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Romance / Re: Can Someone Explain The Feeling Of Disgust, Remorse And Disdain After Sex.? by frugal(m): 9:49am On Aug 08
Every guy feels this exciting, joy and enthusiasm before sex but immediately you release semen it is the opposite of all the feelings before it.

I ain't concluding, it may not be so for other guys. Even so Can someone explain why some of us few like that? Even with the girls I love wholeheartedly I still feel like that with them. is it a biological, psychological or emotional problem? and what is the remedy?


Because you're addicted to porn and fapping.
Romance / Re: Which Category Of Bachelor Are You? (Photo) by frugal(m): 8:21pm On Aug 07
Deputy Chief grin

No time

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Religion / Re: Pornography & Masturbation: A Struggling Christian Needs Help by frugal(m): 12:23pm On Jul 26

You can overcome this habit?

Sure. Lots of people are doing it. You can too.

Pornography damages your brain.
Religion / Re: Pornography & Masturbation: A Struggling Christian Needs Help by frugal(m): 10:59am On Jul 26
Good morning everyone.

The subject refers,
I am a Christian. However, I have been struggling with a whole lot of non Christian like habit. One of such habit is watching of pornography and masturbating. This habit has lingered for more than 10 years now.
I am an introvert probably what has made it worse and perpetual.
I don't like this act. But I usually still practice it.

I believe God loves me but he hates this act. I really don't know how to STOP IT.

Pls I need help. This has really affected my relationship with the Holy spirit, myself and other people please help.

Also I have discovered that in the past 2 years i have been so disorganized, and forgetful.

At work I have been termed a LIER. I feel really embarrassed with myself when people give me something and I forget I have been given or I don't know where exactly I kept it. Then I will be asked of the same thing I won't be able to find it. Sometimes I deny it was ever given to me because I can't remember It was ever given to me.

This has brought me a lot of struggles at work(banking) and has made me ever so frustrated with myself.

I WASN'T LIKE THIS[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font] before. It so unfortunate this is happening to me.

My prayer life too has gone down the drain it's zero. I attend church service Sunday however due to the current lockdown I can say I don't have any relationship with God!

Please I need help
There's a whole community on this: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/
Technology Market / Re: SOLD SOLD Lenovo Thinkpad T480: 32gb Ram, I5 8th Generation, 512gb Ssd SOLD by frugal(m): 1:40pm On Jul 25
Frugal morning.

The T490 is available amd it has the capacity to hold up to 48gb ram. However the available has 16gb.

There is a p51 with 32gb ram, 512ssd and 1tera hdd
I need the t480. 1080p or 1440p option. I'll call you.
Health / Re: RRS Rescues Man Who Suffered An Asthma Attack On Otedola Bridge. by frugal(m): 8:55pm On Jul 24
Best police unit in Nigeria hands down. Very disciplined.


Sports / Re: Mike Tyson To Face Roy Jones Jr. In September 12 Exhibition Match by frugal(m): 7:09pm On Jul 23
I hope he won't bite this one ear . Make God help us.
I'm sure they'll remove all his teeth before the fight grin
Romance / Re: My Past Memories Is Making Me Hate Her And I Want To End It Now by frugal(m): 7:28pm On Jul 22

But one thing led to another, one day, we had sex. And that changed everything. I couldn’t resist her again. But a part of me still hate her whenever I remember those disgraceful moments. Now she is 26, she want us get married. If I marry her, I may treat her bad.

In a dilema seriously and its giving me headache.
Nothing disgraceful there. You were just really creepy then. And girls hate creeps.
Car Talk / Re: Lexus Rx 350 2010 Or Toyota Venza 2010 by frugal(m): 10:11am On Jul 22
Good day my people, am here again to seek your opinions on these two cars. I want to hear from dealers and from experience auto mechanics.

I thank everyone that contributed to my previous post before I bought my Acura MDX 2008, that car is super good and reliable.


Now I want to upgrade and I need you guys to share your experience with me.

Rx 2010 or Venza 2010.

No let them hear am o. Lexus RX all the way. I'm saving for one before the end of the year by God's grace.

