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Romance / Re: God is good by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 6:18pm On Nov 04, 2020
Lol.. Nice write up but I have a few things to point out:

"most women are the architect of their own problems." - How did you come up with such conclusion? I don't care if you've met different women from different works of life but how many are they really that will make you use "most women"?

"until a lady start to think like a man or understand how men reason when it comes to picking a life partner, such a lady may find it very difficult finding a deserving life partner." - How please? Enlighten me. And pls I'm asking with an open mind cos I really want to know.

"you must treat every guy you meet as a different person, not judging him with your useless experiences or encounter" - Lmao This got me laughing.. Even your comment alone tells me you do not practice what you preach. lol.. See you judging "most single girls" and saying they are the architects of their problems (because you've met all of them and you know why they are single abi?) yet you're saying girls shouldn't judge with their "useless experiences." It's not a bad advice o but I suggest you take your own advice first before you dish it out and be a little compassionate, you won't die grin

"If you use your number 6 and not your eyes, fantasies and greed to make choice of a partner, you will never end up with the wrong partner in life." - Lastly, this doesn't follow in my own opinion because I believe it's possible for a lady to end up in a terrible relationship even when she didn't get into the relationship based on greed or fantasy. So it's not a 100% guarantee.

I come in peace. cheesy

Listen, whenever a single lady is talking about spec this, my spec that.....it is mostly superficial and fantasy-based qualities that are not worthy. I am not just typing this for typing sake. If I may brag small to drive my point home.......I have met so many women of all class.....most single ladies overrate themselves when it comes to physical looks.

Many guys maybe flooding around you for flings, date, one night stand, FWBs, hookups, etc.....that doesn't mean you are truly a hot chick with charming personality most men want in a life partner....men are weird when it comes to picking a wife. The qualities they seek for in a fling or hookup or casual date is not the same with what they desire in a life partner....and this is where most ladies get it all wrong and miss out.

You as a single lady maybe thinking; I am beautiful, I am sexy, I have money, I earn big income, I live in my own house, I drive my own car, I have masters degree, yet men aren't coming to me for marriage, it seems someone cursed me or I am possessed, you are not sister!!

All over the world, it is the same. I laugh at people who think ladies find it easier getting married abroad than in Nigeria....Nigeria is even easier for smart ladies to find a hubby than abroad......so many white ladies are lonely and emotionally depressed due to no serious man in their life which is why Nigerian internet romance scammers keep cashing out big......they take advantage of that situation of loneliness among western women.

The problem is, until a lady start to think like a man or understand how men reason when it comes to picking a life partner, such a lady may find it very difficult finding a deserving life partner.

Most single ladies are the cause of their long singlehood......let me share a story with you.

A very close friend of mine shared a story with me last week....this guy is completely single, in fact, any lady that meets him now is lucky because he is mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially prepared and just looking for that one lady to be with. The only thing is, he has been single for too long because he is this kind of perfectionist type of a guy.....maybe too much book made him that way,maybe. If he was a lady, he may never get married, but lucky for him, he is a man, so he will get away with it because it is the man that decides when and whom to marry at the end.

So this guy told me while he was driving to a pharmacy to get an over the counter drugs, he saw a beautiful lady walking on the street.....he drove past her and parked, and respectfully came down and helloed her, luckily she replied, they talked for a few minutes the lady said she was in a hurry, and that she just want to get a taxi at the junction because uber drivers she has been ordering kept refusing to come to her location.....my friend said he offered to take her to wherever she was going that he's free, she declined that he should not worry.....he said okay and asked for her phone number, she refused, and said maybe next time, he told her that next time may never happen.....she said then that's not destined to be....he said okay......he said as he tried to step back into his car, something told him to try again, he said he called out the lady, she turned, he walked towards her and pleaded that let me have your number, its not a crime....if I call you aren't cool with picking, or talking at that moment, I will respect that and maybe not call again, so she gave him the number and with strict instruction:

Please don't bug me with calls, I hate it!!

My friend said he felt so belittled, he just collected the number, and wiped it off the moment he stepped out.

Its an insult to a young man of that pedigree....and why would a single lady give such useless instruction to an admirer

I don't care her previous experiences with other guys.....you must treat every guy you meet as a different person, not judging him with your useless experiences or encounter with some dumb guys when he hasn't even done anything of such or anything wrong.

