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Nairaland / General / Water Ring Vacuum Pump Helps You Choose The Most Suitable Motor by hhm1020: 10:10am On Jul 22
Water ring vacuum pump helps you choose the most suitable motor

Water ring vacuum pump, in the motor matching, we are corresponding matching! In the motor industry, Nanyang explosion-proof Group Co., Ltd. and Jiamusi Motor Co., Ltd. are the biggest brands. The motor matched with fozhen is basically Wannan motor. Haishengda Road Materials Co., Ltd. purchased 2be1303a water ring vacuum unit, and Nanyang motor was selected by the company. However, due to the motor problem, the production time was delayed again.

Why do many enterprises choose EVP?

Why do many enterprises choose EVP water ring vacuum pump many times? There is a saying: there is a priority in hearing about Taoism, and there is a specialty in art. Whether it is the choice of water ring vacuum pump or motor, we will not choose blindly. For each customer of each industry, match the water ring vacuum pump belonging to their own enterprise, so as to make the effect reach the acme.

Best selling 2be water ring vacuum pump

Many people are asking fozhen, what's the difference between your 2be and 2BV water ring vacuum pumps? EVP's 2be is optimized and improved on the basis of 2BV. After many internal details are improved, it has long service life and high efficiency, which makes many customers choose 2be.
Large refineries choose water ring vacuum pumps
Nairaland / General / How To Pump Groundwater By Steam Ejector by hhm1020: 10:25am On Jul 15
How to pump groundwater by steam ejector

The principle of pumping groundwater by steam ejector is to use steam or other power medium to generate strong power through the nozzle of the equipment to suck in the water at the low pressure port, and then phase change occurs. After the water is completely mixed in the mixing section of the equipment, it is discharged from the equipment. Because the speed can change the pressure energy, the drainage pressure can be increased to achieve the purpose of pumping water

Pay attention to the following points in the design of the steam ejector: suction depth and discharge pressure, steam consumption

As a user, steam is more expensive, and the less it is, the more energy saving it will be

From our current experience, generally let customers control in the vertical height within 7 meters, sometimes in 8 meters

Then we consider that the outlet pressure is generally 5 kPa gauge pressure and the corresponding saturated water temperature is 102 ℃

We calculate the amount of steam, in turn, push the outlet temperature of water

If the customer requires the drainage pressure to be higher, we must control the saturation temperature of water when we increase the amount of steam, that is, the amount of steam can not be too much, resulting in water vaporization

According to experience, if customers require high outlet pressure, we usually reduce the height of vertical absorption (1m above the liquid level), so as to increase the outlet pressure

There are many types of working conditions in each group, and we optimize the design around the principle of energy conservation
Steam ejector in burning area of important application
Nairaland / General / There Are Two Factors That Can Cause The Vacuum Pump To Inject Oil by hhm1020: 10:28am On Jul 14
There are two factors that can cause the vacuum pump to inject oil

With the continuous expansion of vacuum technology in various application fields, the demand for direct connected rotary vane pump is increasing. Some foreign vacuum manufacturers have set up professional factories in China because of the large number of pumps, heavy workload of processing and installation, and low quotation. The vacuum pump is a rotary variable volume pump, which can only be used with the previous pump. It has a large pumping speed in a wide pressure range. However, generally speaking, there are two reasons for fuel injection in the exhaust hole of Rongxiang vacuum pump

One is that the sealing solvent is too large, and the vacuum pump is too small.

The second is the excessive vacuum refueling, which causes the vacuum pump to eject with the exhaust port in the process of operation.

Vacuum pump is developing rapidly. Due to the high-speed friction between the vane and the pump body, the oil is easy to be oxidized and decomposed. Especially the diffusion pump often works in high temperature environment, which increases the steam pressure and reduces the vacuum degree in the system. Therefore, the vacuum pump oil is required to have good thermal oxidation stability. Domestic small and medium-sized direct rotary vane pump has passed the technical standard, and the price is far lower than that of foreign pumps, so domestic pumps still have competitive advantages. The key is to deal with the leakage of shaft seal, the function and quality of rotary vane material and vacuum pump oil, ensure the stable and reliable operation of direct connected rotary vane pump under high speed and high temperature, and further improve the water vapor removal ability of domestic direct connected rotary vane pump.
How to choose a manufacturer of vacuum pumps
Nairaland / General / Analysis Of Reciprocating Vacuum Pump by hhm1020: 10:31am On Jul 13
Analysis of reciprocating vacuum pump

Reciprocating vacuum pump is also called piston vacuum pump, which is composed of crankshaft, piston, cylinder, frame, intake and exhaust valve seat. The crankshaft is driven by the motor to rotate, so that the piston moves up and down in the cylinder. The gas in and out of the intake and exhaust valves will pump out a fixed volume of gas and make it empty.

Reciprocating vacuum pump is the oldest vacuum pump, its advantage is that the gas does not need to contact with other liquids, but it also has the disadvantages of low efficiency, high noise, oil mist, and many vulnerable parts.

In practical application, many fields have been replaced by liquid ring vacuum pump. Compared with reciprocating vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump does not need vacuum pump oil for lubrication, and its structure is relatively simple, and its maintenance cost is relatively low.
vacuum system special for extrusion molding equipment
Nairaland / General / Carrying Social Responsibility And Developing Environmental Protection Water Rin by hhm1020: 10:31am On Jul 12
Carrying social responsibility and developing environmental protection water ring vacuum pump

With the development of social science, technology and economy, environmental protection has become a problem that must be solved in today's world

As the manufacturer of water ring vacuum pump, we have the responsibility and initiative to research and develop environment-friendly water ring vacuum pump

The environmental protection water ring vacuum pump faces two major pollution problems

1、 Most manufacturers use water ring vacuum pumps to directly discharge water or build large pools. However, the chemical industry and other polluting industries will soon discharge water pollution

2、 Noise pollution

For this reason, we have adopted the combination method to develop hzkb environmental protection water ring vacuum unit, which is composed of zkb water ring vacuum pump, waterway system, vacuum system, cooling system, noise elimination facilities and control system, so as to achieve 100% no leakage. According to different industries, different pump liquid is used, and the use of circulating pump liquid is prolonged by adding neutralizer. As for the noise pollution, we have installed a special noise elimination system at the air inlet and exhaust port, especially for the occasions where man and machine work together
Dry Screw vacuum pump for PE perforated film production
Nairaland / General / Advantages Of DC Powered Micro Vacuum Pump by hhm1020: 9:54am On Jul 09
Advantages of DC powered micro vacuum pump

The vacuum pump which uses direct current to provide electric energy is called direct current oil-free vacuum pump. DC vacuum pump has 5V, 12V, 24V power supply. The volume of 5V, 12V vacuum pump or 24V DC vacuum pump is very small, so it is called micro vacuum pump. The advantage of DC power supply is to avoid motor drive, so as to reduce the power consumption. The power consumption is weak to MA (MA). The system in the pump is integrated, and the weak current automatic control system is adopted, so that the vacuum pump is completely free of manual control, achieving more accurate and intelligent effect.

