also do maternity fraud....awon shameless
Celebrities / Re: Blessing Okoro To Tega's Husband: You Don’t Owe Anyone An Interview by Firstcitizen: 12:35pm On Sep 07
He is an attention seeking, dirty clout chaser, ediotic pig.
No real man would behave like him.

grin Chai! Woman cheats on National TV without making an attempt to hide like most of you do. Full disregard for the marriage or the man and her cohorts say he should hide and keep shut. .....chai


Politics / Re: Fayemi Bows Down For Olu Of Warri, Tsola Emiko (photos) by Firstcitizen: 12:04pm On Sep 07

I laugh in Swahili, Kingdom is lower than an Empire in all ramifications, also anybody can put any information on Wikipedia, just like it puts Kwara in South West which is not true. Benin republic is pronounced "Bene" and not Benin just like Niger republic is not the same Niger state in Nigeria. War conquests and dominance was reported about Oyo empire, Benin only had cultural influence some of the tribes around her and that Benin conquer Lagos, please stop it, this is not beer parlour discussion

Do you want me to refer you to other historical publications. Argue with facts not like some fish seller. At least the emancipation from ignorance will be free
Politics / Re: Fayemi Bows Down For Olu Of Warri, Tsola Emiko (photos) by Firstcitizen: 6:03am On Sep 07

There was no other empire in pre colonial southern Nigeria other than Oyo, Benin was a kingdom and never expanded to any Lagos. You can't find any Benin name in any of the six Yoruba states but there people with Yoruba names in Edo and Delta.

Lol. What do you even understand by the word Kingdom. grin

Let me cull something from Wikipedia so I can put it in better perspective

"At its height, Benin dominated trade along the entire coastline from the Western Niger Delta, through Lagos to the kingdom of Great Accra (modern-day Ghana).[

It was for this reason that this coastline was named the Bight of Benin. The present-day Republic of Benin, formerly Dahomey, decided to choose the name of this bight as the name of its country. Benin ruled over the tribes of the Niger Delta including the Western Igbo, Ijaw, Itshekiri, Ika, Isoko and Urhobo amongst others. It also held sway over the Eastern Yoruba tribes of Ondo, Ekiti, Mahin/Ugbo, and Ijebu.

It also conquered what eventually became the city of Lagos hundreds of years before the British took over in 1851."
Politics / Re: Fayemi Bows Down For Olu Of Warri, Tsola Emiko (photos) by Firstcitizen: 4:41pm On Sep 06

Nope, Kingdom

Britain was a kingdom that was an empire. Benin was a kingdom that was also an empire spanning as far Lagos.
Health / Re: Help!! My Scalp Is Folding And Getting Heavy by Firstcitizen: 4:00pm On Sep 06
Cutis verticis gyrata
Politics / Re: Fayemi Bows Down For Olu Of Warri, Tsola Emiko (photos) by Firstcitizen: 3:59pm On Sep 06

Shey u know say British don depose oba of Benin before.

Empires fight, empires fall. The victor deposes the vanquished. Benin was an empire ,Britian was too.

Shebi governor with ordinary pen na empire abi
Politics / Re: Questions You Should Never Ask People – Reno Omokri by Firstcitizen: 3:49pm On Sep 06
Him that has been minding his business is he as rich as Dangote?

Help me ask oh
Celebrities / Re: Zubby Michael Chides Annie Idibia For Calling Out 2Baba On Social Media by Firstcitizen: 9:46am On Sep 03
Any woman who became a baby mama to a wealthy celebrity is a gold-digging olosho no matter how you try to package her. She can never be a good wife 'material'. So, Annie's behavior is no surprise.

@HelloWriter says so.

Adultery in the South is the result of an irreligious society bah? And endless mindless killings in the North and in the South by Northerners is the result of what? Religious society?

No mind the ODE
Politics / Re: Heavy Gunshots As Bandits In Military Uniforms Celebrate (Video) by Firstcitizen: 1:27pm On Sep 02
Business / Re: CBN Announces Plan To Launch E-Naira Wallet, Reveals CBDC Guidelines by Firstcitizen: 7:38am On Aug 31
Politics / Re: Hadi Sirika: Nigeria To Start Production Of Airplanes Before 2023 by Firstcitizen: 9:23am On Aug 26
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin


Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban ‘Victory Force’ Parade With US Tanks & Guns( Pix) by Firstcitizen: 2:54pm On Aug 25
Hacked vehicles with compromised telecoms. Make dem continue. Dem go soon cry
Politics / Re: Yemi Osinbajo Speaks French To President Of DR Congo (Video) by Firstcitizen: 2:09pm On Aug 25
You are a real man.
A real gullible man
Politics / Re: Britain & Bindmans Seek Nnamdi Kanu’s Consent To Take Over Case by Firstcitizen: 12:31pm On Jul 16

Like US did Osama Bin Laden.

or hushpuppi

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Politics / Re: DSS Accuses Israeli Filmmakers Of Supporting IPOB, Detains Them In Cells by Firstcitizen: 10:05am On Jul 14

You really want to fvck with a nation that destroyed 5 Arab armies in 6 days ? A nation that Syria, Iran and all the Islamic nations are afraid of ??


Na America destroy 5 Arab nations using Israel as proxy. Make we hear word
Foreign Affairs / Re: Prince Philip To Join Late Kings And Queens In A 200-Year-Old Iron Vault by Firstcitizen: 12:18pm On Apr 17
After the Queen dies what happens?

He will rise on the 15th day

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