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Religion / Re: If You're Grateful To God For Anything, Please Jump In Here. by gotnel: 9:49am On Oct 17
Ogo ni fun Olorun loke. Being a living human today is a big deal.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Flies US Black Hawk Helicopter Over A Victory Parade by gotnel: 12:18pm On Sep 02
Except the Taliban get help from countries like China and Russia, plus the compromised military commanders of Afghan origin, the weapons will be useless in a short period.
The problem with Afghanistan is that of Afghanistan people not of that of America and Americans.
For Taliban fighters to have been able to overruns the country in a short period shows that there was a compromise in the Afghan army.
Anyone blaming Biden for withdrawing from Afghanistan is not reasoning well enough.

After 20 years of hard fighting, transferred of technology to Afghan forces, committing much human resources to the course of seeing Afghanistan to stand up in the company of democratic nations, its good intentions to have plan a withdrawal.
There is always a point of withdrawal.
Afghanistan people were supposed to be able to control their lives and activities after 20 years
Staying back for another 20 years will not get the jobs done if the first 20 years ended like the way it ended now.
Crime / Re: Nosa Uhumwangho: Abba Kyari Asked Me To Pay Proceed Of Hotel Into My Account by gotnel: 11:58am On Sep 02
Why couldn't most Nigerians summon courage and expose attrocities/abuses being committed by officials or those in postion of authority but would suddenly be queuing to expose the abuses and raising allegation after the abuser is out-of-office or falls victim of one issue?

You don't try to putting wedge on a moving train. You can only make attempts when the train stops or is totally slow down.
Anyone who makes attempts to expose a reigning super cop dirty deal will be treated as a criminal element and will be treated as such.
It is profitable to be wise.


Politics / Re: Ortom: I Have Document, Fulani Want To Takeover Nigeria by gotnel: 3:27pm On Aug 30
I think this Gov. Ortom needs a head check as his case is gradually deteriorating from paranoia to full blown insanity.

The question that any reasonable person should ask is that; why is it only Ortom in the whole Benue propagating this conspiracy theory if it is not mere mischief? Are they no worthy Benue indigenes even in the opposition to echo his narrative?

Only Ortom cannot be the only one with sight, insight and foresight in the entire state.

One thing that is really clear to anyone with his full sense is that Fulani have agenda against Nigeria and Nigerians.
That Ortom is crying out about it and looks like he is the only voice doesn't matter.
It is now an open secret.
The president actions is in favour of this.

As a sitting governor, Ortom can not be making noise where there is no need.
If not for his immunity, the presidency would have settled his matter.
We can not afford to be all quiet.

Don't be surprised. The agenda of Fulani to take over Nigeria and declares it as Emirates where Fulani descendants will be in control is real.
Middle Belts states and Southern states must be prepared.
It is a warning that is very much clear.
God help us

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Politics / Re: Let's Pray Civil War Doesn't Start Next Month.. by gotnel: 11:05am On Aug 30
With the way bokoharam terrorist are received with a welcome hand when they surrender, you should know they are been recruited to fight the south angry
Not far from the truth of the matter

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Pets / Re: My Dog Kept Barking At Me Don't Know Until I Goggled This by gotnel: 9:40am On Aug 30

The Ekukes can not do this type of Thing bro. Their receptor only perceive shit and FooFoo.

And that's why we prefer to have them in the pot than having them in our living room.

Thanks for the good Info BTW.

You are wrong about this.
Local dogs, when well domesticated and taken care of do much more than you think of them.
My cousin is having one, she is so intelligent and smart.
You won't even believe it's a local dog the way it behaves.


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Politics / Re: Buhari’s Men Move To Pacify South-West by gotnel: 4:37pm On Aug 29
Buhari and his men are shedding crocodiles tears.
They don't mean well for the country.
Their aims are to gather more momentum to push their nefarious agenda to fruition.
Southern leaders must not play to their hands again.
The problem in the country is their own creation, the solution is in their hands.
If Buhari wants solution to the country problems, he should not be pushing for gracing and animals routes around the country when he suppose to be talking about ranching.
If Buhari wants solution to the crisis in Nigeria, he should use people like Gumi to get to the terrorists in the northwest.
If Buhari wants solution to the problem of Nigeria, he should call a meeting to address the IPOB AND YORUBA NATION AGITATORS issues.
If Buhari wants solution to Nigeria and Nigerians problems, he should treat Nigerians equally.

