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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Atletico Madrid Vs Manchester City UCL (0 - 0) On 13th April 2022 by hazardous(m): 5:03pm On Apr 13
e go shock u.
Chelsea fan spotted!


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Atletico Madrid Vs Manchester City UCL (0 - 0) On 13th April 2022 by hazardous(m): 4:55pm On Apr 13
Win for sure sure for Manchester city.


Romance / Re: I Cum Too Fast, Please What Will I Do? by hazardous(m): 8:09am On Jan 07
stay away from fornication
Romance / Re: How To Initiate Sex With A Girl That Comes Visiting by hazardous(m): 7:10am On Nov 06, 2021
The comments here are really hilarious � �

Girls are not so hard to bed this days, so far you guys have something in common.

Just Prepare her mind not for sex before inviting her over. Even if she says no to hugging or kissing, just jokingly tell her that you can't wait to be alone with her in your apartment and you have lots of things you want to tell her in the dark. (Just keep her guessing for sex or serious relationship)
Her curiosity will make her want to come....

Should I continue?
Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 3:17pm On Sep 29, 2021
hafa shey you still dey holla sai baba � or baba don shenk you �

No be small thing my brother...

We will still cast our vote come 2023 until the right person comes up.

For now, it's Sai Baba till 2023 *sarcasm*
Sports / Re: The Champions League Quarter Finals by hazardous(m): 12:52pm On Mar 19, 2021
Semi final sorted out already

Bayern Munich/Paris Saint-Germain v MANCHESTER CITY/Borussia Dortmund

Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 7:41pm On Mar 10, 2019
Don't be offended!
Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 7:19pm On Mar 10, 2019

c dis man oooo...u get mind

Abi na!

It is my thread! Just refreshing it for new people.
Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 8:50am On Mar 10, 2019
Let me park here first

Good morning dear!
Sports / Re: ‘I Don’t Miss Playing For Chelsea’- John Terry by hazardous(m): 5:44pm On Feb 27, 2019
He was one of the superstars that made Chelsea team thick... Drogba, Lampard, Deco and not to forget our own Mikel Oluomo Obi et al. Even when he slipped when taking what was supposed to be the final penalty kick of a Champions league he still won the prestigious award some years after.

Chelsea na tension plus tension club. If you don't know, ask the sacked coaches.

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Politics / Re: Voter Caught With Multiple Voters Card (video) by hazardous(m): 1:28pm On Feb 23, 2019
Is it a must you risk your life for peanut? If your life is meaningless, at least you consider that of your family.
Romance / Re: How Can You Politely Tell Someone That He/she Has Mouth Odour? by hazardous(m): 8:25pm On Jan 04, 2019
Keep buying her chewing gum.
If she is not dumb; she will surely get the message.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa: 2018 AWCON Final - 4 - 3 Penalties (Full Time) by hazardous(m): 7:51pm On Dec 01, 2018
Romance / Re: Is It Possible For A Naija Lady To Date A Guy For 4yrs Witout Requestin 4 Money? by hazardous(m): 3:22pm On Aug 28, 2018

How far bro, I'm a fan of that your addiction story. grin
Thanks Bro! I'm very happy that someone still remembered the story of addiction.
Romance / Re: Is It Possible For A Naija Lady To Date A Guy For 4yrs Witout Requestin 4 Money? by hazardous(m): 5:38am On Jun 03, 2017
Yes... it's very true. Only if she sees the potential of you becoming her husband. She will want to build her future around you.

But in Nigeria... Eyes Don Tear finish.

It's possible sha.

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Romance / Re: Finally, My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me by hazardous(m): 5:33am On Jun 03, 2017
Life doesn't give us what we want.... We all at a point do stupid things in the name of love. Just let it go and don't let it define your next relationship.
I know that........!

It's well my Friend.


Romance / Re: Is It Possible For A Guy To Date A Lady Four Years Without Sex? by hazardous(m): 5:26am On Jun 03, 2017
Lol! I reserve my comment.

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Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 12:57pm On Jul 11, 2016
I was busy thinking about how to knock out the thought of Sarah off my head but it just keeps flowing in. The harder I tried the more it gets more complicated within me.

Adedoyin: (not happy) I thought you said you missed me... I don't think that's true when you can't get a hard on with me around.
Me: (forcing a smile) I'm sorry... let me rest a little, maybe I can get hold of myself. I'm sorry. You don't know how life had been with you guys not around.
Adedoyin: I think I can imagine that. You are making me feel jealous now about Michael and Sarah...

