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Romance / Re: What Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Is About To Get Married???? by Georgekyrian(m): 11:22am On Jul 11
1 Cor 7 vs 8
Romance / Re: My Sister Is Getting Married To A Married Man by Georgekyrian(m): 4:54pm On Jul 08
My people, I am.bothered about the decision my sister is taking... This is my twin sister she is 23years old... I am here in Lagos while she is schooling in Enugu... Now, she called our mom telling her dat she has found someone who wants to marry her, we were happy, I didn't have any problem with that... You know on a norms, I asked my sister about this man and what I heard didn't sit well with me at all... I am among those guys dat believe in a good healthy relationship dat grows with positivity I am against gold digging... But, unfortunately my blood sister is exhibiting gold digging.
The man in question she wants to marry is a man who is not fully separated from his wife and this man is in his 40s and has three kids already, but he is rich and that was what attracted my sister to him I know, but I am not in support... My mom as well is not in support, our younger bro is also not in support, but my sister has made up her mind🤦🏾‍♂️... She doesn't know what she is getting herself into...

Omo, naija girls sha

Omo! She is good, polygamy is part of us and we are polygamous, the way many hate polygamy is the way I hate married men cheating, I am making enough money to have a polygamous family than the monogamy I am already into, let her be

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Culture / Re: History Of Japanese Men Mixing With Black Females From 1901 To 1984 Was Evil by Georgekyrian(m): 6:33am On Jul 08
Japan/China and Russia are originally black
Romance / Re: Some Men Are Extremely Wise This Days, Kudos!. by Georgekyrian(m): 6:46pm On Jun 16
Tales that never happened

It happens
Travel / Re: Second Niger Bridge Restored: Expansion Joint Repairs Complete by Georgekyrian(m): 10:10am On Jun 16

CCTV cameras are no scarecrow. They are installed in places where there is a robust database management system, with profile of its people . The only thing that works now in our clime is brute force

So Nigeria cannot afford any of this you listed??
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Sends Students From Africa To Fight In Its War Against Ukraine by Georgekyrian(m): 9:33am On Jun 10
This is big lie
Romance / Re: My Young Wife Is An Army Captain And We Barely See by Georgekyrian(m): 8:51pm On Jun 03

I have not fully grasped that of the medical practitioner. What is the pshycological basis of their behaviour.

I recently told someone that " once you return to your bed side nursing job again, you will start to carry shoulders again"

So I am aware of this behaviour...but the underlying psychology behind it I've not had the time to reflect on. I'm curious

They are thought in school that nurses are caring, so they can give their all just to make a client feel better in the name of been caring

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Romance / Re: All My Childhood Friends Who Are Married Are Now Shadows Of Themselves. by Georgekyrian(m): 12:09am On May 23
We were seven friends growing up. After University, we lost contact due NYSC posting.
Last week, we reunited at the wedding of the daughter of our village head.
To my surprise, the five that are married are not looking good at all. It was so obvious that the lady who served us food (also our close friend) asked one of us if he is sick. This guy use to have swag and clean beards then. But now, his beards look so scattered. His potbelly starts from his chest. His face have become so wide and flat. His hairs are all gone. Like nothing on his head again but skin. Clothes couldn't fit him again. Unlike when we were in the university. This guy was tall and handsome but I don't understand how he now look short, fat with shoulders raised to the neck.

He isn't the only one that looked frustrated. One can't even walk well again. Stroke? He said no. Then what happened?
The painful one is the guy who use to be gentle and happy. We all knew this guy as a jovial person. Omo! When we met at the wedding ceremony, this guy looked so depressed. The pains he goes through daily show on his face.

I thought it was the journey that put so much frustrations on them but all of them came to the wedding by fight!
The had rested in a nearby hotel for two days before the wedding day. So why did the look so bad?
The annoying part is that, as we discussed over drinks, these guys still say dumb shitts like "marriage is good oooo. Do and get married"
And I was like "marriage is good but look at you guys. You're all shadows of yourselves. Is this how you were 9 years ago?"
They all agreed that the are going through hard times caused by marriage.

I and the one who is not married looked so clean, happy and healthy. We don't have problems. We chilled with young girls at the event. We were so attractive. Unlike our married counterparts.

Omo, married men are going through a lot ooo.

You are confuse, if I shows you photo of my group of friends, you go marry next Saturday.. you’re wailing and looking for words of comfort


Romance / Re: I Have Found The Truth About Our True History! Everything Makes Sense Now. by Georgekyrian(m): 11:53pm On Apr 11
I’m happy you posted again, more energy


Science/Technology / Re: Lion Vs Tiger, Fight Till Death, Who Will Win? by Georgekyrian(m): 11:35pm On Apr 11
Serbian tiger and full mane lion, tiger wins, it has almost same flexibility like honey badger.. Tiger win, he can also stand in his both foot to fight for long like bear
Crime / Re: Policemen On Patrol Refused To Go After Kidnappers In Enugu State (video) by Georgekyrian(m): 4:37pm On Apr 02
Nigeria 😰
Crime / Policemen On Patrol Refused To Go After Kidnappers In Enugu State (video) by Georgekyrian(m): 9:36am On Apr 02
Policemen on patrol duty refused to go after kidnappers on Eke-Affa road, Udi local government area of Enugu state.
This happened just few minutes after the kidnappers entered the bush, as a man was seen in video telling them that the kidnappers just moved his uncle into the bush.