So, it is a big fake news to have suggested Buhari government is looking for a way to pacify southern leaders.
We have fallen into their trap and we have got trapped, we must not fall deeper into their ditches

Everything to checkmate their nefarious power play must be done.
Anyone with his or her senses should know by now that Buhari and his kitchen cabinet members are fighting the southern Nigeria.
It is an open secret.
God help us


Politics / Re: We Only Invited Kunle Olawunmi To Help Us With Valuable Information - DHQ by gotnel: 1:04am On Aug 29
Despite the fact that Kunle Olawumi is a retired officer of Nigerian armed forces who served in intelligence operations in the military,
A patriot, who deemed it fine to tell the society what the satanic government of the day is planning, which is no more a secret .
Now, got an invitation from the armed forces of Nigeria who is currently clueless about how to confront the many wars and insurgency in the land.

What is the motive behind the invitation to Kunle Olawumi?
Our today's service men should remember that loyalty is to the father land and constitution of the land, not to clueless government of the day.
Today's serving military commanders will be ordinary citizens tomorrow.
What happened today will be treated as history tomorrow.
Nothing is hidden forever.
The Nigerian armed forces as it is today is a complete compromise force.
Whatever the case, the armed force should stand as the last line of a nation, but the Nigerian military is crumbling already.
What did Kunle Olawumi said, that is new?
Whereas, we have people who are negotiators between the kidnappers, bandits, terrorists and the government, family members of various victims, who are not invited to come and give credible information about how to confront their clients.
There are too many dummies in our military formations.
Definitely, there looks like the government of the day is the chief sponsor of the criminal elements troubling Nigeria and Nigerians.
The consequence of all these dirty games being played by this Buhari administration will definitely consumed the power mongers in aso villa.
Things are unfolding gradually, gradually.
God help us


Romance / Re: Married Men Live In Regret!! They Are SUFFERING!! Don't Be Deceived!! [photos] by gotnel: 12:23am On Aug 29

So why don't you pray to be among the few that are experiencing total blissful marriage?
Or must you fall under OP's category of men suffering and smiling in Marriage?

My marriage is blissful and blessed. I am praying for my children to enjoy their matrimonial life.
As for me, i have been married for 22 years .
God is involved.
We are talking about what is happening this days.


Romance / Re: Married Men Live In Regret!! They Are SUFFERING!! Don't Be Deceived!! [photos] by gotnel: 4:28pm On Aug 28

Yet you refuse to realize that not all homes and towns are like your broken homes and hamlets.

How long have you and the OP been stupid?

You have shows, who is stuck in stupidity here.

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Romance / Re: Married Men Live In Regret!! They Are SUFFERING!! Don't Be Deceived!! [photos] by gotnel: 3:38pm On Aug 28
The OP mistakes every home as an ecosystem of a bastard child and nascissistic mother of the mentally challenged dynasty.

Complete faikure
Reflection of society in real life experiences.

I don't understand why some of you want to see the OP in bad view.
Whereas, he is purely telling us what is happening on the street and in our society .
Nigerians are pretenders.
We always play the ostrich.


Romance / Re: Married Men Live In Regret!! They Are SUFFERING!! Don't Be Deceived!! [photos] by gotnel: 3:33pm On Aug 28
You are very right bro, what you feed your subconscious mind all day is negativity about women. Nobody’s perfect but if you marry the right woman your life span will last just like we have seen cases of very old lovers still together after years and if one of the couple die you notice the other dies shortly. My own is that if you want to get married don’t just get married, make sure to look out for signs and pray about it and God will show you the way. Let’s be positive even though with all the negativity we still need women in our lives. I can’t do court marriage sha o no matter what cos I am presently in court divorcing my ex right now and the stress is too much bro. Now she wants full custody and I also want full costody of our child too, she’s so stubborn and won’t compromise. The least I can do with a woman after this divorce is just family introductions like the traditional way and that’s all. Court marriage is what I think people should preach against or there should be a prenup clause instead of preaching negativity always.

You make sense in your opinion.
I believe, we have many marriages that are still working.
Out of ten, we may find three or four.
We need not discourage marriage totally, but everyone going to marriage should bring peace, supportiveness, tolerance, love and loyalty.
Our society has become too much materialistic.
This is affecting many homes.

As per court marriage, it is not fashionable in our society.


Politics / Re: Kunle Olawunmi Wanted By Defence Intelligence Agency Over Channels TV Interview by gotnel: 3:16pm On Aug 28
The drum is getting louder.
The drummer is beating harder
The drum is about to explode.
This people in power today thought they are invisible.
The game is getting more interesting.
Be prepared


Romance / Re: Married Men Live In Regret!! They Are SUFFERING!! Don't Be Deceived!! [photos] by gotnel: 2:53pm On Aug 28

You keep listening to the wrong things about marriage the devil tells you and that's why you see marriage as a failure.

I am a married christian, and I am not in a tolerant marriage.

As long as one follow the teachings of Jesus, happy will be his home.