Her words struck me like lightening. I smiled at her, trying not to show how I'm feeling inside of me. I stood up from her side, picked my trousers.

Me: (forcing a smile) please excuse me. I have to use the bathroom.

I left for the bathroom without even waiting for her reply. I locked the door behind me, brought out my wallet from my trouser. Took a pill of the sexx enhancer drug that I took from Badoo's wardrobe. I waited for 5 minutes with the thought of how I had sexx with Chioma at the party (clouding off Sarah's thought from my head). The wildness that makes it so sensational that we might get caught. The thought of the wild sexx with Chioma increased the width and length of my OGA.
I rushed back into the room while using my trousers to cover my rejuvenated monster. She had already positioned herself for bed with her resting on her side and backing me. I gently laid beside her, raised her right leg. Used my hand to locate her "V". She is not wet as I wanted her to. I positioned my OGA and I dipped it inside of her with one long and powerful thrust. She shouted... She's not wet enough for the penetration (who cares). I have to make up for the night. I relaxed for 10 seconds and I started pounding her ferociously with fast and short strokes...
The hair on her region were not friendly with my OGA. It has started to itch me and it's making me feel uncomfortable. I changed from fast and short strokes to slow and long strokes. It eased the itches on my OGA as she got more lubricants down there with the method. She moaned and twisted her neck towards me, which I gladly planted a kiss on her lips. She struck out her tongue and I gladly suckedd on it as I continue pounding her like when you are putting finishing touch in preparing a pounded Yam using mortal and pestle.
She kept shouting my name which made me to know that she has already had multiple organ*sm already. I turned her with her now lying on the back. I pushed it in and she moaned. She started begging me to stop that she's tired. I pounded her for 5 more minutes and when I could sense that I'm not near releasing my seed, I stopped.
She turned over and snuggled to lay on my chest. She slept off without saying a word. I feel very happy that I made her more than satisfied.
I felt like king of kings when she starts snoring aloud. I'm fulfilled. I was about taking a nap myself when I remembered the hidden number that called me. I know that's Sarah. I have to know what she wants.
I sneaked quietly out of the bed without waking up Adedoyin to pick up my phone. I went to the bathroom and I dialled her number putting the "#31#" before her number.

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Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 9:30pm On Jul 08, 2016
Let's flirt a little..... I'm not anti-Igbo oooo!
it's just a joke. Enjoy. The real story continues tomorrow. wink

On my way from work yesterday.... A very beautiful girl sat beside me on the public bus I took after a hectic day (very tired). She was so beautiful that I can't but notice the dimple on her cheek that seems to be conspicuous anytime she read something interesting from the novel (me....I don't like books... just sport papers).
I just have to make this girl my friend. She's my type of girl. With my evil mind.. I strike a conversation with her.

Me: hello!
Stranger babe: (staring at me) hi...
Me: I'm sorry for disturbing you... it seems this novel of yours is about love... Romeo and Juliet, I presume.
Stranger babe: (looking confused) how do you mean?
Me: (smiling) I can't but noticed the smile on your face with your eyes glued on your book. The expression on your face confirms that...
Stranger babe: (smiling) it's actually a love story and a very interesting one at that...
Me: You have a nice smile...
Stranger Babe: (smiling and looking away) thank you...
Me: the dimples compliments the smile... thank you too
Stranger babe (looking confused) what are you thanking me for?
Me: for making me see more of what attracted me to you... thank you once again.
Stranger Babe: and what is that?
Me: (pointing a finger at her cheek) your dimples...
Stranger Babe: (smiling) you are a very funny guy...

I was about to say something when she shouted "O WA oo". She has gotten to her bus-stop and I still haven't collected her number. My bus-stop is still two stops away. I alighted the bus with her and got the shock of the year.

Her name was Ebere (igbo girl). My experience with igbo girls is another story for another day.
If you want her number, I can give you for #1000. It ought to be #500 but I had to trek from her bus stop to mine; at least to walk away my sorrow before getting home.

I'm still not happy with myself for wasting my time on her... let the auction begin. Note, the highest bidder wins.

Wish you luck with the Ibo girl (Ebere).

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Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 7:57pm On Jul 08, 2016
***trying to calm my anger***

Hello everyone, am kinda new here that's if its been rated by appearing with username but other than that am an old "guest".