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Phones / Re: Glo Reduces International Call Tariff By 55% by frugal(m): 10:01pm On Jul 17
I don't know anyone who still does international calls with their airtime. Everyone uses Whatsapp. 1hr call on Whatsapp takes barely 10mb, and sounds like the recipient is in the next room.
Politics / Re: Magu Released After 10 Days In Detention by frugal(m): 9:12pm On Jul 15
please can people quote this comment with places on the Lagos mainland with steady power supply. I'm planning to relocate but power is important to my decision. Cost is also a factor
Also, if you are looking for a flat to stay in Ibafo, I have an empty room in a 3-bed. flatmate needed 70k
...drailing the topic oga. But move to Magodo if you want constant power supply.
Sports / Re: Victor Osimhen Close To Completing €81 Million Move To Napoli by frugal(m): 9:02am On Jul 15
I hope he performs at Napoli , cos if u notice the gatusso style of football ,the strikers are always coming to play with the midfield and the rest of the team , the strikers are always involved heavily in teams play and team build up ....
Osihmen is not that kind of striker , he just needs the ball and he'll score ..
Maybe they'll adjust their style for him ..but this amount is so untrue and outrageous ...osihmen would move for 65m or less ..

Very wrong. Are sure you've watched him play? He's exactly what you described him not to be. He'll fit perfectly.

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Romance / Re: Should I Block And Blacklist Her? by frugal(m): 11:00pm On Jul 14
I proposed love to her though knowing that she had a guy
Wanted to marry her but she said she will think about it. Later she said No so I moved on.

I decided to avoid her totally since I wanted the feeling I had for her to die since I couldn't get her...I wouldn't call nor message for about a month and then she would either call or message me. This cycle has gone on for about three years. Anytime I decide to forget her, she will call or message asking why I don't call and bla bla. When she does that and I decide to call or message her, she would give excuses and hang up or quit chats.

When I shun her, she will find her way back to call me or message me. Should I blacklist her and block her on messenger?

If she doesn't love me and can't date me, why can't she let me be? Please advise

I think she likes you and just wants to be friends. Does everything have to be Bleep Bleep Bleep? Be her friend biko.
Technology Market / Re: Lenovo Thinkpad T480 8gb Ram 512ssd Core I7 8th Gen Keyboard Light 175k by frugal(m): 5:20am On Jul 10
Lenovo Thinkpad T480
8gb ram
Core i7
8th gen
Keyboard light
9hrs battery life
Uk used

175k only
Do you still have this?
Technology Market / Re: SOLD SOLD Lenovo Thinkpad T480: 32gb Ram, I5 8th Generation, 512gb Ssd SOLD by frugal(m): 5:16am On Jul 10
Lenovo ThinkPad T480

14" HD
Intel 8th Gen Quad-Core i5-8250U
512GB ssd
Thunderbolt 3 Type-C
Windows 10 Pro

I want something like this.
Technology Market / Re: Tony Samuel Igbokwe Is A Scammer by frugal(m): 3:50am On Jul 10
On the 4th if July I feel for a scammer he made a post for selling X's max iCloud lock for parts I contacted him and we agreed on a price .I decide to pay since his profile was dated 2009 after sending 40k that was the end he deleted my conversation on WhatsApp.my writing here is not for my money back but to let People to be educated that on no occasion should you trust and pay before seeing .I have people here I do business with that I haven't seen but I don't know why some people just decide to dent Thier name below is the transaction details his number is 08086912885 I tried using another number he blocked me again
Sorry for your loss. But the profile says 'registered December, 2019.'


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dubai Company Excludes Nigerian Applicants From Vacancies by frugal(m): 8:54pm On Jul 08
Autos / Re: 2005 Honda City Automatic 600k 08035765788 by frugal(m): 4:51pm On Jul 08
kindly make it 500 and u will be happy u did
Lol. Why are you selling?
Romance / Re: I Became Abusive By Chance And My Girl Loves It by frugal(m): 3:56am On Jul 07
Wait until she cuts off your dick while sleeping cheesy


Programming / Re: Share Your Remote Job Experience As A Developer by frugal(m): 1:51pm On Jul 06

not bad...You are earning an MD salary of most banks...

how do you get remote jobs?...or which would you recommend...

what's the name of your own company?...