The micro DC vacuum pump mainly uses the circular motion of the motor to make the diaphragm inside the pump do reciprocating motion through the mechanical device, so as to compress and stretch the air in the pump cavity with a fixed volume to form a vacuum (negative pressure), which produces a pressure difference between the pump suction port and the external atmospheric pressure. Under the effect of the pressure difference, the gas is pressed (sucked) into the pump cavity, and then discharged from the exhaust port.

Micro vacuum pump has high requirements for air tightness, generally in 10 ^ - 7pam ^ 3 / S (10 minus 7 cubic meters per second) can meet customer requirements for air tightness applications: such as laboratory rare gas analysis, circulation, inspection, etc. The miniature vacuum pump adopts brushless motor to adapt to alternating load, and its service life can be up to thousands of hours (full load, 24-hour continuous test). If it is used intermittently, its service life can be up to 5000-8000 hours.
Oil Booster vacuum system in massive centrifuge to accelerate rockets and send them into space
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Nairaland / General / Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vacuum Generator And Vacuum Pump by hhm1020: 10:31am On Jul 08
Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum generator and vacuum pump

Vacuum generator is widely used in industrial automation, machinery, electronics, packaging, printing, plastic and robot fields. The following taiguan vacuum pump technical team engineers, to share the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum generator and vacuum pump. Hope to help you

The traditional purpose of vacuum generator is to use vacuum sucker to adsorb and transport all kinds of materials. It is especially suitable for adsorbing fragile, soft, thin non-ferrous, non-metallic materials or spherical objects. In this kind of application, a common feature is that the required suction volume is small, the vacuum degree is not high, and it works intermittently.

The vacuum pump is driven by the motor, and the vacuum is generated by the volume change. The commonly used types of vacuum pump in automation industry are rotary vane vacuum pump and piston vacuum pump. Rotary vane vacuum pump and piston vacuum pump are generally small, usually 1-to-1 or small system. Screw type vacuum pump, water ring type vacuum pump and claw type vacuum pump are generally used for system vacuum, even for the vacuum demand of the whole plant. The efficiency of vacuum pump is relatively high, and the power consumption is low, which is very energy-saving.
Dry screw vacuum pump used in penicillin crystallization process
Nairaland / General / How To Maintain The Exhaust Filter Element Of Roots Vacuum Pump by hhm1020: 10:33am On Jul 06
How to maintain the exhaust filter element of Roots vacuum pump

Once there is a problem in the use of the exhaust filter element, it will affect the work efficiency of Roots vacuum pump. If it is not solved in time, it may affect the normal use of the equipment. In order to avoid this situation, it is critical to do a good job in the regular maintenance of the equipment exhaust filter element. Next, let's take a look at the specific maintenance skills.

1. Cleaning: Roots vacuum pump exhaust filter element is made of special materials, which is easy to damage, so we need to do regular maintenance work. After long-time use of the equipment, some impurities have been left in the vacuum filter element. If not cleaned in time, the filter element may not work normally, reducing the use efficiency of Roots vacuum pump.

2. Replacement: when replacing the exhaust filter element of Roots vacuum pump, we should prepare the water basin and towel in advance. There is a method to replace the exhaust filter element of vacuum pump on the general vacuum pump filter. We must replace it according to the standard method, so as not to damage the filter element of the equipment.

Through the above introduction, we know that we should pay attention to the exhaust filter element when using roots vacuum pump equipment. It is very important to do a good job in daily maintenance.
Liquid ring compressor used in solar power plants
Nairaland / General / The Difference And Connection Of Vacuum Pump Oil, Compressor Oil And Refrigerati by hhm1020: 10:09am On Jul 05
The difference and connection of vacuum pump oil, compressor oil and refrigeration oil

Vacuum pump (mainly refers to mechanical vacuum pump), compressor (air compressor, various gas compressors) and refrigerator have special requirements for lubricating oil. The vacuum pump oil is used in the mechanical vacuum pump in the vacuum system. The compressor oil is mainly used in the lubrication of reciprocating piston type gas compressor, exhaust machine and piston pump's cylinder and piston friction parts and inlet and exhaust valves. When it is used in the automatic oil feeding lubrication system, it also lubricates the compressor's main bearing, connecting rod bearing, crosshead, sliding plate, etc, Low viscosity is also used in all kinds of rotary compressors. Refrigeration oil is mainly used in compressor to compress refrigerant.

The three have different uses, but they have many things in common. For example, in addition to the lubrication of the cylinder, piston, valve, bearing, sliding plate and other parts, they also have to bear the sealing function of preventing the compressed gas from channeling between the piston and the cylinder wall, and also have the chemical stability that does not work with the compressed gas.

Vacuum pump oil is a special lubricating oil for mechanical vacuum pump. Although there are different types of pumps, the requirements for oil quality are the same. During the operation of the vacuum pump, the oil in the pump cavity on the one hand plays a sealing role, making the pump obtain the necessary vacuum degree; on the other hand, the oil in the pump cavity is affected by friction, temperature and pressure reduction, and the components with high vapor pressure evaporate into the vacuum space, polluting the vacuum system and limiting the improvement of vacuum degree. In addition to proper viscosity, high viscosity index, good oil-water separation and excellent thermal oxidation stability, the most important quality requirement of vacuum pump oil is low saturated vapor pressure and extremely strong limit to ensure high vacuum degree. Therefore, in the production of vacuum pump oil, in addition to selecting the appropriate base oil type, a single narrow fraction oil or pure chemicals should be used instead of blending several fractions as far as possible.

For reciprocating compressor, because the discharge temperature of compressed gas is higher than that of suction, it needs better viscosity temperature performance, suitable viscosity and better anti-oxidation stability. It is usually made of deeply refined base oil (preferably naphthenic base oil) and additives with anti-oxidation, corrosion and anti-wear properties (generally, pour point depressant and viscosity reducer are not allowed). For the rotary compressor oil, its working condition and lubrication mode are quite different from that of reciprocating compressor, so it puts forward more stringent requirements on the quality of lubricating oil. In addition to lubricating, cooling and sealing the parts, the rotary compressor oil also plays a prominent role in cooling the compressed gas. In the process of use, the oil mist is separated from the gas after mechanical collision and adsorption medium, The oil is easy to be polluted and aged due to repeated circulation. At the same time, in order to overcome the rotary centrifugal force, the oil needs good adhesion, and the bearing does not need the lubricating oil with too high viscosity. Therefore, the rotary air compressor oil is generally produced with the base oil of deep refining narrow fraction, and the additives of compound antioxidant, antirust, anti-wear, demulsification and defoaming are added.