This story was the reason i signed up here and this same story is the reason am finding it diffcult on embarking on any read trip here.

I stumbled on this story while walking the path of Literature block, i picked it up and dusted it and said let me give it a try and like the title, i myself got addicted and i murder my sleep for this lovely story, followed Hazardous like hunch back even with the slow rate of his update but i didn't care anyway is not like he is getting paid.

But i got heart broken when a busyboddy (Diamomndstar) invaded this thread and the worst of it is that hazardous allowed him bcox of that i deleted the bookmarked and made a mental note never to be back "again", but i can't get it out of my head like my ex so here i am "again".

Please what is the way forward with this story or should i dust my mattress and leave. angry angry

I'm sorry for going off! Thanks for registering because of my story. This always make me blush like a lady (smiling).

I have continued the story on a friends blog but I bet you can't google to know the blog I'm talking about. The story has gone viral that you won't even know that the story originated from here (nairaland)......

And as for Diamomndstar, he tried for the story. And I will still continue saying thank you for keeping people logged in on the story back then.

Not dropping the bl*g address here but I will try to keep up with the updating very soon... I Meant.... Soonest.
Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 1:12pm On Apr 14, 2016
I thought you wont be taking too long to upload but i can see you ve gone flight mode again.
I love this story die!!!
I thought you wont be taking too long to upload but i can see you ve gone flight mode again.
I love this story die!!!

Sorry guys... got my hands tied onto something.

Updating soon.
Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 10:22pm On Apr 04, 2016
We entered the bathroom together. I helped her out of her clothes but not without pressing the curves on her lovely body (my payment for the work). We kissed ourselves into the bathtub. I rubbed soap all over her body while she reciprocated it too.
She puts more soap on my "OGA". She stroked it back and forth. She puts away the soap and massaged it with a little more pressure. It gets harder by each second which made me to think it's going to break if it passes the limit point. I moa*ned and ended up placing my hand on her bre**st. I put it in my mouth with all the excitement going through my body. I squeezed and suck*d on it with hope of expecting something liquid to come out of it. We were both in cloud nine. We rushed up with our bathing and back into the room.
We picked up from where we left. I laid on top of her on the bed (both nake*d) and we started kissing passionately. My right hand were busy caressing her smooth thighs occasionally but intentionally using the back of my fingers to brush the hair between her thighs and returned back to my thigh caressing. She kept jumping up each and every time that I did.
When she could no longer contain the excitement, she held my right hand and placed it on her "V". I did the expected by first rubbing the surface of her "V" for 30secs before inserting one of my fingers into her already wet region. She moan*ed and held on tight to me as the ecstasy filled all over her body.
I released myself from her grip to replace my finger with my tongue. I licked outskirts of her "V" before I clamped my teeth on her clitt**oris. She was very excited and was shouting out my name very loud (Femi... Femi...), not minding the occupants of the other rooms. I used both of my hand to spread the lips of "V"... then I inserted my tongue inside her.
Her shouting increased as the excitement continues; which made me to start thinking about the other night crawlers that lodged in the hotel... which now made me to think of what Michael would be doing with Sarah. My OGA went limp as the thought flashed through my mind; which coincide with when Adedoyin want me inside of her.
I mounted her and I was trying to force my semi-hard OGA inside her. She was still enjoying it (thinking I was doing it intentionally) while I was praying and sweating simultaneously that what happened in 1934 should not happen again (my experience with kikelomo).
She got aroused and tried dragging me on her, signaling that she's ready. I stood still trying to get the pole to be stiff again... I tried and tried but it refuses rise up to the challenge. Adedoyin gently pushed me over.

Adedoyin: (not looking happy) what's it Femi?
Me: (forcing a smile) I don't understand myself... I just can't get it hard for penetration.

She repositioned herself and puts it in her mouth.... it got a little bit hard but as soon as I try to insert, it goes flaccid again. She tried it for like three different times before she resigned. I know the thought of Sarah puts me in this situation. I have to get a grip on myself before things get out of hand.
Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 6:03pm On Apr 04, 2016
Question time

Like I have said, "a leopard can never change its skin".

Do you think with the randy life that Femi is living right now... will he be able to stay faithful to his woman after marriage?

Can you get married to someone like Femi?

Just have it in mind that there's only one thing that is constant in life... which is "change".