I am always happy and feel comfortable when I see couples who are enjoying their matrimonial experience.
The problem is real, when we are talking about trying and trouble matrimony.
Out of every ten couples, 6 are undergoing traumatic episodes in their home.
Except, we actually tackled this phenomenon in the society, marriage ceremony will always be conducted in the churches and mosques .
But the operational issues in the marriage after the ceremony becomes the case.
Our society is not sincere.
We are pretenders.
Look closely, you will definitely understand what is obtainable on the street.
This is why everything looks good on our system, I don't want to be negative here.
God help us


Romance / Re: Married Men Live In Regret!! They Are SUFFERING!! Don't Be Deceived!! [photos] by gotnel: 2:31pm On Aug 28

You keep listening to the wrong things about marriage the devil tells you and that's why you see marriage as a failure.

I am a married christian, and I am not in a tolerant marriage.

As long as one follow the teachings of Jesus, happy will be his home.

Congratulations to your home, i am happy for you.
But, truth is always bitter.
Our problem in Nigeria today is from the churches and mosques.
Romance / Re: Married Men Live In Regret!! They Are SUFFERING!! Don't Be Deceived!! [photos] by gotnel: 2:11pm On Aug 28
Seems the OP is from a broken home or born out of wedlock. To have a reasonable and calm society, you cannot rule out the power of a stable family with a responsible father and mother. I guess you would prefer baby mama saga to a stable family relationship. Mtchew
It does not really matter if the writer was born out of wedlock or from broken home.
You just look around, the OP is just being factual.
Marriage institutions have long lost its reputation.
I am praying for the children of nowadays, including my own children to find favour in their matrimonial journey.
Many things are wrong with marriage this days.
After the glittering wedding ceremony, some couples hadly enjoyed a month of memorable understanding before they started manifesting their negative emotions towards each other.
Window dressing is the most common way couples lived together this days.
God help us


Romance / Re: Married Men Live In Regret!! They Are SUFFERING!! Don't Be Deceived!! [photos] by gotnel: 1:05pm On Aug 28
Nonsense post.

Firstly, we children of God follow God's rules as singles and married. God told us to abstain from fornication and adultery some we do.

He told us to abstain from worldly lust, so we do.

You guys want to eat your cakes and have it. You want to fornicate and commit adultery, make ladies commit abortions and blame them for not wife materials and unable to give birth to babies.

You have used I G M, (I Go Marry) to deceive many ladies, now they are desperate and careless.

Give your life to Jesus, follow his rules so that your life and marriage will make a meaning.

Mine is meaningful.

Stop deceiving yourself. Christian couples suffer more than they want you to know.
The men are just playing along in most of the Christian home you think are in peace.
Few family experience total blissful marriage. Majority of couples are just being tolerant of each other, this is the reality.

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Politics / Re: Garba Shehu Slams Governor Ortom: No Ex-president Can Take Your Insults by gotnel: 1:29pm On Aug 27
The only thing that is keeping Ortom in the good book of Benue people is his daily cry about Buhari and Fulani. The man is just doing what he has to do to remain relevant.

I'd love it if the President can double his efforts to end insecurity, so that calamities like Ortom can finally be buried politically.


Everyone wants the president to rise up to his duty.
Let the president be reminded, where it looks as if the government is lacking.
We are all witnessing the carnage going on.
Where state governments are now evacuating their indigenous students from another state within the federation, under the control of the commander in chief of armed forces .
What else can we say?
The country is under siege.
Truth must be uphold all the time.
Mr president has failed totally.
Politics / Re: Grazing Reserves: Garba Shehu Criticises Ortom, Calls Governor Serial Defector by gotnel: 5:01pm On Aug 26
It is unfortunate that this Buhari administration is desperately seeking failure.
Everything about Nigeria is becoming increasingly worrisome and getting bad.
The problems facing the country are increasing day to day.
The forces of destabilization are gathering and gaining upper ground around the country.
Economy is critically ill
Doctors are not on duty
NDA is under siege
Kidnappers are having the upper hand against the police
What happened to Buhari that we thought will get Nigeria and Nigerians to the promised land?
Garba Sheu and Femi Adeshina are critically blinded by the fact of being the spokesmen of a failed government, I pray that the two men will not get the real deal of failure they are marketing.
Buhari and his kitchen cabinet are so incompetent that whatever Samuel Ortom said about this government is the truth that Buhari should have to take time out to reflect on.
There is no doubt, if Buhari government can not shelve its nepotism and see things in the eye of federalism, this government will end as a total disaster.
Everyone is aware of what is coming.
Every tribes are making preparations
It's getting more than what aso villa and the current occupants are thinking.
Buhari should not allow himself to be the president that will preside over the balkanization of Nigeria.
If the hawks in government are thinking, because they control the power levers at present, it will consumed them.