In addition to meeting the above basic requirements, the refrigerator oil should have excellent low temperature performance and good separation from refrigerant or water. Therefore, the general refrigeration engine oil is produced by deep refining low freezing point naphthenic base oil. It is worth noting that when SO2 is used as refrigeration engine oil, the deep refining lubricating oil (such as white oil) without aromatics and sulfur oxides should be selected. Otherwise, gum precipitation will be generated, which will affect the operation of the refrigerator. When chloroethane is used as refrigerant, petroleum will be dissolved, and glycerin and castor oil are generally used for lubrication; When ammonia or carbon dioxide is used as refrigerant, lubricating oil without fatty oil should be used, because fatty oil is easy to emulsify, which is not conducive to water separation and freezing, and the thermal conductivity of fatty oil is small, which leads to the decrease of freezing efficiency.
Roots water ring vacuum system used in electronic circuit board lamination application
Nairaland / General / Knowledge Of Vacuum Pump Pressure Parameters by hhm1020: 10:36am On Jul 02
Knowledge of vacuum pump pressure parameters

Answer the knowledge of measuring various vacuum pump pressure parameters

The gauge used to measure the pressure of rarefied gas in vacuum pump is called vacuum gauge or vacuum gauge. It can be divided into absolute vacuum gauge and relative vacuum gauge. The former calculates the pressure directly from the physical quantity measured by itself; The latter must be corrected by absolute vacuum gauge to determine the air pressure.

In vacuum technology, Torr is often used as the unit of vacuum degree in addition to the pressure unit PA in the international system of units.

1) 1 Torr is equal to the pressure produced by a 1 mm high mercury column, i.e. 1 Torr = 133.3224 PA.

2) The limit pressure is the value obtained by the equipment manufacturer under the most ideal state of the pump inlet in accordance with the national standard and standard test equipment, instruments and methods before leaving the factory.

3) The final pressure is the lowest pressure that can be reached after the pump and equipment are evacuated after installation.

4) The standard pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure of the local environment, also known as vacuum.

5) Positive pressure is the relative pressure above atmospheric pressure.

6) Absolute atmospheric pressure. The starting point of absolute zero pressure is called absolute atmospheric pressure.
Two-stage oil rotary vane pump for hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer
Nairaland / General / Application Of Industrial Vacuum Unit by hhm1020: 10:15am On Jul 01
Application of industrial vacuum unit

Industrial vacuum cleaning has become an indispensable equipment in the field of industrial production. It has the function of both dry and wet, can absorb liquid and solid, can absorb all kinds of metal, non-metal, oil, water and other particulate pollutants and liquid, can absorb toxic and harmful gases, filter and purify air, clean the environment. In the textile industry can improve the quality of products, in the chemical industry can recycle some expensive catalyst, and as an environmental protection equipment, industrial vacuum cleaner can effectively prevent some occupational hazards, such as welder pneumoconiosis. The following taiguan vacuum pump technical team engineers, to share with you the factory's detailed explanation of industrial vacuum unit dust application. Hope to bring help to you

Vacuum cleaning is to exhaust the air in the suction chamber by rotating the pump blades to produce a certain degree of vacuum. The air pressure in the suction chamber is less than that outside, resulting in the air pressure difference. When the external air is inhaled, it carries the dust into the suction bag inside the machine. The thinner the air in the suction chamber, the higher the vacuum degree, the greater the pressure difference, and the easier the cleaning, So the vacuum reflects the suction in the vacuum cleaner.

There are two types of industrial vacuum cleaner, movable and fixed. Its working principle is to use the motor to drive the high-pressure air pump (or the all-in-one machine) to generate negative pressure in the limited volume, so as to generate suction. After the medium is inhaled, it is filtered through the filter bag or the filter barrel for secondary filtration. The ordinary type can only absorb the dry medium with water content, The wet and dry type can absorb the oil and water produced in the processing. After the installation of exhaust pipe, it can be used to absorb the smoke and gas produced in the production process.

Working principle of vacuum cleaning

1. The principle of dust collection. Driven by the vacuum pump, the vacuum cleaner can discharge the air from the air port at high speed, and at the same time, the air in the vacuum part can be continuously supplied into the pump. It forms a high pressure difference with the outside world. The dirt and liquid of the suction nozzle are sucked into the dust collection part with the air and leaked through the leaker to collect the dirt and liquid into the dust cylinder.

2. The original of the vacuum cleaner. All vacuum cleaners are equipped with an assembled brush head for cleaning floors and carpets. Suction vacuum cleaner will also be equipped with a series of cleaning brush and suction nozzle for cleaning, filtering and purification.

3. Round brush head: also smaller suction nozzle, can do 360 * rotation.

4. Dustbrush: made of long soft bristles.

5. Hose: all suction vacuum cleaners will be equipped with soft and hard hose to connect the cleaning hose and accessories.

6. Flat suction nozzle: also known as gap suction nozzle, is a slender, flat hard suction nozzle. It is especially suitable for cleaning wall edge, radiant heater, corner and shallow and narrow place.

7. Electric brush: cleaning head of internal vacuum cleaner, a special accessory of hybrid vacuum cleaner.
Vacuum pump used in Analytical instrument industry
Nairaland / General / How To Choose Vacuum Gauge Correctly? by hhm1020: 10:24am On Jun 30
How to choose vacuum gauge correctly?

The original vacuum gauge was invented by a thin glass tube with mercury filled at one end of Torry. According to the vacuum range and the operating environment, the most commonly used vacuum meters are capacitance diaphragm vacuum meter, thermocouple vacuum meter, hot cathode ionization vacuum meter and cold cathode ionization vacuum meter.

These vacuum meters use different physical phenomena, among which the capacitance diaphragm vacuum meter uses force, thermocouple vacuum meter uses heat conduction, and ionization vacuum meter uses vacuum discharge.