Please and please... don't ask me ooo...
Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 5:41pm On Apr 04, 2016
Hazardous don't u no that dis story is some people daily drugs? sad ..... y are you giving it to us once in 5days..
.. lols grin pls be fast with d update my younger sis is already in love with femi ikoko grin

I'm sorry for not updating as supposed to... I'm more determined to finish up with the story this time around. I would have summarised it but that would have taken the suspense that made us all to get addicted to it (e ma binu).

And as for your younger sister, I hope she's over 18. If she's not.. .. .. (that's not cool). I hope she gets a better boyfriend to Femi Ikoko. As people say, a leopard can never change his skin (oops! My girlfriend is reading this)...

I think we should digress a little from the story... not to worry, I'm posting later in the day.
Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 1:58pm On Apr 03, 2016

This is the surprise that Sarah is talking about... I moved closer to Adedoyin so as to put some of my weight on her; which has caused my legs to shiver because of the shock I got from Sarah. So.... This is the surprise Sarah is talking about. She's just heartless. At least, she ought to have called me to tell me about Michael before making me look like a dummy. My happy dropped drastically from 100% to 0%; I guessed Adedoyin would have sensed the sudden change in my attitude.

Adedoyin: (smiling) what's it Femi?
Me: (forcing a smile) nothing... just that I'm surprised to see..... never mind. It would not have made any difference.
Adedoyin: (smiling) it's Sarah that's making you feel like this..
Me: yes, I didn't expect what I saw tonight, but not to worry, I will be fine. Since I actually always wanted to be with you.

The big smile that showed on her face made me to know that she believed everything that I have just said: even though I am yet to understand the kind of feeling that's burning inside of me.

Adedoyin: (smiling) I always wanted you for myself. It has been long I felt like this about anyone. I love you Femi.
Me: (mood elevating) I love you more. The weeks that I didn't get to see you was my most irrational days this year. I'm happy that I'm with you now and not with anybody else (looking at Sarah and Michael)

She held tight onto my hand with her face leaning over to mine... she gave me a kiss and I reciprocated by releasing my hand from hers and dragging her close to my side. we continued kissing while moving her gently, to have a better view of what Michael and Sarah were doing. They don't even care about us, they were busy laughing and shouting at the top of their voices. Sarah didn't even know if I existed or not.
She surely did surprised me. Adedoyin broke up her lips from mine and led me by my hand back to the table.

Adedoyin: I can see that you guys are really enjoying yourself (talking to the love birds)
Me: (forcing a smile) you can say that again... they just want to be on their own (looking at Sarah).
Michael: (smiling) you guys are the real fun grabber. You really had a swell time more than us. At a time, I envied both of you.

We continued chatting with Sarah trying her best to avoid eye contact with me. I looked at her with disgust.

Adedoyin: (smiling) I guess we have to take a rest for the day. I really enjoyed myself.
Michael: me too! It's almost 2am already... I guess we should all retire to our rooms.

We all walked with our partner and collected two room keys. I held one and the other one was handed over to Michael. The rooms were opposite each other.

Me: it's morning already... good morning guys.. Michael, take care of her very well (looking at Sarah)
Michael: (smiling) I sure will... make sure that you do the same thing to Adedoyin too.

We both laughed at the joke for the moment before entering the room. Immediately I locked the door, Adedoyin was all over me. She held me by my belt and dragged me on the bed. I laid on her and pecked her at different places on her face before planting a kiss on her lips. Her lips was luscious and very soft. I was gently biting the lower lip when my phone rang. I gently detached my mouth from hers and removed the phone from my pocket. The number was a hidden number. I didn't picked it but silenced it.

Me: (lied) it's from my sister.. I told her to flash me from time to time; so that I will get to meet her in the church tomorrow.
Adedoyin: (looking confused) church?
Me: (smiling) yes... oops! I forgot to tell you. I lied to my parents that I'm going to the vigil with my little sister; so as to be with you. Left her in the church.
Adedoyin: (smiling) hmnnnn! bad boy... let us take our shower together.
Me: sure... I will love that.

I know that the call was not from anybody but from Sarah. What does she wants? I don't want any trouble this early morning oo.

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Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 7:02pm On Mar 31, 2016

We walked together and I shouted at the top of my voice "okada". He turned and we negotiated the tfare to my destination.