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Nairaland / General / Re: This Is Where I Draw The Curtain. by Georgekyrian(m): 1:27pm On Mar 30
I need another place to follow you, example X
Romance / Re: Strange Scar On Women In The Hookup And Brothel Industry by Georgekyrian(m): 2:32am On Mar 22
Beating from their supervisor ,madam and traffickers


Crime / Re: Man Kills Friend With Cylinder After Smoking Colorado In Ondo by Georgekyrian(m): 11:42pm On Mar 13
I met one of these riff raffs abt last week,driving a Nigerian used c300,no hate on that.me day I'm riding a muscle sports for close to a year plus,I asked for some updates.he started hyping himself,I then later asked him for just 5k loan cos money I was expecting didn't come that Thursday,he said he didn't have anything. Even showed me his opay acct reading 50naira as balance.i locked up.2days later I went to a random bar,u can't imagine this same guy bought almost 6bottles for 3 guys and was claiming boss.he was shocked to see me there.ibgreeted him briefly and moved out. Just this evening I heard he had an accident with the benz and it was a right off.i was so happy.cos he boasted a lot,ingested too much colos,buying bag for 20k.shey him eye don clear na.shakara don end.hahahahahaha foolish dumbo claiming woke on top naija used c300 wey be scrap. I also noticed he was lousy,always shouting at top of his voice,always hyper active and sometimes stuffs like lighter,phones and all keeps dropping from his hand. Any small thing ,he would be ready to fight,look for wood.i advised him to slow down then,but he saw me as a hater.him eye don clear now.hahahahaha. the car wey dey give am prestige don spoil,the dumbo dey hospital bed.hahahahaha

May Gods never leave me with the option of having being like you as a friend

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Family / Re: My Husband Is Making Me Feel Depressed by Georgekyrian(m): 5:38am On Mar 12

I'm glad you're depressed and want to be happy, because you can now stop bothering where your husband puts his dik and concern yourself with what you want. Hopefully, sex is off your priority list, so you don't get him putting it in you anymore and give you disease.

Concentrate on what you want. And don't you forget to smile.

According to your image below, there is nothing like strong woman, clear your head
Romance / Re: He Accuses Me Of Sleeping With His Wife by Georgekyrian(m): 7:11am On Mar 09
I see comment of single people begging OP not to sue and there about 🤣. If I was that man, my problem with you will start the moment you confronted me, be you who, I will mess you up in a way you can’t forget. Im telling you from street knowledge, your billions or contacts will not matter then.
Op woman are Idol, when a man marry them desist and run for your life.
If you never touch that women, you already emphasizing how to do that..
Man and woman don’t have any friendship, don’t do this with well to do young boys that spend hard to maintain family, them go kpai you and no one will know
Romance / Re: He Accuses Me Of Sleeping With His Wife by Georgekyrian(m): 6:59am On Mar 09
Wahala! The man is doing you a favour by advising you to leave his wife and go and get your own wife. Some men would have attacked you without warning. It's also obvious that you don't have a girlfriend. Try by getting a girlfriend so you can leave people's wives alone.

Nack him brain shot, or pin his leg so he learn the hard way..
Get girlfriend wey fine and use her pepper your neighbor, stop shinning teeth with your neighbors wife.. them go kpai you

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Romance / Re: He Accuses Me Of Sleeping With His Wife by Georgekyrian(m): 6:56am On Mar 09
That one escorting a bachelor to a barber's place is something else.

If I come to my compound, I go to my flat, lock the door and I come out when I'm going to work or some other places. No talking, I just greet and pass.

My married neighbour would want to see me or borrow money, I don't give her face. Why married woman go de ask neighbour for money? Women have lost it.

Exactly me, I avoided my married neighbors that year like plague, now I am married. I made people to avoid my property too because atleast they know I don’t talk much but action man
Romance / Re: He Accuses Me Of Sleeping With His Wife by Georgekyrian(m): 6:54am On Mar 09
If my wife takes food to a single bachelor in my hood, she goes her papa house with that man.
A lot of things show you and the woman are evil

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Romance / Re: He Accuses Me Of Sleeping With His Wife by Georgekyrian(m): 6:51am On Mar 09
I believe you are a fine guy and you appear successful but pls be wise o, you may be on your right to go ahead with using legal actions against the husband but pls sir as a single guy you are quite a very ignorant person.... with all the sexcapades gist on the internet involving neighbours and such. Not every good deed is a favor, some do it to gain access to you.


Is it that you don't know how to clean your own surroundings? or how to not answer when they come knocking? or how to end unnecessary conversations?