The following points should be noted when vacuum timing is selected:

1: Whether the vacuum meter has enough measurement accuracy within the pressure range required by the equipment;

2: Whether the gas under test will damage the vacuum meter;

3: Whether the vacuum gauge will affect the vacuum environment under test;

4: Whether the pressure measured by vacuum gauge is full pressure or partial pressure, whether it has been calibrated or not is related to the gas type;

5: Whether the vacuum meter can realize continuous measurement, numerical indication and reaction time;

6: The stability, reliability and life of vacuum gauge.
Vacuum water diversion unit - Retrofit traditional water tank diversion
Nairaland / General / Application Characteristics Of DC Oil Free Micro Vacuum Pump by hhm1020: 10:35am On Jun 29
Application characteristics of DC oil free micro vacuum pump

DC DC oil-free micro vacuum pump, the pump system is integrated, does not use the motor drive, increases the electronic control system, so that the control of the whole vacuum pump completely gets rid of manual operation, realizes the accuracy of liquid transmission, truly realizes the miniaturization and intelligent products, so it is also known as electronic air pump, micro vacuum pump. It is also called micro negative pressure pump, micro gas circulating pump, micro gas pump, micro gas sampling pump, micro air pump, micro air pump, micro air pump, micro air pump and micro air pump.

DC DC oil-free micro vacuum pump adopts a brush motor, with a service life of more than 3000 hours, smaller volume, lighter weight and more reasonable structure. It is mainly used in medicine, cosmetic breast enhancement, medical equipment, gas analysis and sampling, instruments, vacuum system, cupping, vacuum oxygen and other fields. It is maintenance free, and there is no oil and pollution in the pump.
Its advantages and disadvantages are summarized as follows

1. The driving mode uses piezoelectric material as power device, which overturns the traditional motor driving.

2. It can accurately transport liquid and be used in liquid quantitative transmission, quantitative control and other fields.

3. The speed of conveying liquid is adjustable.

4. The pump body has its own operation panel, all operations are completed by electronic buttons, full digital setting, equipped with digital display, intuitive and accurate.

5. Small size and light weight.
Liquid ring vacuum pump with jet pump in vacuum salt production application
Nairaland / General / Does A Small Vacuum Pump Really Need No Maintenance? by hhm1020: 10:43am On Jun 25
Does a small vacuum pump really need no maintenance?


Head cover, valve plate, cylinder, casing, piston ring, connecting rod assembly, cooling fan, fan cover, shock proof foot

Performance advantages:

1. vacuum degree is up to -98kpa, leading the industry.

2. it is equipped with rubber damping foot pad, which makes the operation more stable.

3.100% oil free and maintenance free.

4. the silence and noise are controlled at about 55 dB.

5. small volume and beautiful appearance.

6. overload protector is installed, and it will not burn out due to overload.

Daily maintenance:

1. Clean the outer part of the enclosure. Please use a dry and soft cloth to clean the dust and dirt outside the enclosure when the power supply is cut off, and clean it at least once a month.

2. Cleaning of air inlet filter and cleaning of filter cotton are very important. It directly affects the flow and life of vacuum pump. Clean it at least once a month. Please screw off the appliance, remove the end cover of the appliance, take out the filter cotton, rinse it with clean water, dry it and install it for use. If it is not possible to clean, replace the filter cotton.

3. Please tighten the fixing bolts of the base and shock absorption foot when using, and try to put them in a place where the air is clean.

4. When the vacuum pump is working, it is strictly forbidden to touch any components on the machine.

5. This product is oil-free vacuum pump, it is forbidden to add oil and lubrication.

6. If the product is not used for a long time, please clean it and put it in a place where it is ventilated and dry.
Liquid ring vacuum pump used in biofuel ethanol industry
Nairaland / General / How To Improve The Quality Of Roots Vacuum Pump by hhm1020: 9:57am On Jun 24
How to improve the quality of Roots vacuum pump

Roots vacuum pump is recognized by the majority of users for its fast start, low power consumption, low operation and maintenance costs, and insensitivity to a small amount of steam and dust contained in the extracted gas. In order to better use the roots vacuum pump, let's introduce the methods to improve the quality of Roots vacuum pump products.

1. Strict management, promote the standardization mode of the overall performance of Roots vacuum pump, drive the high performance of products with higher management mode, reflect the reasonable management mode, and increase the multi-faceted development of products.

2. The improvement of product inspection is helpful to promote the development of Roots vacuum pump. It can improve the overall performance of the product, increase the use strength, improve the practical application standard of the product with strong effect, and give full play to the application of various abilities in the production process, so as to improve the use effect and improve the product ability from different application angles, Expand its advantages in all aspects of development, and constantly accelerate the speed of development.

Through the quality inspection of Roots vacuum pump, for the application of the product, it continuously drives the ability of the product to promote, and provides favorable conditions for the future development, so as to reflect the effectiveness of all aspects of development, expand the integrity of Roots vacuum pump, and improve the ability.
Roots Blower for Coal Washing Machine

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Nairaland / General / Judgment Condition And Exhaust Condition Of Micro Vacuum Pump by hhm1020: 9:09am On Jun 22
Judgment condition and exhaust condition of micro vacuum pump

Because of its own advantages, micro vacuum pump is widely used in many industries. In the process of using, the volume of the equipment is very small. The micro vacuum pump will not appear oil in the process of using, so it is very environmentally friendly in the process of using.

Now there are many specifications of micro vacuum pump. In the process of selection, the manufacturer first needs to make clear the purpose of the equipment. In the process of using the equipment, if it does not need to rely on its artificial water before pumping, so that the pump can pump the low water more effectively, otherwise it will be unable to pump and damage.

The advantage of the micro vacuum pump in the process of using is that the equipment directly vacuumizes when it does not contact with water. After the vacuum is formed in the equipment, it needs to rely on the air pressure to pump up the water pressure, and then it starts to pump water. In the process of using, it may directly vacuumize because there is no water in the pump. After the vacuum is formed, it depends on the air pressure to pump up the water pressure, And then we start pumping.

Micro vacuum pump in the process of pumping resistance, and then according to its judgment conditions to narrow the scope of selection, but in the process of using, we need to consider the problem of the exhaust end of the equipment in time, so as to better select the scope of its choice.

In the actual application process of micro vacuum pump, the exhaust condition faced by the equipment is different. One is that the exhaust is relatively smooth and directly to the atmosphere. The other is that the exhaust resistance is relatively large, such as valves, large damping sensors and other parts on the exhaust pipeline.