Me: I will call you. Just pray for me.
Funmilayo: (smiling) you surely need it. I will

The bikeman zooms off to rooftop hotel; and we got there before I could actually pinpoint what Sarah wants to surprise me with. I paid the bikeman and headed straight to the relaxation spot with my mind having the flashback to what happened between Tunde, Ronke and I. I have not been here since unfortunate incident with them. My mind skips as I dialled Adedoyin's number and as I expected she said that they were in the relaxation spot. I spotted them in the company of a guy (laughing out loud). My mind wanders off, maybe this is the surprise that Sarah said she got for me... I approached them with a big (fake) smile on my face.

Me: hi guys, how was the flight from Abuja?

Adedoyin and Sarah looked at each other and busted into uncontrollable laughter. I looked at myself and thought if I had said something wrong.

Sarah: (still laughing) so with all your "I miss you"... is that how you are going to welcome us? Come on Femi, come give us a hug.

I Knew the right thing to do but the presence of the strange guy just disorganised my happy mood. I moved over and did the expected.

Sarah: (smiling) that's much better. Femi meet Michael.. Michael.. Femi..

He stood up from his chair and extended his hand for a shake; which I obliged to. Even though the introduction never stopped me from wondering who Michael is?

Michael: it's nice meeting you.. these beautiful ladies have never stopped saying things about you...
Me: (looking at the ladies) really... I hope it's the good part of our friendship that they told you about?
Michael: (smiling) I guessed you came too soon; they were about disclosing that part too...

We all laughed at the joke. Adedoyin called the barman to get me two big stout and also ordered more drinks of what they were drinking before I got there. The ladies talked about the contract and through the conversation, I got to know that Michael came with them all the way from Abuja (with who.. I don't know yet).
We took our drink with lots of bush meat going down with it. I'm now getting a little bit tipsy. I stood up and dragged Adedoyin to the dance floor. As usual, I was not surprised when she starts rolling her bums to the beat of the song. I was only compelled to hold the waist to prevent it from falling under the influence of the alcohol I took. I was dancing very wild with Adedoyin whom didn't even bother to care about my adventurous moves I performed on her(pressing hard her bumbum). Maybe, it's because we are in Vip corner where nobody would see us except those people in the place with us. I threw caution to the wind and continued with my pressing while I tried to roll my stiff waist like hers.
I was in joyous mood and thinking how I'm going to stay away from home again to have another sensational day like this until I saw Michael and Sarah kissing intimately. I immediately got instant cold and my legs could no longer carry my weight again.


Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 4:22pm On Mar 30, 2016

I finished up the food and we both set up to leave for the vigil. Funmilayo called on Brother Segun to help us to close the gate. He just kept staring and wondering what might have come over me with the church things. He didn't ask but I guess that he already knows that I'm up to no good.
We passed through the kitchen door to avoid seeing any of our parents (trying to avoid questions). We were about taking off on a bike when brother Segun broke the silence mood.

Brother Segun: make sure you guys come back together as early as 6am tomorrow morning
Me: (smiling) we will definitely be back before then
Brother Segun: (smiling) I'm not talking to you; I'm talking to Funmilayo. When I say, "don't get drunk" ... then I'm talking to you. Just be careful!
Me: (looking confused) hanhan. ... ... I..
His words and the look on his face confirmed that he already knows that my vigil is a decoy to stay out of the house. I wanted to say something but just couldn't muster enough words to counter his allegations until the bikeman zooms off.
We were quite on the bike until we got to the church. I paid the bikeman and tried connecting a call to Adedoyin but her phone was not going through; maybe they are still on the plane and their phone still on flight mode (only god knows why one can't receive calls in the plane.. shio..). It's 10:15pm already. The vigil starts 11pm. Just looking confused by the minutes.

Funmilayo: (smiling) so... I guess your friends are not picking their calls.
Me: something like that... network is not good in the guys area. He will definitely call when he has a good reception on his phone (still looking confused)
Funmilayo: (smiling) okay... Lets have a seat around the corner of the church and hopes he calls before the vigil starts.

We both moved to a corner and I kept on trying Adedoyin's number which still remain futile. I looked around and I was surprised to see people hanging around the dark but in the opened places around the church. Most of the people hanging together are mostly a boy ... a girl and in some cases two boys and a girl.