I no longer pity single ladies searching.......most are the architect of their own problems.....even the ones that end up with foolish men as husbands, they are to be blamed.....you don't pity a company that screen out good, qualified applicants and hired the most foolish applicant....same way, you don't blame a bad employee for being a bad employee to his employer, you blame the employer who saw better candidates' application and stupidly hired the useless employee......ladies are the employer who screen guys and accept the one they feel deserves their attention, so whatever they get, they should swallow it and take it as their mistake!

If you use your number 6 and not your eyes, fantasies and greed to make choice of a partner, you will never end up with the wrong partner in life.
Romance / Re: God is good by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 5:31pm On Nov 04, 2020
Please read my comment again. There's no difference between what I posted and your comment right now. Read to Understand, don't read just to respond.


Lol, there's no 100% spec. In marriage and dating, you must always compromise. It's impossible to see someone that ticks all the boxes you require in a partner. I mean, every single box.

There must always be a "comma" and that's where compromise comes in.

Have you ever seen any couple that are 100% perfect for each other?
Romance / Re: God is good by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 11:05pm On Nov 03, 2020
So in other words, any Tom, Dick and Harry that comes for her now, she should accept him with open arms and try to change him later. Even if he is a street tout or a drug dealer, It doesn't matter right? She should accept him just so she can answer Mrs. somebody.

You guys should calm down. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a spec or someone you're attracted to whether physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally, whatever, name it. This thing is marriage we are talking about. What if you are unable to turn the person to your spec years into the marriage? You'd start talking of divorce? What's the point getting married only to get fed up and depressed few years later?

It's okay to have specs please. What's important is having REALISTICS specs. But I don't advice any woman or man to date or marry someone they are not attracted to in any form.

We might not necessarily have EVERYTHING we want in a spouse in one human being because nobody is perfect. But we must pick those very important qualities that we cannot do without and that still means having a spec. If you don't find the important qualities you want, please don't manage the person or settle for less all so that you can be married. You'd end up hurting yourself and the person in the long run.

"they are not my spec" is your number 1 problem.

Yes I know people talk about spec in a would be spouse, but let me tell you, that your spec now will turn out to be your nightmare in future if you end up having it, so why not transform your not your spec to your spec and have peace of mind

Ike was BBNaija's Mercy's spec and superman some years ago, but today he has turned to her nightmare.

Maje Ayida was Toke Makinwa's dream man and spec fee years ago, not long ago he turned out to be the number one man she hates with passion. I can go on and on.....

Men are wiser than ladies when it comes to picking a life partner called wife, how

Men during dating and fooling around with girls in the name of dating and flings go after ladies of their spec physically; bouncing buttocks, standing boobs, flat tummy, that straight full legs, jamming thighs and maybe bambi eyes....but guys understand that those are foolish qualities when they are truly ready to settle down.

They become realistic with what they need in a wife. I am talking about men of integrity with sense not the boyoyos.

They go for inner beauty of a lady; a virtues lady with sweet heart and charming personality, her tummy might not be as flat as the tummies of the bimbo ladies he dated and drove around town showing off to the world that he has a hot chick with banging body....the lady he may end up with may not have the biggest bouncing buttocks like that Anita and Rosita and Chioma and Bukky he dated while in school or shortly after school or during NYSC flings.

But ladies keep on daydreaming about their superman, their spec.....the macho man, the tall, dark, handsome, rich God fearing guy of their dream that will sweep them off their feet and propose romantically and then marry them in grandstyle, whereas such guys don't want her type, he want an unexposed local girl from his village or from his mother's side or something like that. ...and the ladies keep wasting their time praying and waiting for this same dream man that don't want them but want the opposite of them...and as time goes, these ladies get older and their male age group become all married and leaving them to young gigolos and playboys who use them to learn how to fvck a woman like a IndecentStar shocked

The cycle continues and the tears continues to flow as years roll by.

Dear single ladies, get real!

Every lady have a toaster, I mean toasters, among them there is your sweetheart, open your eyes and stop thinking too high of yourself, don't look down on any man, give some of them a chance.

Your husband is around you. You can't find that your dream man you have conjured in your fantasies online because same guys online are the guys you see all around you.

That your spec may ruin your life, change your taste not out of no option or frustration but out of understanding that you have been making mistake and looking for what doesn't want you.

Get real with life, crying won't solve it. All the best.
Romance / Re: Moving On Is Hard by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 11:20pm On Oct 31, 2020
Sweetheart don't let anyone guilt trip you. You did nothing wrong. Even if you did, he should stop being a coward and talk about it or leave and never come back.

I've been in a similar situation before and one thing that helped me and I need you to understand is that some people are just out to confuse you and waste your time. You must never let them. Don't even give them a listening ear talk less of being friends with them. Stop the whole "benefit of doubt" thingy. The guy does not deserve it. In fact, no one deserves more than 1 benefit of doubt.