In the process of design and manufacture of modern micro vacuum pump, different exhaust conditions need to be treated differently. The exhaust port of the equipment allows a large resistance value. Such a parameter is to calibrate the exhaust capacity of the pump. In this way, strict technical means can be used to determine its type selection.
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Nairaland / General / The Problem Of Holding Shaft Of Water Ring Vacuum Pump by hhm1020: 10:59am On Jun 09
The problem of holding shaft of water ring vacuum pump

Another situation of water ring vacuum pump is analyzed. Maybe it's the first time to hear the word about the problem of holding shaft. At first, I don't understand what it means. Is the vacuum pump not working? There are many reasons for this phenomenon. The following is a systematic analysis of the reasons for this situation, which may be helpful for future use.

The problem of water ring vacuum pump shaft holding mainly starts from the bearing components. The specific reasons are as follows: there are differences in the quality of the bearing itself, or the wear and aging caused by long-time operation. In the assembly process, there is a big gap between the positioning and design requirements of the bearing, the positioning is not accurate, the selection of each component is unreasonable, and the quality of lubricating oil is also related to this situation, If the overall vibration of the pump is too large, it is also caused by this reason.

The various reasons described above are the problems that lead to the phenomenon of water ring vacuum pump holding shaft. The user can judge which component is responsible according to these conditions, so that remedial measures can be made in a short time without hindering the normal production operation. If you still don't understand this aspect, you can contact our company's after-sales department in time for guidance, Thank you for choosing our products.
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Nairaland / General / Present Situation And Prospect Of Dry Screw Vacuum Pump by hhm1020: 10:40am On Jun 08
Present situation and Prospect of dry screw vacuum pump

At present, the development of various vacuum pumps is more and more affected by vacuum applications. The general vacuum system can not meet the requirements of clean and oil-free corrosion resistance. Therefore, in recent years, the market demand for dry vacuum pumps is very large, and the vacuum products have been upgraded. A large number of oil-free vacuum systems have been replaced by oil-free and clean vacuum systems.

Almost every large vacuum company abroad produces various types of dry vacuum pumps. Screw vacuum pump is a kind of non-contact dry pump, which appeared in the early 1990s. It occupies the market with the advantages of wide pumping speed range, simple and compact structure, non friction of pumping cavity components, long service life, low energy consumption and no oil pollution. However, most of its manufacturing technology is mastered by foreign countries, and China is still in its infancy. The market has a strong demand for dry pump

At present, the development of various vacuum pumps is more and more affected by vacuum applications. The general vacuum system can not meet the requirements of clean and oil-free corrosion resistance. Therefore, in recent years, the market demand for dry vacuum pumps is very large, and the vacuum products have been upgraded. A large number of oil-free vacuum systems have been replaced by oil-free and clean vacuum systems.

Almost every large vacuum company abroad produces various types of dry vacuum pumps. Screw vacuum pump is a kind of non-contact dry pump, which appeared in the early 1990s. It occupies the market with the advantages of wide pumping speed range, simple and compact structure, non friction of pumping cavity components, long service life, low energy consumption and no oil pollution. However, most of its manufacturing technology is mastered by foreign countries, and China is still in its infancy. The market has a strong demand for dry pump

Present situation of dry vacuum pump

Due to its superior performance, dry screw vacuum pump has become the preferred vacuum equipment in microelectronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, precision processing and other industries in Europe, America and Japan. On the basis of screw compressor, Japan has developed the multi head rotor line of vacuum pump and put it into the market for a long time. Several German vacuum equipment companies have gradually developed equal pitch and variable pitch rotor profiles, and have done a lot of research on rotor and body cooling.
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Nairaland / General / Causes Of Sudden Vacuum Drop During Vacuum Pump Switching by hhm1020: 10:58am On May 27
Causes of sudden vacuum drop during vacuum pump switching

First, cause analysis

1. The pneumatic valve and check valve of vacuum pump are jammed;

2. Improper operation, stop the vacuum pump without confirming that the pneumatic inlet valve has been closed.

Second, the main phenomena are as follows

1. The vacuum of the exhaust device drops rapidly, and the low vacuum gives an alarm;

2. The liquid level of air-water separator of vacuum pump decreased.

III. treatment measures

1. When the vacuum pump stops and the vacuum drops, start other vacuum pumps immediately.

2. Immediately order the local personnel to open the manual valve beside the make-up water solenoid valve of the gas water separator to make up water to the high water level of the steam water separator.

3. If the vacuum still drops and there is no tendency to turn back, the local personnel shall immediately close the pneumatic valve in front of the pneumatic valve of ᦇ 1 vacuum pump and the manual valve in front of the pneumatic valve, and start ᦇ 3 vacuum pump.

4. When the vacuum drops too fast, manually reduce the load to below 400MW to prevent the unit from triggering RB. If RB acts, it shall be treated as RB normally.

5. If the treatment is not timely and the vacuum is too low, which leads to turbine trip, it shall be treated as emergency shutdown.

IV. preventive measures

1. The monitoring system is implemented for major operations;

2. Switch according to the correct switching method, and make all possible assumptions;

3. When the vacuum pump is stopped, the inlet valve can be closed first, and the pump can be stopped after confirming the closure.
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Nairaland / General / Causes And Hazards Of Emulsification Of Vacuum Pump Oil by hhm1020: 10:22am On May 26
Causes and hazards of emulsification of vacuum pump oil

The emulsification phenomenon of vacuum pump oil can be understood in this way from the perspective of physics. Because of the effect of surfactant, the phenomenon that two liquids that can not be mixed together can be mixed together is called emulsification phenomenon. Today, I'd like to talk about the causes and hazards of vacuum pump oil emulsification.

Vacuum pump


During the operation of vacuum pump, corrosive gas or gas containing water vapor may be inhaled. Then the corrosive gas will corrode the metal parts inside the pump, and react with the vacuum pump oil. The gas containing water vapor will also cause the vacuum pump oil to emulsify.


The use of vacuum pump is very wide, from the reason of vacuum pump oil emulsification, in the process of medicine, food, ceramics and other industries, it is easy to emulsify. Because in the process of vacuum dehydration, a lot of water vapor will be discharged into the pump oil, which can not avoid the vacuum pump oil being emulsified.


The emulsification of vacuum pump oil not only affects the service life of pump oil, but also affects the deterioration of pressure. This is one of the common faults of vacuum pump. The normal operation of the vacuum pump is seriously affected.

Methods to prevent emulsification of vacuum pump oil:

It is the simplest way to choose the pump oil for anti emulsification. The pump oil has good anti emulsification and strong oil separation ability. Steam and condensate gas can be partially eliminated by opening the gas valve. You just need to remember that low viscosity pump oil is more demulsifying than high viscosity pump oil. The effect of adding pump oil is more obvious than that of not adding pump oil.