Me : (smiling) so is this your favourite corner when you come to church?
Funmilayo: (looking confused) how do you mean?
Me: (still smiling) look around and tell me jo?
Funmilayo: (scanning around) you are not serious (smiling)
Me: so who troubles my beautiful sister whenever she comes to church on a day like this?
Funmilayo: (smiling) nobody... I would have gone inside for a nap, if it's not that you are around.
Me: hmnnnn.. I know that.......

I was cut short by "Luther Vandross" song (dance with my father) which happened to be my ring tone now for months now. It's the call that I have been expecting all night; only that it was from Sarah. I picked and we chatted for like five minutes. She said that I should come and meet them at the usual place (rooftop hotel). I stood up; which signalled that I'm ready to take my leave.

Funmilayo: how are we going to meet tomorrow morning?
Me: Don't worry... I will definitely get in touch with you.


Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 5:38pm On Mar 29, 2016
As promised..... cool cool ;

I tried relaxing myself and I connected a call to Bidemi. I just have to call her to know if she's also going for the vigil or not. If she's going then I'm not. I dialled her number, she picks.

Bidemi: hello Femi...
Me: hello dear, don't tell me your mum is there with you?
Bidemi: (smiling) yes and we are cooking together.
Me: okay ooo... I hope the phone is not on speaker?
Bidemi: no it's not. What's it?
Me: nothing... just want to tell you how much I love you and how much I'm missing you right now.
Bidemi: (smiling) hmnnnn, go ahead.
Me: (smiling) your mum is there, I can't. Let's do midnight call later in the evening.
Bidemi: okay, that's okay with me. I just hope that you won't sleep off on me this time around?
Me: (smiling) I'm very tired sef, can't do night call today besides are you not going for vigil tonight? I heard funmilayo saying something about youth vigil.
Bidemi: yes but I'm not going today.... it's not in my plans for the week.
Me: (happy mood) okay ooo... I might call you back to tell you how much I love you... not midnight call o
Bidemi: (giggles) I will be expecting your call
Me: I love you...
Bidemi: bye... I will be expecting the call.

She ended the call without saying "I love you too". That's the least of what I expected from her with her mother around. At least she's not going for the vigil. I smiled as I locked myself down with what might happen between Adedoyin and Sarah with me around them.
I am beginning to get scared about the whole issue when my phone rang. It's from Adedoyin. I heaved a sigh of fear before I picked.

Me: (smiling) hello dear
Adedoyin: (happy tone) Hello Femi, we are on our way to the airport now. I can't wait to see you.
Me: (smiling) Me too... I have been looking for a way to stay out tonight. I might spend the night with you guys.
Adedoyin: (smiling) that would be lovely... Sarah wants to speak with you.
Me: okay
Sarah: (happy) Hello Femi
Me: it's been a while... I'm very happy that I will get to see you guys today.
Sarah: (smiling) Me too... There's a lot we have to catch up on. Besides, I have a surprise for you. Just help me to thank Adedoyin, she made it all possible.
Me: I will

I was hearing Adedoyin from the background that "what are friends for?". I ended the call when they said that they were about alighting the car and they have to carry their luggages...
It's around 8pm now. Maybe their plane leaves around 8:30pm and what is the surprise that Sarah is talking about. I was lost in thought when Funmilayo enters my room.

Funmilayo: (smiling) I told mum about the vigil and she's very happy that you are going.
Me: (smiling) my sweet sister. What would I have done without you? Your assignment is my first assignment tomorrow I promise.
Funmilayo: (smiling) just promise me that you will be home before 6am tomorrow.
Me: I promise... don't worry yourself. I will definitely come and join you before you leave the church.

She rushed out of my room when mummy calls out her name. It seems that they were not through with the cooking. I relaxed my head on the pillow looking at the ceiling and trying to know how the event might turned out. I was lost in thought that I didn't know when I slept off.

Funmilayo: Brother Femi... Brother Femi... (tapping me) it's after 10pm. Are you not going again? Dad might not allow us to go again if he gets to know that we have not even prepared for the vigil.
Me: (yawning) after ten... let me rush up to take my bath. Help me with my food.

I left her in the room and rushed to the bathroom. I took one of those bathe that one would have in the harmattan period (washing up the strategic planning). Within a minute or two, I was out of the bathroom. I was about putting on my shirt when my sister came in with my food. I rushed it up with the amazement of my sister.