Gradually, the centre will collapse and there will be an implosion in the military and even in the executive council.
It is coming.
God help us
Politics / Re: Buhari Orders NBC To Suspend Channels TV Over Ortom, Olawunmi Interview - Sowore by gotnel: 10:39am On Aug 26
If this news is true and come to pass, it means the drum is getting too loud and about to break.
Ethnic killings in plateau.
Bandits invaded Nigerian defense academy.
The officers, both the killed and the abducted are from south and plateau.
The situation is getting worse
Buhari and his military commanders are clearly not in control.
There may likely be an implosion in the military
formations around the country.
The had way, the only way to go is to fight for our survival against the impending forces that looks like they are enjoying the support of the CinC.
The signal is getting stronger day by day.
Something is fishy about this hopeless security system.
God help us
Politics / Re: Yerima Shettima: Amnesty Can Make Boko Haram Take Over Nigeria Like The Taliban by gotnel: 8:59pm On Aug 25
It is a total wastefulness for federal government to think of rehabilitating repentant boko haram fighters.
It means, all the soldiers and civilians that were killed in battle against boko haram died in vain.
It means all the resources that were used in fighting boko haram are totally wasted.
The way to go about this situation is to take the repentant fighters to where they will forever be used as labourers to farm on the sambisa forest and all the bushes they have been occupying, to provide food, without being paid.
They should be camped out, so as to not allow them to have any interaction with other members of the normal community.


Politics / Re: Bandits Break Into NDA Kaduna, Kill Naval Officer, Two Majors Kidnapped by gotnel: 1:34pm On Aug 24
Oti doju e bayi.
If the soldiers are afraid of taking the battle to the bandits inside the forest, the bandits have been able to take the battle to the barracks.
A new phase has been developed by the rampaging bandits.
Education / Re: If I Do Masters Make I Bend: I Changed That Mentality After Writing This Exam. by gotnel: 2:26am On Aug 17
It is good to write examinations, but don't limit yourself to classroom education.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban To Declare "Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan" by gotnel: 10:08pm On Aug 15


I am looking at Nigeria government with laser beam. All these BokoHaram surrendering up and down are strategies they wanna use against this government and their aim is to blend into the system where they will be sent to south south, west and east either as soldiers, herders or meat dealers and Okada & keke riders to gather Intel for a swift invasion, if you think Borno State is their main target then you don’t know nothing.

I believe in this your analysis totally.
Unfortunately, everywhere in the southern part of Nigeria, hausa/Fulani are the dominant okada riders.
Every corners in every territory and cities is well known to them.
Since the coming of Buhari government, everything about trust among the citizens has been lost totally.
Anyone with a strong sense will have a rethink on how things is going.
Politics / Re: APC Crisis: Crack In Presidency Widens As Osinbajo Maintains Position by gotnel: 11:49am On Aug 07
If you look at the APC very well you will understand that the only pillar holding it is the President Buhari and the time will definitely come when his words will cease to have any influence that is when election draws near. The worst thing is that there is no any alternative party that is well organized as of now, we have a long way to go in this country

True talk.
APC does not look like a political party.
APC is a gang of political power grabbers who fought to take power. After much struggle, the power was taken.
The problem of how to handle the power becomes a disaster in the hands of the power brokers who are only interested in how to make the power beneficial to their private needs without minding the national interest.


Celebrities / Re: Adebayo Salami Losses His Mother, Aishat Abdulkareem by gotnel: 2:14pm On Aug 03
Good night mama Oga Bello.
Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Collected N8 Million From Hushpuppi To Jail Chibuzor - Gazette by gotnel: 4:27pm On Aug 02
Police in Nigeria always working for highest bidder in such circumstances.
The problem of power of money. Nigerians have a lot of problems with nearly every aspect of Nigeria administration system

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Politics / Re: Abba Kyari: Arewa Youths Blast US Court by gotnel: 4:34pm On Aug 01

This group and buhari divided Nigeria,i remember those sweet days when no one cares about your tribe we were just Nigerians before tribalist and nepotists came to power and divided everyone with their born to rule mentality..
Illiteracy is a disease..
Spits... angry
Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Sent His Photos To Hushpuppi - FBI (Pictures) by gotnel: 3:11pm On Jul 31
Kyari is deeply involved.
Abbas was paying very well when the goodies was flowing.
Kyari should do the needful.
Nothing is hidden for too long
Crime / Re: Farooq Kperogi: Abba Kyari And His Red Flags Of Vulgar Exhibitionism by gotnel: 9:06am On Jul 31
Abba Kyari is a well established criminal conspirator.
When the price is good, he codedly gets along and takes his share of the crime booty.
There are many more of them in the police department.
Crime / Re: Farooq Kperogi: Abba Kyari And His Red Flags Of Vulgar Exhibitionism by gotnel: 9:02am On Jul 31
Summary pls undecided
Kindly make time to read. It's always a good idea to read.
It helps develop your mind

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