Cleanliness of vacuum pump oil:

(1) The oil filling window must be clean and tidy. It is strictly forbidden to be exposed to the sun and stored in the open air. It should be stored in a dark, dry and ventilated place to prevent mixing of moisture and dust.

(2) The refueling appliance must be a special equipment, not a container containing other oil or solvent; Suction pump.

(3) When taking or loading the oil, the light rain around the end of the barrel must be cleaned to prevent the impurities from mixing into the oil and causing the wear of the pump.

(4) When changing the oil of the vacuum pump, the unused oil in the pump must be cleaned. Pour the new oil into the pump, slowly rotate the pump shaft, clean the remaining oil in the pump chamber, and repeat the cleaning.

(5) When mineral oil is exchanged with ester oil or other synthetic oil, the pump should be disassembled for thorough cleaning, including that every part must be immersed in ester oil to prevent contamination.
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Nairaland / General / Several Points Need To Be Paid Attention To When Settling The Claim With Roots B by hhm1020: 10:37am On May 25
Several points need to be paid attention to when settling the claim with roots blower manufacturer

1. The wires are reversed

The wires are reversed! This problem, has always been a small problem, but a problem is a big problem, and "toothache" the same reason, in the installation of the fan, do not reverse the motor wire, wire reverse, the motor instantly burned! This kind of fault, the manufacturer will not give us a claim, this is a manual operation error, roots blower itself has no other problems.

2. Forget to add lubricating oil

The gear box is filled with lubricating oil. When it leaves the factory, it will not add lubricating oil for us. It is a separate bottle, and some manufacturers have installed it. Therefore, when it is installed and started, it is necessary to check the oil tank. If the roots blower is started without lubricating oil, the gear will be damaged and the motor will be burned instantly. It's good to contact the supplier with such fault reason, and they can answer our phone.

3. Forced frequency conversion

Roots blower can be divided into frequency conversion and non frequency conversion, mainly due to the change of motor. Some customers have experience in using roots blower, and will automatically refit the motor, and refit the non frequency conversion motor into frequency conversion control. If the fault is caused within the warranty period after the transformation, the fan manufacturer will not settle the claim.

4. Negative pressure start

The start-up of Roots blower is no-load start-up. Negative pressure start-up causes instantaneous overpressure of blower, which causes other faults. The manufacturer will not settle the claim, which also belongs to manual operation error. The correct start-up mode is: no-load start-up, slowly close the vent valve.

5. Check valve not installed

The function of check valve is very important. When roots blower is running, if the gas flows back, the check valve can effectively prevent the gas return. If the check valve is not installed, the gas return will cause the blower to reverse. The reverse rotation of Roots blower is very harmful, and the blower may be burnt out for a period of time. Therefore, the gas return will cause the blower to reverse and burn out because the check valve is not installed, Manufacturers will not care about us~

The above five are common human operation errors, and the following three are also human operation errors, but they are not very important. If the following three are not paid attention to, they may also cause indirect fan damage. Let's continue to look at the following:

6. Anchor bolt

The anchor bolt is an accessory for fixing the fan. Some customers' anchor bolts are lost or broken, and some will directly weld a steel bar. The welding is just enough. Huadong motor has seen the "chicken excrement welding" technology used to weld the anchor bolts. When Roots fan is used in the later stage, the probability of failure is very high.

7. Elastic joint

The flexible joint of Roots blower outlet link can effectively prevent the impact of vibration on the pipeline. In order to reduce the vibration of the blower, some customers directly link the outlet to the flange. Although it can be operated in this way, it is not scientific.

8. Imported muffler

Roots blower and muffler are assembled and delivered separately. After the arrival of the goods, we need to install the muffler, and then carry out the trial operation. Do not install the imported muffler for direct trial operation. There is a certain risk. If the foreign matters enter through the imported muffler, it is easy to cause the fan to get stuck.
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Nairaland / General / Energy Saving Tips Of Using Water Pump by hhm1020: 10:47am On May 24
Energy saving tips of using water pump

1. Shorten the line.

2. It's not the type of "antiaircraft gun" outlet. Because the outlet pipe increases the energy consumption. At the same time, the pool had a pump.

3. Increase the diameter of outlet pipe as much as possible.

4. Remove the pipe blockage in time. Foreign matter left in the inlet, the impeller in the shell or split flow will be taken to save water.

5. As far as possible direct drive coupling, due to direct drive belt transmission efficiency coupling rate.

6. The filter can be removed on the premise of ensuring clean water.

7. Is carefully reviewed to prevent pump seals from entering the pump. If you pump the air, the water will be greatly reduced.

8. Can be used for no engine or electric motor, gasoline engine, conditional three-phase asynchronous motor, no single-phase asynchronous motor.
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Nairaland / General / Maintenance Of Vacuum Pump: Filter Element Blocked by hhm1020: 10:22am On May 21
Any kind of product has a service life, and the vacuum pump can't be avoided. In the process of use, various problems can't be avoided, and the vacuum pump needs to be repaired. Vacuum pump filter resistance and blockage is one of the two problems, always bothering consumers, the following yazhileide electromechanical technology to tell you the solution to this problem!

1、 Resistance loss

If we want to solve the problem, we must find the root of the problem. The same is true of the filter element resistance loss of vacuum pump. We must find out the cause of the resistance loss and what causes the filter element resistance loss. Only in this way can we find every method corresponding to each cause.

There are two main reasons for the resistance loss of vacuum pump filter element, one is the change of geometry. In this case, the filter element should be removed to see the degree of deformation. If it is slightly deformed, it can be slightly repaired and reused. If it is severely deformed, it should not be used any more, otherwise it will aggravate the damage of the vacuum pump.

The other reason is that high temperature oxidation and water droplet atomization make the filter element of Edwards vacuum pump have impurity particles and lead to filter element resistance loss. Some of them are left behind during cleaning. At this time, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the filter element, first use a brush or blower to get out the impurity particles, and then use the cleaning agent to clean up, no more impurities left.

The above are two ways to solve the resistance loss of vacuum pump filter element. I hope you can use and maintain it correctly and extend its service life as far as possible.

Maintenance of vacuum pump: filter element blocked

2、 Clogging

An effective way to solve the blockage is to install the vacuum pump exhaust filter element. When the vacuum pump filter element is working, it will filter some impurities in water or oil. After installing the vacuum pump exhaust filter element, it will absorb the impurities in water and oil. This can ensure the Edward vacuum pump to work in a clean environment and avoid the blockage of the vacuum pump.