You're a Queen. A gem. Believe it! Own it! if you don't, no one will and he and his likes will continue toying with your emotions.


Maybe I'm indecisive

If he had told me I did something wrong and I'd write it here too

Anytime I ask he'd say nothing,I didn't do anything

We barely saw too, mostly communicate through WhatsApp

I'm not looking for sympathy bro


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Romance / Re: Is This Picture The True Definition Of Today's Relationship? Pics Attached by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 10:44pm On Oct 31, 2020
When you meet girls who are genuine and love you for who you are, you take them for granted. Then you meet the one who only cares about money, then you come here and start asking these funny questions. If you no get money, biko hide your face let us hear word.
Are all relationship like this?
NYSC / Re: Project Management (PMP) Lectures Is Going On Watsapp Group...join Now by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 6:33am On Aug 15, 2016
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: BBM Group. Send Your PIN by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 1:06pm On Apr 20, 2016
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Bbm Pin Exchange by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 1:03pm On Apr 20, 2016
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Blackberry Pin Exchange (bb Pin) by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 12:55pm On Apr 20, 2016
7AD9479B Just for friendship pls
NYSC / Re: Posted To Rivers. Let Meet Here by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 7:28pm On Oct 23, 2015
Stream 1
NYSC / Re: How effective is Nysc Self state Deployment Survey Results ....lets Roll by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 10:37pm On Oct 22, 2015
Team B- Rivers state
Registered 9th of sept
Don't know if I should be happy abt dis
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2015 Batch B House by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 10:19pm On Oct 22, 2015
Pls any idea of Wat rivers state is like? Was deployed to rivers, stream 1
NYSC / Re: RIVERS B'15 STREAM 2, Let's Chill Here by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 10:12pm On Oct 22, 2015
Rivers stream 1
NYSC / Re: en! by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 10:10pm On Oct 22, 2015
Wasn't zamfara one of ur choices?
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2015 Batch B House by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 8:04am On Oct 22, 2015
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2015 Batch B House by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 7:52am On Oct 22, 2015
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2015 Batch B House by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 12:06pm On Oct 21, 2015
12:06pm. Shey Una dey check time
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2015 Batch B House by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 12:05pm On Oct 21, 2015
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2015 Batch B House by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 12:02pm On Oct 21, 2015
Its 12:02pm & we re still waiting lipsrsealed undecided
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage With Annie Idibia At 2Face's Book Launch (Photo) by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 10:51pm On Oct 20, 2015
Has Tiwa suddenly developed under-eye sac? Not cute at all

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Jokes Etc / Re: I Asked A Girl Out She Accepted On One Condition by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 10:32pm On Oct 18, 2015
My dear, na ashawo u dey find. Dnt waste d poor girl's tym
Celebrities / Re: Lamar Odom Pronounced Dead by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 1:56pm On Oct 18, 2015
Op why re u wishing the poor man death na? Lamar Odom is still alive oo. He's even out of coma. Pls always confirm stories b4 posting them
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Inside Her New House - Photo by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 11:44pm On Oct 17, 2015
Nawa oo I see haters everywhere. If alhaji buy house 4 u, u b ashawo. If u manage marry rich bobo & he puts u in dis kind of house, u be gold digger. If u make ur own money & buy ur own house, na wahala. Abeg make we here word jare.The babe try and its a beautiful house, husband or no husband. She's an achiever and I love dat. Haters can jump into d lagoon if dem no lyk am.

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NYSC / Re: Your NYSC Questions Answered by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 11:27pm On Oct 17, 2015
Thanks DC, you're doing a great job here. Pls I'm curious, while you were in camp, was there any issue of soldiers molesting or sexually harassing anyone? undecided
NYSC / Re: Cross River,enugu, And Lagos Choice.... by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 8:16am On Oct 08, 2015
Lol.. Did I here u say CRS? I laff in Zulu. Boredom go kill Una 4 here ehn.. Instead of coming to CRS, I think AKS is beta. Or pray 4 Enugu instead
Fashion / Re: I Was Duped By Jennylov (Jennifer C. Ukanwa ogbebor) by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 5:02pm On Oct 01, 2015
Hmmm. This is serious.
@peaches u better act now. The more time u waste, d more chance u give 2 her to escape.
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2015 Batch B House by HerRoyalFlyness(f): 2:18pm On Sep 18, 2015
Pls what does the 1st 3digits of ur call up number signify?

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