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Politics / Re: Gani Adams To Femi Adesina: Tell Buhari Nigerians Are Hungry by Frankdamaxx(m): 9:12am On Apr 19

No be Thailand rice full Nigeria now

I am yet to see the lake rice even in Lagos market!!!

So if we are producing in Nigeria, where are they

And you are saying Nigeria is poor, but Mr President keep saying he is producing billions through this business (rice mills) which also produces millionaires, so where are the millionaires

Don't mind the BMC people. They claimed Government is saving money from the importation of rice, that is true because they have stopped providing forex for it but the importation of foreign rice still goes on and the Bills are passed to the final consumer. Empower local producers properly!!!

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Autos / Re: ########################## Awoof Upgraded 2016 Mercedes Benz G63.....price 8.8m by Frankdamaxx(m): 11:50am On Apr 15
I don't understand
Car Talk / Re: @ Gazuz Toyota Avalon 2007 V. Ml 350 2007 V. Infiniti Fx 35 2008. V. Bmw 2008 by Frankdamaxx(m): 9:31pm On Apr 03
2013 Accord

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Politics / Re: Peace Meeting With Igbos, Yorubas In Oshodi Organized By APC Leaders, MC Oluomo by Frankdamaxx(m): 8:17pm On Feb 28
Eku ile eyin eyinmi

I greet you all.

I will like to mention that the issue of Lagos is a serious case that every single Yoruba should pay attention to. How can a group of people migrate to your ancestral land and call you ancestral land a "no man's land" and you smile with them. Please let me ask you a question, If you do not have a heritage where do you come from ? I mean right before your nose, strangers are claiming your homes and calling it a no man's land. I mean how do you introduce yourself to your children.

Kids ::::: Daddy where are we from ?

Father ::::: Kids your ancestral home and that of your fore fathers is no man's land Lagos

Kids :::::::: Why are we from No man's land but Emeka claims he from Enugu.

Father :::::: Well Emeka is from Enugu because he's father and those people him have homes and villages they can be traced but you are a lagosian, no village nothing; you are a vagabond with no history because Lagos is a no man's land

Kids:::::::Ok at least if I go to Enugu I can be elected there or even be a king there.

Father ::::::: Well if you try it is possible

Kids go to Enugu and try to be elected after suffering and investing

Enugu People ::::::: Ndi Yoruba you can never be king or elected here. Your father Awolowo betrayed us

Kids come back home

Now if you are a yoruba man and a Lagosian Awori/Ijebu/Egba and Egun and you smile without cutting the head of the person that says your land is a no man's land, then you are an illiterate.

Forget your education. If the White Americans know their land and Australians still trace their root but yours is "No man's land" then sorry to say but you are a fool.

If you cannot protect your heritage and think being educated means being a fool then I am sorry we are not all fools.

A good example is the House of representative woman in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Rita Odichi Orji was born into the family of Late Mr. Festus Akuenyerenwata Chimara and Mrs. Celestina Chimara. She had her early education in Orlu, Imo State, before moving over to Lagos where she made her home until her election to the hallowed chambers.

Rita Orji campaigns in Igbo language and does empowerment in Imo state thereby taking money meant for Lagos empowerment to Imo state.

This is to tell eyin omo oduduwa to wake up and smell the coffee. This is not tribalism; this is us protecting our heritage.

No ethnic group will allow what we allow in Lagos state. Urhobo, Hausas etc don't gloat on us but Igbos do and we should not allow it !!!

Enough is enough

From Lagos Island

True born Awori indigene.

Hope you also reject money made from sales of crude oil? We wouldn't have been here if your great hero Awolowo just allowed Igbo's to secede peacefully in the late 60's.

The Unity of Nigeria is non negotiable, you must live with the repercussions.

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Politics / Re: Peace Meeting With Igbos, Yorubas In Oshodi Organized By APC Leaders, MC Oluomo by Frankdamaxx(m): 8:12pm On Feb 28
So much hatred and bitterness here.

A lot of Yoruba's have never lived in igbo land and make conclusions about our way of life based on hearsay.

Because of one man's ambition, he has sowed seeds of division among ethnic groups.

Nigeria belongs to us all, I have not seen a Yoruba or Hausa person reject money made from crude oil gotten from the Niger Delta and South east.

Let's not let our leaders use us. We have suffered enough.