In addition, in addition to the problem of blockage, the filter element of the vacuum pump also needs routine maintenance. The staff should listen carefully to the noise of the vacuum pump, check the impurities in the filter element of the vacuum pump, and check whether there are oil stains in the exhaust port. If there is any abnormal situation, the vacuum pump repairman should repair or replace the parts immediately.

The above is to tell you how to solve the problem of vacuum pump filter plugging, you must carefully observe its operation, to ensure normal work.
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Nairaland / General / G Type Single Screw Pump Common Problems, Single Screw Pump Maintenance Methods? by hhm1020: 9:47am On May 20
G type single screw pump common problems, single screw pump maintenance methods?

Because the wearing parts of screw pump have a certain life, after long-term operation, the wearing parts will be worn and have abnormal faults, so it is necessary to replace new accessories, such as screw pump stator, rubber ball, screw shaft and other accessories. Screw pump is a positive displacement rotor pump, which depends on the volume change of sealing cavity formed by screw and bushing to inhale and discharge liquid. Screw pump is divided into single screw pump, double screw pump, three screw pump and five screw pump according to the number of screw. So what are the common problems of single screw pump? What are the maintenance methods of screw pump? Let's take you to know:

Common problems and maintenance methods of single screw pump

1. Causes of severe vibration or noise of pump body

Screw pump installation is not firm, pump installation is too high, more than the pump suction capacity; The motor ball bearing is damaged; The main shaft of water pump is bent or not concentric or parallel with the main shaft of motor; Air leakage at suction pipe or pump suction end; The suction line is blocked. The solution is to install the pump stably or reduce the installation height of the pump, reduce the resistance of the suction pipeline, clean or increase the filter, and reduce the viscosity of the medium; Replace the motor ball bearing; Correct the bent pump spindle or adjust the relative position between the pump and the motor; Eliminate air leakage of suction pipe and pump suction end; Remove the blockage of the suction pipe.

2. Causes of overheating of drive shaft or motor bearing:

Lack of lubricating oil or bearing rupture, etc. The solution is to add lubricating oil or replace the bearing.

3. Screw pump heating:

Serious friction of rotating parts in the pump; The oil return hole of mechanical seal is blocked; The oil temperature is too high; The installation is not correct and the rotating parts are not concentric. The solution is to check and replace the worn parts; Dredge the oil return hole; Reduce the oil temperature properly; Adjust and correct assembly and installation accuracy.

4. No flow output:

The suction pipe is blocked or leaking; The suction height exceeds the allowable suction vacuum height; The motor reverses; It is caused by high viscosity of medium. The solution is to check the suction pipeline, reduce the suction height, change the motor steering, heat the medium and so on.

5. Insufficient pump pressure:

Whether the seal leaks; In the state of equipment stop, when the screw pump has self closing function, check the water supply; Whether the model selection is correct; There's too much pressure at the exit. Wait. The pressure of the pump is insufficient. There are many problems involved. The simple thing is to check whether the inlet is blocked. I'm looking at the motor. If these two are OK, I have to open it down to see if the screw and bearing are broken

6. Flow decrease:

The suction pipe is blocked or leaking; The spiral sleeve and bushing are worn; The spring of safety valve is too loose or the contact between valve disc and valve seat is not tight; The motor speed is not enough; Installation too high, more than the pumping capacity, shaft seal leakage. The corresponding solution should be to repair the suction pipeline; When the wear is serious, the parts should be replaced; Adjust spring, grind disc and seat; Repair or replace the motor; Reduce the suction height and suction pipe resistance; Repair or replace the shaft seal.

7. Large amount of oil leakage of mechanical seal:

The assembly position is not right; The gland is not flattened; The sealing surface of moving ring or stationary ring is damaged; The dynamic ring or static ring seal is damaged. The solution is to re install as required; Adjust the gland; Grind the sealing surface or replace it with a new one; Replace the sealing ring.

8. Mechanical seal heating:

The sealing fluid pipeline is blocked; The compression of mechanical seal spring is too large. The solution is to eliminate the sealing pipeline fault; Reduce the amount of spring compression.

9. The shaft power increases sharply

The discharge pipeline is blocked; Serious friction between screw and pump sleeve; The viscosity of medium is too high; The installation is not correct and the rotating parts are not concentric. The solution is to stop the pump and clean the pipeline; Repair or replace relevant parts; Raise the temperature of the medium to reduce the viscosity; Adjust and correct assembly and installation accuracy.

10. Holding shaft (unable to rotate)

The temperature is too high and the parts in the pump expand excessively; Insufficient starting torque. The solution is to start the pump after cooling by hand; Check the drive.
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Nairaland / General / Structure And Energy Characteristics Of Vacuum Pump Oil by hhm1020: 10:15am On May 19
The performance curve of vacuum pump unit is used to express the conversion characteristics of water flow energy under different working conditions, which is the external manifestation of the internal flow law of the pump. Like ordinary centrifugal pump, the constant speed characteristic curve of engine cooling water pump of vacuum pump unit is the relationship curve of flow and head, flow and efficiency, and flow and power at a certain speed, As shown in Figure 3a, it can directly describe the operation performance of the engine cooling water pump at constant speed. However, because the speed of the engine cooling water pump is constantly changing when it works, the variable speed characteristic curve of the pump must be given, as shown in Figure 3B. The variable speed characteristic curve of the engine cooling water pump mainly maps the flow, head and power curves corresponding to different speeds, In order to reflect the comprehensive performance of engine cooling water pump more intuitively, it is necessary to draw the two performance curves on the same graph to show the performance parameters, which increases the hydraulic loss and reduces the efficiency. At the same time, the cavitation phenomenon of engine cooling water pump is more likely to occur under high temperature, high speed and large flow conditions.

At the same time, the flow in the top clearance of the semi open impeller causes the main flow to collapse and the flow velocity in the impeller passage to increase, which worsens the cavitation characteristics of the impeller and seriously affects the normal operation of the cooling system, The special working environment and matching condition decide that the design of engine cooling water pump is different from ordinary centrifugal pump. As the "heart" of cooling system, engine cooling water pump works in harsh environment with extremely limited space, The working life of the pump should be equal to or more than that of the engine overhaul period. Therefore, the reliability requirements of the engine cooling water pump and its components, such as water seal, bearing, pump shaft and impeller, are very high, so it is necessary to realize the same service life of the pump. However, due to the compact assembly structure, the shaft bearing is widely used in the engine cooling water pump to replace the common shaft and bearing combination in the centrifugal pump, The axial force produced by cooling fan and pump impeller will also change with the constant change of rotating speed. The clearance between pump shaft and support will increase noise and vibration, which will have an adverse impact on the operation performance and water seal work of the pump.
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Nairaland / General / Application Of Screw Air Compressor In Chemical Industry by hhm1020: 10:45am On May 08
When using screw air compressor in chemical industry, we should not only pay attention to quality, but also ensure its process and production. Chemical industry commonly used to air compressor are: ventilation and mixing, cleaning equipment, combustion

When using screw air compressor in chemical industry, we should not only pay attention to quality, but also ensure its process and production.