Funmilayo: (smiling) you need to see how you are rushing down your food, I just hope your outing is worth it.
Me: abi ooo.
Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 10:12am On Mar 28, 2016
I'm sorry for going off again... starts updating regularly tomorrow.
So sorry
Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 7:10pm On Jan 04, 2016
I don't have anything to tell her. I picked the call but sounded like someone that has been asleep for 2 hours.

Me: (yawning into the phone) Hello baby
Motunrayo: are you sleeping?
Me: yes... but I am up now
Motunrayo: I dont know that you were sleeping. I wouldn't have called. Call me back when you are fully up. Sorry for disturbing your sleep.
Me: okay, I sure will. Bye.

I heaved a sigh of relief after she ended the call. I don't want her to start all over again and starts telling me things that I already know (no time for her). At least not now that things are getting much better between us. I don't want to lie about cancelling any of our appointment again.
I laid on the sofa and thought over what happened between Chidinma and I. I was very happy about how the whole event turned out, at least I'm not indebted to her by making love with her. I put a big smile on my face when my little sister called out for my attention.

Funmilayo: Bros mi
Me: (mood changed) what is it?
Funmilayo: hanhan... what is it as how? Can't I come and greet you again ni?
Me: (smiling) you... greet me. Okay ooo.
Funmilayo: please I need a favour from you.
Me: what is it?
Funmilayo: (puppy eyes) I want you to help me do some assignment on the Internet. You know that I don't know how to surf the net yet.
Me: (smiling) so what's in for me?
Funmilayo: (smiling) that I don't get to tell mummy what you and aunty Chidinma were doing when I entered
Me: (laughing loud) Funmi... its not what you think, besides I know that you dare not tell mum.
Funmilayo: (smiling) yes I can't oo. But Brother Femi, you are very scary and unpredictable these days. You and aunty Chidinma. She's older than you and you know that.

I smiled within myself. If Chidinma is old to her; what would she say when she gets to see Sarah or Adedoyin. Then she will definitely know that my fling with Chidinma is what the government calls "child abuse".

Me: I don't have any thing with Chidinma except the normal relationship between both of us and the better you realised that the better.

She didn't even look convinced but who cares? She gave me her assignment on Biology (genetics). I promised to do it for her before Monday but definitely not today.

Funmilayo: (smiling) Thank you bros mi.. I really need to rest sef. I'm going for a vigil tonight.

When she mentioned "vigil"... my brain rebooted to Sarah and Adedoyin coming into Lagos today

Me: can I come?
Funmilayo: (smiling) how many times have I invited you and you always turned me down. I will be very happy if you could come.
Me: what about mummy? Is she going too?
Funmilayo: (looking suspicious) I don't think she will be going today because it's youth vigil. So tell me, why is the sudden anticipation for vigil; I know that there's something to it.
Me: (smiling) you know me inside out but promise me that you won't tell anybody, even brother Segun
Funmilayo: (looking serious) I promise
Me: okay.. There's this wonderful night club that my friends used to talk about. They always have ladies night every Fridays. I have been dreaming of going there. Just to have a feel about what it's all about. Badoo always go clubbing and he used to tell me about how it feels like. I.... (cuts me off).
Funmilayo: Club... Ladies night... so what if dad gets to know that you dint go with me to the vigil.
Me: (smiling) he will definitely know only if you tell him
Funmilayo: (sounding scared) you know that I won't tell him but what if something unexpected happens? I don't want to get him angry.

It took awhile before I could convince and assure her about going to the vigil with her. Adedoyin and Sarah are coming around 10pm tonight. I just hope that there's no delay in their flight; or else I might be stranded in the church.
I heard that flight from Abuja to Lagos is around 1 hour 15 minutes. Only god knows when they would be leaving the airport and the time of their arrival. Sarah told me that they will be in Lagos by 10pm but I don't know if the checking out time is included or not. I am beginning to feel nervous than ever. I have never lied to sleep outside my fathers house before.

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Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 6:39pm On Jan 04, 2016
Lol! I have seen the story posted on so many sites. So don't push it.
It started here on nairaland... as for you guys that's trying to get a fame out of it. It's none of my business. I know that some bloggers have even concluded their own side of the story (smiling). Who cares anyway.
Updating soon jare!

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Literature / Re: Story Of Addiction..... (love Story) by hazardous(m): 6:10pm On Jan 04, 2016
Thanks guys.... I hope we all finish this story together. And for the record again, I'm an addict myself. Updating soon.

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