Which bank pays their MD $500/mo in Nigeria? I'm curious. Or perhaps I didn't read that correctly?
Politics / Re: APC Caretaker Committee Visits Tinubu by frugal(m): 8:13am On Jul 03
. Good move. Very good

People are under estimating who tinubu is.
Most of the top politicians will attribute the rise to the influence of tinubu.

Fayemi was just a lecturer in Ghana. Tinubu made him gov.
Osibanjo was just a lecturer in lagos and a SAN. Tinubu made him commissioner and vice president.
Aregbe was a nobody, tinubu made him a commissioner and a gov.
Fashola was brought to tinubu, as a nobody. Tinubu made him a gov.
Ambode was a nobody too. Tinubu made him a gov.
Dapo became a gov with the influence of tinubu.
A police officer became a king because of tinubu
A lot of politicians in Abuja got there due to his influence.

Man has a way of turning small fishes into bug ones.
No politician can boost of something of this nature in Nigeria.
Most of them always bring up already established persons as commissioners, ministers Nd govs
Tinubu is different.

You just described a godfather. A very successful one.


Crime / Re: I Rape Housewives, Maids During Operation ― Adeniyi Ajayi by frugal(m): 9:36am On Jul 02
He needs rehabilitation. Sadly, we don't know what that is in Nigeria.
Autos / Re: Sold!!!Registered Toyota Camry 04:800k. by frugal(m): 3:11pm On Jun 30

It's 4plugs and has been oven baked once.
Quite a poor paint job. Would require a repaint.
Food / Re: How To Make Homemade Peppersoup Spice And Chicken Peppersoup by frugal(m): 7:39am On Jun 27
Nice! Although I prefer this with unripe/green plantain.
Romance / Re: Don't Ever Date A Broke Girl by frugal(m): 3:32pm On Jun 22
But most men agitating on this nairaland are mostly "broke" guys who wanna be accepted and loved despite their lack of sufficient monetary ability and get bitter when everything goes south.

There's nothing wrong in being with an hardworking broke guy, he could b a student or something but has focus on achieving something for himself.

The irony grin
It's a thread bashing broke girls, but only guys dropping bank account numbers cheesy


Romance / Re: Don't Ever Date A Broke Girl by frugal(m): 2:38pm On Jun 22
So it's safe to tell women to stay away from Broke Guys huh?
Women generally stay away from broke guys. You don't need to tell them. They can sniff your broke ass a hundred miles away grin


Politics / Re: Adebutu, Kashamu’s Firms Fight Dirty Over Betting Game Rights by frugal(m): 10:22am On Jun 21

It is not only a fast lane business, but a very fast lane business

Betting is a derived unit from the entertainment industry.

For me, the value it add is an opportunity to make legit money.
I see myself getting into it as it has the potential to enable one make some serious money faster.

However, I intend to go into it from another dimension. I see multiple opportunities there

Money isn't value. It's an exchange for value.
All the best man.


Politics / Re: Adebutu, Kashamu’s Firms Fight Dirty Over Betting Game Rights by frugal(m): 9:33am On Jun 21

Gambling industry is another very lucrative one if one can invest in it like these men, not the players o

You can say that again. Akin Alabi was a struggling businessman jumping from one idea to the other until Nairabet. It's a fast lane business.

Can't see myself running one though. Adds no real value to the world.

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Education / Re: Selfies That Actually Took Lives by frugal(m): 7:49pm On Jun 18

I don't understand this either.
His grammar is quite strange. My head aches already.

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Romance / Re: I Think This Girl Is A Player/Gold Digger, What Should I Do? by frugal(m): 6:44pm On Jun 17

the phone I bought for her is nothing to me.

Young man, what exactly do you want? Do you want your phone back or you need advice on how to nail her?


Education / Re: I’m A Computer Science Student, I Don’t Know What To Do by frugal(m): 10:49pm On Jun 16
You will not learn anything super useful in school unless your school is covenant or Babcock. You have to take the initiative yourself and learn something useful. Thankfully, there are lots of online materials and online internships these days.

So learn all the theoretical bullshits your school has to offer - they're good for your grades anyways. Then focus on real world tools and solutions.

For what to focus on, that'll depend on you. The craze currently is data science using python. It's a very good start like others have suggested. You'll know what to do next once you start solving real world problems.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Meets With Udom Emmanuel In Uyo by frugal(m): 9:07pm On Jun 14
Mad o smiley

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