BECAUSE, AT THE END OF THE DAY, YOU WILL BE BLAMED.......... This is why most landlords do not like to give SINGLE FOLKS a chance to rent their house because of avoidable nonsense like these.

Is ANY HELP FOR FREE IN NIGERIA? Didnt you see the signs........ you just FELT they were being NICE? Nice? in this country? Pls have more wisdom next time, any married woman whose husband is not always available for her, is a walking risk. YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL....

It may be wise to get a GIRLFRIEND or your sister or someone whom everyone can see with you and they will have to back off.

or, you can as well move out of the house.

or go and get married.

Another one that works is GETTING A RING.... wear it when you are about entering the house or going out... or when you have to engage anyone there in conversations... if they ask, say you are married and she is a daughter of the native herbalist in your village, that she will soon come grin grin grin grin (sounds like joke but it works o) WATCH HOW YOU WILL BE AVOIDED....

But remember, the MORE YOU TRY TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF OUT OF SUCH STICKY SITUATIONS WITHOUT EVIDENCE..... the more guilty and unbelieved you will be in the eyes and ears of everyone.

He thinks he is the only successful bachelor around married families yen yen yen, you can’t cook, they are been nice.
When you pick the married woman in your car, which position she used to sit, eeh fine boy?
Romance / Re: How To Live Forever by Georgekyrian(m): 3:06am On Feb 29
Believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and accept him into your heart as your Lord and personal savior.

That's all grin

Are you okay?
This OP is more knowledgeable than whoever that thought you about Jesus, know it and know peace
Romance / Re: I Am Going To Blow Your Mind (pictures Included) by Georgekyrian(m): 2:07am On Feb 29
Let’s go oga
Family / Re: My Ordeal In The UK With My Wife by Georgekyrian(m): 7:41pm On Feb 27
If a woman continues helping people without being appreciated she will soon stop the help, let her do that in her own time, with the other issues on ground, I feel that is her own way of adapting to a new society, she wants to connect with people apart from her family, I will advice you look for a church where Africans are many so that she can expand her friendship net and forget about those guys , in all be patient and supportive

So I can be friend with your wife and she will drop me at home after work, while you read Bible at midweek programs?

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Crime / Re: Anambra: How Ebonyi Man Given Quit Notice By Slain Umuoji PG Killed Him by Georgekyrian(m): 7:17pm On Feb 27
I grow up in Onitsha, I can’t have tangible business to do with Ebonyi man because you must have to be very careful

As of that time during school my tight guy squad was Ebonyi guy, but despite that I will always jokingly reminds him how I don’t like dealing with Ebonyi person freely
Crime / Re: Anambra: How Ebonyi Man Given Quit Notice By Slain Umuoji PG Killed Him by Georgekyrian(m): 7:15pm On Feb 27
I grow up in Onitsha, I can’t have tangible business to do with Ebonyi man because you must have to be very careful
As of that time during school my tight guy squad was Ebonyi guy, but despite that I will always jokingly reminds him how I don’t like dealing with Ebonyi person freely
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Boss Poured A Glass Of Beer On Me, What Should I Do? by Georgekyrian(m): 4:48am On Feb 09

If it's not too late, report the case to the police with evidence.
Apply for resignation through the right channel...let the police be aware too.

Possibly report at a higher police division.

How much is his salary, how much to write statement for police?
Romance / Re: 40 Life "Cheat Codes" Everyone Should Know. by Georgekyrian(m): 3:30am On Jan 03
No 14 deserves some clarity.

Take some risk for your boss earlier, in future they will find it hard to use any thing against you. Like you holding him on the balls 👀
Food / Re: Get A Girlfriend Whose Mother Is A Food Vendor. by Georgekyrian(m): 2:41pm On Dec 28, 2023
Whatever you do, never allow a woman pay your bill.. she can surprise you but let it not be intentional, even when you’re down, be fast to pull up


Romance / Re: Handsome Guys How Do You Get Girl Friends? by Georgekyrian(m): 12:26pm On Dec 13, 2023
No be by handsomeness bro grin

A lady whom i and my supposed handsome friend were competing to win her heart, later accepted me over my friend,

When I later asked her why she finally choosed me over my friend did you know wat her response was?

That although my friend is fair and handsome, she just don't like guys liked that,
she just liked me and my brown skin grin
So guy forget am

Be careful with her around your friend

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Car Talk / Re: What Is The Law On Overtaking Police Convoy? Was I Wrong? by Georgekyrian(m): 5:08pm On Dec 08, 2023
Never try that next time , I guess the road was also lonely and they have to be very cautious on who is behind them, and it makes matters worse if it is a lone vehicle which might be suspicious.

Next time just follow them and give some space between you and their vehicle and wait for them to give you signal to pass else stay put , just remember that a living dog is greater than a dead lion.

Yes If they want you to overtake, they will signal you

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Romance / Re: I Told Her The Venue Of The Date And That's Her Response by Georgekyrian(m): 9:39am On Nov 27, 2023
Onitsha boy.. carry him go Plus view hotel

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