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Politics / Re: Next Level: What Do You Want From This Administration? by Frankdamaxx(m): 1:09pm On Feb 27
Power, Transportation and Housing
Autos / Re: 2011 Acura MDX Reg. (barely Used) by Frankdamaxx(m): 8:07am On Feb 14
Call now
Autos / Re: 2011 Acura MDX Reg. (barely Used) by Frankdamaxx(m): 5:20pm On Feb 13
Great ride. Don't miss this
Autos / Re: 2011 Acura MDX Reg. (barely Used) by Frankdamaxx(m): 6:39am On Feb 13
Good morning
Autos / Re: 2011 Acura MDX Reg. (barely Used) by Frankdamaxx(m): 9:47pm On Feb 12
Politics / Re: El-Rufai Campaigns With Swag With His Convoy And Security Details (Photo) by Frankdamaxx(m): 8:42am On Feb 10
It's a pity the OP does not know who his true enemies are. Trust me, it's not Ipob. It's people like el-rufai and the elites. I just pray we wake up in this country.

Power belongs to the people. It's our right to have better living conditions not begging to be fed like our leaders are doing us a favor. Who bought that car for him? Is it not the same Niger Delta oil whose people you loath.

Please let's have sense as we vote.
Autos / Re: SOLD_'05 Mercedes BenzE500 V8 4matic - Reg'but Rarely Used_SOLD by Frankdamaxx(m): 8:24am On Feb 09
Abeg I no dey buy but I fit come just feel the power for Third mainland bridge.
Car Talk / Re: Why South Africa Cars Are Giving Headache by Frankdamaxx(m): 8:47pm On Feb 08
South Africa cars are always having issues up and down and also they can easily get burned

Really? Please tell us more.
Autos / Re: SOLD_'05 Mercedes BenzE500 V8 4matic - Reg'but Rarely Used_SOLD by Frankdamaxx(m): 8:22pm On Feb 08
All these potential buyers using style to ask for VIN. Just tell the OP to post the VIN straight up
Car Talk / Re: From Which Corolla Year Model Upward Is Free From Burglars by Frankdamaxx(m): 6:01pm On Feb 06
Hello Nairalanders, need your advice.

Recently I have heard several stories of cars been burgled and most are Corolla followed by Camry and few cases of Lexus SUV.

I intend to get a car with good fuel economy and second hand value and what comes to mind is Toyota Corolla.

Please from which corolla (2007-2012) model year upward is free from corolla burglars or Corolla strippers.


Thank me later.

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Car Talk / Re: Engine Autopsy 3.3L V6 242 Hp Hyundai Santafe 2008 Engine by Frankdamaxx(m): 9:54pm On Jan 31
Phones / Re: Samsung J6 Or J6 + by Frankdamaxx(m): 9:07pm On Jan 31
I'm in need of the above named phones, any that's available for a good price..Abeg show!!
Must be 3gb ram

Oga, since nobody wants to tell you I will. Those phones hang and will frustrate you if you use your phone well. But if it's just phone call, sms and WhatsApp, Carry go.
Autos / Re: ASK GAZZUZZ by Frankdamaxx(m): 10:21am On Jan 27
Hi Gazzuzz,

My Car, an 01 Civic had an issue after a long drive to oyingbo and back. On the way back, my gear couldn't move past gear 1. The D light wasn't blinking. I checked the transmission fluid this morning and it needs changing.

Before I change it, do you think it's just a change of fluid or something else. I don't want to waste money on ATF Z1 when maybe the transmission needs changing or something else. Thanks
Autos / Re: My Awful Experience With Calculusx That Runs/Owns V.A Auto Sales Ventures by Frankdamaxx(m): 3:22am On Jan 26
This was and still is a very small issue, but because of pride it will still seem like something impossible to resolve.

This experience could have gone a different way, if at the point the OP called Calculux when the vehicle first broke down and he said bring it to my shop let discuss and fix it we wouldn't have been here, but the response he received from Calculux wasn't inviting.

Nobody pays for a car and expects transmission to fail within 4 weeks without say being told to expect it. For Godsakes he was traveling with his family.

The OP has paid for the failed transaction with his money while Calculux has paid with his reputation.

My advice is Calculux should offer to meet the OP and smooth things out. He has far more experience than the OP in these sort of things.