In the chemical industry, there are commonly used places for Shou Li Screw Compressors: aeration and mixing, cleaning equipment, combustion gas, transportation, cryogenic use, lifting liquid, vacuum or pressure filtration, spraying, driving volume pump, cleaning pipes through drilling and blowing, pneumatic control, transmission liquid, rubber plant, paint factory, pharmaceutical manufacturing, factory maintenance, plastic plant and so on.

Although the chemical industry gives people a sense of dangerous goods, it is an indispensable industry in our life, especially in countries or regions with advanced manufacturing and technology. Air compressors are also used in the production process of this industry. Because corrosive gas, liquid and dust, a large number of flammable and explosive dangerous substances, as well as irritant, polluting and other toxic substances are often used and produced in the production process, chemical plants are mostly built on water.

In the design of the building structure and production equipment will consider all aspects of anti-corrosion, fire, explosion-proof measures. With the rapid development of science and technology, modern chemical plants mostly use energy-saving, intelligent regulation and centralized control of chemical equipment.

The complex production process of chemical plant cannot do without clean and stable compressed air. The compressed air discharged from the air compressor is transformed into clean and stable gas through a set of post-treatment system of gas storage tank, dryer and filter, and then divided into two pipelines: one is used to drive some pneumatic equipment, and the other is used to produce nitrogen and chemical raw materials

Therefore, a high-quality air compressor and post-treatment system will be directly related to the production process of the whole chemical plant.
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Nairaland / General / What Is Intelligent Vacuum Pump? by hhm1020: 10:28am On Apr 06

The so-called "intelligent vacuum pump", as the name suggests, is an intelligent and automatic vacuum pump.

Generally, it refers to the micro vacuum pump, small vacuum pump and micro air pump integrated with sensor, vacuum meter and single chip microcomputer monitoring system, which can adjust the key parameters of vacuum pump such as "vacuum degree (negative pressure)" and "flow" in real time and automatically, so as to complete the tasks that need to build a more complex system, such as "vacuum pressure maintaining", "automatic timing shutdown and start-up" It has many functions, such as timing and quantitative "vacuum filtration".

Compared with the weight and huge volume of a large vacuum pump, which is often tens or hundreds of kilograms, the weight and volume of an intelligent vacuum pump are much smaller, even portable. Therefore, it is often called "intelligent vacuum meter", "desktop vacuum pump", "automatic vacuum pump" and "portable vacuum pump".


(1) It can adjust the vacuum degree needed in the actual work, and can set and display the vacuum degree (negative pressure) value in real time through the integrated digital LCD panel;

(2) The flow can be adjusted;

(3) Equipped with high-sensitivity imported sensors, high-quality flow control valve and precision control circuit, to complete the "automatic adjustment" function, greatly saving the time and energy of developers;

(4) Built in low-interference, long-life micro vacuum pump; with the special silencing system and independent damping system of micro air pump, the intelligent vacuum pump can work for a long time, low noise and reliable;

(5) The core component is a micro vacuum pump, so it inherits the advantages of oil-free and pollution-free micro vacuum pump, which can run continuously for 24 hours. It is a veritable dry vacuum pump, so it does not need maintenance, lubricating oil and vacuum pump oil;

(6) AC 220 V power supply, plug and play
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Nairaland / General / Do You Want To Close The Outlet Valve When The Centrifugal Pump Starts? by hhm1020: 10:56am On Jan 07
Export of centrifugal pump on startup, pump haven't water in the pipeline, so did not exist pipeline resistance and improve high resistance, the centrifugal pump starts, the pump head is low, traffic is very big, the pump motor, shaft power output is very big, according to the pump performance curve), it is easy to overload, it can make the pump motor and the circuit are destroyed, therefore starts to close the outlet valve, can make the pump normal operation.
If the axial flow pump is the other way around, it is necessary to open the valve to start. At this time, the power of the motor is very small in the short term, there is no resistance to vibration, and it will run in large flow. There are often pump vibration, noise, and even overload operation of the motor, which will burn out the motor. Close the outlet valve, equivalent to artificially set pipe resistance pressure, with the normal operation of the pump, gradually start the valve, so that the pump along its performance curve law gradually normal work.
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Nairaland / General / Variable Pump Pressure Adjustment Steps by hhm1020: 9:30am On Oct 21, 2020
1) Adjust the pressure of unloading valve DA10, relief valve DB10 or DB20 to the minimum.

2) Check in the slurry inlet valve and close the slurry outlet valve to the minimum, that is, the slurry flow rate of the pump is small at this time.

3) Start the motor, slowly adjust the relief valve DB10 or DB20 to adjust the mud pressure to be about 0.1Mpa-0.2Mpa less than the required pressure.

4) Slowly adjust the unloading valve DA10 until the unloading valve has pressure (that is, the pressure gauge corresponding to the unloading valve shows less than 0Mpa).

5) If the state cannot be reached, adjust the unloading valve and the relief valve according to the above steps 3 and 4 until this state.

6) After adjusting the unloading valve, tighten the nut. (Note: The pressure of the unloading valve should be zero at this time, if it is not zero, then slightly lower the pressure of the unloading valve, and the pressure will only be displayed when it reaches zero).

7) Open the slurry valve to start normal operation.
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Nairaland / General / Recently Launched The Latest Generation Of Submersible Pumps by hhm1020: 9:30am On Oct 20, 2020
The submersible pump series design automatic drainage pits, wells and basements, and extract water from rivers and reservoirs from them. Each submersible pump produces 14 m3/hour and 12 m maximum discharge head maximum flow rate
The submersible pump drives a jacket type, and the single-phase AC motor is rated in the range of 0.43 and 1.05 kW. These three sizes are coming, and the water treatment dirt particles can reach a particle size of 10 mm. The pump operation control patent is designed for a magnetic float switch for a housing that does not pass through the fixed operation. Therefore, it is tight, wear-resistant, and protected against overwinding, Kesby said. A locking disc can be installed on the submersible pump to start and stop the pump through an external control system. For mobile use the pump's 10m power cord is provided.
The submersible pump series are made of plastic casing, making it lighter. The shell is corrosion-resistant, sound-absorbing, and impact-resistant, and is a stable handle design.
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