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Phone/Internet Market / Re: Leeco 1s, 32gig ROM, 3gig RAM, Fingerprint, Free Pouch 25k by Frankdamaxx(m): 3:51pm On Jan 19
Nice phone. Good quality.
Car Talk / Re: Christmas Parts Give Away From Gazzuzz. by Frankdamaxx(m): 3:50pm On Jan 19
Hope it is not late SIR Gazuuz. . . I need a shock. absorbers for my Durango 2002. . . smileyThanks

Durango kwa.. lipsrsealed
Car Talk / Re: Christmas Parts Give Away From Gazzuzz. by Frankdamaxx(m): 5:53am On Jan 17
Gazzuzz na wah o.

Oya help me with free scanning.

P.S: mention me if you need Civic 02 water pump. Used but still working.

Autos / Re: 2011 Acura MDX Reg. (barely Used) by Frankdamaxx(m): 1:37pm On Jan 15
Still available. Negotiable
Car Talk / Re: What Is a "scam" in auto repair? by Frankdamaxx(m): 5:37pm On Jan 14
Follow up questions
1) how much do you think the average mechanic makes?
2) how many repairs do you think the average mechanic does a month?

To answer this question, look at it from this angle.

The truth is that we are experiencing a shift from the traditional/Local mechanic structure to More modern structures.

Then, being a Mechanic was for never do wells and drop outs. Now, Even Masters Degree holders are Mechanics now with modern workshop and tools. For someone who has patronised local Mechanics for years paying 1k to service his car now having to pay the modern mechanic up to 10k for the same service takes some getting used to.

As people buy modern cars, they switch to the modern mechanics. The average year of production for most cars on the road are between 2000 to 2010.

As Cars become more advanced technologically edging out local mechanics, then people will be more comfortable adjusting to prices.

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Autos / Re: 2011 Acura MDX Reg. (barely Used) by Frankdamaxx(m): 4:34pm On Jan 14
Why did u Put down ur number that way? Where is the vehicle pics? Location is Abuja or Lagos?

To avoid spams and phone number bots. Lagos.
Autos / 2011 Acura MDX Reg. (barely Used) by Frankdamaxx(m): 3:39pm On Jan 14
A 2011 Acura MDX elite model is available for sale by the owner. This car is barely used as the owner is not in the country.

Colour is white.

Whatsapp me for details I will put you in direct contact with the owner for negotiation. Asking is N4 million.

0 8 0 seven 3 9 7 4 seven 3 one

Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Vs Lexus Vs Acura Vs Infinity Battle Of Luxury!! by Frankdamaxx(m): 11:08am On Jan 14
2011 Acura MDX for sale at 4 million (neg). Clean and barely used as owner is abroad.
0 8 0 seven 3 9 7 4 7 three one
Car Talk / Re: What Is a "scam" in auto repair? by Frankdamaxx(m): 11:04am On Jan 14
So I log on today and there a LOT of mud-slinging about pricing!! My question is a simple one.:

1) what percentage profit do you think it is fair for a mechanic/parts seller to make on parts?

2) how much do you think it is fair for a mechanic to make on labor?

I'll go one step further. Assume the part cost the seller and/or mechanic N1,000.

The issue of billing and profit percentage is very dicey.

The capitalist are of the opinion of charge as much as you can get on the product.

The socialist cares about the consumer getting a better deal.

The moralist will want a win win situation for the consumer and seller.

The question is what is your philosophy on business?

When we complain about someone else's high price we forget that we are also charging a high price for what we sell.

But price should also be looked at in terms of product offering. Like someone said, why is Iya Gazzuzz chicken KFC chicken more expensive than Iya kazeema's chicken?


Car Talk / Re: How Gazzuzz charged me by Frankdamaxx(m): 11:02pm On Jan 12
OP should come and give us feedback. Is the ABS and SRS light permanently on?

I also think you must have bought a stolen ECU
Technology Market / Re: We Love Xiaomi Phones. We Repair And Sell Xiaomi Phones (see Prices)... by Frankdamaxx(m): 4:52pm On Jan 10

How much to change screen of xiaomi mi a1?
Autos / Re: My Awful Experience With Calculusx That Runs/Owns V.A Auto Sales Ventures by Frankdamaxx(m): 4:38pm On Jan 10
Legalwealth u opened this thread to paint someone who was doing u a favor bad , because of some issue d car had. I know u never saw it coming that things would turn against you as they did. I’m glad calculusx didn’t respond here at all. Now, what exactly was d point of dis thread and what u achieved? Ask urself quietly , and be honest. Have a great year ahead!

Do you also know that this thread could have been a commendation thread on how the car dealer handled the situation properly. It's not everybody that's a lion in business like you. Some people actually trust in others.


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